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Its more fun when its done in public ;)
*Tonight. 10pm. Met at my house*
I read the message over and over. It’s only been two days since I've last seen him. And we are almost always texting or talking. My body wanted him so badly and all the phone sex has not been helping me stay focused while studying. I texted back:
*Can’t wait. See you then ;) <3*
I checked the time and saw that I had 3 hours to figure out what I was going to wear and get ready. Opening up my closet, I rummaged around and found a nice sleek black dress that showed just the right amount of skin and cleavage and equipped it with electric blue heels and accessories. I jumped in the shower and stood, the hot water pouring over me and relaxing my muscles. I thought about Jake and everything we have done. I leaned against the tiled wall and closed my eyes. Seeing it all play out in my mind over and over again of him on top of me. I rubbed my hands up my thighs to my breast. Re tracing how he would squeeze mine before taking them in his mouth. I moved my hands over my tummy towards my inner thigh. Opening up my legs, I slipped a finger in while slowly rubbing my clit, all the time picturing Jake playing and teasing me in my mind. I started moaning and rubbing harder and faster. I pushed my back off the tiles while still leaning my head as I orgasmed. I stood underneath the water again as I squirted some body wash in my palm. I rubbed it up my arms and neck then moved over my breasts and rubbed them. I rubbed my stomach and back then squirted some more soap for my legs. I washed off all the soap then started on my hair. Once I was all done, I wrapped the towel around me and went to my room. Hmm… I should send him a photo, I thought. I closed my door before letting my towel fall. Sitting on my bed, I let my long hair fall in front of me and I held up my phone so that my breasts and legs were in the photo and bit my lip as I took it. I hit send and within a few seconds he replied:
*Meet at 9. I need to see you*
I walked over to the mirror and took a full body photo and sent it with the caption:
*Like my outfit??? ;)*
He replied almost instantly:
* I can’t believe I'm saying this but please stop sending me the photos as I have some friends over and they are now waiting for me to come out of the toilet but this raging cock needs some serious attention. I’ll see you soon ;)*
I bit my lip as I hit the reply button and typed:
*If you want I can use my supersonic powers to come now and attend to your “raging cock” needs ;)*
He replied:
*I’d love that, but I don’t want my mates to be waiting till the morning to see me ;) I’ll see you at nine <3*
I threw my phone on the bed and started getting dressed. By 7:30 I was all done and left the house. He lived about an hour away from my house and I packed an overnight bag, knowing that whatever he had planned, I’d be too tired to drive back home.
Locking the car, I walked up the stairs to his apartment and knocked.
“Wow.” He breathed as he opened the door.
“You like?”
“Oh, I love.” He said, as he pulled me inside and slammed me against the door. He nibbled along my jawline and neck, grabbing my ass in one palm while squeezing my boob in the other. He pushed his groin against my torso, digging in his slowly rising erection. I laced my hands through his hair, moaning his name softly.
“You smell and taste so divine.” He pulled away and chuckled when he saw my confused face. Then he pointed towards the living room to his right and I turned and looked. There, sitting on the couch where his 4 mates, gawking at me. I felt myself blush and fixed my dress.
“Why didn’t you say anything?” I hissed in his ear. He chuckled and led me over to introduce me.
“Guys, this is Jess. Jess, the guys.” I waved at them all and took the only empty seat which was on Jake’s lap. They continued their talk about what I guessed was about some chick one of the guys scored and how she keeps nagging him to meet up again but he didn’t want to. This, of course, angered me so I decided to put my two-sense in and said:
“Well, if you weren’t looking for a relationship, why did you give her your number and promise to call her?” Attention was all on me again and I regretted saying anything.
“Well sweetie, if I had known she was going to be so clingy, I wouldn’t have given her anything.” He said, chuckling. He disgusted me and I couldn’t help myself when I replied to him.
“Don’t you dare call me sweetie. How dare you think that treating a woman as a one night stand would ever be funny. And frankly, you should be grateful that “some chick” would even want to sleep with you, you rotten mutt. This lady must be really drunk AND blind.” I stood up and walked off, grateful that the others supported me by their cheers and laughs. Jake followed me into the room.
“When are they going?”
“Soon. I love you so much. We have all wanted to tell him off but he is so ignorant. Hearing it from you, he is quite shocked.”
“He is disgusting. Ugh, I hate guys like him. Please, shoo them away.” He leaned in a kissed me quickly before leaving the room.
I heard the door opening and someone calling out “Bye Jess” before it was closed again. Jake came into the room laughing.
“What’s so funny?”
“You are. You haven’t been what 3 minutes with my mates and you’ve managed to win the heart of 3 while crushing 1.”
“He deserved it. Now hurry up, I want to go clubbing.”
“Ok baby, let me change.”
I took off my heels and lay back on the bed, watching Jake as he stripped down to his boxers with his back turned to me. Turning around he said: “See something you like?”
I copied his words and replied, “Oh, I love.” He walked over to be and climbed on top. He bit my lip and teasingly lowered himself up and down against my torso. He kissed me along my jaw line and on my neck while continuing his slow torture. I moaned and thrust my hips up, wanting him to fill me more than anything.
“Please.” I moaned. But he continued his slow torture. I knew this was just as hard for him and his wanting was about to rip through his boxers. He climbed off me and went back to the cupboard. I could never get bored of his sight. He looked so amazing. His eyes glowed the brightest grey and his muscles would ripple with every move. He had all the perfect features and an amazing personality to match. He chose to wear black pants and a black top with funky electric blue lines running across it.
“We match.” He said, winking. I giggled and watched him getting dressed, holding back every inch of my body not to pounce on him. “If you keep biting your lip like that, neither of us would be happy.”
“Sorry, I do it subconsciously.”
“Why? What are you thinking about?”
“How quickly it has taken me to lose control and fall for my music teacher. Just sitting here looking at you is the greatest challenge for me.”
“Because, I want you so bad.”
“Jess, I want you just as bad, but you need to learn to control yourself. C’mon, let’s go.” I got up and put my heels back on. Taking his hand, we walked out of the apartment block towards the closest club which was about a block away. The music was so loud and heavy that it could’ve been heard a mile away. Jake led me past the long line to the front door. He flashed a bright red card and the doors were opened. It was chaotic inside. Bright lights flashed on and off, people were everywhere and the music swept me off my feet. Jake pushed through the throng off people and went over to the bar. He ordered 4 shots of tequila then went to a free table. He handed me two shots and I looked at him surprised.
“Bad teacher,” I screamed over the music, pointing my finger at him and trying to keep a straight face.
“Hey, it’s not every day a teacher gives a student alcohol.” We took the shots quickly and I felt the flame burn my throat. “Let’s dance,” he said, taking my hand and leading me to the dance floor. Heavy techno was thumping loudly and I danced, letting the music take me away. I saw him staring as I started jumping to the music, as well as the man next to me who was dancing with a girl. I hadn’t worn a bra and the dressed provided minimal support for my large breasts. I stopped jumping and lifted my dress which had slipped down a little. The song changed to “Making good love” by Avant and Jake pressed me closer against him. I wrapped my arms around his neck while he placed his on my ass. I started grinding against him and he pushed me hard against him, suffocating the air between us. My boobs bulged out of my dress and he leaned down and kissed them, biting down hard before coming back up and spinning me around and pushing himself hard behind me. I wrapped one arm around him, lacing my hand through his hair, and leaned my head back against his shoulder. He kissed me hard on the lips as he put his hands on my thighs and started grinding against my behind. I moaned in his mouth and pressed him harder into me. He moved his hand over my breast and squeezed hard. I didn’t really care if people were watching or not, I wanted him so badly. The song finished and we went to sit down because I wanted to take off my heels. The only free table was in the far corner away from the lights. Sitting down, I took off my heels and stretched my toes and I ruffled my hair and relaxed back against the couch. I looked at Jake and he gave me a sly smile before pushing his seat back and crawling underneath the table. I slid the dress up my thighs and opened my legs, knowing full well of his intentions. He pulled his head from under the table cloth and said,
“No panties… nice,” he winked then disappeared back under the table. He planted soft wet kisses over my thigh while slowly moving his hand up the other. When he reached the top, he kissed my inner thigh once then went back down. I pushed the table away from me, enough to show his head while still hiding him. Once he reached my inner thigh again, he blew my clit softly, sending a slight shiver down my spine. He then opened up my lips wider with one hand and began to slowly run his tongue over me while rubbing my clit with his thumb. I laced one hand through his hair while the other was pulling at mine. He then took my clit in his mouth and started sucking it. I felt his tongue rubbing it and his teeth softly biting. The sensation spread through my body as I orgasmed. He stopped sucking and dug two fingers deep into my hole. I pushed my pelvis higher and moaned his name as he pushed his fingers in and out fast. Just before I was about to cum for the second time, he pulled out and replaced his fingers with his tongue. He moved his tongue around while he was inside of me, making me cum instantly. He sucked away at the juices then crawled back out from under the table.
“My turn,” I mouthed, as I crawled under the table. I unbuckled his pants and pulled them down, along with his boxers. I took his very erect cock in my hand and started rubbing it. I felt him throbbing under my hand and kissed him before taking him wholly into my mouth. I pulled him out and rubbed him again, this time with both hands. I heard him moan and took him again sucking it slowly and not pulling out. He grabbed a fistful of my hair into his palm and pushed me to go faster. I bit down hard on his cock and pulled out.
“Have patience,” I said, winking at him. He moaned and I took him in my hands again. Pulling and tugging hard and fast. He threw his head back as I took his sack in my mouth. I continued rubbing him with one hand as I sucked away at his sack, feeling his cock throb more and more wanting to explode. I stopped sucking him and continued rubbing his cock. I gave it a few yanks before taking it in my mouth again. He exploded in my mouth almost instantly and I swallowed and sucked away at his cum. I crawled back out from under the table and made my way over to his side. I climbed on top of him, yanking at his cock a few times before putting it in my. I kissed him hard on the lips as I bounced on him slowly. I moaned in his mouth and threw my head back, picking my up pace and bouncing faster. He pulled down the top part of my dress, exposing my nipple and took it in his mouth. He bit and sucked away while caressing the other over my dress. I moaned louder, thankful that the music was drowning my screams and we were seated far from the lights. He squeezed my nipple through his teeth, making me cum. I kept bouncing until he finally came. I stayed sitting on him as we kissed deeply. It lasted for what felt like hours before I stood up and fixed my dress. He buckled his pants again and, putting on my shoes, we headed for the exit.
By the time we reached his apartment we were both drained.
“Goodnight Baby, Sweet dreams,” Jake whispered, as he tucked my in and kissed my lightly, “I love you.”

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2012-10-14 10:03:53
tsk tsk! having sex in public now ;) bad! hahaha i loved it ;)

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