Plugs and Slugs.
Chapter 7

Ying tugged the leash again and James was forced into another step. He took his eyes off the grin on Mike’s face and remembered his pep talk from earlier. ‘Fuck him.’ James concluded and picked up his chin. So what if he told his parents and they disowned him? So what if all his friends knew and ribbed him over it? So what if his ex-boss found out what he’d been up to. What’s the worst that could happen, right?

He placed a phone call to security to have the event recorded. They were already on it after being instructed by Cathleen to adjust lights there. Checking on Lisa, she carried a bag of ‘goodies’ in one hand and Link’s leash in the other. James wanted Ying to get it the way she wanted it and the rest of the world be damned.

James let Lisa take the lead and they walked down the step to the sunken area in front of him. Lisa cut to the left and took a seat beside Joy, setting her bag she carried on the floor. A murmur arose at the view of Link as he sat on his knees in front of her. Lisa made sure Link’s leash went in his crack and she tugged it in nice and tight. James noticed Mike staring at Playboy Bunny and knew he was slobbering on himself. Cathleen was watching in anticipation and the doc was doing the same. Joy looked over and whispered to Lisa and both giggled a little.

Ying crawled down the step and turned facing the front. She knelt on her knees, arms linked behind her back, and waited while James walked over to her backside. He stood there for a few seconds, letting the group of observers settle down. He stepped around to Ying’s side and looked at her kneeling in wait.

“Inspection” James said and Ying stood up keeping her arms behind her back at the same time she planted her legs wide. Everyone had the view of Ying with her breasts and pussy exposed. The black collar’s dog tag reflected the light from above. James made an effort to block everything out but the ‘subject’ he had before him.

Ying heard the call for her stance and stood stoically in anticipation. Glancing around the room she noticed the eyes upon her. It was just as she fantasized; her being the center of attraction. Everyone will envy her as her muscle bound master gave her orders. He looked so good in his leathers, his ass and manhood uncovered. His voice was commanding and strong and he played the role she so desperately wanted him to play. She knew the other women would want his affections. ‘Too bad for them’ she thought as he was hers for the moment.

“What’s this?” James said as he stroked a nipple, “A nice nipple like that needs clamped.” And reached behind him and pulled out a pair of nipple clamps connected by a chain. He gently put them on her making sure they weren’t too tight, and then tugged on the chain in the center to make sure they wouldn’t come off. Ying didn’t even flinch.

Ying felt the clamps tighten upon her; giving her exquisitely pleasant pain. Her master was thoughtful of her and she really appreciated his act of caring. She adapted to them, it was enough to know they were there but not enough to distract from her lust. When her master tugged on the chain, she felt the rush go between her spread legs but stayed where she was. It was like her nipples were connected to her pussy.

“Let’s see what you have to offer here.” James said, and stroked her already sensitive pussy. “A pussy as smooth as a baby’s bottom, I wonder if it looks good on the inside too.” He squatted down and spread her lips then let them collapse back together. “Spread your lips open.” he demanded, and Ying did as instructed. A drop of cream trickled out as she pulled them apart.

James asked, “Tell me Ying, are you giving this to me?” as he ran a finger over the droplet and into her moist pussy hole. He was simply amazed at how wet she was already. The submissive role fit her so well.

“Master can have it and do what he wishes.” she replied, tilting her head to see him suck the juice off his finger.

James stood up and turned her around, “Bend over and let’s see what you have back there.” Bending her over on the table, James spread her cheeks, revealing the butt plug she wore. To James’ surprise it was a bigger one than her first. “Hmm, tight.” He said, tugging the ring a little, but he didn’t try very hard because he wanted to give her the sensations. He gave in to his urge after a little play and twisted left and right as he pulled out the bulbous plug. When it broke free, the suction made a slight popping sound and James stared at her puckering hole. He realized that he could, indeed, fuck her in that pulsating ass of hers.

The crowd reacted to the noise Ying’s ass had made from the plug. Whispers and murmurs could be heard and James swore he heard Mike moan. James looked back over his shoulder and saw Cathleen wiggling in her seat, possibly thinking of the plug being in her ass. All eyes were on the back side of Ying as her asshole was left wide open and pulsing.

Ying felt her master’s tugging and it made her excited just knowing he liked playing with it. When the plug had finally broken free she felt the air rushing in. The crowd made their reactions known and she knew they would have a good view. Just knowing they were watching her made her pussy quiver a little. She laid there and felt her ass as it gaped in the open air conditioned room. She missed the plug already and tightened her cheeks, trying to close her hole from the dryness of outer space.

James saw her butthole clinching but it made little progress in closing. “Hold still.” He said and smacked a cheek then studied it a little more. Running his finger around her rim, he felt the bumps of her ring. After getting his eyes full of the virgin ass before him, James stood up and grabbed the cheek he smacked, massaging it a little. Since that felt good, he grabbed the other cheek. Jiggling and squeezing, he groped her firmly and let go.

“Well, that is a beautiful ass Ying.” James praised, tossing the plug to Mike who treated in like a snake, fumbling with the proper way to grab it. Running another finger in her slit, he tested his effects on her. He must be doing something right as he pulled back a very soaked finger. Licking it off again, he grabbed Ying by her tied back hair, knowing she couldn’t stay bent like that long, and forced her stand up straight once again. It made her arch her back and the pebbles on her breasts jutted out between the clamps that held them.

Turning her sideways to the crowd, he checked the restrictions on her nipples. They were still firmly intact and he cupped her breasts in his hands and caressed the smooth undersides. Picking them up and squeezing them, he let them drop, watching them bounce a little from the weight. But her breasts were firm and sprung right back into shape, driving James a little further in his lust.

Ying let her master play even though he was driving her crazy. From his pulling her hair to dropping her breasts and the chained clamps tugging her nipples, she was feeling the desires her body was craving and James made her desire even more. When he clamped his hand on her pussy and squeezed, she couldn’t stop from humping on him a little. It wanted attention so bad.

Knowing the plan of action and the opportunity Ying opened up for him; James called out, “The slave can’t hold still. Restrain her!” and Lisa stepped up with her bag of goodies while James laid her back on the table face up. Black silk ropes were fastened to Ying and the table. He bound her a little tight around the waist to prevent her from humping when the time came. Her feet were planted on the corners and secured where they were at. When James stepped away from the handiwork he and Lisa made, the crowd saw Ying’s pussy gaping a little on display. You could hear gasps from the crowd as they ogled the pink in her slit.

The table was on wheels and James slowly turned her in a circle. The ropes that bound her wrists were holding them above her head, making her breasts fully accessible. Another rope wrapped around each breast in a figure eight, forcing them to point straight up close together. The effects on the crowd was amazing as they oohed and awed at the sight.

James stopped the table back where it started with Ying’s pussy facing the crowd. “Go ahead and try to get loose.” James instructed and watched as she wiggled and pulled. Jerking her legs made her pussy open and close and her arms made her breast jiggle. Her muscles tensed and relaxed, giving James the same thrill he had felt before. She tried for almost a minute and gave up, finally admitting defeat.

Reaching over he unclamped her nipples, letting the blood flow back into them. He paused a few seconds then bent and suckled on a nub that pointed up from her breast, feeling its size increase in his mouth. It was just too irresistible. He went after the other one too.

Ying felt the life go back in her nipples and her master’s suckling made her gasp and jerk a little. Master heard her and slapped her pussy, “Hold still.” he said and continued to feast on her other nipple. She panted from his sucking and her pussy quivered from his slap. He didn’t strike her hard but still, it was just the fact that he had smacked it that made her pussy cry more cream.

James heard the wet slapping sound and pulled his hand up to look. Seeing it was wet from the hit, he let off the nipple and said, “You made my hand wet, lick it off.” and rubbed it on her face. He felt her tongue come out and try to clean his hand off. “Good girl.” he said and pulled his hand back. “I think I want to taste what you’re having.” and spun the table to him while he took a knee.

Looking at her pussy again, he saw how puffy she was. Holding the table and pulling her to him, he dove into her virgin cunt with his tongue. He was even more amazed at the wetness she was putting out. He couldn’t stop himself and made slurping noises sucking in her juice.

Ying tasted herself on her lips as her master tasted even more of her. He made that sound for her, she knew, so she would know he enjoyed her offerings. His lips and tongue worked magic on her, bringing her to heightened passion. He stuck his tongue in her hole and rubbed her clit with his nose. He knew that would put her over the edge and she lost all control.

James felt her tense up on him and knew that she was close. Unrelenting, he went faster and sucked on her clit even more, driving his chin in her virgin hole. She tried to buck into him but the ropes held her fast. Always the gentleman, James did the work she could not and humped his face up on her.

Ying took her trip to heaven, straight from the master’s mouth. While she was receiving her bliss, she granted master her fluids. Again, he made those slurping sounds and sucked in air around her sex, then pounded on her clit again with his rigid nose. He raised his hands and palmed her nipples around in tiny circles. Ying couldn’t help it and rose to heaven again, squirting into her master’s mouth; James pulled back and let her spray him, aiming her in his mouth. He tugged on her nipples while he gargled in her fluids, letting it roll down the front of him. He went back to work to finish her orgasm while she rode his face back down.

James stood up from his virgin meal and looked her in the eyes, “You’ll have a hard time cleaning all of this up.” grinning, “I guess I’ll have to punish you in some other way.”

James waved Vicky up to prep Ying for her journey into womanhood. Vicky stepped up with lubrication; she claimed that it was medicated. “I’ve given her pain medication as well. She shouldn’t have too hard of a time afterwards.” she advised “Just go easy.” and then went back to her seat. The lubrication and squirt juice gave Ying’s pussy a glistening sheen and the light reflected on it, like disco mirrors. He wondered if his chest gave the same effect since Ying had soaked him there.

James stepped in between her legs and rubbed himself on her clit, “You ready to take this cock girl?” and lubed his shaft from her pussy. Just to make it interesting, he rubbed it over her slowly closing anus too.

Ying looked up at him with lust filled eyes and whispered, “Take me master, I’m yours.”

James inserted the head of his cock in the tightest hole he couldn’t imagine if he tried. Letting it rest there for a while so she could stretch around it, he pulled the rope loose that was binding her breasts and watched blood leave the reddened orbs. Grabbing one in both hands while her pussy entrance squeezed him, he kneaded them back to life.

Ying felt her master’s cock enter and stop. She tried to adapt to his intrusion, clamping and releasing repeatedly. She never knew her tits could get numb but found out for sure when he unbound them. His kneading took her mind off the pressure she felt on her pussy. Squeezing and loosening her orbs, she felt the sensations as color returned to her breasts. Master stabbed himself in her when she had her guard down, enjoying his wonderful breast play. Her body had tried to get the intrusion out even as she tried to get it in. It was too late for her to protest, he had given her plenty of chances. She wanted to take him all the way but her small body was fighting his cock’s advances. She was torn in a place where she wanted it but her body didn’t.

James felt it go in a little and thought he could make do with that. Pulling it out and putting it back, he started a rocking rhythm. Removing a hand from one of her breasts, he gripped his manhood and worked it in her tight hole. His hand prevented him from going deeper and allowed him to stir around a little, getting the pussy to stretch.

Ying felt her master’s expertise as he played on her virgin pussy. The man could make her cum like that and she would if he kept that up. He grinded and stirred his manhood on her, what little cock he had in her and when she least expected it; he stabbed through her virgin barrier. The pain was intense, his girth was so wide. She tried to get him out but she was flat on a table and had nowhere else to go. All she could do was cry out and shake as the pain sheered through her body.

James felt the head of his cock burst through and stopped while Ying clinched on him. Her face of pure agony registered in his mind. It broke his heart to see her in such pain but it simply had to be done. He waited while she calmed down and the medication did its work. When Ying relaxed completely on him he asked, “You ready to go all the way?”

Sniffling a little, she nodded her head, afraid of showing pain in her voice and causing him to stop. Master pulled back a little and stabbed back into her. More of his manhood entered and he stopped again to give her time. She relaxed more as it didn’t hurt so badly and he backed out and pushed back in. She was getting used to it now and it almost felt good.

James scratched her breasts and down over her thighs while he moved in and out, picking up a little speed. He could tell Ying had adjusted to his invasion and started to really enjoy it. He held back from giving her everything he had, settling on a little over half his length.

Ying felt the piston speed up and the friction built up heat. Her master knew what made her wet and said, “You’re taking my cock like a good little slave.” and smiled. Finally! She has what she craved from the minute she saw her master. But he had so much more to give and so he gave her another inch. She rocked into orgasm as it struck her G spot repeatedly.

James was going a little crazy, holding back his length. It was too much for him and he added another inch. It was too much for Ying and he felt her orgasm from his work so he snuck in another inch. Maybe she didn’t notice or perhaps she really did. Regardless, she rocketed into bliss for a little while, doing her best to hump him back.

James waltzed with the table that held his slave in ropes. Circling around slowly, giving Ying the feeling of flight. Grabbing her around her spread legs, he could drive himself in her and still maintain the circling in a steady rhythm. ‘Pound, pound, turn’ then ‘pound, pound, turn’ they went until James approached his breaking point in strength. He settled the table against the back wall so he could finish the task he started without her moving. He felt her cervix as he pounded into her and knew to ease off a little leaving an inch or so from entering her for the time being.

Trapped in her master’s lust, Ying felt his beastly attack. She wanted him to have it all and begged him, “Master, please!” as his thrusts hit her so deep, she swore she felt it in her belly. He replied to her call, “Please what?” he asked and forced her to admit her need, “Fuck me!” she said and her master fulfilled her wish with force.

Together they climbed to passionate heights. Ying felt his balls on her ass and that put her over the top.
James felt his pelvis hit hers dead on and that shoved him over with her. Master and slave rode their waves together and came down in sweat and cum. The master stayed in her and slow humped her for a while. He kissed his slave and caressed her. Easing himself out of her, his essence spilled on the floor.

James untied and picked up Ying and eased her up on wobbly knees. Turning around they faced a crowd they forgot was there. Cheers greeted them and both took a bow. The lights came on and showed the couple just who all was in the room. Everyone James had met was all standing in the back and applauded the couple’s performance.

“Oh, so many people!” Ying exclaimed as she looked around the room.

James was in awe and asked, “How in the world did they know?”

Cathleen stood up and shook their hands, “I made an announcement.” She admitted with a smile.

Mike also arose and adjusted himself and shook the couple’s hands, “No fucking the help, eh” he said to James while he handed the plug back to Ying.

James replied, “She’s more than help to me. She’s my companion.”

James introduced Ying to Mike while the crowd broke up behind them. “Ying, this is my best friend, Mike Goodman.”

“You no get master back!” she teased and Mike raised his hands in surrender.

James explained that he and Ying needed to get cleaned up and offered Mike a drink at the kitchen.

Ying followed James and they both showered together. “Was that ok?” James asked her about her womanhood and she replied, “Better than ok. It was wonderful!” They quickly showered so they could get back to the people that awaited them.

James put on sweatpants and Ying put on a beautiful pair of… nothing. They both headed back to a room full of friends and had a great time with Mike. Cathleen had filled him in on James’ recent endeavors, saving James the trouble.

Ying went with Link to play on the arcades. At least he had the leash off but still sported the pink cat collar tightened firmly around his goods. The twins joined them while Cathleen conversed with Vicky and Joy.

Bringing up the fact that James had bailed without giving a good reason to, Mike said, “I won’t hold it against you.” letting James off the hook, “I don’t blame you one bit.”

James said, “If you weren’t such a horny ass, I wouldn’t mind telling you things. James lectured, “I don’t want you telling anyone about this.” James continued, “Not my parents, not my friends, and not Dale at work.”

“Dude, it’s going to be hard for me to keep my mouth shut. I’d be bragging to everybody if I were you.” Mike exclaimed.

Lisa came over and James introduced Mike, “That’s a nice outfit you’re wearing.” he said.

“It’s a little tight in the crotch.” Lisa admitted, while supporting herself on his shoulder, digging the garment out of her cunt. “You work out a lot?” she asked, noticing Mike’s physique.

“Jif and I were workout buddies until he disappeared on me.” Mike explained.

“Let’s see what ya got.” Lisa said, and raised his shirt over his head. “Hey Cat, check it out. Dude’s packing.” Lisa called, admiring Mike’s muscles.

Cathleen walked over and looked at his goods, “You know, he doesn’t look half bad.” while walking around him.

“I can hold my own. Want to take me for a test drive?” Mike smirked.

“Sure. Get naked.” Cathleen ordered and Mike just looked at her in disbelief.

“Mike, drop your pants man.” James urged, tapping him on the arm.

“Are you serious?” He asked as women close by turned to look.

“She wouldn’t say it if she wasn’t.” James pointed out.

Mike glanced around the room with all the people in it, “Fuck it.” He said, “If Jif can do it, I can too.” And dropped the clothes he wore.

Cathleen looked at his privates with her chin pinched in her hand. “Jill, come here a minute.” calling her servant over.

Jill broke from the group at the arcades and responded, “Yes mistress.” looking at the group before her.

“Get that hard for me.” Cathleen pointed and Jill dropped down in front of Mike.

Mike looked at James then back at Cathleen. Before he could say anything, Jill had him in her mouth.

“He might be good for eye candy if anything.” Cathleen pondered out loud. “He needs to work on his thighs.” still checking him over “Maybe get a haircut.” She thought, “Oh, and shave those nasty balls.”

Walking over to his clothes, Cathleen picked up his underwear; “These would have to go for sure.” and tossed them towards the trash.

Lisa was interested in his backside, “Go ahead and tighten your ass for me.”

Mike wasn’t used to such scrutiny and was struggling to get it up. “Ying, come here.” James called and his slave walked over to them. “Let Mike play with your tits.” And she jutted them out in his direction.

Mike reached down and fondled her then played with a nipple while Jill caressed his balls and sucked on him. It wasn’t long after grabbing tits when Mike got his erection.

“Ok Jill, that will do,” Cathleen stopped her, “How big do you think he is?” she asked, knowing she was good at guessing.

“At least seven inches, maybe a little more.” Jill offered her expert opinion.

Cathleen agreed and said, “Ok, you’re dismissed.” James dismissed Ying and she went back to her group as well.

“Who wants to get fucked?” Cathleen asked the crowd.

“Pick me!” Joy jumped, “I’ve been craving dick since this morning.” while other women dropped their hands. They probably couldn’t beat Joy and her charms James supposed.

“Wait, I thought Miss Spencer was going to do it.” Mike objected, but then got a look at Joy, “But she will do, I suppose.”

“I said I would give you a test drive. I didn’t say who I would test drive you out on.” Cathleen mused. “You two go down to the couch; I want to see you fuck.” shooing them off.

Lisa exclaimed, “I’ve got to watch this!” and trailed after them, removing her Playboy outfit.

“James, your friend would look good as eye candy in Florida. Do you think you could convince him to come?” Cathleen asked when she had a moment alone.

“I’m sure I could do that pretty easily.” James replied, watching Joy take off her clothes. “What do you want him to do?”

“Service the staff, of course.” Cathleen announced.

“The staff?” James asked, “You mean these people here?” he waved his hand around the room.

“Yes, or the staff in Florida.” she replied. “Perhaps me, if you’re… preoccupied. We certainly have enough women and you aren’t enough meat to go around.”

“You know, you seemed to have lightened up a bit.” James pointed out.

Cathleen smiled, “I just think you had a good point.” she admitted, “If you’re going to be a billionaire, you might as well be a happy one.”

“I’m happy you’re happy.” James said sincerely. “Now, about your client tomorrow…”

James talked to Cathleen while they watched Mike fuck. Lisa made him eat her out to test him on that aspect. Cathleen wanted to renovate the estate. She liked the rec room and the association with people.

“What would you do in a renovation James? Anything you’d like to see?” Cathleen prompted.

“Double rooms? You know, like hotels. They can open a door and be in a different suite.” James thought out loud. “Ying and I are a little cramped, more closet space?”

“So, more room underground.” Cathleen thought out loud. “That would be easy really. A sauna perhaps and sky lighting.” her cogs were turning.

“Are you thinking about moving down here with us?” James asked.

“Would you mind?” Cathleen asked.

“Well, you’d be safer, you’d have more company to visit with, and you’d be closer to your sister.” James hinted.

“You found out about Lisa, huh?” Cathleen sighed, looking over at Lisa while she grinded into Mike’s face.

“I suspected it but confirmed it today.” James explained.

Cathleen explained that Lisa was an outcast of her father’s. She was conceived by a lover her father had met and kept for years. Cathleen herself was kept in Florida, almost an outcast herself and when her father passed, she moved here to pick up where he left off. Wilson Holdings was owned by Cathleen’s cousin on her mother’s side. They were short bridesmaids so Cathleen was recruited. The idea came up to buy James’ previous employer out by her attorney. James was an added benefit.

Lisa was Cathleen’s way of making things right by her father. Since he had little to do with her in childhood, Cathleen wanted to make that up to her. Lisa is indeed a nympho and the services she was able to provide Cathleen worked out well for both. Since some of her clients were females, she sought James after the wedding. His professionalism attracted her and James became a part of her team.

Mike finished Joy and Lisa at the same time. “Who’s next?” Mike wanted to know.

“Mike, let’s talk for a minute.” James called. He explained Cathleen’s ideas.

“How much does it pay?” he asked. Cathleen offered 5 grand a week and all the pussy he could handle.

“One last thing, you have to go to Florida with us this weekend. Cathleen needs eye candy for an event down there.” James informed him.

“For a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar a year job, I don’t care where I go.” Mike said in shock.

“Get Vicky to give you a physical and we’ll get you moved in.” Cathleen instructed.

Mike was about to find out how a corporate billionaire can make you disappear. “What about college?” James asked. “I transferred to one online.”

“Fuck college dude, I wouldn’t be able to find a job that paid that much with a degree anyway.” Mike reasoned.

Vicky gave him a physical and took a blood sample. “These physicals are getting quicker, everyone is already naked.” Vicky noted out loud. “I guess I can’t complain since I get to see more man meat.”

Phil came down and took his wallet. He gave James the DVD of Ying’s defloration. Niles put his car in the back lot. Cathleen showed him an unused room and James explained the remote. After he got familiar with the layout of the land, Cathleen put him to work.

“Mike, I have your first official job ready. She’s waiting in the rec room.” Cathleen instructed.

James and Mike headed back out to see what duties Mike had to perform. Cathleen introduced him to one of her maids. “Mike, this is Mary. She’s been my servant for two years. She also has been without this whole time. I need you to take care of her for me. She’s been one of my most loyal servants.”

Mike looked at the heavy set woman James remembered from the elevator his first night here. “So you want me to, you know.”

“Yes please, you can use your room if you like.” Cathleen said.

James just had to smile. The woman had to be about a hundred pounds over Mike’s limit. Leaning over to Mike’s ear, James whispered, “Any port in the storm, right?” patting him on the back.

James left Mike with his chore. He went to check on Ying. She was still with the group at the arcades. “How are you feeling sweetheart?” James asked.

“I’m fine. Doc helped me.” Ying replied.

“Here, I had this made for you.” James said, handing her the DVD.

“What is it?” Ying asked.

“I had us recorded so you could play it back any time you want to see it.” James explained.

“Oh, master taking my cherry?” Ying asked in wonder, hugging the DVD.

“Wow, I wish I did that!” Jill exclaimed. “Me too!” echoed Jack.

“I have your two’s in my room on the dresser. Go get them and we can play them out here if you like.” James informed them.

“You do, really?” and off they went to get them. They were back in record time and fighting over whose they have to watch first.

“Everyone saw yours, nobody has seen mine.” Jack argued, and with that they agreed to watch Jack’s.

“I had forgotten all about the cameras James. I’m glad you remembered.” Cathleen said, taking a seat beside him while Joy sat on his other side.

They watched on the couch as the sun dropped in the distance on screen. Joy pulled James’ hand and put it on her pussy and Cathleen caught on and did the same with his other hand.

The servants had gathered on the other half circle. Catching James groping the girls, Jack and Jill did the same to Link. It seems that even a gentleman gets a hard-on when playing with two pussies at once and both James and Link were affected. Ying wouldn’t be left out as she tugged her master’s pants down and dealt with James’ erect manhood. Once she was satisfied with the hardness, she pulled it from her lips, turned around and carefully inserted it facing the TV.

Even Lisa could use a good idea and borrowed one from Ying. Walking over to Link, she planted herself in his lap. Returning the idea from Ying, Lisa played with the twins’ nipples while she rode Link and Ying did the same to Cathleen and Joy.

Six women where stroked and fucked to orgasm; watching James deflowering Jack. It was well played as they all seemed to cum together right when James fucked Jack into unconsciousness on the screen. James was grateful it was over as his hands were cramping up. The security did a good job and faded the screen to black before anyone noticed Jack was not moving.

Mike broke the post bliss silence, “Just how many cherries have you taken James?” he asked, coming down the step into the sunken area.

“So far, it’s just these three women here.” James pointed them out. “What took you so long with Mary?” noticing he’d been gone a while.

Mike said, “Two women stopped me, Karen and Amy I think their names where, and needed, you know, serviced.” Mike reflected, “Oh, I’ve changed my mind about overweight women, Mary fucked my balls off!” watching Ying slide up and down on James’ cock.

“It’s been quite some time for Mary; perhaps she was just getting it out of her system.” Cathleen pointed out.

“That could be, but I’ve never had a woman shove her finger up my ass.” Mike admitted, releasing a round of laughter from the group.

“Wait till you service Lisa!” James cackled, “Don’t worry though; she has an enema bag.” making the laughter pick up volume.

“I really don’t give a damn.” Mike asserted, playing with Ying’s nipples as she bounced. “Ying is cute! Makes me want to put her in my pocket and carry her around all day.”

“So, how did you wind up here Mike?” James asked, feeling Ying play with his balls.

“Oh, after our conversation on the phone; I decided to catch you before you were gone. There wasn’t any way I was going to wait until next week to get answers from you. May I?” Mike asked and James nodded. Placing his limp dick in Ying’s mouth since she was licking her lips for it, “I came over, security called Miss Spencer and here I am with my dick in an Asian’s mouth.” closing his eyes from Ying’s attention. “Damn, she’s good.”

“Ying, hurry up and get that hard. I got a place he can put it.” Cathleen ordered, rubbing her own pussy from watching the scenes around her.

Feeling a cock grow in her mouth, Ying shuttered another orgasm on her master’s cock as it slid in and out of her unfamiliar places. Ever the slave though, she didn’t lose a beat as Mike started humping her mouth.

“That’s enough, Ying.” James said after a minute, grinning at Mike who was really getting into it. Ying, obedient as ever, dropped him like a bad habit and he humped air a couple of times.

Mike, giving tit for tat, dropped Ying’s nipples. “Dick!” he exclaimed on his second mouth-less hump.

“Get used to it.” Lisa advised, riding Link and playing with nipples.

Mike approached his new mistress, pointing his weapon at her. “I don’t want it, give it to Jill. I’ve got James to get me off.” Cathleen instructed. “Jill’s been craving cock since yesterday.”

“I thought you said you had a place to put it.” Mike said confused.

“You assume too much. Jill’s pussy belongs to me. Give it to her.” Cathleen replied, and James laughed at her teasing.

“Um, ok, who’s Jill?” Mike asked, looking around like a waiter searching for a table.

“She’s over there.” James pointed, “One of the twins.”

Mike was frustrated at the lack of info his supposed buddy was giving him. Walking over, he took a guess and got Jack instead. It was a fifty-fifty shot anyway Mike figured. Jack pointed her sister out for him.

“Would you like some cock today?” Mike quipped at the twin.

“Yes please!” Jill responded and Mike went to take her where she sat.

“Wait, not like that. Don’t you ask a lady how she wants it?” Jill asked, getting her leg out of his arm.

“I’m sorry, how do you want it?” Mike said, realizing he was out-classed.

“I want to try it from behind but go easy, it’s new you know.” Jill instructed, turning over on the couch.

James piped in his two cents worth, “Don’t worry about Mike mistress, we’ll get him trained properly for you.”

Cathleen turned to James to hide her snicker, “See that you do James. We can’t have a Neanderthal running amok.” and smiled her pearly whites at James.

“Yes ma’am, I apologize for my friend’s lack of civility.” James replied, giving Mike a stern look. “Now, how may I serve the good lady?” looking back at Cathleen while Mike rolled his eyes.

Ying took the hint and got up. She stood in inspection stance in front of James, waiting for any instructions.

“I’ll have what Jill’s having I think.” she replied, turning over on the sectional and offering her ass to James.

James got up and stepped behind her, wielding himself like a weapon, and rubbed his cock on her crack. “Your wish is my command.” he said, rubbing her from one end to the other. He felt her clit and circled her there. He got Mike’s attention and pointed to what he was doing. He didn’t want Mike to just jump ‘em and hump ‘em, especially since Jill was so new to it.

Mike took the hint and did the same with Jill. She took to it like kids do candy. After being fondled by Lisa and Link, she was primed and ready. Working it all around her, Mike felt her moan as it went through her pussy. For the first time in Mike’s life, he realized that his tool was more useful than just fucking as he got Jill off by masturbating her clit and hole with it.

James knew Cathleen well enough and made sure he stroked her ass crack as well as the rest. When he felt her getting close, he moved his cock to her clit and used a thumb on her ass. That served her well as she had her orgasm without a cock being in her.

James let her settle, removing his head off her clit and feeding it into her hole. An idea came to mind as he fist pumped into Cathleen, “Ying” and pointed underneath. Ying came out of her stance and crawled on the floor between them, tilting her head back, she licked Cathleen’s slit while James continued his administrations. James benefited as well, feeling Ying’s tongue on his head every time he pulled out.

Jack took Ying’s efforts to heart and spread Mike’s legs to get in between them. Mike looked down, then over at James with Ying under him and smiled. Feeling his cock hit tongue; he grinned wide and gave James the ‘thumbs up’ sign.

Joy was in awe of the display in front of her. Sure, she’d fantasized about it but never thought she would see it in real life. She stood up and contributed a helping hand, grabbing James by his ass then continued her masturbation feeling his muscles tighten in her hand. Placing a foot on the couch beside them, she was able to finger her pussy, feeling the remnants of Mike’s cum in her, she lubricated herself with it. Just to add some spice to it, she shoved a finger into James.

James didn’t know what position Joy held at Spenco but he was sure appreciating her position at the moment. When her finger entered him, he slipped all the way into Cathleen and she certainly appreciated that.

Lisa was still bopping in Link’s lap but she was feeling jealous since her sister and Jill were getting extra attention. “Ying, help a girl out will ya?” she called.

James gave her a questioning look. “What? You said I could borrow her.” Lisa smiled.

“Go ahead Ying.” James relented; she looked stiff from her position. It would give her neck a rest anyway.

Ying settled in between Link and Lisa sitting on each other and serviced her clit. Lisa leaned back and gave her full access. Ying made sure to get Link’s cock as it came into view. Link grabbed two handfuls of breasts when Lisa laid back on him.

With Ying gone, James was smacking his balls into Cathleen’s clit. Just to get a better smack, he scratched down Cathleen’s back with both hands. She did as expected and arched her back, forcing her clit in James direction. Smiling, he picked up speed.

Joy never had an urge to try pussy before. It wasn’t something she ever thought about. Seeing Ying leave the spot open though gave her the thought. She wasn’t Cathleen’s personal assistant for nothing and since she could use assistance at the moment, Joy decided to help her out. Besides, she could concentrate on the cock thrusting in her.

“Allow me.” Joy said, sitting in the floor facing James. He shrugged and let her in. Leaning back, Joy directed Cathleen on her mouth and gripped James’ ass with both hands once her boss was settled. As before, she shoved a finger back in him and relished his ass cheeks tighten.

Cathleen was pleasantly surprised to see Joy between her legs. She knew the girl never mentioned anything about liking pussy. She must be doing it just to assist her. “Remind me to give you a raise for this.” she purred, feeling the tongue assist her on her clit.

Joy let go of an ass cheek so she could rub her achy pussy. James inserted a thumb into Cathleen. Cathleen grinded into the face below her and savored the cock pounding she was getting from James.

Ying held still, planted on Jill and Link’s connection while Lisa grinded on her. Link’s shaft was dragging juices out of Lisa faster than she could lick it off. Sucking pussy and licking cock at the same time was making her ache in a hot place so she dropped a hand to rub it. The collar around Link forced his balls up and she lapped a little on the orbs while she was at it.

“Suck my clit Ying!” Lisa begged, getting closer to her boiling point. Ying lifted a little and slurped it in but Lisa pulled it back out on an upstroke. Ying thought that would feel good and she would suck it in and let Lisa pull it out on her upstrokes. The faster Lisa went, the more she got sucked and tugged on.

Mike savored the tongue lashing Jack was giving and he could imagine it hitting the young twin he was pounding right on her clit. As much of a horn dog he was, he’d never experienced anything like this before. He didn’t know where she got the idea but when he backed out of Jill, Jack shoved a finger in his ass, forcing him to slam hard into the pussy he was servicing.

Link was going crazy. The damn cat collar his mistress made him wear prevented him from blowing his seed all over her. That little vixen between his legs wasn’t helping either as she coated his balls in her saliva. All he could do was sit and suffer while Lisa used him like a sex toy. But, with two handfuls of the best tits he’d ever seen while his cock was up the prettiest girl he’d ever seen naked, he didn’t have a complaint.

Jack was just lusting at the cock pounding her sister was getting. Watching it slam in and out in an up close and personal view made her rub her muff. Two of her most favorite things were grinding on her mouth. She saw Joy put a finger in James and thought it seemed like a good idea. When it made Mike slap into her sister, it immediately reminded her of the pounding she took from James last night. Say what you want about getting your pussy sucked, it’s all fine and dandy. But a good cock in your cunt can knock you right out and she knew that for a fact!

Cathleen was the first to go over, “Fuck me!” she screamed as James pulled the plug of a thumb he was using out of her.

James heard the call of duty and dutifully filled her up with his cum, grunting like a beast and feeling it on Joy’s chin.

Joy was overjoyed as she sampled both James and Cathleen mixed together. She gasped in fluids as her own pussy throbbed out an orgasm. It helped to know just how good a pussy tasted but the man seed was the culprit of her ecstasy.

Lisa was right there with her sister as her clit plucked out of Ying’s mouth again for the umpteenth time. Screaming, “I’m cumming!” in the air, she launched into orgasm.

Ying knew her fate from her horny friend and stood at her eminent execution. Taking it like a trooper as the girl blasted her face, Ying brought herself off by her own hand while Lisa creamed over the cock in her.

Mike watched the gushes from Lisa while Ying desperately lapped at it. That made him hump even faster. Ready or not, he was coming and spilled his spunk into the young pretty twin he was servicing.

Jill felt the increase in thrusts and the slamming was putting her over. Her sister helped but it was cum running out of her that got her off. She added to the mixture as she rocked her own orgasm out.

Jack was in heaven when she got her mouth full of cum from both. She masturbated to the same rhythm Mike and Jill had and clinched her legs together while she rode herself to paradise.

James and Cathleen slowed while Joy cleaned them off. When James pulled out, Joy received the access in Cathleen. Ying took care of her two, making sure to scrape all the cum she could out of Lisa. Jack did the same and sucked Mike in to get him clean.

Poor ole Link was left with a red hard cock sticking up. As it turned out, it was a commodity since he was the only one left standing. Jack and Joy both wanted it but Ying was too submissive to say anything. James thought she was too sore anyway.

“You had Mike’s earlier.” Jack pointed out and took a seat on a wide smiling Link. Joy wasn’t taking it well and huffed with her arms crossed, “We need more dicks.”

As if the powers that be heard her complaint, the doors opened letting in the work rush crowd and Joy smiled.

James was caught again in the work rush and slipped his sweats back on. Looking over at Ying, he was fascinated at Lisa showing her gratitude and licking cream off her face. “Damn, I taste pretty good.” Lisa marveled. James just shook his head.

“Are you going to let me use him Lisa?” Jack asked, grinding her tail on Link’s bone.

“Sure honey, do what you want with him.” Lisa said, looking at Mike, “I’ll get Mike a butt plug.” and got up to head for her room.

“A what?” Mike asked, looking up from the gorgeous girl he just fucked but he was asking empty space.

“Don’t worry, you get used to it after a day or so.” Link informed him, showing off his.

“Cheer up bro, for 250k you could be doing worse.” James smiled.

“They’re a bunch of kinky bitches around here!” Mike exclaimed.

Niles brought Mike’s wallet back. “He checked out fine. Credit card is in the wallet, here’s your phone.” handing it to Mike with the wallet.

“Credit card?” Mike asked.

“You only have a fifty thousand dollar limit.” Cathleen pointed out. “So, your duties not only include servicing the female staff sexually but food and supplies as well.” she thought to add, “And you better not refuse any staff member either or I feed you to Lisa.”

Lisa overheard that on her way back in. “I’ve got a double dildo I could introduce you to.” she quipped, smiling.

James and Ying both flinched at that threat, remembering the double-headed beast.

James spotted someone he recognized, “Miss Plenart!” he called. Upon her approach, “This is Mike Goodman. He would be happy to serve any of your needs.” James so thoughtfully introduced the two.

“Oh, isn’t that wonderful! Sonny, do you do corns?” she asked, pulling Mike over to the side. “Just what services do you do?” James overheard her ask as they got further away.

Since James did sort of toss Mike in to the lion’s den with Miss Plenart, he thought to spare him the girl’s kink with butt plugs, “Can you not make Mike wear a plug? He’s going to be suffering enough as it is.” James requested, watching the grandmotherly woman squeeze his ass.

Cathleen responded, “Are you sure? He is a bit of a wild stallion. Some humiliation would do him good James.”

Watching Miss Plenart fondle Mike’s limp dick, “I think he will get enough humility.” James stated. “We can always do that as a last resort.”

“Ok, he’s your friend. Make sure you keep an eye on him.” Cathleen ordered and headed towards the mini kitchen. James headed for Vicky, wanting to get a morning after pill for Ying.

James felt a load go off his shoulders since Cathleen recruited his best friend. His realization that troubles where behind him with Mike made him extremely grateful to Cathleen. He just had to find a way to make that up to her. Just how does somebody pay someone back for a 250k a year job? If she hadn’t earned James’ loyalty by now, this one act certainly made him dedicated to her for a long time to come.

James found Vicky and got what he needed. She explained that Ying would be on the pill in under a week.

He decided he could use a shower and headed for his room.

Passing Jack in the hallway, James greeted her with a smile, “Did Link take care of you?” he asked.

“Yes he did thank you very much!” she smiled that award winning smile of hers and headed past James.

James was pleasantly pleased to hear that as he needed a recharge. His door was ajar like it usually was this time of day. Walking in, he received a bit of a shock.

“Link, why are you on my bed.” James asked, looking at the silk black ropes he had tied Ying up with now binding Link to his new bed.

“Please, you have to help me sir.” Link begged, as James was a sight for sore eyes.

James looked down at Link’s purple cock sticking up, contrasting against the pink kitty collar he sported, and his face glistening from what James could only guess was pussy cum, “What seems to be the problem?” James grinned.

“Jack wouldn’t take my collar off and she raped me repeatedly!” Link explained.

James chuckled at that, “Bud, with a hard-on like that, it’ll be hard to convince anyone you were raped. You know you can’t rape the willing.” James chuckled.

“Look, I don’t mind them using me but when that Mary woman sat on me, I swear she broke a rib.” Link said.

“Mary was in here?” James asked, wondering if she didn’t catch them on her way out of the quarters.

“Yeah, the servant the new guy was supposed to take care of.” Link explained.

“Wow, you laid there while she fucked you?” James asked, amazed that such a heavy set woman had that much stamina.

“No, Jack fucked me!” Link said with a huff, “She just made me clean her out.”

James threw up in his throat a little with the thought that Link ate Mike’s cum out of Mary. Placing the back of his hand on his mouth, afraid he might not hold it down, “Ok, I agree. You were raped.”

“Listen, I’ll get over it if you could just untie me here.” Link said, looking at the ties that bind.

James never heard him as his thoughts went to the decimation of his brand new bed. He will never be able to sleep in it just thinking about Mary’s perverted act. He gagged again thinking about thinking about it.

James left the gruesome scene on his bed with the pleading voice of Link calling him back in the distance. Bee lining for the rec room, he sought out Ying. “Ying, come here. I need your help.” James asked the vixen. She wasn’t busy and he was glad he didn’t have to interrupt her fun.

“Yes master?” Ying said, stepping in his direction, concerned about the pale look on her master’s face.

“Would you be a dear and go fix the mess in our bedroom?” James said, not even wanting to mention what the mess was.

Seeing her master made her worry about what kind of mess could possibly be in their room. She ran off in a hurry to see if she could make her master feel better.

James headed for the kitchen to get something, anything to wash the acidic reflux out of his mouth. He worked his way around Joy on the countertop. Apparently, she found Niles available and decided to use his accessory. At one point in his life, this would have struck him as odd but not anymore. Grabbing his Gatorade, he headed for the couch to wait for Ying to get finished.

He passed Frank who had Amy bent over the pool table while Karen was playing with a pool stick watching the show beside her.

Mike was on the couch with Miss Plenart. He was busy scraping dead skin off the bottom of one of her feet. His stomach wasn’t going to take too much of that, especially since the old woman had raised her house coat above her ‘used up, gray-haired, wrinkled pussy’.

James got up and looked for better company. Cathleen was in the kitchen last he saw. Heading there, he asked Joy if she had seen her. “Nope, ugh, I have, ugh, not, ugh.” She replied between Niles’ stabs.

Niles?” James asked the thrusting man.

Niles replied. “Maintenance man took her to see about a leak.”

James wasn’t buying it; maintenance would have solved the leak problem without needing her. He picked up the intercom in the kitchen and called security.

“James here, where is Cathleen Spencer?” James asked.

“Rec room, level two.” Phil said.

“Not here, guess again.” James said.

“She was a few minutes ago.” a few seconds went by, “Um, garage! Maintenance has her.” Phil replied. “Wait, that isn’t maintenance, I don’t recognize him. A man is dragging her by the arm beside him.”

“Sound the alarm and call nine-one-one.” James said, hanging up the phone, he bent down for Niles’ weapon on the floor. “Cathleen is being kidnapped.” James exclaimed, and ran out of the rec room leaving Niles, quite literally, with his dick in his hands.

He didn’t bother with the elevator and opted for the stairs instead. Climbing two floors of stairs, he burst through the door to the garage.

James didn’t see the couple and his run turned into a walk. Scanning the area, he peeked through to the other side of the garage. Not a soul was around that James could determine. They had to have made it outside so he headed to the back parking lot.

Coming out of the door, he spotted them walking briskly to a van. James ran quietly towards the pair. The man was scanning the area and spotted James when he looked behind him. He stopped, turned around, and shot the weapon he had in Cathleen’s side at James.

James saw him move and dove behind a car. Blacktop on bare skin is not a pleasant experience, but his adrenaline dulled the pain. Picking himself up, he aimed the .44 Mag at the van’s front tire. Not being familiar with the weapon, he hoped for the best and pulled the trigger. His aim wasn’t good enough as the bullet missed the tire.

The kidnapper heard James fire and immediately put the weapon to Cathleen’s head. “Drop it!” he demanded.

James waited a few seconds evaluating the situation, “How about you drop it.” James replied.

“Drop it or the bitch gets It.” he demanded, huffing from the adrenaline.

“If she gets it, so do you.” James yelled, hoping that would make him think.

Guards came bursting through the garage door and James waved them to cover. As they were taking positions, a gun went off inside the van, aiming for the guards through the passenger side window, telling James there was more than one to deal with. Looking under the car, James saw their feet. Aiming carefully, James had to hurry. The kidnapper was sliding the door open on the van and dragging Cathleen by her throat.

James took his shot, tearing a hole through the man’s ankle and he immediately reacted, adjusting his balance then savoring his leg. James popped up from behind the car and had a clear shot of the man’s head as he bent over. The kidnapper saw James and pointed his weapon at him.

James didn’t hesitate and put a bullet between his eyes. Cathleen was freed and stumbled off to the side as the man holding her dropped to the ground on his knees, then fell face first on the blacktop.

James’ next shot went in the van as his partner peered around the driver’s seat trying to look at the mess his partner was in, holding a rifle. Clipping the man in the shoulder, his rifle slid out of his hands and out the van’s side door.

The guards approached cautiously, realizing the man in the van had been disarmed but didn’t know if that was the only one remaining in the vehicle or if he had another weapon.

James heard sirens in the distance as he peered around the car protecting him. He watched as the man in the driver seat nursed his shoulder. “Give up yet or do you need another bullet?” James yelled, waving Cathleen to the ground.

“I’m done!” he replied, still trying to hold back blood from his new gaping hole. It seemed a little senseless to James as there was a bigger hole from the exit wound in the back.

“Get out of the vehicle.” James demanded, waving a guard to the other side of the van.

The man struggled with the door as he had to use his other hand to pull the lever.

James looked to make sure kidnapper number one was down for the count. It struck him in that moment that he just killed a man. Amazed that the hole in the back of the man’s head wasn’t spewing blood and brain matter, just seeping out, James studied it for a few seconds. He tore his eyes away to check for any more occupants in the van.

Since James found nobody else in the vehicle, he stepped around the back side to look at the criminal while the guard covered him. “I need help!” the man was screaming at the guard.

“You should have thought of that before you shot at us.” James said behind him, seeing blue lights coming into the parking lot. As they neared him, James released his grip and dropped the .44 to his side.

The first policeman out of a cruiser was the same officer that took his information at the hotel a few days before. James was glad to see him.

Police took control of the situation and had James in a cruiser while they took statements from the guards. As with any homicide, justifiable or not, law enforcement had to cover all the bases. James sat and stared at the commotion outside.

An ambulance took the wounded felon out. Another one took the dead body. A tow truck took the van. That left only the brain matter from the criminal on the ground. James began to shake from the adrenaline leaving him and realization of his taking a life sunk in.

Once again, James saw media and microphones as they were held at bay on the side of the parking lot.

Cathleen sat on the bumper of an ambulance. She was talking to the policeman James remembered. The officer walked his way and let him out of the cruiser. Lights and camera flashes from the media struck James as he got out. The officer had James turn around so he could remove the cuffs on him. Detectives came over and took his statement. While he was doing that, Phil approached and handed one of them the security camera footage.

The second kidnapper was the only arrest made. James was back in the rec room he ran out of an hour and a half ago.

Cathleen thanked James for his help, “God James, I thought I was gone! Thank you so much!” she said, taking a seat in the rec room kitchen.

Lisa was full of questions and they filled her in on the events. Doc Vicky gave both of them a sedative and looked at James’ torn up back, picking rocks and blacktop out of him. Cleaning it, she applied ointment on it.

“Maybe you should re-evaluate your security.” James suggested, grimacing at Vicky’s touch.

“I’ve got my mind already on it, trust me.” Cathleen informed him, a serious look on her face.

Niles entered the kitchen, “Good work James.” he commented.

“Yep, thanks.” James replied.

Cathleen looked at him, “Where were you Niles?”

“I was off duty at the time.” Niles explained.

“Really, you only protect me while you’re on duty?” Cathleen chastised him.

“I didn’t know you needed help really.” he answered.

“Oh, that’s odd. Tell us James, how did you know I needed help?” Cathleen asked, and through James into the discussion.

“I found it odd that a maintenance man would need your help fixing a leak.” James simply said.

Cathleen smiled, “Did you hear that Niles? James used common sense. Imagine that!”

Niles dropped his head, “Yes ma’am.” then added, “But he owes me a .44 Magnum.” in retaliation for his ass chewing.

Cathleen said, “And I owe James my life. What’s that make your gun worth?”

“You’ll get it back when the police are done with it.” James pointed out.

“I understand and I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” he humbly replied, knowing he was in a losing end of a tough conversation.

Cathleen reminded him, “You’re head of security here. I expect you to train these guards to provide me with the protection I need.”

“Yes ma’am, I’ll update our training but we need a better training course than the local gun range.” James explained.

“How many people use the golf course Niles?” Cathleen asked.

“Probably just a dozen or so, I think.” Niles thought out loud.

“Ok, take an area out of it and make your training course. I expect it to be started by the time I get back from Florida.” Cathleen ordered.

“I’ll see that it is.” Niles replied.

“Oh, and Niles…” Cathleen added as he turned to look at her, “I better be able to wave a pussy in their faces and not have it be a distraction, you understand?”

“I fully understand.” he firmly stated.

“James, would you be a dear and oversee Niles on his training the guards for me?” Cathleen asked.

“Sure.” Was all James said, seeing Niles become irritated, what could he do but agree?

“What a day it has been.” Cathleen observed, letting out a sigh.

“It sure has.” James said, getting up from the table. “Wow, I think I need a shower.”

“Sure James, and thanks again.” Cathleen replied.

Approaching his room, he saw the pink teddy bear collar that Link used in his doorway to the room. That was a good sign but then he heard Link yelling, “Grape, grape I said!”

Entering his room, he found Ying riding the purple phallus of Link. “What the hell are you doing Ying?” James demanded, surprised she would have been going at it for two hours let alone taking advantage of the poor guy.

“I fix it like master said.” she explained, going up and down on Link.

“Please sir, grape! Make her take the collar off!” Link begged.

“I took collar off and he keep saying that!” Ying interrupted, still trying to fix Link’s problem through friction.

“Wrong collar!” Link exclaimed.

“I took mine off too.” Ying said, “He still not fixed.”

James dropped his head in a hand and wiping his face, “Ying stop.” And Ying stopped in mid bounce.

“Ok, get off of him.” James instructed, staring at the ceiling.

“Good, he no fixable anyway,” Ying shrugged. “I try everything too.” climbing off Link. “My pussy sore.” she admitted, rubbing it a little.

“Unfasten the band around his cock and balls.” James instructed, not even looking at the mess between Link’s legs.

Ying unbuckled the strap and relieved the pressure off Link’s blood engorged pole. She watched as color returned to the purple toy stick of Lisa’s. “Oh, that look better.” she exclaimed in awe.

“Now pull out his butt plug.” James directed, not even giving the mess a glance.

Ying pulled the cock up making Link raise off the bed to get to his plug and tugged it out without a thought.

“Oh God, thank you so much sir!” Link gasped; relieved his pecker was gangrene free and his ass was allowed to shrink.

James just couldn’t yell at Ying over this. All she has said every time she serviced his cock was “I fix it.” It was his fault for not being specific. “Thank you Ying, you can go ahead and… fix it now.” was all he could say, at least giving poor Link something for his troubles. “I’m taking a shower.” and headed into his bathroom.

James was putting shampoo in his hair when he heard the blast from Link. He didn’t think Link was ever going to stop screaming his orgasm. It finally quieted down while James finished his shower.

By the time he got out of the bathroom, Lisa was consoling Link and Ying was changing the sheets which James was relieved to see. Lisa must have come running from hearing the siren Link’s lungs put out.

“How’s he doing now?” James asked, toweling off his hair.

Link looked down to the ground so Lisa answered for him, “His meat is a little raw.” then added, “But his ribs seem ok. I’ll get Vicky to check him out.” She huffed, “Wait till I see that Jack again. She almost broke my boy toy!”

James scoffed at that, “You’re the one that loaned him out. I distinctly remember you saying, and I quote, do what you want with him. You can’t blame her for anything that happened to him.” he admonished.

“Well, it seemed like a good idea to get tied up at the time,” Link admitted. “Not that I liked it of course.”

“He said he cleaned Mary out. I didn’t loan him to Mary either.” Lisa grumbled.

“Still, it’s your fault for giving Jack permission to do whatever she wanted.” James smiled; thankful he wasn’t the only one regretting a loan out.

Lisa saw that James wasn’t letting her get out of it and said, “I’m sorry Link. I had no idea Mary was going to make you eat Mike’s cum.”

“What?” Link said, “What does that mean?” he demanded.

“You know, Mary making you… clean her out.” James reminded him; holding back a gag.

“I didn’t eat no cum though.” Link said, wondering what the hell they were talking about.

“Um, you know, Mike fucked her and you… ate her.” James had to gag that time.

“You mean that taste wasn’t her pussy sweating?” Link said in awe. “I didn’t think Mike, you know…”

James had enough of that, “Ok… we’re done here.” not even wanting to think about Mary’s sweat.

Ying piped in, “Oh, you clean out pussy too!” remembering Joy and Jack doing the same thing earlier, “Was it good?”

“I said we’re done here.” James repeated, giving Ying a ‘dare you’ stare.

“What’s the problem? I like it.” Lisa admitted.

That was the proverbial straw that broke James’ back, “Ok, you two, out!” and grabbed them both by the arm.

Lisa offered, “Listen, it’s just a little salty going down…” trying to fend off James’ man handling.

“Shut up!” James demanded while he corralled ‘raw meat’ and ‘slutty mouth’ to the door.

“You get used to the taste.” Lisa explained, still wanting to make her case.

“Get out!” James demanded, pushing the two into the corridor.

“I’ve even gargled with it…” Lisa admitted, as the door was closing.

“Goodbye!” James barked, as the door slammed shut and he held back another gag.

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