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A true story about the guy next door who grew up to be hot!
The Adults Next Door ©
By Miss V

Part One
She sensed him first when she was running her bath. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up and her stomach dived to her feet and rose again. She heard him coming up the communal stairs, even though his step was light. She crept quietly to the front door and looked through the spyhole and watched as he reached the top. He looked towards her door and stood for a moment, then moved as if he would knock, but then turned, walked to his door and put his key in. As he opened it, he looked behind him again and in what he thought was the privacy of his doorway, put his hand on his cock and rubbed it a little. Then he went inside and closed the door.
She moaned softly in frustration, cupped her pussy and emulated his hand action. She imagined him pushing her up against the door and pushing her thongs aside to slide his fingers in. Walking to her bath, she ran her fingers through the water and getting the right temperature, slid into the water slowly. She cleaned herself, then ran her hands over her breasts and played with her clit a little bit, feeling the sensation rise pleasurably. She wondered if he was in his bathroom playing with himself too, or if he was working out. Since both of them had left their respective childhood homes, their paths hadn’t crossed much. They were in different parts of the world, both with work & education and neither of them came home often. Which was why seeing him - after a few years had passed - shocked her to her core, literally. Her pussy had been buzzing for over a year whenever she thought of him, wondering if they would be in the same place at the same time, awaiting this particular moment.

The knock on her front door brought her out of her daydreaming with a start. She rose from the hot water, wrapped a towel round her and walked to the door. She didn’t need to look through the spyhole to know who it was. As she opened the door, he stepped back and breathed in her scent, fresh from the bath. His eyes slid down her body, still wet and lingered on the top of the short towel which barely covered her breasts and showed off her curvy legs . He managed to keep his voice steady even though the sight of her thighs made him want to throw her down. “Hey, how you doing? I uh, wanted to see if you were home because I’m going out and as I haven’t seen you in a while, I thought it would be nice if you could join me? I know you aren’t back for long.”
She smiled up at him, the dimple in her cheeks sending his pulse racing again. “I don’t think you are either, are you?” She said. “You are only back for a week or so?...”
“Correct. I’m on spring break.” He replied easily, marvelling how she knew this, as they didn’t really speak apart from the odd facebook message. “Come on in, I’d love to join you, but you might have to wait half an hour whilst I get ready, is that ok?” “Anything you would like me to do is ok” He replied.
She looked at him with lust sodden eyes, hair - and pussy – dripping wet and stepped aside to let him in. She noticed his erection, because she couldn’t miss it. He was not a small boy in any way, not in build, or in cock size. She wondered for the thousandth time what it would taste like in her mouth and licked her lips subconsciously. He saw her do it and as he stepped past, he bent his head and kissed her cheek, deliberately missing her mouth. “Good to see you” he said in a voice that was made for late night porn. She shivered slightly and parted her lips again, but let him pass.
He sat on the couch and watched her back retreat to the bathroom.
God she had a nice ass. And nice legs. And nice tits too to be honest. His cock stirred in his pants again and he wondered if he would be able to hold his self control. They had flirted plenty over the last couple of years and he knew she fancied him, just as he did her, but he always wondered if he should take it there. Well, he was going to find out coz he was horny as hell and he wanted her. Badly.

Part Two
20 minutes later she had slipped on a pair of red jeans and a shirt, had tied her hair in a knot and had minimal make up on. She sprayed perfume, grabbed a bag and headed for the kitchen, “Would you like to eat or drink something before we go?” She asked.
“Yeah, actually, I’ll have a drink, whatever you have” he said. He could see her shape from where he was sitting and liked to watch her move, his sole motivation for the drink. She brought in two glasses and two beers and sat on the couch next to him. “So how’s the studies going?” she asked politely, trying to keep her eyes trained on his face as she handed him the glass. “They’re good actually, I’ll pass with no problem” He responded. He stared at her a second longer than he should have and his cock let him know. She was no fool and sitting so close, saw the effect she had on him. “Do you mind if I ask you a direct personal question?” she said. “Go ahead” he replied.
“Don’t you have someone? You are young, intelligent, good looking and clearly capable of satisfying a woman’s needs”
“I haven’t had time for it, been concentrating on my studies” he replied smiling. “I have someone who is never far from my mind though and she’s sexy as hell. I might ask her to try me out one day.” He put his glass on the floor and looked at her, he was hard as a rock. “You shouldn’t put it off hun, you might lose her” she replied, teasing him. He slowly reached over and grabbed her neck gently, breathing hard. “What if she says no though?” he whispered.
“I don’t think she would have a brain if she did” she whispered back.....

He kissed her hard, sending shock waves of lust though her heart directly to her pussy. She moaned softly and responded by biting his lip, flicking and sucking it hard. He kissed her deeper, tasting her and at the same time, gently squeezed her breasts. Damn, they were real and he wanted to suck on them badly. She must have realized as she slid down further on the huge couch and pulled him closer. She grabbed hold of his ass, bit his neck gently and was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath. His cock strained against his jeans and she undid the first button, then the second. When the third one came undone, his cock sprang out and he pushed himself onto her harder whispering “You’re gonna get it now, you know that don’t you?
She smiled, pulled his cock out of his shorts, working it with one hand, rubbing her fingers over the juices coming out of the head. She flipped over, both of them landing on the rug and bent down to take him in her mouth..... God he tasted good. She’d DEFINITELY not walk straight immediately after this either….
She sucked his cock greedily, tasting him, teasing his head and sliding his balls up and down in her hand. He couldn’t concentrate on her, his attention was taken up trying not to come too soon, it felt so good. She sucked on him, using her other hand to touch the sweet spot under his nut sack, his chest and play with his nipples....... “damn girl, you got me going crazy already” he moaned, face fucking her in time to her sucking down, filling her up till she choked. His hands went to her head and she worked him harder, loving the choking sensation, getting pleasure from the look on his face as he arched up in ecstasy.....

He felt his balls begin to tighten and the familiar feeling rush up his cock to the hilt and he pulled her up to stop, not wanting to come too soon, but she slid back down and took him again. She opened her mouth, and sucked him in all the way, stopping at the base of his cock and massaging his balls with her nails. She held him like that for a few seconds, heightening the sensation, then slid her head up and down his shaft. Finally she licked him as he came. She got off on being squirted, so let him come roaring on her face, smiling at the look of relief on his.
“GOD damn it” he murmured as the energy left his body for a short time “You are good at that”
“Well, experience counts for something then” she laughed and smiled at him as she made to get up. “Now we got that first one out of the way, how about we go for that drink?”
“Oh hell no” he replied. “I might be young, but I’m not inexperienced myself. Come here.” He badly wanted to taste her and wasn’t letting her go until he did.
He pulled her back down, flipped her over, pulled her jeans down slowly (noticing that underwear of any kind was absent) and licked the inside of her thigh. He could smell how horny she was and yet he didn’t want to rush it, this was a long time coming and he intended to enjoy it & make her beg for it. He licked and teased her belly button, around her nipples and sucked on her breasts, making her moan in arousal. He settled himself between her legs and wedged his hands under her ass as he bit her areolae over and over again, thrusting his cock against her skin, but not entering her. She scratched him in frustration and begged him to fuck her, but he wouldn’t do it. Instead he lowered his head and sucked her clitoris, slowly and repeatedly, making little stabbing movements with his tongue. He rotated his head and licked her clit so slowly she thought she would lose her mind. She began to buck as the warm sensation from his tongue spread from her pussy, up her stomach and back down again. He bit her gently, then harder, alternating the movement with soothing flicks of his tongue.
She moaned so much that he chuckled and had to put his hand over her mouth. “Shut up or I’ll stop” he threatened in between licks. “No, don’t stop....please....please! She begged him. “It feels so good......oh shit, yeah, just like that!” She arched her back in the same way he had just moments before. He sucked on her clit and rotated his fingers inside her, and just like that, she came in a shudder that relaxed her entire body. Breathing hard and shaking from the force of her orgasm, she lay there with him grinning on top of her.
“And that was before we fucked” he said.

Part 3
As they walked out of the apartment block and down the alleyway to her car, he couldn’t help but notice how her ass wiggled when she walked. Even though he had come minutes before, he still hadn’t fucked her all the way and was now regretting not doing it.
She was so hot he just had to take another shot and knowing that not only would she not turn him down, but also that she would love it, turned him on more. He wondered how fast he could get through the evening now and get her back to his place. His parents were out of town for the night and he fully intended to use the apartment to his advantage if she wasn’t busy.
As they buckled up and drove away, he stared at her. She drove quickly, headed for the quieter part of town where the prices were not so steep and the atmosphere was more relaxed. As they pulled up outside a bar well known for its cosy corners, she surprised him by leaning over and kissing him deeply. His cock sprang up again and he could not resist taking her hand and placing it there.
“See what you are doing to me?” he said to her softly. She grinned and said “I’m a huge tease, haven’t you figured that out yet?” She squeezed him gently and ran her nails up the outside of his jeans. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling, but was brought up short when she stopped. “Food first, talk later” she said.
Jumping out of the car, they headed into the dimly lit bar where a few cocktails were ordered and a few respective friends were spotted and greeted.
They chatted about life, work, school and family for a while, and even had food, bowls of pasta with chicken and olive oil and salad, but the whole time she was conscious of his unease around her. He could not relax and she asked him why.
“Truth be told, I just really want to get you naked again” He told her honestly. “I’m concentrating on those lips, not the words coming out of them. Sorry if that makes me sound sex starved, I’m not, but I am hungry for you and I want you...... now”.
She simply smiled, signalled the waiter over, paid the bill and got up without a word. She held her hand out and he took it. The drive back was full of unspoken words. He kept staring at her, willing her to say something, but she stayed silent and smiling, dimple exposed, all the way back to the apartment. When they reached the top of the stairs, she looked at both apartments, then him and raised an eyebrow questioningly.
He didn’t need to be asked. He slid the key in his door and no sooner had they got through it, she was pressed up against him, her hips pressing against his.

He grabbed her hair, pulled it back and bit into her neck roughly. She moaned again, a guttural, animal sound that sent him searching for his self control. He didn’t find it and gave up, lifted her up by her ass and carried her to the kitchen and the nearest hard surface available. He drew her legs up, ripped her jeans down and off and pulled his swollen cock out. It was so hard he had difficulty in getting it out of his jeans, so she helped him. The minute he was free he wasted no time in sliding his fingers straight into her tight, wet, warm pussy., slicking her juice all around her clit and making her moan straight out loud. He couldn’t hold back anymore and pushed up against her, his cock finding its way into the warm heaven it was searching for. The feeling was so good he almost came on the spot, but he held on to her hips and rode her hard, bucking against the cupboards and rattling the door. The only human sounds in the room were his heavy breathing and her dirty words disguised as encouragement.
“Put it in harder, that’s right..... oh fuck yes that’s it......I wanna feel you...all of you.....fuck me.....harder..... Yes, just like that...give me all that dick baby.”
She started to slip and he pulled her deeper to him. She tried to spring back as he went so deep it almost hurt, but he was having none of it.
“You wanted it, now take it.” He growled at her. He pounded into her with devastating accuracy pump after pump and the more he did it, the hotter it got. He shifted position slightly and found her spot and they both knew it when he hit home. She moaned with pleasure and felt her 2nd orgasm of the evening begin to build. He put the pressure on her clit and stars began to explode one by one behind her eyelids. When she finally came, she could not stop a lone tear dropping out of her eye. He moaned into her shoulder and buried his head there as she grabbed his ass and pulled him as close as she could get.
He felt his orgasm begin to build, but he wanted to see her big juicy ass when he came, so he lifted her bodily off the counter and walked her into the next nearest room.

He bent her over the table, lifted her leg up and shoved his cock back in, the extra leverage in the position creating an amazing sensation as his balls hit her clit over and over again. She screamed and moaned so loud that this time he stuck his 4 fingers in her mouth to shut her up, pulled her head back slightly and fucked her even harder.. This time his orgasm rode up in waves and he let it crash over him.

He exploded inside her and lost clarity, sense, reason, even speech for a minute or two. They were both breathing so hard that even if they wanted to talk, they couldn’t. He flopped on the chair and she flopped next to him.

After their orgasms had subsided, they both regained energy and looked at each other. A smile played on her lips and she voiced the question they were both thinking.
“Can we not be really weird about this? If our paths cross again when we are in town, then so long as we want the same thing, then it’s on, ok?” He smiled at her. “You could always visit me”
“And you can always visit me, but we both know it won’t happen.” She stood up and went to find her jeans and top. When she came back, she had them on. He looked at her thoughtfully. “I don’t regret it.” He said.
“I didn’t expect you to” She said. As she walked out of the door she added
“I didn’t either”

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