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-This story along with others I will add in the upcoming days or weeks are not fully edited. As i would like an editor I do not have one at the moment.

-This story does contain some romance and other genres but they are not the essential concept of the book.

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-I will update this book daily with new ideas and chapters so please stay tuned for that.

Intro to the book...This story takes place between modern day earth and in a world called Ele. It stars a young boy named Asher who was born and raised in a village hidden from the world. After losing his father in a accident when he was born, he remained secluded from society stays in the forest and befriended all the animals.Only going out to civilization for short trips. One day out of the blue right during his midnight stroll, a group of people attempt to assassinate him. The Blind Warrior of Gamma(guardian and mythical beast) guardian of the prince of dragons, Zane helps his master, Asher, take his quest home to restore peace in ele and retain the throne. Follow the characters as they meet new people, encounter tough tasks, and journey on their quest.

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-I want to dedicate this book to all my readers and fans so have a pleasant read hope you enjoy it (:

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John cursed as he tripped over a fallen tree branch. He shot a quick glance over his shoulder to see if his persuers were still upon him. He checked to see if the baby was alright. The baby gave a soft giggle as if it were a game. Breathing a sigh of relief John hurried on into the Vermian forest. He was getting close to his destination.

An arrow whisked past John's head. Only inches short of a blow to the head. John cocked his head to the side and scanned the area for nearby pursuers. They were almost upon him he had to hurry to the gate. His breathing became ragged as he carried on. He stole quick glances here and there but still saw noone. After continous sloppy running and quick glances over his shoulders, he saw the gate only a 100 yards away.

Another arrow flew passed his head. John turned to see one of his pursuers lose his jetna state and become visible again. In his hand was a bow and he was reloding fast. John double his speed as him and his pursuers crossed the forest. He glanced back to see another one of them became visible holding thin pin needles in the cracks between his fingers.

The shadow hunter carefully threw the pins at each of John vital points. As the needles connected against his flesh he dropped the baby on the pavement in front of the gate and skidded to the stop right behind it. Lying there on the stone pavement he howled in agony as the needles began to enter deep in his flesh. He tried to transform back into his normal state but found his wa blocked.

"Well, well, look who we have here. The leader of the once mighty dragon race is now left hopeless at my finger tips," the hunter said.

"Jergel you dont know what your doing! How could you betray your race and become a shadow hunter!" John screamed back.

"The dragon race is dying out. The few who remain cower and swear loyalty to Asmerav. I am proudly his greatest assassin."

"Quit the foolishness Jergel! The dragon race will live on through my son! We will return stronger and will oppose any race who defies us!"

"It really is a shame to see you like this dad. Too bad I can't kill you because Asmerav ordered you alive. If only you swore loyalty to him like mom did, then things could've been different we could have worked together like before. Silly old man. Wrap him up boys!"

The 3 other shadow hunters came into vision. They came to where John was lying on the pavement. John gave away feeble attempts to scuttle away, but was eventually captured and wrapped up in the ceremic silver string.

Jergel walked over to where the baby landed. The baby gave out loud, harsh cries that pierced his ears. He turned the baby over and there was a cut over his right eye, that had kept it swollen shut. He leaned over the baby.

"What to do with you baby brother,"he grinned

He reached down to pick up the baby when a force knocked him off his feet. The other hunters looked back to see what happened to their leader. Dust and debris covered the front gate, blinding the hunters.

A angel appeared out of the dust. She stood six feet tall and held golden crimson swords in both hands. Gladiant white wings poised on her back. Her golden halo glowed brightly above her almond hair. It looked to the group and then at John. She gave away a sad expression on her face as he saw the dragon race leader bounded and restrained.

"Today is not the day this child shall die. My master has sent me, Raven, out to retrieve the child and deliver him to Earth until he is old enough to come back. All who oppose me will face the wrath of the angels," Raven said. Two more vibrant beings hovered over them, their powerful wings keeping them steady.

"What does this child have to do with you angels?" Jergel exclaimed regaining his composure.

"That is not for you to know. Will you back down or proceed to oppose us young dragon"

"Exiled dragon and new shadow hunter,but no we got what we came here for we will leave"

Raven wanted to save John, but it was not what she was ordered to do so she watched as they switched into their jetna state, turning invisible, and take off with John. She picked the baby off the ground and began to soothe it with a harmonic melody. The baby began to calm down in her arms. Reciting a ritual she marked the forehead of the baby with a sun symbol. She turned to the portal and walked through the gate.

* * *

Asher shook his head to relinquish the memory from his mind. He adjusted the scarf that was hanging loose around his neck and crossed the eeriely silent street, a couple of flourescent, white street lights illuminating high above him. It was late at night, sometime near midnight and there wasn't a trace of life on the street besides him at that moment; and thats honestly the way Asher preferred it. On his late night walks, he wanted to be alone, and anything that disturbed his momentary peace, was an unwelcomed diversion that he could not abide.

Tonight, unlike most nights where things went by uneventfully, he tasted something sinister in the air, an almost palpable feeling as he began to take silent, deep,slow breaths. He couldn't elaborate the unfamiliar feeling growing in the pit of his stomach, but he knew better to think lightly of it, his gut feelings were heightened beyond what any average mundane experienced. In the back of his mind, Asher knew something castastraphic was going to occur and things were not going to end the way he would have predicted.

Asher crossed another street, his strong, toned legs keeping him steady as they propelled him forward towards a dark, often unexplored alley. Normally he abolished the thought of entering such a dark and nasty looking alley, but knewe he had to venture it'd depth if he was going to find the place. As he neared the entrance, he removed his mask and ear muffs, knowing he would need all of his senses for where he was going.

It is mind baffling how hushed the night was for being such a major metropolis where close to twenty million plus people lived. Asher cringed as he heard glass being dropped to the ground about half a mile away, even for his abnormally hearing, that was absurd, it was that quiet. It was an almost scaring feeling and Asher had overheard some teens that were walking comment on how strange it was. But nothing could prepare them for what this night had in store for them, for there was going to be a assasination.
Asher surveyed his surrounds, checking to confirm the suspicion that he was being followed. Easing his way into the alley, he could barely glimpse the outline of to massive figures that were shrouded in the darkness. They had already heard him before he even approached them. The guard on the left stood about 7 ffet tall and held a very intimaditing large spear in his hand, dressed in what seemed to be yellow and blue striped rags to blend in with their unfortunate surrounding. The guard on the right had a similar physique, but instead carried around an axe bigger than a tree trunk. Asher wasn't intimidated though, in fact the strange appearance of the guards in the alley only piqued his interest in what they were guarding.

Walking closer to the guards, he noticed that they were anything but a mundane; in fact they resembled that of a dog living on steroids. Asher let out a low breath to calm his nerves as he was getting to excited and should actually be expecting the worse.

"Hello," Asher greeted. Niether of the guards moved. They remained poised in their position as if Asher didn't exist. A little aggravated by the lack of response, Asher attempted to hit the guard, but only cursed in pain as his hand began to throb from the impact of hitting a hard body. The guard remained still as if a strike was never thrown at him. Asher had given up on the guards and decided he might as well walk past them, but as he walked past him, he had to duck from a incoming attack that came from behind him.

"Stop now peaseant or suffer dire consequences," the guard with the axe commanded.
"Oh now you reply!" Asher screamed. " You could have killed me mutt!"

Asher was only greeted with a glare of hatred from dark red eyes. He could hear a chuckling like noise come from the direction of the other guard. Letting his anger subside, Asher let out a low laugh to himself. What was he getting into?

"I apologize for the sudden attack by my peer, as we are commanded to come to life a cease any intruders," the guard with the spear said. Giving his partner a glare. "Although we are told not to kill until further action is taken but I guess that punch hit a nerve. My name is Kane and his is Kel. We are the guardians to the door of district 12 of Ele. Who are you and why are you here."

Speaking with ease, Asher responded " I am Asher, some man by the name of Zane, told me to come here at around midnight. He said---"

Asher was cut off by the swinging of an spear to his head, and for the second time in the past minute, the guards attempted to decapitate him. Not knowing what was going on, Asher ducked and rolled across the alley.

"What was that for ?!" he asked

"Why do you lie on who sent you? Zane has been dispatched to find Baby D to restore the balance to Ele. He has no time to meddle with a mundane like yourself," The axe handed guard exclaimed as he swung at Asher's legs.

"I'm not lying. He sent me t-----" he seethed as he was again cut off by the incoming axe. focus your mind on your fist. transfer your power into it something in his head said, causing Asher to jump in surprise and almost get his head skewered by the rebounding spear. Who is in my mind? Asher thought to himself, while dodging a axe and spear simultaneously. Zane came the hollow reply playing in his head.

"WHAT!" Asher vented in rage causing the guards to momentarily stop to give him confused stares. Not minding them, Asher thought to himself. Where are you and why are they trying to kill me. Asher demanded to know what was happening and he wanted the answers now. In do time, but first beat them. Now listen imagine your fist ablaze.

Now normally Asher didn't listen to what others said, but in his desperate situation and the remembrance of the pain that surged through him as he struck the mutt earlier, and as absurd as it sounded, he imagine his fist catching fire. Asher watched his fist that revealed that nothing had happened. Before he could regain composure, he was quickly greeted by the hilt of a spear that sent him sprawling on the floor. He attempted to get back up, but a foot planted on his chest and a spear grazing his neck told him to think better of it.

"Still sticking with that story," the guard quizzed.

Asher nodded his head with anger. He was not all pleased by the recent turn of events. Had it not been for the sudden pop up voice that came in his head, he could have escaped and came back another day, prepared. Asher watched as the guard shooked his head at him, flipped his spear over and brung it down hard on his heart. The last thing he remembered was the pain he felt in is chest as his heart began beating less and less. The sound of a familiar voice emerging to talk to the guards.

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