A husband suspects his wife of cheating
Aching Balls by Mr Movie
Fiction, Incest, Matures, Voyeurism Posted: 2012-10-12

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Gender: Male Age: 46 Location: Mountain View MO
Introduction: A husband suspects his wife of cheating

He sat in his friend Rick’s car just down the street from his house. He had suspected that there was something odd going on with his wife Leann. Steve loved his wife dearly but he had to know where she was going and what she was doing. He couldn’t bare it if she was having an affair.

So here Steve sat waiting. Every Thursday Leann would go out to the gym to workout, so she said. She would take her bag and always came home after 3 hours and her hair was usually still wet. My neighbor Wendy went to the same gym as Leann and showered there as well, but her hair usually dried before getting home. I was really thinking she was seeing someone else, and that person lived closer then the gym. Just as Steve thought that maybe she had caught on, he saw her walk out of the house, look around then climb into her car.

Leann was a sight to behold at 44. 5ft 4in, long brown hair, hazel eyes and stocky body. Her 38DD breasts were nice and firm, but sagged a little. Just thinking of Leann caused a stiffness in his pants.

She backed out of the driveway and pulled away. I waited a few minutes then followed behind her. As they drove, I realized Leann was going in the direction of her son Anthony’s house. Why did she have to lie about going over our son's house ? I thought that was odd if that is where Leann went every week. Sure enough a few minutes later she pulled onto Anthony’s street and shortly pulled into his driveway.

I waited thinking maybe she was only visiting. After 15 minutes I decided to take a look. After all, if they saw me, he would simply say he was there to visit. I walked up to the house and looked in the windows and didn’t see them in the living room or the dining room. I walked to the back of the house and looked in what windows I could and didn’t see them. As I walked past Anthony’s bedroom overhead I heard them. Why would they be talking in his bedroom other than the living room I thought ? So I used the cellar to get in and creep-ed up the stairs.

Standing outside Anthony's door I heard Leann say: "What would I have done these last five years without you" ? Then I heard Leann moan out. A few minutes later I heard more moaning and some crying out too. But the crying out sounded like what I heard in porno’s I used to watch. I slowly opened the door a crack and peeked in. Leann was fucking our son and she seemed to be enjoying it too.

I wanted to look away, but I couldn’t. The scene was perverse yet at the same time it was so erotic that I was getting a hard-on. My cock grew and pressed against my pants. I watched my son expertly move his mother into a position where he could push his cock deep into her pussy. From where I stood spying on them it was like watching a live porno. Leann’s pussy was wet and I could hear how wet she was from the doorway. His son’s cock slide in and out easily enough, and I could tell that Anthony knew what he was doing. He was hitting the right spot. Then I heard Leann scream out while having her legs wrapped around Anthony back. This maybe a workout but sure as hell ain't no gym.

After she climaxed, Anthony started to plow into her again. This time he grabbed her legs and held them up to his chest and slammed his large 9in cock deep into her pussy causing her to let out a loud moan as she climaxed again. I watched as Anthony pulled his cock free from his mom and shot his seed all over her stomach. At this point my cock was so stiff it hurt.

I stood there as Anthony laid down beside his mom and hugged her close and kissed her. I could not believe what I was seeing. Then Leann wiggled out of bed and lowered herself onto the floor and took her son’s hard cock into her mouth and started to suck on it like a real porn star. She was moaning and licking and then she started to stroke his cock and play with his balls. I could hear Anthony moan and groan in pleasure, I was jealous that I wasn't getting the same kind of attention, in fact any attention. After a few more minutes of this expert work, Anthony ejaculated again, this time all over her face and onto her breasts. She used the head of his cock to wipe the sperm around her face and then into her mouth. She also used it to work the sperm into her nipples while fingering herself and had another orgasm from the attentions she gave her nipples.

At this point I closed the door and climbed down the stairs and returned to the car. I sat there for a moment thinking, my cock still hard, but I was too shocked to do anything else with it at this time. I waited and sure enough, 30 minutes later Leann walked out of the house, her hair damp and in her change of clothes. I knew she was going home so I left to return Rick's car.

I went home thinking of what I had seen today and felt my cock get hard again.

Later that evening when we went to bed I rolled on my side and moved my hand to cup her huge saggy breast but she folded her arms tightly so I couldn't.

I thought to myself "fuck this," After denying me any sex for five years and her getting some for the last five years, "I'm getting some."

My cock may only be 5in compared to my son's 9 but I'm not gonna just lay here when my cock is rock solid and be denied, no more. I got so mad I promised myself that this was gonna be an all nighter !

I got out of bed and turned on the light then stood at the foot of the bed and took my shirt and underwear off.

"what the hell" she said.

I ignored her and grabbed the covers and through them off the bed. Then I took a hold of her ankles and pulled her whole body to the edge of the bed. 'Stop it" she said but still I ignored her. I got down on my knees, spread her legs and went to town eating her out as if it were a smorgasbord.

"Having fun"

I ignored that comment and grabbed her wrists, noticing that she was covering her breasts or at least trying to. She resented her arms being bound and struggled to free them but my hands held her wrists firm. During the time I ate her out for a good hour, she didn't even make a sound, no moans or grunts or anything, she just kept staring at the ceiling.
Still holding onto her wrists, I decided to get up and indulge my aching cock. In and out my cock moved as I picked up speed. I really wanted this to last so I slowed down then pulled out to suck on her lovely heaving breasts, ten minutes per breast, then put my cock back in and moved at a normal pace as to enjoy myself.
After awhile of this I went back to eating her out. All night long I went from fucking her to eating her out.
When I finished at 6:30 in the morning I told her that not only will she not be going back to the gym but to expect this every night !

When I woke up around 2 in the afternoon I heard some talking in the living room, so I got up to see who she was talking to ?

I walked in the living room only to find Leann and my mother-in-law talking. "Oh great, way to go by throwing a wrench in the works, if she thinks I'm not gonna have my way with her by having her mother over, she is sadly mistaken." I thought to myself.
Her mom Jill has the same build as Leann except that Jill has short grey hair. She still is as good looking as Leann even at 60.

"Oh hi Steve" Jill said.

"You guys talk awhile, I need to do some shopping" Leann said as her and her mom looked at each other giggling.

"What was that all about." I thought ?

It's a shame her husband Frank died a few years ago, he was a pretty nice guy.

"I want to show you a magic trick I learned online."

"OK sure, just let me go to the bathroom firt."

magic trick ?

When I came out of the bathroom she had told me that normally their are two people that perform this trick, the magician and his or her assistant, she said she can do both, but first she had to go in the guestroom to change and that she would call me when she was ready.


"What a mother won't do for her daughter....yet it has been awhile and I sure as hell ain't getting any younger, so this should be fun." she thought to herself.

"Oh ya, this should get his attention." she said as she looked at herself in the full length mirror.

She had on a black silk strapless corset which made her huge saggy yet firm pale breasts look like they were ready to burst out. The black thigh highs and heels accented her legs quite elegantly. The final piece was a short black silk robe which she closed around her since she didn't have any pantie's on.

About six minutes later she opened her door and yelled out, "OK I'm ready."

When Steve walked in the room he thought that Jill was dressed pretty well, maybe too well for a magician, assistant yes, magician no. For an older lady, she looked pretty good.

Sounding like a carnival barker she said: "To do this trick I need a member from the audience.,,,you sir, will you be so kind to help me in this endeavor ?"

"Sure ok." I said

"Then please sir, take this red silk robe, go behind the shoji screen and take off all your garment's, for this trick can not be accomplished without the sacred red silk robe of Asia."

I really started to wonder ? This was not what I was expecting but whatever. Moments later I came out

"Well sir don't you look dashing." "Please, step forward and lay down on the Ancient Bed of Wonder."

Jill thought this was just child's play. She then went on.

"So you won't fall off as I attempt to raise the Ancient Bed of Wonder I shall secure you, please raise your arms up over your head to each side of the bed."

As he did so she went towards the bed, reached underneath the pillow on the left side of the bed, grabbed the other end of a pair of handcuffs that she had stashed there earlier and secured his wrist, then came over to secure his right wrist.
She then brought herself to the foot of the bed. Steve's eyes were on her as she spoke.

"I will now attempt to raise the Ancient Bed of Wonder." She said while opening up her robe, brushing it off her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor.

Steve's eyes suddenly fell upon a divine illumination of a hot and lustful beauty but the only thing that raised was his cock.
Jill looked down at his stiff full blown hard-on that now had popped out of the red silk garment and smiled.

"You must like what you see ?"

Jill looked like a goddess, her grey hair was matched by her furry grey muff below and those tits, they seem to overflow her corset, my god I wanted to cum so bad right now, I never imagined my mother-in-law of 60 could look so hot, perhaps hotter than her daughter ?

Steve found himself suddenly speechless with his mouth half open as he watched Jill grab something from her purse. She then stood over the bed, put her hand around his hard shaft and tenderly stroked her hand down to his balls, she ever so lovingly grabbed his balls and wrapped a rubber band around them, then proceeded to take her corset off.
When she did Steve thought he was going to explode, god damn he thought, this was too much.

"I'm gonna sit on your face and your gonna eat me out and like it you bad boy."

"Oh I won't and you can't make me like it !"

"Oh but you will you bad boy or I'll introduce you to my stun gun!" She pulled it out from her purse and gave it a test as to show him she wasn't kidding.

"Now then, hows that saying go.....I'm letting my daughter move over so mommy can take over." "I like that don't you ?"

"I'll admit I do find you attractive, very attractive and I would ball you any day of the week." "Do I smell strawberry's ?" "I don't know what Leann told you, I......"

She climbed on top of him as he talked and grasped her hands on top of the headboard to steady herself, she then moved her legs between his arms till she was on her knees and her grey hair muff right above his face. She soon cut him off from speaking and said: "Talk to the pussy." as she said that, she sat down on his face.

"Start licking stud, momma wants that tongue, I haven't had it for along time !" she said as she grind-ed and moved her pussy to and fro over his mouth but muffled sounds are all she heard.

Steve could not help but do what he was asked, besides, while she enjoyed fucking his face off, Steve was getting even more excited as Jill's huge breasts swayed above him.

Jill wanted this moment to last a bit long because it felt so damn good. "Finally my pussy is getting the proper attention it's been missing." she said.

"Oh no please just a little bit longer, just a little, no please, no please..........please please please"........."Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she moaned as she kept vigorously grinding his face off.

She collected herself and got off the bed. "Oh god that was great but it's break time for momma."

She picked up her robe and put it on then faced Steve with her hands on her hips and said: "How was that stud ?" "Don't worry, after my break of a couple nice relaxing dry martini's and a few smokes, I'll be back for round two." "According to that rock solid cock of yours my body must turn you on ?" "Of course that rubber band I put on you helps it stay hard to." "While I'm on my break you can pass the time by watching a movie I brought over." She turned on the t.v. then went through her purse, pulled out a VHS tape, placed it in the vcr and pressed play. "later stud, enjoy the movie, I know I did ! " she said as she left the room.

The movie started to play that looked like a commercial, which it was briefly, a little snow interrupted it then a full view of someones bedroom came into view.

"Wait a minute, haven't I seen this bedroom before ?" "There's something familiar about..........Anthony's bedroom, what the hell ?"

Anthony came into view, he had on a pair of shorts but didn't have them on long. He went over to his bed, took off his shorts and laid down in the middle of his bed, then scooted down where his feet were sticking off the bed.
He started stroking himself till he was good and hard. Two women in robes came in and stood by his bed. "Leann and Jill ?" "Oh man."
They both took off their robes at the same time, all they had on were black thigh high's. They both started jiggling their huge breasts before him while moving their body's up and down. "I must be in hell, this was agony !"
After a bit of this so called tittie teasing, Leann got on the bed first, with her ass facing her son, she positioned her ass over his face and sat down..."Oh yes, that's the stuff." she said. Jill took his cock in her hand and held it as she swung her body over his then guided it in. She sat straight down and engulfed his 9in member and let out a very loud moan of satisfaction.

"Oh dear god in heaven this is too much for one man to bear, please kill me."

After a good half hour of listening to my wife and mother-in-law moan up a storm, having orgasm after orgasm, they switched positions. Then another half hour went by, hearing nothing but mind blowing orgasms and load moaning. Meanwhile I lay here getting tortured watching their huge tits bounce around the screen while hearing them cry out with pleasure, yet to some extent, I must admit, that it was erotic.

Well after each woman took their turns which equaled an hour, all three of them got off the bed. Leann and Jill both let out a deep breath and stretched a moment before getting back on the bed, they soon positioned themselves side by side with their legs spread in the doggy style position.
Leann and Jill's dripping wet sparse from their hairy muffs shown me that they both had a very intense and pleasurable fucking. Their huge breasts swayed as they waited to be pleased again. "God damn this was turning me on."

Anthony soon got behind Leann and fucked her snatch to the hilt, he soon picked up speed and I could hear and see his balls slapping the back of Leann's ass. After five minutes he switched over to Jill and gave her the same dose. "This was turning me on yet making me sad at the same time."
This kept up for a good hour and a half. An hour and a half of moaning, screaming and crying out with pleasure as their huge breasts swayed to and fro, damn, when will this end I thought ?

Speaking of, they got off the bed, put their robes back on and left the room.

Jill came back in the room ten minutes later, without saying a word, she came up to the bed and shoved a ball gag in my mouth. "As you could see from the movie Steve I was with a real stud ! " Then She took off one of her high heel's, grabbed and pulled my dick aside and proceeded to whack my balls with furious delight.

She shouted at me while she whacked away, like a mother who yells at you while she's spanking you. "Never again will you treat my daughter the way you have, never again ! " she said then left the room.

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this fucking wimp has no balls........... when his wife got home after fucking their son he should have told he watched them, then kick the living shit out of her, gone after his son, cut his cock off and make the bitch eat it and when his mother-in-law tried to fuck witrh him beat her ass too........ fucking women are all pigs and will cheat on their husbands every chance they get

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now I see where his bitch wife got her attitude if I waa trhis dude I'd kick the shit out of all three of them, then cut his sons cock off and make them both eat it and walk out never ti rerturn

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That's the worst story I've ever 'tried' to read. It keeps changing from first person to second person. The grammar and structure are horrible. Nice try but please take some writing lessons.

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