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Heya! This is my first erotic story, so please bear with me XD
Hey everyone! I'm new to erotica, but I'm looking forward to a great time here! As you can see from the tag, this is a true story. I guess it's my way to record recent events in my life ("recent" is used loosely there). The stories won't be full of sex (sorry) XD but there is a lot of build up. I also won't be starting out with full on sex, because that's not how it happened. But we'll get close enough soon ;) Also, I changed the names of everyone to avoid embarrassing moments in the future.

I guess that's it. Hope you all enjoy! :D

P.S. Whenever I say "fit", I really mean "hot". It's English slang :P
P.P.S. I do sound sort of egoistic and conceited in this chapter. I was 16, guys! I'm much more mature now XD

My Dirty Little Secret (1)

I am gay. I'm also 16, and I live in Dubai. As you can guess, I sort of have a hard life… but this is diminished by the fact that Dubai is an ‘international city’. My school, which follows the British curriculum, has people from around the world… but the majority is from the UK. I’m Indian, but having been brought up in such an English environment, I often surprise people when I say I’ve never been to England. I guess your accent, mannerisms etc. really depend on who your friends are and what school you go to.

I came out last year, and my friends are really accepting. I haven’t been bullied a lot of times, and when I have, it wasn’t too severe. I guess it’s because I realised I need to be as tough as the bullies to stop them from picking on me. After a few months of hard working out, I have biceps, triceps, pecs and abs to show off. As well as a nice ass, to hear some of my gal pals say it.

However, even with the muscles, I haven’t seen much action. The only sexual activity I’ve had was in summer flings. I had the bad luck to friend zone the only gay guy I had been interested in who also lived where I did… and that was because I thought he had friend zoned me. But I guess everything happens for a reason, as I soon found out.

My name is Ali. I’ve got light brown skin, short black hair and dark brown eyes. I’ve got many best friends… most of them are girls and all of them are straight. I say “best friends” because I think it would be really unjust to name just one or two of them “best friend”. They’re all really close to me, and the one who is the closest is more than a best friend.

One of my really close best friends is a guy called David. In year 10 I had the hugest crush on him, so it was lucky we weren’t that close then. It would have been awkward as fuck. He’s really attractive, and what makes him more attractive is that he doesn’t mind when I let him know he is attractive. He just smiles in an exaggeratedly shy way and says, “Thank you.”

He’s tall, he’s tanned and he’s got brown hair, dark grey-green eyes and lots of people say his lips are bigger than they should be. But they’re fine in my opinion, because I have fantasised about them being around my cock many a time. Of course, I don’t let him know that. What I like about him is his sheer massiveness. He doesn’t have a six pack, but since when did anyone need a six pack to look fit? His large arms and pecs more than make up for it, and his nipples make my saliva rush up to my mouth.

So why am I describing him in huge detail? Well, to be quite honest, I don’t know why. Two weeks ago, I hit a low point. I discovered that the guy I had friend-zoned was going out with someone else from my school, and that somehow made me like him again. All the working out I did… it had subconsciously been to make myself more attractive to him… I’d just denied that fact. Sure my new body had been the surprise of many when the year had started, but if this guy I had been interested in had started going out with someone else over summer… urgh, what was the point?

I felt jealous and hurt, even though I had pretended we were friends. I hadn’t met him at all over summer or since the school year had started, but still… Thoughts crept into my head: “Maybe he would like my six pack more than his new boyfriend…?”

But after some more thinking, I decided I didn’t want to be involved in any sort of infidelity before having a proper relationship. I made myself feel happy for them and, in the end, I truly did.

The same night, I got a message from David on Facebook. Our social interactions had become limited to texting and IMing because all of our classes were different this year (we had begun the IB diploma), and if you read our conversations, you would soon become tired of seeing “Hey I don’t see you much these days” or “I miss you…” etc.

This time however, Dave was telling me that he was having a party at his house next weekend and that I should come. I told him I would and I did, and the party was amazing. Besides the usual party stuff, nothing dramatic happened. I found out David had acquired a new girlfriend over summer and I decided I felt genuinely happy about them as well. Before, I used to feel jealous, but over two years I had long given up hope that he might be attracted to men in the slightest.

However, with David, there were obviously rumours. He really didn’t mind getting really close to guys and once I’d seen him kiss his best (guy) friend on the forehead in the middle of school like it was a normal thing. Well, I guess to him it was… although I couldn’t help getting my hopes up for the next year.

When I saw that David always had a girlfriend and never a boyfriend, I gave up hope. But this hope was rejuvenated the week after the party. We were having another conversation over Facebook and both of us agreed that we couldn’t do anything together this weekend because both of us were busy. But he did tell me to come to his classroom at lunch the next day so we could hang out there.

This was the first time we had had a proper look at each other in months. I didn’t get to see him much at the party, but when I saw him now… I wasn’t surprised at all. He was still big, with big arms and body and a nice wide smile. Of course, to him I had changed a lot. Last year, when I had started working out, I had begun skinny without much muscle. Over summer, when I had not been in contact with any of my friends, I’d put on a lot of weight in muscle. Now, one and a half month after summer, I probably looked very alien to David indeed. He knew I’d been working out… and he’d seen my pictures on Facebook, but even then he said, “You’re arms look bigger in real life.”

I snorted, “Well, I’m not wearing a full-sleeved shirt.” I usually wore full-sleeved… our school had a special uniform for IB students. We were supposed to wear formal office wear, so your sleeves could either cover everything up to your wrist or they could cover everything up to half your arms.

“Good point,” he said, sitting down on a chair, “Now let me see if they are just for show or if you can actually do something with them.” He put his elbow on the table, showing that he was ready for an arm wrestle. I accepted to challenge. It was a tough challenge.

For the first few seconds (which seemed like hours), none of our arms moved, even though they were tensed as hard as possible. A small crowd had formed around our table, cheering us on. Slowly and steadily, however, it was tilting in my favour. David was evidently slightly shocked and tried harder. Then I thought he had submitted because my hand pushed his to the table at light speed.

But, as he was wont to do, David cheated at the last second and my arm was at the mercy of his. Everyone, including the both of us, laughed. The fact that he had cheated was that apparent. When he let go of my hand, I said, “Not meaning to be Captain Obvious here, but you cheated. You lifted your elbow off the table, for one.”

“But that counts as cheating in arm wrestling,” he laughed.

“I thought we were arm wrestling.”

“I never said so.”

He was telling the truth, I realised. “Haha, you think you’re effing cheeky, don’t you?”

The rest of the break was uneventful. David was simply saying how surprised he was and asked for tips about working out. I had, to be frank, grown bored of people doing this. I told him that and said I would e-mail him my schedule before saying, “What works for me might not work for you.”

As the days passed, I somehow kept noticing Joey, the now-boyfriend of the unnamed guy who I had “friendzoned”, more. He was in the year below me and had also come out a year before me. I did not know what to feel when I saw him. I usually just gave him a wide smile and greeted him when we passed. He was the person who had inspired me to come out and was very cheerful and nice to talk to.

Like lots of people whom I am very grateful towards nowadays, he did not notice my noticeably bigger arms etc. Like any horrible high school teenager, I wondered whether he was deliberately doing this for some ulterior motive, or whether he genuinely did not find anything worthy of notice. In the end, I decided that it would not have a lasting impact on my life and stopped wondering.

One night, when having a wank, I fantasised that it was Joey whom I was fucking. I can never keep to one guy in my fantasies, but often some guys come back sporadically. My newly rejuvenated friendship with David, for example, made him a more frequent object of my fantasies. It was amazing how I totally blocked out that area of my brain in the day and/or when I’m with my friends. If I kept remembering what I imagined them to be doing, I would never be able to have a successful conversation with them.

You may be wondering why I’m meandering so much. It’s because all of these things soon got connected in my life. Because I live in Dubai, the last day of the week is Thursday. And it was one fateful Thursday when my life changed forever… sort of.

The school had ended and everyone was rushing. I had to stay because of an extra-curricular activity where I would have to go to a mall with a few friends and perform some market research. Our ride was still 20 minutes away and my bladder was full. I went to the bathroom and found David unzipping himself for a piss near a urinal.

“Oh hi David,” I said.

“Hey Ali,” he greeted. I headed straight for a cubicle and just as I opened the door, he asked, “Taking a dump, huh?”

My next answer possibly altered the course of the day. “Nah, just a piss,” I absentmindedly replied. You see, I don’t like pissing in urinals. I’d never done such a thing, and because of that I thought I’d never do it. I always slashed in a commode for some weird reason, and if a friend was around, I pretended I was excreting. But that day I was pretty tired and the wrong answer came out.

“Then why the fuck are you going there?” retorted David.

“Oh… oops,” I slapped my forehead. “This is awkward.” I slowly walked towards the urinals.

“Hah, why’s it awkward?” David joked, “Don’t gay guys piss in urinals?”

“We do…” I said slowly, “I don’t.”

Dave’s head turned around. “Why?” he asked casually.

“I just… don’t. I never have… at all. It’s not because it would be awkward – it wouldn’t. I just don’t do it.”

“Hah, come on, what’s the problem?” He waved a hand towards the urinal beside his, “Just join me.”

“Okay.” I unzipped my trousers and pushed my boxer-briefs down. My cock flopped out and I started pissing. David started pissing then as well, and we both were taking our time.

“Nice ‘briefs you have their, Ali,” David chuckled.

They were striped pink and black, and were American Eagle, as was the fashion in our school. Somehow, instead of feeling complimented, I just felt uneasy. “Haha, stop perving on me, Dave,” I chortled uneasily.

David just chuckled more. “I don’t mind if you perv on me! I could describe your cock for you as well. It’s slightly longer than most I’ve seen, but it’s nothing special.”

That annoyed me. I took a quick glance of his dick and teased, “So you’ve seen lots of cocks, David?”

“In bathrooms, yeah. That’s why you should use urinals more, you actually like cocks.”

“Well, not when they’re pissing. And I thought yours would be longer.”

Somehow, my own comment amused me. We both laughed.

“I can make it longer if you want.” We laughed some more.

“Please don’t,” I replied.

“Wow, Ali, I’m offended!” He sure sounded like he was, but I knew it was just pretend.

“It’s because it would be awkward as hell.” It was already getting awkward as hell. With an unspoken agreement, we started putting everything back in and zipping it up… but not before I took a last glance of his dick and I thought I saw his eyes moving away from where mine was. As we were washing our hands, I decided I needed to say something to remove this air of negative awkwardness. “To be perfectly honest, though, you can’t really judge the size of someone’s cock when it’s not erect,” I found myself saying, “It keeps changing.”

“Haha, but you did tell me last year you knew my cock was long,” Dave reminded me, “In boner-mode.”

I knew the rough length of most guys in my year due to being friends with girls who had first-hand experience with them. David’s boner was long, from what my sources said. “Yep. Tell you the truth, it’s longer than mine. Just by a bit though.” Laughing, I wiped my hand with some tissue paper. “Okay, I guess I’ll see you later, Dave.”

I was heading towards the door when Dave said, “Hang on, Ali, I need to tell you something.”

I glanced at my watch. I still had 10 minutes to go, so I turned around and said, “Sure, what’s up?”

However, just when I finished saying that, I felt my back slam against the wall and a sudden heat all around me. I felt my lips touching something wet and hot and musk filled my nostrils. It took me a while to realise that David was kissing me, and his hard-on was pressing against my body. My heart was beating rapidly, and it swelled in elation. He had already unbuttoned two of my shirt’s buttons and I found my hands reaching for his rugby shirt and pulling it off. I felt his body press against mine, and the naked flesh just made it more wonderful.

My hand slipped through his shorts and gripped his long uncut cock and I felt my shirt slip off my shoulders. I moved my lips away from his and started sucking his nipples, biting as well when he sighed in pleasure. As I licked them with my tongue, he unbuttoned my trousers and let them slide down. I was entirely naked except for my boxer-briefs. I soon found some nagging thing at the back of my head. I could sense it, even through the waves of passion rushing through me: something was wrong.

But at the same instant, Dave picked me up and I automatically wrapped my legs around him. My tongue slid between his lips and both of our eyes closed again. Somehow, he led himself into a cubicle and I heard the commode’s lid slam down and the door lock. He sat down on it and I was sitting on his thighs.

For the first time, we stopped to stare at each other’s faces and contemplate what we were doing. He gave my neck a light kiss and breathed, “This is fuckin’ amazing, Al.”

“I know,” I whispered.

“But I’ve got rugby training in 5 minutes.”

“I need to do market research for young enterprise in 5 minutes.”

With an unspoken agreement, we started making out again, and sucking each other’s necks, and pushing our tongues down each other’s mouths until drops of saliva adorned our bodies. Then Dave pulled back.

“We need to finish off.” He bent down to his right and put his hand in a bag. His bag.

“When the hell did you keep your bag in this place?” I asked.

“I’d actually come to have a wank, but then you showed up.” He pulled a bottle of lube out of his bag. It was durex, deep heat.

“Hey, that’s my favourite one!” I remarked.

Dave smiled, “We both have similar tastes. Okay, you do me and I do you.”

He poured some lube onto his hand and some onto mine. He pulled my briefs down with the other and I pulled his shorts down. We didn’t waste time admiring each other’s cocks, but started kissing again. I felt his hand around my rod. His hand was huge, so it made mine look slightly smaller. But the truth was, it was only a little shorter than his beauty. I felt my breath getting faster and somehow Dave’s sweaty scent just made me hornier.

My hand went up and down his seven incher, and mine was getting the same nice treatment. We could actually hear the “squish-squelch” sound the use of lube produced, and our mouths were filling with each other’s saliva.

The door of the bathroom opened and we only realised too late to stop. When we did, the stranger said, “What kind of fucking retard wanks off in a school bathroom.” It was no one from our year or the year above. It was probably someone from year nine or ten.

Using my best girl voice, I replied, “Go the fuck away, retard. Didn’t your parents tell you not to interrupt people who’re have sex?”
“Fuuuuck…?” the boy asked unintelligibly.

“Get the fuck out, don’t come here again,” I said in a high-pitched voice. We heard the door slam.

I faced David again.

“You’re fucking amazing, Ali!” David said as he started stroking my cock again. All feeling of awkwardness vanished when I bent over to kiss his lips. With one hand, I stroked his bone, with the other, I caressed his neck. I felt the waves of pleasure as I made out with him. My cock was throbbing faster and so was his, as our flesh seemed to meld together and the musky smell from both dicks drifted up into our nostrils.

I felt his cock tightening with mine, and both our bodies slowly started to tense. Then, our cum shot up straight to our chests, shoulders and chins. Our lips came apart with a small plunging sound and we noticed a thick trail of spit still connecting them. We were still stroking each other’s cocks absent mindededly, cum still oozing out with each stroke.

We breathed and stared into each others’ faces. Then he licked the cum off my neck and chin and sucked it off my cock and I did the same.

“That was one of the strongest I’ve ever had,” I said heavily.

“Same. But come on, we’re already late.” He gave me a last, quick kiss before I stood up. I pulled up my boxer-briefs and headed out to wash the last remaining dregs of cum on my body. David didn’t even bother putting on his rugby things before stepping out of the cubicle. He was totally naked when he was washing his hands at the tap beside me. I really liked his carefreeness… but this was pushing it too far.

“Say, you’re a virgin, aren’t you?” he asked.

“Yeah. You’ve got a nice ass by the way,” I replied. I felt a cheek and pushed my fingers between them. It was hairy, but I didn’t mind.

“You’ve got a nicer ass!” He pushed his hand under my briefs and then grabbing a cheek. “Anyway, thanks, Ali. I needed that.”

I laughed.

“I’m serious.”

“Okay, well, you’re welcome.”

“Well anyway, Ali, I’ve got rugby training.” He hugged me, and I playfully stroked his cock two times.

“Gosh, Ali, you’re such a horny slut!” he said in an exaggerated fashion.

“Look who’s talking,” I said as we began putting our clothes on, “It’s just a reminder that if you play really well today, it’s because of me giving you a strong orgasm.”

He laughed. When we finished clothing ourselves, we hugged and said goodbye. But before that, he said, “No one should know about this.”

I headed towards the front gate of the school. My friend Sandra was standing there with her arms folded. She was obviously very cross. “Where the hell were you?”

“In the bathroom,” I offered nonchalantly.

“For 20 minutes?” A look of confusion flashed across her face. “Wait, are you feeling well, Ali? I don’t want you going off to the bathroom every other minute in the mall.”

“Nah, I just had a quickie.”

She laughed, “Really? With whom?”

“With my dirty little secret.”

…It was then that I realised that this secret was much dirtier than I’d first imagined it to be. All the happiness in my mind crumbled in an instant. It was then that I recalled that David had a girlfriend. I had just betrayed myself.

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I read your Prelog about there not being a lot of sex, but with this story it was not needed. GOOD WRITING !!!! I cannot wait for more.


2012-10-15 13:43:53
Thanks for the feedback, guys. Really appreciate it. Unfortunately, I'm really busy with life and shiz and I think this will have to become a weekly thing, unless I find some time to kill. So I guess the next chapter will be up around the weekend.

Once again, I love the fact that you all love it so much. Thank you :*

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yes, please write part 2 soon!

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