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Collin, a Business School Graduate, goes to Japan, hoping to find his dream job. What he finds instead, is a whole different life, based upon his dreams and nightmares, in a situation that he thought no longer existed in Japan.
Tales of an American Geisha-Slave-Boi


Copyright, 2012, Patricia Steel (

Do whatever you want with this story, only keep my name attached, please. Please report any and all orgasms arrived at through reading and masturbating to these words. I love knowing that I am deliberately manipulating your mind into an erotic state. Thanks, and Enjoy.

Chapter 1

I don’t know what his business is. The only time I asked him, we were riding in his limo, on the way to a Japanese opera, and he struck me down with a single blow, so hard I lay between darkness and light, until we returned to his home. There, he tied me facing a St. Augustine Cross, and lashed me 100 times with a leather whip, then lubricating himself with my blood, he anally raped me, and left me there in the dark for two days, hanging on the cross, to consider my misbehavior.

The day he decided to let me down, one of his personal medical staff was there, along with two of his personal servants he travels with, whom I’d seen, before, but never met (I seemed to be a whole level of creature below them). No one spoke much to me, other than to ask me a few basic questions about my medical condition, history, etc. They took some blood, bandaged me up, carried me to bed (not His bed, sadly), and left me all alone. Later that night, someone brought me a dinner tray, and I could hear voices from below, laughing, all male voices.

Later, I heard sounds on the stairs…. I could distinguish His soft walk coming towards the room that I was deposited in. His personal servants opened the door, and he walked in, no shoes… we were in Kyoto, after all. He sat on the edge of the bed, and just petted the side of my rump, soooo gently…. oh, I loved his touch… I would do anything for it, but I knew if I wanted it to continue, I must not react… not at all… five minutes… maybe more… just gentle petting…. up to my arm — I was lying on my side facing away from him, so as not to show him my tears. Tears of pain — tears of ecstasy from his electric touch — tears of joy, that he still valued me, and had not put me out on the streets of Tokyo, somewhere, or worse, had me killed in some horrific way, as I began to suspect he was capable of.

After a few minutes of his just petting me, I heard him undress, lying his clothes on the bedroom chair carefully — everything was precision with him. I felt him climb into bed next to me. The night was warm, and no blankets or sheets were needed — besides, I was afraid of the weight of even a sheet against my bandaged back and buttocks, so recently rent of flesh. I could feel the warmth of his body against my posterior wounds, so strongly now, but never once did he bump me — again… all precision, this man.

He carefully replaced my pillow with his slender but muscular bicep — he was very muscular, especially for a Young Japanese man. All very slender, with incredibly broad shoulders, and thin hips. Beautiful blue-black hair, always in the latest fashion. The whitest skin, never exposed to the effects of the sun, like us Americans. His legs were fascinating as well…. Luxuriantly long, but powerful. He was a “runner-up” for the 2008 Olympics track team. When he was in a playful mood in bed, he often teased my by capturing me with his legs alone, refusing to let me go.

With his long left arm, he carefully reached around my left hip, and found my steel-hard erection. Knowing exactly where to touch me, with only the slightest motion, he brought me to orgasm, and, giving no quarter, continued, until I orgasmed a second, and third time, until I begged “Please No” in the most supplicating of voices.

At this, he removed his left arm, and keeping his right under my head, no other parts of us touching, just me, feeling the loving warmth of his body all along the length of mine, injured, and sound parts alike, and together we drifted off to sleep, my knowing that all anger had passed from the mind of my Lord and Lover.

Chapter 2

But that night had long since faded into distant memory… my time with my Lord (My term of endearment for him was Yashi — a demon of sorts, which he seemed to enjoy. — At least it brought a smile to his beautiful lips.) passed in what I considered “dream-time” a lifetime could pass in a single night of agony, or bliss. — or so it seemed to me.

His home, where he installed me — I can’t really say I was “invited to live there” really — I didn’t seem to have a choice in the greater scheme of my Lord Yashi’s plans, was a beautiful property that once was a feudal castle, when Kyto was the seat of the Japanese Empire. The castle itself was a dangerous ruin, and was mostly dismantled, and used as building materials for the new buildings that comprised my Lord’s home.

The main house, where I was installed, also had his own bedroom, and the bedrooms of his wife, and children. His Mother had her own residence to herself, within the group of buildings. There were two buildings that I was firmly told by my Lord’s personal servants “Never to approach, for fear of my own life.”

I never presumed to ask Lord Yashi about his wife, or his relationship with her. She, and I had separate duties, it seemed, but they were never to interfere with those of each other, and we were not expected to meet, or speak to one another at any time, even though our chambers were simply across the large hallway from each other. And, aside from my door having a conventional “western” swinging wooden door, most of the house had sliding paper and frame traditional Japanese-style doors. Not very good at keeping secrets in, or out. I never even learned her name. She was always merely She, or Her, or His Wife….. funny, that, after these years, or what seem like years…..

I came to Japan on a Tourist’s Visa right out of college with an associate’s degree in Business. My sister had married a Japanese boy, back in NYC, and I learned enough Japanese from him to be fluent. Armed with that, and my 2 year business degree, I thought I would take Tokyo by storm, find a job that paid six figures, at least, in USD$$ and live in beautiful, cultured, clean, Japan…. Away from the dirt and ugliness of the cities of Columbus, Ohio, and NYC, which were the only places I had ever been in my young life.

Well, suffice it to say, that didn’t quite work the way I envisioned it. After 2 weeks in Tokyo, all my savings were gone, and I found myself doing a “favor” for a “friend” in exchange for $6,000 — or enough money to keep me in Tokyo for another month, maybe. This favor entailed taking a little holiday to Bangkok for a weekend of fun, and then returning with something for my friend. I was told that even “I” wouldn’t know where this “something” was… it would be hidden so well, and that was for my own protection.

I got off the plane at Bangkok, and it was first class treatment, all the way. I was met by a uniformed driver of an old, but beautiful Mercedes, and driven to a dated, but classy hotel — I imagined it was something special in the days when Thailand was “Siam” and the King was a “god”…. I walked on nothing but red carpet up to my room, and in a few minutes, my “friend” appeared, along with a complete “party entourage”… a few drinks, and well… I don’t remember anything until Monday morning, when the same driver appeared in my room, clearing his voice, in order to wake me. I was on the bed, naked, there was blood everywhere, and, when I tried to move, my ass told me that at least part of that blood was mine. My cock hurt, my ass hurt. We won’t go on about anything above the waist, because by comparison, it was infinitesimal.

An hour, 10 cigarettes, a shower, and at least a quart of coffee later, and I was “kinda” ready to depart. My faithful driver had gathered and packed my things. God, I loved this man, naked, he ignored my state… dressed, he smiled and treated me like royalty. He even brought me a pillow to sit on, and gave it to me to take on the plane.

I was in too much pain to really care about whatever it was I was carrying across into Tokyo at this point. Honestly, whatever it was, I hoped it brought the death penalty, if I got caught. I went through customs, honestly expecting them to find shit in my overnight bag, which they did not, but in processing my passport, they “flagged” me just as a “test case” I was told, because I had been to Thailand for such a short visit, and, if I wouldn’t mind (not that it would go differently if I did) the Government of the Emperor of Japan should like me to assist them in their attempts to regulate illegal drugs coming into the country from Thailand.

Of course, I went with the white-gloved, black-uniformed officers. First, there was a simple X-Ray, which did not clear me of suspicion, it seemed. Then I was asked if I would submit right there to an internal probe of lower body cavities, and told that it would be best for everyone involved, and would speed my processing if I would do so. Of course, I complied. I then learned why there was sooo much blood on the bedsheets… when the officer first found the end of whatever it was that was up my ass, it was attached to more, and still more of the same sort of nitryl bag, each containing 250 grams of cocaine. The total number of bags… 100. —25 kilos of the stuff… 50 lbs…. crammed up my ass, into all 3 of my large intestines… When the officer was finished, although I could see my life “in deep shit” — pun fully intended, I could not stop thanking him for relieving me of the pain I had been in.

Within the hour, I was in Tokyo City, Center Detention Facility, in a medical cell, feeling better than I had all day, and sleeping the sleep of the medicated. ”Mista Ceffalo” a Japanese Voice insisted…”MISTA CEFFAALO”, and I opened my eyes to the most beautiful man I had ever, or would ever see… He who would become My Lord and Master. The voice, however, was not his… nothing so insisting or annoying would ever pass his lips… no, if My Lord Yashi had wanted my attention that day, he would have cracked his cane across my back.

Although I was barely aware of the man standing next to my Lord (yes already I was thinking to myself, “I would follow you anywhere, and do anything you bid me to do, Master”), he made himself known again, “Mista Ceffalo, My client wishes to make you a very reasonable offer for something you have.” Slowly, my eyes left those of the towering beauty whose head was poised directly above mine, giving me a “poor thing” kinda stare, and I looked with confusion on the small, rotund man, who was evidently the attourney for this prince, or god, or whatever he was. I began, “Pardon me, gentlemen, but I’m afraid you have been misled, I have absolutely nothing in this entire world. Not even enough money to get home to America, but I think your Emperor is going to foot the bill for that one, because I think I’m being deported.”

It was then that my Lord first spoke to me. ”Let’s get you out of here, first, and into some more comfortable accomodations.” At that he took his large right hand, and tossed my hair, making it stay back out of my eyes. ”There, that’s better.. You have beautiful eyes, Mr. Ceffalo, and it is the weakness of my race to be infatuated with hair such as yours.” He ran his hand through my dirty-blonde hair once more, smiling a genuine smile this time. ”Mr. Ichinosi, please deal with matters here, I’ll be taking Mr. Ceffalo with me.” and that was that… no room for discussion, no wheelchair, no police to stop him from taking me, he just scooped me up in his massively strong arms, and all I could do was wrap my arms around his neck, and enjoy the ride… pretty much what I’ve been doing ever since.

He laid me in the backseat of his Limo, and he sat opposed, facing the rear. He spoke a few soft words to his driver, and I wondered for an instant if his driver was as nice as mine was. The driver made a few phone calls, and we were on our way. We stopped in front of a grande old hotel in the older part of Tokyo, and I was thinking, “Oh, no, not THIS AGAIN”.. but this hotel was still at 5 stars… she never lost a single one… My Lord and Master gathered me up, and carried me inside to the elevator, where his driver turned the key to go past the 24th floor. The top 3 floors belonged to My Lord.

The Elevator opened to a beautiful display of Samurai Armor and Swords, and that is forever how I would think of My Master… a Samurai Lord. At a whisper, his driver ran ahead, and turned down the bed in one of the three bedrooms. At another, he went into the master bath, and ran a warm, not hot bath, for me. My Lord lay me down on the dressing couch, and without a word, or any resistance from me, disrobed me completely, then carried me into the bath, depositing me in it so gently, that I never felt the bottom of the tub. ”Lay back, Mr. Ceffalo, and relax, I have a physician on the way, and Mr. Ichinosi will be here soon with the medical information from your little holiday’s eventful return. I will spare no expense on your comfort or care, at least for the time being. We can talk of other things once you are, returned to your sovereign self again, shall we say, Mr. Ceffalo? In the meantime, may I get you something to drink? You probably shouldn’t eat for now, anyway.”

I was totally hypnotized by his deep and mellow voice. He appeared to be just another Asian kid, maybe 20 or so, dressed in the best suit his daddy’s money could buy, but I knew that wasn’t right… This was a real man standing here in the bathroom with me. This wasn’t his daddy’s penthouse, it was HIS…. All of this running through my mind, made a noticeable delay before I even began to think of an answer to his question, which made me seem stupid, no doubt..

“Are you alright, Mr. Ceffalo?”

“Y-y-y-es, Sir, well, no, but, yes, could I have a diet coke?”

He smiled — almost laughed. He walked over to me in the tub, and once again, ran his fingers through my dirty blonde hair. ”Yes, you’re going to be all right, Mr. Ceffalo. I’ll get you that diet coke, or send Tak out for some if we’re out.” — and before I could interrupt that thought, of sending poor Tak out again, he was gone.

Chapter 3

The Japanese culture is so alien to Americans. I had drifted off to a pleasant sleep in the heated bathtub, so relaxing to my badly abused form. I never heard the gathering assembly in the bathroom with me, but I snapped to attention at the sound of my Lord’s gentle, but booming voice, “Mr. Ceffalo.”

Splashing water everywhere, I startled, even trying to rise, but the large, firm hand of my then unknown Lord and Master, placed ever so gently on my shoulder, quickly quieted me, the way the hand of the rider calms a frightened horse.

First, I beheld a small table with an open can of diet coke, and a small glass full of ice, which my Lord poured for me, and handed to me, which I readily drank down, and handed back to him. He made a “chuffing” sound, and, with a look of novelty, he placed the glass back on the table. I looked around the room, and there were several people, seated on folding chairs, in front of a long, slender folding table. — How did I miss all of this? The little round man — I assumed an Attourney, named Ichinosi, was there, as well as an older gentleman, much better dressed than the attourney, whose elegance simply demonstrated my complete nakedness all the more.

“First, let us take care of your health, Mr. Ceffalo,” spoke my Lord, and rather than it being a simple suggestion, carried with it all the weight of an Imperial edict. Everyone stood immediately, and began their various tasks.

The small, elegantly dressed man introduced himself, in Japanese, as Doctor Yuri, and he carefully explained to me that, according to the records from Tokyo Central holding facility, I had suffered some severe trauma to my ureter, my penis, and my anal-rectal area, as well as some contusions to my colon.

Mr. Ichinosi, at this juncture, left the room. Tak, the ever-faithful, entered, and stood next to the door, in a pose rather like the “at ease” pose of American Sailors. My Lord and Dr. Yuri consulted in whispers; He motioned to Tak to join the conversation, and soon everyone was doing their respective “tasks”. My Lord began by draining the tub, and rolling up the sleeves of his black silk shirt, lifted me out of the tub, with no change of expression, or sound whatsoever. Tak had laid a towel on the long, thin table, and was folding another for my head. I was gently deposited on the table by my Master with just a hint of a smile from him, and with that smile, I knew I had fallen in love.

My nakedness, in the presence of the man I had fallen for, and whom I felt completely subservient towards started to shame me, suddenly, and I asked for a towel, to cover my loins, but my Master simply shook his head “no”. He removed himself to stand at my head, to give the doctor room to work. His extraordinary height placed his considerable bulge at least 12 inches above my face. This is what I concentrated on, mostly, during the humiliating procedures that followed.

A sheath was introduced into my penis, with the ultimate goal of reaching my bladder. Constant lubrication was needed in order to do this, but still it was not enough I writhed in pain. Dr. Yuri Came up to my Lord, and whispered something. Shortly, he left us alone.

My Lord said to me, “Mr, Ceffalo.” I interrupted him, with “Please, Collin, if you will, sir. It doesn’t feel quite right to be in my position, and you addressing me so formally. Plus, If I am to be completely honest with you, I feel incredibly subservient to, and am severely intimidated by you. So please, call me anything but Mr. Ceffalo, Sir.”

“Very Well, Collin,” he gave his “novel smile” once again, “Allow me to explain our mutual dilemma. While you were in Thailand, an “ex employee” of mine took the liberty of using your body as a vessel for transporting diamonds illegally from that country. Some of the best gem cutters in the world are in Thailand, Thai gem cutters are frequently employed in cutting “Unregistered” diamonds, or even cutting larger gems into smaller ones. The problem is getting these diamonds back into circulation in the “real world”, and for this purpose, we have been using human beings as vessels. In your case, the issue was that you were already being used as a drug container, and were doomed from the onset, and for this mistake, my ex- employee will pay dearly.

I could only mutter, “O-ok,” in acquiescence.

“Excellent, Collin,” he resumed. ”Now, our problem at hand is a small one.. well, not THAT small,” and he smiled a broad grin. ”Inside your bladder, are several diamonds belonging to me. They are worth much more than your life. You need to understand this. While I find you intriguing, Collin, I will tell you that I will have no difficulty in cutting you apart, in order to get what is mine. You should realize that you would not survive that procedure, Collin — I’m sorry to say. With this, he tossed my hair again, and beamed a smile that seemed to say, “I’ll take care of you, pet.”

“Now, because of the contusions in your ureter, Collin, the sheath keeps sliding into your cowper’s gland, instead of your bladder. Dr. Yuri has told me that he has tried everything ethical, with no success — which leaves the “unethical” I’m afraid. You must ejaculate, and while you are still forcing semen out of your cowper’s gland, I must try to use that pressure to re-adjust the sheath, and successfully get it into your bladder. In short, I must take control of your body for a little while. I hope that you can trust me to do this, because frankly, the alternative is somewhat grim, I’m afraid.”

The soothing depth of his voice, his beautiful hands, the utter strength of his broad upper body, and narrow hips, led me to feel as if I could trust this man with my body, my life, my soul, but only so long as his interests are the same as mine. I also felt that when that condition was no longer true, he could kill me in a moment, or he could kill me slowly over a great length of time… and for some reason, I no longer cared about living, in the event I did not please this beautiful, masterful Samurai Lord. ”I am yours to do with as you please, sir.” is what came out of my mouth. He ran his fingers through my hair at this, smiled, and ran his left hand down my bare body, to where the sheath was poking out of my penis, which had enlarged substantially to admit the large guage catheter. I saw his gaze move to the doorway, and he nodded to Tak, who came forward, and, in a very professional way, had me bound to the table in a matter of minutes. Bound so tightly that I could not move any part of me, except the wiggling of fingers and toes, and mouth.

During this “binding” procedure, I thought about the different S&M scenes I had been a part of while living in NYC.. they were nothing like this situation… there was no “safeword” — this time, there was a penalty and it was very likely death if I stopped the scenario. Besides, I had agreed to anything, hadn’t I. The natural fears I was experiencing were making the situation even more erotic for me. Putting complete trust in someone so obviously dangerous is seriously hott. The mere thought of all of this was making my harpooned cock grow upwards upon the sheath, consuming more of it, as a snake consumes another snake.

Another nod to Tak, and gas bottles, and an anesthesia mask was brought to the head of the table. Tak carefully placed the mask upon my face, over my objections… I wanted to be awake for this, as orgasms were in store!!

“Relax, Collin!” My master spoke loudly, obviously displeased with my resistance. ”The gas is for your enjoyment, mostly, and just in case we run into problems. I am competent in my skills. I was trained for this in the Japanese Defense Force.” A nod from my Lord, and Tak turned on a little gas. I immediately began to wonder what sort of training the Japanese Defense Force provided for situations like THIS??

I was alarmed for a moment, when My Lord strattled my thin frame with his long, muscular thighs. ”This is merely for comfort’s sake, Collin. Don’t worry, I won’t put any weight upon your poor little body — at least for now.” — and he grinned a most evil- looking grin — or so it seemed to me.

He reached above me, and adjusted the gas a little. He seemed to lower the volume — it must be nitrous oxide, as my mood was really very pleasant now. He reached behind me with his long right arm, and that big, beautiful hand found purchase on my oh-so-painful cock, which responded to him instantly, despite the excruciating pain. Tears sprung from my eyes from the pain, and he bent forward, still with his hand upon my cock — he was soooo tall, and licked them away, whispering “Go with the pain…. let it bring you through to orgasm.” —And with that he squeezed just a little harder, until I made a whimpering sound.

Being an American, of course, I was circumcised, and he knew that spot on the underside, where all circumcised boys are the most sensitive, and he concentrated his efforts there. In no time at all, he could perceive my body bucking against the restraints. He hopped off me, turning the gas up substantially, so that I was barely conscious. Doing this was like the few times I experimented with asphyxiation during sex, only 100 times better, and I came, or at least I orgasmed. But it was the most powerful, and painful orgasm I’d ever had. I’m sure that I came buckets, but virtually none of it escaped around the catheter sheath. What little did, I saw and felt my Lord bend over and just taste me, with the tip of his tongue, as if I were some new discovery in a laboratory. I could feel my Master utilizing this to his advantage in re-positioning the sheath, and momentarily, I felt it pushing against the sphincter muscles at my bladder, and with one strong push, he forced it through — for a moment it felt like heaven, as evidently I hadn’t been able to urinate for some time, and it all came rushing out, but my master immediately clamped-off the catheter. Oh the pain and disappointment was incredible… more tears ran down my face… seeing this, my master opened the catheter clamp for another brief second, and clamped it shut abruptly once again… more pain and disappointment — the kind of which you can never imagine, unless you’ve experienced it.. Two or three more times he did this, and there was no real reason to do this, other than to assert control over me completely — even this most basic of bodily functions. While the pain was incredible, I found myself becoming hard once again, around the sheath, adding more pain to my strange situation. Oh god how I loved this man. But he was no mere man. He was a God, or a Demon, or something in-between, and right now, his attention was turned on me, and for that, I was truly grateful.

Chapter 4

Being quite finished with his assertion of control over my bodily function of urination, my Lord nodded again to Tak, who undid my bonds in just a minute or two. At this, my Lord picked me up in his arms again, but this time, rather like a baby. He said something inaudible to Tak, and a new towel was placed on the table, and my Lord sat upon it, cradling me in his arms, even uttering a “shhhh” when I would break into sobbing from time to time. Another utterance, and Tak returned with Dr. Yuri. My Lord nodded to the Dr. expressing success, and the Dr. came about to the foot of the table, and began unpacking various long, tubular instruments from his case.

My Lord asked me, then, “Would you like to be further restrained, or would you prefer that I held you, instead, my sweet little Collin?”

“Please hold me, sir, if you don’t mind.” I immediately responded.

My Gallant Samurai Lord straddled the head of the table with his long, powerful thighs, and placed me with my head against his strong chest, just at his heart, so that I could hear every strong, massive beat of the athletically tuned pump. Once there, he brought his legs up onto the table, on top of mine, and with his arms of steel across my chest, no movement of mine was possible.

The doctor then began his procedure. At last I was permitted to drain my bladder. The relief brought a sigh, to which my Lord gave a wry-looking smile. Then, I realized the reason of that smile. — Along with several long, wires and tubes which he threaded through the catheter tube, he also threaded a sort of balloon which he inflated in my ureter, and pumped my bladder full, and I mean absolutely full of air. The needful pain of needing to urinate returned, and I whimpered. This brought a genuine grin from my Lord, and a kiss from him, to the top of my head… My thoughts, through the pain, were, “Oh, I love him… I truly do”…. The air pressure was released, and the doctor deposited some things in a tray that went “clink”, and then back to the pressure again…. more moaning in pain, more kisses from my Lord… Five times, in all, we went through this, until, I assumed, all of the “stones” were removed from my bladder.

My erection, from before, died, the moment the Doctor had touched me. He was all elegance, class, and old-world luxury. There was nothing “sexual” about him, thankfully, or I would have been truly embarrassed. Any embarrassment I felt before my Lord, actually, only caused me to become more aroused. Not so, however, with Dr. Yuri.

The Doctor went to the sink. Rinsed off his instruments, packaged them in double plastic bags, then rinsed out the tray, and its contents, presenting this to My Lord, who still held me with one hand, and two legs.

My lord looked carefully at the contents, turned the tray one way and another, to see all of the gems, and then, being fully satisfied, called for Tak, who took the tray away, not to be seen by me ever again.

My master then actually hugged me, kissed my head again, and released his grip upon me, saying, “Collin, you have done your job most admirably. Now what can I do for you, to ensure your loyalty, and repay your discomfort?”

Lying there naked, with my head against his chest still, these words brought on a powerful erection, for reasons I didn’t fully understand. All I could do was shake my head in an “I have no idea” response.

My Lord understood my responses completely, however…. He removed himself from behind my head, and stood at the side of the table, gazing into my blue eyes.

“Collin, I think I understand your confusion, perhaps better than you do. I won’t try to hide the fact that I find you extremely attractive — this is a flaw in my race — we all want blonde, blue-eyed trophy wives (did he say wife??) — I do already have a wife in the conventional sense, but I would take you as a second, in a non-conventional sense. — Or, my pet, I would happily fix your passport problems with the police, buy your ticket for you to return to New York, and give you a small annuity every year, so that you could live there without working, if you were very careful with your money, which I notice you are not. It is a big decision, and neither option is permanent, I assure you, so I will give you a few days to think about it, and perhaps get to know me a little better. As for me.. Well.. I know everything about you already, and I think you could be taught to be a perfectly demure, subservient, Japanese wife, despite your obviously being a boy. And yes, I am aware that you are a boy. I do not respect the conventions of man. I love whom I love, and I believe that I love you, at least in the physical way, which is what is missing between me and my conventional wife. So, if you agree, the two of us will stay here for the week, with Tak as our servant.

And Me?? I was totally dumbstruck… I was in love with this Demon-God… totally… I felt that he commanded the very elements the way he commanded those around him. It was then that I began to think of him as “Lord Yashi” — Samurai King of Japan. I knew he was trouble… I knew that he did not accumulate such wealth and power by smuggling diamonds in the bladders of US tourists. Yet I could not resist his offer… The WIFE of a powerful Japanese businessman, well, it wasn’t what I started out wanting for myself, but it sure sounded better than the cloistered life of a poor man in NYC. And… again… I loved him… deeply… he understood me… he understood that when I suffered I also loved… and when I became hurt, by HIS hands, I was aroused beyond anything I ever felt before. He also was a master at orgasmic asphyxiation — which I experimented with, but never felt anything like what had happened a few short hours ago. Powerful sex… Powerful Love… Power… He was Power, and when his attention was focused on me, I could feel that power running through me, in through my heart, as love, and out through my groin as pure sexual energy.

Still I was speechless… finally, “Why would you want me, Sir? I am nothing but a stupid American kid, unable to keep himself out of trouble wherever I go. I am nothing special. No one has ever wanted me, really. I’ve never even had a real relationship before. Just a long line of one-night stands. I’m not “Wife” material”

With a noble look upon his face, and a warm smile, he simply said, “I intend to change that, because I do want you.” — and the deal was sealed. Without my ever actually saying yes.

A whisper to the Doctor, and he came and drew blood from my arm. It didn’t seem very out of place, actually. Then I was told to roll onto my stomach, and Tak was called upon.. My legs were spread apart by the gentle but forceful Tak, so that my knees straddled the table, and then, the leather-gloved hands of Tak spread my ass-cheeks as wide as they would go, causing pain to my recently abused anus.

Dr. Yuri sprayed some local anesthetic to my damaged anus, which was still gaping, evidently, because I felt the cold go way up inside me. After this, some anesthetic cream / lubrication was applied inside me, as far as it would go. My sore penis, becoming instantly erect at this, under my body, cause me to shout out a little, but my Lord Yashi, attendant upon my every need at this time, came over, reached beneath me, and readjusted my cock so that it pointed straight down, towards the doctor, but could expand without further discomfort. His touch, of course, made it expand all the more, and I felt an electric shock run through my vegal nerve causing my anus to contract around the Doctor’s fingers, which caused me pain there as well, even through the topical anesthetic. I whimpered like a dog hit by a car. My master just smiled, part in loving kindness, and part in what I’m sure was enjoyment of my painful situation. Another balloon-seal, and my bowels were pumped full of air… oh my god, I screamed and bucked, and the Doctor called to my Lord to come and help, which he did — he easily straddled the table, and me, with his long legs, and sat upon my upper back, keeping me flat against the table, and bending forwards just a little, grabbed hold of my upper thighs, on either side of Tak’s grip of my cheeks, holding them down as well… Thus, I was subdued…

The Doctor sprayed a sort of “clotting agent” and antiseptic agents in my large intestines, where the bowels were torn and bruised by the rough packing of the nitryl bags of cocaine. Evidently, each had been tied to the previous one, and rammed into me with some cheap lubrication, like vaseline, and probably someone’s hand. I remember thinking, when the Doctor told me this, that I was happy that Thai’s have small hands, and arms, and that I was lucky I hadn’t traveled to Africa, or that my Master hadn’t “packed me”, with his large hands, so uncommon for a Japanese man. How invaded I felt, thinking of other peoples HANDS inside my colon without my consent, and then, I chuckled, thinking that kindly Dr. Yuri was inside my colon right now, without my consent, technically.

Finally, Achingly, Dr. Yuri finished his “treatment” of my colon. Then removed the air balloon thing, and to my horror, I “broke wind”, expelling all that air in a long, wet-sounding “fart” —ew, for lack of a better term. Thankfully, it smelled of antiseptic, and anti-clotting agent, and not anything else, or I might have died of embarrassment, only because Tak and Dr. Yuri were there. I knew it had not disturbed my Master, because he began to gently stroke my ass cheeks with those glorious hands of his, and he seemed to be enjoying watching my penis grow between my legs, down along the length of the table.

The Doctor put his equipment away, rinsing and double-bagging everything — I assumed so that some assistant or nurse would clean and possibly sterilize it at a later point in time. I did not realize then that Dr. Yuri worked solely for my Lord and Master. I vaguely understood the Doctor, as he told my Master, that I could not eat anything — nothing — for the next five days, and, since I was very thin, I would have to have some intervenous feeding, at least once per day, and I would require a special enema, to be administered twice daily, for the same five days.

My Lord unstraddled me, and Tak released my cheeks. Lord Yashi brought a chair to the head of the table, and looking deeply into my eyes yet again, said, “You see, pretty little Collin, your choice is already made. I can provide all of that for you, right here, with me. In fact, by the way you react to my touch, I think I can probably make it pretty fun for you, if you let me. Just remember your place, my gorgeous little pet. You are to be my subservient, demure, companion — in short, my wife, in a very traditional Japanese sense. I’ll teach you some things. Others, you must learn on your own. But, I’ll warn you, I’ll only tell you the rules once. After that, I expect complete compliance. Any transgressions will be punished harshly, and my punishments will be for MY enjoyment, without any consideration of you whatsoever. You may be scarred, beaten, cut, brought to within an inch of your life, or even killed, for that matter. You will be my property, to do with as I please, just as the traditional Japanese wives have always been. The only thing I WILL promise you, is that I shall love you, in my own way, until I grow tired of you, and nothing more than that.”

To which I barely answered, with a tremor of real fear in my voice, but a raging erection between my legs, “Yes, my Lord.”

Chapter 5

Dr. Yuri then left us, with a few more whispers to my Master. At this point, I would have liked to dress, or at least put a towel around me, but there was no time. The chubby lawyer, Mr. Ichinosi entered with a folder full of papers. A conversation ensued between My Lord and the lawyer, and some excited words, which I did not understand, on the part of the attourney, causing him to perspire noticeably, before leaving the room once again.

“He will return in a few minutes. There are some changes needed to the legal documents regarding your citizenship status, as well as your employment papers. He was rather expecting you to leave this evening, which is impossible in any event.” explained Lord Yashi, in soft, booming tones of perfect English pronunciation. ”For now, you are my baby, in a very real sense of the word.” At this, he walked to the small side-table at the foot of the folding table, where I lay, prostrate, and produced a small adult-sized diaper, and some light anesthetic cream. With all the ease of a father with an infant, he turned me over, onto my back, applied the cream to my penis, which caused it to immediately come to attention. While this caused him to smile, I could tell he was aware that I was not in any condition to play. He then lifted my ass and back off of the table by grabbing both ankles with one massive hand, and spreading the diaper underneath me with the other. Spreading my legs, now, with both hands, making me even more erect, he brought the front of the diaper between my legs and, pushing my penis against my flat tummy, and fastened the tabs of the diaper at the front, my waist being so thin that the sides nearly met in the front.

“This is both for your comfort, and for the sake of hygiene, my pet. I cannot have you leaking all over my furniture, and sheets, and this will spare you any embarrassment, and me, any aggravation. Plus, I see that you find it erotic, and,” Tossing my hair as he seemed to love to do, he leaned close to my face, whispering, “so did I….” and with this, he gave me the first real kiss of our relationship — and what a kiss!!! It was firm, but not “hard”.. invasive — certainly, but not unpleasant — overwhelming, I would call it, and I yielded completely. My tongue never passed beyond my own teeth. I learned the rules.. my mouth was his — his was not mine. OK.. This was a rule I could learn to love. When the kiss broke, he licked his lips and simply said, “You need to brush your teeth, my darling pet… Or, perhaps, later, I’ll brush them for you…”

Shocked-Embarrassed, and now aroused by this embarrassment before him, my Lord, I simply uttered… Y-yyes, My Lord.”

“That’s it, pet… You’re getting the hang of this nicely!!”

Master grabbed an oversized bath towel from the bath closet, and, sitting me up, gently, with me moaning in utter agony, he laid the towel over my shoulders, and draped it around me, then, picking me up, like a child again, he carried me out into the main room of the penthouse suite, the faithful Tak opening the door, and then going in behind us to tidy up the bath.

At the desk in an alcove off of this room, the round Mr. Ichinosi was typing away at his laptop. Doctor Yuri was fixing himself a drink. There were also two men, standing near the door, at the same US Navy “at ease” position, and a woman in the kitchen, seeming to be stocking the empty refrigerator. ”This is my entourage, pet. You’ll soon learn to view them as invisible most of the time. They perform all of the tasks that I cannot do myself. A man in my position cannot do everything, of course. There are more of them, and of course, you’ve met Tak — that’s his “American nickname” — I brought him back from Harvard with me. He had been a domestic servant in Boston to a family of my acquaintance, and had a desire to return to Japan with me. I’m not even sure what his real name is, actually.”

Lord Yashi carried me to a large comfortable chair, which, I originally thought he would deposit me into, but instead, he sat in it himself, and held me in his lap, with my head against his broad chest. ”Yuri, when you’re done, there, could you see if Arri has any Strawberry Lambrusco on ice yet?” He asked the kindly doctor, who nodded, and went off into the kitchen, and to me, whispered, “Yes, I’m a peasant when it comes to alcohol…I like fruity wines.” and he licked my neck, up to my ear, completely by surprise, which caused me to turn my face to his, resulting in another fantastic kiss. This one, completely obscuring my breath, and he knew it, planned it, and took complete control of my breath, allowing me to breath from him, and no where else, his cheek totally supressing my nostrils.. yes… fresh air from him… stale air into him… that was the pattern, I soon learned… he needed complete control over my body, and I could not help giving it to him, reeling against my own instincts, and he could feel, I’m sure, pressing into his belly my arousal from this new level of control he commanded over me.

Somewhere in the midst of this kiss, which must have lasted 5 minutes, or at least felt that way, Dr. Yuri had handed my Lord a glass of cold strawberry flavored white wine, which he now sipped on readily. ”You can’t have any, poor pet, but you can have a taste.” at which he swished a sip around his mouth, and again kissed me, and the wonderful taste of sweet strawberries invaded my mouth, this time, not to control, but to make an offering, which I accepted gladly, of his tongue and lips, and I felt, momentarily, as if I had gone to heaven. This time, he whispered, “Let’s see what else you enjoy in that beautiful mouth of yours…. and don’t forget, it’s enema-time, before bed. Would you like me, or Dr. Yuri to do that for you? It would give me great pleasure to cause you the discomfort from “These” types of enemas, pet. You WILL suffer, and I WILL get hard. The solution has to stay in for an hour, in order to stop the infection in your colon, and there’s really quite a lot of it. We have to use an inflatable balloon in your rectum, to keep it in. It should be really excruciating. Would you rather have Dr. Yuri, who is entirely professional, do it, or someone who loves you, and will enjoy your suffering with you, possibly even having some fun with you, at your expense?”

“You, my Lord, always You… My body is always yours, to do with as you like, there is no need to ask again, ever, my body is yours, for as long as you want it, if you want it, such as it is.”

“Oh, I want it, Pet… I want it entirely… I want complete control over it… I want to be in control of when you eat, when you drink, when you breathe, when you piss, when you shit, and even when your dear little heart beats…. but most of all, you may never orgasm ever again, except by my hand, do you understand?”

I grew incredibly erect at the thought of this, and answered, “Yes, Lord.”

Tak came out of the bath, and my Lord Yashi motioned for him to come over. He whispered to Tak a few instructions that sounded very detailed, and I caught a word of two, and I became a little frightened by those words, for they were “chains” and “shackles”. I began to cry a little, but my Lord simply licked my tears away. Dr, Yuri handed a fax sheet to Lord Yashi, who looked over it, and nodded his head in a most pleasing way, then whispered to me, “Your trip to Thailand hasn’t given you any “Souvenirs” I see, in terms of STD’s, my darling Pet, although, you are in a very weak state, metabolically. We shall have to spend this week getting you stronger.” Dr. Yuri returned with several syringes, which were injected into my shoulder muscles, because we assumed my ass end was just too sore to endure any more insult. ”A few fast-acting Vitamin and Mineral injections, my pet. You will start feeling a little better almost immediately, from the B-12 injection. We will be adding more of those in your IV feeding tomorrow. Dr. Yuri will come by each day at 11 am to start your IV. I am capable of taking it out when it is finished. By week’s end you’ll be feeling as good as ever, and then you can make your decision permanent, if you like.”

I whispered to him, “I already have… I am yours, to keep, or destroy, my Lord. To pamper, or torture, for as long as you wish.” More tears rolling down my face…

“Well, still, I’d like to give you the week to change your mind, just in case, OK?

I nodded in ascension.

Ichinosi finally brought forth the revised legal documents, which I signed, and Dr. Yuri witnessed, and so, everything was now, as my Master told me “all taken care of, for as long as I liked”.

With this, My Lord dismissed everyone. Ichinosi and Yuri left. Arri remained in the kitchen, working, Tak was still working in the bedroom, and one of the two “sailors” went upstairs to the “servant’s quarters”, for the night, leaving his clone to guard the door, I suspect, for the remainder of the night.

My Lord carried me back to the same bathroom, which now had no more folding chairs, and the table had been moved against the wall, and covered in a comfortable sheet. He laid a towel across the table where my “but” should go, and deposited me on the table, just like a baby once again. This time, I knew how to assist him, and, once he had removed the side tabs, I was able to lift my ass off the table, for him to examine it, and change the diaper, but that is not what he did at all….

He took what looked like the world’s largest IV bag out of a stainless steel “warmer” where it was placed with several others, on the side-table, and, telling me to “roll over” and get up on my knees, he hung the bag from a hook on the ceiling I had not noticed before. I felt a little push at my injured anus, and my Master said, “Open Pet, open for me.” I still had no real idea what was going on, but the hand of my master rubbed my ass cheeks gently and warmly— oh those wonderful hands of his. — And I relaxed my overly-protective anal muscles. In went something long, and cold, but it was well lubricated, and it slid right in with no pain…. yet… now, he held the invader in place, and began pumping up what sounded like a blood-pressure cuff bulb, and instantly, I felt it… it was similar to the air-balloon, that the Doctor had used during the procedure on my colon… Master leaned down to my ear… “Now this part, is going to hurt you, Pet, but it’s unavoidable, and afterwards, it will not hurt, but it will feel even worse than pain, do you understand, my love?”

I whimpered in pain, and nodded in ascension.

“Try to keep your knees tucked up under your chest, and your shoulders right down on the table, Pet.” — all the while still pumping. I could feel his right hand no longer holding the painful device inside me, and soon, instead, I felt a pleasant, warm sensation passing through my gut. ”This was nice.” I thought. ”I thought Master said it would be unpleasant.” Lord Yashi stopped pumping, and clamped off the tubing, removing the bulb from the device. The warmth continued to flow into me, but wait… it was beginning to become too much… the pressure was starting to become unbearable, and I began to moan, no… a quiet scream was more the case.

“Pet, you’re about halfway through, and you’re doing a wonderful job, baby. Just relax, and it will soon be all inside you.” (All INSIDE ME??) My Lord rubbed my back, my ass, and reached between my legs to the part of my tummy that was exposed between my knees, and in each case, his hand soothed me like magic, but soon he withdrew his touch. I felt him gathering me up, under my ass and around my shoulders, and he tilted me on my back, like a baby, still in the fetal position.

“Pet, baby, it’s not getting into your ascending colon, and that’s where most of the damage is. I’m going to have to increase the pressure, and turn you over, so that part is lowest, OK?? We need to get this medicine where it belongs.”

I had my teeth gritted so tightly together, all I could do was nod my head and try to breath through my teeth. ”I know this sounds ridiculous, Pet, but try to relax, baby… we’ll soon have it all inside you, and then I have something special in store for you, that will make the time go faster while this is inside you, OK?”

Another rapid nod of my head….and he deposited me with my right side down on the table… ”Relax your right leg, Pet… try to straighten it a little….please, you can do this for me. I won’t ask again….” I knew then that I had better do this… With a blood-curdling scream that made my master hard — I could see his erection through his black silk suit-slacks pop up like a railroad signal — I lowered my right leg. He took down the oversized IV bag — which I now knew was my very own, custom Dr. Yuri -special made enema bag — and with those big hands that I was learning could cause me electrifying pleasure, or horrifying pain, he steadily squeezed the remaining contents from it, into my troublesome ascending colon, because I could feel the warmth running across my belly, and down my right side, feeling for all the world like I had the worst and most sickening case of “reverse diarrhea” —oh I wanted to void sooo bad, but looking at the clock in the bath, I saw that only 4 minutes had passed since we began this, and I had to hold this FOR AN HOUR?? I hope my Lord Yashi had a really great diversion set up for me…..

“I need you to try and sit up for me, Pet.” — I shook my head in terror, like a 5 yr old getting a needle… he bent down to my ear, licked it, and said, “I wasn’t asking, Pet…” I knew I had to try.

I awoke from the blood rushing into my head, and from the excess bloodpressure from the water in the enema being taken on board my bloodstream. I was suspended upside-down, slowly spinning, in the dark. My hands were tied behind my back… that much I knew, and that horrible enema was still inside my wrenching gut, and the horrible feeling of needing to void, so bad that your bowels were on fire, still pervaded my gut. I smelled cigar smoke, and thought I saw a small red light somewhere.

“Lord Yashi?” I called out, in the most demure voice I could manage.

Instantly, the lights came on. My lord was sitting in the dark, in a completely different room, and I noticed he was sitting in the corner, having a cigar, apparently patiently waiting for me to wake up.

“I was getting worried about you, my Pet.” He began.. “I intended for you to faint, which was why I ordered you to get up. It made me feel wonderful, even having power over your being conscious or not, and I was very proud of you following instructions even against your own instincts of self-preservation. You draw me deeper and deeper in love with you, my darling, baby, Pet.”

“You have 25 minutes left until we can get rid of that nasty medicine… what can you do to show me you appreciate me in 25 minutes?? I cannot fuck you. At least not for a few more minutes.”

“My Lord… you can do with me what you like… I am yours to pleasure, or pain, to cuddle, or kill… I mean that with all my heart. I love you totally, Master.”

“You’re really serious, aren’t you??” I nodded in ambitious ascension…

At that, Lord Yashi removed his clothes, completely, and for the first time, I got to see his glorious body. I became more erect than I though I could with all the insult my penis had received…. He opened a drawer, and brought out several little snap-fitted adhesive electrodes — the type used for EKG’s or EEG’s, etc… He placed these all around my abdomen… basically tracing my colon’s path through my body… then…. wrapping my penis in some sort of tape, he placed a wire there, as well as on each of the snap electrodes around my abdomen… he now returned to another box, which plugged into the wall, and appeared to be constructed out of an arc welder, plus several other machines…. He fitted a sort of device to my mouth, which kept it open although I could still move my tongue…Then he whispered to me… “I do love you, Pet” .. raising me up higher in the air, on the chain mechanism, he brought me up to the height where he might easily insert his 8 inch penis into my immobile mouth….. and in a moment, that’s what he did…. He basically skull fucked me for a little while, the natural upward curve of his cock slipping naturally up into my throat from time to time…and the mucous from my position draining down into my mouth making it easier and easier to accommodate him and then… it’s almost indescribably horrible, the sensation…. he electrified the enema solution inside my bowels… I would have gladly given my life in order to void at this moment in time, but it wasn’t just a moment… he kept the electricity flowing, and my bowels spasmed again and again, and I screamed around his godly fuckstick stuffed into my throat, and he got bigger with each scream… longer, thicker, until he touched my very vocal chords, and then nothing mattered, I was in the throes of agony, like nothing I had ever known before…. my upside down position was keeping me from drowning… beyond that, everything — mucous, saliva, everything came rushing down into my mouth and sinuses, while my bowels simply continued one long spasm…. apparently my vocal chords trying to vibrate around his cock was just enough to put him over the top, and he pulled out, and came the biggest load I had ever seen, all over my face, which mingled with my spit, snot, and whatever other upper bodily fluids were present, caked into this tight, sticky, mass, which started at my chin, and reached well into my hair….

He wasn’t finished with me quite yet, though… he tuned different buttons on his machine and the spasms my bowels were going through were joined by what felt like pure alternating current passing through my penis, and then into my bowels.. it was enough to start me bucking on the chains in spasmodic movements, and my master saw that my eyes had rolled up into my head…. He called to me “Pet, are you ok?” I made some kind of sound, to indicate that I was still conscious, and so he continued, until I shot wave after wave of cum all over myself as well — at which point, the machine was turned off, and all signs of it removed from my body…

I can honestly say, I had never felt so horrible in all of my life, but soon, master had me released from my bonds, and carried me to a different bath. This one had a shower big enough for 10. All the while holding me like a baby, he adjusted the water to just a little warmer than I like it, and carried me in with him. He carefully undid the pressure-stopper in my ass, and removed the device, and held me close to him, as I gripped him tighter than anyone I had ever held onto before — not even my mother, when I was a baby, as for the next 10 minutes, all of the enema emptied out of me onto the two of us…. It was nothing more than clear liquid, I realized, but I was so amazed that my master held me through all of that. When it was all out of me, he stood me on my feet (for the first time all day, it seemed) and he took one of the hand-shower heads, and he rinsed my ass, and my cock, and then washed the adhesive off my abs, ever so gently…. and then, using body wash, and the gentlest cotton washcloth, he began un-sliming my chin, neck, face, and head…. until I was clean. And then he whispered “there will be times, when I will want you to keep that on you for an entire evening, or day.”

“Yes, you are my God, I obey your will…” (Did I just say that out loud?)

“And sometimes, my Pet, it will not just be MY Cum, but I promise you that the only cum that will ever go inside your pretty body, WILL be mine.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

And then, picking me up by each thigh, he backed me into the corner of the shower wall. The tiles felt soooo cold, but my Lord felt sooo hottt. Then, lifting each leg up over his shoulders, and grabbing me tight around my waist, he entered me, at long last. It hurt, yes, and each powerful stroke hurt just as much, if not more than the other, and I was coming almost constantly, from the entire experience of the last 24 hours, dawning upon my poor, demure, little wife brain, but I would never deny my Lord and Master anything, and I began to feel as if this consummation, right here in the shower, was my wedding to the man who would become the great love of my life.


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