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Read the signs. You never know what's happening underneath them...
This wasn’t how Charlie Tyler wanted to spend his Friday evening. When all of his friends were in town partying like there was no tomorrow, he was forced to stay at home and study.

Mr. Tyler wasn’t really the type for studying. He had never really got the grades that his parents were expecting; and even they were low. The only thing that mattered to him was PE. Looking and feeling great in life were his only aims. And you could tell too. He has a slim but toned build to him, which is normally concealed by colourful hoodies. Face was clean and tanned with a slight blush, with an equally toned neck and shoulders. Hair was always consistently black and spiked in the same ruffled way. You could never get this guy alone either. He’s always laughing and joking with his friends, eager for some form of exercise with them.

But this perfect looking guy does come with flaws; sadly. However to make it look slightly more interesting than just one huge rant, I’ve broken it down into 5 easily readable points for you:
1. He doesn’t like cheese
2. Being sociable can be confused with being a tad perverted in an odd way... Not my own words! He has been known to talk intimately to random strangers.
3. The various hoodies he possesses can get a tad annoying in the world of drab school uniform
4. He’s loud. Very loud. Could never really keep a secret
5. He seems convinced the only way you can truly get to know someone is by giving them a blowjob when their drunk.
But apart from that he’s really quite a nice kid!

Now on this particular Friday night in particular ways, the parents of the Tyler family had banned Charlie from leaving the house until he picked up his grades; which is a shame for Charlie, partly because he generally hates his parents, but mostly because he thinks his friends are the only people who matter to him.
He and his friends almost constantly had parties, you could never see one without the others: all five of them, all together, all the time. Even at school, same classes and always with each other every lunch and break. They really were a vibrant bunch!

And Charlie had done something with all of them. He couldn’t help it; he just found all of his friends attractive in some way. Eric: really nice hair and eyes; sucked him off at his own girlfriend’s party. Kurt: huge round ass; licked it to get out of Maths class. Mark: addictively hot body; stayed back after school to suck him off. And finally Drew: all of the above; got him drunk and had a threesome with him and his girlfriend.
So let’s just say Charlie’s done it all. Maybe that’s why he’s so popular with his friends. If their girlfriends weren’t “satisfying” them, then Charlie would do it for them. A relationship was the least of Charlie’s interest. As long as he got some action, he was happy. And his friends provided him with a great time!

But now these were just memories to Charlie. As he sat there, trying to concentrate on some form of dull maths paper, he found those memories rolling over his mind again. And great, now he’s hard with no way of getting rid of it. If he signed on to go on webcam, his parents would notice. He couldn’t go out to get some relief and there was no-one at home he’d even consider worthy of blowing his load.

So he just sat there, with the awkwardness of having a 9-inch hard-on just bursting to get out. His mind couldn’t focus on the algebra in front of him, he just wanted to feel his own flesh inside someone else, making them moan long and hard until they... Oh I think something squirted out then.

After 5 more minutes of torture he could take it no more and found the perfect excuse.
“Dad, can I go to the library to find some books?”
“What the hell do you need books for?”
“I’m...researching...for my biology...coursework...”
“Oh right... Well as long as you’re back in 20 minutes!”
“OK, I will!”

The Knebworth Village Library was not the best library in the world. And considering Knebworth only had a grand population of 300 people with an average age of about 89, it wasn’t exactly popular. Charlie hated his village, miles from anywhere and full of oldies. No chance of action here! But at least the library gave him a chance the jerk off in private...

The library itself was located in the school, and was no bigger than Charlie’s living room. The only people who ever visited it were old woman trying to see whether or not they could find the next Maeve Binchy book. Charlie had never been before, but even he was surprised as to how few dusty books and rusty people there were. But that wasn’t the only thing that surprised him.

The only librarian there was actually looked younger than 70, which apart from himself Charlie never though such a person existed in his village. Hell he even looked about 20! Only 5 years difference...he could make that work! The guy was massive though, well past 6 feet. And he had a really slender build to him, which made him really flexible when it came to moving about his desk; Charlie noticed as he “read” the newspaper from a distance. The only way to describe his appearance was a sexy nerd. Sure, he had glasses and a forehead that undoubtedly contained a huge brain, but he had a really good-looking face with deep stubble. And an ass that Charlie thought was better than Kurt’s! Charlie felt his hard-on grow another half-inch at the sight of him bending to reach a book on the bottom shelf. He couldn’t believe his luck; he just had to fuck this guy. He went over to the desk and made his move.

“Hey” he said simply as he got to the desk
“Hello sir, how can I help you?” he said in a well-practised chirpy voice. At least he was pleasant to talk to, Charlie thought. He hoped he couldn’t see his jeans.
“Could you show me where the Biology books are?”
“I certainly can, which area were you looking for in particular?”
“Erm...reproduction!” Subtle hint maybe?
“OK, if you’d like to follow me then...what was it?”
“Oh erm, Charlie!”
“OK Charlie, just round here”

Now Charlie here happens to find intelligence and friendliness incredibly attractive. Strange, considering that he thought none of his friends had either of them. See, he’s not just a horny teenager with constant shallow lust! Still with his hands in his pockets, Charlie followed the hot librarian to a remote dusty corner of the shed known as the library.

“There you are, all you need to know about making babies!” he joked. They both laughed and Charlie felt his boxers lurch. “If you need anything at all, I’ll just be by the desk!” And he walked back over to his chair again.
Now if it weren’t for Mrs. Jones in the opposite corner trying to find something on post-war churches, Charlie would have carried on with that flirt there and then. But on the other hand, as she was the only other person in the library at the moment, it wouldn’t take long at all to get the librarian on his own.

But for the time being Charlie had to keep his erection going for as long as he could. Thank god he chose reproduction as his point of interest. And thank god also for the fact that the books had very interesting diagrams in them, or else he’d never have kept himself going for this long.

Charlie even made a few vague attempts to show the librarian he was interested, throwing him long lustful stares from round the shelves. He never did anything too intimate back, at best only blushing and fumbling back to his work. He was no football jock like his friends, but by God did he make Charlie feel good.

It took twenty irritating minutes before Mrs. Jones finally checked out a book and went through the door. It was then when Charlie moved in for the kill. He walked over to the desk, not bothering to cover his huge bulge.
“Erm, excuse me er...”
“David, and yes?”
“David, yeah. Erm these books don’t seem to have what I want in them.”
“Oh really? Well maybe I can help!”
“I’m sure you could!” Charlie tried to make it sound flirtatious, but it didn’t seem to catch on. So he carried on. “Well I need a little more...insider information...”
“Erm, how do you mean?”
“Well, maybe a...practical demonstration would help” And he forcefully grabbed at David’s shirt and their mouths collided in a passionate snog.

Charlie was strong and David struggled to fight back. When he did, he gasped:
“What are you doing?”
“Getting hands-on research!” He reached over the desk and pulled David’s slim waist into another kiss. David fought back again.
“But I can’t...”
“Why not?” He threw David round the desk and he crashed into the shelf to his right. Charlie went hips first into a third, more lustful kiss. And annoyingly...
“Well what if...”
“Oh read the signs David!” He pointed to the wall to a sign that read “Silence in the Library”. David couldn’t react to it and Charlie gave a sly chuckle. This time when Charlie made an attempt to lick his tongue, David returned the favour; and Charlie found himself being thrown into his best kiss yet. He was so turned on he found his hips uncontrollably thrusting against David’s own. And the bulge that his own found was bigger than he first expected.

Now Charlie being Charlie just wanted to try it all at once. David was disappointed when he stopped kissing him. But his disappointment was instantly recharged when he felt his jean zipper get tugged down. Charlie was also revved up at the sheer sight of David’s amazing dick. He expected it to be big as he was older, but not this big! It was getting on for almost a whole foot long! Charlie nearly came right then, but he felt it all too compelling to take the huge head in his mouth.

David screamed with delight almost instantaneously. It wasn’t very often he’d got a good sucking off. And this kid was far too good at it!
“Oh my God, you look like you’ve had some practise at...”
“Sssssh!” Charlie gestured to the sign again. David obeyed and Charlie made a feeble attempt to get the whole shaft down his mouth. He barely got half way before he had to gag. But nevertheless it had a massive effect on David. Huge gushes of precum came spurting out of the top of his thick head. And that just made Charlie love it even more! The deeper he sucked, the more precum came out and the whole cycle went over and over again. Charlie loved the taste of it; he just wished he could feel its stickiness inside him.

David felt he had to obey the signs, or else the teenaged slut would punish him by going harder. His restrained groans made him want to burst his load in one huge shower. He never thought he’d get such sexual pleasure from the drab streets of Knebworth. Hell, he never thought he’d get a slutty young boy to give him such a hot blowjob! He only wished he could get his bright blue hoody off and cover him in chocolate spread! That thought triggered the wildest hip thrusts he ever thought he’d do!

Charlie loved having David meat being force fed to him; his mouth got wetter and wetter with every pound. David took the back of his head with both hands and fucked his mouth like it was the tightest ass in the world! Charlie could tell David was hurtling towards orgasm by his screams getting louder and higher. So he retreated, and David calmed down:
“Why...” he managed to gasp “What are you doing?”
“Get your fucking ass out now” Charlie commanded, He could see David liked his language as a glob of precum spurted from his head. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard you’ll be sore for weeks!”

David took the invitation with a loud gasp by throwing down his jeans to his feet. Charlie was greeted by the hot librarian perking his fat ass straight at his damp jeans. At first, Charlie teased him, rubbing his huge bulge right up his entrance. He could feel the muscles pinch against his organ, squeezing out yet more precum into his probably soaked boxers. Charlie was then presented with a dilemma: lick first or straight fuck?
He opted for the latter, taking the librarian by surprise, forcing all 9 inches straight into him. David couldn’t help himself and screamed loudly.

“What did I say? Read the fucking signs!” Charlie murmured and spanked David hard. He took out all 9 inches again, quickly followed by another equally hard pound. David screamed again, followed by another crack at his ass. “You really like to get fucking punished don’t you?” So again another long and hard thrust came. And this time David was able to contain his huge screams. This was how Charlie liked to do it, pull it all out then squeeze all of it long and hard back in. Eventually he would build up his pace, hoping that the screams would turn him on enough for him to cover his prey with spunk.

David was no disappointment. For a 20-year-old, he sure did have a tight ass. He even tried to contract it; Charlie was starting to wonder how tight he could go.
“Surely you can’t be a fucking vir...”
“Read the signs you horny slut!” the librarian burst out. If Charlie thought he would always be dominant, he was wrong. Turns out the bookworm could really talk dirty when he liked it! Charlie grinned and reached his peak of speed. David could hardly see Charlie’s cock pounding in and out of him now, it was just a blur!
With one last squeeze David shrieked as his ass took a huge bite at Charlie’s monster. It has an amazing effect. Charlie had never known himself to spew out as much cum as he did. And it all shot straight up David; who had his own huge orgasm himself.

After fits of gasps David went to pick up his jeans; but Charlie wasn’t done yet though:
“Hang on you horny bookworm, get your ass back over here! I wanna taste your hot ass juice!” With that, he yanked at David’s hips and thrust his tongue right up David’s now flooded entrance. He’d tasted his own jizz before, but it felt a thousand times better with it tightly packed up someone’s ass! David loved it too; the warm wriggles of Charlie’s tongue made more tantric gasps escape his lips.

It took a while for Charlie to lick his entrance clean, and David nearly came twice! As if his jeans weren’t soaked enough... Charlie was so glad to have finally released his load into someone, but now he probably won’t get the memory out of his head now for him to study!

David then got his jeans back on and walked back to the desk. Charlie was confused as he packed his pounder away again. “What you doing?” he asked.

“Would you like a library card, sir?” he grinned.

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