Young man experiences ultimate sex
My most erotic memory is of the day I turned 18. I received a present from my aunt Lisa that has haunted and fueled my sexual fantasies for the past 25 years. No experience has ever come close to the level of excitement and erotic passion I was privileged to share with her that day. At times I would say it was a curse as I have never been able to achieve anything close to the explosive orgasms and sexual release I experienced that evening.....but I’m still trying.

I had traveled north to spend the summer with my widowed aunt in her Oakland hills home. My life to that point had been in southern Calif. with my parents and I was excited to be away for my first great adventure. I was to start school in the fall at Berkeley and aunt Lisa had invited me to use her home as a base while I looked for part time work and an apartment. Lisa was my fathers younger sister and only fourteen years my senior. She had been a widow for two years as uncle James had been killed in a auto collision.

We were just getting reacquainted as I had only seen her briefly a couple of times in the past ten years. I still had a school boy crush I carried from the first time I could remember our meeting. I'm sure she could weigh no more than 105 lbs. and stood about 5'4”. Her dark long hair contrasts with the pale clear skin in a most exotic way giving her an elfin appearance. She had always been a bit of a puzzle as she bore no resemblance to anyone in the family. We were all tall and fair haired where she looked to be of mixed Italian or Spanish descent. I had wondered if Grandma had strayed in her youth.

I was excited to see what a shapely body she had as I caught a glimpse of her before sunup the first morning as she swam laps in the pool. I was awakened by the sound of her splashing and even in the limited light I was surprised and delighted with the view of her nude body as she would glide back and forth. I stood at the window for some time rubbing my swollen cock as I watched her before I realized she could see me also.

At breakfast that morning I apologized for my rudeness at spying on her. She smiled and winked saying “ I work out nude early every morning in the gym and swim afterward to cool down. I could put on a swim suit if you would be more comfortable, but the bulge in your pants that you were massaging tells me it shouldn't be necessary and you might be disappointed if I did .” I stammered out a “please don't change your routine on my account.” and winked back.

In the first week we had taken in all the local sights by lunching in Sausalito, Tiburon and Jack London square. We traveled across the Bay Bridge to spend a day in the city and she had shown me the easiest route to Berkeley, with a tour of the surrounding areas. To say I was infatuated with her would be putting it mildly. I'd had a few sexual encounters in high school but was by no means experienced or skilled in dealing with women. She appeared to be the sexiest and most petite woman I had ever known and I was completely overwhelmed.

Her home is large and lush, situated on a beautiful secluded hill side. Uncle James had done quite well as a major supplier of vending machines and arcade games that made him rich before he was 25. She had not had to work since she turned 21 and following his death sold the business for enough to live very well for the rest of her life.

My second week with her was filled with looking for an apartment and job. Lisa had told me to not to worry about moving out as she had plenty of room and I was welcome to live rent free for as long as I wanted. She admitted being lonely without Jim and said she was enjoying my company and if things worked out between us she would love for me to stay with her all the way through college. I was wondering what “things” she might be talking about but didn't ask.

I had kind of taken her offer as I was enjoying the easy life with daily swims and using the large basement gymnasium that contained every piece of equipment I could want.

While using the gym I had noticed a small electric powered horse on a platform in one corner, similar to those outside of grocery stores that small children love to ride. This one had an oversized saddle area so that two kids might ride at the same time with side hand rails that were placed a little to high for a child to use. It was painted in bright colors and the base contained the name Lover Boy. I turned it on and watched as it had a vibrating effect and a mild back-n-forth and up-n-down rocking motion. Both had controls to increase intensity and speed. At the time I thought it to be an odd item to keep in a gym.

At breakfast the next morning I asked her about the horse. She blushed slightly and with a sly smile said “ oh you must mean Lover Boy. It's an early model Jim produced and sold. He modified that one for us to.... uhhh... well enhance our sex life. I don't think I could have gotten through the last two years without it.” She sat staring into space with a wistful dreamy look for a moment or so then continued “ if I’m right you will be 18 tomorrow.” I nodded. “ You realize of course at 18 your legal and fair game. “Fair game for what” I asked. “Never mind that now. I have a present I would like to give you after dinner on your birthday that I hope will blow your mind and may well redefine our relationship, that is if your interested?”

I smiled from ear to ear and said “ you bet your sweet ahh... I mean yes I’m very interested.” She licked her lips and said “I have been thinking about this for the last six months, as a matter of fact since your father called and asked about you staying here while you got settled into college. I very much hope, what ever happens you will keep it our secret.” I was a bit baffled but had a suspicion what she meant and just nodded my head in agreement. “ Go ahead and run your errands today and tomorrow and I will leave you a list of a couple things I need you to do later on your birthday. Oh by the way if you are up before the sun tomorrow morning you might want to sneak a peek through the basement window. It should add a little spice to the present I have for you.”

She winked and was gone. I spent the day looking around the Berkeley area, applying for part time work from the list in the newspaper and another the school supplied to new students. Most had been filled already so my hunt would continue. My mind kept drifting back to my aunt and what she might have in mind. I was sure the present would include sex and I felt electrified at the thought of having her. My mind would jump back to that petite body every few minutes, causing me a continual state of arousal through out the day. I must have had almost a hundred erections before I returned to her home that evening.

Aunt Lisa had left me dinner with a note but was nowhere around. The note said she would see me the following evening at 6 pm in the gym. It also said there would be some items on my bed when I got home with more instructions and she would take it as a personal favor if I would refrain from relieving my self through masturbation until after tomorrow night. I was to prepare my own meals until then and a P.S. that she was wet with anticipation and could hardly wait for tomorrow. I was disappointed as I needed relief badly and had been looking forward to stroking my cock as I fantasized about her but took her instructions.

The note had me going crazy thinking about her. I had dinner and could not sleep, read, watch TV or anything else. I finally went down to the gym and worked out until I was about ready to drop. My attention kept returning to Lisa and what tomorrow night might bring.

The small horse ride she called Lover Boy caught my eye. I had looked it over before and saw nothing strange. It appeared to be no more than a well made commercial toy for kids. Under a removable saddle I found a line of threaded inserts with no evident use. The only sexual purpose I could think of was a woman might get enjoyment from the gently rocking and vibration to her crotch area if she sat on the raised ridge with the saddle removed. The thought of her nude slender body astride the horse and being pleasured was very tantalizing.

I had set my alarm to wake early so I might sneak a peek at aunt Lisa in the morning. It was after 2 am when I finally got to sleep and when the alarm went off before sunrise I jumped up and groggily dressed quickly to get outside as soon as possible. I was stationed outside at the small narrow window at ceiling level looking down into the gym when aunt Lisa entered and turned on the lights. She had on a short silk robe and running shoes. I saw her glance up at the window and knew she could not tell if I was there with it dark outside and the gym lights on bright. She untied the sash that held the robe closed and slowly let it fall open.

The robe slid from her nude body and she stood facing me with her legs spread a little so I might take in the sight. I couldn't believe someone so short could have legs so long and sensual. Her breasts were average in size but the nipples stood straight out as if either very cold or very excited. She had what looked like long dangling ear rings attached to each erect nipple that kept them excited and swollen. Her skin was pale and flawless making me ache to caress it. Her vagina was shaved clean and the lips were slightly pink and protruded as if they were puckered for a kiss. There was a matching dangling earring attached to her clitoris pulling out the small bud slightly.

She stood motionless for a few minutes allowing me time to study her body. She pulled the dangling earrings on her breasts gently causing the nipples to elongate a little further. When she pulled the one on her clitoris her eyes closed and she almost swooned from the pleasure as she stood there and shivered. I wanted very badly to know how she managed to attach the sexual jewelery.

She finally turned and walked slowly over to mount a stepper/climber machine swaying her butt from side to side in an exaggerated manner. After mounting she took long upward strides causing her pussy lips to slid back and forth with the dangling earring swaying. The sight was making my rigid cock strain to get out.

I could swear she was becoming excited with the friction she was generating and knowing I was probably watching. After about ten minutes she moved to a treadmill, where she removed the clit clip before starting. The removal took a few minutes and she closed her eyes and pursed her lips as she slowly released what ever held it in place. After climbing onto the treadmill she was soon into a medium jog causing her breasts to bounce slightly on each stride with the nipple clips tugging away on each bounce.

Again after ten minutes she moved to the weight bench and began side curls with light hand weights and would bring her knees up to her chest at the end of each set with her legs spread wide. The first times she did I almost choked and I groaned out loud from the rush of lust I felt.

After finishing several sets she glanced up in my direction and walked over to the small pony ride and threw a leg over, sitting easily astride it. With her wide open crotch pressed against the saddle she rubbed her pussy back and forth several times as she enjoyed the friction. Her hand hovered over the control knob but instead of turning it on she dismounted and retrieved her robe, heading for the pool. I went inside and up to my bedroom peeking out to watch her make slow laps and occasionally do backstrokes. I showered and was hard pressed to not stroke my cock to climax.

When I finished and went down to eat breakfast. She was nowhere to be found so I made myself a quick meal and left for my day of job hunting. Instead of finding a part time job I did run across an apartment that was in my price range and close to school. Instead of jumping on it as I should have, I put the address aside in case things did not work out with aunt Lisa. I wanted very much to stay with her as long as possible. That petite body was haunting me to the point of distraction. My dick had been leaking cum since the morning I had first seen her nude and I couldn't stop thinking about what it would feel like to penetrate her luscious vagina.

My day had turned out to be a total waste of time so I grabbed fast food and went to the park to eat and contemplate the coming adventure. I managed to fall asleep in the car and make up for some of the sleep I had lost. Of course I dreamt of ravishing and violating my aunt. I finally returned to her house at about 5 p.m. She still was nowhere to be found so I went to my room to restlessly prepare and wait for the 6 pm meeting.

There was a bag on my bed with a note saying there was a couple of items in the bag I was to use before I showered and came to the gym. I was to use the first one quickly and to take my time and enjoy the second. It was signed your very wet and loving aunt. In the bag were two enemas. I laughed out loud as the first thing that came to my mind was she feared she might fuck the shit out of me. My god !!! what did this woman have in mind?

I had never had an enema before and was at first skeptical. Reading the directions said warming the liquid made for a more thorough cleansing. I slipped down to the kitchen and heated the contents of both a little to hot and quickly returned to my room. I stripped down and sat on the toilet inserting the nozzle and opened the valve. I could feel my insides being expanded as about a quart of hot liquid slowly filled me.

The process was quite exciting as the area below my stomach began to bulge and push out. It was mildly painful but the pressure was making my already hard cock throb even more. I quickly expelled the contents of the first one and started the second. The directions said to hold the liquid in for several minutes before evacuating and when I did let go a steady stream gushed out of me for what seemed to take a couple of minutes. I started for the shower and had to return to the toilet a couple of times. As I showered I felt as if my cock would stay hard for the rest of the week.

She had also left a silk robe on the bed that I put on feeling a bit silly. My erect cock kept poking out from between the folds of the cool slick material. My scheduling was good as it was about ten minutes to show time. I walked down to the gym and entered tentatively. Aunt Lisa was sitting on the weight bench wearing nothing but a pair of black stiletto high heels and a horny smile. My eyes were glued to her exposed body as I approached. Her's were fixed on the tent in the front of my robe. She motioned for me to come neared and as I did my cock again sprang out the front. She smiled as she put her hand around it and said “ I’m impressed. Your bigger than your father and he looked to be quite large. I used to sneak peeks at him when I was young and got to see it erect a couple of times. I guess I have always had a bit of an incestuous desire for him.”

As she said that she tugged on my cock gently pulling me closer and slipped the head into her mouth. She had to open very wide to accommodate the entire diameter and I felt weak as her warm wet mouth enveloped me sending waves of sensual pleasure through my groin. As I stood there with my body rigid from the feeling she was imparting I looked over to see the electric horse covered with her robe. She slowly and softly twirled her tongue around the head causing a sensation so intense it was almost painful. Each time I would start to approach orgasm she would back off and make me come down from the peak of ecstasy I was approaching.

When I could take it no longer and begged for release she stopped and said “ the first time you climax tonight I have something special in mind.” She led me over to the pony ride and pulled the robe aside. My eyes opened wide as I saw two long pink dildos attached to the inserts under the saddle. The threaded inserts allowed her to place dildos most any place down the center of the saddle she wanted. She motioned to the more slender one and said “this one is yours, since this is your first time. This will be a little awkward at first as we each will have one of these in our ass and your cock will be inside me. You are going to have to hold off your orgasm as long as possible and it won't be easy.”

I wanted badly to kiss and fondle her body, but when I tried she said “ if you do that it will make this even harder for both of us. I'm right on the edge of orgasm just as you are and I want you to experience the first one the way I love most. We have years to explore and use each other in every way possible so humor me this time. ” I nodded my head OK knowing my voice would fail me.

She had me step over the pony and stand above the long slender rubber dildo. She quickly coated it with KY jelly and helped me guide it into my rectum. Inserting the dildo was a bit painful and I understood why she had me perform an enema earlier. My cock throbbed as the rubber cock penetrated deep into my rectal canal. There was a steady stream of fluid running from my cock. Next she lubricated the other dildo and my cock. Getting them lined up for insertion took a little work from us both. As she sat down my cock was sheathed by her tight vagina while her asshole was skewered by the large dildo. I could feel it through her internal tissues as both penetrated deep into her orifices. Having both fill at the same time made her vagina even tighter and caused involuntary flexing to control her internal muscles. Her eyes closed with the stretching pleasure that nearly made her pass out from the overwhelming pleasure and added sensations.

I was teetering on the edge of a climax before she had everything inserted fully. She implored me again to hold off as long as I could and we had to stop the insertion process several times so she could bring herself back from the edge. We sat there not moving for several tentative minutes to let the approaching climatic wave subside. Each of us was having involuntary spasms that would set off the other. She was sitting facing me on my lap with her legs wrapped around me and feet resting on protruding pegs at the front of the pony. I was holding onto the convenient hand rails for balance and our crotches were locked together in a moist sucking embrace. She had her arms around me with her head next to mine and was whispering into my ear.

“When I turn on the power don't try to stroke. Let Lover Boy do the work and hold out as long as you can. When you can hold no longer squirt all the hot cum you have into me as deep as you can.” She started the pony ride with a slow up/down and back/forth motion increasing the intensity fairly quickly. We were both on the verge within a few seconds and as I let go she hit the vibration knob. The powerful buzzing vibration was transferred through the dildo into my rectum as it was to her also. Our mutual orgasm became violent with clenching surges that were multiplied by at least a factor of ten.

We were both screaming and convulsing as pulse after pulse of pleasure shook us to the core. The dildos in our anal canals transferred the pony's harsh vibrations deep inside us not letting the climax end or slow. The orgasm must have lasted several minutes and when she shut off the machine I was still having what felt like dry spasms. I say dry as there was nothing left in me to squirt but my whole crotch would clench up as if I were still gushing large globs of semen into her womb.

Lisa was clinging to me and I was just managing to hold us both upright. When our breathing slowed and we were able to carefully start to pull free of the dildos my cock plopped out of her. A large stream of semen and other juices gushed from her and was running down the insides of her lovely legs. She was shaking so hard I had to help lift her off the pony causing a sucking sound as the dildo was pulled from her rectum. Her eyes rolled back and I think she passed out for a bit. We laid down on the workout mat and held each other as we shivered together experiencing a post climax euphoria. About and hour later I was able to stand and carry her to my room where I put her in bed and crawled in next to her.

When we woke I felt like I had a hot poker shoved up my ass and my dick was still rock hard . The climax I’d had exceeded anything I had experienced or was to experience so far in my life. Lisa was almost crying with the joy of the sex we had just shared and told me I was the first man she had been with since uncle Jim. She also reveled ( to my relief ) we were not technically guilty of incest as she was adopted. My grand parents had never told anyone but aunt Lisa and my dad. She was very adamant that we not have sex until not only the day of my birth but after the time also as I was born at 5:32 pm. I guess not exploiting a minor was high on her list. We showered together later and she introduced me to my first session of mutual oral around the world.

We spent the next three days days shoving every body protuberance we possessed into every orifice of each other. We didn't leave the house or put on clothing for the entire time. Our time was spent finding new and interesting ways to have sex in every room of the house. My favorites were the kitchen and garage as they contained so many items I could use to fill her body cavities. The kitchen will always be my favorite as I was able to use her to warm up interesting things to eat. There is nothing as exciting as devouring bananas, zucchinis and carrots I had just removed from her steaming pussy.

Riding the pony was something we refrained from repeating often. The intensity of those orgasms was so draining we seldom repeated them more than once monthly. I had noticed she craved a pony ride just following her menstrual cycle when her sex drive was at it's peak even though we continued to have intercourse before during and after her period.

I stayed with my aunt for four years and graduated with honors. We maintained separate bedrooms but had sex almost daily for the entire time. Aunt Lisa wanted desperately to have a child and I must say we both gave it our best to no avail. I later got tested and found I was shooting blanks. Our first six months together was spent with me learning and experiencing everything possible about sex.

After our time together I would say I have probably earned a degree in pussy eating as she loved to sit on my face for hours at a time and delighted in me performing oral sex on her after I had just shot a large load into her. Having me ingest my own semen would bring her to an almost immediate climax. She put me through a regiment of learning that kept my head spinning for four years. We still see each other most every week and the magic has yet to wear off. I hope it never does.

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