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Lucinds'a 18th Birthday present
Lucy's 18th birthday present.

"Ask her again George," Mary, Lady Melchett ordered her husband Colonel Melchett as he finished his breakfast coffee and stood before the leaded light window with stone surround and stared idly across the manicured lawns of his opulent manor house home.

"Yes, I suppose so," he agreed, his heart sinking at the thought of another confrontation with Lucinda, his wayward teenage daughter. Generals, Majors even Sergeant Major held no terrors for Melchett, nor Lords or Ladies for indeed he himself was an aristocrat and his full title was Colonel the Lord Melchett of Branstone, but he was no match for Lucinda.

He slowly opened Lucinda's bedroom door, she continued texting,"Any more thoughts on a birthday present Lucy?" he asked.

"Yes," she said, "Cock, black cock and plenty of it."

He refused to rise to the bait, "Mummy thinks we should get you a MINI Cooper Cabrio, the garage in town have a nice pink one, only twenty thousand on the clock," he offered.

"On Friday I'm eighteen and I'm out of here!" Lucy warned, "So stuff your MINI!"

"Or a VW Golf?" he offered.

"Is it black with it got a ten inch cock?" she asked nastily.

"No, it's red and it's a motor car," he explained.

"Then it hardly qualifies does it?" she snapped.

"Geoffrey's coming over later," he tried, although he couldn't understand why their erstwhile next door neighbour's son should continue to visit when Lucy was so horrible to him.

"Oh great," she said sarcastically, "Tell him sod off, from me, loser."

"Lucy!" he protested, "He's just back from Helmand!"

"Pity," she said, "Pity he didn't stand on an IED!"

"That is unforgivable!" he exploded, "Lord knows why he wastes his time on you!"

"Exactly!" Lucy agreed, "Do himself a favour and stay away!" she stated firmly if un grammatically.

"Look which would you like a Mini or VeeDub?" he tried again, "Damnit you'll end up with a ten year old MG if you're not very careful!"

"I don't care as long as it is black with a ten inch cock!" she snapped.

Melchett sadly went downstairs, "You know Mary, perhaps we should have let her sleep around, get it out if her system?"

"Really?" Mary asked, "I don't remember you complaining!" she said remembering how her own time at St Celia's Convent had ended with a mad week of pre deployment sex with George followed by a hurried marriage and three children, a Lieutenant in the Rifles, a trainee accountant and Lucinda, the youngest.

"No, but she is obsessed with black men," George sighed, "You know equality is all very well but."

"Yes dear," Mary agreed, "Just keep your opinions to yourself."

Melchett thought quickly, he had a few days leave but he had a germ of an idea, "Think I'll drop by the office," he suggested.

"Yes dear," Mary agreed glad to see the back of him.

Melchett swung his twenty year old MG through the barrack gates, the squaddies (GI's) had the barrier up as soon as they saw the ugly but unmistakable shape of the Maestro appear round the corner, he headed straight for sick bay and walked into Dr Manvers surgery, "Tension!" he shouted to the unfortunate squaddie who was sitting at the desk and he strode past into Dr Manvers' office.

"Colonel!" the doctor protested as the colonel burst in as he was examining half naked soldier's arm.

"Cocks, do you keep records?" Melchett demanded.

"What?" the doctor demanded.

"Cocks man, penises, ten inch cocks in black to be specific," he expanded.

"No of course not," Dr Manvers replied,"You can't just barge in here and."

"Chalky Smith got a ten inch cock," the bare chested squaddie suggested.

"Private please!" Manvers snapped.

"Most of the black lads have, least they say they have," the squaddie continued.

"Right?" Melchett agreed, "Perhaps you could make a list? Private?"

"Mead sir, yes sir, now sir?" he asked.

"Now yes, now, write it down there's a good chap." Melchett agreed, I'll be back on a moment," he stated and he slipped from the room.

He rang home, "Mary, how about we give Lucy what she wants?" he asked.

"What a ten inch cock?" she asked.

"Yes, not just one, a section perhaps," he suggested, "C' company are on guard duties and Mead says a lot of the black lads have ten inches."

"You can't be serious George!" Mary gasped.

"Deadly," he admitted, "If she is going to go off the rails anyway at least this way we can do HiV and VD checks on them first."

"That is outrageous!" Mary insisted, she couldn't think what Lucinda saw in black men but she had often fantasised about being fucked by the entire Osmond family or the Cambridge boat race crew, the welsh rugby team, Jenson Button, Imran Khan, the Treforest Male Voice choir and Prince Harry, not necessarily all at once.

"Need your help I'm afraid, turn them on so we can measure them up," he suggested.

"George!" she protested, "What kind of woman do you think I am?"

"No comment," Melchatt agreed, "I'll say fourteen thirty in the guard room unless I let you know otherwise."

Mead had eighteen names when Col Melchett returned.

"Thank you," he said to Mead, "Much appreciated, dismiss," and as the squaddie left he turned to the doctor and continued, "This lot, aids test, VD test the works now!"

"Colonel!" Dr Manvers protested, "I have patients!"

"And I have little patience," Melchett added, "Now, that is an order!"

Melchett lunched in the mess and asked CSM Jarvis to order all the squaddies on the list to the lecture room behind the guard room, before he met Mary at the gate and took her to the lecture room where CSM Jarvis was waiting with the squad of men.

"Squad, tension!" CSM Jarvis shouted as they entered, (completely missing the A of Attention).

"Stand easy Sarn't Major!" Melchett ordered, "Gentlemen I have a special mission for you," he advised, "Word has it that you are each the possessor of a ten inch member, tool, willie, cock or what ever your favoured term is for your glans penis."

He paused, "Am I right?" he asked.

"Ugh," the squad muttered.

"Very well, anyone with a small cock one pace forward!" Melchett ordered and paused a moment and when no one moved he added, "No, good, right, squad, trousers," he paused "Down!"

"Sir?" Private Umbuntu asked.

"Drop em man, let the lady check your dangler,"Melchett suggested, "Whip it out, let Mrs Melchett measure it."

"Are you sure Ma'am?" Umbuntu asked uneasily.

"My husband wants to be sure the squad consists of men with ten inch penises," Mrs Melchett explained.

"But why Ma'am?" he asked.

"Top secret, need to know basis, you know the form," Melchett insisted.

"Is it fucking sir?" he asked.

"No stirring tea we lost the frigging spoon," CSM Jarvis interjected, "Begging your pardon sir."

"What's the problem. afraid you'll come up short?" the Colonel enquired

"No sir, yes sir, like not in front of the blokes sir!" Umbuntu protested.

"Help if Mary popped her tits out?" Col Melchett asked.

"George please!" Mary snapped and blushed as she felt uneasily damp at the prospect.

Umbuntu stared at Mary's shapely D cup tits as they nestled in her neat light blue blouse under her royal blue jacket.

"Yes sir," Umbuntu replied, "Thank you sir."

"You devious sod!" Mary chided her husband and turned to Umbuntu saying, "You bloody pervert!" but she undid a few buttons and allowed them a sight of her well filled brassiere.

Melchett grinned shyly. "Right, special mission volunteers, trousers down," and he added "Mary will check you with the tape measure, shirkers can leave now, we need ten inchers." he added.

Training and discipline are everything and in turn each soldier dropped his pants and allowed Mary to measure him as he stiffened at the gentle touch of her fingers against his ebony skin, "Two twenty millietres," Mary measured, and "Two fifteen," Melchett worried as ten inches equated to two fifty four millimeters and suddenly only three remained.

"Better make it nine, she'll never notice!" he suggested to a black look from Mary.

They conferred and then Col Melchett ordered, "Roberts, Arun, Luddelthan, Mumps, Garrick, Umbuntu, Andaman, Williams, Llareggub, Judd, Trefork and Smith," Melchett reeled off, "You have been selected, now Sarn't Major Jarvis will brief you and then it is quarantine I'm afraid, confined to quarters, no comms no guard duty, understood?" he paused, "The rest of you dismiss, and keep it to yourselves, official secrets act applies, understand?"

"Sah!" they replied as one and Melchett strode away.

Frantic preparations for Lucinda's party took Mary's full attention on Thursday afternoon and
George was left to visit the motor dealer and make arrangements meanwhile Sarn't Major Jarvis scratched his head in confusion as he tried to drill his squad without the benefit of knowing what the mission actually was and in true military fashion as soon as the Colonel was off the base they went down the NAAFI and had a few beers .

Friday was party day, a local Band had been hired to play in the marquee, but they were rapidly sacked and replaced by some lads from the regimental band after their first brief sound check and rehearsal sent the Colonel's cat rushing from the tent in apparent agony, the caterers came, the tables and chairs were delivered, the promised help failed to arrive leading a frantic Mary to scream for help down the phone and George to round up half a dozen idlers to help out, and basically the show went on.

Seven thirty for eight the invitations said, one hundred and fifty guests just to celebrate Lucinda's eighteenth birthday.

Lucy assumed the activity in the garages was her new car being gift wrapped, but she was very wide of the mark, her "new" car was a yellow MG ZR almost ten years old and in the middle of a complete overhaul courtesy of REME workshops at the barracks, but her real present was in the garage, where half a dozen men toiled away to erect a set of a dozen tiered bunk beds for tired squaddies, a mess table, partitions and as a centrepiece a king size bed.

CSM Jarvis meanwhile had contacted Hereford for advice on chain fucking of suspects and been referred to Guantanamo bay and Washington, who sent him a translated Russian pamphlet on the subject which they got from the East Germans which he read intently, apparently the Russians had used it to good effect in Afganistan in the seventies.

He decided against the recommended head shave and tattooing of slut or the equivalent across the girls head but the nine point restraint looked sensible, neck, elbow, wrist, knee and ankle straps, if, that is vaginal fucking was the intention.

'High pressure cold water enema,' he read, 'Mouth, ass, kunt, he read the spelling betraying its wartime German origin, and he quickly decided on an initial three way penetration, with toe and nipple sucking and ear licking, backing off to a nine point restraint with the lads rota fucking so her vagina was filled almost continuously, he realised they needed a strong metal framed bed and a wipe clean mattress from sick bay, for the main event so he quickly wrote a requisition and sent it to the quarter masters department.

They practised dismantling the four post bed until the time came down to two minutes, brought electric patio heaters to keep the garage warm and generally prepared for the operation as seriously as if it was a raid on the Taliban, finally and crucially he sorted out a rota and a regular supply of hot food.

"All ready Sarn't Major?" Col Melchett asked.

"Yes sir, we thought three way to begin," CSM Jarvis explained.

"Spare me the details, she is my daughter," Col Melchett replied awkwardly, "But are you ready?"

"H hour is any time after twenty one hundred hours sir, a bite to eat and we'll be set." Jarvis replied.

"Good, twenty two hundred should be about right, but be ready, no cock ups," Melchett cautioned, "If you'll pardon the pun."

Guests arrived from seven onwards, the paddock behind the stables served as a car park, the Band played, George strode around in his best uniform looking important, Mary looked glamorous in her new gown and was careful not to move too quickly as otherwise her tits kept popping out of the skimpy wisp of black fabric which defined her cleavage and as the sun set the marquee glowed eerily in the glow of disco lights against the satin blackness of the suburban night.

Drinks flowed, the local drug pusher was ejected from the grounds with more force than strictly necessary and then as ten o'clock approached the family assembled before the stage where "Hells Monsters," as the lads from the regimental band had temporarily renamed themselves, were playing and the Colonel took the microphone.

"Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen," he announced, "Thank you all for coming, as you know today is Lucinda's birthday," he paused for the party goers to groan, " I can hardly believe that it is eighteen years since she came into the world kicking and screaming, not dissimilar to how she was dancing just now in fact, but what you don't know is that Mary and myself have a very special present for darling Lucy, here you are my darling, enjoy!" he said and handed Lucinda the key to a padlock. "In the garage," he whispered.

"Thank you daddy," Lucinda said slightly drunkenly, "Daddy bought me a car," she said, "It's either a Beetle or a MINI but I don't want a car I want cock!" she shouted, "Lovely big black cock, and lots of it!"

"Lucy!" her mother protested.

"Well you make me live like a Nun," Lucy replied, "Well I'm grown up now and I choose who I see, not you and who I go out with and who I go to bed with ok, not you, oh and Geoffrey, where are you?" he waved at her, "Sod off ok, loser!"

"Lucinda, please," Col Melchett pleaded, "Don't make a scene."

"Why not, its' my party!" she pointed out reasonably.

"So on with the music," Col Melchett ordered and turned to the lead singer of 'Hells Monsters' and said, "Carry on Sar'nt Brown."

Music blasted the night once more, and Melchett grasped Lucinda by the arm and steered her out if the marquee and across to the garage, "I went to a lot of trouble to get this present so bloody well enjoy it!" he insisted.

"I don't want a bloody car," she protested as he showed her to the padlocked garage door.

"Oh yes you do," he insisted, "Now undo the padlock and enjoy your present!"

"Oh just to keep the peace," she said, secretly thrilled that she was to get her own wheels and the independence to screw who ever she wanted, "But I'm not interested," she said as she undid the lock and opened the door.

A new partition with a door to the side blocked her path, "Oh, what have you done?" she asked intrigued and she opened the new door and stepped into the darkness, the lights flashed on.

"Surprise!" a dozen black voices shouted as one as she stepped into the now carpeted and partitioned triple garage where a four posted bed occupied the space usually reserved for her father's cars which usually sat covered with dust quietly leaking oil.

She stared, a dozen trouser less but otherwise immaculately turned out soldiers stood in line , each holding a ruler against his erect penis with one hand as they gently wanked themselves with the other.

"Daddy!" Lucinda protested.

"It's what you asked for Lucy," he said as he kissed her head, "Enjoy, carry on Sarn't Major," he added and wished them a "Good night," as he turned on his heel and strode away, pausing only to lock the door again.

"If you'd like to get on the bed Miss," CSM Jaris invited.

"Look, really," Lucinda said awkwardly.

"Right Lads, you know what to do," he ordered.

A dozen hands gripped Lucinda as the squad surrounded her, her shoes and hold up stockings slipped from her feet, her panties followed before her party dress slipped over her head followed by her bra, within twenty seconds she was completely naked, another half minute the squad had lifted her and carried her away to the wet area at the far end of the garage behind a partition where the hose reel waited.

The end of the hose was liberally coated with lube and despite her protests they made her bend at the waist and six pairs if hands held her as Andaman inexpertly forced six inches of aluminium hose nozzle up her tight anus, she screamed into a hand clamped firmly across her mouth and then when she felt the pain could not get worse agonisingly cold water gushed inside her.

She tried to scream as the nozzle was removed and the water flowed out again, and tried again as the nozzle was re inserted and her belly swelled again as the men held her over the drain, twice more they repeated the operation until CSM Jarvis judged she was now "Nice and clean and fuckable."

Meanwhile the four-poster bed had been dismantled by the rest if the squad and the more utilitarian but practical metal framed bed had replaced it.

Lucinda knew nothing of this, she felt the soft towels that dried her, and the firm but gentle hands that took her to the bed and as drilled the squad assembled in their allocated places,

Garrick, on his back, cock erect as they guided her down onto him, her well lubed and freshly stretched anus yielding reluctantly to gravity as her own weight impaled her before they pushed her shoulders back so she lay on his lap as he cupped her breasts allowing Umbuntu to slide between her legs as Andaman and Williams held her knees wide apart, Llareggub waited to stick his cock in her mouth, while as they had practised in the drill hall with the mannequins and naughty Sandra three holed blow up doll with real blonde hair, Judd and Trefork readied themselves to suck her nipples while Roberts and Smith prepared to suck her toes, and Arun and Mumps to lick her ears.

Lucinda's mind exploded with the mixed sensations, her vagina stretched uncomfortably by a cock that banged painfully against the neck of her womb, while another gross intrusion agonisingly spread her anus while surprisingly tender lips inflamed her toes nipples and ears, even as a further penis sought access to her mouth and throat.

CSM Jarvis watched with pride as his squad seemed to engulf her, ten minutes after walking in dressed in her party dress she was naked and having the fucking of her life except Llaregub's cock was barely inside her mouth, "Fuck her throat lad, you can do it!" Jarvis ordered.

"Too tight sir!" he protested.

"Stand back, let a man do it!" Jarvis ordered and he whipped out his own seven inches of pink meat, "Open up then bitch, I mean miss," he ordered and when she tried to protest he rammed his length deep into her throat, she screamed, she tried to bite his cock inflaming his passion and suddenly he was cumming, pumping his load down her throat making her gag.

Lucinda choked on the warm sticky cum but somehow she managed to pretend it was blancmange and was able to swallow every drop.

"Right, that's lubed her up lad, now fuck her," Jarvis blustered as he pulled his glistening cock from Lucinda's mouth allowing Llareggub to take his place.

CSM Jarvis looked on with pride as his lads performed, "Best Fucking section in the British Army," he chuckled but then as Umbuntu and then Garrick seemed to cum he ordered, "Rotation, on my mark, three, two, one, Rotate!"

Like a single organism they moved away, Llareggub, reluctant to pull his stiff cock from the warm haven of Lucinda's mouth and throat, needed a tap on the shoulder to convince him to move but quickly positions were reversed, Lucinda lifted off a soft cock while a new man slid into position with an erect cock and she as set down ready for a fresh black cock up her vagina, while the recovering squaddies took up licking or kissing roles.

Andaman on his back this time, cock erect as they guided her down onto him, her well lubed and freshly stretched anus yielding reluctantly to gravity as her own weight impaled her before they pushed her shoulders back so she lay on his lap as he cupped her breasts allowing Williams to slide between her legs as Llareggub and Judd held her knees wide apart, Trefork waited to stick his cock in her mouth, while Roberts and Smith readied themselves to suck her nipples as Arun and Mumps prepared to suck her toes, and the recovering Garrick and Umbuntu began to lick her ears.

Lucinda's mind exploded with the mixed sensations, her vagina stretched uncomfortably by a cock that banged painfully against the neck of her womb, while another gross intrusion agonisingly spread her anus while surprisingly tender lips inflamed her toes nipples and ears, even as a further penis sought access to her mouth and throat.

Six rotations, over an hours fucking reduced Lucinda to a quivering over stimulated wreck, the lads were tiring so Jarvis halved the squad, one for two breasts, one for the toes, one for the head, both kissing and mouth fucking, and most importantly he ordered the butt plug so she would stay well filled without the lad working hard to fuck her ass.

B section slipped away for a cup of tea first and then as the set in for the long haul Jarvis allowed the weariest squaddies to lay on their bunks.

"Man serial fucking is fucking hard work!" Trefork admitted, "For fucks sake , my tools red raw!"

"Get a fucking purple heart for being wounded in action if you were a yank!" CSM Jarvis exclaimed, "Can you carry on or do you fancy guard duties?"

"Right," Trefork agreed, "Bit of KY should sort it sarn't major."

"Bad tradesman always blames his tool," Jarvis mused.

"Good soldier always looks after his weapon," someone muttered.

Lucinda lay in a fog of ecstasy mingled with agony, her breasts were numb now, as was her whole crotch, the butt blug had ceased to be agonising, she just drifted from one ejaculation to the next barely noticing, she wanted a drink, the lights and the warmth of the soldiers bodies made her sweat so profusely that beads of moisture dripped onto the bed.

Another rotation and another, one face merged with another, one cock with another only Jarvis' gave any variation with his pinkness and as dawn approached she may even have fallen asleep.

Morning saw the lads breakfasting, Lucinda was allowed five minutes in the bathroom, before they gave her a new enema and bent her over the end of the bed for rota fucking her anus, though the lads were flagging now.

CSM Jarvis tried to rally his men though lack of sleep was playing mind games, maybe he needed a bigger squad, a dozen seemed a lot but the lads were on Viagra and black coffee now and signs of battle fatigue were all too obvious as they dragged themselves to their bunks after performing and had to be ordered back to screw Lucinda whereas earlier they would fought each other for the chance to get between her legs.

It was twenty two hours into the operation when CSM Jarvis had to admit defeat, he rang the guardroom and asked for a message to be sent to Col Melchett, "Spirit is willing but flesh is weak, request permission to abort mission and withdraw."

"George," Lady Melchett called, "Message from the office, request permission to abort mission."

"Right," he agreed, "Where is Geoffrey?"

"Last seen in the Library with a pile of old Autosport Magazines," Mary replied.

"Send him to the garage," Melchett suggested, "Suggest he tells CSM Jarvis to stand the men down while he takes Lucy to the pub."

"George!" Mary protested, "That's appalling!"

"Well, what else can we do?" he asked.

"Let her decide what she wants?" Mary asked.

"It's black and ten inches long the last I heard," Melchett replied sadly.

Geoffrey couldn't understand what he was being asked to do, why would Lucinda be in the garage, he didn't think she liked cars but as a house guest he could hardly refuse Mary's request to relay the message and taking her out to dinner would be at least a small step towards getting her into bed.

He strode briskly across the gravel yard to the garage and opened the door, turned and opened the inner door and stopped frozen in shocked amazement as he saw two almost exhausted big black soldiers holding Lucinda down while a third wearily screwed her.

Lucinda turned her head to see Geoffrey walk in and stop abruptly almost as if he had seen a ghost, "Geoffrey!" she gasped as he stared at her open mouthed, and looking almost human in his civilian style tee shirt and jeans instead of his usual uniform, and the weary Pte Gordy Umbuntu paused in mid stroke uncertain as to whether he should salute or just keep fucking Lucinda as CSM Jarvis had ordered.

Lucinda wished the floor would open and swallow her, it was bravado that led her to ask for ten inch black cock for her eighteenth birthday never for a second believing her parents would allow her to have sex with a negro let alone to find a whole platoon and arrange for her to be screwed continuously for almost twenty four hours.

Poor Lucy was covered in sweat, hers and that of her many ebony lovers, her golden hair matted stuck to her scalp and straggled across the pillows, her party dress long discarded lay crumpled beside the bed and as Umbuntu energetically humped her so Andaman waited on the bench, naked except his socks and dog tags as with the aid of some porn mags he nursed his huge erection back to life.

"Fancy a drink Lucinda?" Geoffrey finally asked after what seemed like several minutes had elapsed..

"You do mean a drink, you're not going to piss in my mouth or anything stupid are you?" Lucinda asked.

"Lord no," Geoffrey repelled by the suggestion, "No Pimms or something down the pub by the river," Geoffrey suggested, "But I suppose I could piss in your mouth if you would rather?"

"Don't be an idiot!" Lucinda snapped.

"Just a thought," Geoffrey sighed, "I'll leave you to enjoy your, ah, friends," he added uncertainly.

"Enjoy, don't be a complete twat, they're raping me you idiot!" Lucinda protested.

"Hardly Luce, I distinctly remember that last evening when you were told about your present you asked for black cock and lots of it." Geoffrey explained.

"That was yesterday, as of today I never want to see another black cock as long as I live," Lucy admitted.

"Miss," Umbuntu said urgently, "You want me to pull out? I'm cumming."

"I really don't care any more," Lucinda admitted, "Do whatever you want."

"Uggggghhhh, Miss!" Umbuntu gasped.

"Ugh that is disgusting!" Geoffrey sighed, "How could you Luce?"

"I just wanted some excitement," Lucinda protested, "I wasn't actually serious."

"Well if that's excitement you're welcome to it," Geoffrey insisted.

"You don't?" Lucinda asked, "Want to be next do you?"

"What?" he asked.

"Be next," she said, "To fuck me."

"Certainly not!" Geoffrey insisted, "Good lord no, no you stink and I'm certainly not getting into any sordid group sex thing, no I just wondered if you would like a drink."

"Yes please," she said.

"I'll fetch the car," he said, "Ten minutes?" and he turned to CSM Jarvis, "Col Melchett asked me to say you may stand the men down while I take Lucinda for a drink."

"Very good sir, will you give the lady a few minutes to get dressed?" CSM Jarvis asked.

"I suppose so, she can hardly go down the pub like that," Geoffrey admitted, "Ten minutes?" he queried and he strode from the garage thinking of the black faces leering at Lucinda and their glistening black torsos and their great black cocks pistoning in and out of her stretched and bruised cunt.

CSM Jarvis sprang to action immediately, "Red section, get up, look lively," he bellowed, "Andaman find the lady's clothes, get that hose pipe working and get her cleaned up!"

They couldn't do much about her hair, Private Roberts suggested a crew cut which went down like a lead balloon, but a frantic session with shampoo and conditioner took away most of the sweat and semen, while at the other end "Muddler" Luddlethan and "Fancy" Mumps worked on giving her a cold water enema with a high pressure hose and thoroughly hosed out the last vestiges of semen from her anus and vagina ignoring her screams and flailing legs in equal measure as they did so.

Finally she was ready, she wobbled drunkenly, her whole pelvis ached and she stepped out into the evening sunlight to find Geoffrey standing outside wearing his best dress uniform chatting with her father and admiring a ten year old MG ZR.

"Ah Lucinda, you look like a cheap tart," her father greeted her, "Did you enjoy your present?"

"You bastards!" she protested, "You knew I wasn't serious!"

"But you were my sweet," he insisted, "You really should have a more secure password on your facebook account!"

"Daddy!" she squealed, "How the hell did you get that?"

"GCHQ darling, they sent you a virus, didn't you know?" he asked with a grin.

"So your joke's over, very funny!" Lucinda sneered.

"Oh no," he replied, "I had the squad stand down for bit of R and R before the next session."

"What?" she asked.

"Oh yes, it's a whole week," he explained.

"I'll leave home." Lucinda threatened.

"And go where exactly?" he asked.

"Geoffrey will find me somewhere," she said, "He worships the ground I stand on."

"Did darling, you're damaged goods now," her father said, "Anyway you can ask him."

"Geoffrey," Lucinda asked, "Will you take me away from all this?"

"Oh, gosh," Geoffrey said, "How do you mean exactly?"

"She's had enough black cock for the moment, fancies some pink instead," Col Melchett explained.

"That is not what I said daddy!" Lucinda insisted, "I just can't take it any more, you know, you think it's fun then it isn't any more and you realise they just treat you like a piece of meat and."

"It's ok Lucy, I understand, you're young and naive, and very lovely, I'll look after you." Geoffrey insisted.

"Not without my permission you wont," Col Melchett insisted, "Do I take it you are asking for my daughter's hand in matrimony?"

"Not exactly sir," Geoffrey said diffidently, "I just want to help her."

"Do you or do you not want to sleep with my daughter?" Col Melchett asked.

"Yes sir," Geoffrey agreed , "But she."

"What she wants or thinks she wants is irrelevant," the Col insisted, " I'll tell Mary, congratulations, you're engaged!"

"Daddy!" Lucinda protested.

"Geoffrey's cock or a dozen black ones Lucy, you choose!" Col Melchett demanded.

"I'll decide later," she sighed, "Oh god, why didn't I just have that MINI you promised?"

"But, I got you this nice MG," the Colonel said, "Eighteen Hundred, Variable Valve Timing,"

"Gosh!" Geoffrey replied, "VVT, I bet that goes like stink sir!"

"Typical, more interested in the car than in me!" Lucinda protested theatrically, at least she had a car, and all the black cock she could handle so why wasn't life perfect?

The meal was probably romantic, but Lucinda was too hungry to care and just wanted to wash the taste of semen from her mouth and do what it took to stop Geoffrey taking her back to the garage and more non stop sex with C company.

Too soon the meal was over so she suggested a moonlight stroll along the riverbank where she found a suitable spot an lay down.

Moonlight shone on Lucinda's hair as she lay on the riverbank in a clumsy attempt at seduction lying across the riverbank pathway, fully dressed except for her panties as Geoffrey obliged and incongruous in his best dress uniform, minus trousers, he inexpertly slipped his modest manhood into her stretched and bruised vagina.

To Lucinda the smoothness of Geoffreys skin, its softness and the easy way he slipped inside her made her realise that perhaps sex with Geoffrey could be tolerable if tedious and then as he began to hump her, she felt his crotch banging against her clit, she gasped, his crotch against her clit, so different from the black cocks battering the neck of her womb, she gasped and sighed as waves of ecstasy rolled over her and smiled at Geoffrey, "Yes!" she mouthed, and then she realised.

"No Geoffrey must'nt!" she shrieked, "Nooo!"

"What in gods name is wrong?" he asked as he stopped in mid fuck.

"Oh for gods sake don't stop you idiot!" she railed, "Fuck me!"

"Ok," Geoffrey agreed, "If you want me to," and he renewed his assault on Lucinda's well used cunt, his muscles well toned from press ups with the men he commanded made the task easy and natural and only her wailing spoiled the moment so he clamped his mouth to hers silencing her as he possessed her completely.

"Oh fucking hell Geoffrey where did that come from?" Lucinda protested as she lay back emotionally and physically drained as Geoffrey rolled off her to lie on his back pressing his best uniform jacket into the mud as they stared at the moon.

"What?" he asked.

"My fucking orgasm thats what, Jesus," she complained, "I saw stars and everything!"

"So?" he asked.

"The black chaps just hurt me you know, too long too deep?" she explained.

"I'm afraid I don't have a clue," he replied, "Never having been fucked by a black person, at all, well up the bottom, I mean I'm not that way at all actually."

"Shut up Geoffery," Lucinda said, "Balls I suppose I'll have to to bloody university and screw the white boys."

"Or black ones with smaller cocks?" he offered helpfully.

"I could have your babies instead and get some married quarters?" she suggested.

"No University," Geoffrey explained, "Your father said we should have a reasonable engagement, and then get married when we are out of Helmand."

"Did he plan this?" she asked.

"In a manner of speaking, this was plan C I think." Geoffrey suggested.

"What was plan A?" she asked.

"Tony Reilly," he replied.

"Oh yuck!" she gasped.

"Only joking," he said, "Shall we, something's come up?"

Lucinda stared at the pale sausage like shape slowly emerging from a gap in Geoffrey's shirt as it swelled to its full size, "It would be a shame to waste it," she said as she reached out and guided it back inside her as Geoffrey rolled over once again.

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2012-12-30 02:12:59
looks like poor Lucinda got exactly what she wanted and found out it was too much to handle.............. maybe next time she'll think first LMAO

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