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A night out dancing
(This is a story of our trip to Goa, when the 5 of us went and had a rocking time. Most parts are true, though some parts are exaggerated. I suggest to read previous parts, to get a better story line)

I got up a few hours later and got ready for the night. I wore a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I woke the two girls up and asked them to get ready.

Maya asked, “What do you want us to wear?”

“Surprise me”

When I got down, Arya was watching a EPL match, so I grabbed us both a couple of beers and joined him, while the girls took time to get ready. When they got ready and came down, I let out a soft whistle. They looked mindblowingly hot in their outfits.

Maya had worn a hot black backless halter neck, which exposed her skin till the small of her back, it was just a couple of inches above her ass. The front had a plunging neck, with folds, which even though they prevented her nipples from sticking out through the material, if she bent forward the curves of her boobs would be clearly visible. The skirt was short and loose, so when she twirled, her dress would balloon up to her waist. If she bent forward even a bit, her ass and panties would be visible. I asked, “What do you have underneath darling?”

With that she lifted the helm of her dress and exposed her g-string. It was pretty much a small strip of black lace that barely covered her pussy. She had pulled it up tight cause she likes it when the lace rubs against her clit and her asshole. She turned around and bent forward to give us a good view of the string disappearing between her ass cheeks and we could see the g-string wedged between her pussy lips.

She naughtily asked, “You like what you see?”

“Hell yes!!” was the reply from not just Arya and me, but also the girls.

Anjali was wearing a dark green strapless dress. It hugged her figure and showed off all the curves of her body. The top of her dress just about covered her tits, though a little bit of cleavage could be seen. The dress was short, just a couple of inches below her ass.

Babita had worn a full sleeve white net dress, which clung to her body curves, with a white bikini set underneath. It was a deep neck, which just about covered her nipples and showed off most of her boobs. The dress just about covered her ass and the way it hugged her, I am sure when she walked her dress would keep riding up her body. Also you could see her boobs and ass jiggle when she walked.

We went for dinner to a shack on the beach. Now the dresses the girls had worn were so short, that when they sat down on the lounge chair, their dresses rode up till they JUST about barely covered their asses. And if they opened their legs even a bit their panties were on display. The girls received quite a few stares from others on the beach. I am sure that while they were seating, the rest of the patrons must have gotten quite the view. We had excellent service, cause all the waiters were lining up to get an eyeful. We had a few drinks and some fresh fish, before heading to Club Tito's, to party.

When we got there we immediately hit the floor. We all danced with each other for a while before heading to the bar. We downed a round of tequila shots before Babita got an idea. She took the lime, coated it with salt and applied it to her right boob. She then took the tequila shot glass and stuck it in between her boobs. Arya understood what she was doing and put his face in her boobs, caught the shot glass in his lips, lifted it from her boobs and downed the tequila, before going back to lick the salt and lime. Babita who was already a bit high, giggled when he licked her boobs right in the middle of the club. We all decided to have that round in the same manner. So all of us had our shots by putting our faces in her cleavage and licking her gorgeous boobs.

Anjali did the same as the next round was on her. Since Maya couldn’t host a round of tequila because of her loose dress, Anjali offered to do it for her. By now people had noticed what we were doing and they were queuing up to the bar. You will always have a crowd, especially when another girl is having tequila shots off another girl’s body. Babita complained that she only got to host it once, so we had another round on her, which the bartender said was on the house.

As we were headed to the dance floor on top, a good looking local guy approached Anjali. He said something to her and she just laughed. They chatted for a while before she joined us.

The girls started dancing to the music, with Maya in between the two. Slowly they moved closer and their bodies started to rub against each other’s. Maya and Babita’s legs intertwined. Maya cupped Babita’s ass and pulled her closer. They hiked their dresses up, so that their thongs were grinding against each other’s thighs. Anjali pushed her groin into Maya’s ass and put her hands on Maya’s boobs and let them get crushed between Maya’s and Babita’s boobs. She bent forward and started kissing Maya’s bare neck. This dance bought a lot of attention to them. Other couples on the dance floor were looking at them, especially the guys, whereas the guys from downstairs were pointing and staring at them.

After a while we got bored of the music being played and went to the other dance floor, which was playing Hip-Hop music. While we were getting our drinks, the guy who had chatted up with Anjali had followed us here. When she saw him, she went over and started talking.

The rest of us hit the dance floor. Now, since I am not much of a dancer, I let Maya take charge. She put my hand on her hips, as she began to sway them to the music. She then pushed her ass into my groin and started to grind it. I took my cold beer and placed it on her neck, moving it down her back. She shuddered at the feeling of the cold bottle against her. I decided to get naughty and poured a little bit of beer on her back watching it trickle down her back before disappearing in the crack of her ass. Now her thong would be dripping with beer. We continued dancing while fooling around, while I continued teasing her, by licking her earlobe and kissing her neck.

Arya and Babita came over pointing towards the tables in the corner. I was surprised to see Anjali with the guy and they were really getting it on.

She was pressed up against him, with his arm around her waist. We guys were all eyes, as she moved her hands around his neck, tilted her head back and kissed him deeply. Their tongues went deep into each other’s mouths. Slowly he brought his hands down her side until they cupped her ass.
He ran one hand slowly up her body over her boobs, neck to her face. He slipped his fingers in her mouth and she started to suck on them. As they danced he bent her in such a way that her cunt was rubbing on his crotch.

She placed her hand on his crotch and began to stroke his hard cock through his pants.

Her short dress was already riding up from the way they were dancing and her tiny thong covered almost nothing. Anybody looking would get a great view of her round ass. He turned her around and soon his hands started to explore her body, moving up and down, caressing and squeezing her neck, boobs, stomach, thighs and ass. She arched her back, while he nuzzled on her neck. As he continued to pull her to him, her dress began to work its way up. Soon her thong was in contact with his jeans. She spread her ass cheeks to grind against this guy who was obviously sporting a big erection.

After a while he didn’t have to move her hips with his hands. She was grinding her ass furiously against his dick and was building up an orgasm.

We four moved closer and tried to surround their corner to obstruct the view of others, as it was clearly obvious what they were doing and we didn’t want to be thrown out. Soon Anjali let out a moan and clamped her thighs shut. Her body shuddered as she orgasmed. He had to hold her to prevent her from collapsing to the floor.

When she recovered from her orgasm, they made their way to the bar. The four of us occupied a corner table. By now I was feeling a bit tired and so I sat down at the corner table. Babita also sat down next to me, while Maya and Arya still wanted to dance. Now both of them are really good dancers.

She led him out to the dance floor, but just next to our table, so they were dancing right in front of us. The song playing was a very fast dance song and they danced close. He moved his hands down to her hips as they danced to the music. She was swaying her hips to the music, while her hands were at the hem of her dress. As she swayed to the music, she would lift her dress a little, exposing more of her legs. Soon, the entire club could see the tiny black g-string she wore under the dress.

He ran his hands down her back and to her ass. He slowly worked his hands under her dress, which exposed her cute ass. Even though she knew that her ass was visible, she did not try to move his hands. Instead, she placed her arms around his neck and pulled him close.

She turned away from him. Pressed up against her from behind, he had full access to her most intimate parts. He started by running his hands around her waist, down her stomach and between her legs. As he moved his hands back up her legs, he lifted her dress and pulled her into him by grabbing her hips. She was now grinding her bare ass against his groin.

She bent forward, so that her pussy would be rubbing against his cock though the jeans and put her arms on his ass and pulled him closer.

He responded by running his one hand down her back to her ass. From the way they were positioned, he had great access to everything between her legs. From the moan she let out, I guessed he must have a finger inside her. She thrust her hips towards him and started to move back and forth, fucking his finger.

Watching them get it on, had gotten both Babita and me, hot and horny. She got up from her seat and came and sat on my lap.

"Mmmm," she moaned, kissing me full on the mouth. My hands began roaming and I felt up her lovely tits, and squeezed her nipples roughly. She winced as I gave her nipple a little twist.

Maya looked at me directly in the eye and then whispered something to Arya. He looked at me and seeing that I was cool with what they were doing, he reached down and slid Maya’s g-string, down her sexy legs. She stepped out of one leg and then kicked them towards me. They came flying and Babita caught them. They were soaked with Maya’s juices and beer. Babita took a long sniff and brought them to my nose. The fragrance was intoxicating. I inhaled and let out a sigh. Babita then proceeded to suck the beer and Maya’s juices out of her g-string. I almost exploded at that very moment.

“ Do you wanna taste me?” Babita lustfully asked.

"Of course," I answered. With that, she reached down between her legs, puts her fingers into her pussy and coated them with her juices. She put her fingers in my mouth. She tasted sweet and wonderful. I lifted her dress up the curve of her ass and she started grinding her pussy against my erection. I held her close and I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy onto my dick.

Moving my hands down to her panty-clad pussy, it was soaked and my fingers were covered with her juices when I brought them to her lips. She sucked on my fingers like she was sucking my dick.

Moving one hand behind, Babita unzipped my jeans, and reached into my boxer shorts, grabbing my very hard cock in her soft hand and started to stroke it lightly. Luckily as she was sitting on my lap, my dick was hidden from the public view, but her pussy was open for all to see. Luckily Maya and Arya were dancing in front of us keeping us hidden from the rest of the club.

Keeping one hand between Maya’s legs, Arya slid the other up the front of her body, over her breasts, up her neck, to her face. He slipped his finger into her mouth and she gladly started sucking them.

He then cupped her throat just below the chin, tilting her head back and away from me and guiding her face into his neck.

With her head pinned back against his neck, he had managed to tilt her body back away from me, again giving him full access to her front. He let go of her neck, but she obediently held her position leaning back into him. His hand now free, it roamed up and down her body from her thighs to her breasts, grouping and squeezing. He took her nipples in his thumb and forefinger and rolled them until they were hard as rocks, sticking through the thin fabric of the dress.

Except that his penis was not actually in her, he was fucking her right in front of me.

I slipped my hand down to Babita’s pussy and a moan escaped her lips. Gently massaging her clit, I kissed her deeply with our tongues dancing.

"Do you want to cum?" I asked her.

She nodded, and moaned, "Yess, pleaseeee!"

Moving my hand downwards into her bottom, I slipped my middle finger deep into her pussy, while spreading her pussy lips with my index and ring fingers and rubbing on her clit with my thumb sending waves of sensation throughout her body.

Oh! Oh! Mmmmmhhhmmm!! Oh! Uh-uh-uh!! Show them how it's done!"

With that, she thrust back and began to rock back and forth fucking my finger. I held my finger deep inside her, and she squeezed it with the muscles of her pussy. I could feel her muscles inside her pussy squeeze and then contract on my finger. Her body trembled as she came long and hard. Her hot juices flowed out of her pussy, covering my hand and some of it flowed down onto my arm. I could feel her pussy twitch against my finger and her muscles spasming which were the after effects of a great orgasm

I bought my fingers to my lips and sucked all her juices. She then kissed me deeply thrusting her tongue inside my mouth, licking up the remains of her juices from my mouth

Maya was thrusting harder and harder, pushing her hips against Arya’s fingers. She let out a loud moan, which I heard over the loud music in the club. Her whole body tensed, and then shuddered as she came to a delicious climax. I could see her knees go weak as she went limp in Arya’s strong arms. Her juices flowed down her thighs and were visible, but since it was dark it went unnoticed.

He carried her and brought her to our table, where he sat her down. The two girls were drained out. I told Arya to keep them company, while I went to get some refreshments. When I got to the bar, Anjali was there with her guy. When she saw me, she said bye to the guy and came over. After a while when the girls had recovered, we decided to go club-hopping. After visiting a few clubs down the road, where we danced and drank and then drank and danced some more. A few hours later we all were piss drunk and the girls were barely able to stand.

The rest of the night is a little fuzzy, though I remember getting back to the resort and Arya having to carry Babita over his shoulder to the suite. I also remember that her dress had ridden up above her ass and her cum soaked panties were visible. Luckily, there was no one around except for a few staff, who must have enjoyed the delicious sight.

We got back to the suite and somehow partially undressed and crashed on to the first mattress we saw.

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