seeking out money
Making Choices 2:The Diary Racket
Introduction: seeking out money

(true story-incest-older female)

A month went by and I was feeling too settled in, I needed something new to achieve. I noticed that my sister Bonnie was going out shopping a lot for herself.
I asked mom if I could possibly get at least a five dollar raise on my allowance ?

"You get the same as your sister, and if we gave you more then we would have to do the same for her."

"She seems to have more to spend on herself !"

"Thats because she "works" and "has more" to spend." "She works after school at the clothing store and does babysitting on the weekend."

I just walked away to my room in utter jealousy and plopped on my bed.

"Dinner will be ready in five minutes." mom called out.

I laid there on the bed thinking of some sort of way to get some money but couldn't think of a thing yet at the same time I was starting to get horny, so I pulled out the video camera
to view the session mom and I had and started jerking off. I could sell this to the highest bidder I thought but I did promise I'd never tell, also I'd have nothing to occupy my amusement with when I got horny.

I was just about to cum when I heard mom call out. "Dinner is ready."

Dad asked me how my day went and I told him the same thing I always did. "Ok I guess." Then ate fast as I always did then went back to my room to continue jerking off but found I wasn't much in the mood anymore, just tired from being full.

I woke up later on that evening with a piss hard-on, my bladder wasn't pressing too badly but my dick was so stiff that it made me think of mom. I was going to the bathroom when on the way I heard the t.v. set on downstairs.
I looked at my watch, it was about twenty after one. I knew my dad fell asleep watching t.v. sometimes, so I decided to see if he was. I crept downstairs and peeked around the corner into the den and sure enough he was snoring away.
I wasn't sure whether or not to do what I was thinking because Bonnie's room was just down the hall and who knew when dad might wake up and come to bed ?

Minutes had past as I nervously thought this over while my hand rested on mom's bedroom door.

Of course I could hear dad move around if he woke up but what about Bonnie ?

More minutes passed by.

My heart was racing as I decided to slowly open the door and walk in. I stood there for a moment and thought it best to leave the door cracked. Mom always left the dimmer switch on low if they didn't go up to bed together, however I noticed that she
was wearing that sleeping mask I gave her, so I turned the dimmer switch a tad higher.

I thought it best to just let my cock hang out the opening of my underwear, just in case.

She was laying on her back with her nightgown on, her huge breasts hung from side to side and her legs were slightly parted. She really aroused me, my nervousness faded away while lustful thoughts took over.

How to go about this without her waking up mad or making any noise ?

I approached the foot of the bed and started to climb up between her legs while my arms slowly parted and raised her legs and in doing so her nighty rose up.

She abruptly woke up. "What the." she said as she lifted up her sleeping mask slightly.

I quietly just said "shh," while I kept going till I had her legs up and parted with her feet hanging from each side of me.

"Please no...not now!" she whisperingly pleaded while trying to break her legs free, yet not making much of an effort to do so.

"I have a piss hard-on with your name on it mom." I said as I pushed my cock into her.

"ahhhhhhh....Ohhhhh god." she quietly moaned as I pumped away.

The only sounds that filled the room, after that, if any, were my balls smacking against her beautiful wet hairy snatch. Tho' after a bit I slowed down, only to move my arms from under her shapely legs and cup her huge enticing breasts as I tried to suck them through the fabric of her nighty.

With a piss hard-on, it seemed never ending, as if I could do this all night, especially since I had enough rest, so I was hoping that dad or Bonnie wouldn't wake up !?

Just then I heard Bonnie's door open, so I quickly reached over and dimmed the light, because she's the type to peek in. She sure as hell wasn't quiet when she walked down the hall to go to the bathroom, which of course woke dad up. "Damn" I thought.

As soon as Bonnie closed the bathroom door, I had to hightail it to my room before dad came up, thank god for carpeting, otherwise I would surely be heard.

I know it wasn't her fault, but still, it just killed it for me. So when she got out, I figured I might as well go to the bathroom and try to get back to sleep.

The morning soon came. Saturday was great because I had no school but it sucked because everyone else was here.

Since everyone else was doing their own thing downstairs, I decided to snoop through mom's room just to have something to do.

The slightly opened drawer from the nightstand seemed to grab my attention.

"Well, whats this" ? "A diary" ? "Mom keeps a diary" ?

I thought she might miss this before I got through reading it and I'd rather take my time reading this. So I told mom I was going out for a walk, ya, walked down to the local library to get these pages copied.

Within a couple of hours I was done, came back home and put mom's diary back.

It seemed that mom only put in things that were interesting to her. Like this comment----mom was saying how she wished she was a fly on the wall just to look at her friend Lorra's diary.
Lorra must have commented about something during one of mom's bridge games, I can only assume this because they laugh and talk about things when they are playing, but always seem to hold it down when they hear me come downstairs.

That really got me wondering what was in Mrs. Jansen's diary ?

She has a son jimmy thats a couple years younger that me and they only live four houses down the block.

I know kids like video games and I have a good collection that I no longer play, maybe I could take over a few and see if I could get in the house that way ?

Jimmy was not the type of person I'd care to hang out with or even be friends with, even if I wanted friends. However, I was on a mission.

Since it was Saturday, I decided to give it a try ?

I knocked on the screen door and Jimmy answered the door.

"Hey Jimmy, just wondering if you might be interested in playing some video games ?"

"My mom won't let me play video games, I always wanted to, I feel like the only one on the block that doesn't play video games."

"Well then, what do you do for fun ?

"I have a baseball collection."

"That's cool, can I come in and check them out ?"

"Mom doesn't like anyone in the house, maybe that's why I don't have many friends ?"

This was gonna be tougher than I thought.

"Would you like to come over and play some games ?" "Your mom won't find out."

"I shouldn't....but why not, I got nothing else to do."

A week had past and all throughout the week, (while we played games), I asked Jimmy questions inadvertently so I could get somewhat of a routine his mom had.
Needless to say, she didn't have much of one or Jimmy didn't know.

The next day around four, dad had brought home hamburgers, that meant only one thing, bridge night.

Since Mr. and Mrs. Jansen were coming over to play bridge, I had an idea.

When everyone was here I went over Jimmy's house.

"Like I told you before, I'm not allowed to let anyone in !"

"Oh it will be alright, your parents won't be back for hours."

"I really can't."

"Oh....then I guess I'll just go back over my house and let in slip out, infront of "your mom", when I mention to "my mom," that I wish Jimmy were here to play video games with me like he did yesterday."

"Well go ahead, what do I care ! "

"Ok then." I said as I went to go home.


I turned around and came in and we started watching t.v. and he was really into some dumb show, where I could care less.
After ten minutes I said I was going to the bathroom but he didn't seem to hear me, great I thought.

Knowing I was working somewhat in a time frame, I tried to be quiet yet quick. I found his mom's room and had at it. But to no avail I couldn't find it. Maybe she never had one ?

I just happen to glance in the closet before I left the room feeling dissatisfied. When, "Eureka," I found it, on the top shelf in the corner. I was so pleased with myself yet at the same time discouraged because it had a lock on it.
I'll have to take this home. I tucked it into my pants then went back downstairs. Jimmy was still watching that show so intently that I don't think he noticed me come in the room.

"Hey Jimmy, I'm kind of tired, I think I'm gonna go home ok." No reply.

I tapped him on the shoulder and told him I was going home.

"Oh sorry, goodbye."


When I got home I went straight to my room and tried to open this stupid lock, in fact for two hours I tried but I couldn't. Fuck this, I'm gonna get a knife from the kitchen and open it from the other end.
Well that worked.

Well, I thought, seems fitting to call her Lorra since I'm perpetrating her most intimate thoughts.

Well well well, I see Lorra has been naughty, someone named Frank, big he kept it up longer than Jay....blah blah blah.
Her husband Jay that's right, but who the hell is this frank person ? I really must find out about this frank person, where he lives, so on.
One thing is for sure, I thought. I can't go half cocked, I have to get all the pieces to this puzzle together before I can make any demands.

I just can't fathom who the hell would want to ball Mrs. Jansen anyway ? She sure as hell was no looker, not to me anyway, just a skinny Minnie with no tits.
Anyway thank god I'm not going there. I need money. I thought to myself....this Frank person is the money trail. Find Frank, find the money.

I heard Bonnie come up the stairs so I hide the diary and grabbed a book just in case. She always knocks but doesn't wait for someone to answer before she opens the door.
Seems she went to her room.

I know I sort of promised mom that I would not skip school but to me, this was important.

From my window I could see Mrs. Jansen's house and on Wednesday morning at ten thirty I watched her go in her car and drive off.
I got my bike out and tried to follow but by the time I got to the end of the street, she was gone and I couldn't figure out which way she went.

Well, I'll have to wait till next Wednesday around this time but up by the intersection and go from there.

When I got home, mom was waiting there in the kitchen.

"Well, I thought we had a deal ! " "Don't give me that jazz your sick either, I seen you ride up the street on your bike."

"Fine, if you must know I was trying to capitalize upon my empty pockets."

"Ya.....OK, now quit talking stupid and go to your room because tomorrow you "will" be going to school ! "

Next Wednesday came and I was up the street an hour early. I decided to wait in the phone booth at the supermarket and see which way she turned.
In a little while I noticed her car at the intersection and thought it best to get on my bike, ready to go in whatever direction she might take.
She turned left and went down six blocks. I just barely seen her car turn right, trying to keep up.
Turning down the street I thought I saw her turn on, I road down that street but didn't see her ? Maybe it was the next street.?
So I road down the next street, nothing.

She was really elusive.

At nine o'clock the following Wednesday, I road my bike down to the street I believe I saw her turn on. I went all the way down the street to the corner, got off my bike,
and bent down acting as if I was fixing my chain.

Within a little while I noticed a garage door open but no one came out, I looked at my watch, 10:25. This is how I couldn't find her car, this has to be the place ?
Boy, she just thinks she's so slick. I first had to be sure I was right.

Within a few minutes I saw Mrs. Jansen's car pull in the drive and head into the garage. Then the garage slowly closed. Yes sir, this was the place.

Well. now to get the proof for payment, but how do I do that ?

I believe this might take some planning. I wasn't sure how to go about this but I figured it was worth it at any risk if I wanted to benefit myself.

I went back home and looked at the pages I copied from mom's diary to see what dirty little secrets she might have, if any. Nothing but a bunch of sentimental crap.
So I went to see if there was anything else that Lorra had to share in her diary ? No nothing else much to bank on.

I had to get rid of her diary and the pages I copied from mom's diary. I ripped up all the paper from both diary's and shoved them in my pocket, went over to Micky D's, and put them in
a bag already filled with garbage, then returned home.

I laid on my bed thinking to myself, secrets are sure money making opportunities, if you can find them. Just listening to myself I felt like an ass, also if I start getting things
for myself, that's gonna raise suspicion.

I guess I was just talking myself out of this, even after all the trouble I went through.

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