To my readers: I am sorry for the last two chapters. I think you can tell that the writing and content was a little out of character for me. Sorry about that. Sometimes you get a little over zealous and things don’t come out right. This chapter is a little more on track to my usual writing style. Enjoy.

Twin Japanese Nieces Pt9

Mark sat for a few moments before standing and getting dressed. He still had a look of disbelief on his face as he tried to assimilate what had just happened.

“Are you ok buddy?” I asked as he pulled his shirt over his head.

“Yea,” he answered as he resumed his seat next to me. “But why did it have to be Erin that did that to me?” he asked in a very straight forward bit of expression.

“I don’t know son.” I told him. “It was your mothers’ decision. Why? Who did you want it to be?” I was really curious as to his answer.

“I just wish it had been Shiori, she’s neat.” He answered while looking at his hands.

That took me for a loop. Apparently something had happened while I was away that gave him a liking for the younger of the two twins.

“Why do you wish it was Shiori?” I pried.

“I got to spend a little time with her while you were away,” he explained. “And…I don’t know.” He paused for a moment. “I just like her more.”

“That’s absolutely fine,” I answered while patting him on the back. “But didn’t you like what your sister did?”

A broad smile came across his face for just a moment, but then his demeanor changed again to someone who was just a little sad. “Yea, it was good.” He answered while looking at his hands again. “But I still wish it had been Shiori.”

This was a problem that needed fixing. Mark was definitely a little distraught over the events of the morning, and it seems that we had unknowingly hurt his feelings. Now I felt bad. It almost seemed like I had made him do something that he really did not want to do. A meeting with Kayko was in order.

“Come on son,” I said as I stood up from the bed. “Let’s go talk to your mother.”

A small smile came across his face followed by a look of uncertainty and panic. I could understand why he felt that way, this was probably a little embarrassing for him, not to mention the fact that he had to deal with two grownups about it. He stood up and followed me out of the room. This must have felt like the walk of death for him. As we walked into the kitchen Kayko was just coming in from outside.

“Mike,” she said as she closed the door behind her. “I need to have a word with you.”

She didn’t sound angry. But I should also say that Kayko has never shown any anger to me during our entire marriage. In fact, we have never really even had an argument, let alone a fight. But the tone of her voice was serious so I gave her the venue she desired.

“Mark,” I said while looking down at the boy. “Go play in your fort.”

Mark didn’t say a word before he bolted across the kitchen and was out the door and gone in a flash. The exuberance of youth is really something. Besides, he probably didn’t want to be in on the conversation I was going to have anyway. Giving him an excuse to leave was probably the best thing.

“What can I do for you honey?” I said as I took a seat at one of the kitchen bar stools.

“It’s about the girls,” she said while taking a seat next to me. “They got way out of control this morning.”

“Some of that was probably my fault,” I retorted while remembering what I had done to them.

“It’s not that,” she said while appearing to be a bit frustrated. She paused for a moment and looked around before looking at me for help.

“It’s ok sweetie,” I said while rubbing her arm. “You can tell me anything.”

She still was hesitant and unsure of herself, but then she finally spoke up. “I am just having some trouble keeping the girls disciplined with you and Mark around.”

She had a genuine look of concern for herself as she looked at me with a bit of a wince on her face, and I know why. This was the first time during our 12+ years of marriage that she had ever taken a position opposite of what she thought my position was. Fortunately we have never really had anything major come up, but I could definitely understand what kind of balls it took for her to say what she had just said. I paused for a moment to let her words sink in and to also try and come up with a solution. When I didn’t answer her back immediately she was quickly on the defensive.

“I’m sorry Mike,” she said as the tears began to well up in her eyes. “I shouldn’t have said that.”

“No,” I said as I watched the most beautiful woman in the world fold up right in front of me, “It’s ok.”

In all of my life I have never had anyone fear me. Not my kids, or friends, or anyone that I might have disliked, no one. Now, the love of my life, the sunrise of my days and the ecstasy of my nights was cowering in front of me. I have never, ever felt more low than I did at that moment. There was no way I could be mad at her because it really took a lot of guts for her to speak up. I looked at her as I continued to try and make sense of this.

“What’s the matter with the girls?” I asked in a very calm and soft voice, “did we do something wrong?”

Kayko spent the next 20 minutes telling me about what it was like for her when she was 12 and went and stayed with her grandmother. Their house was an old farm in a rather rural area. Her grandfather had been a carpenter since he was a boy after having learned the trade from his father. Most days out of the week he was off gathering the wood he would need to make the furniture and bowls and other things associated with his craft. When he was home, he spent most of his time in his shop working, coming out only to eat, and then to sleep in the evenings. The man worked hard for a living. So when Kayko was there, it was basically just her and her grandmother at the house alone. There were no distractions to speak of, and definitely no boys around. So as Kayko learned the particulars of pleasing a man, she was, for the most part, alone.

“I’m not telling you I want you to leave,” she said while reaching out and grasping my hand very tightly. “I just need some time alone with the girls to teach them and instill a little bit of discipline.”

I thought about what my wife had just said and it made sense. Besides, she knows more about what is involved than I ever will. “So what do you have in mind?” I asked while I looked at her with the most reassuring look I could muster.

“Tuesday you have your trip to Canada, right?” I could see the gears turning in her head.

“Yes,” I responded with a nod.

“Take Mark with you.” she replied in a very calm but definite tone. “The three days you will be gone will be a good start. In the meantime, only you will do the daily inspections.”

I thought about her request for a moment as I tried to figure out the logistics. I had taken Mark and Erin with me on trips before, but I did have a little more lead time. But a three day trip should be no problem. “Ok,” I answered with a smile. “I’ll take him with me. Besides,” I continued as I thought about all the neat things Mark will be able to do while I’m working, “He likes spending time with David’s boy in Toronto.”

A huge smile of relief came across Kaykos’ face. “Thanks for understanding baby.” Kayko then stood up and embraced me in a strong hug.

I really didn’t mind taking Mark with me. It would give us a little more time together, something we both needed. I hugged Kayko back with my arms wrapped around her tiny waist. I breathed in deep her scent from the base of her neck and gave her a kiss behind her ear. I could tell she was relieved.

“So,” I said as I pulled away from her, “What did Saki mean by she is my ‘pet’?”

Kayko looked at me like I just asked her to do brain surgery. “When did she say that?”

“She said it this morning while you and Erin were knocked out.” I replied.

“I don’t know,” Kayko answered with an interesting look on her face. She seemed to be thinking about the statement Saki had made. “I’ll find out.”

“Where are the girls?” I asked, since I didn’t see them anywhere.

“They are doing exactly what I told them to do,” she replied with a bit of a scowl on her face. “They got a little bit out of control this morning so they have a bit of punishment to deal with.”

“What are they doing?” I asked because I was more than just a bit curious.

“Come on,” she said while standing up, “I’ll show you.”

Kayko led me out to the gym by my hand. It was amazing because it was only 9 in the morning and the temperature was still above 90. When we got to the gym Kayko opened the door and let me walk in first. The three girls were in there alright, arranged so that they were all facing in different directions and unable to see anyone else without turning. Erin was straddling the first peg of the large horse. Her crotch was almost all the way down to the horses back but there was still an inch of the peg showing. Her stance was that of a sumo wrestler, leaving her crotch and pussy completely exposed. She was also wearing her school back pack which appeared to be filled with something heavy because the straps over her shoulders were pulled down very tightly.

Saki and Shiori were in a similar state but they were sitting on different pegs on the horse having the pegs of different diameter. The three pegs from the middle had been removed and the girls were sitting on pegs directly over the horse’s legs back to back. They were also wearing back packs. One was Erins’ old back pack from last year, and the other was Marks. All three girls sat perfectly still and did not make a sound.

“What’s this?” I asked as I beheld the sight in front of me.

“Discipline.” Kayko responded. “When you don’t listen, this is what happens.”

Still, no response from the girls. They didn’t even move.

“So how long will they be like this?” I asked as I turned to face Kayko.

“For today,” was her reply. “When they learn to do what they are told, then they can get up. Until then, they stay right where they are.”

Kayko was dead damn serious. I could understand the need for the discipline, but as to the methodology, that was completely her call. As I have said, she knows a hell of a lot more about this than me so it was her game. I placed my hand on Kaykos arms and leaned down next to her ear.

“Can I speak with you outside for a moment?” I asked while turning toward the door.

With a nod of her head we both exited. “Mark was a little upset that it was Erin who gave him his blow job this morning.” I said as we stopped out in the yard a few feet away from the gym.

Kaykos’ expression immediately changed to one of loss and confusion. “Didn’t he like it?” she asked.

“Yes he did. But he says he wishes it had been Shiori and not Erin.” I told her in a very straight forward tone.

Kayko wrinkled her brow for just a moment as she thought. “Did he say why?” she asked after a few moments.

“He says he thinks she is neat,” I reported, “and that he just likes her better.”

Kayko again paused, taking a moment to look at the gym and then at the house before looking back at me. “I’ll take care of it,” she said. She then stepped forward and gave me a kiss before turning and returning to the gym.

Things turned out to be not as bad as I thought. The blow job issue had been handled, Kayko was dealing with the girls, and I was heading to my office to make arrangements for a trip for me and Mark. It could have been a lot worse. As I sat down at my desk and watched my computer fire up, I couldn’t help but wonder what it had been like for Kayko. She had no parents around or any friends, only her grandparents while she learned the ancient techniques. It must have been tough for her. But on the other hand, she did ask specifically to be taught. When my computer came up I clicked on the camera icon and looked in on the girls. I was just curious.

Kayko was in command of the girls like a military general in charge of their troops. She was pacing back and forth while talking to the girls as a group. I wish I had cameras with microphones on them in there, but just the images spoke loudly enough for today. After several minutes of speaking, Kayko made the girls stand up. They paused in place for a few moments before sitting back down again on their perspective peg. Again Kayko paced back and forth and spoke to them. She repeated this action quite a few times until I opened my browser and began to alter my accommodations for the impending trip, blocking out the camera views in the process. After a few phone calls and a few changes to reservations on the computer, Mark and I were set. As I closed out the last page of my browser the camera views came back into view.

All three girls had shed their back backs and were doing splits on the floor. Kayko was over at the low table doing her routine with the dumbbells as the girls stretched their legs, keeping their crotches planted firmly to the floor. When Kayko finished her first set with the smallest dumbbell she turned and faced the girls. All three closed their legs and stood up with their feet apart. Kayko went to the large horse and unscrewed the first peg. Stepping over to Erin she fed the wooden peg up into her pussy. Erin stood still as Kayko pushed the piece of wood in as far as it would go, giving one extra little tug upward before turning to the smaller horse. Erin immediately went back down onto the floor in a split, making sure the end of the wooden peg was planted firmly on the floor between her legs. She then sat perfectly still. Saki and Shiori soon followed Erins lead as Kayko stuck a wooden peg in each of them. They immediately went back down to doing splits on the floor just as Erin had done. With her task completed Kayko went back to her dumbbells and started with the next larger one in size. And so it was for the rest of the morning. The girls sat on the pegs while doing the splits, and Kayko did her workout. When Kayko would change from one dumbbell to the next she would let the girls stand for a few minutes and shake their legs out. She did not let them remove the pegs. When Kayko started her next set of reps, the girls were back on the floor doing the splits. This continued until Kayko finished with the inverted bar and the large horse. The girls looked relieved. As they stood up the last time Kayko called them into a little circle and spoke to them. There were a few nods and a little bit of fidgeting, but that was about it. Kayko clapped her hands once and the girls put on their short kimonos and lined up. When Kayko had donned hers, they exited the gym single file.

I switched off my computer and headed for the kitchen. It was a virtual tie between the girls and me. As I stepped into the kitchen, they all came in through the French doors. The scowl that Kayko was sporting earlier was gone, but all of the girls were definitely walking funny. As Kayko started to make lunch all of the girls sat down at the table, moving very slowly and deliberately as their asses came to rest in the chair bottoms.

“Mark and I are all squared away,” I said as I walked over to my wife. “We’ll fly to Buffalo and then rent a car. That will keep us out of your hair for a few days.”

“Thank you so much,” she said before giving me a quick hug around the waist.

The girls all looked disappointed, but there was not much I could do. I could easily override Kayko and tell her that this was not going to happen, but I didn’t want to do that. I might be king of my own little world, but concessions have to be made every now and then. Besides, when confronted with the kind of reasoning that Kayko relayed, along with her obvious sexual talents, I would be stupid not to go. I looked at the three girls. They all looked like they had just lost their new puppy.

“It’s ok girls,” I said as I walked over next to them and gave each a little pat on the head. “We are not leaving forever. Besides, I had to go on this trip anyway, now I’m just taking Mark with me.”

All of them looked like they wanted to protest, but a few quick glances at Kayko seemed to stifle and resistance. Erin spoke up for the three of them.

“We know dad.” She said while lowering her head to look at her lap. “We’ll just miss you.” Saki and Shiori both nodded their heads in agreement.

“I know girls,” I said as I took a knee between them. “I’ll miss you too.”

In a flash all three girls we on me and hugging me like crazy. Arms twisted back and forth and feet jockeyed for position as each one tried her best to get closest to me. I hugged them all as best I could, hugging and squeezing wherever I could. With one of the twins pressed up against my side I could easily feel the end of the wooden peg sticking out between her legs. She ground her crotch into my ribs as she hugged herself tightly against me, making the peg move back and forth a little. Let’s do a little check, I thought to myself as I reached for new areas on the girls. A slide of the hand here, and a little feel there, and I confirmed that all of them were carrying pegs inside them.

“Ok, that’s enough,” Kaykos’ voice sounded from behind the counter. “Come on and eat.”

The girls all let go of me and headed for Kayko, except for one of the twins. She was still hugging me from the side.

I took a guess and said, “What is it Saki?”

“I don’t want you to leave,” she answered with a few tears coming out of her eyes.

I was right, it was Saki. “I’m not going away forever,” I responded, and I gave her a big hug in return. “It’s just a business trip.” Saki looked into my eyes and sniffed once. “Come on now,” I said as I pulled away from her and stood her up straight. “Be a big girl.”

Saki wiped her eyes and glanced over at Kayko before returning her eyes to me. “But I love you,” she said before throwing her arms around me again and started sobbing into the crease of my neck.

“I know honey, I know,” I consoled while rubbing her head. “I love you too. Now come on,” I said as I pulled her away from me again. “I will be back. Listen,” I said while looking directly into her eyes, “if you work hard while I’m gone, time will just fly by and I will be back. I promise. Ok?”

Saki sniffed one more time before turning and walking over to Kayko. I guess what I said sunk in, but it was hard to tell. It was obvious that she didn’t want me to leave, and it hurt that I had to go. But Kayko had made a simple request, so…I had to go. I walked out of the kitchen as the girls resumed their seats and began eating.

Mark was sitting in a tree when I got down to his fort. He looked dejected and lost. I called him down and had a long talk with him about the girls and what Kayko had asked for. We walked slowly up the path, stopping occasionally for me to expound upon the subject, before starting up again. He seemed to take it pretty well, but he was definitely sad. As we walked back into the yard we were greeted with the sight of all the girls, including Kayko, lying out in the sun nude on the four patio beds. All of them had their legs spread wide open to tan the insides of their thighs, and all but Kayko still had the pegs in them. Mark immediately stuck his hands in his pockets. Poor little guy had another boner.

“Kayko,” I said as we walked across the yard to her. “Are the girls going to have any free time today?”

“In a little while I’m going to let them go swimming,” Kayko answered without even opening her eyes.

“Is it ok if me and Mark join you guys,” I asked, hoping to spend some time with them.

Kayko raised her hand to shield her eyes from the sun and looked at me and Mark. She looked down at Mark trying to conceal the boner he was sporting and just smiled. “Yes you can join us,” she sighed, “Only if you are as excited as Mark is,” and she smiled really big.

“You know I am!” I answered enthusiastically. “Come on Mark,” I said as I began to unbuckle my pants. “Let’s go for a dip.”

It was almost a contest between me and my son to see who could remove their clothes the fastest while running across the yard. I let Mark win and watched as he dove into the cool water and swam to the other side. I was just about to jump in when I was tackled from behind by three young ladies. They pushed me into the water before jumping in and began splashing about with high pitched squeals and joyous laughter. It was almost like the last day of school.

Within just a few moments Shiori had made her way across to Mark while I had my hands full of Erin and Saki. The two just stood there for a moment looking at each other before Shiori turned around and leaned against the side of the pool right next to him. They talked quietly as the water fight between me, Erin, and Saki raged on, almost sweeping them up in the process. Kayko remained on her patio bed just watching for a while before turning over and laying her head down. She seemed content with the way things were going.

Saki and Erin were really giving me hell. They teamed up against me and began a two direction assault, splashing water in my face in turn. I managed to get one good breath and went under water. I was going to cheat. Under the water I swam for the closest girl, I think it was Saki. She was doing her best to back pedal away from me when I reached out and grabbed the end of the peg sticking out of her pussy. In a flash her hands came down and grasp my wrist, holding my hand in place so the peg would not come out. I pulled her toward me as Erin grabbed me from behind, tugging at my neck and shoulders in an attempt to bring me to the surface. My right hand darted out and I had her peg as well, clutching the end just below her pussy. Erin did the same as Saki, grasping my wrist and not allowing my hand to move anywhere. I broke through the surface between them and pulled them toward me.

“That’s not fair,” Erin shouted as I lifted up on the peg, causing her feet to come off the bottom of the pool.

“Sure it is,” I replied while doing the same thing to Saki. Saki just hung on and made no attempt to escape. I think she was just glad that I was handling her.

“Oh yea!” Erin shouted before she reached into the water and grabbed me by my dick. “Now we’ll see just who has who.” She laughed as she hung onto my cock with a rather strong grip. Within one second Sakis’ hand closed around the top of my shaft, leaving my dick wrapped in soft hands from base to tip.

They had me, or at least they thought they did. As the girls hung on I began raising and lowering my arms as quickly as possible, forcing the pegs to slide in and out of them. Both girls’ mouths opened and their legs opened up wide as I fucked them by their work out tools. Neither one of them made a sound, they just hung on as I leaned backward and waded toward the shallow end of the pool, towing them behind me by the wooden pegs. Now I was going to make them pay for pushing me in the water. And the currency for the day, orgasms. I figured they each owed me one orgasm before I would let go. I pulled them closer to me and began rubbing their clits with my thumbs while pushing up on the pegs. Erin was the first to go. Almost instantly she began shaking and twitching as an orgasm raced through her. Little goose bumps broke out all over her as her body relished the pleasure racing through it. She let go of my dick and grasp both of her breasts with her hands as she shook and trembled on the wooden peg. Finally she started to go limp so I let her go, allowing her to drift away just a little.

Saki had a look of determination on her face as I worked her little clit with my thumb. She pulled and tugged at my arm, grinding her crotch down on the peg and the top of my hand while looking me dead in the eye. I pulled her over really close to where our noses were almost touching.

“Are you going to cum for me my little pet?” I said in a voice just above a whisper.

Instantly Saki began convulsing against my hand, shaking and shuddering as a huge orgasm plowed through her. A slight whimper came from her throat as she continued to grind her crotch against my hand, forcing the wooden peg deeper into her. Her breath came in short gasps, causing her to buck hard and spasm at my administrations as she rode out a long and powerful orgasm. When I felt her let go of my dick I turned her loose, allowing her to float away.

When I looked over to Mark and Shiori, I could tell that Mark was being treated right. Shiori had her right hand in the water and appeared to be giving Mark a hand job. Mark had a very pleasurable look on his face and Shiori seemed to be enjoying herself as well. The two just stood leaning against the side of the pool in their own little world.

I needed some attention now. My dick was hard and all of the pussy in the pool was occupied. “Kayko!” I hollered. “I need a little help.” I said as I looked across to my wife.

Kayko raised her head and looked at me. She then rolled onto her side, facing the pool, and lifted her left leg straight up, spreading her pussy wide open. “What’s the matter honey,” she said as she reached between her legs with her left hand and stuck two fingers into herself and began sliding them in and out. “Do you want some of this?”

Play time was now over. I didn’t wait for her to move and I didn’t care who was watching, I was going to get some pussy! I crawled out of the pool as quickly as I could and ran across the yard with my dick flapping against my stomach. I didn’t care how it looked, I wanted to fuck. Kayko never moved, she held her position and used her fingers to spread her pussy open as she felt the head of my dick start to enter her. Kayko was soaking wet so there was no need for any foreplay. She grabbed onto the patio bed and hung on as she felt the head of my dick slam against her cervix. A loud moan came from her lips as I slid into her, prying her open from opening to top.

“Oh my god,” she moaned as I began pumping into her like an animal. “Saki, Erin,” she called out in between gasps as I pummeled away, “Get up here!”

I kept hammering in and out of my wife as the two girls crawled out of the pool and ran up next to us. They both looked on with wide eyes and open mouths as they watched my dick disappear and then reappear from inside Kayko.

“Mike,” she growled through clenched teeth as her first orgasm began squirting out of her, “Give it to the girls.”

Kayko began squeezing my dick with her pussy, matching my speed and direction with the appropriate style and intensity to send me over the roof. My nuts tightened up and my dick swelled up as the first shot was loaded into the firing chamber. In a flash I pulled my dick out of my wife and aimed it at the girls open mouths, doing my best to aim for the back of Sakis throat. The first huge shot went directly into Sakis’ mouth, coating her tongue and a little bit of her lip. I began to swing to the right when I fired the second shot, sending a spray across Saki’s left cheek, her ear and hair, Erins’ ear and hair, and Erins’ right cheek. The third shot went directly into Erins’ mouth and all the way to the back of her throat. I think I must have hit her tonsils because she gagged for just a moment. I swung back in Sakis’ direction only to have her close her mouth over the end of my dick and suck like she was trying to pull a golf ball through a garden hose. She sucked and swallowed as fast as she could while Erin jacked the base of my dick with short rapid strokes.

I gasped as all of the blood rushed out of my head. My girls had just fixed me good. As the throbbing from my dick began to wane I pulled my cock out of Sakis’ mouth and stuck it back into Kayko. Immediately she began milking me with my favorite rippling action, keeping my dick hard. Saki and Erin both swallowed several times and wiped my cum off each other’s faces, licking their fingers clean in the process.

“Holy shit,” I said as I hung on to Kaykos’ leg with my dick firmly planted in her. “That was good!”

Kayko looked up at me and said, “Oh yea, well I’m not done with you yet. Lay down.”

Not wanting to argue with my wife I did as she asked. Lying flat on my back Kayko straddled me and the patio bed, sliding down my dick until her splayed open pussy lips were resting on my crotch. As soon as she was in place she started milking my cock again.

“Shiori,” she hollered, “Come over here.”

Both Shiori and Mark clambered out of the pool and came over to the show. Shioris’ mouth also fell open as she looked on to see her aunt impaled on my stiff shaft. Mark stood behind Shiori and watched intently.

“Girls,” Kayko said as she slid up and down a few times, “This is what you will learn.”

Kayko began explaining to them about how she was gripping me on the inside. Several times she clamped down really hard and tried to stand up, showing the girls how not only she could grip, but how her pussy pulled at my dick. The girls all looked on in wonder as Kayko continued to milk me. She then stood up, allowing my dick to exit her. One at a time she had the girls come to her and stick two fingers inside her. With their digits buried into her up to their knuckles Kayko would then squeeze. All of the girls let out a little gasp. When the last girl had her turn Kayko sat back down onto me, squeezing me repeatedly from base to tip. All three girls were bent over at the waist looking at Kaykos’ stomach muscles move as Kayko explained what she was doing. Mark was still standing behind Shiori looking over the top of her. From my vantage point I could see him twisting the peg back and forth inside Shiori. I guess he needed a little bit too.

After nearly five minutes of instruction Kayko got serious about what she was doing. She looked down at me with and intense look of determination and began working my cock like it was her last. The really cool thing is that with the way she was standing the only part of her that was touching me was her pussy. Not her legs, or hands, or any other part of her was touching any part of me, this was all Kayko and her talents. She gave me two little slides up and down followed by several seconds of my favorite rippling action before I was cumming in her like a fountain. Kaykos’ mouth opened with a broad smile as I shot into her.

“You see girls,” she said as she clutched her breasts and sat down hard on my groin, “he is cumming in me.”

A unanimous “Wow,” came from the girls. I didn’t care, at this point, what anyone had to say. I was cumming in my wife and she was using her pussy to suck it out of me like an industrial vacuum. My dick shot repeatedly, making my nuts hurt, but it was still very satisfying. When the last shot was embedded in my wife, Kayko began explaining her withdrawal technique.

“You squeeze really hard,” she said to the girls while her pussy clamped down on my dick. “And as you stand up, you squeeze from the bottom to the top.” With that Kayko stood up. Not a drop came out of her. “Ok girls, twenty minutes before we start again.” She said as she climbed off me and stretched her legs. “Bathroom and a shower, then get dressed. We’ll meet in the kitchen.”

All of the girls took off for the house. I guess a pee break was a highly sought after commodity. Mark just stood there with his little pecker sticking out at attention. He had a dejected look on his face and I felt bad for him. I guess the little guy didn’t get all that he wanted.

“Kayko,” I said, stopping her in her tracks while she was heading for the gym. “May I have a moment please?” I asked wile joining her at the gym door. I checked on Mark who was looking at the house. “Can you ask Shiori if she will take care of him?”

Kayko looked at Mark and then at me. A nice smile came across her face and then she winked at me before stepping in to the gym. I just stood there with my spent cock hanging until she returned. She had the bag of rocks. She looked at me again and then at Mark.

She paused for a moment while she put on her Kimono. “Tell Mark to wait in his room.” She said while handing me the bag of rocks. “Two each,” she said in a very definite tone before walking off to the house.

“Hey Mark,” I called out as I started to walk behind Kayko. Mark turned to face me and covered his little stiffy. “I think I know of someone who can fix that for you,” I said while bending down to meet him face to face.

“Really?!” he said in an almost joyous expression.

“Yes buddy. Go and wait in your room.” I said as I resumed my standing position.

You would think he was shot out of a cannon the way he bolted for the house, leaving all of his clothes behind. I felt better. I picked up all of the clothes and headed in. As I got to the top of the stairs Shiori was just coming out of her room. She looked great wearing a short pleated skirt, a blue top, and white knee socks. Her hair was still wet, but she still looked great.

“Hey kiddo,” I said as I pawed around inside the bag and pulled two stones out. “Kayko says I am supposed to give you these.”

I didn’t have to say another word. Shiori stopped in the middle of the hall, turned around and bent over, lifting her skirt out of the way. The wooden peg was still stuck inside her, causing her pussy lips to be stretched into a big circle. I took a hold of the peg and slowly pulled, watching her lips extend outward a little before yielding up the thick piece of wood. Shiori let out a little sigh as her pussy was now empty. I took one knee and placed the first stone against her wet lips. It was almost the size of a golf ball but easily twice as heavy. I aligned it with her hole and gently pushed it in as far as I could. Shiori just stood patiently. I pushed the second stone in until I felt it hit the first one.

“Ok,” I said as she stood up and turned to face me, “you’re ready.”

Shiori threw her arms around my neck and kissed me on the cheek. “Thank you Uncle Mike.” She said before stepping past me and turning into Marks room.

“You’re welcome,” I said behind her as Marks door closed.

I placed the wooden peg in the bag and stepped into Erin’s room. She was adjusting the waist band of her skirt after having just put it on but she was still topless. Her little nipples stuck out hard against the air conditioned air of the house.

“Hi dad,” she said as she picked up her green shirt.

“Your mom says I am to give you two of these,” I said as I withdrew two more stones from the bag.

“Ok,” she said without a single bit of hesitation.

Erin stepped over to her bed and bent over at the waist, placing both of her hands on the mattress top. I stepped up behind her and again took a knee. Lifting the back of her skirt also revealed a wooden peg stuck inside her. A little more of this one was visible than with Shiori, but then again it was a bigger peg. I grasp the end and gave it a bit of a twist as I slowly pulled it out of her. Erin took in her breath as the five and one half inch long peg pulled free, leaving her pussy hole wide open. Looking in I could see all the way up to her cervix. Inside she is the nicest shade of pink that I had seen in a while. I placed the first stone against her opening and gave a gentle push. It slid right in with almost no resistance. I pressed in with my finger until it was bedded deep inside her, almost the entire length of my finger. When I pulled my finger out I could see it way up in there. Erin just waited for me without moving, her gaping hole only inches from my face. The second stone went in as easily as the first, resting against the first one near the top of her pussy. When I pulled my finger out I leaned forward and kissed Erin directly in her open hole, taking the opportunity to taste my daughter again. “Mmmm.” came from Erin’s throat as I gave her a quick tongue lashing before standing up and giving her a pat on the ass.

“Ok sweetie,” I said as I placed her wooden peg in the bag, “You’re all set.”

Erin turned around and straightened out her skirt. “Thanks daddy,” she said before giving me a huge hug.

I left Erin to put her socks on and headed for Sakis’ room. As I entered the hallway Shiori and Kayko came out of Marks room. Kayko was still in her kimono and Shiori went down the stairs.

“Mission accomplished?” I asked with a smile as Kayko stepped up to me.

“Yes, mission accomplished.” She replied with a nice smile. “Those two really like each other,” Kayko reported as she stepped past me.

“Oh yea,” I said as I reached out and cupped one of her breasts with my hand, stopping her right next to me. “Maybe he just has a thing for Asian women like I do.” And I smiled down at my wife.

Kayko looked up at me and smiled. I felt her soft hand close around my hanging cock as she leaned toward me a bit with a shit eating grin on her face. “Well maybe Shiori just likes thick American cock,” and she gave my dick a squeeze, initiating another round of hardness.

“Easy there sweetie,” I said as I pulled away from her just enough to get her to let go. “That one needs a bit of rest.”

Kayko smiled up at me like she had just won a prize. I think she would just keep me inside her if it would not kill me in the process. Whatever the case might be, I love her and she loves me. And when you look at it in the grand scheme of things, that love is really all that matters. Kayko continued on to our room as I turned and walked into the twin’s room. Saki was standing at the foot of her bed with her feet apart a little and her hands at her sides. She looked great wearing a pink top, a blue pleated skirt, and her white knee socks. This was the first time that the two girls had not dressed the same. (Thank God.)

“Hello beautiful,” I said as I walked across the room to her. “How is my little pet?”

“I’m ready,” she answered while twisting her hips back and forth a little.

“Ok sweetie,” I said as I pulled two stones out of the bag. “Kayko says I am to give you two of these.”

“I know,” she replied with a little smile on her face.

Saki then did something completely different than the other two girls. Instead of turning around and bending over, she stepped over to the bed and sat down. Leaning back she lay down on the bed and lifted her knees to her chest before spreading her legs wide apart. Her bald naked pussy came into full view with the end of the peg sticking out.

“I want to do it this way,” she said as she watched me step over to her and take a knee.

“Ok sweetie,” I said as I reached out and grasp the peg. “This will work just fine.”

Saki watched my every move as I pulled and twisted the peg, slowly withdrawing it from inside her. Every time I switched directions she took in a short quick breath as the peg made her pussy twist one way and then the other. Sakis’ lips clung to the piece of wood like someone clutching on to a rope hanging above a bottomless pit. Her lips pulled outward and clung tightly to the slick wooden peg until it finally came free. I looked up to see her looking directly at me with an almost glassy appearance to her eyes and a small smile on her lips. I raised the peg to my mouth and licked it from bottom to top, savoring her young pussy taste. Sakis mouth opened and I heard her take in a breath as my tongue licked her juice off. When Saki licked her lips I lowered my head and began licking her pussy. She tasted even better first hand! I drove my tongue into her as far as I could and licked at her insides. Two little hand came down and rested on the back of my head, gently cradling me in place as I devoured the feast in front of me. Saki placed her feet on the bed right next to my head and pressed her crotch up against my face, forcing her open pussy against my mouth. She began moaning very softly as my tongue swirled around inside her, exciting her pleasures and making her wetter by the second. As I licked and sucked at her little clit I brought the two stones up with my hand and inserted them, pushing them all the way into her. They went in rather easily when you consider that a week earlier this would have been impossible. When Saki began to shudder from an orgasm her pussy closed up around the stones, sealing them in place. I lifted my head and licked my lips clean. I looked down at Saki who was now laying there with her legs still spread out wide and her chest heaving up and down.

“There you go sweetie,” I said.

In a flash Saki was sitting up with her arms around my neck and her lips pressed against mine in a very emotional lip lock. I wrapped my arms around my tiny niece and kissed her back while Saki wrapped her legs around my waist, as best as she could, and molded her body against mine. She squeezed and pressed herself against me while she kissed me with as much passion and fervor as she could generate. I felt really lucky that she felt this way about me. It could have easily been resentment instead of her apparent love. Now she was doing her best to show it to me.

After just a few moments she pulled her head away and snuggled her chin in to the crease of my neck and shoulder. “I love you Uncle Mike,” she said.

“I love you too sweetie.” I pulled back from her and looked upon my niece. “You certainly are my little pet aren’t you?”

A bright smile came across her face and she clamped her legs together. “Yes Uncle.”

End Pt9

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2012-10-23 15:53:28
You know something this is my second post I have ever done in this site. But I tell you what Mike, Chicago is a wonderful place to live and the culture mix there is like no other. I really miss joyce if I have spelled the restaurant correctly. I follow a lot of asian culture and you story does not shock me or surprise me one bit. I must say you are one lucky individual and have an amazing family. And you story reminds me of my asian GF which she will stop at nothing to make sure I feel like a king. Keep up the amazing story and dont let one troller bend you out of shape. He is probably a kid as well and envious of what you share with your family. The unity that you guys share is rare to none.

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2012-10-23 11:21:18
The stories are really good I'm starting to think I want to go to japan and try to find mw a wonderful wife there to lol but really the way you write you can tell their true and I can't wait for the next one

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Yes ALL your stories are GREAT... Hai ;-)

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I love your stories keep. Wrighting them thay make me horny sn I want yo no what you an your girls get up to an what happens with your som an nice keep up yje good work


2012-10-21 00:52:36
Honestly, I'd like to know how the guy who says it is fiction can be so sure? Did he hide in your house during the time that these events happened? I mean really. There's so many stories with true in it and people defend those when some of the premise is so far out there, like a teacher spanking a naked minor in front of the parents, yet a story with incest in it is fake? What is it that you think makes this a fake story? Is it the insertion of different toys and devices? I'm really curious how you know that this is fake? I like the story, but I'll admit, I haven't ead the story that led to this one, not yet at least

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