Hope you enjoy
Double Dose of Bad Seed

Part 5.8
Senior Year Continued
Lizzy won the contest and giggled as she jumped on the bed. Her face quickly changed
from the happy smirk to nervousness and fear as she realizes she has never sucked a
dick before. Lily was still on my lap her little pussy lips pressed against my shaft.

I laid back in the bed and moved Lily off me. She snuggled her small body into me side
and laid her head on my chest and began sucking on my nipple like she was nursing on
her mother and stared down at my cock. I took my left hand and slid it down between
her legs, her little pussy was wet already. I slid my fingers between her small soft lips
and gently rubbed her little pussy.

I tried sliding a finger inside her but she was too small and tight, for now I’ll just rub her.
Jena was naked in the chair now and all but gone as the drugs hit her system. Alessa
moved between my legs and had Trina sit on one side and Lizzy on the other. She could
see the look of confusion in her nieces eyes and decided to teach them.

Alessa leaned down and stuck her tongue out and made circles around the head of my
cock then slid it between her lips. She put on hand on my cock and slid her mouth down
several inches the then back up. Moving her hand up as she did then back down and up.

“Just like that girls but faster and put lots of spit on it. I’ll show you fast now” she tells
her mesmerized nieces.

Alessa takes my cock back in her mouth and begins to bob her head up and down
quickly her hand following her lips as she does. Saliva running down my cock as she bobs
her head for about 2 minutes before stopping.

Lizzy takes my cock from her Aunt’s hand and does just as she seen Alessa do. Her little
tongue made several circles then she took into her mouth. She only got a few inches
inside her stretched mouth before she gagged and came back up. Her little hand
squeezing my cock tightly as she did.

The gagging hadn’t deterred her in the least as she bobbed her head back down until I
hit the back of her throat and she gagged again. She bobbed her head up and down
several more times before she stopped to look at Alessa.

“Was that right Aunt Alessa” Lizzy asks in a childish voice.
“Yes that was baby now let your sister try” she replies.

Trina was eager but nervous as she grabbed my cock and stared at it for a moment. A
large drop of pre-cum oozed out the tip before she swirled her little tongue around the
head getting her first taste of cum. Then her lips parted and slid down my shaft and to
the back of her throat. She gagged slightly but forced it in a little more before stopping
and holding me there.

It felt weird but good as she gagged herself with my cock in her throat her muscles
almost milking me. She pulled back up and worked my cock like her Aunt had showed
her for several strokes before trying to take me back into her throat. Lizzy was staring as
her sister did this and the lust in her eyes said she was going to try it when her turn

They traded again shortly and Lizzy went straight to putting my cock in her little throat
determined to get me deeper then her sister had and hold it there longer. By her second
attempt she had about 7 inches of cock in her mouth and was moaning when I was in
her throat. It was too much and my cock exploded just as she pulled back gasping for air.

Lily had slowly slid down inching her head closer and closer as she watched. She knew
what would come out when she felt my body tighten she was ready. The first shot of hot
cum went into Lizzy’s mouth which shocked her and filled her small mouth with cum.
She released my cock as it popped out her mouth and the second shot hit Lily in the

Lily wasted no time and wrapped her small hands around my cock and raised it to her
open mouth. The third shot was half across Lily’s face and in her mouth. Lily put her
mouth around the pee hole and started sucking and drinking as the next two waves hit
not spilling a drop. Trina wanted her taste but Lily refused to give it up until the last
shots of my hot cum went down her throat.

Satisfied Lily released my cock and Trina milked the last few drops out. Alessa sat with a
shocked look on her face as she realized her little 5 year old daughter was a little cum
slut already. Lily just moaned and cooed as she used her little tongue the try and reach
all the cum that was on her face.

“Mommy you didn’t get any, you can lick the one from my face if you want” Lily tells

Alessa has a tear in her eye as she licks my cum from her babies face. Trina was still
sucking my cock and had it hard again and quickly straddled my lap. Taking my cock and
putting it to her wet little hole she grunts loudly as she pushes back but the head barely
slips inside her and stops.

“Slow down there you little slut” I say pulling back and out of her.
“You’ll hurt yourself like that” I tell her.

I spin her around and her little pussy is at my mouth almost dripping her virgin juice as I
take my first taste sliding my tongue up to her pussy hole and then deep inside her tight
wet canal. Trina moans as I fuck her with my tongue and suck her juice from her pussy
until she cums.

Her pussy well lubed now I spin her back around and roll over pinning her tiny body
below me. I reach down and slide my cock between her lips and to her hole. Trina’s
bottom lip is quivering as she feels the head of my cock press slowly inside her stopping
as it presses against her hymen.

I pulled back slowly then pushed back in till I pressed against her hymen once more.
Trina was in pain and pleasure as she moaned with each stroke. Her tight pussy finally
relaxed after she came and I was easily moving in and out those few inches. Trina was
ready for more and spread her legs wider and bit her bottom lip.

I took her cue and thrust hard and fast into her tearing thru her hymen and bringing her
screaming into sluthood. I pushed all the way in till my balls slapped her ass and my cock
was inside her womb. Her whole body shook and jerked from her pain as she laid there
crying. I stayed buried inside her as her velvet walls squeezed my cock for all it was
worth. Stretching and twitching until she finally relaxed.

The first stroke was almost as bad as when I busted her cherry as she cried and
screamed until my cock was once again buried in her womb. I gave her a few minutes
then pulled out slowly once more and back in. She was still tight but well lubed from her
blood and not crying on that stroke.

I only gave her a minute before I pulled back for the next stoke, several strokes later she
was moaning and bucking she was about to cum. I buried my cock deep inside her
womb and shot my hot cum inside her. She cried out as she came and I filled her with

I rolled over on my back taking her with me and keeping my cock deep inside her. Trina
laid on my chest panting her body to weak to move and her pussy unwilling to give up
the invader that filled it. Lizzy had other plans and climbed up and straddled my face
pushing her bald little pussy to my mouth and rubbing her wet lips to mine.

When I stuck my tongue out Lizzy moaned and moved her hips until my tongue was at
her hole. I pushed my tongue inside her as far as it would go her juices leaked out and
down my tongue. She must have cum watching her sister get fucked because she was
hot and wet already.

I finished licking her clean then moved her off my face Trina was still on my chest with
my cock inside her when I pulled her up and slid my cock from her vice like grip. Lizzy
quickly replaced her grabbing my hard cock still covered in her sisters blood and cum
and guiding it toward her virgin hole.

Once the head slid past her hole Lizzy pushed back hard. Too hard because her little
pussy was well lubed and although tight my cock slid in and busted thru her hymen
before stopping. Lizzy screamed and bit her lip as it tore thru her virgin cunt and again
when I put my hands on her hips and pushed it the remaining few inches into her womb
before allowing her to catch her breathe and deal with her first minutes in sluthood.

Jena was lucid and came over to the bed when Lizzy screamed. Jena started to say
something but Lizzy looked at her with cold hatred in her eyes then mustered all her
strength and raised her little body up and started riding my cock slowly. She was
determined not to let her mother see her in pain.

Jena turned her eyes to Trina who laid beside me her legs spread wide with her freshly
violated pussy exposed, cum and her virgin blood leaking from it. I was fixing to say
something but Trina spoke up first. I guess years of her mother’s drug abuse and I’m
sure mental abuse of them came out.

“Don’t just stare clean it up slut, make yourself useful for once in your life” Trina tells
her mother.

The look on Jena’s face indicated she knew just how bad a mother she was as she knelt
between her daughters legs. Tears trickled down her face and she lowered her mouth to
her daughters bloody pussy and began to lick.

Lizzy had worked thru the pain and was moaning and riding my cock hard now as she
screamed and her pussy tightened when she came. She only rested for a moment
before she started riding once more determined to be filled with hot cum on her maiden
voyage into sluthood.

It wasn’t long before she got her wish and my cock was shotting hot cum inside her little
10 year old womb mixing with her cum as soon as she felt my cock filling her. Lizzy laid
on my chest and panted for several minutes before rolling off and laying next to her

Jena’s head was still between Trina’s legs and Lizzy reached over grabbing her mother
by the hair and pulled her head between her legs and forced her face down into her
bloody cum covered pussy.

Alessa looked down at my limp cock cover in blood and cum. She started to get up I’m sure
to get a wash rag to clean it when I t stopped her.

“Suck my cock slut” I tell her
“But” is all that comes out her mouth before she realizes it wasn’t a request as my hand
leaves its print across her face.

Lily had ideas of her own and straddled my face and pushed her little 5 year old pussy to
my mouth as Alessa sucked my limp cock back to life. I didn’t take long to get hard again
with Alessa’s expert skills and her daughter’s pussy cumming in my mouth.

“I gotta pee mommy” Lily screams and tries bolting for the bathroom but I held her tight
and continued licking her little pussy until she came. Her cum was sweet and
intoxicating but soon mixed with a little pee as well. I guess she really did need to pee.

Alessa had my cock rock hard now and I’m sure planned on riding it herself but Lily slid
back and sat on my stomach then stood up and took my cock and put it to her little slit.

“No baby” Alessa cries out reaching for Lily.
“Leave her be” I say grabbing Alessa’s arm and pulling her up to lay beside me.
Lily rubbed my hard cock up and down her little slit grunting as she pushed back each
time it crossed her little hole. I just smiled as I watched knowing she would never get my
cock inside her little pussy. I couldn’t get a finger in that tight little 5 year old pussy yet
so no fear she was going to get my cock in.

“Mommy it won’t fix” Lily says frowning almost in tears as she gives up and sits on my

“Your not big enough baby, maybe in a few years when you’re a big girl” Alessa tells her
which only makes it worse.

“I am a big girl mommy” Lily says as her tears begin to flow.

“Why don’t you let mommy ride it for a little while then you can try again” I tell her.

“Fine, but I get any of the white stuff that come out” she says in a huff as she crawls off
my belly.

“Ok baby” Alessa says and climbs on top me straddling me.

Lily was between my legs only inches from my cock and her mother’s pussy. I felt her
little hand raise my cock up to her mother’s waiting hole. Alessa pushed back hard
moaning as my cock slid all the way inside her. She was hot, burning hot and wet. Her
pussy squeezed my cock tightly with her soft walls.

She sat for a minute with my cock inside her womb before she started grinding her hips
and moaning. Her body tensed and she came before she even started riding my cock.
After her breathing slowed she started rocking back and forth slowly then faster until
she finally raised her knees until she was on her feet squatting and put her hands on my
chest and started driving down hard with each stoke.

I was hitting bottom and she was moaning and fucking me harder until her whole body
tensed and her pussy squeezed tight around my cock and she dropped to my chest. I
rolled her on her back quickly and hooked her legs up over my shoulders and drove hard
into her. Her orgasm hit and I keep driving into her deeper and harder.

She was screaming and moaning as I pounded her cunt with everything I had. Her
orgasm finally subsided and her body went limp.I continued to fuck her as her body
came back to life and she started moaning once again.

She took my hand and placed it around her neck and squeezed cutting her air off. Her
face went pale before she released and gasped for air. I released her legs and she held
them wide as I drove into her and squeezed her neck cutting her air off then releasing
as she gasped for air.

Her pussy would squeeze tight around my cock each time I squeezed her throat and
then relax when I released.I got into a rhythm quickly I would squeeze her throat and
fuck her hard and fast until she pulled at my arm then fuck her slow as she caught her

It wasn’t longer before I was ready to cum and brought myself almost to the edge then
released her throat. Then choked her on last time and drove into her hard and deep and
shot my hot cum into her. She came when she felt my cum filling her womb.

I only shot the first 3 squirts inside her and pulled back and shot the remaining cum onto
her pussy. Alessa looked at me confused for a minute until I moved to the side and Lily
jumped between her legs and started licking my cum from her pussy.

“You did promise her” I said with a smile then collapsed on the bed exhausted.

I cuddled up with Trina and Lizzy and fell asleep waking a few hours later. Everyone was
sleeping in the big bed, well except Jena she was in the chair needle still hanging out her
arm after she just shot up again. The last of her dope I noticed as I walked by headed
into the bathroom to piss.

When I came back out Alessa was lying on her belly asleep her nice round butt pointing
up. I went back into the bathroom and smeared some KY on my cock and headed back
over and got on top of Alessa pinning her to the bed with my weight. I reached down
and put my cock at her asshole and pushed inside her.

She didn’t resist at all and reached back and spread her ass cheeks allowing me to get
deeper into her bowel. We rolled onto our sides and Alessa moaned softly as I held her
to me and squeezed her breasts while fucking her slow and deep into her ass.

Lily woke up but only scooted over snuggling into her mother unaware my cock was
buried in her mother’s tight little ass. Alessa was slow to orgasm from the anal fucking
but I held out until she did then filled her bowel with hot cum.

I didn’t pull out but held her in my arms and went back to sleep. I woke at day break
thirsty my half hard cock was still inside Alessa’s ass but quickly slid out as I rolled over. I
headed down stairs to the kitchen naked and got a coke from the fridge.

I heard a noise at the front door and went to see and in walked Alessa’s husband.
I was standing there naked my cock hanging half hard and covered in slimy cum. He
looked at me for a minute then you could see his anger building.

“You must be Jena’s latest fuck” he says looking at me like I’m scum.

“Jena, that nasty skank whore. I wouldn’t fuck her with your dick” I say.

He looks at me confused and pissed off then down at my cum covered cock.

“Oh that, I can see why your confused I just pulled my cock from your wife’s cum filled
ass. Guess I should have let you’re your 5 year old cum slut lick it clean but her belly
was full off my cum she sucked from your wife’s pussy and sleeping like a baby. It would
wrong to wake her don’t you think” I ask looking down at my slimy cock.

I guess shock set in because after several seconds of blank starring he just turned and
left closing the door behind him. I headed back up and crawled in bed snuggling in to

“Who was you talking to downstairs” she says half asleep.
“Your husband” I say and slide my cock into her pussy and begin pumping.

It takes her a minute before it registers then she starts to panic and get up.
“Lay still slut and be quiet till I’m done using you” I whisper in her ear.

She lays her head back on the pillow and doesn’t try and stop me from fucking her. I
heard her cryng softly between moans until I filled her pussy one last time with cum
before I got up and showered and headed back to Rachel’s house.

The next few days were kind of rough well really rough on Alessa she was obviously still
in love with her husband. Her concern for her and Lily and how to support them if he
left her was also weighing heavy on her. On top of that she was my whore unable or
willing to refuse me. She obeyed like a well trained dog.

Thursday after fucking both Trina and Lizzy hard I fucked Alessa doggy style while she
cleaned Lizzy’s pussy then in the ass while she cleaned Trina’s pussy. I gave her a nice
cream pie for Lily to lick clean. As she laid on her back with her legs spread wide for her
daughter Alessa look over at me her lip quivering.

“My husband want to come over and talk with me tomorrow afternoon” she says

“Ok, I’ll be over at nine to fuck you like usual” I say casually
“Umm he might not be gone by then” she replies shaking a little.
“Ok but he has to pay his own way to fuck these two whores” I say smacking Trina and
Lizzy on the butt.

In the morning before I leave I I got and anal plug out and inserted it into her ass. It had
a large base and was easily noticeable if you started at her ass it also had a very large
plug that tapered down to very small before the base.

“Sit up slut” I tell her.

I reach in my bag and pull out a pair of nipple rings and squeeze her nipple hard and pull
out causing her to wince in pain.

“Be a good slut and be quiet” I say slapping her face.

It was nothing compared to the pain she felt as I pushed the needle thru her left breast
then the right. She looked down at her freshly pierced nipples and started to sob. The right
nipple ring said USE ME and the left said ABUSE ME.

“Make sure the plug and nipple rings stay in all day, I’ll be over at 9pm” I say and get
dressed and leave.

I picked up Molly and headed over to Cheryl’s it’s been almost a week so Cindy and Beth
are ready for some fun. Cheryl was still sore from birth but she joined in and let the girls
feed from her breast as I fucked them.

It was about 6 pm when we left Cheryl’s house I had Beth, Cindy, and Molly with me to
drop them off at their date. As we pulled down the road I noticed a car with a man
sitting in it about half a block down for Cheryl’s house.

I arrived back at Rachel’s about 8 pm and showered and watched the show next door.
Alessa’s husband’s car was still there and all was quiet till about 8:40 when the yelling
started. I could hear pretty clearly and it was mostly Alessa doing the talking trying to
get him out the house before 9 pm.

He left about 8:56 with tires squealing as I walked over and went inside at 9 pm. Alessa
was already stripping naked when I walked in and walked over and put her dog collar
on. Then came kneel beside me and placed the leash in my hand.

Her phone rang and I picked up and looked at the caller ID it was her husband.
“Here talk to him until I cum” I say handing her the phone.

I pull on her leash and lead her over to the couch and bend her over the back as she
talks on the phone. Her pussy was dripping wet already as I shove my cock into her and
start fucking her hard. She tries keeping her breaths slow and even as she talks but her
body betrays her and tenses up a few minutes in to it. I waited till her pussy was
squeezing my cock to pull the anal plug from her ass.

She quickly hit muted but it was too late he heard the scream. After regaining herself
“no honey I’m fine I just stubbed my toe and dropped the phone” she says taking mute
back off.

Her asshole was gaping and swollen from the anal plug so my cock easily slid inside it
but not without pain. I shoved a dildo inside her pussy to stuff her full and began
fucking her hard again.

I was ready to cum and pulled out and shot my hot cum all over her asshole and pussy
then stepped back. Alessa started to get up but I pushed her back down and Lily came
up and started licking her clean.

I walked around to the front of the couch holding my cock in front her. She mutes the
phone “He wants to me tomorrow” she says.

“Sure 2pm at the mall in the food court” I say smiling.

She tells him then quickly hangs up and takes my cock into her mouth. I fucked Lizzy and
Trina the rest of the night Alessa had to sit and watch not allowed to even touch herself.
The next morning me and Alessa got dressed and headed to the Mall about 9 am. Alessa
wore a skirt and blouse no panties or bra.

We went straight to the Family bathroom by the food court.

“Strip slut I’m going find you some cock so you’ll be ready for the hubby later. When I
knock open the door and fuck what ever I send in” I tell her.

I take out my red sharpie and write across her belly “cum inside me” with an arrow
pointing to her pussy. Then “Pull Me Hard” with arrows pointing to her nipple rings. I
bend her over and write “Spank Me” on the left cheek and “Hard” on the right cheek.

I head out and look for willing cocks which in a Mall on Saturday it was easy to spot all
the older men hanging out watching the teen girls. Their cocks hard from watch the
teens they were easy to convince to go in.

Choosing the older guys worked well because they knew how to be discreet as well,
teen boys would have told their friends and been lined up at the door ruining my fun
and getting Alessa busted.

The men waited patiently and drank their coffee in the food court until one came out
then the next would get up and go in. 13 guys in all but they all came back for seconds
and thirds. Two made it to a fourth round before Alessa’s husband showed up at 1:45.

When the next one came out I signaled the other it was over and went inside. Alessa
laid slumped over the toilet with cum leaking from both her holes. She was shaking and
weak as I got her up and dressed send her out the door she walked weakly over and sat
at the table with her husband.

I watched from a distance as they talked Alessa making sure to keep her distance since
she smelled like cum from the 40 loads that were dumped inside her and leaking out. I
sent her a text message “Invite him over tonight at 8 pm then get up and leave”.

I watch as she does then weakly walks toward the parking lot. Her husband looks at the
chair where she sat and left a puddle of cum before getting up and heading the opposite

I drop Alessa at her house then head out to take care of some business. “Don’t bath or
wash any cum off. You can have Lily lick it off or stay dirty” I tell her before driving off.

I was a little concerned by the car by Cheryl’s house so I went to Rachel’s then Cheryl’s
and rounded up any pictures, cd’s or laptops and hard drives that ever had anything on
them and headed to the storage locker. The locker was under a friends name so
doubtful it would be found but I put everything in the safe just encase. The safe was a
military grade crypto storage container so if it was tampered with it would destroy
anything inside it completely.

I stopped at Alice’s then headed back to Alessa’s house. Alessa was naked when I
walked in wearing her dog collar and leash which was quickly put in my hand when she
kneel next to me.

I squatted down to inspect her, her pussy, ass and thighs we clean of cum but she had
dried spots here and there on her body.

“I see you made Lily lick you clean slut” I say
“No” she says pausing for a second “I didn’t want her to but the little cum slut wouldn’t
take no for an answer” she says disgusted with herself for letting her 5 year old lick 13
strangers cum from her ass and pussy.

We sat and ate dinner at 6 then at seven I moved everyone into the living room for the
show. I lead Alice’s dog in from the car and place the small bench in the middle of the
living room then sit on the couch.

Lily come over and sits beside me and I pull my cock out. She didn’t need any
encouragement and opened her little mouth and began sucking.

“Go lay on the bench slut, tonight you’re his bitch” I say to Alessa as the German
Shepard paces back and fourth with his cock already hanging about 6 inches out.
Alessa starts to crawl toward the bench slowly laying across it and looking back at me
with tears in her eyes.

The tears on lasted a moment because the German Shepard was on her pussy in
seconds taking long wet licks up her pussy. Alessa started moaning and came which only
caused the dog to lick harder and faster. He tried to mount her but I stopped her.

“Suck his cock first slut” I tell Alessa

She looks at my disgusted “I can have Lily do it instead” I say rubbing Lily’s little head as
it bobs up and down on my cock.

Alessa spins around and puts her head under the dog and takes his cock into her mouth.
I’ve seen the dog fuck enough times that in know after her cums in Alessa’s mouth he’ll
take about 10 minutes to rest then 15 minutes of hard fucking before he knots her. She
lays back on the bench and I have Lizzy go strap her down to it.

The timing was pretty close and I came in Lily’s mouth as her mother cried from the
knot being pounded into her pussy. Lily still couldn’t swallow it all but her little 5 year
old mouth was like a vacuum sucking up any cum she missed.

Once the knot slipped into Alessa she moaned and her legs wobbled as she oragasmed.
The German Shepard fucked her hard and fast like a jack hammer until he came
moment later filling her womb with dog cum. I looked at my watch 7:55 and lights
pulled up in the drive way.

I stood and pulled the bench to face the front door and sent Lily to her room then took
Trina and Lizzy and headed out the back door. Alessa squirmed but couldn’t free herself
from the dog and just laid her head on the bench as her husband walked thru the front

Jena followed and I gave her 3 times the normal amount of heroin then closed the door
in her face. Bitch will probably OD by morning but that’s her problem. I take the girls up
to the master bedroom and undress them.

I put the girls in a 69 Lizzy on top and start licking and sucking her little virgin asshole
until its lubbed enough for a finger. Then two and three before she can’t take anymore
in her 10 year old anus. I apply some anal lube and begin stretching her little ass and
finger fucking it.

I lined my cock up and pushed it inside her slowly, she cried in pain but said “don’t stop
till it’s all in” so I pushed in until my balls touched her bald little pussy.

Her bowel squeezed tight around my cock then relaxed over and over till finally she
relaxed and I pulled back almost out of her. I squirted some more lube on my shaft and
pushed back in. She was well lubed and relaxed so I started fucking her with long deep
strokes while her sister fingered her pussy and sucked on her clit.

It wasn’t long before I was ready to fill her bowel with hot cum. Lizzy had already cum
once on her sisters face and when I began pumping hot cum deep in her little bowels
she came hard for a second time.

I pulled my cock from her ass and had the girls swap with Trina on top. I licked and
sucked Trina’s little ass her was bigger then her sisters so hopefully she can take it

Lizzy’s mouth was right there and open between her sisters legs so I laid my cock on her
lips and let her suck it clean while I lubed up and fingered Trina’s virgin asshole. I got
three fingers inside her and stretched her until she cried out in pain. I lubed her and my
cock one last time and pushed into her little brown hole slowly.

She squirmed and moved forward but I grabbed her hips and pulled back and pushed in
till my ball hit her wet little slit. I pulled back after she relaxed and relubed then drove it
home hard causing her to scream.

Her bowels clinched tight around my cock as I pounded in to her deep and fast for 10
minutes before filling her bowels with hot cum. She moaned as she came then collapsed
on top of her sister. I pulled my cock from her ass it had a little blood cum and shit on it.
Alice smiled and came over from the chair where she was sitting and knelt in front me
and cleaned my cock.

“You girls do what ever Alice says” I say as I get dressed and walk out the door.
“Thank you JJ” Alice says smiling as she starts sucking my cum from Trina’s ass.

I had heard Alessa’s husband squealing the tires as he left. He only stayed maybe 10
minutes before leaving so I headed back over. I entered thru the back door and quietly
watched from the door. Alessa was still strapped to the bench and The dog had knotted
her again. Lily was sitting naked on the couch watching and rubbing her little slit.

When the dog pulled off and his cum came oozing from Alessa’s pussy Lily leaped from
the couch and pulled him away before he could lick any of the cum up.
“Bad doggy” she said pulling on his collar and sending him to the corner.

“No baby” Alessa weakly protested as Lily started licking the dog cum from her pussy.

I watched as Lily licked and sucked all the cum up then walked over to the dog in the
corner and grabbed his collar and pulled him back over to Alessa.
“Up boy” Lily says smacking her moms ass.

It only took a minute for him to mount Alessa . Lily then went back to the couch and laid
down and rubbed her little belly with a smile. I headed back to the house not wanting to
interrupt mother daughter bonding time.

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2013-09-16 03:23:01
I'll gear this review to 2 types of pepole: current Zune owners who are considering an upgrade, and pepole trying to decide between a Zune and an iPod. (There are other players worth considering out there, like the Sony Walkman X, but I hope this gives you enough info to make an informed decision of the Zune vs players other than the iPod line as well.)

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2012-10-25 16:07:28
I love Lilly she is sooo cuite and I can't wait to read more.

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