The technician continued
The Technician 2.0

My mother is an attorney who tries cases regularly. Sometimes the judge wants the case sent to the jury the same day and holds court til the sun goes down before letting everyone return home.

It was Wednesday when we got home and saw the Technician who had installed our wireless network sitting in his Mitsubish Mirage in our driveway. Since my mother and I had discussed using him to take care of us girls when she was going to run late I was not surprised but Bethany had never met him.

We went to his car and I introduced my sister to him and he followed us to the front door. I pulled out my key and all three of us went in. He settled into the recliner my father used to sit in while me and my sister went into our bedrooms to get changed.

My sister and I share a bathroom. We went in there and discussed the Technician. Bethany said she thought he was handsome and wanted to know what kind of guy he was. She said "Daddy always made me make him cum first. Then he would make me cum." I explained that the technician was different because he made me cum twice before he tried to fuck me and in fucking me made me cum again." She asked."How big is his prick" I told er she was about the same size Dad had been. Maybe a little smaller but he knew things Dad did not know.

She asked me what to wear to get to him and I told her a tank top and miniskirt with no panties. So both of us dressed that way. We both came out of our rooms together and when he looked up he smiled.

I climbed up in his lap sideways and kissed him with tongue and he gave to me what I gave to him. His erection started to rise up under me. My little sister told me,"Could you make room for me please." Before I could move he lifted me and shifted me to one leg and he spread his legs to make room for Bethany.

Don't get me wrong I love my little ister but she can be a royal pain. She kissed him with tongue and he gave her tongue back. Then he started rub her flat little chest. Then he reached into her crotch and started to stroke her slit. I could smell her lubrication building up. He but his left arm around my lower back and pulled my skirt up to touch my pussy too. He slipped a finger into my pussy while staying stictly outside of my sister's virgin hole.

He asked which room we were going to do it in. My sister said,"My room please." He asked her,"Can your sister come and help?" I said,"Okay"
We retired to my sister's room and he took her clothes off and then removed mine. Then he stripped himself down to nothing but skin.

He laid down on my sister's bed on his back. When my sister and I climbed up on the bed he put her pussy right over his mouth. He pointed at his prick and I started to suck him. He ate Bethany until she came twice. Then he rearranged us.

He put my sister into a doggy pose. He told me to stand straddling her with my face pointing at her feet. Then he knelt behind her slipped the head of dick into her pussy. He went in and out about an inch but never broke her hymen. As he short fucked her he was eating me! He cock was working her cunt and his mouth worked my pussy. Both of us were cumming constantly from the intense stimulation.

Once when Bethany came he pushed himself all the one in one stroke. As he pulled out his cock it was stained red with streaks of white. He withdrew until only the head of his cock was inside her then he pushed back in until his balls hit her legs. He was still eating me and I noticed this in between my own climaxes.

She had not screamed or even flinched when he popped her cherry when she came out of her second orgasm she said,"Annette said it would hurt the first time but you did not hurt me at all. Did I tear my virginity out while masturbating?" The Technician reassured her and told her,"My cock is covered in your virgin blood so you were still cherry until right now."

That bitch came yet again after he brought her to orgasm while fucking her! I was slightly jealous. Then he came inside her but remained with her impaled on his stick until he softened and fell out of her. she went to the bathroom to douche as Dad had taught me and I followed her to help. When we returned to the bedroom he was dressing. It was just in time as we heard my mother's car pull into the driveway.

As she walked into the front door my idiot sister advertised her activity by going to meet her in the living room with a red and white drip of cum and blood running down her leg. Mom saw and and embraced her and asked, "Did the babysitter fuck you?" She told mother,"Yes, but it did not hurt at all? It was soooo good!" She looked up at the technician and asked him,"How did you make it not hurt?" He told her I took her cherry while she was in climax. The brain could not pick up the pain while feeling such pleasure."

She walked up to the technician and kissed him! with tongue! Then she said,"Well stud I guess I'll have to try you out some time. If you can perform with a grown up woman." He said,"I'll be able to do you just not tonight." She said,"I'm going to the prison to tell my husband we have replaced him as our stud. He's been telling me to find someone to do me and the girls and if you want to marry me you can move here."

"You can baby sit over the weekend and stay over from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening right?" He nodded his head.

He told her she would need to build a separate house for him on the back lot and he could live there and she and the girls would visit him regularly to have sex with until she could get him off the registry. He explained that he still owed over $500 of restitution to Blackhawk County Iowa for legal fees and court costs that had to be paid before he could get a pardon.

She said, "I can help with that." Then she asked him what she owed him for babysitting. He said "I don't think you ought to pay me considering what he had done with us girls but she asked me how long he'd been there. I said about 2 hours and she pulled out a $20 bill and handed it to him.

He turned to us girls and gave each of us a kiss without tongue as a good bye. When my mother said,"You can give them tongue if you want to." So he returned and kissed us both with tongue and a squeeze of our butt cheeks.
He then kissed our mother with tongue and left.

Once he was gone she went to her computer and to and got the phone number of the county clerk in Waterloo, Iowa so she could find out what if would cost to complete his restitution so he could submit his pardon application. We got dressed the rest of way and Mom made supper before sending us to bed.

I know tonight I'm going to dream out the technician fucking my sister and me. I hope he can satisfy my Mom so he can move within walking distance of us.
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