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Linda wants to be sure her daughter's Fiance is good enough for her daughter, but instead learns that her daughter isn't good enough for him, at least in bed.
Jesse’s Mother-In-Law


Copyright, 2012, Patricia Steel (

Do whatever you want with this story, only keep my name attached, please. Please report any and all orgasms arrived at through reading and masturbating to these words. I love knowing that I am deliberately manipulating your mind into an erotic state. Thanks, and Enjoy. This story is to be considered “Fiction” although it has its basis in “Fact”. The only reason I’m telling you this, is it might make it all the more sexy for you, and maybe make your orgasms better/stronger/faster.

The sexual tension was electrifying between Jesse and his Mother-in-law from the moment they met, soon after he got engaged. Linda was not a woman you would call “beautiful” by any means, but she had features that were extremely attractive. She had very large breasts, for example, natural blonde hair, and a mouth that suggested oral sex. When she hugged him, at their first meeting, she held on to him a little too long. Held him to her bosom a little too tightly. Hugged him with her other hand just a little too low.

Surely, he was mistaken. Firstly, why would his fiance’s mother want to make advances towards him? Secondly, why him? He wasn’t anything special, really.

As time wore on, however, he learned from Jenna, his fiance, that her mother loved long haired guys. Well, that might be part of it. Jesse had copper-red hair down to his ass, gathered in a pony-tail most days. For formal occasions, he had Jenna braid it for him. Either way, his hair was his best feature. He felt like Sampson. Powerless without his hair, perhaps.

Jenna thought he was sexy enough. He had broad shoulders, narrow hips, and nicely defined pecs. He didn’t work out, or anything, but he did “work” — real work, which kept him fit enough. But he was as freckled as a frog, he thought.

The next time he was with Jenna’s mother, was at a family Bar-B-Que, at her mother, Linda’s house… It was a hot day, and Jesse was shirtless most of the day. Linda could barely keep her hands off of him every time she walked past him, and she made every possible excuse to do precisely that. Although Jenna may not have been aware of the signs, he certainly was. He was getting hard just thinking of the possibilities.

Jenna had 2 kids from previous relationships, and they were getting tired and miserable. She (Jenna) said she’d take them home, and Jesse could come home in his own truck a little later, when everybody else had gone home, and help Linda put everything away. Jesse smiled and said that would be fine. He kissed Jenna and the kids goodnight. Linda was right there at the car, waving goodnight to everyone, as Jenna backed out of the driveway… Luckily for Jenna, she couldn’t see Linda’s hand on Jesse’s ass already.

She led him straight past the other family members who were variously gathering their own things, making preparations to depart, telling them, I’ll be right back, you wait for me before I leave, I just need Jesse’s help with something in the cellar.

And, once in the cellar, she barred the door, and set him up upon the dryer, and immediately started fumbling with his belt buckle. Getting it open, she undid his jeans, and pulled them off, letting them dangle around his ankles. Jesse had come commando to the Picnic, as was his custom at his age of 23. He liked to show off what he had to its best advantage. What he had wasn’t anything to be embarrassed about either.. A respectable 7” with the girth of about a hotdog in a bun. Nice, thought Linda. Just the right size for going down on.

Linda laid a couple of towels on the basement floor for her knees, and knelt right down, coming face to face with Jesse’s “addition to the family” “Oh, I just have to see what my Jenna is getting for her troubles, Jesse. I hope you understand.” Jesse just nodded his head, unsure of where all of this was going, still.

In one smooth motion, Linda took Jesse’s cock into her mouth, and into her throat, all the way. It was no problem for her whatsoever. She was a natural at this. Pulling him back out, she went to work on the sensitive area right behind the head on the underside. Jesse was soon groaning in pleasure, and leaning back on his arms, thrusting his hips into Linda’s mouth. “Oh we like that do we??” Again and again she took him into her throat, using the very back of her tongue to work that sensitive spot. Jesse threw his head back in pleasure, and made more noises. Finally, the noises he was making, his breathing, and the force of his thrusts told her that he was cumming. She put his head onto her tongue, and bobbed her head in short, quick thrusts, and he blew his spunk into her mouth, which she swallowed, without losing so much as a drop. She swallowed a few times, took a sip of beer, and then gave him a serious, deep, tonsil-rattling kiss — the kind he previously only got from Jenna — [Like Mother Like Daughter, I guess] — he thought to himself.

“Let’s get rid of these guests, then we can play a little more. I still wanna see what else my Jenna is getting.” Jesse pulled up his pants, having a tough time finding where to put his cock, with it being so sensitive, and wearing no underwear, but he figured it out.

Leaving the basement together, Jesse followed Linda back out onto the patio, helping people carry their belongings back to their vehicles, while Linda said her “goodnights” to everyone. Another half hour, and they were all alone.

“Oh, Jesse, we can let the rest of this mess for the morning. Tomorrow’s Sunday. I can get it then. Let the neighbours talk.”

“Are you sure? It wouldn’t take long?”

“Oh, I have something else in mind for our time.” Once again, she led him by the hand. This time, through the house, and up the stairs, to her bedroom. She closed the door behind him, and took the shirt right off of him. ”I like that look a lot better, Jesse.” Then she reached behind his head, and removed the ponytail holder, letting his copper locks flow free.

At that, she just stood back, as his tresses fell over each shoulder, down to his navel. ”Oh my Fucking God, Jesse. You are one gorgeous bit of manchild. mmm mmm mmm…” She advanced again, ran her fingers through his hair, and then opened his pants once again.

“Get out of those Timmies and jeans, Jesse, and get on that bed.”

While he was doing that. She removed her peasant-style top, her boots, jeans, bra and panties, and sat on the bed next to him. He tentatively raised a hand to touch her large breasts. “Go ahead. That’s what they’re there for!” and she guided his hand right to the largish nipples. She then straddled him, easily — her hips were wide-set.. his so slender — only a 28” waist and she put his other hand on her other breast. He toyed with them as he never played with any other breasts — truthfully, he’d never had the opportunity to play with any so large, before.

He could feel himself hardening against her crotch, which straddled him, but she was in no hurry. She leaned forward to put those mammoth mammaries into his face, and he sucked-on, like a baby, which felt soooo goood to her, and she groaned in pleasure… Finally, his erection had grown that it was beginning to invade her even in this position.

“ooo, somebody wants to play, too” she said, and she just eased herself backwards, and all of that 7 inches slipped inside her without the slightest difficulty. She just sat there for a little while, feeling him inside her, with him wanting to move inside her just a little, just to feel a little something. Instead, she leaned forward, and gave him some more of those kisses… Oh God, what a strange sensation… he felt “wanted, hunted, and taken” from those kisses, and I guess that was the true state of things, but if he was ‘taken’, he wished she’d fuck him already. It was almost as if she’d read his mind, because just then, Linda pinned Jesse’s wrists to the bed, over his head, and began, ever so slowly, to ride up and down upon him.

“Ooohhhhhaaaaaa” he moaned.

“Do you like that?” She asked — He just nodded his head.. She stopped moving.

“I asked you if you liked that…” He nodded his head again. ”That’s not an answer, Jesse.”

Jesse summoned up every bit of brain power he had, and replied, ”yes, I do like that very much, but I don’t seem to have the power of speech when I’m feeling — you know — good.”

“Aww.. poor Jesse. So we need to make you feel bad, if we want to talk to you during sex?”

“umm. I guess so.”

“Oh well.. If you fuck good enough, conversation is not really that important. Do You?”


“Do you Fuck Good Enough??”

“Uh..I don’t know…

“I’m supposed to let you just marry my daughter and you don’t know if you fuck good enough? Oh THIS will never do..”

Linda got off of Jesse, went into a dresser drawer, and produced a large clock-like thing. ”This, My Copper-Top Lover, is a forward counting timer. Like a large stopwatch. You have 45 minutes to make me cum. Rules are, your cock has to be inside me at all times. Otherwise, you can do whatever you like, unless I tell you “no”… OK??”

“Uh…OK… And if I Fail?”

“Then, you either break up with Jenna, or, you keep practicing with me until you succeed. After all, you haven’t set a date yet, have you?”

“Uh, no, we haven’t.”

“Well then.. If you suck, we have time for “remedial fuck school”…”

“Uh… OK… let’s see how I do..”

Linda lay down on her featherbed-topped comfy bed, propped herself up on some pillows, and said, “ready when you are, chief.”

“But I’m not even hard now.

“Well, I won’t start the timer until you get into bed with me, so get strokin’”

Jesse had never felt so humiliated in his life, but the humiliation kinda made him feel excited… He was OK being Linda’s “fuck toy” for awhile, although he had no idea how to integrate those feelings into his feelings for Jenna. Was Linda really serious about needing to be “up to standard” before marrying Jenna? Ugh — he sure hoped not, because he doubted he could ever make a woman cum just from his cock. Although he’d really like to learn how.

Jesse jacked himself like crazy, seeing Linda on the bed, those big breasts looking so inviting — the blonde hairs at her vagina looking welcoming… knowing how heavenly she felt inside already, he knew he’d never last 45 minutes, but he thought it might be fun trying. OK, he was hard enough to try… He crawled into bed, and the timer started…

He kissed that mouth, that was so adept at sucking cock… why couldn’t they just practice more cock-sucking? He loved that part of it.. He sucked those nipples… nipples that had breast-fed the woman he was going to marry — that was hott in a strange, kinky kinda way… yeah, that made him harder and harder… and then, finally, he sank his cock home in that ridiculously wet and soft vagina.

Oh dear god… he wasn’t going to last 5 minutes, let alone 45. He wasn’t going to last 3 minutes if he moved much. aww.. fuck… he knew this would happen. He reached one hand up above Linda’s head, for balance, and the other one, well, the other one went on “clitoris duty” — doing anything at all it could to have her make any kind of sound of pleasure whatsoever… rubbing over it lightly… pushing on it, and moving it… pushing hard and rubbing hard. like the sensitive spot on the underside of a guy’s cock… yeah, that seemed to help a lot, truly…. could he take a fuck stroke now?? please?? dear god in heaven, just one?? He did, and he came instantly inside her. FUCK!! SHIT!! NOOO! OK… she didn’t say he couldn’t cum. did she? No, not really. He could, then, in theory, keep on doing what he was doing, as long as his cock was still inside.

He figured he may as well stroke now. It’s not like he’d cum. So, he began light, easy pumping. His cock was sensitive, and didn’t really appreciate it, but still, he figured Linda would. Still, he kept working with his free hand, on her clitoris.

After a little while, she seemed to be getting more and more excited, and he hoped that an orgasm was starting for her.. he looked at the timer…. 25 minutes… OK.. maybe, just maybe, she might be ready…. as far as he was concerned, he was actually beginning to get hard once again. Slowly, even though he was still pumping through all of this, he was getting hard. Maybe that would help her, too.

He started fucking her hard in earnest, just keeping his thumb on her clitoris, and rubbing it hard and fast. Yes, she was cumming. Finally!! Although, when he started cumming again, she stopped him, by planting her long finger-nails between his ass-cheeks, and digging in…. “Ahhhhhh!” he screamed, and stopped his pumping, which was fine, because his screaming sent her over the edge, and she drew him to her, by putting her arms around his slender waist….. oh yes, she wanted him, but she wanted him hard.

Linda wiggled out from underneath him, went to her nightstand drawer, and produced a tube of KY jelly, which she tossed at him. At this, she got on all fours, and turned her head to whisper “Saddle up, Cowboy”….

Oh God, was she really inviting him into her plump, but muscular ass? He guessed so, by the KY Jelly. He’d tried this with other women, but mostly it ended badly. So he’d never had a successful anal-sex experience with a woman before. He really wanted this. He squirted a hefty amount of lube into her waiting ass, and began by inserting 2 fingers into her, and moving them in and out a little bit. At this, she moaned, and thrust herself back upon his fingers, time and again.. Oh, god.. he got harder and harder at this. Then he inserter 3, then 4 fingers — she expanded easily for this… he worked these in and out of her, and she began to moan… “ooooaohhh..” Her own hand found its way to her clitoris, and she was working on that herself… great… [one less thing] he thought…

Finally, he lubed his “hot dog in the bun” and slowly inserted it inside her… she clamped down in resistance (intentionally, perhaps), so that he had to use a great deal of force to get himself inside, and she screamed a little as he finally reached the end of his travel. To him, it felt heavenly.. not soft and warm and wet, like vagina, but hard, and muscular, and tight — altogether different. Jesse had even tried to “top” with boys, but it never worked out right, either.. just bad memories that always kept it from happening, but this time, to his amazement, he was having anal sex, properly, and it was going just great.

Linda turned her head around again, and whispered, “Fuck me, Fuck me hard, Tiger, if you can…” Inside his head, the word “Tiger” stuck… he felt rather like a Tiger… Big Cats, like Lions and Tigers fuck the females in their “groups” up to 50 times per day, because the females are poly-fecund — meaning they can carry cubs from more than one father — this extreme amount of mating ensures that all of the cubs will be theirs, and not those of some other male.. Yeah, he was the Male Tiger for this group of females… both mother and daughter… and when they wanted to, he’d fuck them as much as he could.

He fucked her ass, and he fucked her hard. Once in a while, she’d let out a little scream, as he bottomed out in her ass, time and again. Having cum just a little while ago, though, he lasted a good while. When he finally did cum, the timer was way over the 1:45 mark. He collapsed on top of Linda, forcing her flat onto the bed. She reached her hand back, and pulled some of his copper-red hair down over her face. She did love his hair. He lay there, by the timer, half an hour.. all the while his cock still inside her ass, getting slowly smaller.

Linda was a nurse, and knew some of the specifics of basic hygienics of sex. Finally she said to him. ”You’d better go and take a piss, to clean out your insides, and wash the outside of that sweetmeat, honey. — You don’t want an infection, baby. Then you’d better get home to Jenna; she’ll be wondering where you got to.

Jesse cleaned up, came back to the bedroom to give Linda a goodbye kiss, like any dutiful son-in-law would, then left the house. As Linda heard his truck start in the driveway, she thought, “Wow, Jenna picked a winner this time.”

All the while, until the wedding, Linda would call Jesse for “help” with various household problems, like clogged drains, getting things down off the attic, putting things down in the basement, etc… each task was “duly rewarded” at least by a blowjob, if not a fuck, or an anal fuck.

Finally the wedding day was upon them. The wedding was to be held in Linda’s back yard. A tent was erected, and all was in preparation. Jenna’s friends were helping her get ready in Linda’s bedroom. Jesse, however, was to get dressed in the tiny back bedroom of the townhouse. Linda said she’d go help him, and try to keep him calm.

When she got there, he was just sitting on the bed, in his bikini briefs, as if he had the rug pulled out from under him, psychologically.

“What’s the matter, Tiger??”

“Huh?” He looked up at her. ”I don’t know… Do I really want to do this? 25, and a built-in family already. Jenna’s a great girl and all, but she treats me more like one of the kids, than her husband already. How is it going to be once we’re married? When do I get to feel like a man? The only time I do, is when I come here, and you, pardon my frankness, suck my cock. THEN, I feel like a man.”

“If we stopped our cock-sucking sessions, do you think you could still be a good husband and father?” Linda asked solemnly, realizing there was something more going on here than cold feet.

“I don’t think I could even be a man without those, Linda, to be honest. All I’ll ever be is a ball and chain around Jenna’s ankle, and a babysitter. I don’t think I could even make love to her without our little “injections” of manhood.”

Linda locked the door of the bedroom behind her, and sat next to him on the bed. She put her arm around him, and held him, with his head upon her ample bosom. Jesse began to cry a little. “Hussshh, my little Tiger… Momma’s gonna make it all alright. Any time you need to feel more like a man, you bring that pretty cock of yours to me, and you shove it in any hole you want. I’ll be your sex slave.. Your lady Tiger… Your cum dumpster — Whatever it takes to make you feel like a man. You’re a beautiful man, Jesse. I was worried about you being good enough for Jenna, but I see I should have worried about Jenna being good enough for you. You go be Jenna’s husband, and father to those babies, but you be my man, my tiger, my lover.”

Jesse sniffled a little. Linda got him a tissue from the nightstand. He blew his nose, and smiled a little. Yes, he figured this could work. Suddenly, an amusing thought entered his mind… ”Does this make me a “motherfucker?” and he laughed.

Linda threw a pillow onto the floor, and drew Jesse to the edge of the bed, pulling down his bikini briefs. She pushed him backwards onto the bed, so he could relax totally, and took him into her mouth, ever so slowly, concentrating her tongue on the sensitive spot on the underside, behind the head. Jessie groaned in pleasure. She worked and worked on this spot, exerting as much pressure as possible, and holding onto his shaft with her hand, bobbing in and out, as fast as she could, exerting some suction on the “out” stroke, and extra tongue action on the “in” stroke. Jesse was close to cumming in no time. He knew by now that there was no need to pull away, or warn her in any way. She knew when he was cumming, and she always swallowed his cum. She said he tasted like “more”. He always smiled at that, and felt like a god for a few minutes afterward.

In a few minutes, he shot a big load, and she swallowed every little bit.

Luckily, Linda wasn’t the sort to wear makeup, so there were no lipstick stains to wash off.

Linda helped him dress, then, after pulling up his bikini briefs.

It was a “smart-casual” affair, which meant “nice jeans, sport jacket, and a tie.”

Jenna was knocking on the door, telling Jesse that the JP was there. Asking why the door was locked. He said he was dressing, and had been in his underwear, but it was ok now, and her mom was in there with him.

She thought nothing of it, but said “Mom, get him outside in five minutes, ok??

Linda answered, “Sure thing, baby!”

Linda braided part of his hair — the tops, into a beautiful renaissance-style braid, with the back hanging straight down to his ass, and together, they walked downstairs and out to the JP.

The wedding went off without a hitch, and “A good time was had by all.”

The honeymoon was just to be a week at the Jersey Shore. Linda was keeping one of the kids, and Jesse’s family the other. Linda could tell, though, that the idea of a whole week with just Jenna was beginning to make Jesse very tense. As the reception wore down, Jesse said to Jenna, “Hey, hon, I’m going to go and get a shower, and get changed, I’m all sweaty from this suit jacket. You stay out here with the guests until I’m done, then you can go in and changed or whatever you want to do.”

Linda followed him in, telling Jenna “I’ll get you guys extra towels, and get him some clips for his hair — so he doesn’t get that all wet.”

They met in the back bedroom. Jesse was already naked, with a towel wrapped around him. Linda hopped up on the bed, and lifted her skirt, to show Jesse that she had nothing on underneath…. ”plow it right in, Tiger, I’ve been wet all day being close to you, and not being able to touch you. Don’t worry about me… this is all about you, Baby.. You cum as soon or as late as you want — You’re in charge… you’re the man…. I’m just a fuck-post, do you understand?? YOUR fuck-post — your fucking fuck-slave… There’s nothing I won’t do for your pleasure.. do you understand??”

Jesse nodded, and slipped the elastic waist of her empire-waist style dress up over her tits… Bringing her to the edge of the bed, and putting her legs up over his strong biceps, his hands on her breasts, rubbing her nipples between his fingers, he did indeed plow right into her hard and fast.

There was no timer, as in the first of their encounters, thankfully. He lasted no more than 10 minutes, and fired a massive load out of his cannon. He leaned forward, his head upon her breasts; she let him rest for a minute or two, before slapping him on the ass, saying “OK, tiger, you’d better hit that shower, or Jenna will come looking for you. I’m gonna leave your load inside me. I want to feel it dripping down my legs for the rest of the evening, until this party’s over, and then when you’re gone, I’m going to masturbate all week long, thinking of you, my man, my tiger, my lover.”

Linda clipped up his hair, and Jesse showered, changing into a more comfortable T-shirt, jeans, and Nikes. [God he was a gorgeous man.] Linda thought to herself.

The reception ended, and, with one more blowjob, while Jenna was in the shower, Jesse seemed to have his shit together for the honeymoon. While his cock-head was down inside Linda’s throat, he asked her if she couldn’t come to the shore somehow, while they were there. Linda pulled off of him, and looked up across his beautiful abs and chest, and said, “If you need me.”

“I do.”

As Jenna and Jesse were getting ready to leave, Linda said to Jenna that she thought that she and the little boy G—— might go to the shore also, although not to the same city, but rather Ocean City, a more “family” oriented place. Jenna thought that would be nice. In Jesse’s overnight bag, Linda placed her cell-phone. She would get another. She only had it for work, anyway. She had it on silent. She’d call him, and leave a voice-mail with the details and new phone number.

She’d be at his call, wherever, whenever, for as long as he wanted her.

The fuck-slave of a red-haired Adonis. She wouldn’t let herself fall in love with her daughter’s husband, no. She would, however, help him with his manhood issues. Her daughter, because of her strong personality, and her need to be in control of everything, all of the time, had emasculated this gorgeous creature. This was unpardonable. Her own mission, then, was to “re-masculate” him. With her, he was a “real man.”

Even on their honeymoon, she’d be 45 minutes away. Ready to suck or fuck her copper-top lover, whenever he needed his manhood reinforced. Whenever he needed to feel sexually dominant, the way a real man would, or should, at least at times.

Yes, this she could and would do, and, was it a bad thing if she enjoyed herself in the process?

Only you, gentle reader, can decide that.



2012-10-18 14:50:35
Thanks for your kind comments. Your suggestions are duly noted. This story is based in reality, so I kinda had to go with that, but we can always leave reality in the dust, can't we?? LOL Jesse would enjoy that, probably.

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2012-10-18 00:56:34
Not too bad. A little more detail in fucking Linda the mother would be better. In future episodes get both motner and daughter pregnant. Have mother and daughter find out about their common interest and live together in harmony.


2012-10-17 21:48:00
contact me djb8247, and I'll see if I can't put you in contact with Jesse, and perhaps you can find out. He's a sweet guy... maybe a little submissive. I've more stories from him to write as well


2012-10-17 15:04:26
sounds more like a sub queen than a straight guy

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