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Everyday life of James
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Pop! Pop! Pop! I heard a window break and a car drive off. I grabbed my grip and ran outside. 

The car from which the shots had come from did a 360 and shot at me, I wasn't hit but I heard screaming after the adrenaline had calmed down. 

I looked behind me and saw that Mac's kid, who was about 6 had been shot in the stomach. I heard sirens coming so I ditched the gun over a fence behind the house. 

When they arrived Mac's kid, Aaron had bleed out. They went around asking questions, but with no answers they gave up. 

I went over to Mac. 

"You ok?" I asked

"My kid just got shot, do you fucking think I'm ok? Get the Clique we gon' go loco hunting." he replied. 

I went around and gathered everyone, about 10 in all then went to Mac. 

I told him we were ready then told everyone to get their guns and meet back here in 10.

After I recovered my glock I grabbed my phone and made a call. 

"Hello?" She answered with a sleepy voice. 

"Hey Sis." 

"Why are you calling me so early?" 

"I just felt like calling sis, needed to hear your voice." 

"Why? What's wrong?" 

"I have to go, love you" 

Then I hung up.

"Let's go!" Mac yelled.

We loaded up in the three escalades and took off. 

After about 15 minutes we found who we were looking for. 

I rolled down my window and sat on the door, since they were on the opposite side. 

"Go go go." I told Scoob. 

He sped up and we shot out of the windows. 

I hit 2 or 3 outside the house. 

He pulled over and we got out and went inside.

People were running and screaming, a party maybe.

I ran up and started firing in the crowd, it was like shooting a shotgun into a barrel full of fish. 

I felt a bullet rip through my shoulder, I kept pulling the trigger. I felt Jamal grab me and take my gun. He made it look like I was one of them and took off. 

I passed out.

When I awoke and I was in the hospital, with Jamal and D-Dub, and my sister in there. 

My sister is about 5' 8" with C-Cup tits and a nice ass. She had dark hair, she was tan and had Blue eyes. 

Outside there were about 2 cops. 

"Hey." I said

They all looked at me, but they didn't even have a chance to speak before the cops came in. 

"What happened tonight?" I didn't say anything. 

"Are you in the Locos gang?" 

After about 5 more questions they left

"You're coming with me." my sister said. 

"How long have I been here?" 

"About 3 days." 


I knew what was happening, the CPS was making me move in with my sister, who was living off her dad's will money.  

My sister was my half sister, and her dad was rich when he died of kidney cancer. She's only 21 and has about 30 million dollars, and owns a franchise of fast food restaurants.

I got dressed, in all red and black and left with her. Once we got to her place, I noticed she lived in a huge apartment complex where she owned a condo. These were rich people apartments, they had security guards at the gate and everything. 

I passed out in the guest bedroom. I woke up, and went into the front room. 

"They're serving Lunch in the main building." She told me. 

I took a quick shower and got dressed. Baggy khakis and a big but not huge white T shirt. 

I left and found my way to the building. 

I folded my black bandana and put it in my back right pocket. 

I entered and looked around. I quickly spotted some teenage ass, and some fake 'gangstas' I went over. 

"What set you fuckers claim?" I threw up my hood. 

They all said "No no no hood man we all good." 

I left and went and grabbed my favorite, a BLT. I went and sat next to some blonde. 

"Hi I'm James." I said, 'Time to get my Mack on' I thought.

"I'm Christina, you just move in?" 

"Yea I'm with my sister, Courtney." 

"Shes sooo nice, so where you from?" 

"36th block south Seattle." 

"Oh.. That's nice." 

I smiled and continued to eat. 

I went back to the apartment. 

"Hey I'm going to the pool, wanna come?" Courtney asked. 

"Sure let me get changed." 

I threw off my shirt and looked at my self in the mirror, I looked ok but could improve. 

I had a 6 pack, but it wasn't a crazy toned one, I also had pecks. My arms were muscular. 

I threw on some shorts and my Nike slides and a towel then went out. I got lucky from my wound, a flesh wound just deep enough to hurt but not mess with anything and is healing rather quickly. 

"Ok let's go."

 I followed her to the pool, stealing quick glances at her ass. It wasnt as weird as it would be since she really is only my sister because my mom had her. I never really seen her since I was little and only texted and called her every once in a while.

I sat on a chair while she jumped in. I didn't want to have to change my bandages again. 

There was ass everywhere. 

"Hey James." I heard Christina say as she smiled, her friends giggled. She moved a chair over by my started talking. 

"How'd you get that?" she pointed at my shoulder. 

"Got shot." 

"Really?! Let me see!"   

"No maybe later it kind of hurts right now."    

"Oh ok." she said sounding disappointed. 

"Hey, I have a study group later do you want to come?" she asked

"Um ok but I don't feel like studying." 

"Cool 6 o clock 33b." she told me then left. It was 3. 

I fell asleep and woke up at 5:30. 

Better early then late I told my self and found 33b. 

I knocked. 

I heard some talking the Christina answered the door. 

"Hey! You came." 

"Yup, can I come in it's kinda chilly." 

"You didn't change! Hahahaha!" she laughed at me. 

"I fell asleep haha." 

She let me in. It was empty except for me and her. 

"My parents go out to dinner every Sunday so I have a study group to do last minute homework." she informed me. 


"Want something to drink?"


I followed her into the kitchen. I looked at her ass then up, she had seen my in the window and I saw her smirk. 

"Dr. Pepper, Coke, water, Mtn. Dew, or nothing?" she asked bending over since it was all at the bottom of the fridge. 

Me and her dad might get along, smart man. 

"Which one?" 

"Oh uh Dr. Pepper." 

She handed it to my and we went and watched tv. 15 minutes till everyone gets here. 

She scooted over and laid her head on my lap. I felt her cheek on my dick and 
I was sure she felt my dick. 

She started slowly moving her tongue on the inside of her cheek against my dick. 

I felt my dick start to rise and she smiled. 

"Ive never done this before but it looks fun." she smiled as she pulled down my shorts 

She kissed my tip and started taking as much in as she could while playing with my balls. Her gag reflex was close to none, with just enough to get that feeling on my dick when I went into her throat. 

That combined with her tongue had me cumming in no time. I filled up her mouth and it started to leak. She swallowed as much as she could and used her finger clean the rest up. 

"That was great." I said smiling 

"It was fun too, let's do it again sometime." 

That's when we heard the doorbell ring. 

A group came in and they started chattering. 

They all noticed me and fell quiet. 

"This is James, James meet some of my friends." 

I nodded my head then went and watched tv. 

At about 8 I retired to my house telling them all bye. 

I opened the door and found my sister and another hot woman making out on the couch who looked like Emma Stone from Zombie Land. 

"Oh shit!" I heard my sister yell. She rolled off the Emma Stone look-a-like onto the couch. 

"It's ok I was just going to bed." 

"Can I come with?" her friend asked, you could tell she was drunk. 

"Uh no." I went and laid down. At about 12 in the morning I felt another body I'm my bed. I was too tired to care and fell back asleep. 
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