This and several other stories were written for a very special lady that being said I am not a good writter I could really use some help with editing to make the story better....This story was my first

I use the Key you have given me Beloved Pet and slip into your apartment It is late morning and I pad quietly over to your bedroom door and quickly slip inside,I see you sleeping on your side your legs curled upwards your knee's almost touching your breasts your right on the edge of the bed.I stand there and soak in the Beauty of my Beloved Pregnant Pet your belly and breasts are now starting to noticeably swell,you are in just a pair of midnight blue panties and nothing else.There is a small smile stretched across your sweet lips as you sleep and I wonder what you may be dreaming of....I grow hard watching you sleep and Know im going to make sure you have some truly wild and erotic dreams in a moment I quickly but quietly slip off all my clothing I grab my cock and rub it a few times feeling it become hard in my hand from the sight and faint scent of you in the room.I step over to the bed and lightly run my fingers up and down your legs tracing your muscles in those silken soft thighs that I love wrapped around me I kneel down next to the bed as I look over my sleeping Pet more closely and see your nipples are leaking your sweet milk I always crave I cant help but moan lightly and lick my lips as I lean in and capture your brown little nipple between my lips I lightly wiggle my tongue back and forth across it tasting the few droplets of milk you have let loose,you moan softly and shift a little your left hand still trapped under your body but your right hand moves up and cups your breast as if your offering it to me even while sleeping ...I lightly scrap my teeth against your nipple feeling it harden in my mouth as more milk squirts out ..before I let it go and start to lightly lick around your nipple tracing your areola before once more taking a big mouthful of your breast and starting to suck hard ...I moan against you as I feel your sweet milk flow into my mouth loving the warm sweet flavor of my Beautiful Pet I cant help but squeeze my cock as I think of you carrying my child,our child I pull and suck the milk out of your breast till the flow slows and then stops I pull back and smack my lips as my hand lightly glides up and down my aching cock wet and slick with my precum ...I notice your mouth is now partly open and you let loose a soft moan and wimper every few minutes your legs rubbing and resting against each other and working up and down the side of the bed first all stretched out next all curled up,then one leg bent the other straight ...I smile as I know you must be having a real hot dream right now...and decide Its time to make it even more so and get a little of that sweet hot and tight pussy im always craving ....I grab your panties and start to slowly but insistently tug tug tug them down your legs I feel them stick to your hot little pussy and smile once more as I mummer my pet is always wet and willing for her Master even if she knows it or not....finally I slip them free of your pretty feet and bring them up to my nose I inhale your scent and moan once more .....mmmm fuck my pet I say softly always get me so hard....I take your panties and put them in the pocket of my discarded pants as I slide up onto the bed I grab your feet and hold them steady for the moment thinking of how im going to fuck my sleeping Beauty and then smile I lightly stroke and scratch your upper most leg as I lift it in the air and I knee walk up the bed trapping your other foot under me ...your hot and wet pussy is now exposed to my eyes and hands and soon to be plundered by my hot hard cock I keep moving up as I hold your leg in the air until I can press the length of my cock against your hot pussy I grab my cock and rub it back and forth across your lips and clit as I rest your upraised leg on my shoulder......I moan as I feel my cock sliding against your hot slick lips before I grab it and push the head down into your tight hole.....I take my time and enjoy watching your lips spread out as the head of my cock slides into you..and then I pull out and start it all over.....I mutter to myself mmm fuck before I lean in and press my cock all the way into your tight tight embrace I watch as inch after inch of my hardness slowly disappears into you and I clsoe my eyes and hiss in pleasure as I feel your pussy grip me and pull me in....You have been moaning and crying louder now but you still seem to be in your sleep your biting your lower lip it seems as I slowly fuck my cock in and out of you .....mmm Fuck I exclaim once more as I feel your pussy grab my cock hard I reach down with my free hand and lightly rub my fingers back and forth and all around your hard little clit loving how your body responds as I stroke your love button I keep slowly feeding you my cock working long slow strokes in and out of you I feel you grip and pull me in harder your moans coming faster your breathing heavier ..I pinch your clit and freeze as I see your whole body go taunt ...and feel your cum gush over my hard cock....I start to loose it and feel the cum boiling up my cock ....and I cum and cum and cum deep inside you spurt after spurt shoots into your hot little pussy....I pull out as im still cumming and I reach down and squeeze the base of my cock as I move up to your face and your sightly parted lips I press my slimy cock into your mouth and feel one last spurt then dribble of cum shoot into you I squeeze and milk the rest of my cum onto your lips before I pull back and sit on the side of the bed spent for the moment....I collect myself then I grab my clothing and step out into the apartment and slowly get dressed...a Big smile on my face as I head to the door and let myself she will have a dream worth talking about

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Umm. I'm seriously confused and major creeped out.

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