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mandy and i go to crete for a holoday, she isnt very outgoing sexuakky but she is fucked in every hole, body modified, and life will never be the same again
We arrived at our apartment in Crete at about 4 in the
afternoon, hot and sweaty and tired from a 5 hour flight from
the UK. We needed a break we had decided as we were not getting
on fantastically well so me and the wife left our kids with
their grandparents and jetted of for a week of sun, sea and
sex. The sex we got was not what we had in mind and this is our

The apartment had a shared pool with one other villa, when we
got out of the cab, the couple in the other villa were laid out
on sunbeds, we could only see the back of the beds and the
topvof their heads over the backrests, other than the two of
them it was really quiet,at least no kids about we

We went to the apartment via the pool area just to say hello
and do the right thing, set the mood etc. As we rounded the
corner, we saw they were both completely naked. The bloke,
later identified as Michael was sporting the biggest cock I had
ever seen, I jokingly nudged my wife and told her to close her
mouth. It must have been over 10 inches long and fat, my first
thought was it wouldnt have been out of place on a horse. His
wife, a slight woman, slim, nice tits was also naked, she had
her feet on the floor one one either side of the sunbed, she
had one hand in her pussy playing with herself and the other
hand was stroking Michael's massive cock. She was laid back,
eyes closed and blissfully unaware that we were there at

Calm as you like Michael said, Helga darling we have company
and she opened her eyes, looked traight at us and said hi, nice
to meet you, without stopping what either of her hands were
doing. She asked.with a smile how long we were staying and said
this pool area was nice and private, adding that we could
pretty much do whatever we wanted while we were there.

With that,she rolled off of her sunbed and on to Michael's
taking his huge cock straight down her throat in one simple
movement. My jeans were bulging as my cock was nearing half
mast and she sucked him while continuing to slide most of her
hand in her wet pussy while her arse was high up in the

Mandy, my wife, grabbed my hand and practically dragged me into
our apartment saying that she couldn't believe the front of
that woman. We then unpacked, Mandy moaning the whole time
about how unbearable this week was going to be. For me, the
jury was definitely out as I could quite fancy watching Helga
play with herself all week and she looked like she could give a
damn good blowjob too.

We finished unpacking, walked into town for dinner and ate,
Mandy gradually unwinding and in the end actually managing to
laugh about it.. oh my god, would you believe it.

Anyway, tired from the journey we walked back to the apartment,
no sign of Michael and Helga, we went to bed and slept soundly,
it sure was peaceful.

In the morning I awoke, no sign of Mandy, not unusual as she
was normally up early and cooking breakfast,but I couldn't
smell cooking. I went to the bathroom, no sign, not concerned,
splashed water on my face I wandered downstairs, still no sign,
no activity in the kitchen, this is very odd.

I walk out to the pool, can't see her anywhere, not overly
concerned as she likes her morning walks, I wanderd outside.
Helga was on her sunbed in a skimpy bikini and she said hi,
sorry if we embarrassed you guys last night but they both have
a high sex drive.

No problem I said, we were abit taken aback but hey, live and
let live.

She laughed but said no more. I walked around the pool and sat
on a sunbed, wondering where Mandy was but as I said not

After about an hour three Germans arrived, said hi to me and
spoke to Helga in German, she replied in German, nodded toward
her room and laughed. They laughed to and went on in.

About half an hour later, Helga walked over to my bed, she had
removed her top by then and asked if I knew where my wife was.
I thought this was a bit odd and said no, probably out for a
walk. Helga replied that she had gone for a ride, leaving her
comment out in the open. Then she sat astride my sunbed and
slipped her fingers in her bikini bottom.

I got up to walk away and she said as I left that my wife was
in their room. Can't be I thought but she added I should go and

So, I did, their patio door was open so I glanced in and sure
enough there she was. On her hands and knees on their coffee
table with Michael sliding his huge cock in and out of her
arse. She had one of the other guys cocks down her throat and
two others stroking their cocks to the side of her face.

As I watched, she stopped sucking that cock and started on
another. I was furious, she won't ever suck my cock and won't
let me within a mile of her arse and here she was with complete
strangers sucking and taking A for all she was worth.

I charged into the room yelling at the top of my voice, what
the fuck is going on. Michael tugged his cock out of mandys
arse with an audible pop, it was bigger than I had thought the
day before and her arse was left gaping, it looked like it had
been permanently stretched. My god I thought.

Quick as a flash one of the Germans slammed his cock balls deep
in her arse and I heard her groan as he bottomed out. Michael
put his hand on my chest,his cock waving ominously before
me,wet with lubrication from my wife's arse. She asked for it
he said, he was actually claiming that my missus who never
sucks my cock and never let's me anywhere near her arse had
supposedly come in to their room and asked him to do this to

He said something in German and the guy fucking her throat took
his cock out. Michael said to Mandy, as calm as you like, tell
your husband how you got here please Mandy.

Mandy turned her head to face me and said that she had gone
outside this morning and had been chatting to Helga and that
Helga said her husband's cock was so big and fat it was amazing
and he cums like a fire hose. Helga apparently told Mandy that
she didn't mind if Mandy wanted to try it for herself, that
Michael was in the kitchen, they had an open relationship and
that their rule with each other is that they would only fuck
someone else if that person asked for it. So mandy went into
the kitchen and asked Michael to fuck her and then one thing
lead to another and here they were.

The guy fucking her arse came at that point, Mandy just groaned
as he slammed his cock in deep and pumped gallons of cum into
her bowels. After he stopped he pulled out and a string of his
cum stayed connected to her arse.

I truggled to process this and stood there shell shocked, only
then realising that her hands and knees were tied to the table
and she couldn't move. She said she had asked for that too,
again, she always refused to allow me to tie her up, I was

While i stood there in shock, in strolled Helga, she saw the
cum dribbling out of mandy's gaping arse and yelled oooohhh
cream pie and immediately dropped to her knees and started
licking the cum out of mandys arse. Mandy groaned and pushed
back onto her face, my god, did I even know this woman now she
is reacting to being eaten out by a woman.

Michael just smiled, then Helga got up, walked over to me,
pressed her ample breast against my chest, took my hands and
cupped her breasts with them and kissed me passing cum into my
mouth while rubbing my hardening cock with her hands.

Michael smiled again and moved behind Mandy whilst looking at
me and Helga, he slid his huge great monster of a cock deep
into her arse and fucked her so hard she just moaned and

Iwalked out, I pushed Helga off me, my head was spinning, did
I now that woman on the table with that huge German cock
rutting her arse. I could hear the squelching noises made by
the load of cum that had already been dumped in her arse. I
was in turmoil, I walked and walked. Eventually ending up in
a bar in town I drowned my sorrows before convincing myself
that I must have imagined it all. So wearily I trudged back
to my apartment.

When I got there, my apartment is in darkness but unlocked,
exactly as I must have left it earlier. I don't remember
walking out, I guess I must have left it open. Next doors
patio door was open and I stuck my head in. What I saw
confirmed I hadn't imagined earlier, there was my darling
wife Mandy who until today had never had cock in her arse,
never been with a woman, never tried bondage and never sucked
my cock.

There she was with 6 Germans around her now, all naked and
all hung like horses. One was laid on his back, his cock
buried deep in her arse, another one between her legs balls
deep in her pussy and fucking her for all he was worth, she
had one cock in each hand and her head was buried in helgas
pussy eating her out. All were oblivious to my arrival except
Michael who was there with a video camera filming it, he
turned saw me and invited me in, I walked away and went into
my own apartment. As I reached my door, I heard Mandy scream
that she was cumming, and she moaned like a banshee a noise
that started and got louder and louder, clearly she was
cumming like I had never been able to make her cum, and she
had been a virgin when we met so she had probably never cum
like that before.

I pushed the door up but not latched and I could hear her
moaning on and on. I was lost for words, my head was thumping
and I just crawled into bed wanting the world to swallow me

I could hear the regular thud of fucking going on next door,
I pulled my pillow over my head and tried to hide away.

At some point I must have fallen asleep as I heard a noise
and it was dark now. I felt the bed move and realised someone
had got on the bed. Slightly panicked I flicked the light
switch and there was Mandy laying on top of the bed, cum in
her hair, dried on her face, her lips, on her belly and
dribbling out of her arse and pussy. She seemed out of it,
not moving so I covered her over and went into the lounge. I
laid on the sofa in my dressing gown and drifted to sleep

I awoke in the morning thinking that Mandy was giving me a
blow job, I could feel her soft lips sliding up and down my
cock, felt the flick of her tongue on the head of my cock and
felt it push gently into her throat. I laid there, enjoying
the moment, the previous days activities slipping out of mind
as she sucked harder and pushed her head down my cock more
urgently, harder she sucked again and there I was pumping her
mouth full of my cum. Aaaahhhh, I groaned as I shot load
after load, eventually I stopped and still without opening my
eyes I said, god I love you that was amazing.

Then she kissed me, hard and deep, I could taste my cum on
her tongue, our tongues fought, she kissed harder then she
bit my lip quite hard. Ow I thought and opened my eyes to
realise that it wasn't Mandy but Helga, she had slipped into
my apartment and given me the most amazing blowjob.

Morning lover she said in her sexy german accent. I love the
taste of your cum.

I pushed her off, feeling guilty, where's Mandy I said what
are you people doing. She said Mandy was outside on a sunbed
by the pool and why was I being such a prude?

Up I jumped and ran to the patio door,certain that this was a
bad dream. Sure enough there was Mandy outside laid on a
sunbed, what she hadn't said was there was a line of about 15
blokes, all naked and mostly hung like horses. Under her
sunbed was a huge puddle of cum, one Greek looking bloke was
fucking her pussy like a train and there she was legs wrapped
around him scratching his back and urging him to fuck her
harder and screaming with every orgasm. As soon as he pumped
her pussy full of his cum, he pulled out and was swiftly
replaced by the next bloke, a younger guy, didn't look more
than 18, young enough to be her son, but she didn't seem to
care, she was fucking like her life depended on it, with wild

I stood mesmerized, this whore was my wife, my wife of 18
years, innocent Mandy, fucking all and sundry like a banshee.
While I stared in disbelief Helga walked up beside me and
said see, told you she was on the sunbed. She cupped my balls
and stroked my cock which despite my horror started to

Again Mandy came, then the young guy filled her with his seed
grunting as he slammed into her. His cum, with hers squirted
out of her pussy, soaking his legs and the sunbed and
dribbling through to increase the size of the puddle below

Michael was sat smiling to himself, cock in one hand and
video camera in the other filming it as Helga knealt before
me and once again took my cock into her warm and welcoming

Helga sucked my cock deep into her throat and made me cum, nothing I could do about it, she sure had a magic mouth.

Mandy meanwhile fucked round the clock, they never stopped, occasionally they would flip her over and fuck her in the arse, her puddle of cum grew and grew drying in the afternoon and evening sun.

Helga lead me to my bed and cuddled up to me stroking my back until I slipped in to a fitful sleep.

In the morning, the sun rose, Helga again was giving me an amazing wake up blow job, this time though she stopped short of making me cum and she got up,squatted over my cock and slipped her silky pussy all the way down my cock, nestling down she ground her clit into my bush, back and forth round and round sliding up and down my full length, god this woman was good. She came, once, twice, three times before I finally came deep inside her.

She sat briefly on me, breathing deeply,her breasts rising and falling and her nipples huge with arousal,this woman was a goddess. What could I do?

At this point I realised that Mandy was asleep next to me in my bed,Helga still sat with my cock deep inside her. Helga slapped mandys arse, she twitched and cum dribbled out. Wake up bitch said Helga, you've got cleaning to do.

I was confused until I saw Helga pull mandys hair and drag her head toward her pussy. She pushed Mandy down until she was laid on her back, I could see cum dried around mandys pussy and arse and still more dribbling out of both holes.

With Mandy on her back, Helga raised herself up and off of my cock and squatted over mandys face, pulling her hair Helga ground into mandys mouth and I could see mandys tongue working overtime to get all of my cum out of helgas pussy and she was eating it all.

When Helga was clean she got off the bed and said now him bitch. Mandy didn't hesitate, there was no reaction, no recognition of who I was, she just rolled over and sucked and licked all of the cum off of my cock. When done, she rolled back over and just lay there eyes closed.

At that point, in walked Helga followed by Michael, how's my little English whore doing today he said as he casually strolled up to my bed. He grabbed her head, tilted it back and plunged his cock deep into her throat. Immediately I saw her throat muscles working to suck him in deep and within seconds he was thrusting and groaning. Helga had a huge double headed dildo in her hand, it was as big as my forearm round. She pushed one end of it straight into mandys pussy then folded it double and pushed the other end into her arse. Mandy never flinched. Then Helga put a belt round mandys waist and pulled a strap between her legs fixing back onto the belt effectively locking the dildo in place in her pussy and arse. They were so big, it must have stretched her wide open. Michael then grunted and I saw him push deep in her throat and his cock spawned, her throat tried to cope but his cum poured out of her nose and onto his cock.

He appeared angry and he pulled out, called her a worthless whore and told her to clean him up. While she did that he told me that this bitch was his now and that she needed tagging, he said he knew people and that I would be going home alone and she was staying there with him.

She finished the clean up, he pulled her upright by the hair and slapped her face. He made her walk around with the double headed dildo rubbing inside her. He made her put on some 6 inch heels that Helga bought and put a collar round her neck with a 10 foot lead attached.

He roughly dragged her from the apartment by the lead, she shouted but he hit her again before thrusting a ball gag in her mouth. He then wrote whore in 3 inch letters on her chest and back and dragged her away in the direction of town.

Once again my head was spinning. Helga comforted me and said it would all be ok and that Michael was a kind man really. She held me stroked me and eventuallly pulled me on the sofa and kissed me, sucked my cock and slid it deep in her arse. I spent the whole afternoon fucking Helga every which way, in my mind saying over and over that I was getting one over on Michael by fucking his wife. But every time I fucked her hard, she fucked me back even harder. This woman was insatiable.

Late afternoon I heard a comotion in the street outside the villas, I walked to the wall and looked out and there was Mandy. She was tied up to a pole, bent over at the waste, two guys fucking her,both really old and wrinkly and a line of locals paying Michael a 100 euros each to fuck the English whore. There must have been 20 guys in the line and a mini bus of mine workers pulling up, 15 big ugly horrible blokes got off that bus, all pulling out wallets and thrusting money into Michaels hand.

I watched as they pushed their cocks into her, two in her pussy and one in her mouth then one in her arse,one in her pussy another in her mouth, she was a broken woman and they all shouted abuse as they came inside her every hole.

I walked over to try and comfort this woman, as I approached I saw that her pussy hair had been shaven off,her labia had been pierced with gold rings, 4 in each lip,a bar was through her clit and her nipples had large iron rings through them. Weights were hanging off of her nipples and her boobs were stretched so long, her nipples massive under the weight.

Her fingers and thumbs were all touching so that her thumb and fingers formed an O on each hand, I turned out that they had superglued her fingers and thumbs together so that her hands could be fucked if all of her other holes were full. And the locals were starting to fuck those hands.

As I reached her, her body was pummelled by one cock in her arse, one in her pussy, one in her mouth and one through each hand. My god, what had they done to her?

Tears ran down my face, Helga lead me away and deep into the night people, locals and tourists took turns to fuck the English bitch again and again. Michael made a fortune that night and Mandy was fucked red raw. When I woke in the morning, after Helga sucked me off and fucked me with her arse, and after I had eaten her pussy out I looked over the wall and there was Mandy still tied to the post, the ground around her soaked with spent cum. She was still leashed and I could see from here that her arse and pussy were bleeding.

Day 4 had begun, Mandy was cut from the pole by Michael and
taken into his apartment, she was laid on their bed,
battered and bleeding. Fucked to within an inch of her
life. Her hands glued together, her pussy and arse

Helga attended to her wounds, cleaning the cuts and
wiping away the blood, she looked to be very gentle. As
the day progressed, Mandy just lay there, not moving,
perhaps exhausted, more likely her spirit broken.

Mid afternoon a local doctor came, he checked her over
and spoke in German to Helga and Michael. I thought it
concern but I didn't understand.

When it became clear, the doctor was negotiating a fee
for work to be carried out. He fucked her in every hole,
he came in mandys arse, her pussy and her mouth. He
pushed his massive hand deep into her pussy, it had
little resistance and entered easily she had been
stretched so much.

He pushed his second hand Into her arse, same again, no
resistance, again she was stretched. He muttered
something in German to Michael who shrugged and shook his

What they had planned was to take her to Germany, this
doctor was a skilled surgeon. He closed her ears, folding
the lobes inwards and put a glue onto the skin, it
sizzles and melted the skin, her ears now forever closed.

He cut off all of her long hair, rubbed an adhesive on
her head and pulled a rubber hood over her head, now
forever bonded to her skin. Only her nostrils and mouth

He stitched her mouth closed and put a feeding tube
inside her mouth. Then he threaded strong cable through
her nipple rings and pulled them tight threading the
cable though her pussy rings too until she was almost
doubled up.

Then he took a humongous double headed dildo, coated it
liberally in glue and slipped one end deep into her pussy
and the other deep in her arse. He didn't need to strap
this in as it wasn't going anywhere. He attached a small
solar panel to the back of her head and ran wires from it
into the dildo. Shining a light onto the panel the dildos
began to thrust and expand in her arse and pussy and she
moaned as it happened.

Then he wrapped her in a shroud and lifted her into a
crate. The crate was loaded onto a truck and the truck
drove away. I figured I had seen the last of Mandy. I
spent the rest of my week fucking Helga, sometimes with
Michael doing her too, two cocks in her pussy, sometimes
two in her arse, she sucked and fucked like her life
depended on it and maybe it did?

At the end of the week I flew home, told our friends and
children that Mandy and I had split up, said she had met
a Greek guy and was living in Crete with him. No one
questioned, no one asked, they all felt sorry for me.

About two weeks later, a news bulletin caught my eye.
Famous artist Michael something or other from Hamburg had
caused a major political row by unveiling a piece of art
which he called English bitch whore.

It caused national unrest as this art appeared to be a
woman, suspended 50 feet above ground by cables which
appeared to be threaded through her nipples and pussy
lips. She appeared to have a rubber hood over her head
and massive plugs stuck in her arse and pussy.

Local people were reported to have said that at night
they thought they could hear the artwork moaning and
occasionally as people walked beneath the artwork they
thought it dripped what felt like cum onto their heads
and there was almost always a puddle beneath the

Mandy, I thought, your alive...

I campaigned for a year to have the art taken down,
eventually winning the argument and Michael said he would
gift it to me. When it was delivered, wrapped in the same
shroud as before, I cried. The cable was welded to the
rings in her nipples and pussy, they were super strong
and couldnt be cut. The solar panel came off, the dildos
came out but they did cause internal damage because of
the glue. The hood was welded to her skin.

I couldn't unwrap the art, but I could fuck it. Every
year on the anniversary of our holiday to Crete, Michael
and Helga visit for a weekend. They bring all of their
friends, Helga wakes me with the world's best blowjob and
we fuck til dawn. Michael and his friends fuck my Mandy
in her pussy and arse as her mouth is sealed now except
for the feeding tube. Helga and my friend Billie race to
see who can get all of the cum out of her arse and pussy
fastest, Helga always wins and I get to fuck her anyway
she chooses as her prize. Mandy, she moans gently while
we fuck her senseless every year.

My girlfriend Billie and I are going to Crete next year
to prepare for an art week in Germany later in the year.
She has no idea...

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