A pretty long story covering a short leave from my unit
Since I've been suggested by a forum mate that I should try to make my stories longer, here I am.
The beginning is not really involving sex, but I've felt that I needed to give the readers some information.
This woman, Fanny, existed for real in my life (under another name, of course).
Some parts of the story have been altered – but not the sex scenes, and also not the history of Fanny's teenage years.


So, I was in my early twenties, on a short leave from the unit.
I intend to visit my good old friend John – he should have arrived home by now.
I reach the handle of the phone, dial the number, and... his father answers the phone...
“John won't come home for some time, since he's been that stupid to jump the fence of the unit and go to see his bloody stupid sweetheart!”...

I just thanked for the info, and put the phone back in the cradle...
What John's father doesn't know, yet, is that “the bloody stupid sweetheart” hasn't bled for almost three months by now, and John has all the chances to become the father of an unwanted child, with a pretty unwanted mother...
John is in his graduating year to become a pilot, so now he has to deal with the exams and also with this mess...
Ever since I've laid my eyes on that sweetheart of his, I've told him that he should be attentive – the girl is the usual type of ladies who dream about becoming officer's wifes – a house, good money, and a kid would be the perfect reason for her to not have to work anymore...
Too bad I was right!

I go to the railway station and take the first train towards the town where John's unit is located...
I reach the unit, show the guards my I.D. And the officer in charge tells me that, since I come from another town, he will do me the favor to permit John to come at the gate...
Than, he invites me into a room, with some tables and chairs.
I know it's against regulations, but I grab some money and ask a soldier to go nearby and bring two bottles of cold beer...
At least, I can do that for my friend...

So, here comes John, quite upset, unshaved, and... upside down...
We drink our beers, have a small chat, and then we just rest in an embarrassing silence.
Finally, he stands up, and tells me:”I don't know if it will really happen, but this time I think that I've convinced the slut to have the abortion...
I've talked her into it staying more than three hours on the phone – this is why, afterwards, I've ran at her place, since I needed to give her the money for the abortion”...
I'm amazed: “But why didn't she come here, so that she could take the money without jeopardizing your situation?”
“She said that she will never come again to see me while I am still in this unit – she's ashamed of my colleagues”

The time is running, and I need to go back at the railway station, to take the train back home.
I reach the station, buy the ticket, than go out to light a cigarette.
It's a nice cool autumn day, with the leaves of the trees already red, reflecting in the sunset.
The place looks as if deserted...
I check the wrist watch – five minutes until the arrival of the train...
Behind me, I hear female footsteps approaching.
Instinctively, I turn my head to see a nice tall slim brunette – I like what I see.
She's dressed with a neat grey deuxpiesses, and her long hair is held in a pony tail.
She wears a pair of high heeled black shoes and an assorted black purse.
She also has a suitcase.
I turn my head towards the other way, and see that it's only the two of us, waiting for the train...
I decide to make my move when the train arrives...
So, as we approach the waggon, I just ask her to let me help her with her suitcase.
She smiles at me, showing a pair of beautiful green eyes.
We climb inside the waggon, to find out that, in fact, the train looks deserted too.
She checks her ticket and goes towards the compartment.
I help her until there with her luggage, than I check my ticket.
My seat is two compartments nearby.
I smile, and say: “Well, my seat is two compartments away from here – in case you need anything, or get bored, you know where I am”...
“To be honest, I'm bored already and, to tell you the truth, this train, so empty, gives me the creeps!”
I turn around and switch on the lights.
“Well, better?”
“Yeah, better, but not THAT better!”
“In that case, if you don't mind, I shall take a seat here with you”
I take the seat across her. She sits down and her skirt climbs up a little, giving me a better view of her beautiful legs.
I'm not ogling, but I start telling her that her outfit is surprisingly exquisite and that I haven't seen too many women dressed like that.
She explains that she works in the fashion department of a very well known clothing factory in Bucharest, so that the outfit is her creation, from drawing to sewing.
She starts telling me about her work until we are interrupted by the uniformed guy who asks us for the tickets.
“Are all the waggons this empty?”
“Yes, sir, this time of the year, this train is almost empty”
“Is there a restaurant in the train?”
“No sir, not this time of the year – only during the summer.”
“Well, this is it! Thanks!”
Than, he politely salutes us and leaves.

We continue our conversation on the hall, smoking.
She left home when she was only fifteen, starting working at the factory at Bucharest, while going to school in the evenings.
After finishing high school, she went to specialized classes for design and so she became a designer in the same factory...
Nice and easy, the one hour and a half runs and, through the windows, we begin to see the lights of Bucharest.
I realize it's time for me to make the second move: “Look it's been a real pleasure talking with you, and, if you have nothing against it, we can continue our conversation after we arrive – you can leave your case at the luggage department at the railway station”...
“Oh, no! I cannot do that! I only did it once and, due to I don't know what mistake they've made, I had to look for my luggage for almost a month!”...
I show her my bewilderment and say “Sorry!”
“Don't be! As you know, the factory is relatively close to the railway station. I live very close to it, so if we take a taxi I shall leave my luggage at home and than we can continue our trip down town”
“Good idea!”
We reach in front of her block of flats and she leaves telling me that she won't be later than ten minutes...
The taxi driver, after five minutes or so, tells me that the meter is running and that he hopes that I won't have bad luck.
“How come?” I ask.
“Well, sir, if you don't mind my saying, I cannot even remember how many times I've driven chicks that have let themselves hooked in the railway station by nice men, just like you, just to make sure that they have a nice free ride home”...
Hearing him, I start laughing, since I suddenly remember a buddy of mine to whom has happened just the same thing, with the difference that the chick was living somewhere at the other side of Bucharest...
“OK! No worries! In case she doesn't appear in fifteen minutes, you just take me downtown”...
After exactly nine minutes from the moment she left, the beauty comes back in a hurry and jumps inside the cab. “I hope I'm not late!” She says.
Than, she leans towards me and whispers in my ear: “I've changed my mind – give him your address – maybe we stop somewhere to grab something to eat and to drink”...
“No worries about that – I have food and drinks at home!”...

We enter my apartment laughing, since as soon as we left the taxi, I've told her the story that the cab driver has told me.
“In this case, it's good that I haven't decided to take a very short shower – I would precisely have been late! By the way, do you mind if I take a shower here? Am I being too naughty?”
She looks at me with her green pleading eyes.
“Fanny, my place is your place – go, take a shower, as long as you please!
Meanwhile, I shall prepare a few sandwiches and some drinks”...
“That's very nice of you, but, after you finish with the sandwiches, will you be so kind to come and rub my back? Really! I love having my back rubbed in the shower!”...
She smiles and winks at me...

Gosh! I've met in my life lots of girls, with guts, or shy, but what I enjoy at this one is that she knows how to ask, without being vulgar, or going around the bushes!
I'm in the kitchen and I need to cut some loafs of bread – I grab the knife, but almost cut my finger!
Calm! My friend! Calm!
I left the room toward the kitchen before Fanny started to take off her clothes – I knew that if I would have stayed, she would probably have had to take the shower later – much later!...
So, I (finally!) prepare the sandwiches, take a bottle of Ballantines from the fridge, unwind the cork, fill a half of a glass and drink it in one gulp! I feel too tense in my expectations...
Right after I do it, I remember that there most probably will be some kissing in the shower and I shall smell of booze! Not good as a first impression to a woman! Not good at all!
Yesssss!!! I've always been a man with initiative and imagination!...
I grab another glass, fill it's half with whiskey and add orange juice.
Than, grab the tray with the sandwiches and the plates and take them to my room.
I can hear the shower running, so I rush to the kitchen again, grab the glasses and go towards the bathroom.
Fanny is laid in the tub, facing the door, showing me a nice pair of boobs – I've never been an expert at bra measures, so I shall just tell you that they were firm and really fit for my palms to cup them and caress them – and I assure you that I do have pretty large palms...
I approach the tub, sit in one knee on the floor, hand her a glass and say “Cheers!”
She sips from the glass, tasting the drink, and than drinks some more.
“It's good! It must be whiskey and orange juice!”...
She sips a bit more, and than asks me: “Why aren't you naked? I don't want you to ruin your clothes while rubbing my back!”
“OK, let's just finish the drinks and I'll go get undressed”
We finish our drinks, and I stand up, when she says: “will you please take the glasses with you? I really need a refill!” And she smiles again at me in a very sweet way...
In my room, I take off my clothes, asking myself if to still keep my underwear – what the heck! I'm not ashamed with what I've got between my legs! Why hide it?!? Especially since, most probably, there will be a large tent over there, due to my hard on...
So, stark naked I refill the glasses with booze and enter the bathroom.
There! She looks at me, measuring me from head to toe – she smiles: “Can you imagine that I wanted to see you like this from the moment I've laid my eyes on you?”
“What can I say?... Likewise! But I'm a dirty minded man! For me it's just normal!”... And I wink, smiling.
“Yeah! Right! Cause we, women, are just nuns!”...
She stands up in the tub and takes a glass from my hand: “I don't ask which glass is mine, since, as I hope and crave for, in a very few moments it won't matter, we are going to kiss - aren't we?”...
I step into the tub, grab her ass with my free hand, bringing her close to me, and give her a light kiss on her forehead, than on the nose, and, finally, on her lips.
She opens her mouth with hunger and our tongues start dancing, swirling, and curving, pressing one towards the other.
I know I'm good at it, as so many women have told me, so I do my best to impress her.
I stop for a moment take away the glasses and put them on a shelve.
Than, I grab her again by the ass and, with the other hand, I start caressing her boob – she's got large suckable nipples, but for the moment I start licking her neck and her ear lobe.
My dick is punching her still wet belly and I feel her hand grabbing and caressing my balls.
We keep on caressing like that for a minute or so...
Than, she gently drops on her knees and starts engulfing my dick.
I grab her pony tail with one hand, while with the other I caress the back of her neck.
She stops, takes off my dick from her mouth and says: “Look, I'm sorry, but I won't be able to engulf you all – you are too large for me! Sorry!” And, again takes my dick into her mouth, doing wonders to me with her tongue, alternating with the back of her throat...
It's been more than two weeks since I haven't had a woman, so I start feeling that I'm close.
“Honey, I'm close – how shall we do?”
“You mean, you're going to cum?”
“Yes! I haven't been laid for some time, sorry”...
“No worries! It's your cum, and this moment I'm just your dumpster – wherever it pleases you! It's OK with me! Anyway, we are in the bathroom!”...
Than,she grabs me by my dick and engulfs me again.
Every time she releases my dick from her throat to breathe, she starts massaging the base of my dick.
This, of course, enhances my need to release. She senses that, and with the other hand, starts massaging my balls, while with a finger she pushes gently under my balls on my prostate...
I can tell you, this girl knows what to do to a man to make him feel good!
I can't hold it anymore: “Honey, I'm cumming!”
The jets of sperm go directly towards her throat and she chokes, but keeps on holding me there.
I feel good! Really good!
I release her pony tail and her neck and I help her get up – I want to kiss her, since I sensed that she has swallowed my cum.
I try to approach her, but she gently holds me at a distance with the palm of her hand: “Wait!”
She than grabs the handle of the shower and points the jet towards her open mouth and her face.
“I'm aware that you, men, aren't very happy to taste your own sperm – now you can kiss me”
I grab her by the back of her neck and kiss her frantically – I love the way this woman acts in every aspect!
After a minute or so, I feel an itch downstairs and my dick starts swelling again!
She feels that too – she suddenly stops. “Look, when I've told you that I need a rub on my back I've really meant it! So, please, take the sponge and do me, please!”
After we rub each other's backs, we put an end to the shower and go back into my room.

She sees the sandwiches and tells me “Tee! Thanks! I really needed some!”
She seats on an armchair, grabs a sandwich, but, suddenly stops: “Look! There may be a problem”...
“What problem?”
“Well, if I eat now, I won't be able to suck your cock for an hour or so”...
“Honey, if that is the case, you can have all the sandwiches! I really crave for your bottom now!”...
We eat in silence, just listening to some music, when I suddenly remember that our glasses are still left in the bath room.
I go there, empty them into the sink – no way to drink warm orange juice with whiskey!...
Back in my room, I grab from the mini bar a bottle of red wine – I know that where she comes from, people are very good at preparing red wine...
“OK! I'm fed up! Thanks!”
“You're welcome!”

She takes a gulp of wine from the glass, than stands up and goes and lays in bed on her back.
I don't expect any invitation and go lay beside her.
She turns towards me and starts caressing my chest and belly, avoiding to touch my dick.
“You can touch it too! It won't mind!”...
“See? I've told you that there is a problem! If I touch it, I cannot keep myself from sucking it! If I suck it, with my stomach full, I risk to vomit on you, your sheets, your carpets, furniture...“
“Well, if that is the case, maybe it's just time we let my dick see the inside of your cunt – what do you say?”
“OK! But please be gentle, since I've just ate”...
“Fanny, there also is another alternative – we can just rest for a while, even take a nap if you want, and we do later what we're supposed to do! No problem!”
She starts laughing: “Well, if you imagine that I wanted to come here with you to sleep, you must be joking! No sir! You won't see me sleeping this night even for a minute! Nor will you!” And she kept on laughing...
“Very well than!”
I stand, get a little bit lower, take her by the legs and my dick starts it's journey inside her cunt.
The water and shampoo has made her dry, so I need to insert and take it out several times.
She somehow manages to grab me by my hips, away from her cunt, towards her mouth. “Give it to me a little – I shall make you wet with my saliva and I won't vomit. I promise!”
I stick a quarter of my dick in her mouth and she starts coating it with her saliva.
Than, I just take it out and go back down – this time it works.
She's tight – really tight, but my dick seems to influence her cunt to start the fluids.
After a minute or so, I manage to stick it all inside, but I can clearly see on her face that it hurts...
I stop and start withdrawing, nice and easy, until I sense that she becomes comfortable.
“Now, I believe that this is what you can take without feeling some pain”...
“For now, yes – I shall let you stretch me later, after the food will be digested”
She smiles at me: “You're a very nice guy. Gentle and understanding! I'm really happy I have shortened the visit at my parents”...
“What do you mean?”
“Normally, I should have stayed at their place until the end of the week – that includes the end of my holiday too.”
“So, let me see – today is, or, better said, was, Tuesday – this means that if we get along well, we can spend the rest of the week together?!?”
“Almost, since on Sunday morning I need to be at home – I need to prepare myself for going to work on Monday”
While we were having this conversation, I was still, with my dick inside her, while she was milking it with the walls of her cunt – she really knew what she was doing!
I've started moving again, withdrawing my dick until I was almost out, than reentering to the point I knew it was ok with her.
We were alternating the still moments – milking included, with slow strokes – no hurry.
After half an hour or so, I've felt that I was close again: “Now, the critical question: where will it be this time?”
“I was wondering when will you ask me – for a guy who hasn't been laid for some time you really have lasted a lot! Away from where you are being now, wherever you please, but my throat, mouth included – for that, I still need some time!”...
“Will it be on your belly and tits?”
“Look, I'm not gonna play the prude little girl now with you – I've been fucked in my ass before, so you can do it there and you will surely feel much better than jacking it on my outer body”
And, again, she gave me a huge smile.
Now, I was having a problem, since along all the fucking we've been doing, she just hasn't had an orgasm. Like it or not, I'm not the kind of guy who looks only for his satisfaction. If, being with me, I don't give the woman at least three orgasms, I feel bad.
“Look, since it's our first time together and, as you say, you're not prude, I shall ask you plain and simple: is there a technique or something that I should do to you to make you come too?”
At that moment, all the serenity on her face was gone, and her green eyes have darkened.
“Don't ask. Just stick it in my ass and I shall tell you later”...
I've put her legs on my shoulders, gently took it out from her cunt, which, by now, was really wet.
Than, I've inserted my thumb inside her cunt and started to wet with it the entrance in her ass.
To my surprise, her ass wasn't tense at all, so I could easily insert the tip of my thumb there...
Than, I started pushing my dick at her entrance – it just entered, nice and easy – and, please believe it, I'm not small, nor thin over there.
After entering with almost half of my dick, I've started fucking her, nice and easy, each time trying to enter some more...
To my surprise, she didn't show any pain and, I could stick it ALL in!
“Now, do me!Harder! Harder! That's it!”
Since her legs were still on my shoulders, I've repositioned them, with her soles on my chest and then I've started pumping her really hard.
“Oh God! That's it! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! That's it! Now! Can you cum with me? Can you cum now? Do It! Do it! Do it now!!!”
She was moving spasmodically under me and I... came hard!
We stopped and stayed like that for a few minutes, looking deeply into each other's eyes...
My dick started getting limp, so I reached for a drawer beside the bed and took some napkins.
To my surprise, my dick had no stains of shit...
Than, I took her by the hand and led her to the bathroom.
This time we only took a short shower, concentrating on the lower parts of our bodies.

Back in the room, seated on the arm chairs, we sipped some more wine.
We've lit our cigarettes, I have put some more music, but dim, and she started the conversation.
“Now, I'm sure that you know what you need to do to make me cum... I'm sure that you are wondering how come...”
Since she wasn't the first woman that was having, even several orgasms, while being fucked in her ass, I honestly didn't expect what she has continued to tell...
“ I have already told you that I left home quite young. But I didn't tell you that, in fact, I have somehow ran away from home...”
“Well, this really is something else!”
“I wasn't yet twelve when I've somewhat started to bloom – little, but I've had boobs and ass”
“That is, as I know, quite normal with a lot of little girls!”...
“Yes, but not all the little girls happen to have parents like mine – God forbid it!”
I was surprised, so I just didn't say a word, expecting her to continue. So she did.
“One evening, when I was alone at home, my father came in.
He was drunk. He ripped my dress and panties, turned me on the bed face down, and fucked the shit out of my ass. No matter how much I pleaded, cried, yelled, tried to escape, he just kept on ripping my ass until he ejaculated...
I didn't know then, but I was soon to find out what a man's sperm is...
After he finished, he kept on telling me that if I want to have a father and my mother a husband, I'm supposed to keep my mouth shut.
I was bleeding, so he went and brought me some cotton pads.
He also taught me to tell my mother that I have ripped my dress while trying to jump over a fence...
The next day, since my mother was working until late, he came home and approached me again.
I've started yelling that I still have blood down there and to let me be!
This time he wasn't drunk, but still smelling of some booze – he's told me not to worry, cause he'll take care.
Than, he unbuckled his belt, undressed his trousers and underwear – I was crying like hell.
He made me kneel in front of him and gave me my first blow job. That was also the day (evening) when I have first tasted an unwashed dick, smelling of urine, and, at the end, the taste of the sperm...
My own father's sperm”...
He gave me this treat for two weeks, excepting the weekends when my mother didn't go at work...
Than, again, one evening he's told me that the time came to let him fuck my ass again...
I cried, yelled, protested, but he told me that if I don't force myself against it, I won't bleed and it won't hurt as it did last time. He also suggested that in time, I shall end by enjoying it”...

I was appalled, speachless...
“And... did you try to speak with your mother?”
“Here is the point – you can imagine the fear and frustration and shame – every time I was gathering enough courage to try to talk with my mother, she was briskly changing the subject, shutting me up and sending me to do various things away from her”...
“You mean... you suspect that your mother knew”...
“Yes, unfortunately”...
“Well, he kept on fucking me either up my ass, either my face...
Some times, he was even forcing me to lick him clean after fucking my ass...
The worst was when I was almost fifteen and, since one of my grand parents was to die, my mother moved there for almost a month.
He was making me suck his cock in the morning – as my breakfast – and was fucking me up my ass in the evening.
At thirteen I started having my periods, so, when he came home and realized that I was on my period, he has taken the decision that it was the best moment to stick his cock into my vagina.
He has showed me no mercy – he just made me spread my legs and, in one move, he's implanted his dick inside my cunt...
After he's finished, he's told me not to worry, since he will fuck me in my cunt only when I'll be bleeding, so that I won't get pregnant, or, if I do, he will be sure that only someone else has filled me with cum while being fertile...

That is when I have taken the decision to do something about it.
After two weeks or so, when my mother came home, I have almost forcibly seated her at the table and explained to her what has been happening to me...
She started to cry pleading that he is my father and her husband, and if someone finds out, he will go away for a very long time...
So, practically she has told me that she shall arrange with a cousin of hers, from Bucharest, to find me a place to stay and a place to work.
Several years, until I reached to have enough money, I was receiving, on monthly basis, the money for my rent”...

“OK, so your mother clearly knew about your whereabouts... But what was the reaction of your father?!?”

“I'm sure she has told him, since she couldn't practically hide, every month, the amount of money she was sending to me”...
“Well, OK, but, in this case, how come you have went to spend your holiday at their house?!?”
“This is my revenge – ever since my graduation, I go there every holiday – I stay at least a week!
I let him look at me, how sexy I am, and I also keep on walking around, in front of him, wearing only my lingerie, or completely naked, wearing only a really transparent night gown”...
“And, what does he say? Or do?”
“He just watches the floor, than, completely silent, goes at the pub and drinks his brains away, he knows that he cannot abuse me anymore”...
Than, she lit another cigarette inspiring deeply the smoke into her lungs...

We stayed like that, in silence, smoking and drinking some wine.
At a moment, she finished a cigarette, stood up, came towards my arm chair, and gently knelt in front of me.
“Now, I think I am ready to suck your dick again!”
She had a smile on her face and became radiant again – in spite of that, after hearing her story, my dick was limp...
She looked deep into my eyes, than she started to stroke my dick with her hand while caressing my balls with the other – in a minute or so, when I became erect again, she leaned and started licking me from my balls to the tip of my dick.
“Now, dear, I think it's time for you to try to stretch me”
We went in bed and I have started sticking my dick in her cunt – this time, she was wet. Really wet!
I grabbed her by the legs and held her by the back of her knees.
I kept on pushing until I reached balls deep. To my surprise, this time it just didn't hurt her, so that I've started to manoeuver her legs making her cunt move from right to left and from left to right.
Meanwhile, I was pressing my pelvic bones against hers, making sure that I give some friction to her clit.
She was following my moves and was milking me good. Gosh! How good it felt!
After ten minutes or so, I have made her turn around, on her fours, and stuck my dick back inside her cunt.
As I was leaning on my knees, with one hand I reached her clit, caressing it, and, I've leaned my other hand on her ass, inserting my thumb, with no worries now, up her ass.
It has proved to be a very good idea, since Fanny started to moan real loud and in less than a minute she has had her orgasm...
“Now, good girl, honey! Keep on going to it!”
“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Stick it up my ass! Stick it NOW!!!”
So, I took away my dick from her cunt and quickly replaced my thumb with my dick up her ass.
No fear, no mercy, I've just started to fuck her quick and as deep as I could reach.
I cannot describe her explosions – she was yelling, meowing, cursing...
It was so good and forcible and tender in the same time...
All of a sudden, I felt it coming, and, this time, I've just let it go, without warning her.
“God! You finish! I can feel your jizz! God! I'm cumming too! Again! Whew!”
I pushed her forward, making her lay on her belly, and I laid on her back, with my dick still deep up her ass. We laid there for more than ten minutes, with me kissing the back of her neck and her shoulders, even after my dick got limp and out of her ass...
Than, again, the shower, some more wine...
We weren't speaking, just smoking and listening to music...

After almost an hour, she asked: “Do you think you can take me one more time?”
I've turned my eyes towards my dick, to make sure it was already pre-erect.
“Yes, I think so.”
She stood up, took me by the hand, and said: “This time, you lay on your back and let me do all the work.”
“Honey, as you wish, but I must warn you that if I am laying on my back it will take me a really long time before I finish”...
“No worries! I may be slim, but be sure that my legs are strong and I won't get tired fucking the brains out of you!”
“In this case, your wish is an order for me!”
She went down, between my legs, and started licking my balls, than going down, to the back of my balls, flicking her tongue between my ass hole and my balls.
My dick, completely swollen, was pulsing in expectation...
Than, she started to caress my dick and my belly with her long hair, gradually going up, towards my belly and chest.
Meanwhile, she started looking for the tip of my dick with her cunt.
I felt her moist cunt engulfing my dick, nice and easy – she than stopped for a moment, took a pillow, and asked me to raise my ass – she put the pillow under my ass.
“There, now you can really be relaxed and let me fuck you just as I please – by the way, if you have any wishes or complaints, I'm all ears!”
Than, again, she started to look for my dick with the entrance of her cunt.
She went balls deep, than started to grind back and forward, left and right, and so on...
From time to time, she used a hand to cup my balls and caress them, or massaging my prostate.
I can only approximate that she fucked me like this for more than an hour.
My balls were bathed in her cunt fluids. She put her hand on them, and I felt how she was pushing some wetness towards my ass hole. I didn't need to realize what she was going to do, so I've just told her: “Honey, you've said that if I have any complaints you're all ears, right?”
“Yes! Of course!”
“Than please keep in mind that my ass hole is off limits!”...
She smiled and said: “It's good to know!”
She went back to caressing my balls and massaging my prostate.
At a moment, she raised, only to find my dick with her ass – she started again grinding, taking me balls deep, but this time up her ass.
It hasn't taken her more than a minute to start moaning: “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Oh my fucking God! Here! Here! Here I come!”...
And she came! Real hard! Time and time again!
“You need to tell me when you come! Please! I need to know!”
She was now moving frantically, having, as I've felt, orgasm after orgasm.
We were both full of perspiration and I've felt that she was getting tired.
“Honey, if you wish, I can take it from here”...
“Don't you dare! I will finish you off like this, even if I shall have to faint first!”...
She kept on grinding, even with more force!...
Meanwhile, I was also forcing my hips upwards, helping my dick to go as far inside her ass as possible.
At the moment I've felt I'm gonna cum, I've told her: “Honey, I'm ready to cum!”
She grunted, like an animal, kept on grinding for a minute or so, than she asked:
“Are you ready? REEEEALY ready to give me your jizz?”
I confirmed.
She jumped away from my dick and immediately started to jack me off.
She was doing it in a frenzy. “Please tell me EXACTLY when you feel you are spurting”
“Here, now!”
She immediately slowed her pace, leaned towards the head of my dick and, when I've started spurting she leaned the tip of her tongue on the opening of my hose, so that my spurts were splashing her tongue.
When I slowed down, she started milking me and licking everything that was getting out of my dick.
She didn't miss, not even once...
Than, she leaned some more, and started licking my balls. Than, she looked at me and said: “Don't worry! I will wash my mouth and teeth after this! In fact I will wash myself thoroughly!”
Than, she licked her lips and looked at me, smiling and radiant: “Gosh! What a good fuck you are!”
“Likewise!” I said, smiling back.
Than, she took me by the hand and said: “Now, let's have a nice decent shower!”...
To my surprise, she took from her hand bag a toothbrush and some tooth paste, and has thoroughly washed her mouth and teeth...
We went back into my room and she has approached the window, looking behind the curtains.
“You know something? Outside is already light!”
“Of course!” I said “It's almost seven in the morning”!
“See? I kept my promise! We didn't sleep a minute! Gosh! I feel so fulfilled! Really! I'm good!”
“Now, would you like a coffee? Or, some breakfast?”
“No, my dear! I'm tired like shit! Honestly, at least the last fuck you have really fucked my brains out! I really cannot remember a guy to keep his jizz inside for such a long time! You really are a fucker! And, please, believe me! I know what I'm saying!”...
“Well, thank you! And I also can say that very few women have been fucking me, with me laying on my back, until I reached to explode... YOU really are something!”
“Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to have some whiskey, but no juice – just good old plain whiskey”...
I poured her the booze, than filled my glass, and said “Cheers!”
“Cheers!... But, excuse me, aren't you drinking a little bit too much?!?”
“No worries, honey, I can even drink the whole bottle and you won't know it – it's really hard to see me drunk!
Honestly, I have really been impressed by the story you have told me about your life as a teenager.
I'm sure you're aware that you could end in a really very ugly situation. A teenager, in Bucharest, on her own and with such a history in your background...”
“My luck was with my aunt here, in Bucharest – she has taken good care of me, of my education, and I am pretty sure that, even if she's never told me, she has at least suspected that something went wrong, very wrong between me and my folks at home”...
She took a deep breath: “Actually, she has never invited her cousin to come at Bucharest, nor paid them any visit”...
Finishing her words, she lit off her cigarette, swallowed all the whiskey at once, and told me: “Now, if you don't mind, I need a rest – I need to sleep for a while – I must warn you that, from time to time, I still have some night mares, so you don't need to worry.”
She stood up, and went to the bed, smoothing the sheets, arranged the pillows, and covered her beautiful body with a blanket.
I lit another cigarette, asked her if she needed the volume of the music lower – she said she didn't care.
I continued to sip from my glass of whiskey, finished the cigarette, and went in bed.
As soon as she felt me, Fanny turned facing me, opened the cover and asked: “Will I be asking too much if I ask you to let me sleep in your arms, with my head on your shoulder? I won't be too heavy! I promise!”
I took her in my arms and we went to sleep.


That week, we barely left my apartment, only to buy some food and drinks.
By the end of the week I've received a call from a very happy John, my old friend, who has confirmed that he isn't a father to be anymore!
Fanny couldn't let herself go home on Sunday morning, as she has promised -we took a taxi on Sunday evening and she changed her clothes, and we came back at my place – this time, I had to wait in the cab almost twenty minutes.
The taxi driver made no comments.
Fanny didn't let me accompany her at her apartment – she said that if she sees me, her whorish room mate will do whatever she can to... fuck me!

So, now I'm expecting to be criticized and/or eventually, to be encouraged to continue with this story.

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2013-01-08 14:43:04
povestesti frumos.sper ca ai si avut o astfel de viata


2012-10-17 15:51:21
very nice having been a us embassy guard in Prague I know it is not a unbelievable story damm people he even said it was not all true give him a break. I look forward to more

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2012-10-15 02:11:50
I doubt it is true, but I enjoyed it.

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2012-10-14 09:42:28
Good story. Keep it comming.


2012-10-14 08:39:08
No, you're perfectly right!
I am Romanian, was born and lived almost all my life in Romania.
Anyway, I've been trying hard to respect the English grammar, but of course I will always recognize a guy who speaks Romanian, but his native language is a different one...
Anyway, I can assure you that I'm just doing my best!
Good luck!

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