Technician 2.0 from his viewpoint
The Technician 2.1

I had installed a home computer network for a female attorney with two daughters. One of them had fucked me while I was there. I returned home thinking I had an ideal opportunity if this was to be a regular assignment. A lot would depend on my report with the younger sister when she came back from her hospitalization with Mono.

Anyway it was 2:30PM when she called me. She said she was hung up at the courthouse because the judge wanted to send the case to jury so I had to be at her house when the kids got home and be ready to stay until she got home.

I packed a small gym bag with a change of clothes and drove the mile in my Mitsubishi Mirage. I sat there tied into their wireless network with my laptop in the driveway checking my e-mail and sending some of my own.

About 3:30 the bus came and two blond nymphets disembarked. They could have been twins except the older girl was about 8 inches taller than her sister. They were dressed in plaid jumpers and white blouses with oxford shoes and white anklets. Annette came to my car and introduced her sister Bethany to me. I got out and gave each of them a chaste kiss.

We went inside and Annette turned around and kissed me with tongue and we explored each others mouths. Then the two girls went into their respective bedrooms.

When they came back out both of them were wearing tank tops and miniskirts and when Annette sat on my lap I realized she had no panties on! We made out for a little while and I realized she was getting to me as my erection began to express itself.

Then Bethany interupted us by asking Annette to make room for her on my lap. When I heard this i lift Annette and put her on one knee leaving the other one opened for Bethany. As soon as she sat down Bethany kissed me with tongue and after she'd fully explored my mouth, I explored hers.

After a while I started to feel her chest. She just had a bit of swelling around the nipple where her breasts would eventually develop. Then I reached between her legs and ran a finger up and down her slit and felt her breathing pick up and her juices began to flow. Annette was showing a strange angry look on her face until I reached around and slipped a finger into her pussy. I played my thumb over her clit. she too began to breath more quickly.

Bethany whispered to me,"I'll fuck you if it won't hurt." I asked her in a normal voice,"What room do you want to do it in?" She replied,"My room please." I ask her if her sister could come too to help. Annette said yes. So with an arm around each girl we retired to Bethany's bedroom.

Once we got there I asked Bethany,"May I take off your clothes?" She said, "Yes" so I pulled her tank top over her head and pulled the skirt down and she stepped out of if. I took off her 4" high heel shoes and then her anklets. Now that she was completely naked. I kissed her and gave her tongue and we explored each others mouths.

Then I went to Annette and did the same stripping routine to her. But when I had her naked. I slipped a finger into her sopping wet pussy and wiggled it. She kissed me passionately but I told her. "This is Bethany's first time, I have to give her the primary attention."

Then I pulled off my t-shirt and took off my shoes and socks. I pulled down my jeans and stepped out of them then took off my boxers. My semi-hard cock sprang into full view. I went to bed and told Bethany to sit on my face. She sat facing my feet which put my nose near her asshole. She was very clean with no odor. I began to lick her. Then I heard Annette say,"What do you want me to do?" I pointed at my still semi-hard erection and she immediately began to suck my cock. She was working her tongue around the head on the upstroke and licking me on the down stroke. She took me all the way in so her lips were in my pubic hair.

When I realized I was fully hard I pushed Bethany off me. She had two climaxes while I was eating her so she did not mind. I told her to get on her hands and knees. Then I put Annette standing, straddling Bethany's ass. I began to fuck Bethany but not deeply enough to touch her hymen. I wanted her in orgasm when I pushed through that. So I was doing short strokes on her while eating her sister's pussy. When she came the first time Bethany was not in climax long enough for me to break through. So I gave more attention to her second which came and went as quickly as the first. Annette too was getting off as often as her sister was thanks to my tongue in her pussy.

Then Bethany plateaued into a long orgasm that was 5 seconds and counting when I pushed hard and broke into her inner vagina and buried myself in her up to my balls. The climax kept her shivering for another 15 seconds and began to stoke long strokes starting slowly and working up gradually. She climaxed two more times adding lubricant each time. She was tight but not too tight and the greasy love juices were helping me hold off my orgasm.

Annette was coming often and hard with my mouth doing its work. Finally I pulled my mouth back and said,"I'm gonna cum." Bethany replied,"I'm coming close too." Annette said,"Eat me so I can cum too." So I went to work with my mouth like mad and then next time Bethany came I started to pump my cum into her no longer virgin pussy. Then Annette came and when I pulled my mouth away I had a shiny mouthache and goatee of her love juice around my mouth.

I waited while to let my erection fall out of Bethany's pussy. When it happened she got up and went into the bathroom. Her sister got up to help her. I got up and got dressed wiping my face with Kleenexes to remove the shine. I went out to the living room to the sound of a car engine shutting down. Judy, the girl's mother, was home. I met her at the door with a hug and a kiss.

When I broke that kiss. She asked me how things had gone. I told her things had gone fine. Bethany came out of the bedroom naked as the day she was born and I noticed a dribble of bloody cum rolling down her left leg. Judy saw it and asked Bethany,"Did the babysitter fuck you?" Bethany told her,"Yes and it didn't hurt at all! I was soooo good! She looked at me and asked,"How can you rupture her hymen without hurting her?" I explained,"I did with while she was shivering in climax. With that much pleasure shooting into the brain it can't take notice of the pain."

Judy kissed me with tongue and hugged me tighter than the first time and said,"Stud, I guess I'm gonna have to try you out. My husband has been on me to replace him as stud of the house. IF you can perform with me like you have them then I want to marry you and you can live with us and have the whole harem.

I asked her if I should have cum inside the girl. She told me a doctor she had saved in a malpractice lawsuit had both girls on the pill so that was not an issue.

I told Judy I could not live with her until I was off the registry which was more likely if I got a pardon and that a pardon was impossible from Iowa until I paid about $500 in attorney fees I still owed from my case. She told me,"I can help with that." I told her,"Even then it will be at least three years before I'll receive the pardon." She said,"I'll build another house on the back lot for you to live on and me or the girls will be available to you for sex when you need us."

I turned to the girls and gave each a peck on the lips to say goodbye. Judy objected saying,"If you want to give them tongue go ahead." So I started over kissing both girls with tongue and squeezing their ass cheeks. Then I left after kissing Judy goodbye and went home. My gym bag had never gotten out of the car.

I went home. Wondering what else was going to happen. I was satisfied just as I had been after making love to Annette. Life was good.

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