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Chapter 11
Solomon's Daughters: Dililah's Chapter

Anthony woke with the feeling of warm, soft skin pressing against his side. He opened his eyes and looked toward his chest and his eyes met Linda's. She was laying with her chin on his chest looking up at his face, she smiled when their eyes met.

"Good morning," she said.

"Morning. How long have you been awake," he asked.

"A few minutes," she replied.

He looked at her and waited for her to speak but she remained silent, so he got up and headed into the bathroom. Once he was finished he headed back into the room and began gathering up his clothes.

"What are you doing," she asked.

"Getting dressed," he said pausing to look at her. She didn't speak but he could sense that she was unhappy about something.

"Did you want to continue with last night? You didn't say anything so I just figured you didn't want to talk
about it. You made yourself very clear before bed yesterday that you didn't want to sleep with me," he said, watching her intently.

"I changed my mind," she said softly not meeting his eyes.

"You changed your mind about wanting to sleep with me or not wanting to sleep with me," he asked confused.

"I want to be one of your wives," she said and locked her gaze with his. He dropped his clothes on the floor and pulled the blankets off the bed before climbing on. When he was close enough he reached out and grabbed her ankles and pulled her to him. She moaned into his mouth when he kissed her, invading her mouth with his tongue. His cock was pressed firmly against her pussy, only separated by the thin cloth of their underwear. She instinctively rocked her hips, rubbing against him, as he kissed her. He groaned at the sensation before he sat back and struggled out of his boxers. She watched him as he pulled them off, then gasped when he reached to her panties and with a savage yank ripped them off her.

"You smell so good," he said when he brought the panties his nose and sniffed the wet spot she had created. She moaned and her hips bucked involuntarily at his words. He tossed her panties over his shoulder onto the floor and returned to his place between her thighs, only this time his face was only inches from her wet tunnel and his breath on her made shivers run up and down her spine. With her head laid back she could not see him or tell when he might touch her. She squealed at the first soft probing of his tongue and bucked her hips up to get more pressure but he wasn't there as her hips rose.

"What are you doing," she asked leaning up to her elbows to see he had pulled back out of range of her hip thrusts.

"Playing with my food, before I eat it. Now lay back and hold your hips still," he commanded. She did as he said and was rewarded with a firm lick from the bottom of her slit all the way to her clit, and she moaned loudly. Her body shook as she fought against her instincts and held her hips immobile.

"Good girl," he said. He licked up one of her outer lips and then down the other before opening his mouth wide and completely covering her making a seal with his lips against her skin. She cried out in ecstasy as he began to suck and thrust his tongue into her tunnel at the same time. She managed to keep her hips from bucking and throwing him off but she couldn't stop a small imperceptible rocking motion. He thrust his tongue in and out before running it up through her pussy to her clit and flicked it back and forth.

"Oh God," she screamed as she came. Her hands reached down and gripped his hair as she exploded into his mouth and he drank everything she offered. He released her then slid up her body to capture her mouth with his. He pressed his lips to hers and she moaned at the taste of herself on his lips. As he thrust his tongue into her mouth he pushed forward with his hips and slid all the way into her tight, wet tunnel.

"Yes," she cried out as her head jerked back freeing her mouth and her hips jerked up to roughly slam against his. He felt the tip of his cock hit bottom as their hips ground together and she shivered as her back arched from the bed. He pulled back and began thrusting into her fast and hard while her hips kept rhythm and hit his with a meaty slap. They switched position to her riding him without even slowing or him falling out of her.

"Soon," he said to her as she came again and he sat up to kiss her. He pulled out and rolled them over then flipped her onto her stomach and pulled her hips up. He thrust into her, her inner muscles still quivered and contracted with her release. He began pounding her as fast and hard as his hips would go and her back arched and she screamed as her rippling pussy clenched at him. Her orgasms were coming one after another before the previous one could fade and she was having a hard time thinking.

"So tight," Anthony moaned as he rammed into her. He could feel the beginnings of his own release and he pounded into her faster and harder. With a grunt he tightened his grip on her hips and slammed into her with all of his strength. She screamed in pleasure and pain when his cock slammed roughly into her cervix and then she screamed in bliss as she orgasmed again when his cum sprayed into her womb. She screamed loudly and shook as he held her tightly to him then she went completely limp and her unexpected dead-weight dragged her free of his grip and his last couple jets of cum splattered across her ass before he collapsed next to her. After a few moments she stirred and turned her head to face him with out moving anything else.

"I think you killed me," she said as spasms continued to run through her body and hot pulses shot from between her legs. He laughed but didn't respond in any other way as he panted from their love making.

"Breakfast," came a shout from the other side of the door after someone pounded on it. With a groan Linda rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom, on weak knees, while Anthony wiped himself off and got dressed. The shower turned on so he headed out into the living room of the apartments that Aldorn and Esper had let them use. All of the girls were sitting there around a large table and eating pancakes and scrambled eggs.

"Morning," he said taking a seat.

"Good morning," they chorused back to him before returning to eating their food. Ten miutes later Linda came out and joined them sitting next to Anthony she gave him a kiss and a small smile before digging into her own food.

"So now what," Liz asked after she finished her food and sat back. Before Anthony could answer a knock came at the door.

"Come in," Anthony called out. The door opened and Aldorn and Esper walked in with Jenny and, to Anthony's surprise, Elaina.

"Good morning," he offered to them and stared at Elaina as they filed in.

"Good morning," he received back from them all except Elaina who kept her head down and stared at the floor.

"How were the rooms," Aldorn asked bring Anthony's attention back to him.

"They were very good. Thank you for letting us use them," Anthony replied and Aldorn nodded.

"We thought that since it was almost noon we could come and talk about what the future might hold for our peoples," Esper said. Anthony nodded and they all moved to the sitting area where there were several couches and plush chairs all arranged facing each other. They all sat and when no one began to speak Anthony cleared his throat.

"Just before you arrived Liz asked what we were going to do now," Anthony began.

"Well, we have allies between the Vampires in this area," he said with nod to Jenny.

"The goblins in this area and the elves worldwide," he said nodding to Galina and Aldorn and Esper.

"Next we will summon the elements and see if they will ally with us and carry messages to all other supernatural beings to come to a type of summit meeting here. If we can get them all on our side the chances of our plan coming to fruition without major bloodshed will increase. When we reveal the existence of supernaturals, which is inevitable do to technological advancement, there will be a panic. People will attack their neighbors who they don't like or who are different thinking they are not human like us. Hopefully if we can reveal ourselves in a non-hostile way and the panic won't be long and humanity will accept us. If this doesn't go well I am working on a back-up plan so the war that will follow won't wipe us out."

"What of the supernaturals who won't join us? Do you mean to kill them," Aldorn asked. The girls looked shocked at the suggestion, but Anthony had been expecting something like this do to all of the 'Evil Djinn' stories the elves had be telling for thousands of years.

"No, if they simply reject our offer and choose to remain in hiding they may do that. However I have stopped my vampires from feeding on innocent people and will not allow any other to continue in such harmful actions. From what I understand most vampires now buy blood from blood banks but sadistic and cruel vampires still hunt innocent humans. Their actions if known to humans would set many against peaceful vamps and I will not allow this behavior to go on I will have the offenders hunted down and dealt with. The corrupt and evil humans are fair game as far as I am concerned but I will not let the innocent be preyed upon," Anthony replied. Aldorn considered his words while watching Anthony, he then shared a look with Esper before speaking again.

"Who will lead this alliance of paranormal beings, if we can manage to gather all of the others to us," Aldorn asked. He gaze locked on Anthony and Anthony could feel how important this question was to the elf.

"For the meeting I will be hosting it so I will maintain peace and order but for the alliance as a whole there will be no one leader. We will meet with any other race that will join us and form a type of council with the leaders of the packs, clans, or races. Each will lead their own people in following the guidelines that the council sets up. But there will be a great deal of disagreement and I am worried about how other paranormals will take my demands. If I have to enforce my beliefs alone I will. I want to set up laws that all of the races can live by and accept, that is what we will mainly be discussing at the first meeting. If the humans accept us then the meeting will be about how to integrate ourselves peacefully into society. If they do not accept us then they will become strategy meetings most likely," Anthony stated and the tension in his shoulders went away when Aldorn relaxed back into his chair.

"Do either one of you know how an elemental reproduces," Anthony asked and Aldorn shook his head.

"There was an old book I read once that said that an elemental could reproduce with any being that could force it to take a physical body of its own. That means you can't use possession but make the elemental it's own body," Esper said. Anthony leaned back as he thought about her words and ideas flashed through his mind and were discarded.

"Elves are said to have a way with nature. After we are revealed could you do anything to help the pollution and destruction of the world that the humans have caused. I have several projects going, to reduce or stop the pollution and stabilize the weather patterns. But I don't know yet if I can fix the damage already done," Anthony said.

"We may be able to help the world heal but we cannot fix everything and it will take a long time for it to return to the healthy planet it once was," Aldorn explained. Anthony nodded his understanding and continued to ponder the future.

"That all well and good but if we reveal ourselves to the humans and they reject us they will almost certainly begin to look for vampires in the blood bank industry. We will be forced to feed from humans again or go hungry," Jenny said.

"No you won't, as soon as Anthony heard about your existence he had me start on figuring out how to may a synthetic blood supply. It isn't one hundred percent complete yet as I haven't figured out how to make the blood stay alive for more than two days even if its frozen but even if we were revealed tomorrow I could keep all of the vamps from going hungry or from attacking humans," Eliza said and Jenny nodded and leaned back into her chair.

"What are the laws you wish to discuss," Esper asked.

"No murder, no rape, no child molestation, and no stealing among other things. As for taxes, I will not be taxing my people, not the djinn, vamps, or goblins. I will be able to make enough money with the girls skills and my own so taxes will be unneeded. The laws will pretty much include all crime. I do not intend to stick my hands into business and peoples everyday life like the human government does," Anthony explained.

"We need to get home soon, there is one thing we forgot," Sarah suddenly said. Anthony looked over at her in confusion.

"What did we forget," Liz asked and Wind, who was sleeping on her shoulder, jerked awake and flew over to Anthony's shoulder and snuggled up to his neck.

"The bottle," Sarah said.

"Oh right it should be recharged by now," Eliza said but the elves looked baffled.

"I my sister bought me a bottle from a garage sale and my fiancees were imprisoned inside. Their oldest sister is still trapped in it and the bottle should be ready to free her now," Anthony explained.

"Well then if you are all ready to go we will lead you back to the gate. We will have cars waiting on the other side to take you back home," Aldorn said as he stood.

"We know how to reach the Fairy Queen and the other goblin clans, we will send out the invitations as soon as you tell us when and where to invite them. I am pretty sure they will show up," Esper said. Anthony nodded in agreement and followed them out of the building and toward the gate back to the real world. They said their goodbyes and stepped onto the white circle and were instantly standing in the plaza in the park. Anthony headed for the path leading back to the parking lot and the others trailed after him. In the parking lot there were two cars with elven drivers waiting for them so they split between the three vehicles, with Jessica once again behind the wheel of Anthony's car, and headed home. Once they arrived at the house they found the bottle but it wasn't charged like they thought it would be, so the girls headed off to school and Eliza headed down to her lab. Galina gave him a peck on the cheek then headed down to the goblin barracks and Megan followed with Sunshine and Moonlight sitting on her shoulders. Wind remained cuddled against Anthony's neck. Jessica went to take a nap and Anthony sat on the couch, with Risa and Kylie leaning against him, and relaxed watching some TV with the wolf curled up on the floor at their feet.

"I love you," Kylie said as she snuggled against him.

"I love you too, both of you," he said smiling at her. He felt Wind twitch against his neck and he chuckled.

"You too Wind," he said and felt her press more firmly into his neck. He stroked their hair as he watched TV and the atmosphere slowly lulled them at to sleep. Liz and Sar-Rah came home with Linda in tow to find Anthony sleeping his head laid back on the couch and Risa propped up against him and Kylie's head in his lap with his hand buried in her hair. The bottle on the table in front of them was now silver flecked, yellow.

"Anthony, wake up," Liz said shaking him. Risa and Kylie, Kylie carefully pulling her hair free of his loose grasp, woke immediately and sat up looking around. Liz shooked Anthony harder and his eyes snapped open. His eyes were burning orbs in the sockets and they all sat mesmerized until the swirling flames faded to his normal eyes.

"Hi," Anthony said stretching until his back popped.

"Hi," he received from the five of them. Looking over at the table he noticed the bottle so he leaned forward and picked it up off the table. He pulled his keys out of his pockets and flipped open the mini pocket knife he had on the chain and cut his finger. He squeezed out a drop of blood on to the seal. Once he had done that Kylie reached over and pulled his finger to her mouth where she sucked erotically on his finger causing his cock to swell. When he pulled his finger free it was healed but now his pants constricting his hard-on were causing him more discomfort then his finger had. He was half tempted to asked her to suck the pain from that too, but resisted. He got up from the couch making no effort to hide his arousal and moved to the center of the room. He placed the bottle on the floor and pulled out the stopper then backed away as yellow smoke shot out and began to melt into the form of a small woman.

"Dililah," Risa said and moved forward and hugged her sister once the smoke was completely gone. Dililah was four feet tall had long black hair down to her ass and the same skin complexion as Sar-Rah, who was now hugging Dililah after Risa released her. She had the same black eye color as the others, but unlike the others she had a pair of small horns sticking up through her hair above her forehead and a long black tail that flared into the shape of a spade off a deck of cards at the end. The tail whipped back and forth, stirring her diaphanous yellow linen clothes, as she greeted her sisters. After the sisters were done hugging they introduced her to Linda then dragged her over to in front of Anthony.

"This is our future husband Anthony," Sar-Rah said.

"Nice to meet you," Anthony said trying to keep his eyes focused on her face but the twitching of her tail kept drawing his gaze.

"Likewise," she said and smiled at him.

"Why do you have horns and a tail," he asked bluntly.

"Our father's Djinn cursed me with them," she replied with a shrug and Anthony nodded his understanding.

"Did you want to marry me as well," Anthony asked her.

"If it is what I need to do to be free," she said and shrugged. Anthony frowned at her looked over at Risa and Kylie then at Sar-Rah.

"You don't need to marry me to be free, we only need to have sex once then you are free to do whatever you like," Anthony explained. Dililah watched him and considered his this information before she grabbed his hand and pulled him down the hall. She looked into his room and when she saw the bed she dragged him in and kicked the door closed. She pushed him down on the bed and removed her clothes in seconds before climbing onto the bed and straddling his hips. Her hairless crotch rubbed against his jeans and her small breasts jiggled slightly as she moved. She reached down and unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them, freeing his erection. She grabbed it and stroked a couple times before reaching down and rubbing her self. She moaned as she masturbated on top of him and Anthony could only watched the small woman in rapt fascination.

"Isn't this a little fast," he managed to asked as she lifted her hips and pointed his cock up rubbing it against her now wet pussy. She looked down at his face as she rubbed his cock against her.

"No, to be free I need to have sex with you. So we are having sex," she said as she began to sink down on to him. He stiffened and gritted his teeth in anger at her words. He didn't blame her for wanting to be free but he didn't like being used. She slid down until he was pressed against her hymen; she took a deep breath then dropped her weight and impaled herself fully on his ridged cock. She cried out in pain and held still while Anthony lay on his back and did nothing as the power of the High Djinn flowed into him. She eventually began to rock and grind her hips down onto him. As her orgasm approached she sped up her motions until her was rapidly pounding her hips into his. With a cry of pleasure she climaxed and collapsed on his chest panting from her exertion. Anthony gently rolled her off him and stood heading into the bathroom and clean himself off. He walked out of his room and headed down the hall and grabbed his keys off the table by the door.

"Where are you going," Liz asked from the kitchen doorway. He paused unsure of where he was heading he just felt the need to go.

"I need to get Sar-Rah and go to the jewelry store if she has the hundred piece order," Anthony said. Liz watched him for a second before calling Sar-Rah from the kitchen. There was something wrong with him but she couldn't put her finger on the emotion she was sensing from him. She could see the bulge in his pants and thought that maybe he hadn't been satisfied. Anthony and Sar-Rah left and hopped in the car, with her carrying a bag of jewelry, and as they pulled out Liz walked to Anthony's room. She found the girl sitting naked on the side of the bed staring at the floor.

"Are you okay," Liz asked Dililah.

"Fine," Dililah replied.

"What's wrong," Liz asked.

"Is Anthony a good lover," Dililah asked her.

"I don't have anyone to compare him to but, in my opinion and the other's as well, yes," Liz answered.

"Does he normally just lay there, then when you climax roll you off of him and leave? I don't think he even climaxed himself before he left," Dililah said. Liz looked at her baffled, that didn't sound anything like Anthony when he made love to her or the others.

"Did he say anything to you," Liz asked.

"He asked me if we were going too fast when I pushed him onto the bed," Dililah said.

"What did you say back?"

"I said no that to be free we had to have sex so that is what we were going to do," Dililah replied. Liz's back stiffen and she glared at Dililah then dropped her glare to the floor. She knew she probably would have done the same thing if they were in similar positions but she didn't like this girl using her brother like that.

"Is he normally that bad as a lover," Dililah asked.

"No, normally he is a fantastic lover. But you didn't ask for a lover you wanted to be free, to use his body for your own ends. So he lay there and let you use him until you were done then he left," Liz said trying to suppress her anger and barely managed to keep from screaming at the other woman. With that last statement Liz turned and left the room.


Sar-Rah watched the tension slowly flow from Anthony as he drove toward downtown. By the time they reached downtown and were searching for a parking space he had gone back to his normal mood.

"What was wrong," she asked tentatively not wanting to upset him. He paused for a second before sighing and continued to search for a spot to park. He was silent for so long she didn't think he would answer.

"I found I don't like to be used, even if it is by a pretty girl," he said.

"What do you mean," she asked confused. He just shook his head and didn't answer as he pulled the car into the parking space in front of him. She didn't press him for answers, she just hopped out of the car and followed him down a couple of blocks to the jewelry store. They walked in a comfortable silence, her snuggled against him his arm across her shoulders and her large bag of jewelry boxes slung over his shoulder. The bag had the stylized 'S' that Abigail had marked her jewelry with. When they walked in the door Yuki saw them and hurried over with a big smile on her face.

"Good evening right this way," she said leading them back to Abigail's office. She knocked and they were quickly called in Yuki left and closed the door behind her.

"Hello Ms. McKnight. This is Sar-Rah Solomon, Sar-Rah this is Abigail McKnight," Anthony said introducing them. Sar-Rah studied the office and the woman while Abigail studied Sar-Rah. Sar-Rah stepped forward and shook Abigail's hand and then stepped back again. Anthony took a seat and set the bag down in front of his chair on the floor and Sar-Rah took the seat next to him.

"It a pleasure to meet you Sar-Rah, I love your work," Abigail said.

"Thank you," Sar-Rah said uncomfortably. Anthony seeing her discomfort lifted the bag and placed it on the desk.

"One-hundred pieces like you ordered," Anthony said leaning back in his chair. Abigail unzipped the bag and opened one of the boxes inside. Inside was a sapphine serpent with hundreds of tiny ruby scales and pearl claws and teeth. It's mouth was opened in a roar and a ruby tongue was set in it's mouth, and a golden pearl was a black impurity to perfectly look like an eye was set in each eye socket. Anthony knew nothing about jewelry and he could tell

that the thing was a work of art. Looking at it he got an idea and he smiled until he noticed Abigail staring at Sar-Rah intently and Sar-Rah was fidgeting under her gaze.

"Is something wrong," Anthony asked.

"No nothing," Abigail replied breaking her stare and smiling at him.

"Could you go ask Yuki, to bring us something to drink," Abigail asked him. He paused and figured that Abigail wanted to talk to Sar-Rah without him there so he nodded and rose from his chair.

"I'll be right back," he said to reassure Sar-Rah as he walked out of the room. Abigail leaned back in her chair an studied Sar-Rah. She knew Yuki would keep Anthony occupied for a few minutes like they had planned beforehand.

"How long have you been making jewelry," Abigail asked to break the ice.

"Only a little while," Sar-Rah replied. Abigail leaned forward and grabbed her check book off her desk she wrote out a check for two hundred thousand and a receipt and handed them to Sar-Rah who looked them over and then folded them and slid them into her pocket.

"Now that this deal is finished I would like to talk to you about introducing you to the public," Abigail said.

"No," Sar-Rah cut in.

"But your work is superb and very popular you could be famous," Abigail coaxed.


"Fine how would you like to make a larger profit," Abigail leaned forward clasping her hand on her desk. She smiled when Sar-Rah hesitated thinking she had a way to gain control of the young artist.

"How," Sar-Rah asked suspiciously. She didn't care about the money but she was certain some of Anthony's plans would need at least some funding.

"If you work for me I can give you more backing and spread your work farther and you would sell more and therefore make more money," Abigail explained.

"Work for you? What does that mean? Also what about Anthony," Sar-Rah asked her temper beginning to rise.

"Well if you work for me it would mean that any jewelry you made was the property of McKnight's Jewelry you would be paid a salary plus seventy-five percent of your profits from jewelry you make. You would answer to me and no one else and since you are selling your jewelry straight to the source you wouldn't need Anthony, as a middle man, taking a cut of your profits," Abigail said slyly. As soon as the last sentence left her mouth she knew she had made a mistake, Sar-Rah face twisted into an angry sneer and the light caught her eyes flashing a brilliant purple, but Abigail blinked and the reflection was gone. Sar-Rah stood angrily and her chair fell over backwards as she spun and headed for the door.

"Wait," Abigail pleaded as she hurried around her desk. Sar-Rah flung the door open and rush out the door and turned, and ran face first into Anthony's muscled chest. He grabbed her arms to steady her so she didn't fall over and Yuki who was carrying a bottle of wine and some glasses peeked around him to see what was holding him up. Abigail rushed from her office just as Sar-Rah was regaining her balance.

Wait, please," Abigail began but Sar-Rah shot her a venomous glare to silence her.

"Come on Anthony we're leaving and we won't be back," she told him and grabbed his hand. He looked at her face then nodded.

"If that is what you want," he said and they began walking side by side down the hall toward the exit.

"We have a contract, you can't sell them to anyone else," Abigail called after them and Sar-Rah jerked to a stop and spun to face her.

"I will give them away on a street corner before I sell them to you," Sar-Rah snarled.

"Where are the ones we brought with us," Anthony asked Sar-Rah. She pulled out the check and receipt and handed them to him. He studied them both before looking up at Abigail who was looking at the check in his hands with a considering look.

"I don't know what you did to piss Sar-Rah off but it would have had to have been majorly stupid. If I go to the bank and this check bounces I am going to sue you for double the amount and press charges for harassment, writing fraudulent checks, and theft. So don't do anything else stupid or we'll own your business as well," Anthony threatened then grabbed Sar-Rah's hand and tugged to get her moving toward the store area. Anthony led Sar-Rah through the store as she silently fumed and took her to the car. When they were in he pulled out and headed for the bank just a little way away. He didn't think Abigail would try to cancel the check after his threat but he didn't want to try his luck and have to take her to court. They drove in silence and parked in the bank parking lot and they trudged inside and stood in line for one of the tellers.

"How can I help you," the pretty blonde teller asked when they walked up to the window.

"I would like to deposit this and also to see if the bank cards I ordered are in. The lady said I could pick them up here since I didn't want them mailed to my house," Anthony told her. The girl smiled and took the check and examined it, when she saw the amount her eyes widened and her head shot back up.

"Just a moment," she said and took the check and headed into one of the back office. Sar-Rah looked at him with a raised eyebrow and amusement twinkling in her eyes.

"Want to tell me what that was all about now that you are in a better mood," he asked her.

"Later," she replied as the teller came back to the window.

"Mr. Caine, Ms. McKnight is on the phone and would like to speak with you," she said lifting the phone and holding it out to him. A woman wearing a suit walked out of the back office and stood behind the teller, she had a brass pin on her jacket that said 'Bank Manager'. Anthony smiled at the teller then directed a bored stare at the manager behind the teller.

"Is there a problem with the check," Anthony asked the manager. The teller had an uncomfortable look on her face and she looked unsure of what she was supposed to do.

"Aren't you going to help the customer," the manager said to the teller. When the girl began to address Anthony he held up a hand to cut her off.

"Give me my check back," he said holding out his hand. The girl paused for a moment then reached out to hand it to him.

"Don't," the manager said and the girl let her hand drop still clutching the check. Anthony stared at the woman for a few seconds and then a viscous smile spread across his face. He pulled out his phone and dialed nine-one-one and waited while it rang.

"This is the police department what is your emergency," a female voice said over the line.

"Yes, I would like to report a theft. It isn't an emergency and I know the person who is responsible but I didn't know another number to call," Anthony said into the phone. The managers face paled as she realized that he was speaking to the police. Anthony turned his back to the teller and headed over to some chairs in the waiting area and Sar-Rah followed after. The police switchboard had put him on hold and they sat while waiting for them to get around to him.

"Sar-Rah, give me your cell phone," he said and she handed him the phone he had bought her.

"Here if someone comes on the line hand this back to me," he said and handed her his cell phone. The manager sweating now and seeing that he was up to something came over to stand near them. He dialed information and asked for the number to the channel eleven news. The bank managers head jerked around to look at him and he smiled maliciously at her and she hurried off into her office. He could see her through the door grab her phone and begin speaking rapidly into it as she watched him through the door.

"This is C.E.N. do you have an extension number you wish to transfer to," a nasally voice said over the line.

"I have a story that you guys might find interesting," Anthony said into the phone.

"One moment please," the nasally voice said and he was put on hold for a second before he was answered by a sexy female voice.

"Look Phil the answer is still no," she began.

"Sorry this isn't Phil," Anthony said interrupting her.

"Oh, who is this," she asked.

"My name is Anthony Caine," he started.

"The guy who just inherited the most popular night club in the city," she asked the excitement in her voice making her throaty voice even sexier.

"Um, I didn't know it was that popular but yeah that Anthony Caine," he replied her voice distracting him. He just wanted to make her talk some more.

"So how can I help you Mr. Caine," she asked.

"You've got it wrong I think I can help you. You've heard of the new jewelry artist selling pieces through McKnight's Jewelry," he asked.

"Yes, I heard it was a female and her work is selling like crazy right now. People say that everything she makes is so life like," the sexy voice said.

"What's your favorite animal," Anthony suddenly asked.

"White Bengal Tiger," the reporter said after a moments hesitation.

"How would you like to get an exclusive with that jewelry maker? Not only that but right now I am sitting in The Bond Brother's Bank and the bank manager has refused to cash my check or return it. We have the police on another line but they have us on hold since it isn't an emergency. I believe that they are trying to force us to talk to Ms. McKnight since we will no longer be doing business with her," he explained.

"Hang up the phone waiting for the police, I'll be right over and they won't be able to do anything for you anyway," the sexy voice said and then hung up. He stared dumbfounded at the phone and realized he forgot to ask her name. He flicked Sar-Rah's phone shut and handed it back to her and closed his own as well and stuffed it into his pocket. He settled back into his chair to wait for the reporter, he turned to Sar-Rah and she looked tired.

"Can you make me a really intricate and realistic White Bengal Tiger," he asked and she nodded before concentrating and then handing it to him. He slipped it into his pocket.

"Do you mind doing an interview as the jewelry maker, it will help us in the long run if we have a reporter be friendly with us. Not to mention it will be a slap in Abigail's face," he asked.

"I will do anything you want," she said and smiled at him tiredly. He reached over and pulled her into his lap and she laid her head back against his shoulder and in moments drifted off to sleep. The manager still watched them warily unwilling to call the cops and have them tossed out. Anthony moved Sar-Rah over to an empty seat without waking her and ran out to the car and grabbed the folder that Jenny had given him. He hurried back in and sat beside Sar-Rah again who hadn't stirred while he was gone. He sat and pulled out a file label Eternal Night. In the folder were the accounting books up to the last week for the club.

"Would you look at that," he said out loud to himself. The club was turning out a three thousand dollar profit a night after all the expenses and workers were paid. He noticed that Jenny wasn't being paid yet and figured he'd remedy that after their business here was done. He closed the folder and slipped it back into it's place and pulled out another one label properties. This folder contained the books and photos for two apartment buildings, a sheet of paper saying refer to Eternal Night folder for details, an upscale house in the city, and five hundred acres on the outskirts of town. The deeds to all of the properties were in this folder he closed the folder and put it back and grabbed another to pull it out but movement from the corner of his eye caught his attention and he saw the bank manager sidling up to him to try and peer over his shoulder.

"Can I help you," he asked turning to look at the woman. She avoided his eyes and hurried back into her office without looking back at him. He pulled the final folder out and found they were records, personnel information, bank statements, everything. A paper caught his eyes and amusement shot through him, he was stunned by how much money George had managed to accumulate over his years. Just then a silence fell over the room then conversation rose and droned so loud it drew Anthony's attention. Over by the door stood an average looking woman, long brown hair, b-cup breasts, and an average face, with a guy that looked about eighteen lugging one of those huge TV cameras around on his shoulder. He waved at them until he caught the woman's attention and motioned her over.

"Sar-Rah wake up," he said and gently shook her shoulder. She slowly came awake and stretched as she looked around, she looked up at him and smiled lovingly. Then a nervous look filled her eyes when she saw the approaching reporter and camera man.

"Lucy Hall, and you must be Anthony Caine," she said holding out her hand. Anthony nodded and shook her hand before pulling two of the chairs around so they could sit face to face and he motioned for them to sit. The bank manager moved toward them with a purposeful stride.

"You can't move those chairs there," the manager said but froze when Anthony's glare fell on her. She shivered in fear as he watched her and when he blinked and his gaze no longer held her she turned and fled once more into her office.

"You certainly have a way with people," Lucy said watching the exchange.

"Don't I though," he asked with a mischievous grin.

"So you have a story for me," Lucy asked.

"Payment first," Anthony said.

"I can't pay you," she said indignantly.

"Yes you can, and it is something only you can do," Anthony replied.

"What do you mean," she asked him suspiciously.

"I want you to say Anthony," he said. She looked at him strangely for a moment then shrugged.

"Anthony," she said slowly sounding it out being sarcastic. Her sexy voice saying his name sent shivers up his spine and his skin broke out into goose bumps.

"Very sexy," he said and grinned when she blushed. The camera man tried to disguise his laughter as a couching fit and Sar-Rah grinned at Lucy.

"What do you need," Anthony said sitting back and relaxing into his chair.

"First what is going on here," she asked and Anthony noticed that the camera light had begun blinking.

"Well we just came from McKnight's Jewelry where we sold some of Sar-Rah's work," he said motioning to Sar-Rah.

"Sar-Rah is the jewelry maker whose work has been all the talk of jewelry makers around the city for the last week and even the bigger chains have taken notice of her," Lucy said for the viewer's benefit and Sar-Rah blushed at her praise.

"Sar-Rah and I thought this would be a good gift for you since you rushed out here to see us," Anthony said and pulled the white tiger out of his pocket and handed it to Lucy. The camera man zoomed in on a close up of the tiger.

"I can't accept this it is too expensive," she said looking longingly at the amulet.

"Well if you don't want it throw it in the trash we won't take it back," Sar-Rah said. Lucy lifted the amulet over her head and let the chain fall around her neck the amulet hung perfectly letting the tiger rest right in the top of her cleavage.

"On another topic you are Anthony Caine new owner of the club, Eternal Night. Why are you sitting in a bank waiting when all of the tellers are free," Lucy asked.

"Oh, right. We came to the bank to deposit the check from the sale of Sar-Rah's work. We got in line and got to a teller, that pretty blonde lady there, who was very nice and helpful. When I told her I wanted to deposit the check and she saw the amount she headed for her managers office. I could understand that it is a lot of money and she might need approval or something. A few minutes later the teller comes out and says that Ms. McKnight wants to talk to me. Now Sar-Rah and Abigail had some kind of fight over something and I don't know what it was but we aren't going to do business with Ms. McKnight anymore and we told her this in no uncertain terms before we left her store. I asked the manager who was standing behind the teller if there was a problem with the check, because if there is I am going to sue the shit out of Ms. McKnight. She completely ignored me and tried to pass the buck off on to the teller asking her if she was going to help the customer. I demanded my check back from the teller and when she tried to hand it to me the manager stopped her. Then I called you and the police but since it wasn't an emergency they put me on hold for like ten minutes and I just hung up," Anthony finished and leaned back into his chair again.

"Thank you for telling us your story of corruption in the banking industry," Lucy said and made a cutting motion and the blinking light on the camera went off. She sighed and stroked the amulet hanging around her neck.

"I need your phone number I might have a career making story for you in the future and I want to be able to get in touch with you," Anthony said when she began to rise from the chair. She paused then pulled out a card and a pen and wrote on the back.

"The front is my work number and the back is my personal number if I am not at work," she said and handed it to him. He slipped it into his wallet and smiled at her and she departed, her camera man on her heels.

"See that wasn't so bad," Anthony said looking over to Sar-Rah who looked relieved. Anthony stood and walked over to the same teller as before.

"I need to speak to the manager," he told her and she hurried away with a relieved look. The manager emerged from her office and walked to the window where he stood.

"How can I help you," she asked her voice tight with stress.

"I would like to speak to your superior or I need the number for the main office of this bank. I'd say when the news plays that interview they will be getting in touch with you anyway," the woman glared at him but stayed back away from the counter as if he was going to reach out and strike her. Anthony notice a pamphlet and grabbed one flicking through it to see if the number for the bank headquarters was in there, it was.

"Never mind," he said and flicked open his cellphone. He dialed the number and waited as it rang.

"This is the BB Banks headquarters how may I direct your call," said an electronic voice.

"I want to speak with whoevers in charge," he said.

"Do you wish to make a complaint," the voice asked.


"How much money is involved in the dispute," the voice asked.

"Seven hundred-thousand," he replied and the phone rang again.

"This is BB Banks complaint department how may I help you," a man asked.

"Hi, my name is Anthony Caine, I brought in a check and tried to deposit it when the teller went back and spoke to the bank manager for confirmation of some kind I am assuming because of the amount of the check, two hundred thousand is a lot of money, she came back and still didn't deposit it. It isn't the tellers fault it is the bank manager, she wouldn't let the teller do it and it isn't because the check is bad because I asked her if it was and she ignored me. She also stopped the teller from returning the check to me," Anthony explained.

"You told the operation machine the money in dispute was seven hundred-thousand. What about the rest of it," the man asked.

"I recently inherited a large quantity of money and some of it is in a account in this bank. That is rest of the money in question because now that I am pissed I wish to close both accounts. I want all of my money in the bank and my check that I tried to deposit back and if I don't get it within the next couple of hours I am going to sue the bank for theft and discrimination. Also don't forget to watch the Channel Eleven News tonight a news crew from the station just left and they were very interested in how corrupt your banking practices are," Anthony said and hung up. Turning back to the counter he tossed the pamphlet back into the stand and stared at the manager who looked on the verge of passing out.

"That is what you get for being a bitch," he said to the manager and walked back over to where Sar-Rah was dozing in the waiting area. Twenty minutes later a man in a suit rushed into the building and headed straight for the manager's office and closed the door. He could just barely hear shouting coming from inside but he couldn't distinguish the words. After another fifteen minutes the door opened and the man came out with the woman trailing behind him. She pointed out Anthony to him and he walked over and held out his hand.

"Hello Mr. Caine my name is Simon Bond I am sorry for the difficulties our bank had caused you today," he said.

"Sure," Anthony said and gently shook Sar-Rah to wake her, ignoring the man's hand entirely. When she finally woke he turned back to face the man.

"As I said on the phone I am closing both of my accounts and I expect you to give me my check back. Also you might want to look into hiring better employees," Anthony said shooting a glare at the woman behind Simon.

"Please, Mr. Caine is there anything I can do to convince you to stay with us? My wife is very sorry," he said indicating the woman behind him.

"No, I will not do business with this bank anymore. If the police hadn't put me on hold long enough for me to give up she would be up on charges of theft right now," Anthony said. Simon nodded and led them into the manager's office and sat at her computer. He pulled up Anthony's account information and twenty minutes later Anthony stood with his two hundred grand check and a cashier's check for the money in both of his other accounts. He followed Sar-Rah from the office and out to the car. He drove them to another bank and opened up a platinum account and they happily deposited both of his checks with no fuss at all. With the money in a bank account they hopped in the car and headed over to Eternal Night. He led Sar-Rah through the club and toward Jenny's office but was waylaid halfway down a hallway when Kira launched herself out of a doorway and latched onto him.

"Anthony," she squealed as she clung to him. He reached down and lifted her into his arms and she rubbed her face against his chest as she hugged him.

"Sar-Rah, this is Kira. Kira this is one of my fiancees Sar-Rah," Anthony said. Kira looked over at Sar-Rah and measured her with her eyes before turning back to look up into Anthony's face.

"You'll marry me too, right," she asked staring at him intently.

"Maybe," Anthony said. Kira smiled at him angelically then at Sar-Rah and dropped down and ran off down the hallway. Sar-Rah raised a bemused eyebrow at him and they continued on to Jenny's office. They walked in to find Jenny sitting behind the desk waiting for them.

"Hello," they greeted each other at the same instant. With a smile Anthony plopped down into one of the chairs opposite Jenny and Sar-Rah took the other.

"I finally went over the books today. I think twenty-five dollars an hour is a good wage, do you agree," he asked and Jenny nodded in agreement.

"Good, take the back pay from last week from the profits tonight and leave a reciept of it in the books. Managing this place and all of the employees is all yours," Anthony said.

"Do you need anything from me," he asked and when she shook his head he rose to his feet and he and Sar-Rah left. The hopped in the car and headed home in comfortable silence, neither feeling the need to talk and halfway there Sar-Rah drifted off to sleep again. Anthony pulled into the driveway and quietly as he could close his door and walk around to the other side. He carefully lifted Sar-Rah into his arms and kicked the door shut, Risa was standing in the open front door of the house watching as he carried Sar-Rah up the walkway.

"Hi," he whispered as they passed and received a warm smile in return. The wolf was waiting right behind Risa and watched intently as he passed by. He didn't see any of the others as he walked into his room and laid Sar-Rah down gently Jessica was sleeping on the other side of the bed. Sar-Rah rolled onto her side and curled her legs up and slipped one of her arms under her head. Anthony pulled one of the covers up over her and kissed her on the temple before he left the room, closing the door softly behind him.

"How sweet," Dililah said sarcastically. She was standing on the other side of the hall leaning up against the wall. Anthony didn't know what her problem was but he didn't want to wake Sar-Rah so he turned and head for the kitchen without saying a word and she followed after him. He walked into the kitchen and found Liz standing at the sink doing dishes and Eliza was sitting there eating. Eliza noticed his entrance and beamed at him swallowing her food quickly so she could talk.

"I did it Anthony. Figured out how to keep the artificial blood alive indefinitely as long as it is properly refrigerated. Also I figured out that special project I was working on as a gift to you," she said excitedly. Anthony smiled at her and leaned down and gave her a quick kiss. He pulled out a napkin with some hair he had taken from Kira and handed it to Eliza.

"Could you try to come up with a method to age and mature a vampire stuck as a child," he asked. Eliza took the hair sample and shoved it into her pocket happily.

"I don't know but I will try my best," she said and returned to eating her food. The microwave dinged and Liz walked over and pulled it open. She pulled out a plate of food and placed it on the table in front of Anthony and kissed him before turning back to the sink and the dishes.

"This is good," he said.

"Thanks," said Linda as she walked in the door.

"Yeah, Linda is a great cook," Liz said from the sink without turning.

"Eliza why don't I feel any different? I have the full power of a High Djinn but nothing has changed that I
have noticed," he asked.

"You two already...," Eliza asked her gaze flicking between Anthony and Dililah who was leaning against the door frame watching them all. Confusion filled her face when Liz stiffened at the sink and all expression left Anthony's face.

"Did we fuck? Yeah we did but he was a horrible lay," Dililah said cruelly from the doorway.

"Dililah," Eliza began and Liz whipped around to face the other woman.

"Enough," Anthony said cutting them all off before anything hurtful could be said. He stood and face Dililah and just stared at her.

"Do you have a problem with me," he finally asked. She glared at him angrily but did not say anything.

"What do you want from me," he demanded angrily and she flinched back from him as his eyes flamed.

"Why did you leave before," she asked her own eyes flaring yellow as her anger rose to match his. Her eyes glittering in anger added together with the horns and tail made her look like a demon.

"Why wouldn't I leave?"

"You didn't finish," she said pushing her hair out of her face.

"Yes I did, I got the power stored in you and you were freed just like you wanted," he shot back. She ground her teeth and clenched her fists as she glared at him. Suddenly she burst into tears and ran from the room leaving Anthony with a bewildered look on his face. He took a step to follow her but shook his head and returned to his seat at the table. Liz and Eliza shot him disapproving looks as he grabbed his fork and started to eat.

"What? She obviously doesn't know what the hell she wants and I am not going to go rooting around in her head for some lucid thought not tainted by twisted female logic," he said.

"Your calling our logic twisted," Liz asked narrowing her eyes at him. He leaned back in his chair and stared at her.

"Well answer me this then. She used me, came in here insulted me, burst into tears when I asked what she wanted. Why are you looking at me like I just shot your dog," he asked directing the question at both Liz and Eliza. They couldn't come up with an answer and Liz blushed.

"Like I said twisted logic," Anthony said and finished his food. When he was done he took his plate to the sink and washed it before heading into the living room and stretching out on the couch. He kicked his shoes off and lay on his back and closed his eyes trying to will himself to sleep.

Anthony woke to an intense burning in his bones and muscles. He screamed in agony as pain wracked him and his blood felt like it was boiling in his veins. He screamed until his lungs ran out of air and he took one deep agonizing breath only to scream in pain again. The first to arrive was Dililah she rushed into the room just as his writhing sent him tumbling from the couch to slam into the floor. His head hit the edge of the coffee table and opened a gash which began to poor blood. Dililah rushed forward her tail lashing in agitation as she knelt by his side. The others quickly poured into the room as his screams of pain rebound through the house. Wind was hovering above Anthony wringing her hands and crying having been thrown from Anthony's sleeping chest when he began flailing. Her mother and sister flew to her and tried to calm her as she hovered worriedly over Anthony's twitching and flailing form. He was silent now but his mouth was open in a silent scream of pain.

"What's wrong with him? What happened," Liz asked Wind as she stood next to him.

"I don't know what's wrong we were sleeping then suddenly he began to scream and flail. At first I thought he was having a nightmare but his eyes are open so I think he is awake," the distraught fairy said. Liz looked anxiously at Eliza who was beside Anthony checking him over, Risa and Dililah were each latched onto an arm and were struggling to hold him still. Kylie and Jessica were each laying on one of his legs to pin them so he wouldn't hurt himself. As another wave of pain rolled through Anthony, and he screamed with the pain his body convulsed and left the four women trying to pin him several inches off the floor before their combined preternatural strengths forced him back down to the floor.

"What's happening," Sar-Rah shouted to Eliza who was looking at Anthony in horror and shook her head in confusion not understanding what was causing his pain. Scream after agonized scream rent the air and tears streamed down Liz's face as she stood unsure of what to do. Linda was kneeling by his head trying to sooth him but he didn't even seem to notice her presence. She was the first to notice the orangish tint to Anthony's skin and his rising body temperature. He was shaking and shivering as the orangish glow began to brighten drawing the attention of all of the girls now. They watched in fascinated horror as the glow got brighter and they could begin to make out his bones under his skin, they were glowing the color of molten rock. As the glow got brighter the volume of his screams and his pain increasing in equal measure until he was once again screaming in silence his voice unable to make a sound adequately able to portray his pain. He eyes flamed and his hair became a black so deep it seemed to swallow the glow that emanated from his luminescent skull and burning eyes. As suddenly as it began it stopped the glow vanish and his eyes shifted back to normal but the quick cessation of pain sent Anthony into unconsciousness.

"Is it over," Liz asked Eliza who shrugged in response. Kylie sent her power into Anthony's body and gasped in surprise at what she had found. She pulled fully back into her own mind and found every eye in the room focused on her.

"What," Dililah demanded clutching Anthony's hand to her chest.

"He is a High Djinn," she responded.

"We knew that already," Dililah shot back and Kylie shook her head at her older sister.

"No before he had the power or at least partial power of a High Djinn now he is really a High Djinn. I think all that glowing was a conversion from human to Djinn. I think the pain he felt was the genetic restructuring of his DNA," Kylie explained. Everyone turned back to Anthony and watched as his chest heaved in deep labored breathes from the pain of his change.

"I think we should get him to a bed," Dililah said rising to a crouch and gripping Anthony's arm and shoulder. The others who had been holding him down quickly changed their grip and lifted him from the floor. They had almost made it to his bedroom when a pounding came from the front door.

"This is the police we got a complaint about some screaming, open the door," said a voice through the door.

"Shit," Liz said and headed for the front door as lies ran through her mind. She remembered that she was only wearing one of Anthony big shirts from when he was fat and some panties. Cursing in her head she blanked her expression and pulled the door open a little and checked to be sure it was the police before she opened the door wider. Standing on the porch was a short mocha skinned woman and an equally short man who looked Native American both were dressed in police uniform.

"How can I help you officers," Liz asked opening the door wider.

"We got a complaint about some screaming from one of your neighbors," said the male officer.

"My brother was having a nightmare that was the only screaming that I know of and he just managed to get back to sleep," Liz said. The officers exchanged a glance before turning back to face her and she got the impression that they didn't believe her.

"The call said it sounded like someone in pain. You wouldn't mind if we look around inside do you," the female officer said stepping closer so that Liz couldn't shut the door. Liz studied them both for a second then shrugged and stepped back holding out an arm to motion the officers inside. Liz closed the door behind the officers and Sar-Rah walked out of the hallway into the living room. She was clothed in the exact same outfit that Liz had on sans the panties but the shirt fell to her knees.

"Is something wrong," Sar-Rah asked worriedly.

"No, one of the neighbors heard Anthony's screaming and called the police. They just want to look around and make sure we aren't torturing someone in here," Liz said dryly.

"The others are in bed with Anthony to make sure he sleeps okay. Kylie did what she could for him so he should wake up... sore in the morning," Sar-Rah said and Liz nodded understanding her warning.

"Why would he be sore," the female officer said.

"He had a fight with one of his wives and was sleeping on the couch. When he had his nightmare he fell off the couch and his head hit the table so he'll be sore in the morning," Liz explained.

"One of his wives," the male cop asked questioningly.

"Oh, don't worry about that. He didn't legally marry them although he might be planning to have a ceremony. He isn't trying to legally marry them since that is illegal they will just all agree that they are his wives and he is their husband," Liz said in explanation.

"How many wives does he have exactly," the man asked curiously as the female officer looked around the room.

"Let's see, Jessica isn't a wife so at the moment, he has nine wives and two mistresses," Liz said. The female officer turned and matched the males expression of astonishment as they gaped at her.

"Can we see the rest of the house," the female officer asked and Liz nodded. She leaned over toward Sar-Rah and put her mouth right next to Sar-Rah's ear.

"Hide the extra doors down in the basement," she whispered as the police watched her Sar-Rah nodded at her. Liz then led the police down the hall to Anthony's room and stopped outside the door. She held a finger to her lips to indicate silence and when the police nodded in understanding she quietly opened the door and let them peer inside. Anthony was sleeping on his bed under the covers with seven female bodies in differing levels of undress laying beside or draped across his body. Liz silently closed the door once the officers got a good look and quickly showed them her room and her parent bedroom. She then led them through the basement which at the moment didn't appear to have any of the extra doors and then led them back to the front door.

"Thank you for letting us look around and sorry for the inconvenience," the male officer said as he and his partner stepped out onto the porch.

"We are sorry for the disturbance and for bring you out here for nothing," Liz said with a smile at the officer and with a final goodbye closed the door. When the door was closed she let out a tired sigh and leaned her forehead against the door. Sar-Rah came up behind her and wrapped an arm around her shoulder and led her back to Anthony's room. They climbed into bed Sar-Rah squeezed in next to Anthony and Liz crawled up his body and rest her head on his chest her body laying atop his and they joined the others in sleep.

Anthony woke once again in alone in pain but now he was in his room and the pain was only a sharp ache compared to the burning agony of the previous night. He groaned as he sat up and his muscles rebelled dropping him back onto his back. Having heard his movements and his groan Dililah rushed into the room and looked at him worriedly.

"Kylie healed you last night but she said you shouldn't move around until she can heal you again," Dililah said sitting down on the bed next to him and looking down into his eyes.

"That's not going to be a problem considering I can't even sit up at the moment," Anthony replied with a grimace.

"Are you in pain," she asked and before he could answer she jumped up out of the bed and rushed out of the room. She came back a minute later with a cup and a bottle of asprin, she set the cup on the night stand and dumped a couple of the asprin into her palm. She put the asprin in his mouth and lifted his head enough for him to get a drink of water to rinse the pills down.

"Thanks," he said when she released his head. She set the glass down on his dresser and stood over the bed looking down at him. They stared at one another in an uncomfortable silence before she turned and headed for the door. When she reached the door she paused and turned around and came back to the bed.

"I am sorry about before. I didn't think about how you would feel at all," she said and lowered her eyes.

"I forgive you," he replied. She stood there fidgeting and twisting the hem of her shirt in her hands before she took a deep breath and slowly released it.

"I want to marry you with my sisters," she said when she finally spoke. He looked at her for a second then nodded his agreement. A beautiful smile that lit up her face and caused her black eyes to sparkle appeared. She leaned down and kissed him happily then spun and nearly skipped out of the room. Anthony slowly drifted back to sleep as the pain-killers took the edge off of the aching in his body.

Several hours later Anthony woke with the feel of warm female flesh all around him and a small smile tugged at his lips before his eyes even opened. Sar-Rah was sleeping with her head resting on his stomach and her bodies between his spread legs. On his left lay Liz she clung to his arm tightly as she slept and she was mumbling lightly in her sleep, not loud enough for him to understand. Megan was wrapped tightly around Liz with her hands clasped together on top of her taught belly. Jessica lay behind Megan on an empty spot on the bed. Dililah was lying across the foot of the bed with her head pillowed on one of Sar-Rah's smooth, tanned calves. Anthony turned his head and was looking straight into Eliza's black eyes as she watched him take in everyone's positions. Risa and Kylie were cuddled together behind Eliza, snoring delicately. Mina was pressed back to back with Eliza squeezed between the twins and Eliza, but she didn't appear to be uncomfortable.

"Kylie healed you again. How do you feel," Eliza asked quietly drawing his attention back to her.

"Surprisingly good considering the circumstances," Anthony said just as quietly trying to avoid waking anyone else.

"So you made up with Dililah," she state more then asked but ne nodded in answer anyway.

Anthony thought about the girls and how much he had come to love them all in such a short time. He let the djinn power flow through him and willed the knowledge of gem crafting and metal work into his own mine. He grinned as the information he desired flowed into him. He slowly extracted himself from the girls and cautiously climbed out of his bed and padded down stairs, Eliza just closed her eyes and fell back to sleep. He grabbed a quick bowl of cereal and ate hurriedly before heading down into the basement and walking into the factory that Sar-Rah had made for the goblins to build his and Eliza's ideas. He marveled at how fast they were building some of the larger things. They were building something in a curtained off section of the factory, there were goblin guards around the curtain. Anthony figured that that would be Eliza's secret project she said he would be happy about. Anthony walked into the deepest part of the factory to a corner and once again let the djinn power flow. He willed the wall in the size of a door to move back and he walked forward creating a small room. He then conjured up a small forge and all of the tools he would need for his project.

"Let's get to work," he mumbled to himself and conjured a locked door for the room. Hours passed and he pounded away at metal, polished gems, pulled golden wire, and made mistake after mistake but with each failure his experience grew and he soon created a piece of jewelry. He looked at it and, even to his untrained eye, it looked crude. He placed it on a shelf he willed into the wall proud of his work even if it wasn't very good yet. He picked up a pair of tongs and dropped a chunk of solid gold he had summoned and he heard a pounding on the door to the room. He pulled off his protective gear and hurry to the door and pulled it open being careful not to open it farther then he had to. All of the girls stood on the other side of the door looking at him as sweat dripped down his soot streaked face.

"Do you need something," he asked them all. They all exchanged looks before turning back to him and Liz stepped forward.

"You were gone when we woke and we couldn't find you we were worried," she said in explanation.

"Sorry, I'm just working on something," he said.

"Why don't you just create it out of nothing," Liz said asking him confusedly.

"What I am making is important. If it wasn't I would just be able to summon it up and be done with it. I probably be in here for a few days or until I am done, sorry to abandon you all like this but this is important to me," he said.

"Ok just be careful with whatever it is," Liz ordered and turned and left. The others followed her after only a moment of hesitation. Anthony closed and locked the door before heading back to work. Hours then days passed as he worked only stopping to eat letting the djinn power keep him running not bothering to sleep. Three days later he finished the final piece and examined it for scratches blemishes or impurities in the stones and found nothing wrong with the piece, it shined in the light from the polishing he had given it. It was beautiful and pride swelled as he thought about having created something so pretty. Then a jolt of apprehension went through him and he began to worry about if the girls would like what he made. Then he separated each piece and gently placed this each in a box.

"Finally done," he said to himself and stretched until his spine popped and cracked as he straightened to his full height for the first time in days. He walked out of the room carrying a bag with the boxes stacked inside. He hurried up to his room and ran into the shower, no of the girls had seen him yet. He showered quickly and dressed before heading out the bag clutch tight in his sweating hand. Sar-Rah was cooking in the kitchen, swaying her hips and tapping her feet in time with the music coming out of a radio sitting on the counter.

"Good Evening," Anthony said and with a squeak she spun to face hi. He grinned as she blushed in embarrassment at having been caught unawares.

"Anthony," she squealed and leapt into his arms. He still held the bag at his side so was only able to catch her with one arm but he held her easily. She rained down little kisses on his face as she clung to him and kept repeating his name over and over again.

"Are the others all home," he asked. She nodded against his chest causing her face to rub against him.

"Good can you go get them," he asked and with a nod she ran out of the room. He began stirring the pot of chili on the stove she had stopped stirring when he entered the room. Soon after all of the girls rushed into the kitchen one after another and hugged and kissed him like a returning warrior from a battle campaign.

"Alright I have a question that I need to ask and then depending on the answer I have an announcement to make," Anthony said and the girls stared at him as he spoke.

"Who in this room wants to marry me? If any of you have changed your mind now is the time to tell me," he said. They all raised their hands except Jessica who leaned back against the wall. He nodded having gotten the exact answer that he was expecting.

"Alright then the announcement is this. The day after tomorrow we will be having the wedding, none of you need to do anything I will arrange everything. You can all invited whoever you wish to," he said and headed inside to go to sleep because even a High Djinn Lord will get tired after three days awake burning power to keep a forge fire running without some king of fuel. The next day Liz was on the phone calling Sasha, Nina, Cassie, and Cindy to invite them to come over the next day. Anthony gone into the basement and gone into the tunnel that led to the goblin's old tunnels that were now abandoned. He decorated the throne room by hanging black silk down the stone walls and he removed the dais completely. He placed chairs in the middle of the room, only thirty since he didn't think even that many would be attending.

He looked around the room thing of what to do next then summoned candle stands every couple of feet. They stood about face level an on top of each stand stood a thick black candle that smell of a random flower. He looked up and three crystal chandeliers appeared hanging, evenly spaced, from the ceiling of the chamber. Three long tables covered in black cloth appeared along the side wall. He gestured and rose bushes erupted out of the floor and climbed the walls and ceiling covering all of the exposed surfaced between the silk hangings. He lit the candles and chandeliers to make sure there would be enough lighting then extinguished them and headed back to the door to his basement.

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