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Kriss finally loses her cherry, and I have an interesting meeting with her mom
Ronnie released my cock and pulled Kriss onto the bed on her back. I saw that Ronnie had taken care of Kriss in the shower, so I didn't really bother with the foreplay. Ronnie laid next to us and asked Kriss if she was ready. Kriss smiled and nodded yes, but I could tell she was nervous. Ronnie had her camera in her hands I began to press against her friend's. "Wait daddy", said Ronnie. "Let me." She held the camera at arms length as she took my cock into her mouth. Her blowjob was extra wet, coating my cock in her warm spit. She then turned and began licking her friends pussy. I took her camera and began taking the photos for her. I continued taking pictures as Ronnie took my shaft in her left hand and spread her friend's pussy with her right. She guided my cock into Kriss' pussy lips, watching with fascination as I parted them open. It took me a second to realize that Kriss now had a completely shaved cunt. I gently touched it but had my hand swatted away. "You're blocking the camera daddy", said Ronnie in a stern voice. I smiled as I moved my hand. I knew there would be plenty of opportunities to explore this young pussy in the future. The head of my cock pushed into Kriss' tight young cunt and pressed against her hymen. Ronnie looked into Kriss' eyes. "It's gonna hurt, but then it will feel really good, ok? I promise you'll love it." Kriss smiled at Ronnie. "Will you hold my hand?" Ronnie gently squeezed her hand and looked at me. I lifted Kriss' legs a little higher and smiled at her. With a single thrust I rammed my cock inside her, tearing through the thin membrane and taking her virginity. She tightly squeezed Ronnie's hand as she adjusted to the sensation inside her. I didn't move, letting her adjust to my girth. Kriss's death grip on Ronnie relaxed, which was my sign to start moving. I pumped slowly at first, enjoying the tightness of her beautiful little cunt. Kriss' eyes rolled into the back of her head as new feelings of amazement washed over her body. Her first orgasm was strong, causing her body to convulse. Two more less powerful ones followed close behind. "I'm ready daddy", she said to my amazement. I knew I was gonna be perfectly ok with these lovely young ladies calling me daddy. "Fuck me hard daddy. Fuck my pussy hard!"

With those words I began pumping her pussy hard and deep. I couldn't believe how good this felt. Suddenly Kriss grabbed Ronnie by the hair. "Eat my pussy!" That was not a request. This was an order. Ronnie looked at her for a second, stunned at her best friend's bossiness. Kriss gripped her hair tighter and pushed her face down to her clit. "Eat it!" She commanded again. I was a little concerned, as Ronnie wasn't one to take orders well. You can imagine my surprise as she began licking and sucking her friend's clit. Kriss smiled at me and pointed at Ronnie's ass, making a slapping motion. I caressed Ronnie's back and ran my hand over her ass. When she least expected it my hand came down hard. Ronnie pulled her head back as she let out a whimper. Kriss pushed her face back down and I spanked her again. Ronnie whimpered, but stuck her ass up in the air even higher. "Do you like that Ronnie?" I asked. Ronnie nodded her head yes and let out an "mm-hmm" as she continued eating her friend. I spanked her again and again, suddenly realizing that she had reached between her own legs and was rubbing her cunt. Kriss started cumming again and I was right behind her. We exploded at practically the same time. I shot what was left of my cum into her virgin cunt, my body going into convulsions before pulling out. Ronnie sat up, her face shiny with her friend's juices. "Ronnie, clean daddy up", commanded Kriss. Ronnie didn't say a word as she moved her face down to my crotch and began gently sucking and licking my cock clean. When she was done, she turned to Kriss. "I'm finished", she said as she lowered her eyes. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My normally headstrong step daughter was submitting to her friend! "Now suck me clean." Ronnie quickly moved to between her friends legs and began eating her out, swallowing my cum as it oozed out. I kissed Kriss as we watched my little girl eating her out like a crazed slut. Kriss grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up, kissing her lips and sharing in our juices.

They finally broke their kiss and we all collapsed on the bed, one girl on each arm. It was getting late and Kriss' phone rang. "Hello? Oh hi mom! I'm with Ronnie. Is it ok if I spend the night?" She rolled her eyes as she continued talking. "Yeah, her dad is here and he said it's ok. Yes, you can talk to him." She walked over and handed me the phone. "Hi Suzy!" was all I was able to get out before Kriss started sucking on my flaccid dick. I covered the phone and gave her a stern look. She giggled and put it in her mouth. It took all I had to continue my conversation. "Yeah, she can stay over. It's not a PROBLEM!" I said as Ronnie stuck her tongue in my ass. "George? Are you ok?" asked a very concerned Suzy. "Yeah sorry, just spilled my drink on myself." She laughed on the other end. "You should be more careful. Thanks for watching them, I could use a girls night out." We hung up and both girls were looking at me with Chershire cat grins. I pulled Kriss onto my lap and started spanking her ass. She squealed as I pushed her off and grabbed Ronnie by the arm, putting her in the same position. I began to spank her, but she didn't scream. She raised her ass even higher and buried her face in the bed. I spanked her again and heard her moan. Kriss shoved her fingers into her pussy and held them up. "I think she likes it!" she said as she licked her fingers clean.My little Ronnie was a submissive! Now this was gonna be fun!

We finally got dressed and headed into the living room. We didn't want her mom to stop by and catch us with our pants down (no pun intended). We watched some tv and kissed and groped all night. Finally we had enough and headed to bed. We were so exhausted that there was only a little petting before everyone kissed each other goodnight and drifted off to sleep, a tangle of limbs on the bed.

A couple of hours later my cellphone started ringing. I woke and picked it up, panicking when I saw her Suzy's name on my caller ID. I went to the kitchen and answered it. "Hello?" "Hi George? It's Suzy. I'm so sorry to wake you, but my friend hooked up with some guy and left me at the bar all alone. they're about to close and I don't have any cash for a taxi." Before she could ask, I told her I was on my way to get her. I went to the room and woke the girls. "Kriss, I need to get your mom. She's ok, she just needs a ride. You two go to Ronnie's room." They both sleepily staggered to Ronnie's room, shut the door and went back to sleep. I threw on some sweats and a t shirt and hopped in my car. The bar was only three miles away, so it was a quick drive. I pulled up to the front and saw Suzy standing next to a bouncer. Holy shit, she looked hot. Normally she was dressed rather conservatively, but tonight she was far from it. She had on a very tight skirt that was maybe a few inches below her crotch. The top she was wearing showed off her ample cleavage and then some. I got out and walked towards her. "MY hero!" she screamed as she ran into my arms. She was obviously very wasted. She waved at the bouncer and climbed into my car. There was a chill in the air, which caused her nipples to push through her thin top. I adjusted the heater and started driving. I couldn't help but check her out. Her skirt was almost all the way up and I could see her lacy red panties. She caught me staring a couple of times and giggled. I pulled into her driveway and got out. I opened her door and she got out slowly, one leg at a time, exposing her pretty red panties to me. I wrapped my arm around her and walked her to the door. She pointed to the flowerpot where she kept her spare key. I opened the door and helped her to her room. She sat on the bed and I wished her a good night. Before I could turn around she jumped up and kissed me. "Don't leave yet. I have to thank you." With that she dropped to her knees and pulled my sweats down in one fell swoop. "I saw you looking at me" she said before taking me into her mouth. I didn't know what turned me on more, her sucking my dick or knowing that only a couple of hours before I was slamming the same cock into her young daughter's pussy. She sucked and licked my cock before laying on the bed and pulling off her panties. "Fuck me please" she begged as she spread her legs open. There was no way in hell I was gonna be able to do this. My daughter and he daughter had both drained me earlier. I started fucking her as best as I could, trying to find an excuse for why I wasn't going to be able to keep this hard on. After about three minutes I heard something weird. Snoring. She was out cold. I pulled out of her and removed the rest of her clothes. I admired her body and snapped a few pictures with my cell in case this was a drunken mistake on her part. I covered her up and went home.

I walked through the door and found Ronnie in the kitchen, getting a drink of water. "Hey daddy. How's Suzy?" "Drunk and passed out" I said with a smile. "Did she try to seduce you?" she asked. "She has told her friends that she thinks you're very hot." I smiled at this and thought that maybe that wasn't a completely drunken incident after all. "Did you fuck her daddy?" Asked Ronnie. "You smell like pussy." With that she pulled down my sweats and slowly smelled my cock. "You did fuck her!" she said. "Shh!" I don;t want Kriss to know!" I said. "Please, Kriss said her mom needs to hook up with you so she can finally get laid. Hmm, I wonder what she tastes like?" With that she took my limp cock into her mouth, rolling her tongue all over, tasting her friend's mom's juices. When she was done she kissed me, smiled and said "delicious" before walking back to her room. I considered inviting them to my room, but I was too fucking tired. I crawled into bed and was asleep before my head hit the pillow, a huge smile across my face.

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2012-10-25 21:51:14
you need to knock them all up

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more rimjob! and a gangbang please!

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2012-10-16 09:18:45
Have his step daughter eat out kris's mom

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2012-10-16 05:28:04
seems like parts 4 and 5 were short enough to be combined into 1 part

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The story was good enough for me that I really didn't have a problem navigating through the lack of formatting. Please continue the story. I'm looking forward to getting Suzy involved.

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