A perpetually horny teenager makes his old classmate his personal fuck toy
Her name is Niki Rose. I knew her from having classes with her the year before. Niki was the typical bad girl stereotype you saw in movies; always out partying and drinking and smoking. She was a petite bombshell, with long black hair, luscious lips, and just enough ink and piercings to drive most men wild.
I couldn't tell you how many times I had gotten off to a forced sex scenario. It filled my fantasies and fueled my lust by an extraordinary amount. Being the teenage horn dog that I am, girls in my classroom often served as inspiration for my jerk off sessions. For some reason, however, Niki was the one whom I always found most attractive. Being the insatiable man I was, I couldn't contain myself anymore. I needed to fulfill my aching desires in any way possible.
I knew just how to, too. Our school's classroom had been moved downtown to a large mill building that had been recently renovated for businesses and apartments. The enormous building had a myriad of winding hallways and plenty of floors nobody ever seemed to frequent. I figured the best spot to do my deed was down a short staircase by the bathrooms that lead to an unfinished area of the basement. I'll admit, I was pretty fucking scared. But I had to something about these lust filled cravings that had been bothering me ever since I had laid eyes on the girl.
Luckily, I didn't have to wait long. Towards the end of the school day I begin to hear the clacking of heels while I was mindlessly waiting unseen. Finally, I see the girl's slim figure, wearing a black jacket and tight, dark jeans. I breathe a sigh of relief as I realize how lucky I am. As Niki disappears into the bathroom, I immediately feel my heart beating faster and faster. I was suddenly doubting whether I wanted to go through with this or not. As I was internally debating with myself, the door to the bathroom swung open and the girl began to walk away.
In the moment my body reacted faster than my brain did. As fast as I can I run up the steps and behind her while trying to remain as quiet as possible. Before I know what's happening, I clamp one hand on Niki's mouth while my other arm wraps around her small waist. It's surprisingly easy to lift the girl off the floor and carry her down the few steps, even with her struggling to get free, punching my arms and kicking my legs with her heels.
Quickly I throw her onto the dirty cement floor in front of me, around the corner from the staircase so no one would ever see us. Before Niki can even think about yelling for help I knew I had to figure out a way assert my dominance right then and there. Just as she purses her lips, I give her a rough slap across the face so hard it stings my hand. My fingers wrap around her neck, and looking down at her, I say, "Don't even think about it." I see the fear come over Niki's eyes as she realizes an old classmate of hers was doing this to her. She coughs a bit, both of her hands working to pry my grip on her throat. I only squeeze tighter in response. Niki whimpers and stops trying.
I keep my hand around the girl's neck for a few more lingering moments until I'm sure she won't try anything. Standing up straight, I say to her, "Put your hands behind your back." Niki is reluctant at first and slightly confused, but she quickly does as she was told. I smirked and say, "Good girl." I look down at her, shaking with fear as she wonders what it was I was going to do to her. The feeling of having someone under my complete control was driving me wild in the best way possible, it was something I'd never experienced before. I could make her fuck me in any way I think of, make her say anything I wanted. I grin at the thought.
Squatting down so I was face to face with Niki, I say, "Do you know what's happening right now? You're going to be my toy. My new, disposable fuck toy that doesn't speak unless spoken to, and does everything I tell her." Niki swallows a lump in her throat, turning away as I talk to her. To correct this I grab her by her chin, nails digging into her skin, and make her look at me. "Now, if you're a good girl, I won't hurt you. But, if you choose to disobey me..." I let go of her chin, slapping her just as hard on the other cheek. "I'll have to punish you. Understand?" Niki cringes at the red mark I leave on her face. She nods, fighting back tears of pain.
"Good," I say as I stand up. At this point I can feel the hardness slowly growing in my pants thanks to the girl now under my command. "Now, Niki, tell me," I say to her, one hand beginning to rub the bulge in my pants. "You're not a virgin, are you?" Niki shakes her head, attempting to avoid eye contact whenever I speak to her. "I'm sorry, what did you say?"
"N-no..." the girl barely manages to say. Niki's cheeks flare up a bit when she admits she had sex before, which I found humorous.
I smirk. Apparently she hasn't realized just how turned on I was already as she'd been refusing to look at me. "So that means you've seen a cock before, correct?" Niki's eyes widen greatly. She turns her full attention to me, a desperate, pleading look in her eyes. I just chuckle as Niki silently begs me to stop and let her go.
Sighing heavily, Niki replies quietly and tersely, "Yes." She looks downwards, her long hair falling around her face.
"Yes, what?" I ask her.
She gazes up at me. "Um-" she stutters.
I give her a quick slap across the face. "Sir."
"Yes, sir," Niki gasps quickly, turning away.
I pause for a second. "Good." Approaching Niki, I say down to her, "Look at me, pet." Slowly the terrified girl looks up at me. I stand in front of her, so that my crotch is directly in her face. My hand playing with the zipper, I say, "Because you're such a good girl, I am going to present my cock to you now. What do you say?"
"Th-thank you..." Niki says slowly, trying her hardest not to look at the huge bulge directly in front of her face. Knowing just how uncomfortable she was, I decide to prolong the moment. I quickly undo my shorts and pull them off over my sneakers, tossing them to the side. Now only a thin layer of fabric separated my hard shaft from Niki's face.
I start to rub myself through my boxers just inches away from the girl, letting her know just how big I am. She bites her bottom lip softly, now unable to take her eyes away. Funny how quickly she changed her mind when she saw a huge cock. What a slut. Smirking, I continue to stroke myself. "Would you like me to take it out?" I ask Niki. She tears her eyes from my boxers to my face. Saying nothing, she only nods at me. I slowly begin to unbutton my boxers, but stop just before I reveal my shaft to her. "I think you need to beg for it."
Niki sits there for a minute, unsure what to say at first. She mumbles faintly, "Will you, um, take it out, please?"
"I'm sorry, take what out?" I say down to her.
"Y-your cock, sir... I want you to take your cock out," Niki begs me quickly.
Smirking down at her, I silently undo my boxers causing my hard cock to pop out and smack Niki in the face. She gasps as my head hits her cheek, shifting backwards a bit. Niki had no idea just how big I really was; I could tell as the fear creeps back into her eyes just how scared she is. Niki quickly looks away, avoiding the long, throbbing shaft that was now right in her face.
"I don't think so," I remark, grabbing the back of her head and forcing her to look at my dick. Holding onto my shaft with my other hand, I smacked myself against both Niki's cheeks a few times, cringing as I did so. I had to let her know that she belonged to me and my cock.
"Don't go disobeying me now, pet." I say to Niki, pulling back on her hair tightly. She whines in defiance, something I find amusing. Before pleasuring myself, I had to degrade my new toy first. I wave my shaft in her face and say, "Do you like big cocks, Niki?" The girl doesn't respond at first, still mesmerized by the thought of what I was going to do to her. I yank back on her hair much harder, causing her to cry out in pain as I jerk her head backward. "I says, do you?"
"Yes," Niki whimpers, her eyes stinging from discomfort, "I like them, sir."
"Oh, you do?" I say with a smirk. "I'm sure you do, slut. Do you like it when they fuck your tiny pussy?" The girl's face darkens considerably at such lewd language. Something about the way she blushes and looks away tells me she knows exactly what I was talking about. I grin. "You dirty little whore. That's what you are, isn't it? Say it."
Niki looked up at me. She wanted to protest, but the large shaft in her face made her say otherwise. "I'm a whore..." Niki says dejectedly, even though it was true.
"What else?" I ask, tugging at her hair.
"I'm a dirty whore, sir," she says, speaking a little louder now. "I love big cocks in my p-p-pussy."
I beam down at the obedient girl. "Do you want to feel my cock inside of you, Niki? Spreading your lips slowly, sliding in and out of your body, hard and fast, or slow and gentle. Do you want that?"
For a split second as I talk, Niki closes her eyes and temporarily forgets where she was. She envisions herself back at home, safe, in bed with a lover. "I would love that," the girl says eventually, embarrassed that she had admitted such a thing. I was hoping to get her riled up and craving my cock despite the situation. Hopefully it works.
"Too bad," I announce, slapping my dick against Niki's cheek once again. "You don't deserve it," I say as she whines in disapproval.
"But," Niki protests.
I retort, "Enough." She stopped talking. I could tell by looking at her how easy it was to get her to want me. "You're going to stay on your knees, fully clothed, while I pleasure myself using your body. Got that, pet?" Niki just nodded. "Now, I'm going to start jerking off, and you're going to ask me to keep going." I make a fist around my cock and begin pumping it up and down just inches away from the girl's face.
"Please jerk off all over me, sir," Niki says up to me. "Jerk off and blow your load all over my face." She frowns at her words, disgusted at what she had just said.
I grin at the girl's words, continuing to stroke my shaft slowly. "Is that what you want?"
Niki nodded. "I want you to cum on me, please." Her chest heaved more and more as she talked, her body getting hotter. I couldn't believe it. I had practically brainwashed this cock-hungry girl into actually wanting me to use and abuse her however I wanted. I couldn't help but wonder what was going through her mind as she was stuck between wanting to fulfill her carnal pleasures and getting away from a man who was using her body as a sex toy.
"Purse your lips for me," I demand her. Niki looks at me, doing as she was told. Slowly I bring the tip of my cock to her lips, rubbing my head against her. "This mouth belongs to me, got that?" I say.
"Yes, sir," Niki mumbled against my skin, trying her hardest to not touch my shaft. Smirking, I push her head forward slightly, ever so slowly rubbing myself against her lips over and over again. I noticed her body tense up as she was waiting for me to shove my cock into her mouth, but I never do. Eventually I pull my cock away from Niki as she smacks her lips, tasting my precum. I watch the anxiety fade away as she realized I wasn't going to force myself down her throat like she thought.
I was nowhere near done, however. "Stay right where you are," I say to Niki as I move to the side of her. Grabbing onto her head once more, I begin to slide my entire length in between the girl's lips lengthwise. I let out a loud moan as I pleasure myself with Niki's mouth. Meanwhile she mumbles against me, having trouble breathing. As good as it feels, I have to stop before I cum too earlier.
As soon as I start throbbing I quickly pull away. Niki gasps, breathing heavily. I grin as I run my fingers through the girl's hair, watching her out of breath and staring at my cock. Niki looks up at me, her eyes filled with a pathetic lust that could only belong to a woman that absolutely needed to be degraded to the lowest point possible. She needed me to fuck her warm, waiting pussy or she would go crazy. Oh well.
"You're such a good fuck toy," I say to Niki. As I stare down at the girl, I notice the beads of sweat forming on her brow. "As a reward, I will let you take your pants off. Now stand up." Niki quickly shoots up in her spot, even keeping her hands behind her as she did so. Walking up to her and bending down, I begin to undo her jeans, making sure to do so in an agonizingly slow manner.
Niki waits patiently as I unbutton and unzip her pants, pushing them down off her round hips and onto the floor. Before me is a pair of soaking wet pink panties. I smirk up at her. "Bad girl," I say, slapping her pussy lips with my hand. Niki grunts softly taking a step back. I pull her jeans off her heels, throwing them to the side carelessly. "Now turn around." The girl paused for a second, before slowly turning her back to me not knowing what I was going to do.
As soon as Niki had her back to me, I grab her hands and put them to the side. I hold onto her hips tightly, as I lean in close to her. I begin to rub my dick against her as through her panties, breathing out a sigh of pleasure into her ear. Niki immediately tenses up as she feels my monster of a cock grinding against her. Her hands form clenched fists as she holds her breath, horrified of what I might do to her. Smirking, I exhale hot air in her ear and onto her skin. "I'll give you a choice," I say to Niki as I continue using her ass for my indulgence. "Either I cum on your face, or I cum on your pussy."
The girl was speechless at my proposition. "I, um..." She stutters.
Now sliding myself in between Niki's legs, I say to her, "Of course, if you don't choose, I'll just have to cum inside of you."
"No!" Niki immediately cries out, her legs clenching tightly around my cock. Her hands grip onto my wrists, shaking at the thought of my cumming inside of her.
I respond, "Then choose." My fingers begin to pull her underwear down her quivering legs. "Or I will pound your pussy until it is raw, and I will cum inside of you."
Niki gasps, "Face, I choose face." She trembles against my body, clearly terrified.
Keeping my hold on the girl's waist, I say to her, "I think you need to beg for it." I dig my fingernails into her skin for extra emphasis. I wanted her to let me know how dirty she was.
"Please," Niki says with a sniff, her eyes beginning to well with tears, "Please shoot your hot cum all over my face... S-sir..." Now, the girl would say whatever it took to keep me happy.
Satisfied, I push the girl forward, causing her to stumble. "Get back on your knees, pet," I command her. I watch as Niki spins around and sinks down onto the cold cement floor. Holding onto the back of her head, I bring her face forward as I quickly jerk myself. All the teasing and using has left my cock throbbing and I'm ready to explode. Exhaling softly, I feel myself getting closer and closer. "Let me see your tongue," I tell Niki as she opens her mouth wide. I continue pumping my fist up and down, breathing heavily and letting out the occasional moan until finally I feel my climax coming hard. Gripping Niki's hair tightly, I hold my breath as I begin shooting ropes of thick, hot cum all over the girl's face and onto her tongue. Niki gasps as I explode onto her.
Panting heavily, I make sure to get every last drop onto the girl's face. Smirking down at her I stand still for a moment as I regain my breath. Niki stares at the ground, tears streaming down her raw cheeks as she silently cries. That was it, she had been broken. Now she was a toy solely for my pleasure.
I button my boxers back up and retrieve my shorts, quickly putting them back on. Then I walk up to the girl still squatting on the floor. "Get up," I tell Niki as I grab her wrist and harshly pull her up. She chokes back a sob, stumbling to her feet. "Now. Look at me." Niki slowly turns her body to me, looking up at me with her big brown eyes full of tears. I smile slyly at the girl as I reach into my pocket and pull out my phone. "Smile," I say sarcastically as I quickly snap a picture.
"No..." Niki whimpers as I humiliate her further. I don't care, I've had my fun.
Putting my phone away I tell her, "Get your clothes back on and go wash up." Niki stares at me in disbelief for a second, then rushes over to fetch her jeans. As she heads up the stairs I follow quickly behind her, giving her a firm slap on the ass as she cries out and runs into the bathroom.
Leaning against the wall outside the bathroom, I wait quietly for Niki to come out. Several minutes later the door swings open and the girl peeks her head out. She takes a few steps before she sees me there waiting for her, yelping and taking a step backwards. I smirk, slowly approaching Niki. "Same time, Monday afternoon. You got that?" I tell her, encroaching further and further until the backs up against the wall. She nods hastily swallowing a lump in her throat.
"Oh, and one more thing," I say to Niki, turning to leave, "don't you dare play with yourself. Got that? You belong to me now." Without waiting for her reaction, I turn my back to her and walk away.
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