three young sisters are abducted torture raped and then snuffed

Inside the cage huddled together and crying were three young girls that he had abducted. Soon he would be raping and torturing one of these fucking little sluts.
Alice aged fourteen had a slim figure and large tits. Beth the nine-year-old had smaller tits and Hanna the six-year-old did not have any tits but she did have nipples that he could torture.
Paul, naked with his hard naked cock standing proud entered the room. He caught a faint smell of urine. The three terrified girls looked at Paul. "Please mister, Please let us go," Alice said softly. She was trying so hard not to be frightened that Paul just had to smile.
"You are now my Fuck Toys which means all three of you sluts are going to be raped and tortured". Alice began to shake and sob. "Please mister, let my sisters go. I-I'll do anything."
“My cock won’t let me do that Fuck Toys it wants to rape all of you." His cock was so hard it hurt. He picked which one he would fuck first. "Alice, take your slut sister Beth to the back of the cage and sit still. Hanna, You are coming with me."
"No!" screamed Alice, "Please don't rape her mister, She's just a child. She is only six and you will tear her vagina open."
"That’s why I am going to fuck her. I want to feel her tight little cunt around my cock. I am also going to fuck her little ass and her sexy little mouth. Now shut your fucking mouth or I will hang you from the ceiling by your wrists and whip those slut tits of yours. How does that sound cunt?."
Alice covered her breasts, then silently grabbed Beth and took her to the back of the cage.
Hanna looked at Paul in terror. "Please don't hurt me mister," she said, even though she had no idea of what the man was going to do to her. Paul's hard naked cock jumped with excitement, "But I want to hurt you, you little slut when I shove my cock up your little cunt".
Hanna did not understand what Paul had said. Paul unlocked the cage and took her by the hand and led her out. Keeping hold of his prize he locked the cage and picked the child up. He carried her to his torture room. Leather straps hung from points around the table. To anyone it was obvious that they were used to hold someone down but whether the six-year-old child knew was beyond Paul. He selected a small cat-o-nine tails made from thick cords of leather with small metal studs on the end of each cord. He also got a shiny dildo and a box of pins. Paul placed the toys he'd gathered on the floor in front of Hanna, "Do you know what any of these toys are used for?" he asked her.
The child shook her head.
"That's okay I will show you but you've got to take all your clothes off."
"Why do I have to?" asked the child.
"Because I fucking told you to, now take your clothes off you little cunt or I will rip them off”.
The child began to cry as she unbuttoned the front of her dress. Paul guessed she was too young to know what sort of things a man with an erect cock could do to her. She pulled the dress over her head and held it in her hand looking around for somewhere to put it.
"Just dump it on the floor," he said.
The child did as she was told. She then took off her shoes and white cotton socks. She stood there only in her tiny panties. Paul stared at the child's small nipples. The thought of piercing them with needles was enough to make Paul's cock throb with excitement. "Come on you little cunt, your panties as well,"
The child fingered the band around her panties and finally pulled them down and stepped out of them keeping her hands at her sides she looked at Paul.
"Come here you little cunt," he said.
The child walked to Paul who put his arms around her waist and lifted her onto the table her legs dangling over the edge. "Now you little cunt I want you to open your legs as wide as you can," he said.
The child parted her legs and spread them. Her tiny cunt was so small and smooth. Using the straps secured to the table, Paul tied her legs far apart making sure she couldn't move them. Paul took her arms and pulled them as far across the table as he could stretch her. He then tied them down leaving her body free for him to torture. "Are you comfortable?" asked Paul.
The crying child shook her head.
"Don't worry cunt," said Paul, "It'll all be over soon," He bent down and picked up the cat. "Do you know what this is?"
The girl shook her head, "No" she cried.
"Well this is what we call a Cat, and it's to hit little girls with like this" With that he swung a vicious lash across her breasts. The child screamed in agony. Paul reached down and covered her mouth as he inspected her breasts. The metal stud’s left dark red marks. Paul uncovered the girl's mouth and she started screaming again and began to struggle at her bonds. Paul walked over to where the little slut had put her clothes and tore a strip from her dress. Then taking her small panties he stood over her. Paul waited for Hanna to open her mouth to scream again then shoved her panties down the back of her throat. The child choked as Paul tied the strip around her mouth before she could spit her panties out.
The girl’s body thrashed about with the pain, which only caused her more pain. Every movement was a sign the child was in excruciating pain. She began screaming again and pissed herself in fear when Paul lifted the whip. Paul laughed as her steaming yellow liquid hit the cement floor. "You are going to pay for doing that you dirty little cunt".
He stroked the whip across her stomach and then landed a hard blow. He stuck her again and again. Her tortured screams was making Paul's cock excited. Her tiny body bucked under the cruel blows and Paul began to whip her nipples. The child stared at Paul with terrified eyes waiting to see what the man would do to her next. Paul picked up the pot of pins. Opening the lid he said, "Now I'm going to push these through your nipples and your pussy. The child began to scream again but Paul could not wait for her to stop. He wasted no time in pushing a needle through her nipple then pulled her right nipple to push a pin through that.
The child, helpless to stop her torture gave a long continuous scream of pain into her gag.
After piercing each nipple five times, Paul moved onto the girl's little cunt. He ran his fingers over the smooth flesh and then taking hold of the right lip, he pressed the point of a needle against her skin and registered her every jerk and cry as he pushed it through. He repeated this process until he had put two needles in both of the child's pussy lips.
The girl struggled to get away and screamed and moaned into her gag.
Paul picked up the whip and stroked it across her pussy rising it above his head he began to whip her small cunt. After about ten lashes or so the girl stopped moving. Paul put down the whip and took out her gag. He placed his ear at her mouth. She wasn't breathing so he slapped her hard to get her breathing again then sat to watch her recover. Her body was red with the welts from the beating and blood trickled from her nipples and pussy. He liked his Fuck Toys a little more lively so he waited. Paul watched the girl begin to come round and then moan and sob as the pain set back in. The child's sobs were enough to make Paul’s cock even harder. Putting his face near hers he pulled her golden hair and said, "Now you dirty little bitch, I'm going to put my cock in your mouth and I want you to suck it. Don't bite it just suck. Now say I want to suck your cock."
The girl mumbled the sentence. Paul slapped her across the face, "Louder you little cunt."
"I want to suck your cock." the girl cried even though she had no idea what it meant.
Paul couldn't help but grin, "Open your mouth slut." So terrified of being punished again the little girl did as she was instructed. Paul moved forwards and shoved the fat head of his cock into her mouth. It barely fit but the terrified girl began to suck on it. Paul was in heaven; her tongue and mouth worked miracles. Paul grabbed the back of her head and thrust in as much of his cock as possible. He kept it there for several seconds letting her mouth do all the work. Taking his cock from her mouth he let her go. The child gasped and coughed for air. He walked around in front of the child and slowly pulled the pins out of her cunt, the child moaned with the pain. "Your cunt is so small that it is really going to hurt you when I fuck it."
Of course the child didn't have a clue what he was going on about, but that didn't bother Paul. The idea excited him that he could tell her exactly what he was going to do to her but not have her realize it until he did it. Paul began to run the fat head of his cock up and down her little slit. "Now I want you to beg me to fuck you,"
The girl lay there crying in pain and struggling to get loose from her bonds.
"You start begging me to fuck you, you little slut or I will get the whip out again."
That got the child started, "P-Please mister I want you to fuck me, Please fuck me."
She had no idea of what she had just said, but then she was only six. Paul began to push his cock into her cunt. It was VERY tight and it took Paul a while just to get to her hymen. The girl was in agony and screamed as her tiny cunt was stretched further than it was meant to go. Paul pushed as much of his cock inside her as he could manage and began to fuck her hard. Pulling his cock out he picked up the dildo from the floor and probed around with the dildo until he found her tiny tight ass hole. He pushed the polished toy inside her and was delighted with her cries of pain and moans. Pushing his cock back in her cunt he continued fucking her. Hanna moaned loudly her vaginal muscles contracted with the pain in her ass. Paul kept this up for several minutes before he felt himself cumming. Paul withdrew his cock from the child and pushed the dildo as far as it would go up her ass. Leaving the dildo in place he moved around the table and pushed his cock back into her open mouth. This little girl was learning fast and began to suck it. It wasn't long before he exploded his filth into her mouth. Paul gripped the back of her head to stop her pulling off with shock, "Swallow all of it you little cunt,"
Terrified of more pain the girl gulped it down with an obvious look of disgust on her face. Finally his cock deflated and Paul took it from her mouth and wiped the last few drops of his cum onto her face. "Damn me, you little fucking slut," he said, "You're the best fuck I've ever had."
Hanna lay there sobbing in pain but this time she was not moving.
He looked at the still child, the faint rise and fall of her breasts told him she was still alive. Paul carried the unconscious child back to her cage.
As soon as Alice saw her tortured sister she screamed, "What the fuck have you done to her you bastard."
"I fucked her, whipped her and tortured her nipples and her little cunt”.
"You fucking asshole, she's only six years old, she’s just a child for fucks sake."
“Her little cunt was so tight I had trouble shoving my cock up her. This means Fuck Toys both of you are going to be raped and have your tits, nipples and cunts tortured. Now you fucking little cunts get out here”. The girls quietly got out of the cage and stood facing their captor.
Paul smiled; his naked cock was standing back to attention. "I want to see your little cunts and your tits so get your clothes off."
They had no choice other than to do what he said. The terrified girls quickly stripped off their clothes and stood there naked with their hands at their sides.
Paul squeezed both girl’s tits and nipples and then their child slits. The girl’s cried out with the pain but dared not try to stop him. Hanna was now awake and crying again as the blood returned to her tortured nipples. Paul handed a pair of cuffs to each of the two girls. "Put them on and make them tight. Without a sound the girls strapped the cuffs on. "I'm going to hang you two sluts up by your wrists from the hooks in the ceiling". Paul lifted Beth up and the child hung the chain over the hook. Slowly her arms took the weight of her body and the girl hung by her wrists that would seriously start hurting her soon. Her feet were almost two feet off the floor. Next he went to Alice and placed his hands on her waist and lifted her onto the hook and lifted her up so that she stood on tips of her toes. With them both hung up helpless, Paul tied their naked feet together so they couldn't kick him. He picked up the leather cord and whipped Beth on her ass as hard as he could. The child let out a high pitched scream and her bound legs swung trying to get her away from the pain.
"God that hurts," screamed the child, "Please stop, Please stop."
Paul hit her ass again but harder this time.
"Please I'll be good I promise. Ahhhh, PLEASE STOP. PLEASE DON’T HIT ME AGAIN. I'LL DO WHATEVER YOU SAY," the girl cried.
"Leave her alone you fucking bastard" screamed Alice.
"Shut the fuck up you little cunt, we've barely started and besides its your turn next to be tortured and Paul hit Beth for a sixth time.
Paul sighed. He dropped the whip and picked up two ball-gags. Taking one of the gags he went over to Alice, "Open wide slut”. The teen terrified of making things worse did as she was told. The ball-gag was a tight fit getting it in and was strapped behind her head. Holding the ball-gag in front of Beth’s face he said, "Open wide slut." There was no way that the ball-gag could fit into her tiny mouth so the child kept it shut and shook her head. Paul punched Beth in the stomach. The child tried to scream but the blow had forced all the air from her lungs. "Open your fucking mouth cunt," he repeated. This time Beth opened her mouth as wide as it would go . Paul placed the ball-gag between her teeth and slowly pushed it in stretching her jaw wide. Finally it passed her teeth and the ball-gag was in. He didn't fasten the gag knowing full well the girl would not be able to remove it if she wanted to. The girl cried and tried to say something but nothing but murmurs came past the ball-gag. She tried to struggle but her bound feet were too far off the floor. Paul pulled back his arm and struck her again. The ball-gag muffled the girl’s screams and she stared at him in terror. The vision hit a chord with Paul's cock and it grew even harder. Paul whipped her small tits and cunt. The child sobbed in agony, her hands were discolored from supporting her weight and welts covered her tits, thighs and cunt.
Paul looked at Alice and he wanted to torture her then fuck her. He slapped her hard across the face and she saw Paul's grinning face. She wobbled a bit but stayed on the tips of her toes. He looked at his two other Fuck Toys. Hanna her hands still cuffed behind her back was back in her cage lying on the hard floor curled up in pain and crying. Beth also with her hands cuffed behind her back was back in her cage and she to was crying and sobbing in pain.
Alice was crying and looking at Paul with pleading eyes and moaning into her ball-gag.
"I am going to torture your tits by sticking these hooks in them and its going to hurt you." Paul took the first hook and pressed it against the outside of her large right breast. Slowly he pushed the hook in. The girl groaned as it pierced her skin and she instinctively pulled away from the pain. Pushing the barb through caused the girl to gasp and grunt with pain. He let the hook dangle from her breast while he took a weight from the box. They were small four ounce weights but it wouldn't take many hung from the hooks to cause even more pain to her tits. He threaded the weight onto the hook and let it drop. The girl's body seemed to go with the weight and she moaned loudly.
"These are the easy ones, wait until I pierce your nipples and your cunt." Paul took two more weights and threaded them onto the hook causing more pain to her tits. The girl moaned but managed to stay on the tips of her toes. Paul took another hook and pushed it through her other breast and threaded more weights on it. He continued until he had six hooks in each of her breasts. The weights were getting heavy now and were pulling Alice's tits down. The girl moaned and cried with the pain but she didn't dare move. He knelt in front of her and fingered her pussy and was pleased when he found her hymen intact. He looked up at her grinned, and then took one of her pussy lips in his fingers and pressed another hook against it. The girl jumped with the pain and tried to move but the hook had her and Paul pushed it through and placed five weights on it. "Keep still you cunt, or I will hurt your tits even more." The girl tensed herself, her face a mask of pain as Paul pushed the hook through her other pussy lip. It was much the same as he put the last four weights on her pussy lips. Sweat and tears dripped from her face; there was nothing the teen could do to stop the torture. All she knew was that the pain was worse if she moved. Paul took another hook and placed it in the centre of her large nipple, "This is really going to hurt your nipple," he said and pushed it through.
The girl screamed in agony and tried to move but the weights on her tits and pussy made her stop and try to keep standing on the tips of her toes. He then inspected the girl's tortured tits. Paul smiled and turned to where he'd started to pierce her nipple. The hook was buried just past the barb but it hadn't passed out the other side of her nipple. Paul gripped it and pushed the rest of it through. The girl cried with the pain. Paul put five weights on the hook and let them drop. The girl let out a loud scream from behind her ball-gag. Paul repeated the process on her other nipple. The girl screamed in agony as he pushed the hook through her. That excited Paul’s cock and he took a few steps back to look at his work of art. He was very pleased in what he had done. He then lifted her off the hook and set her down. The girl looked at him wearily as he took her cuffs off and then cuffed her hands behind her back. He then walked over to the bed and sat down. The look of pain in her face made Paul's erect cock jump with excitement.
"Ok you little slut suck your Master’s cock." The girl sniffed back her tears and knelt down taking his cock between her lips and worked on him with her tongue. Paul pressed his hand on her head and said, "Remember a good Fuck Toy swallows all of her Masters cock."
The girl sobbed as his cock hit the back of her throat. She gagged and tried to pull her face off of him but Paul held her there letting her throat do the work. After a while her struggles became erratic and she tried to pull off his cock as his spunk flooded her mouth. She couldn't breathe so she had no choice as she gagged but to swallow it all.
Paul grinned as he loomed over. Pulling her up he used handcuffs to secure her to the bed to stop her from moving.
"Please don’t hurt me anymore Mister, Please don’t hurt me again, I sucked your cock; I will suck it again, but Please Don’t Hurt Me”.
“But I want to hurt you, I want to hear you scream so I'm going to put clamps on your nipples.”
"You fucking bastard" she cried, haven’t you hurt them enough? I am in fucking agony. She tried to pull at her cuffs and kick him.
“Shut the fuck up before I really hurt you.” The girl closed her mouth and sniffed back her tears. Paul put the clamp on her already tortured right nipple and began to tighten it.
The slut moaned as the pain in her tit increased and she started to struggle. "Oh Please Stop. Please Stop, Please Don’t do it, Please don’t hurt me anymore, Please don't do it."
Paul tightened the clamp. The girl screamed and struggled as her eyes told of the pain she was feeling. Paul started with the other clamp. He pulled on both clamps and was delighted with the scream he got from his Fuck Toy. The girl struggled to get away from him. Paul liked this in his Fuck Toys. He gripped her legs and forced them open. He pressed his cock up against her cunt and pushed in quickly through her hymen and began fucking her. The teen was screaming with his every thrust. He pulled out of her and looking at her pain filled face he took his belt and swung it across her tits. The girl screamed in agony, the buckle making a nice mark on the teen's tits. He whipped her again this time across her thighs. Paul whipped her five times. The girl was sobbing, crying and screaming in pain when he put the belt down.
Paul uncuffed her hands turned her over and cuffed her hands behind her back then pushed her onto her knees and placed the head of his cock against her small brown hole and pushed in. The girl cried out but made no attempt to tighten her ass or to stop his entrance. Thus he was soon fucking her tiny tight ass. The girl moaned and gasped with the pain of being ass raped. Paul fucked the teen for a long time until he felt close to cumming but he wanted to cum in her sexy mouth so he pulled his cock out. He looked at it and smiled, it was streaked with blood and shit. He grabbed her hair and forced her to look at him, “Your Master wants you to suck his cock clean."
The girl looked like she was lost in dreamland. She forced herself up onto her knees and looked at his cock standing erect in front of her. She opened her mouth and took it in. She gagged and heaved as she cleaned the blood and shit from his organ. Paul quickly shot his load into her mouth. The teenager swallowed it without comment and carried on sucking his cock until Paul took it out.
Paul grinned. "Now my Piss Drinking Slut, are you thirsty?" Alice licked her dry lips and looked at her torturer wondering just what he had planned for her now. "Yes Master," she whispered. She was just too exhausted to figure out just what he had intended for her.
Even when he shoved his semi-hard cock into her mouth she just sucked it like a good slut obviously thinking that was what he wanted. She pulled back in surprise as his hot foul liquid filled her mouth. Paul had been expecting this reaction and tried to stop himself, but was unable to prevent some piss spraying directly into the girl's face. Besides it served the little slut right. Keep sucking you little bitch, I want you to swallow every drop".
Letting out a whimper the girl leant forwards and took his cock back in her mouth. Her body was still in immense pain from the tortures she'd already received and she didn't want to find out what else he could do to her. Alice started to work on his cock again only this time she was ready for it when his hot piss shot into her mouth. The girl's cheeks expanded as he pissed faster but the slut somehow didn't spill anymore. Paul stroked her hair, "Good Piss Drinking Slut," he said, "Now what are you?"
The girl lowered her head in shame and mumbled, "I'm a Piss Drinking Slut."
Paul made Alice and Beth swallow two tablets each. They were iron supplements to help with the blood loss they would be suffering not that they knew that. Paul took the dildo out of Hannah's cunt and put it in her mouth and carried her over to the cage and pushed her in. “Make sure the dildo stay's in her mouth." That said he left the room locking it behind him. Alice was curled up in the corner of the cage the taste of his piss heavy in her mouth and no matter how much she spat or swallowed it just stayed there.
Paul pushed open the iron door and stepped into the room, the girls were all asleep. Having three young girls naked and tied up to a lot of rapists might have been a turn on, but Paul liked to torture their young bodies as well as rape them. "Alright wake up you little cunts." He called. Beth jerked her head up and turned from side to side trying to figure out where she was. Alice groaned and sat up looking through the bars. "Good morning Sex Slaves, are you ready for more rape and torture?" He laughed. Hanna groaned and opened her eyes and looked at him as he pulled the dildo from her mouth. She tried to speak but all that came out was a croak.
Paul smiled, "Hurry up Alice and give the little slut a drink," he said.
"How?" she asked, moving her hands that were still cuffed behind her back.
"By pissing into her mouth you stupid cunt. If you don’t do it I will kill the little cunt”.
Alice squatted over her little sister. “I am so sorry Hanna but I have to do it and you have got to swallow it or he will kill you”. Alice pissed into Hanna’s mouth and the child gasped and choked trying to swallow the piss but most of it spilled out of her mouth.
Now it was Alice’s turn to swallow piss. Alice you Piss Drinking little slut you know what you have to do," he said.
"Yes Master," Alice said and knelt down in front of him and took his cock between her lips.
Alice started to work on his cock running her tongue around it in her mouth. She was ready for it and when his stream of piss hit the back of her throat she swallowed most of it with just a little running down her chin. Paul waited a few minutes before he took his cock from her mouth.
The most defining thing in the room was the torture horse. A girl sitting on its sharp narrow ledge would really hurt her pussy. If that wasn't bad enough the edge of the horse was covered in small sharp stones. It would only take a few moments sitting on that thing to bring intense agony to a girl’s cunt. Chains and straps hung from the ceiling above it to hold the girl in place and two large weights sat at its base. Both were connected to a strap used to secure them to a girl’s leg. "You are going to sit on that and its going to hurt your cunt, but don't you worry Fuck Toy I'm not going to put you on it yet. First I am going to push some nails into your feet."
The child stared at him then screamed in horror and tried to make a run for it but she couldn't escape, not with her hands cuffed behind her back. Paul took a board that was leaning against the wall. It was about two foot square and about an inch thick filled with small thin nails that extended about a quarter of an inch. It was an evil device to stand on. He put the board on the floor and walked over to the girl who shrank further into the corner. Grabbing her hair he dragged her towards the board. Paul slapped her hard across the face in an attempt to calm her down and it worked. The girl stared at him in terror breathing heavily. Paul smiled at her, "OK you little slut stand on these nails"
"You can’t expect me to stand on that, I won’t do it..."
The girl screamed as Paul pulled her forwards and set her foot down on the board. The girl fell over backwards pulling her foot from the nails and leaving several small wounds. Paul shook his head and walked to the horse. He pulled off one of the straps and went back to the girl. Beth took no notice of the man; she just sobbed and stared at her bleeding foot. Paul quickly grabbed her legs and strapped her ankles together. He picked the crying child up but the girl refused to put her feet down as he held her over the board. "You either stand on these nails or I'll cut your fucking nipples off."
"Put your fucking feet down on these nails or I will cut your nipples off." Beth was wailing loudly as Paul held the terrified girl with her feet on top of the nails for several moments before pushing her onto them. The girl screamed and tried to pull her feet off but Paul and the straps didn't allow her to. Paul held her up to stop her from falling over again.
"I will take the nails out of your feet after you have sucked my cock and swallowed my spunk. Then you are going to be fucked and because you have such a little cunt I will probably tear it while I am doing it”.
The girl nodded, she was so desperate to get her feet off of the nails she would have agreed to anything. So she leant forwards bending her knees. Paul guided the girl down but the nails were still buried in the bottom of her feet. The girl screamed and cried but Paul held her fast until she shut up, "Open wide you little bitch," The tiny girl opened her mouth as wide as she could and Paul pushed his already hard cock inside. "Remember to use your tongue and lick me." He gazed at the child with the nails in her feet sucking his cock. She sucked on his cock with desperation knowing that this was the only way to end her pain. Paul now wanted to fuck her so he pulled her off his cock and lifted her feet from the nail board. The board came up with her for a second but slipped from her feet and hit the floor with a loud clatter. Paul kicked the board away and laid the girl down and untied the straps that held her feet together. The girl didn't move or even speak. Paul lent in and guided his cock into her tiny hole. He pushed slowly forwards and the girl began to moan in agony. It was a slow process getting his cock inside the nine-year-old child. He hit her hymen but kept pushing and finally he tore through her hymn. The child cried and moaned with every movement of his agonizing entrance. Paul then began to pull out and then push back in. It became easier with each motion as fresh blood lubricated her cunt. Paul picked up speed and the girl cried, the fuck was sheer torture for the child. It took a long time for Paul to draw near climax and the girl was panting now with his every thrust. Paul pulled his cock out and loomed over the girl and said, "Suck it you little slut" The child opened her small mouth and Paul pushed it inside her and let her suck on it. Paul soon felt himself Cumming and held the girls head in place as he exploded into her mouth. The child choked as his thick fluid hit the back of her throat and with Paul keeping his cock inside her mouth she had no choice but to swallow his filth. When Paul pulled out her head fell back against the stone and she closed her eyes. Paul leant over her and slapped her face, "I'm not finished with you," he said and slapped her a second time.
The girl sobbed and cried, "Please Stop Hurting me... Please stop.. Please no more".
Paul carried her over to the horse and said, "Now open your fucking legs so I can sit you on this." Still sobbing the girl did as she was instructed and Paul sat her on the horse. She moaned loudly as the sharp stones dug into her sensitive and tortured cunt. Paul used the rope above her to tie her wrists in place. With her unable to move he gathered the two heavy weights and hung them from either ankle causing the girl to start screaming again as her tortured and sore cunt dug into the sharp stones. He left the room locking the screaming and crying nine-year-old child in a world of pain.
Paul smiled at Hanna and said, "I am going to torture and fuck you again."
The child eyed the man's erect cock standing proud in front of her. She remembered the pain it caused her the last time he had done it.
"Please Don't Hurt me again, Please Don’t hurt me. Please Don’t do it. Please Don't".
“Lie on the floor you little cunt with your legs apart and I will just fuck you." The child with her hands cuffed behind her back lay down on the floor and opened her legs though Hanna didn't know what she was doing. She looked up at Paul with her big innocent frightened eyes.
He then moved over the top of her and guided his cock into her small cunt. Hanna gasped as her little pussy stretched around his cock, and took in sharp breaths; tears glistened in her eyes and fell down the side of her face. Paul started to grunt as he forced his large organ into her small hole. Alice watched as fraction by fraction his thick cock slid into her sister. Alice was sure that he couldn't get much more inside her but it just carried on going in slowly with a lot of effort from Paul until the entire length was buried inside the tiny child. Hanna's face was screwed up in pain and she sobbed quietly. Alice watched in terror as her baby sister was raped, she could see blood seeping from her sister's tiny hole and Alice was fearful that Paul had damaged her again. Hanna could only lie there in agony as her cunt was brutally raped and she screamed in pain and cried.
"Please stop hurting Hanna Mister, Please don’t rape her anymore", pleaded Alice. But she could only watch as Paul pinned her baby sister to the floor and pushed his cock back inside her little cunt. Hannah was screaming and begging for him to stop as Paul fucked her hard. Alice could only watch the rape of her little sister as Paul grunted and came into her little sister’s baby cunt. Paul could hardly believe that he'd abducted, tortured and raped three perfect little girls.
"I have no anesthetic," Paul said to Alice. “So I need you to hold her down while I sew her cunt up otherwise it will only get worse as I keep fucking her”.
Alice nodded, "I understand," she said and reached up to wipe the tears away that dropped from her eyes. She walked over to Hanna and sat on the floor. "You've got to sit on my lap so that you can get better or it will hurt you even more when Master shoves his cock in you again."
"Why does he have to do it? I hate it, I don't want him to put his willy in me again it hurts me too much,” moaned the girl.
"I know you don't like it but we still need to fix you don't we?"
"Guess so," muttered the child and sat down on Alice's lap. Alice used her hands to spread Hanna's legs wide and hold her there, "Now try to be strong." she said. Paul crouched down and started to sew Hanna’s little cunt up. The little girl screamed out in pain as the needle was passed through the sensitive flesh of her cunt.
Beth couldn't move her bonds saw to that. Paul positioned himself against the nine-year-old tiny cunt and started to push his cock in. Her cunt muscles clasped at his cock as the child cried out in pain. Paul thrust all of his cock into the child’s small cunt. Every few seconds her stomach would cramp and her cunt would feel like a vice around his cock. Paul smiled at the child, if she kept up like this he'd cum in no time. Paul opened the box and took out a pin. Beth's eyes went wide in terror as Paul put the pin against her nipple and then pushed it through. Beth choked on her own screams. The muscles of her cunt massaged Paul's cock; he sighed and pulled out a few inches then plunged back into her tiny dry cunt and took another pin. He pushed this one through her other nipple. Her nipples were soon filled with pins so Paul started to stick them into her tits. After about twenty minutes of tormenting the child, Paul had run out of pins. Paul then carried on fucking her tiny baby cunt her muffled screams followed each thrust. It took only a few more thrusts before Paul sighed and filled the sobbing child with his cum. He waited for his cock to fully deflate before he pulled it out of Beth's little cunt. His cum and her blood dripped from the child's little slit.
Paul looked at his pin cushion Fuck Toy. He took hold of one of the child's red raw pussy lips and pulled it out. He placed the pin against it and pushed it through. Beth gave a hoarse cry of pain. Paul filled her cunt lips with six pins, while another three went inside her cunt. He pushed them into the sensitive pink flesh. Paul then took hold of the child's clit hood and pulled it out of the way revealing the tiny nub of nerves. He took a pin and played at poking it. He waited until he found a spot that really made her jump. That's where he thrust through the first pin. She gave a scream of pure agony. Paul took the second pin and pushed it in. As he thrust the third pin in the child passed out. Paul slapped the unconscious child hard across the face to bring her round.
Paul cuffed her hands behind her back and pulled the child back into the centre of the room and forced her to bend over. He aimed his stiff cock at her stretched and abused asshole and pushed in and the child gave a little moan. She'd probably damaged her throat from all her screaming because her cries didn't sound to healthy. The thought got Paul aroused so he pounded into the child's ass, stimulated and encouraged to go harder with her every grunt and cry of pain. It took a long time before Paul felt himself Cumming again. He pulled his cock from the child's ass and let her collapse to the floor. Paul rolled the child onto her back. The fall had pushed many of the needles deep into her flesh. Paul pulled out several pins from the child's body but left the ones in her tits and cunt. She cried loudly as they were pulled out.
Paul grabbed Alice by the throat and pinned her to the wall. Alice lifted her head to look Paul in the eyes. Paul took a pin and held it in front of her face. The teen eyes snapped closed. Paul grabbed her face, "Did I say that you could close your eyes slut," he squeezed her breasts hard. Alice opened her eyes and the terror in her face was exciting his cock. He placed the pin on the side of her nose.
Tears brimming in her eyes Alice grunted. Paul pushed the pin against the side of her nose. Alice bit down on her tongue as the pin pierced her flesh. Blood dripped from her lips as Paul pushed the pin until it stuck out of the other side of her nose.
He smiled and took a second pin and dug it into her chest between her tits. He pulled it downwards. Blood seeped from the deep scratch. Paul knelt by Alice and used his hand to open her cunt. "This is really going to hurt your cunt."
Alice held her breath while Paul played with her clit for a few seconds poking it to find the most sensitive spot and then he pierced it. The bitch wailed in absolute agony.
Paul dragged Hanna and Beth into a small room. Attached to the wall were several sets of handcuffs spaced a foot apart. Paul threw the two children against the bench. They both hit the wood hard and fell to the floor in tears. Paul moved forwards and grabbed Beth by the arm. He lifted her up and forced her over the bench where he chained her hands to a pair of cuffs. The child was just tall enough to stand on the tips of her toes. Paul reached down and lifted little Hanna from the floor and cuffed her next to her sister. Hanna wasn't tall enough so her feet were off of the floor and she cried loudly. "Shut the fuck up you little sluts." The two children fell silent but for faint sobs and sniffs. Paul went to the store cupboard and got two ball gags and a cat-o-nine tails that promised to do damage to the smooth soft skin of his pre-teen Fuck Toys. Smiling to himself he carried them back to the crying trembling and terrified girls.
Paul grabbed Hanna by her hair and pulled her head back and she screamed. Paul pushed the rubber ball of the gag between her teeth. This gag was designed for small children so it easily fitted Hanna's mouth. Paul fastened the strap behind the girls head and pushed her face into the wooden bench. Paul next grabbed Beth's hair; she let out a loud whimper but opened her mouth wide for the gag. At least this slut was learning. Paul pushed in the ball and fastened the gag behind her head and let go of the child's hair. "I am going to whip you little sluts because I want to hurt you and because you are my little Fuck Toys."
Paul grinned as the two girls let out muffled cries, his cock was hard and it wanted relief. Paul stroked the whip over Hanna's tiny plump bum her back and her legs. As he pulled the whip away a thin stream of piss ran down the child's leg and dripped into the metal bucket. "Hanna you stupid little cunt, what have I told you about pissing yourself. Paul lifted the whip above his head and brought it down across Hanna's ass with as much force as he could muster. The scream was beautiful, the child's body convulsed and her piss released into the bucket with a splash. Paul giggled. "Shit baby slut, I'm really going to have to hurt you. I am going to fuck your ass".
She stared directly at Paul with big blue pain tear-filled eyes and let out pitiful moans and broke into a flood of tears. Paul took his hard cock and rested it at her tiny opening. He started to rub his cock over the child's tiny asshole, "Now you little bitch try to relax because it will hurt you a lot more if you don't."
Hanna let out a loud whine as Paul started to push his cock up her asshole. The tiny brown ring held fast for several moments. The child breathed through her nose while she tried desperately to get away. Paul gave one last shove and his cock popped through the hole. Hanna stiffened up, her ass clutching Paul's cock like a vice. After a few seconds she relaxed and started to breathe again. Her body shook with sobs and she began to scream. Paul smiled and picked up the pace a little more. He started to yank on her hair at random times just to get a scream from the child. It was her screams that were getting him off. After a few minutes Paul felt like he was about to shoot his load but he forced himself to stop.
He turned to the tiny schoolgirl and pushed his cock into her mouth. Paul felt Hanna push her head onto his cock and her tiny soft tongue run over his cock. Paul groaned with pleasure, her mouth felt so soft. He took hold of her head and pushed his cock further in. Then with a grunt started to shoot his spunk out of his cock and into the six-year-old child's mouth. Hanna could only whimper as Paul deposited three large wads of cum into her mouth. "Hurry up and swallow all of it you little cunt." Hanna’s tears dripped from her eyes. The child closed her mouth and swallowed. Paul laughed as the child swallowed his filth. Hanna looked very ill when she had finished swallowing his spunk and she started to sob loudly.
Paul walked to the centre of the room and lay down on the floor. His erect cock stood pointing towards the ceiling. "Now I want you two sluts to impale Hanna completely on my cock or I will kill her."
Hanna, her hands cuffed behind her back scrambled to her knees and ran towards the door only to be stopped by Alice. The tiny pre-teen looked up at her big sister, "Please don't let him hurt me Alice, Please don’t let him hurt me anymore" she sobbed. Beth walked up behind Hanna and took her by the shoulders and lifted her to her feet, "I'm sorry Hanna, but we've got to do it."
"Why do you have to? Why does he have to put his willy in me? It hurts me” moaned Hanna.
"Because if they don't do it, I will kill you then your slut sisters" said Paul.
"NO!" cried Hanna and she tried to pull away from Beth. The two sluts turned Hanna around and pulled her across the room. Alice lifted the child up while Beth pulled her legs apart, "Please Master, would you guide your cock into Hanna?" asked Beth.
Paul sighed, "You will both get a whipping for this, 0kay lower the little slut." Alice started to lower the crying and struggling Hannah over Paul's cock. Paul used his hands to guide himself into the child's tiny fuck hole but let the two sluts do the rest of the work. Hanna started to scream as his cock once again stretched her raped and tortured cunt. The child was pushed screaming and crying down onto his cock until it rested at the opening of her cervix, "All the way!" gasped Paul, "Push her all the fucking way down."
Alice sniffed back her tears and leaned down on Hanna; Beth grunted and also pushed her weight down on the screaming child. Paul felt the tight ring of her cervix give way and his cock slowly entered the child's underdeveloped womb. Paul closed his eyes and sighed, it felt so good, just letting her pained cries and the tightness of her little cunt run though him . "Beth," he moaned, "I want you to get the cat and whip the shit out of this little bitch. Whip her baby tits her stomach and her fucking face as hard as you can or I will whip you hard."
Beth let out a cry and Paul opened his eyes and watched the slut go get the whip. He looked up at the crying child and smiled at her, "Alice, I want you to use this little Fuck Toy to Fuck me," he said, "If I don't think you are doing good enough I will nail your tits to the bench."
Alice gripped Hanna under her arms, leaving the front of the child's body free for the whipping and pulled her most of the way from his cock, and then forced her back down hard.
"Oh shit she’s tight!" gasped Paul. "Hanna, you little Fuck Toy close your eyes or Beth might take one out when she's whipping you."
He needn't have said it because the child's eyes were screwed tightly shut against the pain. The cat hit Hanna's belly with a blow that Paul would have been pleased with, a second hit the same place as Alice pulled the child up. As Hanna plunged back down on his cock the third blow hit her across the face. The child's screams sent a shiver through his cock. Paul leant back and watched the blows rain down onto the child as Alice forced her up and down on his cock. Paul could feel himself drawing near to the edge; he put his head onto the floor and closed his eyes while he shot his spunk into her baby womb. When it stopped spurting, Paul groaned as he felt his cock calm down an instant from the point of no return.
Paul was pissed, his eyes snapped open and he looked up at Hanna, the child slumped forwards her head hung against her breasts, she had several deep cuts in her face, stomach and across her nipples. "Did I tell either of you too sluts to stop?" he shouted.
Alice started to heave the child up and down on his cock. Beth stared at him with those big blue eyes before gripping the whip again and with a scream of her own slashed it across her little sister’s face who was now unconscious.
Paul watched as the two sluts tortured the limp child's body; it took only a few minutes before he felt his cum rise in his cock again. Then he finally released his load into the child whores cunt. "Okay that's enough." Beth dropped the whip and crumpled to the floor in tears. Alice quickly pulled the child from his cock and laid her on her back, and crouched down to inspect her baby sisters wounds, "You fucking bastard she is barely alive and these cuts really need looking at"
Paul sighed, when he fucked up a toy like this he usually killed them, but he didn't want to kill Hanna or her slut sisters yet.
Paul pushed Alice into the room and she gazed at the two torture racks. Paul turned to Alice and smiled; "The straps go around your back and lock under your tits. Your feet go into the leather straps at the sides. Your hands will then be cuffed behind your back".
Alice paused for a moment, rolled her eyes and nodded and then quickly pushed the wooden crates into position and stood on them with her legs spread quite wide and put her arms behind her back. Paul walked behind her and took the final strap of the harness; it was a cruel device for the majority of the girl's weight would be taken by her breasts. Paul cuffed Alice's hands together and then tightened the strap so her arms were raised behind her back, until she started to moan from the pain. Locking all the straps in place he smiled at his child Fuck Toy. Alice cried out as her tits took all her weight. Alice moaned, as she settled into the harness, her face was screwed up with the pain. "Right Fuck Toy, I am going to shove six meat skewers into your slut tits and then because I am a rapist I'll use a blow torch after they are in to heat them up okay?"
"You can't be”...
"Paul punched his disobedient slut in the stomach. Alice let out a choking sound and heaved in more air and coughed as she sucked her own spit down her windpipe. “But first your slut tits have to be tied up so it will hurt you even more when I shove the meat skewers in”.
Alice screamed, pleaded, sobbed and whimpered. Taking some rope Paul wrapped it round her tits and tied it so tight her tits quickly began to swell up with the pain.
He walked to the rack set up on the wall and selected six long meat skewers, the points were sharp so that he could force them through her tits easily. He also selected a pair of pliers; her tits were so large that he would need them to get enough of a grip.
Paul went back to the suspended slut. Using the pliers he gripped the nipple of his sluts left breast. Alice gasped and moaned as he pulled it out; he squeezed harder getting a louder scream from his Fuck Toy. Paul then pushed the point of the skewer against her aureole. Paul had to push hard before the flesh broke around the skewer. When it did Alice threw her head back and screamed in agony.
Paul slowly pushed the skewer through her flesh watching the blood drip from the wound. It was harder to force the point through the other side of her breast than it had been to get it in. Paul gazed down as the skin pointed outwards and finally broke. Alice could barely manage a grunt she was in so much pain. Paul picked up a second skewer and took Alice's other nipple in the jaws of the pliers and pushed it through her tit. Three skewers were pushed through each of the slut’s large tits leaving the girl hanging forwards drawing in sharp erratic breaths.
Paul smiled at her, "Now I am going to heat them up so your tits are going to get really hot"
Alice could only moan with the pain.
Paul went back to the rack and picked up the blowtorch took his lighter and lit it. The tip of the nozzle was already glowing red.
As he walked around in front of Alice she screamed and tried to struggle in her harness. Paul grinned at her, "I suggest you keep as still as possible you little slut."
Alice made a sobbing moan and stopped struggling but was trembling with fear and terror. Paul approached the girl and using the pliers pulled the iron head of the first skewer and applied the torch to it. The heat quickly dissipated down the skewer and Alice began to scream in agony and struggle to escape from the heat but the harness kept her still.
Paul waited until the head of the skewer started to glow red before he moved onto the second skewer. The smell of searing flesh was strong and was making Paul’s cock jump with excitement. All six of the skewers were now red hot. He loved that look in a Fuck Toy's eyes when they were burned. The slut was breathing heavily and she had stopped screaming. Finally her eyes glazed over and very slowly she died in agony.
Paul sat up and looked down at the child whose tiny hands were cuffed to the bedpost. Hanna opened her eyes and looking at Paul she whimpered. Her raped and tortured little body made an appealing sight. The small child's legs were spread wide displaying her gorgeous little hairless cunt. “Do you like being fucked Hanna?”
The child shook her head; “No I don’t like it, Your willy hurts me."
“I know it does that’s why I do it”. Paul smiled and leant over to kiss the child on her breasts. He sucked on her little nipples biting them just hard enough to get little moan's of pain from Hanna, "And after I've fucked your little cunt I'm going to fuck your bum. Then I'm going to make you sit on a thick metal pole so it goes right up your little baby cunt."
Paul straddled her tiny body and started to push his cock against her little slit. He had fucked her cunt a few hours ago but she was still very tight. He wanted to get it all inside her again and started to make quick thrusts causing the child to scream even louder. Finally Paul felt her cervix give way and he plunged in. He fucked the little six-year-old with as much force as he could. Her little body screaming and squirming beneath him excited Paul as he pumped her tiny cunt. After about ten minutes of being fucked Hanna's screams had subsided until the little girl merely grunted as Paul thrust in her. Paul took his cock from the little girl’s cunt and shuffled up her body until he straddled her breasts. Taking hold of her hair he pressed his cock to her face. Hanna knew what he wanted and she opened her mouth wide. Paul pushed his cock to the back of her throat. Hanna gagged around his shaft but the good little slut sucked it. Paul stroked the child's hair, "You are a good little cocksucker" he moaned, and taking hold of her head pushed his cock in even further before pumping load after load of his spunk into the child's mouth.
The six-year-old girl was choking on his sperm trying to swallow it while Paul sat back and smiled at her. Paul picked up his keys and took the cuffs off Hanna's hands. Taking a firm hold of his little Fuck Toys hair he dragged her from the bed.
"Please stop hurting me, Please don't hurt me, Please don't hurt me anymore" moaned Hanna.
"Shut the fuck up you little cunt!" shouted Paul. Hanna fell into a quiet sob and Paul yanked on her hair to pull her from his room.
Paul took quick strides along the hallway and down the stairs, giving random tugs on Hanna's hair as he dragged her along behind him. He pulled the tiny girl down into the cellars and finally into a small room with nothing but a long metal pole as tall as Hanna in the centre of the room.
Hanna's eyes went wide in terror, "No don't put that in me, it’s too big it will not fit," she cried.
"I know your cunt is small and its going to hurt you, but you will take this pole inside you". Paul hit the switch on the wall and the pole slowly contracted down into the floor until it was as high as Hanna's waist.
"Please don't put it inside me Please don't" she cried again.
Paul grabbed Hanna by her hair, "Come on now baby slut, I know it's going to hurt you but It's not going to be that bad."
Hanna sobbed and pressed her head against Paul's arm, " Yes it will. Why do you have to hurt me? I am only six" she cried.
Paul chuckled, “Because I want to hurt you and because I like to hurt little girls, Now shut the fuck up”. Paul cuffed her hands behind her back and carried her over to the pole and slowly lowered her on it using his hand to push it into her already raped and tortured cunt. Hanna screamed loudly as it inserted four inches inside her. "Don't worry you little cunt just stay still." Not that she could move even if she could. Paul went back to the wall and hit the button and watched the pole start to rise from the ground.
Hanna screamed as she realized what was happening. She rose up onto her toes. Paul let the pole keep rising until Hanna rose right up to the very tips of her toes. Her little cunt was being stretched wide open.
"Please don’t, Please stop, Don’t hurt me anymore" screamed Hanna. "My feet are hurting and the pole is splitting me open. Please let me get off." Paul took the ball-gag and pushed it inside her mouth and tied it around the back of her head. The child's body tried to thrash about but impaled as it was she didn't get very far.
Hanna screamed loudly as the pole went further up her little cunt as her feet gave way. Her screams were loud even behind the gag and her head started to thrash from side to side.
Her face was screwed up in agony and her body shook with sobs. The tiny girl was completely coated in sweat. Paul smiled and flicked the switch. The pole detracted back into the floor and Hanna collapsed. Paul walked over to the child; he knelt down next to her and pinched her nipples, "Yeah I bet that hurt your cunt and legs a lot you little slut.
"Please stop hurting me, Please let me go home," she cried.
"What I really want to do now is to stick pins into your nipples." Hanna tried to scream, but all that left her mouth was a high pitched squeak. Paul picked the weak struggling girl up. The six-year-old girl stopped moving in his arms and pressed her face against his shoulder and sobbed. Paul reached down and squeezed the child's nipples, "Oh yes, I think I'm going to push lots of pins into your little body," he said, Paul carried the child into the room where he'd first raped her and sat her on the table. Paul quickly tied her down to the table and the child started to moan in pain.
"Noooo, Don’t hurt me PLEASE DON’T HURT ME PLEASE DON'T" moaned Hanna.
Paul’s cock was throbbing with excitement so he rubbed the head of his cock over the small Childs face. Hanna opened her mouth to speak but Paul pushed his cock inside. The girl moaned around Paul's cock as he reached down and pulled her hair, "Come on now baby doll suck it like a good Fuck Toy." Hanna responded instantly and started to suck. Paul noticed the way the child stared at him; she knew exactly what was coming next. Hanna made small whimpering sounds around his cock. Paul shoved his cock to the back of her throat. Nothing could beat the feeling of a child's throat around a cock. Shifting his grip on her Paul started to fuck the child's already sore and damaged throat. The squirming, screaming and choking of the little girl was beginning to drive Paul over the edge, he wanted to pump his cum straight into the little whores stomach. It was Paul's balls that let out first. They started to fire his cum deep down Hanna's throat. Paul pulled his cock out and laughed as he watched the little girl choke on his cum. Her tiny body thrashed desperately pulling against her bonds. "Don’t bother trying you little slut you won't get away. I am going to hurt you some more now my little Fuck Toy, I have a soldering iron to burn you.” The child's efforts grew more desperate. Hanna's eyes went almost impossibly wide. "OH GOD NO. PLEASE DON’T BURN ME, PLEASE DON'T BURN ME" she gasped.
Paul grinned and nodded. "Oh Yes my little Fuck Toy," he said. Hanna squealed and pulled at the straps with all her might that her little body could muster. Paul left her to it as he plugged the soldering iron into the socket. Trailing the lead across the floor, he leant over the child. "I'm going burn your little slut cunt with this."
Paul chuckled to himself and placed the tip against her feet. It would take a little while to heat up fully, but already it seared into the child's smooth and sensitive skin. Hanna howled in pain and her tiny body convulsed and thrashed about. Paul laughed. He loved to burn and torture little girls. Paul lifted the soldering iron from her feet and leant down close to her face. The child caught her breath as her eyes locked onto Paul. "I want you to choose My Little Fuck Toy, Do you want me to burn your nipples or your cunt," he said.
Paul's grin widened across his face. "You little cunt," he said, “You want me to do both."
"NO I DON’T," Hanna screamed. Paul placed the tip of the soldering iron against her damaged left nipple. She screamed out in agony making his ears hurt. Paul lifted the soldering iron and looked down at the dark red burn left on her tiny nipple. Much more of this and the child wouldn't have any nipples left to torture. It was nothing more than this child cunt deserved. He placed the iron against her other nipple and then laid the length of the rod down across her tits. Her small body thrashed and jerked, trying desperately to get away from the burning. Hanna drew in short erratic breaths to be screamed out from a surely sore and damaged throat. Paul laughed; he liked to torture little girls. The light glistened from the child's sweat soaked body. Paul could see her flesh sizzle under the iron. He pulled it down over her stomach stopping only an inch from Hanna's little cunt. "Time to burn your little cunt now and it's going to hurt like hell.”
Hanna just kept screaming. Paul doubted that she had heard him. Lifting the soldering iron from her belly, Paul used one hand to pull open her little cunt. He chuckled to himself as he looked down on the sensitive pink skin. He placed the tip of the iron against her soft cunt tissue. The child's body jolted for several moments then went still. Paul sighed "Why do they have to do that?" He checked Hanna's pulse. It was a little fast but she was still alive. Unplugging the soldering iron, Paul put it down on the bench, before freeing Hanna's body from the table and picking her up. He threw her limp form over his shoulder and carried her from the room. Paul took the unconscious child back to the holding room. As soon as he entered Beth scrambled to the rear of the cage. Paul smiled at her but said nothing as he put Hanna on the floor. Taking out the keys, he opened the cage before pushing the child's unconscious body inside.
His two Fuck Toy's were huddled in the rear of the cage trembling with fear and pain. Hanna's tiny scarred body was fun to abuse but as time went on she was becoming more and more used-looking. Her six-year-old body was covered with burns and scars. Beth the nine year old had been spared most of the brutal tortures endured by both of her sisters. He stroked his rigid cock whilst speculating about what he could do to this little girl. His head flooded with brutal and nasty tortures that he wanted this little cunt to suffer.
Hanna shrank into the rear of the cage sobbing gently, staring at her torturer but Paul wanted little Beth. The dark haired nine-year-old was trembling with fear. Paul opened up the cage. "Get out, cunt," he said. Beth shifted towards the front of the cage and slowly crawled out. Tears flowed freely from her eyes but she said nothing. Paul closed the cage door behind the child and held out his hand. Beth understood and took it. Turning around, he half-dragged half-led Beth through the door and into the cellar. A single post was in the centre of the padded room. Beth stared at it in utter terror. She knew that this post would be used in hurting her.
"I am going to fuck your bum before I torture you."
Paul grunted and started to fuck the child's arse, quite exhilarated by her groans, grunts and pleas of pain. He fucked the little girl's bum for a good many minutes enjoying her every twitch. He'd been cumming so much these last few days that it took a long while before he felt his cum begin to rise. He stopped, pulled his cock from the little girl and heaved the child across to the whipping post. With practiced ease; he chained Beth to it so that she was stood on tiptoes facing Paul. Her hands were held over her head by the cuffs. As soon as he let go, the child squirmed away, trying to hide herself on the other side of the post. "Now, Fuck Bunny, do you think we can get this plug up your bum with no hassle from you, or do I have to push some pins into your tits"
"NO, LEAVE ME ALONE," sobbed Beth.
Paul picked up the box of pins and took one from it. He had every intention of filling this child's body with pins. As he approached Beth she squealed and tried to move around the post. Paul grinned and stabbed the needle into the child's breast. Beth screamed in pain. "Now be a good little slut and stick your bum out so that I can push the plug into it, or we can put more pins in you if you like." Slowly the crying child unwound herself from the whipping post just enough so that she could poke her arse out towards Paul. "Now, that's a good Fuck Toy," he said. The sobs intensified as Paul pushed the plug against the child’s arse.
The sobbing child began to shake and tremble as Paul started to force the plug inside. It was large, even for an adult, but Paul was quite sure that he could get it into this child's arse. Beth screamed as her arse hole was stretched out by the plug and she began to squirm again. When the plug finally popped inside the little girl, Paul released his grip on her and Beth slumped against the post exhausted. Paul got his box of pins and emptied a few out into his hand. "Right you little Fuck Toy, let’s stick the rest of these pins in you".
Beth's eyes locked onto Paul's hand and she shook her head. "PLEASE, DON’T, PLEASE, DON’T."
Paul approached the nine-year-old girl. Beth moaned and again tried to get away by moving around the post but only succeeded in exposing her breasts, with their pink damaged nipples. The man pushed his body against that of the child's, preventing her from moving back around the post. He took one of the pins and thrust it into Beth's nipple. The child screamed again. Paul wasted no time in inserting a third pin. Beth desperately pulled at the cuffs trying hopelessly to pull her body around the post and away from Paul and his wicked pins. The man amused himself filling both of the Childs nipples with them. Beth screamed and cried which pleased Paul.
When Paul had inserted half a dozen pins into each of Beth's little nipples, he found himself running out. As appealing as it was to get the box and continue filling her young body with sharp pointy objects, Paul was eager to hurt her with the whip.
"No!" Beth begged. "PLEASE STOP IT, PLEASE LET ME GO."
"I’ve got to do it” said Paul positioning himself away from the child. Paul lashed out striking the small girl over her pierced nipples. The shrill scream made Paul’s cock go hard. With a chuckle he pulled his arm back to deliver a second blow across her young thighs.
Paul hit Beth one last time with the cat, lashing the whip over her small cute face and leaving a dark red welt just below her left eye. Paul laughed and dropped the whip. "Oh Beth, I can't decide what to do to you next, Cut your tits off or just cut your nipples off. What do you think I should do?"
"Oh a fat lot of help you are," muttered Paul. "I think I will cut your tits off?"
The man left the room only to return a few minutes later carrying the bottle of stimulant pills. "You've got to swallow a couple of these you little cunt," he said.
"No," sobbed Beth. "I won’t swallow them; you are going to kill me."
"I'm not going to kill you cunt. I am just going to cut your nipples off." Paul emptied two of the tablets onto his hand and held them up to Beth's mouth. "Now swallow them it will help you with the pain," he commanded. Beth's eyes flickered up to make contact with Paul's. The small child whimpered for a few seconds before opening her mouth to allow Paul to place the pills onto her tongue. The child closed her mouth and swallowed. Beth fainted despite the stimulants. Paul was frustrated; he needed to hurt this cunt. Time to use something to wake the little cunt up. Paul went to a storage cupboard to collect a large black box trailing four black leads ending in large nasty clips. He sat the box down plugged it into the socket and spun the dial to the lowest voltage. Taking the leads he pulled them over to Beth. He clipped one on each nipple, one on the little girl's clitoris, and pushed the last inside the child's cunt. Paul moved back to the box and pressed down the button on top of it. There was a second for the circuit break to saturate, and then the child bucked. Beth's eyes opened wide, she screamed, and her body began to convulse. She shook violently for several moments before the switch automatically cut off the power. Beth hung forward though only for a few seconds before the circuit activated again. This box was of very crude design but it did its job and on its lowest power setting whilst incredibly painful, was incapable of killing even a child. Paul watched as the circuit made and broke itself several times, each time filling the child with agonizing pain before he pressed the button shutting the box off. Beth collapsed, breathing heavily and smeared with sweat, but at least she was awake. "You've been a very bad girl," Paul sneered. "Don't you fucking well ever pass out on me again." Beth opened her mouth to speak but could only moan with the pain. Saliva and blood dribbled down her face. She had bitten herself during her fight with the mains. Paul grinned at her and leant over to pick up the scalpel from the floor.
"No...No..." the child managed to whimper.
Paul smiled at her. "Oh yes," he said, "but don't worry you little slut, I'm not going to cut your nipples off."
"No...No...No!" Beth cried.
"I said I am not going to cut your nipples off."
Paul moved over to the trembling girl and took the clip off of her left nipple. He fiddled with the nipple pulling out all of the pins as he worked on her little bud trying without much success to bring it up hard. After five minutes he gave up. "Oh fuck it," he muttered. "It's got to come off anyway."
"Please! N...NOOOO! YOU MUSTN’T, said Beth with a pitiful cry.
Paul laughed. He wasn’t going to cut her nipples off, just cut them in half. He put the scalpel against the damaged nipple and cut, slicing the child's nipple straight through the centre. Acting quickly he sliced through her nipple again quartering it though still leaving it attached to the exhausted preteen. Within a fraction of a second, the wound filled with dark red blood which spilled out over her breasts. Paul quickly pulled the clip off the other nipple and yanked the pins out so that he could repeat the process of cutting her nipple into four. Paul took a step back to watch the blood flooding down the child's breasts and drip from her toes. However as much of a turn on it was to see, Paul had no wish for this child to die yet. So, working quickly, he picked up the pliers and the blow torch and once again applied the heat to the jaws until the dark metal radiated with a dull red glow. Paul opened the pliers and closed them down over the nine-year-old girl's ruined left nipple. The child once more screamed and then fainted. Her tormentor laughed as he reheated the pliers and closed them over her other nipple sealing it back together as one ruined piece of flesh. Paul stepped back and looked down at the unconscious child whore. With a sigh he picked up the crocodile clips from the floor and reattached them to what were once the child's nipples. He moved back to his box and turned up the voltage level then pressed the button. Her body stiffened and shook for a second before her eyes snapped back open and she tried to scream, though her ruined throat let out little more than a choked gasp. Paul had switched off his electrical torture device and approached the child reaching down to pull her legs apart. By now she was being held up solely by the chains attached to her wrists. Paul pulled the clips from her clit and her vagina and then pushed his cock into the tiny whore's baby cunt. The man pushed in hard forcing his cock into her tiny womb. Beth was moaning incoherently with the pain but she was still a great fuck and Paul found himself pumping his thick sperm into her preteen cunt. Sighing with release, he pulled out letting the child slump forward. She was breathing heavily her body was covered with sweat and blood. She still looked pretty despite her ruined breasts. "I have to punish you for passing out on me." The child was definitely awake but gave no sign that she even heard Paul. Paul moved to the side of the room and picked up the half broom handle that he had left there. He turned back to Beth and grinned at the little slut hanging there. Then taking the handle in both hands, he shoved it straight up her little cunt. The little slut was once again unconscious and thus didn't scream as her cunt was brutally raped.
Paul found himself rather disappointed by this. This cunt would pay dearly for her constant disobedience. Paul laughed as he reattached the clips to Beth's tortured cunt and nipples. He moved back to the box and once again turned up the voltage just a little, then pressed the on button. There was a few seconds' pause while the switch activated. Then the child woke up screaming as the current racked her small body. Paul waited for the box to run though its cycle before he turned down the voltage. "You are going to have a very painful night you little slut.” The device would keep her in agony which was what he wanted. He walked from the room just as Beth started to scream again. The little slut Hanna was lying in her cage her hands cuffed behind her back, a dildo shoved up her tiny cunt and her ankles cuffed together. She was crying and whimpering from all the rapes and tortures she had suffered. Although Paul was tired he wanted to cuff her to his bed, fuck her and then his cock and his body could take a well earned rest.
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