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Unable to handle my boyfriends size, he prepares my body for him.
Part 3.
After a few minutes of having my legs up, the girls finally let them down. I told them I needed to get up, I had to go to the bathroom. I grabbed one of Brians t-shirts an slid it over my head real quick. I knew they all had seen every inch of my body, but I just didnt feel comfortable walking around naked. When I peed I noticed alittle blood, thankful there wasnt more than that. I was so sore, I just wanted to go home and sleep. But I knew Brian wasnt finished with me. The thought of his dick in my ass wasnt something that turned me on. I have never had anal sex, never inserted a toy or anything, besides the fingers that was up there tonite.
Walking back in the bedroom the girls had a different sheet on the bed, with a full tube of lube an a few other things sitting on the nightstand. I had no clue what that stuff was, I walked over and started looking at it. One of the girls told me it would be better if I didnt know, so I didnt ask anything. I went upstairs to get a glass of water, still alittle light headed from whatever Brian had put in my drink. I was hoping he was up there to talk him out of taking my ass.

Brian and Paul was in the kitchen, both in their boxers. Brian started walking toward me, Paul left the room. He put his arms around me, kissed my forehead and told me he loved me. I asked him, can we please not finish? Im not ready for what hes wanting, I dont know if Ill ever be ready for that. He put his hands on both sides of my face, looked me in the eyes, said no baby, your body belongs to me now, I will have you every way imaginable. I put my seed inside of you on the intentions of making a baby, we are going to spend our lives together, you need to know what is expected of you. I wanted to cry, I know the pain is going to be overwhelming. He raised my head up to meet his eyes, told me he would take it easy on me, to trust him, that these people are here to make it easier on me. I wanted to ask him if he had slept with the girls downstairs, but I didnt want to make him the slightest bit angry. He told me to finish my water and get back in bed so the girls can get my bottom ready for him. I knew running out of there wasnt an option, he would catch me. I wasnt ready for this.

I walked down the steps to his bedroom, slowly. All the crazy thoughts going through my mind, once I reached the bottom step, I seen the girls sitting on the bed, they were kissing! Ive never seen girls kiss, I was surprised, I told them Id leave the room an give them privacy. They both stood up and said to get over here and lay down, that theyve been waiting on me. I got on the bed, laid down without saying a word, one of the girls looked at me an said remove the t-shirt. I did as I was told and laid back down. I had no clue what it takes to "prepare" my bottom for Brian, I just knew I was scared.
While the girls were putting on latex gloves on, they told me to scoot my bottom to the edge of the bed. I scooted all the way down, having to bend my knees to keep from falling off the bed. They moved 2 little stands to the edge of the bed, telling me to rest my feet on them, which had me spread wide open. Then they got a chair an positioned it between my legs, one of them sat in the chair while the other sat on the edge of the bed with her back facing me. The one sitting in the chair, told me she would tell me step by step what they were doing, so Im not surprised, but that I had to relax for it to go in easier. I felt the warm oil bein poured on my ass checks, then her hands massaging it in, squeezing my cheeks as she massaged. She said shes just giving me a massage to relax my bum and that Kendra will massage my pussy to distract me. Then I felt Kenda's hands on me, the oil with the latex felt so good. I could feel my pussy getting wet, wanting something inside my hole. I started moving my hips, Kendra told me I have to keep my bottom still. I felt a finger working its way into my bum, whatever she was doing down there felt so good. I shut my eyes and went with it.

Im not sure how long I laid there enjoying them touching me, but I heared Brians voice and was startled. He told the girls, nothing artificial inside of me, to get it out now. He sounded alittle angry, never heard that tone with him before. He stood behind the girl sitting in the chair, watching them invade my every hole. He looked at me said" he loved how my slit was shaped, that it was perfect for him" I wanted him right then, I was so wet, I needed to cum. I wanted to feel his cock in my pussy. he walked over to me, sat on the edge of the bed, kept telling me how much he loved me, how happy we were going to be. I heard someone coming down the steps, but couldnt see who it was, Brian was blocking my view. He put his hand on my forehead and told me not to worry bout anything, just to lay there and let them do it to me. I told him I wanted him, I needed him inside of me. He smiled, saying he will be inside of me, when my body is ready to accept him. He got closer to my face, kissing me, moving his hands on my breasts. Working his mouth down my neck, I could still feel Kendra massaging my pussy, and felt a stream of warm oil running down my bum. Brian had me so occupied I wasnt trying to see what the girls were doing, I could feel it and it felt good. Brians big lips found my nipple, I watched as he took it inside of his mouth, then I felt a pressure on my bum. It was definately bigger than a finger, someone had my ass checks spread open to let whatever inside me.

I tried raising my head to see who was down there, but Brian moved his face back up to mine, and told me to keep looking at him. I felt the pressure getting harder, then I felt something go in. I moaned, told Brian it hurt, to please stop. He looked at me, told me to relax, that he would be right there with me, I told him it was bigger than a finger, he told me Paul was inside if me, hes stretching my bottom out for him to take me. He kept rubbing my forehead, kissing me. Kendras fingers was now teasing my pussy hole, only circling the outside of it. I felt Paul pushing alittle more, I heard him moan then tell one of the girls to get more lube. Brian kept his eyes locked to mine, he told me he wanted to be the first to take me, but wanted to make it easier on me. The hands on my ass checks had me spread wide open, while gently squeezing them. Paul inched his way in, stopping to allow me to stretch. Brian stood up, walked over to Paul, put his hand on my thigh pulling my leg open wider, he looked down and told me he was half way in. Just to relax baby. The thought of Brian watching turned me on, Kendra was definately keeping me occupied by playing with my pussy. Brian stood there watching Pauls dick slowly disappearing in my ass, Brian told me to push down alittle, when I did Paul slid further in. Brian told me another inch or so, then he will be in, to push down again. I did, then I heard Paul say he was in.
Brian came back an sit beside me, told me Paul was going to start moving in and out of my bottom, to just stayed relaxed and shut my eyes. To concentrate on what my pussy was feeling, Kendra had her fingers in my pussy and the other hand working my clit. I wanted to cum so bad. The pain in my bottom was now turning into pleasure, I never imagined getting pleasure out of that. Paul was picking up his pace, moving his dick faster inside of me, I could hear him moaning. Brian started kissing me, I was moaning into his mouth, i whispered to him that I was going to cum. Brian jumped up and stood beside Paul, putting his hand back on my thigh pulling my leg open further. He told me to cum baby, to squirt that pussy juice all over him. I started moaning louder, Paul was now slamming my ass, Kendra was rubbing my clit, I screamed as I came. I heard one of the guys say, fuck yeah, Paul lifted my ass up to where only half of my body was on the bed, he buried his cock deep in my ass, told me he was going to cum in my ass, then I felt the warm sensation in my ass. He let my ass down slowly, keeping his cock inside of me, then sat on the edge of the chair.
Brian started taking off his boxers, one of the girls applied some lube to his hard cock. Paul pulled out of me, brian took his spot. One of the girls positioned the mirror so I could see betwwen my legs. She guided Brians cock to my ass, spread my cheeks apart, then he pushed. I knew this was going to hurt, but I wanted him inside of me so bad. I wanted him to take me, to make me his. I felt him pushing against my ass, the head working in. I couldnt see much in the mirror, Just the shiny black cock, which was a huge turn on. I turned my head to look at him, his eyes deadlocked to mine, he told me to push down, I did, I felt the head inside of me. Kendra put on a pair of gloves, squirted some lube in her palm then worked her hands together. She stood beside my leg, using her right hand to massage my pussy. The other girl sat on the edge of the bed, looking at me, telling me to relax, to let him take me. She put her warm hands on my breasts, started kneeding and massaging them. Twisting the nipples between her fingers, it felt so good! I was almost able to forget that I had a huge black cock working its way furher up my ass

. I heard Brian say he was half in, that he needs more lube. Kendra moved her hand from my pussy to his dick, wrapped her hands around the rest of his dick, spreading the lube from her hand to his dick. I heard him tell her to get me ready, she put both of her hands back on my pussy, using one to massage my clit, while using the other to finger my hole. Brian told me to look at him, I locked my eyes to his, he told me to push down as hard as I could. When I did, he pushed his dick further inside my ass, I glanced in the mirror an seen that his pubic hair was touching my ass. He was all the way in! He told me how good my ass felt wrapped around his dick, officially making my body his. He told me that I needed to move on my side slowly so he could lay behind me without taking his cock out. I wasnt sure if that was even possible, but somehow we managed to get into the position. He then pulled me on top of him, it felt so good feeling his chest touch my back. He whispered in my ear to keep my legs spread open wide. kendra repositioned the mirror, I could see Brians dick moving in and out of me. He was so dark compared to me, then I looked over and seen Paul standing at the end of the bed. His cock was hard, one of the girls was applying lube on it. He crawled up between my legs, Brian told me to let him in. I opened my legs wide, he positioned his cock at my pussy hole, then pushed. OMG! It felt so much bigger with Brian in my ass, within an few minutes he was inside me. They both got a rythem going, Ive never felt that full. Brians hands found their way to my breasts, he was twisting my nipples, telling me he wanted me to cum.

Paul was slamming inside my pussy, each time he hit my cervix, I thought he was going to slam inside of it. Kendra came around to the side of the bed, moving her hand between my legs. She started rubbing my clit, I was close. Brian told me that my ass was tightening up, that he was going to cum. I told him I was going to cum, he told me to squirt on both of them, that he wanted it. I started moaning loudly, telling them to fuck me harder, I felt Brians dick get bigger before he released deep inside my ass. Within minutes of him coming, I came. Paul was still working his cock in my pussy, slamming into me. He grabbed under my knees, lifting me up alittle, and yelled that he was coming. Paul was the first to pull out, and leave the room. Brian turned me over on my side, pushing a few more times in my ass before withdrawling his dick. He laid there with his arms around me, holding me close to him. I fell asleep.

I woke to a warm washcloth being rubbed on my ass, Kendra was washing me. She spread my cheeks apart, carefully cleaning around my sore bum. I heard her rinse out the washcloth, then she started cleaning my pussy. The areas between my bum and pussy hole was so sore, I thought maybe I ripped alittle. But I was to tired to say anything. I went back to sleep...
To continue..

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2012-11-23 22:21:11
It was okay , you can do better. I couldnt really get into it because it pretty much ,ade me mad. Ill have to drop this series.

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2012-10-25 16:13:35
i think its a good story

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2012-10-15 04:50:40
Good story. See what pagraphing can do to your story. It make reading easier. Other than that juz some minor spelling and grammar error. Keep improving you're getting better.

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