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This isnt a true story, but it was one of my first i'd written.
It was time for Aimee to go to school. She wasnt your typical high school girl. She wore knee length shorts, her hair tied into a plait, her glasses laid on the bridge of her nose and her blouse just buttoned up to the middle of her prefect 32GG breasts. She wasnt noticed by many guys and ever since she realized she was the girl with the biggest chest in her year she started to cover up more.

It was 10pm when she got in from her friends and she sighed lookign around when she noticed her brothers shoes. Remus looked up from the couch and grinned hearing his sister walk in and he chuckled ''So i dont even get a massive hug after coming back from University?'' he yelled. As he saw her step through the door his eyes went wide. What had happened to his little sis, she used to be flat chested with no curves and now.. now she had a massive rack on her chest, an hour glass figure and the mos beautiful red hair that fell down to her shoulders and over her gorgeous face. He felt his loins begin to rage against his pants just at the sight of her.

She giggled and ran to him jumping on his lap and hugged him tightly burying her face into his neck as she took in his scent. She felt something poke her leg but figured it was the book he was reading. As she bounced on his lap Remus seemed to get more aroused and tried to stay calm ''God Aimee you've grown'' she grinned widely and kissed his cheek

''And so have you brother'' she got up her panties slightly wet from the sight of him. She had always managed to find her brother attractive even though it was wrong. Shaking her head she bent down picking up her bag. He got a nice view of her massive arse and groaned closing his eyes wanting his little sister to go back to how she was. He rubbed his raging member as he tried to cover it, but it was too late, she had already seen it. Her eyes went wide and her panties got soaked in more juices seeing he was hard for her? She closed her eyes ''U..Um ill be upstairs'' she ran upstairs and put on some porn locking her door she laid pleasing herself imagining her brothers fingers inside of her she moaned.

He sat downstairs hearing her moans turned him on more. He closed his eyes and slid his hands into his pants jerking off to the sound of her bed creaking and the sound of her moans as he gasped feeling how throbbing his cock was. He came in his hand half an hour later just at the same time she screamed into her pillow squirting all over the bed. She panted and closed her eyes, she sat up quickly and gasped realising what she had just done and wondered what it meant.

Later that night Aimee sat down doing her homework for school as she thought about what she had done earlier. She closed her eyes taking a deep breath knowing nothing else could happen. As her eyes closed she heard her brother go upstairs and she turned looking at him in his boxers she smiled softly. He was so handsome she couldnt believe it.

Remus walked upstairs and into the bathroom. He looked through to his sisters room to see some sexy underwear and lingerie hanged up on the wall. His eyes went wide as he zipped up his trousers and felt his cock go from limp to semi hard. He groaned and closed his eyes imagening her in them. Shaking his head he laid on the airbed. His mother had changed his room into her office when he had left and he was sharing a room with his little sister.

Once she had finished her homework Aimee headed upstairs to bed. She saw her brother laid with his eyes closed and she tiptoed to the otherside of her bed thinking he was asleep she stripped down and pulled on a lace nighty. Little did she know he was rubbing himself watching her breasts bounce as she got onto the bed. He groaned in his sleep which made her jump, leaning over to look at him she gasped seeing the tent of the covers and felt her pussy moisten. ''Rem? Come sleep up here'' she whispered. He sat up and rubbed his eyes in the dark before sliding under the covers next to her when he felt her rub up against him, he could feel her wet pussy against his leg which made him get harder again her hot breath against his ear sent shivers down his spine as he gripped her close to him.

She ran a hand down his torso and touched his throbbing cock lightly then closed her eyes yawning as she wrapped a leg over him and pushed against him. He turned over and pressed his cock against her thigh and she gasped slightly precumming down her leg and he groaned feeling the hot liquid on his tip.

As they laid there dry humping Mea felt herself wanting more. While Remus just wanted to lay doing this for a littlw longer. His cock pressed against her pussy in excitement as he continued to dry hump her, rocking his hips back and forth. She did the same her moans mixing with his as the sexual tension in the room got worse. He moved ontop of her whispering "dry hump me harder sis" as she rocked her hils back and forth harder he moaned feeling her pull his foreskin back and forth making his cock twitch. He knew she was enjoying it as her pussy was leaking sweet juices. She squirmed under him as his cock rubbed against her clit making her almost orgasm as they dry humped.

Aimee gasped and arched her back as she orgasmed hard and fast, Remus felt her cum leaking onto his cock as he groaned and exploded his load all over her stomach. She fell back onto the bed and breathed heavily closing her eyes ''Oh god Remmy'' she whispered gently as his arms moved around her. ''I know sis i know'' he whispered and they soon fell asleep in eachothers arms.

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i also stopped at the unrealistic and UGLY 32GG tits. anything over a C cup is a waste of space and sag so much they are always UGLY.

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2013-01-23 22:13:54
total trash i stopped at the unrealistic 32GG tits you wasted your time my time and the sites space please DELETE AT ONCE.

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loved it great work keep them coming

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1st one here. Suck it.

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