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This is my first story. It has more of a romantic novel like feel to it, in theory, so yes, the sex is not very explicit. Other than that, any advice and tips, edits, or directions to possibly continue would be much appreciated. Also, please refrain from advertising yourself in my comments or posting childporn. thats nasty. thanks! hope you enjoy! -thephantomstallion
June 7, 2010

Dear diary,
The days grow warmer and so does his touch. All I feel is too much to explain. I can’t find the words to express it; not to you, not to even him. It’s funny, as of late I feel like I have grown closer to him than to you. How this is possible I have yet to see. I pray nightly that I won’t wake up from this dreamland. He means so much to me…

It was the summer of 2008. I had just turned 16 in May and purchased my first car: a worn, but still beautiful, 1978 Camaro. My dad and I planned to restore it in the coming years, and the final project in turn it would become my graduation present. This summer, as always, my family and I were on vacation in a small beach town in Florida. I woke up early that morning and decided to try running along the smooth sandy beach while the weather was still somewhat cool. I am not much of a runner, but I do like to keep active. It does help having strong, long legs, though. Well, it does now. Back then when your body is still developing it doesn’t completely understand itself. It’s like giving a child a Ferrari. They can make it go, but the handling and technique is probably not perfect. Anyhow, all that to say that morning I decided to run down the coast at sunrise.
About a mile down the beach, as the sun was peeking over the trees, I saw a girl about my age slowly walking in the sand. The slight breeze in her long blond curls, the way her soft white dress fluttered like the waves, the way she shuffled her feet in the sand by the water…I was sure I was in love. As I approached, she looked up at me and smiled as she tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear, the sun setting fire like the diamonds in her ears to her royal blue eyes. I was tantalized, drawn in like a bug to a light. She giggled and whispered hello, shuffling her feet. I just stared, speechless, reminding myself never to run again because I clearly died trying.
This angel laughed, her eyes, though I swear it impossible, sparkled even more as she spoke, her voice soft and sweet, “Oh boys…” she walked closer to me, picking up her dress a bit to keep it from being splashed by the few incoming waves. “Well, hi,” she said, extending a hand, with the other she brushed her curls to the side.
“H-H-Hello,” I finally managed to stutter after what seemed like ages. “Wow…” I jumped, not realizing that came out, though in a whisper, I swore she heard me.
“You have a name don’t you?” she said, as I shook her hand, my eyes never leaving hers.
“Uhhh…oh… I’m Caleb,” I said softly, slowly finding confidence in the fact that this angel appeared to like me. That thought sent a huge grin across my face.
We talked for a few hours, both of us walking along the beach. Her name is Halie. She lives here on the beach. We spent that week together, and after I left, I kept in touch every day through some method. We started as friends, but by the end of that week I knew I was in love. A month after I left, we went back. After the second night reunited, I finally found the courage to kiss her cheek.
“Oh? Is that all I get?” she asked, clearly disappointed. Her hands on her hips, the moonlight casting shadows on her face, adding to the comical dramatic stance. I, shaking, leaned in, my lips meeting hers, my first kiss. Nothing felt as great. Her lips, soft, sweet, my hand slowly tracing her cheek. My heart raced, knowing there was never a moment I felt more. She gripped my hand, stood on her toes and kissed me once more, quickly, softly, with a smile. “I had to make sure I remembered it right,” she winked. She let go of my hand as she turned to walk away. “Goodnight Caleb. My Caleb.”
That night I lay in bed, unable to move, paralyzed in the reliving of that first kiss. I called her every weekend, and finally, at Christmas, got to see her again. My summer love, the one girl I thought of all semester. Her parents were fighting, and see moved in with her grandparents about 45 minutes from me. I was ecstatic. We spent the next year constantly together. I, now 17, her birthday in two months, had never been happier.

February 15, 2010

Dear diary,
Sorry I didn’t write last night. Caleb and I went out. How did I find such a perfect man? We had dinner. He was so respectful. On the way home...we were in an accident. Someone ran through a light and could have killed me. Instead he sacrificed the car, his pride and joy, for me. He was so willing to put himself in danger. To give up his most prized thing in an attempt to save my life. I can’t hold back much longer. I know he loves me. I love him. He’s kind. Caring. Protective. He’s the sweetest guy to little kids, and I know he’ll be an amazing father. And those muscles…he’s been working out. His hair, well, I’ve managed to straighten it out with as much as I’ve run my fingers through it. You should have seen him in those jeans he wore. I’m still drooling…

It was Fall, now two years since we met. wWe both sat on the porch of the cabin wrapped in a blanket. I reached into my pocket, her head on my shoulder and pulled out a small box. It took everything I had, and was all mine. With what lay inside, I hoped its wearer would be also. I opened the box and a small, white diamond appeared. She looked from me, to the box, tears forming. Her arms wrapped tightly around my neck. If thought before she was a good kisser, I now KNOW she is.

October 16, 2010
Dear diary,
This is my last moment as a bachelorette I suppose you could call it. In a few hours, I marry Caleb. SO many things to write. Where do I begin? His eyes? How about his hair. Start at the top and work down I suppose…

The feeling of seeing your bride in white walking down the aisle is beyond any form of written deion. I don’t generally get too emotional, but I’ll be honest and say yes, I cried. The beauty on the beach was no match for the elegant woman before me. The way the dress clung to her thin waist, the way her hair twisted to her shoulders from the up-do beneath the veil. The only time she was more beautiful than this was that night. I carried her into the place of our honeymoon, a surprise to her. I managed to buy the house in front of the spot we first met. She kissed me, this time knowing neither of us had to hold back.

My left hand on her waist, with my right I unpinned her long curls, each falling gracefully around her pink cheeks. I kiss her softly on the lips; she kisses back, our tongues tickling the others. My hands run down her back slowly, tracking her spine, sending shivers throughout her body as I unzip the heavy dress. Her hands fumble as she unbuttons my shirt, and then trace my abs, tickling me. I laugh and pull her in for another kiss. “I love you” I say in between each kiss. I kiss down her neck, slowly making my way to her breast. She lets out a sigh.

“I’ve waited for so long,” she whispers grabbing my arm, pulling me back up for a long deep kiss. Her dress falls, as do the rest of my clothes. We both stand there for a moment, then embrace, kissing. Again, I kiss down her body. First her neck, then her breasts, both of them, then caress them as I tickle her stomach with soft kisses. I continue lower and lower. Her back arches, she twists, giggling with pleasure. “Stop it Caleb!! Hahaha” she flips me on my back and we tussle, our bodies rubbing together, the urge to become one growing ever stronger.

We tussle once more and I end up on my back. She straddles me, sitting on my bare stomach, pinning my arms to my side. I grin. “Ok. You win.” I saw and wink. Laying there, staring at her naked body. So perfect. So soft. So turned on by her wild side I had only seen a glimpse of in the past.

She grins seductively and bites her lip. Her left hand frees mine and she walks her fingers up my chest. With her short manicured nails she tickles my lip, and then runs down my side, past my butt, and down my leg, tickling my toes. Halie slides down so her body is pressed down onto mine. “You ready big guy?” she laughs, knowing I’m completely blown away.

I roll on top of her, tangling my leg in the sheets. She explores my body, stopping at my groin. A few moments later, I slip gently in and let out a long sigh as my hands support her arching back. She moans and clenches my arm. It’s the first time for both of us. The sensations shooting through our bodies, seemingly as one, with each movement. I caress her breasts as she squeezes my firm, round rear. Between soft moans our tongues fight, passionately trying to win its way into the other’s territory. We roll, I on my back, hands pinned down. She sits up to resume. My left hand rests behind my head, the right traces down her smooth stomach. It slides around her hip, supporting her back, caressing her soft rear. I lean up to kiss her. I pull her down onto the bed.

“Oh Halie” I whisper. I tell her of my love. Each part of her body, beautiful. Her smile, so soft and warm. Her kiss, paralyzing. Those hands, so soft, so naturally talented, dig into my tan flesh, fighting to control the tsunami of ecstasy overwhelming us.

October 17, 2012
Dear diary,
…a bead of sweat dripped down his face. Both our bodies shaking, with each movement I felt more pleasure than I could imagine. He feels amazing. All I know is I want more….

We move together like the curtains, back and forth, moving with the breeze. Our body head warming the other, pulling closer. She kisses my neck in the pale moonlight. All is still besides us and the wind, and the waves, all rocking, all never to end. She arches her back, I push in tighter. Everything about her is warm, soft, full of life and of spirit. My body shudders, knowing I cannot take much more. With everything I have, I try and pleasure her the best I can, as she does the same. Each at a loss for words, simply caressing, kissing, and softly letting moans of joy escape our lips if left untouched for a moment.
Finally, together, we climax, wave after wave. Out breathing hard, mouths barely apart. I rest my head on her chest, slowing my pace. My legs, strong and firm in her hand, come together beside her. Her angelic figure pressed to my naked bare body, I pull her in, protecting her. Protecting my very own heart. This woman. My wife. My love.

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2012-10-23 08:36:11
This is perhaps the first real piece of proper erotica I've read on this site. It is simply heartwarming, Kama Sutra-esque, and nothing short of fantastic.

I used to write the same way you did, except without the sex.

I wish I knew how to find you outside of this site. The two of us should collaborate. If everything else you create is on the same level as this, I can see you going far on this site.

- Wei Shen

anonymous readerReport

2012-10-23 08:35:59
This is perhaps the first real piece of proper erotica I've read on this site. It is simply heartwarming, Kama Sutra-esque, and nothing short of fantastic.

I used to write the same way you did, except without the sex.

I wish I knew how to find you outside of this site. The two of us should collaborate. If everything else you create is on the same level as this, I can see you going far on this site.

- Wei Shen


2012-10-16 21:03:12
thank you very much! there were a few errors when i posted it but we are working on correcting them. I hope to write more on them and I will work on making the sex a little better haha. :)


2012-10-16 20:57:04
Probably one of the best 'romantic' stories I have had the privilege of reading, though I question it being on a predominantly sex oriented site. Technically faulty, - some spelling errors - wrong word rather than wrong spelling, and not spaced out enough. (Paragraphs too large and therefore possible to lose interest/concentration) Still good enough to get my Positive Vote.

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