Two innocent Russian girls get caught up in Middle East politics
“Move!” The harsh voice accompanied a shove in her back and Natalya stumbled forwards, feeling other hands grab her arms and lift her bodily into another van, where she tripped over something and fell painfully to the floor. A second later she heard her best friend Elena deposited in the same way, and felt her trip inevitably over her.

As the two girls lay there the doors were slammed shut, a couple of words were spoken in some completely unfamiliar language, and the van started.

“Okay girl?” Natalya tried to offer something to her friend, who was probably finding it even harder than herself to understand what was happening to them. One moment they’d been walking carefree down a street in Istanbul, enjoying their unexpected holiday that Elena’s dad had been given; the next they’d been grabbed and bundled, terrified and helpless, into the back of a van. Then they'd been driven for hours, ten or twelve even, before being handed over to this lot. Where the hell were they? And what was it about?

The guys who’d kidnapped them had been Russian, very professional somehow, and hadn’t molested them even though they were both – not being vain or anything but realistic – girls that guys really liked to look at and (to put it nicely) aspire to.

So, it looked like the people who’d kidnapped them were more FSB than traffickers or criminals or something. What on earth could it be about? At not quite sixteen Natalya hadn’t paid too much attention to what Elena’s dad did, though she knew he was big in politics and controversial over his public statements about Syria. But now…as she tried to make sense of what was happening she had to wonder if it wasn’t actually something that serious.

And the couple of words they’d heard from their new captors had sounded quite Arabic, hadn’t they?

“We’re in Syria maybe,” Natalya continued, “something to do with your dad I bet. Don’t worry, they haven’t hurt us yet have they? So they’re probably not going to.” She hoped Lena wasn’t too frightened. She herself was finding it hard not to start imagining all kinds of horrible things in store, with nothing to do but sit in the dark hour after hour.

The uncomfortable journey continued for another half a day, it seemed like, with just a brief toilet stop. They had to go on the ground in front of the two men who were driving the van – swarthy types with beards – but otherwise they weren’t interfered with. That was almost a surprise, given the skimpy holiday clothes they’d been in when they’d been grabbed – in their miniskirts and tank tops they both had a lot of skin showing!

At long last the van slowed and came to a stop and the side door was opened, revealing that it was dawn. That made it, what, three quarters of a day they'd been travelling? They were a long way from home!

The driver beckoned the girls out, into a large courtyard with high walls and powered gates that were just closing. Natalya looked around for any possible avenue of escape, but couldn’t see any: the walls were three metres high at least.

They were hustled into the large mansion that formed two sides of the square, up a huge marble staircase and along a wide corridor until the men stopped and knocked at a door. It was opened by a tall blonde woman, who looked Russian, and indeed was: “Ah,” she said, “our two girls, come in.”

Natalya and Elena went in, leaving the men outside. Not that it made much difference, Natalya was thinking, since the woman had to be 180 centimetres at least and she and Lena were both only 160 and a lot lighter as well! The woman could prevent them escaping quite easily on her own. She was all business, anyway:

“The shower is here, please use it and then I will present you to my boss. I am his interpreter and his assistant in certain ways. Get ready and then he will explain to you why you are here; through me, obviously, since he is Syrian and speaks no Russian.” She was being very official, neither kind nor unkind. Natalya was disappointed that there was no fellow-feeling with their all being Russian in this foreign country.

In fifteen minutes the girls were showered and back in their miniskirts, though with fresh T-shirts that the woman had given them – her own judging by their large size. The woman took them along the corridor and knocked at pair of imposing doors, waiting to hear a man’s voice before opening them and ushering them in.

The room was a huge high-ceilinged office, occupied by a clean-shaven thirty-something man in a suit, who looked quite ordinary to Tali. He stood up and walked round his desk to stand in front of them, looking at them intently.

He started speaking and the interpreter translated:

"My name is Maher al-Assad, not the brother but the nephew of Bashar al-Assad: you know him as the true leader of Syria. This is my house. What I say is the law here; you will be safe if you do EXACTLY as you are told. Not otherwise." Natalya started to see that he was not so ordinary after all.

“Elena Nikolaeva, your father has been making difficulties in Russia about us, and your presence here is to correct that. Natalya you are here because you were always with Elena, that is all; however there will be a role for you I think.” As he said that he was leering at her, in a way that she had been learning to recognise since she developed!

“We will make some little videos and send them to him to change his approach to the issue of the rule of my family in Syria. No doubt he values the purity of his beautiful only daughter, and her reputation of course, with the internet and what that can mean to a girl and her family...“

Episode 2

Natalya was trying to process what he was saying: ‘little videos’? She hadn’t been able to understand his words until the woman translated of course – the big broad-shouldered but shapely blonde who reminded her of Maria Sharapova - but she hadn't liked the look of his expression as he was saying it; nor where his eyes were wandering to - up and down their exposed legs!!

He started speaking at Elena again and the woman translated: “We are going to send your father a video every day until we hear him making public statements that support the true leadership of this holy country. The videos will be of his precious daughter and they will be of a kind to motivate him! Each day will be stronger in its message, until he realises the necessity of cooperation! To start with they will be sent privately, then if more persuasion is required they will be posted online. And of course the content will escalate, progressively.” He grinned horribly as he finished, clearly not averse to any escalation!

Natalya’s heart sank. There was a slight fervour to his manner that had become familiar to her from men and boys since she and Lena had developed tits and hips: he fancied them!

He said a few more words, out of which Tali picked “Katya”, and the interpreter walked quickly to a cupboard and came back with a camera. Maher al-Assad pointed to a spot in front of the girls and slightly to one side, and the woman, who was evidently called Katya, took up that position and pointed the camera at them. Natalya tried to be brave, tried to support her best friend, and tried to work out if she should put up any resistance.

The man spoke and Katya translated: “Natalya, strip Elena, slowly. Do it from that side so that you do not get in the way of the camera.”

Natalya hadn’t planned to get feisty, it just came out: “Oh I don’t think that’s what the Koran says, does it?! We ARE only fifteen and this IS perverted!”

Katya translated and the man was instantly in a rage. He advanced on her, right up till she could feel his shoes on her toes, and shouted down at her. As Natalya glared back up at him she heard the translation: “You do it, or some of my guards will do it! And then they will take you away with them!”

Natalya quailed at the threat: it was all too believable. She hastily got her temper back under control! God! How stupid she’d been! She looked down at the floor and edged sideways up to her friend. Gingerly she took hold of the t-shirt. “Sorry Lena babe,” she said.

Her best friend forever gave her a wan smile, acknowledging she had no choice, and silently raised her arms. Natalya lifted the t-shirt, exposing Lena’s tummy, then her tits; Lena lowered her arms to let Natalya pull the t-shirt right off.

Maher took a step back to admire Lena’s half-naked young body, then waved at Natalya to get on with it. Clearly he was impatient to see her beautiful friend fully nude!

Natalya undid Lena’s miniskirt and lowered it to the floor, for Lena to step out of it. Next, still crouching, Tali took hold of Lena’s little panties. Slowly she slid the panties down, off Lena’s ass, brushing past her bush, then down her thighs, past her calves, and off. Then, not quite able to stop herself scanning her friend’s naked body as she did so, she stood up again.

Assad spoke again, and Katya translated quickly: “Now, Elena, undress Natalya, just the same! Not too fast! Move your hands slowly and make it last.”

Lena pulled Tali’s T-shirt off, then loosened and lowered her little skirt, then her panties. There. She stood up again and the girls stood together, nude and frightened, in front of the camera as the interpreter filmed them for a few seconds.

Maher spoke and Katya put the camera down. He walked behind the girls, but close - so close that Lena could feel his breath on her neck. It wasn't more than a couple of seconds before the man's hand came up from behind her and gripped one of her pert tits. She let out a shriek, but he gripped it hard and jabbered something quickly while holding it. "He says to resist will be more painful." said Katya. She was watching the scene, and Lena could not decide whether she was enjoying it, or upset by it. She was obviously used to doing what this man told her to do.

Lena stopped struggling and he lessened his grip on her. He didn't let go though, rather he moved his other hand up to cup her other tit! Lena wriggled, and then she could feel the man's erection pressing into her ass! That made her wriggle more, and the man started to laugh. He moved one hand down from a tit to slide towards her crotch. Lena shrieked and tried to twist out of his grasp. That was met by a smack, on her ass.

Assad spoke sharply "Stop struggling!" said the interpreter. It was hard, but Lena knew there was nothing she could do. The man slid his hand down even further and now cupped her mound like he had her breast! Now he was trying to get a finger in between her lips! She started to sob, and then to shake. It was in there! A bit!

After perhaps half a minute with his hand on her pussy he seemed to think he had had his fun, and pushed her away. Lena fell into a heap on the floor and sobbed.

Now it was Natalya's turn. She braced herself to be molested by this awful man. Couldn’t he get girlfriends like anybody else, or something?

He passed behind her and she made herself keep still when he ran his fingers through her hair; then he reappeared in front, shamelessly ogling her with his silly grin. She didn’t know what she was going to do when he really touched her; but he didn’t. He fired off some words and Katya pointed the camera at them again: “Lift Elena up and stand facing together,” she said.

Tali helped Lena up and looked steadily into her friend’s beautiful tearstained face, trying to give her strength.

“We will shoot some footage for the next video,” Katya continued, “Mr al-Assad wants plenty to choose from!

“Now, kiss!”

Episode 3

“Oh no!” Natalya couldn’t help herself exclaiming: everyone knew girls kissing in a gay way was perverted! Yukk!

But then she managed to get herself back under control; they’d have to do it, she could tell this guy was totally spoiled and could just do anything he wanted – he didn’t have to answer to anyone, that was clear. And he’d meant it about giving her to the guards, and even being a virgin she knew what THAT meant!

Well if they were being forced it wasn’t bad to do it was it? They just had to.

Tali leaned forwards a bit, and found Lena had done the same. Her lips met her friend’s, for the first time. There was a brief feeling of their warmth and softness then they were apart again.

Tali heard a volley of instructions from Assad, who was sounding rather excited.

“Kiss properly!” Katya translated. “Put your hands round each other’s heads and press together, your bodies, all the way down. Kiss for a long time, moving your lips on each other! Don’t stop too soon or it will be trouble!”

With a sigh Tali reached for her friend again. She put her hands round Lena’s head and shuffled forwards till her tits touched Lena’s, then hearing more instructions she kept going until she felt her thighs touch as well, and her bush. She stayed there, her lips moving on Lena’s as directed, then with more orders she put one hand on Lena’s naked ass and felt Lena’s land on hers! It was starting to feel a bit funny. With Lena’a warm, freckley skin…

Then suddenly Maher was speaking urgently and Katya was telling them to stop! Whew! But they were being ushered forcibly out into the corridor, naked! It was sheer luck there was nobody there! Katya whisked them back along the corridor and into the room where they’d showered. She seemed in a huge rush.

“Stay here,” she said, “This is my room, I’ll be back later. I don’t think he realised quite what you’d look like, and he doesn't want to break the schedule of filming, being virgins and so on. Don’t try to escape whatever you do; you can’t anyway, we’re high up and there are guards everywhere. Go to bed and sleep, you must be tired, in there.” She was waving towards a huge four-poster bed with drapes all round. In a moment she was gone again and they heard the key turn in the lock.

Natalya looked at Elena. In the same bed, naked? Well…it was so enormous, they didn’t need to be all that close, did they? Not touching or anything. They'd better get some sleep while they could, before Katya returned and wanted her bed back…

Natalya woke with a cool draught over her body; without opening her eyes she reached to pull the cover back over her, only to find it wouldn’t come. Then it was pulled out of her grasp and off her completely! She opened her eyes in alarm and there was Katya standing next to her, naked and magnificent, looking super-athletic like a pole-vaulter or something! Smelling as though she’d just had a shower, all fragrant, looming over her, blonde and tanned everywhere, even on her bits which were shaved as smooth as a baby’s bottom! Or creamed even, it looked so smooth there. She could see clearly because it wasn’t very far from her face!

“Mmmm I can understand why Maher was so over-aroused,” Katya was saying, inspecting her as though she was a pet animal she was thinking of buying or something! “So lovely, that gorgeous hair and those big eyes, that pale brown in them is SO appealing, and SUCH a body! What are you? Under fifty kilos…”

“Forty-seven,” Tali found herself saying.

“Forty-seven kilos,” Katya repeated, “and what, 160 centimetres?” Tali nodded automatically. Katya reached down and touched her hip! Tali instinctively flinched away.

“Do you want to stay up here in my room or do you want to be in the dungeons where Maher intended?” Katya was cross! “Where the guards will amuse themselves with you even if they’re not allowed to actually fuck you?”

“Up here,” Tali said quickly, making herself roll back to her original position. God, she’d have to be careful!

“So slender,” Katya smoothly continued her appraisal after her effortless victory, stroking her fingertips down her thigh now! “With this lovely pert ass, so firm, and these legs, all lithe with this delicious muscle making SUCH a wonderful shape; this lovely bush, neat but so fluffy, I bet you stroke it a lot don’t you…and your waist, what is it?” Her fingertips were feeling a bit funny, tracing so lightly over her skin, up onto her tummy now!

“Fifty-seven,” said Natalya.

“Fifty-seven centimetre waist!” Katya sounded impressed for some reason. Why should it make any difference to her? The fingers stroked up to her tits, and ONTO one! Feeling funnier than ever now. Tali knew what was coming, anyway...

“Let me guess,” Katya seemed to be having fun, in a way that Tali was starting to realise had to be perverted! “They are so pert! Delicious! B cup, and eighty-two centimetres?” Tali had to nod – that was exactly right! A 32B in American sizes.

“Mmmm, gorgeous, you’re JUST what I need, after two hours with Maher, being aroused but never finished, he’s…well, you’ll see. That’s why I have to have this…” Katya opened the bedside drawer and brought out a big pink vibrator! She grabbed Natalya’s hand and pulled her easily off the bed, then towed her across the room to the large sofa that was arranged with a coffee table in front of the TV. Katya sat down and Tali found herself being pulled onto her lap! Nude! God!

Episode 4

“Here, here, like this…so…” Tali knew she mustn’t resist as Katya arranged her sitting on one meaty thigh, leaning back on the arm of the sofa, into the corner, with one of Katya’s long, strong arms round her. Her senses were swamped with the contact and aromas and…the fingers playing with her left nipple!

“So you are a virgin I think?” Katya’s other hand was on the inside of her thigh, “I love that! I love the idea that you’re going to share your very first orgasm with me.”

“I’ve had lots of orgasms!” said Tali indignantly, “just not with anyone else! And what do you mean? I’m NOT going to have one now!”

“We’ll see,” Katya smiled, sounding dreadfully confident, “I’m going to have one anyway, I need one after two hours of Maher’s hopeless fucking! At least one! And having your gorgeous little body here is going to make it super sweet!”

Natalya felt Katya’s fingers move on her thigh. She could only lie there and watch helplessly as the fingers stroked lightly up towards her most private place! Then they pushed and she had to open her legs a bit more, lying being cradled by this naked woman! Whose other hand was twiddling her nipple and making it tingle and go erect!

Aaaahhhh! The fingers were on her labia! Stroking up, giving her all these sensations; sensations that she’d NEVER dreamed she’d have forced on her by a woman! God! Ohhhhh! Now the fingertips were on her clit! Rubbing it!, Swirling it round and making it feel like when she did it on her own! Christ, she was wet…oh God she could smell it, now those fingers were moving down again, dipping in, pushing in, sliding in! One all the way! Now it was back out and smearing her juice over her clit! It felt incredible!

For several minutes the hapless young girl was aroused by her captor, brought nearly to the edge, held there, allowed to relax for a few seconds, then brought up again; then the cycle was repeated, over and over again. The fingers plunged in and out of her pussy, squeezed, rubbed and stroked her clit, and bent inside to prod her G-spot. She writhed and gasped.

“You’re quite sexy aren’t you my darling?” Katya seemed pleased with her for responding to her depraved ministrations, “I bet you play with yourself quite a lot. How many times, a day?”

“Well,” Natalya had been brought up not to tell lies, “it depends.”

“Haha! Alright so what’s the least and the most?” Katya wasn’t to be deflected.

“Well, only once, sometimes.”

“And the most?” Tali felt a slight pain as her nipple was pinched.

“Seven.” She wasn’t going to elaborate!

“Oh Tali!” her abuser sounded thrilled, “you sexy girl! So on most days – three? four? You can’t actually leave your sexy pussy alone can you?”

“Well it’s just in private!” Natalya defended herself. “Not like now!”

“And do you play with your gorgeous tits while you do it?” Tali felt the fingers on her left breast stroke round and then grip like a claw, release again, rub her nipple, squash it, roll it between finger and thumb, and then gently cup the whole breast. Then her neck was kissed!! The sensations, added to what was being done to her pussy, brought her to the brink.

“Uh, Uh, well, sometimes…” she gasped, hoping against hope that she wasn’t going to be disgraced by actually climaxing in this woman’s embrace!

Katya shifted under her, moving her sideways a little as she opened her own legs. The fingers stopped molesting her breast and just held her lightly in position. Tali saw Katya take her right hand away from her pussy and sighed with relief.

But the relief was short-lived. Katya took the big pink vibrator and turned it on; it made quite a loud buzzing. She put it between her own open legs and slid it easily into herself! She must’ve been wet already!!

“Now darling,” Katya was being kind, but quite definite, “put your hand on my clit, your right hand, yes, here, don’t resist, yes, now use your fingers on me, the same way you do yourself, yes, your fingertips, yes, you can be quite firm, do it like you do your own, press, yes, move it around, yes..”

Tali found herself masturbating this woman – this strange woman she’d only just met – while the woman pumped herself with a big pink vibrator! Katya grabbed her hand and moved it down, wetting her fingers, then back up onto her clit, then resumed pistoning the buzzing cylinder in and out!

Natalya could hardly believe what was going on! She could hear Katya’s breathing getting heavier and heavier, right in her ear! Then Katya’s powerful body started to heave, and bucked her right up!

“Uuuuurrrggghh” went Katya, obviously cumming like fury, over and over again as Tali kept working her clit while being thrown around on top of her! It went on and on, for half a minute it seemed like, the big athletic blonde writhing and thrusting up bouncing the lightweight teen about while holding her with one arm and fucking herself with the other! Eventually the monster orgasm subsided and Katya lay back on the sofa, pulling Tali down on top and cuddling her affectionately, kissing her face all over and running her fingers through her hair.

“That was wonderful darling,” she gushed, “just what I needed. You haven’t cum yet have you though my sweet, would you like to? I can eat you if you like?”

“No THANK you!” Tali managed to say, quite firmly, though really she did feel a bit desperate!

“Alright my darling, I’ll leave you alone for a bit.” Katya got up and went over to the bedside cabinet, returning with something. She came back round to the front of the sofa and suddenly pushed Natalya sideways! Then onto her front! Tali felt her arms being pulled behind her, then a soft sensation on her wrists and a clicking sound! Katya let go and she pulled her arms, but they were locked together! Handcuffs!

“So now you can lie there, darling, and I know you won’t be getting yourself off while I’m busy!” Katya was grinning at her, thinking it was funny! “Next time you might consider a good offer while it’s there! But I won’t leave you TOO long, don’t worry!”

‘Don’t worry?’ thought Tali as Katya walked off across the room towards the bed, ‘how am I supposed to make THAT work??’

Episode 5

Natalya couldn’t see what was happening; she could only listen and fear the worst as the big tanned blonde sex fiend crossed the room towards Elena! There was a rustle of bedcover followed by a gasp from Lena; then more gasps; quiet words from Katya that Tali couldn’t quite make out but she knew what they were: her beautiful friend was being ogled, sized up, and appreciated in the worst way!

She heard Lena’s gasping turn to a groan, then a series of groans and gasps getting louder and louder, and taking on more of a rhythm! It sounded like she was being tortured, but with unwanted arousal! It stayed the same for about five minutes, then after a lot of moving and rustling it changed abruptly to Katya’s gasping instead! Tali didn’t know much but she knew that meant her best friend forever was being forced to pleasure their perverted captor!

It went on for about five minutes, getting louder and louder, with Katya alternately giving instructions and groaning; then just like with Tali Katya went into a long, loud Uuuurrrrggghhh!!

Things went quiet, then a minute later there were footsteps and Katya appeared in front of the sofa, towing a pink-faced Elena. Pink and…Lena’s beautiful face looked sticky, glistening with juice that matched the glistening area around Katya’s tanned pussy lips…

Katya’s face was very attractive. Natalya had to admit, with those grey eyes and strong cheekbones, as she compared the satisfied expression on it with the rather different expression on Lena’s: Lena looked as wound up as Tali felt!

Katya suddenly leaned over and effortlessly flipped Natalya onto her back, pulled her legs apart, then grabbed Lena and tossed her onto the sofa in between Tali’s splayed knees!

“Now Lena, you know what to do because I’ve just shown you. Eat your delectable young friend. Go on! Lick her and nibble her and tongue-fuck her. Go on! You want to stay up here don’t you?”

There was nothing Lena could do. She shuffled up, pushed her head between her friend’s thighs, and started licking.

Natalya couldn’t believe what was being done to her! She was naked and handcuffed, while her best friend was trying to eat her! God! Succeeding in eating her! She and her beautiful Lena were being turned from innocent girls into sex-mad lesbians! Queer lesbos who were just depraved and licentious!

With her hands cuffed behind her back she couldn’t do anything. Christ, she was so helpless! Then the next moment Katya’s wet, sexy-smelling pussy was being lowered onto her face!

Tali knew what she had to do; HAD to do! She started to lap and probe with her tongue. At least it tasted better than she’d been expecting! She felt Lena’s soft hands on her thighs, and then sensations in her pussy that could only be her beautiful friend’s tongue! Over her tingling clit and then back into her desperate over-aroused pussy!

Almost immediately Natalya started cumming. She groaned and writhed for a second, then her usual orgasmic spasm took over her body and held it rigid, arched and locked solid, while her pussy pulsated wildly and the blood roared in her brain! Christ, it had NEVER been so intense, or gone on so long! It went on and on, for ages and ages; then eventually the spasms eased and she flopped back down, panting and gasping.

“Oooh darling!” she heard Katya sounding delighted with her disgraceful performance. “You came almost instantly when Elena licked you! You must have had these sexy feelings for her for some time, I think!!”

“I have NOT!” gasped Tali in muffled tones, wondering what Lena must be thinking! “We’re FRIENDS, that’s ALL! It was just everything YOU were doing to me before, getting me so worked up!”

“Well…who did you cum for, me or her?” Katya asked simply.

Natalya didn’t want to answer, so she resumed licking the pussy that was still in her face. She was relieved to hear the big blonde stop talking and start gasping! To keep it that way she worked hard with her tongue and lips and teeth, and in a few minutes she heard Katya getting noisy again and felt the smooth, swollen cameltoe pressing onto her mouth; then as she let the surface of her teeth rub again on the protruding clit she felt a wetness spread over her face and heard the “uuuurrrrggghhh” of Katya orgasming hard.

Thank goodness! Hopefully the woman would be satisfied and let them stay in the relative safety of her room.

Well one thing to be grateful for, she reflected, searching desperately for something to feel positive about, was that if getting Katya off was the requirement, it did seem quite to be quite easy to achieve!

Episode 6

Next Natalya had to sit and watch while Katya started playing with Lena: kissing her all over, stroking and licking over her tits and pussy, teasing her about being highly sexed, and finally giving her a huge cum that had the whole sofa shaking! Then Katya sat and pulled the girls to her, one either side; she seemed really quite affectionate now. Lena asked what Tali was thinking:

"Miss, will that man kill us ? Will we ever go home again?"

“No he won’t kill you,” Katya said, “as long as you’re smart. If you disrespect him or anything like that, defy him, then he might, or he might give you to the guards and they will, eventually, or they’ll use you for a while and then sell you – you get the picture I hope!”

She got up and went into the shower and the girls sat and waited, not sure what they were allowed to do and terrorised by that nightmarish picture. In five minutes Katya’s impressive tanned body reappeared and she shepherded them into the shower. Then when they came out she guided them back onto the sofa with her, one either side again. The girls meekly allowed themselves to be cuddled lightly, Tali unsure whether to be worried or relieved that she was finding the nudity and contact almost normal already!

”You have to adjust,” Katya picked up where she’d left off, “you can’t decide things any more, like you can in your normal life. You are in someone’s power, so you can only have influence, that’s the most you can do.”

“Influence?” asked Natalya.

“Maher is not a psychopath,” Katya answered, “he’s a spoiled child who never had to work or do anything and always gets his own way, apart from what his uncles and mother tell him to do, like make the videos of you. His family have hundreds of millions, at least. But he’s not crazy so you can influence him. If he likes you, life can be easy.”

Tali digested this information. The situation WAS awful, but Katya had made it sound a bit less chaotic and unpredictable than it had been. Still…

She had to ask the question: “So, do you think, you know…he’ll want to…you know…”

“Fuck you?” Katya finished the sentence for her. “Yes he will, undoubtedly. Who wouldn’t, honestly? You are both so incredible! Even for him, to have two girls like you suddenly gifted into his house is a great stroke of fortune! So yes he is going to fuck you, it’s just a question of when - if he enjoys teasing himself getting closer and closer, with the videos, or if he loses patience and does it this afternoon…”

“But that’s rape!” spluttered Tali.

“NO!” Katya was suddenly severe, “you must NOT think like that! If you think like that it will destroy you, take away your respect for yourself, and then you will appeal to him less, you will have less status! Do you see?

“It will be a spiral, a downward spiral that will end badly for you! Status is everything, and at the moment you have plenty, being innocent white girls who are so beautiful and daughters of important men. If you change that and become victims, he will respect you less. Then he will treat you worse, so you will lose a bit more self-respect and status and so on and so on! It will be a death spiral! Do you see? Tell me you understand this!” She looked earnestly into each of their faces.

“So…” Tali tried to see what it meant, this totally strange situation, “we have to let him?”

“You have to play the game, whatever it is, so that he likes you and so that you have some feeling, inside yourself, of having some control. So if he wants to chase you, you run around the office. If he wants you to bend over the desk, you bend over the desk. Whatever. But you do NOT fight, either with your body or with your mind, because you will lose, and keep losing. So you play it smart, OK? You make him like you, just like you’ve made me like you. You’re very lovable and that’s your best weapon in this situation, OK? Then maybe Elena's father will cooperate and you can go home.

“It’s just a cock, anyway, if you think of it the right way, and not a very big one I can tell you! A cock going into you where a cock is designed to go. He’s not normally into assfucking, luckily! Not cocksucking either, perhaps he is nervous about being bitten haha! Anyway this is something you can easily survive. Just make sure he likes you, and likes fucking you. Pretend to cum, at least, and whatever else you feel he wants. On no account let him know his cock is small! Who knows, anyway, you’re so sexy you might even like it!”

She smiled at them and pulled Tali onto her, getting her to sit astride her leg and giving her a bit of a bounce on it. Then she pulled her close and kissed the base of her neck. God! It made Tali tingle! She gasped a bit, the kiss on her sensitive neck and her clit rubbing on Katya’s amazing thigh! Her mind was multitasking, trying to accept the crazy idea of LETTING a strange man fuck her, and also trying to accept that her body seemed to be setting off towards another forced lesbian cum! Already!

She felt Katya move, then Lena’s shoulder was rubbing hers, and her arm and leg were touching as well! Lena had been put astride Katya’s other thigh! She heard her best friend forever gasp sexily right next to her, and saw that her neck had just been kissed too!

Oh God!

“You see darlings?” Katya was almost purring, one hand on each pert young ass, rubbing them to and fro. “You’ve got used to this already, have you not? It was what I insisted on, but it’s not so bad after all! Otherwise why are the top of my thighs wet, both of them? Tali I think there is just space for you to get your little hand in between, down onto my pussy, if you wouldn’t mind?


It had to be admitted their purity was passing! Quickly! Christ, Natalya was getting close to a cum again, humping this gorgeous thigh! A lesbian orgasm right next to her naked best friend and touching legs and arms and shoulders and everything! That special warmth of skin…

As if reading her mind Katya spoke, her voice strangled and panting: “A bit harder..uhhh…please Tali darling…uhhh! Yesss!!! Lena! Speed up! Look at each other! Uhhh…look at each other as you…uhh…cum! All together! Uhhh…NOW!!…uuuurrrrgggghhhh!!!”

Natalya gazed into her friend’s beautiful freckled face, so close! Her sexy little button nose and her gorgeous warm brown eyes, the pupils huge and desperate as the climax was gripping her, matching her own as her pussy too went into spasm, taking her over as she kept rubbing frantically over Katya’s clit and rocked frantically on her thigh! Urrgghh! Goddd!!

The sound and feel of the other two cumming made her cum even harder! Woww!! Jesus! Urrgghh!! They were all cumming! Christ! Katya had her arms round her! Round THEM! God! Lena had HER arm around her! Urrggghhh!

Finally, eventually, the orgasm spent itself, and there was Lena’s beautiful face right in front of hers, with an amazing exhilarated expression on it! She put one arm around Katya and the other round Lena too!

Without stopping to think Tali moved a fraction towards her friend and instantly they were kissing, deeply! Her FIRST proper kiss ever, but somehow she knew exactly what to do and it was perfect! Lips, tongues, noses, they meshed together like nature intended! The sensation consumed her, the affection and bonding, so special…

She felt Katya move, the strong hand pushing both girls sideways while she slid out from under them; then Tali and Lena were full length on the sofa, Lena half under her, her legs open so one of hers could fit in between, and they were snogging, having sex! God! Lena had lifted her knee so she could rub her clit on her thigh…she couldn’t could she? Go straight into another monster cum? Well that’s what it FELT like!! Where was Lena’s clit? There! Ahh! She likes THAT!


Natalya rode out her orgasm on Elena’s wonderful, slender thigh, then slid down, kissing her way over Lena’s tits, her tummy, through her lovely bush, then round the inside of her now widespread thighs. Tali kept her eyes open to look at the freckles seemingly floating on the surface of Lena’s superfine, pale skin, and she kept taking in the aroma of her, knowing that from now on she could recognise her from that alone, in pitch dark!

She felt Lena’s fingers moving sensually through her hair as she started to lick her soaking pussy, feeling her respond to each lick. It was amazing to be able to give such pleasure! She experimented, licking hard or gently, over her clit or into her pussy, round the sides, and even a little nibble! Woww! Lena DID like that! She was starting to writhe and gasp!

Tali followed Lena’s pussy around as it moved more and more, bucking a little and lurching from side to side. She learned and learned, fascinated by what produced the biggest gasps and writhings, loving the fact that her face was COVERED in sexy juice! God! That was so perverted! But she loved it!!

For minute after minute she worked away at giving pleasure to her gorgeous, special, most wonderful friend; well, ‘friend’ didn’t really describe her any more did it? Girlfriend, she HAD to say now! Things were going to be different after this, forever.

Things were coming to a climax! Tali gripped Lena by her hips and hung on, licking and nibbling and rubbing and sucking while Lena bucked with her cum, gasping in ecstasy. Then Lena was winding down, and pulling gently on Tali’s hair and head to get her to move back up. Tali kissed her way back up Lena’s gorgeous warm body to her mouth, then let herself be licked clean. Finally she sagged down, half on her and half beside her. She had never felt such emotion. Such affection.

“So my darlings,” Katya was smiling down at them, “that was the most beautiful; maybe the most beautiful thing I have seen, ever! Now shall we have some lunch?”

She picked up the phone, spoke in – Tali assumed – Arabic, then a few minutes later hid them in the bathroom while servants delivered a lavish meal, that took over an hour to eat! All the while Katya instructed them on how to manipulate the various delicacies and made them eat slowly, savouring each different flavour and texture. She even made eating sexy!

All the time they were naked and touching each other, and then after the trays were collected the afternoon continued in sensuality and sexuality, with constant touching, kissing and arousal, all orchestrated by the big, gorgeous Katya. Tali found herself more and more attracted by her shape – the broad shoulders, tight waist, broad pelvis and strong legs. She was so powerful, yet still feminine! Her tits didn’t look that big on her, but when you were fondling them you realised they were quite a good size! And so firm, high on her chest, and very sensitive! Tali gazed at her face a lot too, the grey eyes that had looked so cold when they arrived now looking so different with that new expression in them, the pupils big with affection and the colour so striking against the tanned-blonde complexion.

Katya REALLY loved being worked on by both slender teens at once: one on her lips, neck and tits, and one on her pussy. She taught them about sensuality and the pleasure to be had from mild arousal going on and on. She stroked and kissed them, casually, all the time, and had them stroke and touch each other.

The afternoon passed in a haze of sex. Bodies, touching, kissing, stroking. From time to time cumming. Then periods of dozing or sleep, but always in contact with a gorgeous sexy body one way or another. Tali lost count of her orgasms, though it had to be five or six, she thought. Seven perhaps. Not that it mattered, did it? The main thing was the tingling in her body, the joy of touching and being touched and the incredible more-ish rush of sex in her bloodstream. Now she understood why some people talked about being sex addicts!

They had showers, then dinner, delivered to the room like lunch, then they watched some TV, all together on the sofa, still naked and still touching, culminating in one final fabulous orgy on the bed, before dropping off to sleep, together. SO together.

In the morning Katya wouldn’t let them do any more, however. It was showers and breakfast, then into short, silky robes that she’d had brought for them.

“You mustn’t be worn out my sweets,” she smiled at them, “Assad will want to shoot some video this morning, and who knows what he will want to do with you? You must be ready, and strong! But you can do it, what needs doing, can’t you?”

Episode 7

All too soon they were being ushered back into Maher's room!

Katya set the camera on a tripod in the centre of the room, and at a nod from Maher she started to film.

Today, Assad was all smiles, in a tweed business suit and a salmon pink shirt with french cuffs.

He started speaking theatrically: "My dear guests," Katya translated, "there has been no immediate response from your father, Elena, and so we must move forward with our little video diary. It will pain you more than it will pain me, but we all have to bear the burdens of our assigned roles." Tali looked apprehensively at his silly grin.

He took off his jacket, resting it on a chair back, then moved up to the girls and came in close to sniff their necks, and spoke again.

"A beautiful scent you both have this morning," Katya interpreted.

Next he moved around behind them and ran his hands down Tali’s shoulders and waist. YUKK. But she MADE herself stand still. He started to do it again with Lena, but this time he moved his hands down her chest and her tummy. Lena squirmed a little, but she could see Katya behind the camera, mouthing 'be strong!' to her, and she just stood and let it happen.

Maher started caressing her breasts through the robe; he slipped a hand inside the robe and started to stroke and squeeze it directly.

"My dear guests." Katya translated again. He poked his head in between them so they could see him, since he was still standing behind them. "Katya tells me you are both virgins. That is a precious thing to hold on to. You should hold onto it as long as you are able." He grinned again and moved back, then started to run his hand down Tali's chest and tummy too.

There was a soft sound of fabric shifting. A zip. Now his cock was poking out from his pants! Curving upwards!

Natalya was trying to keep up. It was all so fake anyway! Ah! It came to her, what was nagging her: why was he standing there in full view in the movie, for anyone to recognise? If he sent himself in a video to Lena’s dad, didn’t that make it likely that he could be recognised and traced, and Lena and her rescued perhaps? Even if he wasn’t really famous there were websites that could match pictures…

So…he wasn’t really going to send this video, was he? That wasn’t really the plan! That meant he might not move things along steadily at all, and this concern for their virginities was an act! The lying pervert! Maybe…this was a video for some pervy private collection, or to show to his friends or something? With some silly story like a girl led along and then surprised or something!

Oh! Katya was looking pointedly at her! She’d better get on with it; and NOT let her feelings show! She reached her hand across and gingerly wrapped her fingers round the cock. God! A cock in her hand! It was hot and a curious mixture of firm-ish and soft, about the same size as a marker pen or her travel hairbrush handle. She heard Assad gasp right next to her as she gave it a little squeeze; what was she supposed to do with it next?

She felt his hands on her shoulders, sliding her robe off. She was going to be nude! She let go of his cock so the robe could slide off her arm, then before she could take hold again he’d grabbed her and pulled her to him, trying to kiss her! He pushed his lips hard onto hers and Tali hastily opened her mouth to let his tongue in, whereupon he flailed it around in her mouth and rubbed his lips up and down and side to side. She made herself just let him, feeling his suit fabric and shirt on her skin, while his cock was a small warmer patch on her abdomen.

This went on for a few seconds, then he was manoeuvring her over to his desk! What WAS he up to? She was backed into the desk, then he lifted her onto its surface and pushed her backwards so she had to lie back on it. Noooo! He was between her legs, lifting them, exposing her pussy…he was going to just fuck her, just like that?? He had a silly grin on his face, as though it was a just game; now lining up his cock with her pussy! His cock sticking out of the fly of his trousers! Christ, she didn’t feel ready at all!

Maher pressed his cockhead onto her pussy, trying to enter her, but it wasn’t going to go in, she was as dry as a bone and tight! His little curved cock was just bending! Her pussy was closed and try as she might she couldn’t open it! He was looking at her, getting angry!

He spoke some angry words, almost shouting, then Katya was there, smiling at him and talking in Arabic. He listened, then backed away, letting Katya come to her.

“Darling, it’s his fantasy, a rape fantasy, because he’s so useless. We’re going to do it another way, trust me and let me hold you! It’s a game, OK, that’s what it is! Here, put your robe back on…alright, stand there. Try to relax and concentrate on me, or it will be bad! I’ve got him to change the game, saying you’re too inexperienced and need to have an example.

“So now the game is he catches me kissing a young girl and rapes me, OK? So kiss me my darling, and relax, and just watch, and remember everything we said!”

Tali got kissed, then Maher grabbed Katya who let him rip her robe off and push her onto the desk. In a moment he was fucking her with his little curved dick and Katya was making a lot of noise as though having the greatest fuck in history.

Tali couldn’t believe how awful it was, what this man was doing to Katya; the Katya who had shown them how warm and lovely sex could be. Sex that Tali had thought was taboo and perverted but was in fact wonderful! Now this…there was no dignity in it, no respect even. Just selfishness.

Before he came Maher pulled out of Katya and turned back to Natalya, while Katya went back to the camera.

Tali worked desperately on her clit but it made no difference, she couldn’t get wet! Now – oh no – he was going to try and fuck her again! Christ!

He grabbed her and she just had to let him pull off her robe and push her onto the desk again. She closed her eyes, trying to think of Lena, but he grabbed her chin and shook her head from side to side, not liking it! She opened her eyes again, not even daring to really look away from him now but being forced to take in his fervent, determined expression.

He pushed his cock at her pussy again, and still it wouldn’t go in! He was getting angry!

God, it was so horrible! She was naked, and he was fully dressed! That was so wrong. He wanted it, and she didn’t; that was wrong too! Her body had been so wonderful yesterday and now it was being spoiled, completely! She couldn’t hold back a tear.

She looked at Lena, seeing the pity and anxiety in her face, and started to cry.

Assad pulled her off the desk and turned her round, manhandling her like a doll, bending her forwards over the desk so her ass was sticking out. He pressed his cock on her pussy again! It still wouldn’t go in. He pushed and pushed but it wouldn’t!!

She was really crying now, tears dripping onto the desk and making sobs that she knew he could hear! What was he going to do to her? His cockhead moved off her pussy, then she felt his hands on her asscheeks, pulling them apart! He was being so rough…ARRRGGGHH he’d pushed something – a finger? – into her ass and it hurt! He was moving it around! Then he pulled it out, roughly so it stung, and she felt something else, bigger and softer on her asshole! Surely…NO…surely he wasn’t going to…

She heard a grunt from Assad and he wasn’t touching her any more. There was a big, slow thud; she looked round and he was down on the floor! And not moving, in fact he looked unconscious!

Katya was holding a small brass statue in her hand…Christ! She’d HIT Assad with it! She looked the most ferocious ever! Then her expression changed back to something else – anxious and determined perhaps. Surprised, too.

Katya held Tali for a moment, kissed her quickly on the forehead, then thrust her little robe at her; looked at Lena and gave her a kiss too. “We have to go. We must dress you and take one of his cars from the garage, one with dark glass, and hope they don’t dare to stop it at the gate. I have driven them before so...”

As she was talking she was dragging Maher’s limp body into his bathroom and closing the door on him. Tali wasn’t even sure if he was alive!

They rushed back to Katya’s room, where Katya went through a big rack of dresses, pulling out two big loose black ones, like cloaks almost. She offered them up to the girls, pulled a pair of scissors out of a drawer, and quickly cut several inches off the bottom. The girls put them on, followed by black hood things that covered their entire faces apart from a slit for their eyes, and black gloves. Like muslim women wore sometimes. There were no shoes so Katya pulled their trainers out of a drawer; they’d be hidden under the trailing dresses, hopefully.

“Right!” Katya was tying a white scarf round her own head, back in her business suit. “Walk behind me, slowly and not in a rush or looking around! We’ll take the lift down to the garage and I’ll go to a car, a 4x4 most likely, with the darkest glass we find. All the keys are in, that’s how he keeps them. Ignore anyone we meet, I will deal with them. You get in the back, one each side, not looking out. Act meek and relaxed, with slow movements, not looking around. OK? We'll be OK.” She gave them an encouraging smile.

Tali followed Katya and Lena into the lift; stunned at everything, awestruck at how together and decisive Katya was, and trying to get her courage back. While the lift descended she stroked Katya’s ass.

“Thank you,” she said.

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