Having begun her training, daddy now takes his baby girl all the way.
the crotch so he slid his hand down the crack of her ass, and was almost shocked to find that her pussy had become so juicy while sucking his cock that the crotch of her panties was soaked through.

“Wow honey!” he could help blurting out as he rubbed her through her soaking wet panties. “You really like sucking daddy’s cock don’t you princess?”

“Mm-hmm.” She grunted nodding her head, and laying it against his shoulder, rolling her little hips as her father’s fingers probed her wet, swollen vagina.

“Well let’s get these wet panties off you baby.” Eric enthused, grasping the waistband on either side of her hips, and pulling them down to her knees, and then just letting them drop.

She let out a little yelp as he suddenly picked her up, and laid her on her back on the couch, spreading her legs open, and sliding down onto the floor in between them.
He had to take a moment to admire her sweet, and inviting little pussy.
As his eyes ran over her wet, pink flesh his cock, which had become flaccid after his orgasm, was suddenly rock hard again.

Amber began rolling her hips, and looked down in between her legs with a big smile, and asked, her eyes wide with anticipation, “What are you going to do to me daddy?”

That’s when Eric first put together that she liked hearing him talk dirty to he during their sex play which was great because he loved it too.
“Oh sweetie,” he cooed, rubbing her clit, and running a finger up, and down in between her thick pussy lips. “Daddy’s just gonna lick, and suck on you sweet little pussy”

Her cheeks flushed, and she let out a little nervous giggle as her hips wiggled, her tender young thighs quivering under his hands.
He got a good grip on her thighs, and she sucked in a long, deep breath as he gently opened her thick lips with his thumbs revealing her tight, pink little honey hole.
The sight and scent of her arousal was far too much to resist, and so he dipped his head down, plunging his tongue into her musky sweet little pussy, running his tongue up, and down her creamy slit before going to work on her stiff little clitoris.

“Mmmmm yeah daddy, I like it.” She panted, laying one arm out on the couch while with the other she reached down in between her legs, resting her hand on Eric’s head.

That was all the encouragement he needed, and so he started really going to town on her, savaging her little pussy with his mouth, licking, and sucking her tender, pink flesh as if he were starving.
Amber’s grip on his head tightened as her little hips bucked, and rolled, his tongue causing her to squeal, pant, and moan in pleasure.
Her soft, sweet voice strained in ecstasy was sweet music to Eric’s ears, and the taste of his little girl’s pussy was like ambrosia on his lips.

“Oh daddy, oh daddy, oh daddy!” Amber panted as she felt herself about to orgasm.

Eric sucked on her stiff little clitty, slipping a finger into her tight, wet pussy, and as she began to cum, her already tight little clenching rhythmically around his finger his cock throbbed as he couldn’t help but think what it would be like to have that in there instead of his finger.
‘No, what it will be like.’ He corrected himself, suddenly opening his mouth wide, and practically engulfing whole pussy.
He stuck his tongue as deep inside her sweet little honey hole as he could, swallowing fast as her orgasm pumped his sweet little girl’s juice into his mouth.
He couldn’t swallow fast enough, and slick liquid love ran down his chin, and he was lost in a world of his baby girl’s scent, and flavor, her soft quivering flesh, the beautiful sound of her panting, “Ooohhh, oooohhhdaaaddyyy!”

He never wanted it to end, but soon enough the contractions of her muscles slowed, and then she gave his tongue one last long squeeze, and then just collapsed back onto the couch with a deep, happy sigh.
Eric was still gently licking the juice from her swollen pink flesh, and when he looked up Amber had raised her head to stare down at him with the sexiest little half lidded bedroom eyes, and then she said dreamily, “I love you daddy.”

“I love you too baby girl,” he declared with feeling, kissing her pussy. “So much.”

When Amber saw the glistening juice on his chin she giggled, and blushed, asking shyly, “Is that me on your chin daddy?”

He nodded, wiping his chin with his fingers, and then closing his eyes, and taking a deep whiff as he placed those fingers under his nose.
“Mmmmmmmmmm.” He sighed, opening his eyes to look at her, and the he suddenly said, “You’re making me think of growing a mustache.”

“Why daddy?” she asked, her tiny brow knitting in confusion.

And with a mischievous smile he explained, “So that way when I go down on you I can get your juices in my mustache, and then I can smell my little baby girl’s sweet pussy all day long.”

“You’re silly daddy.” She giggled, hiding her blushing face in her hands.

“And you,” he began, kissing her pubic mound. “Are probably a hungry little girl.”
Then kissed her tummy before going on with, “So daddy’s gonna go make us some breakfast…”

“Sausage?” interrupted enthusiastically.

“Yeah,” Eric chuckled. “I’d better make sausage after what I told your mother.”

“But you already fed me your sausage daddy.” She giggled.

He had to laugh, but then he said, “Well it’s probably best if mommy doesn’t know about you sucking daddy’s cream filled sausage, so how about some Jimmy Dean, and eggs, and toast?”

She clapped her little hands, and said, “Mmmm, yes daddy.”

Although that Saturday morning had been very satisfying, far from satiating Eric’s sexual appetite for his little girl, it only sharpened his desire, and having tasted Amber’s sweet little pussy, he just knew he had to get his cock up in that tight little hole.
That next week was sweet agony, waiting for, and trying to plan out a way to get her alone for a while.
It was making him horny as hell thinking about it, and of course it didn’t help that every night when he’d “tuck her in” they’d end up in a deep tongue kissing grope fest.
His wife had no idea why she was suddenly getting her brains fucked out on a nightly basis, but she wasn’t complaining either.

If it was making Eric a little tense waiting to touch her again it was driving Amber out of her mind.
Being so young she was much more impatient, and her new awareness of her own sexuality was something she could only explore to a certain degree on her own, she needed daddy to guide her, and teach her.
And in that week she learned where their sex play was probably going form, of all places, the Internet.
She knew that what she was doing with daddy was sexy stuff so one day when she was on-line she looked up sex, and found a porno.
She watched the woman suck the man’s cock just like she had done for daddy, and the man lick the woman’s pussy, like her daddy had done to her, and this made her pussy all moist, and excited remembering, but what they did next made her jaw drop.
The man in the video pushed his cock up into the woman’s pussy, pumping in, and out, and grunting as she cried out in pleasure.
It made her feel so scared, and excited thinking about her father’s thick penis stretching her little baby pussy, but as the week wore on she became more convinced that she would be feeling it soon, but she was just as surprised as Eric at how soon.

They were having dinner one night, when Amber’s mother dropped the bomb.
“They want to give me a promotion at work.” She began casually.

Eric immediately piped up with, “Alright! You deserve it honey, you work hard.”

Amber nodded her agreement with a smile on her face, but what her mother said next really excited her.

“Well the thing is,” she went on in a more measured tone. “I’d have to start working nights, like nine pm until five in the morning, so we wouldn’t get to see each other as much.”

The slight blush in her cheeks made Eric realize that she was making a veiled reference to how he’d been fucking her brains out lately.
Eric knew he had to answer her carefully because if she even suspected he was going to be fucking their daughter she’s probably cut his balls off.
He nodded, thinking for a moment, and then he said, “I can’t say I’m happy about that, but if it’s what you need to do to get ahead, and it brings more money in, we can work it out, we’ve been through harder times. Remember the first year when we were courting, and could only talk on the phone?”

“Oh wow,” she replied. “That was a rough year, but you were worth the wait.”

Realizing that they were coming dangerously close to discussing their sex life in front of their daughter she went another why with it.
She suddenly turned to Amber, and asked, “Did you know that your father used to write me love poems?”

Amber’s eyes popped open, and she looked at her father in surprise.
Now it was Eric’s turn to blush a little, and he tried to shrug it off by saying, “They weren’t that good.”

“Don’t let him fool you.” Mom chuckled. “Your father has a real way with words, and he can be very romantic.”

Amber was amazed to hear this.
She had always just thought of her father as daddy, and had just recently begun to see him as a man, but now she was really starting to get an inkling of what a complex and interesting man he was.
She was having a hard time hiding her excitement as it began to sink in that soon she would have all night, almost every night alone with him.
And then mom went on with a little more trepidation.

“I don’t have to, but they want me to start tonight.” She said. “What do you think?”

“Yeah honey, that’s fine.” Eric said calmly. “We’ll still have weekends.”

“Well then I guess it’s settled, I’ll start tonight.” She announced.

Amber had a mouthful of food she was in the middle of swallowing, and almost chocked on it when she realized what this meant.
They would be alone, tonight!
She managed to get the food down, but coughed afterward, and her mother reached over, rubbing her back as she said, “Hey there, are you okay?”

Amber coughed again, and then drank some water before replying, “Yeah, I’m okay. It just went down wrong.” A tear rolling down her blushing cheek.

She knew that there was no way she would be able to contain her excitement for long so after eating a few more bites she asked, “May I be excused? I don’t feel good. I want to go to bed.”

“Okay honey.” Mom said sympathetically, and after a second said. “Maybe I shouldn’t start tonight if you aren’t feeling well.”

Amber’s heart sank, and she wanted to kick herself, but then daddy came to the rescue when he piped up, and said, “Oh don’t worry honey, I can take care of Amber.”

“Are you sure?” she asked, arching an eyebrow.

“Are you kidding?” he asked rhetorically before assuring her “Baby I got this. It’s just a little tummy ach, she’ll be fine.”

She looked back and forth between her husband and her daughter while they tried to look confident and slightly ill respectively, while inside they were both thinking the same thing, hoping the same thing, and kind of holding their breath.

Finally she said, “Okay honey, you’re excused, and I guess I’d best start getting ready for work.”

Amber quickly left the table, and once she’d reached her room, and closed the door, she took her clothes off as fast as she could.
Once she’d slipped into bed she took off her panties realizing that she wanted to be naked when
She couldn’t help touching herself as she wondered what would happen tonight.
Would he put his cock in her mouth, or lick her pussy, or would he do that other thing that he hadn’t done yet, put his cock up inside her pussy.
It seemed like it took forever, but eventually her mother came in to say good night and then left for work.
Soon after she heard the foot falls of her father coming up the hall.

Eric entered his daughter’s room quietly; he could hear her snigger a little, and realizing that she was pretending to be asleep he decided to play along.
He began undressing, and he could almost smell the scent of her aroused pussy.
Tonight he would be penetrating her.

Amber was more than a little nervous as her father stripped his clothes off in the darkness of her bedroom.
She was pretending to be asleep because she wanted to see what would happen.
She was lying on her side, and as her daddy slipped into bed behind her she felt her pussy getting wet.
She knew that this was wrong, but at the same time she'd never been so excited in her young life, and as his hand grasped her belly, and she felt his hot breath on her neck she slowly slid her leg over his, spreading her slender thighs to give him better access.
She let out a little squealing gasp as she felt the wet tip of his hard cock rub up the inside of her thigh, and then whispered nervously, "Da-daddy?"

"Shh, relax baby."Eric whispered in her ear, his voice thick with lust as the tip of his cock slipped in between her soft, thick pussy lips, and pressed against her little honey hole.

Her cheeks flushed hot, and her body began to quiver with excitement as she asked nervously, "Wha-what are you doing to me daddy?"

Of course she knew exactly what he was doing as she felt the head of his stiff penis enter her moist vaginal opening, stretching her little hole, but she wanted to hear him say it.

"Daddy's just gonna fuck your little pussy sweetheart." Eric explained in a breathy voice, and hearing him say it like that made her even more excited.

When he’d gotten into bed behind her he had slipped the one arm up under her, wrapping it around her, and pulling her in close while the other hand slide down her tummy, and to her wet little pussy where it guided the head of his cock in.

“Uuughhh!” Eric grunted, and almost pained look on his face as he felt the ridge on the head of his cock clear the entrance of her tight hole.

Amber suddenly squeezed the arm he had around her tight, throwing her other hand back against his hip as she whimpered, “Oooooo, I’m scared daddy, it feels so big.”

“Shh, it okay baby,” he said gently, rubbing her tummy. “I’m not gonna put it all in at once. We’ve got all night.”

Her little body felt hot up against him, and her tight little pussy squeezed the head of his cock so hard that it would have been painful if she hadn’t been so wet, and ready, but instead it was pure ecstasy.
He had to fight the urge to just keep going, and bury the full length of his throbbing meat inside her.
Especially when she began gently rolling her hips, and he could feel the ridge on the head of his cock popping in, and out of the entrance of her wet little hole.

They were both breathing deep and heavy as Eric slid his hand from Amber’s tummy, and down to hold the thigh of the leg she had draped over his legs, firmly holding her thighs open.
Then he pushed his hips forward, pushing a couple of more inches in, causing her to gasp, and squeal.
He couldn’t help grunting himself at the feeling of her moist opening contracting around that much more of his shaft.
He just stayed where he was for a moment, allowing her juicy little cunt to become accustomed to his cock inside her, panting, and waiting.
After a while she began gripping him, moving her hips again, and that’s how he knew she was ready for more.
He pulled out to the tip, and then slowly pushed back in, and before long he was slowly fucking her with half of his cock.
On every fourth or fifth stroke he pushed in a little deeper causing Amber to squeal a little.
Finally he could resist no more, and he asked, “Are you ready to take all of daddy’s cock baby?”

“Yes daddy.” She panted quietly.

Eric pulled out to the tip again, but this time when he’d reached the half way point he just kept going, grunting hard as he felt her tight, pink flesh engulf him.
“Oooo daddy!” Amber squealed as she felt his big, adult cock stretching her open.

Once he’d gotten it all the way inside her he stopped, and they both panted hard at the intensity of the feeling.
He couldn’t move or even speak for another moment, and then Amber suddenly whimpered, “Oh daddy, it feels so big inside me.”

“Are you okay baby?” he asked, although there was no way he was pulling out now.

She grunted, giving his cock a nice squeeze before stuttering, “Ye-yes daddy, it’s just so-so, b-b-big.”

He almost couldn’t believe that he’d managed to fit all of his cock inside her little pussy, but he could feel the head pressing lightly against her little cervix, and again he waited for her to get used to it.
It took a few minutes, but then she began gripping his meat with her little pussy, and rolling her hips, and he knew she was ready.
He slowly pulled out to the tip again, and then just as slowly plunged back in, and before long he was once again fucking her tiny pussy in a slow steady rhythm, this time with his whole cock.

“Oooh daaaaddyyy.” She moaned, her flesh quivering with the intensity of having her tiny hole repeatedly violated by her father’s thick penis.

Eric wanted to say, "That's daddy's good girl, I'm so proud of how you're taking daddy's cock like a big girl, I love you so much baby."

He wanted to say that, but the felling of slowly, and repeatedly penetrating his daughter's tight pussy as he held her tiny quivering body so close was so intense that he was only able to stutter, and moan, "Thaaaat'ssss go-go-goooood, IIIII' mmmmm, ohhhhh, baaaabyyyy, looove you so-so-sooooo much."

Amber's eye's rolled back in her head, and for a moment all she could do was quiver, and gasp as she was impaled by his hard cock, but then he slid his hand up from her thigh, and began rubbing her stiff little clit.
She was soon bucking, and rolling her hips as she felt herself get even juicer down there, squealing, and giggling with excitement.
And when Eric began to thrust a little faster she quickly matched his rhythm with her hips moaning in a low, husky voice, "Ooooohhhh, daaaaaddyyyyy!"

They were fucking each other, and Eric was kissing her neck, ear, and cheek when he finally recovered his voice, and cooed in her ear in a breathy whisper, "Mmmm yeah baby girl, you're such a good girl for daddy, I love you so much baby."

His voice cracked a little with emotion at the end, and she could feel his tears on her cheek which started her own tears flowing as she suddenly began bucking her hips even faster, really pushing down hard to take his throbbing tool as deep into herself as she could as she cried out, "I loooooove yooou daaaaddyyy!"

Eric kept pace with her, and before too long they were really going at it, fucking like dogs in heat, their bodies slapping together as Amber began to rapidly approach another orgasm.
His cock slipped out on one stroke, and she quickly reached down, whimpering, and rolling her hips as she grasped his thick shaft, guiding the head back to her wet little hole.
She yelped as he thrust back into her, and started really fucking her hard, and fast.
She began panting so hard that it was making her feel a little dizzy, and then her climax hit, and she gritted her teeth, grunting hard as waves of ecstasy swept through her body, causing her to writhe, and convulse on his thrusting tool.

"Oh yeah baby girl," he grunted as he pumped his cock into her wet, and quivering little pussy. "Cum all over daddy's cock."

It seemed to Amber like time kind of stopped for, well she wasn't sure how long, but the feeling of her daddy holding her so tight, and fucking her so hard was making her cum like she never had before, and just as she was coming down from her orgasm Eric felt his balls begin to draw up, and the pulsing pressure of his own impending orgasm.
He began slowing his stroke, trying to hold it off just a few seconds longer, and he finally ended up with just the head inside her tight little vagina, hovering on the edge of orgasm, and when he couldn't hold back any more he trust back into her with a loud moan as he began cumming.
"Uuuuughhhh, uuuuggghhh, oooohhhhhhh!" he grunted as he thrust in to her soft, pink flesh to the rhythm of his ejaculating penis.

When Amber felt her father's warm seed squirting deep inside her she suddenly began cumming again, this time really getting off hard.
And soon Eric stopped thrusting, and just buried his cock all the way inside her, letting her milk the rest of his sperm out with her rhythmically clenching pussy.

Eric pressed his cheek up against her's, the intensity of their sex organs pulsing against each other with his cock buried inside her causing them both to pant, and grunt.
As his orgasm finished off to the rhythm of her hot, wet pussy squeezing the full length of him he began kissing her all over her neck, ear, and cheek, whispering in between smooches, "Mmmm, yeeaah, that's it baby, cum on daddy's cock, That's my good girl."

Amber had been so overcome by her orgasm that only now as she was coming down, her awareness returning to her body, did she realize how powerful it had been, and the sweet things daddy whispered in her ear, kissing her face, made her heart swell.
Then he breathed deep with her through the last of it, her little body quivering as she finished off.
She turned her head back toward him, and soon his lips found hers, followed closely by their tongues, and their breathing became deep, and heavy again as they made out, hot, and heavy.
Suddenly Amber broke from their kiss, and began sobbing.
"Are you okay baby?" Eric asked, deep concern in his voice.

She smiled, and blushed, giggling through her tears, her heart feeling like it might burst as she stuttered, "Y-yes daddy, I'm jus-just so-so happy, I love-love you soooo mu-much daddy."

Eric's eyes teared up again, and as he pressed close up against her cheek, all the intense, and conflicting emotions suddenly colliding inside of him.
She hugged his arm around her, grasped his hand on her tummy, and squeezed his cock inside of her all at once.
The combination of the physical, and emotional sensations made his voice crack a little as he whispered back, "I love you too princess."

They stayed like that for a while, they're breathing slowing to normal, and then Amber suddenly wiggled her hips, and giggled, "You're inside me daddy."

Eric couldn't help smiling at the happy, straight forward way that she'd made that little observation, and then she sighed deeply, and whispered, "I hope we can always be this close daddy."

Fear, and anxiety suddenly gripped Eric's mind as the reality of what he had done hit him, hard.
To say that they'd had sexual intercourse was putting it mildly, and in point of fact it would be much more accurate to say that he'd just fucked the hell out of her.
All kinds of questions flashed through his mind.
How long did he think he could get away with this without being caught?
Worse yet, was he damaging his baby girl mentally, and emotionally?
Didn't he want her to eventually have a healthy sexual relationship with someone her own age?
He loved her more than he'd ever loved another person, including his wife, and his mother so the idea that he might be hurting her was horrible to him.
She seemed to sense his inner conflict, and turned her head, kissing his cheek as she whispered in a reassuring tone, "It's okay daddy, it's all gonna be okay."

All of his fear vanished instantly, and he marveled at how easily she was able to cool him out, and fill him with confidence that she was right, and everything really would be okay.
This was only the beginning.

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