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Bare with me guys, next time there IS actually a fight scene
I stumbled out of the tent, light-headed. The sex with Alice had completely taken it out of me, and I needed some food. I went to the wagon we call "The Roasting Man," as the heat inside was as if the cook was serving you up. (Un)fortunately the cook was dead, so Rapley was cooking.
"It's leafs in mint leaf sauce, and with a sprig of Barley leaf on the side."
"Well, the cook's meat never was that good," I replied with a sigh. The food was all like this now, we couldn't afford anything better what with having to go to a new town.
"Well, I'll see you at the spar," Rapley replied. I picked up my 'breakfast,' gobbling it down in one, and prepared to set the course for the new town. Ten minutes later, and after much sighing, muttering and counting, I had plotted our next course. I looked at the water clock on the desk, and realised I had only three minutes until, what I believed, was to be the most vicious spar of all time.
I left the tent, smiling at the warm sun on my face. It was rejuvenating, listening to the birds chirping, the sun shining brightly, the sky a deep, glistening blue, and as I looked around I saw a deer-
"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!" An unseen voice let out a primordial roar.
"WHAT THE FUCK?!" I yelled, jumping out of my skin. The deer, unfortunately had scampered. I had hoped to catch it, devour it, and make a broth of the bones. I unsheathed my sword in a single sweep, bringing it up into a guard, creeping forward to the source of the noise. I rounded the corner of the tent... To find Tusk sprinting up and down across the arena.
"Jesus, you scared the shit out of me Tusk!"
"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGHH!" Tusk roared, striking a solid steel plate, making a dent in the sheet, and cracking a tear into the material. This was the only reply I got. I sighed, sliding my sword back into my scabbard.
"Well, let's go see how Al and Jim are doing." I said to myself. I wondered over to the other side of the arena, hearing the clanging of steel on shield, of repetitive thunking, pistons driving forward and back. Then, I remembered Al's weapon, and realised he was testing the mechanism. I caught sight of him, and he was oiling the gears on his hammer. Just in front of him Alice, Rick, Rapley and Jim were sparing, free for all. I saw a piece of iron on the floor, bending over to pick it up, realising it was probably part of Al's hammer. I dropped it, swearing sharply, as it was boiling hot. I was surprised it hadn't melted. I picked it up between cloth, and walked towards Al.
"Hey Alex, how's it been? Wait... What are you holding?"
"I found it on the floor, but careful, it's hot." My warning went unheeded, as he snatched from my hand. He didn't react at all, and I looked to see the skin on his palms was a few millimetres thick, meaning he couldn't feel the heat whatsoever.
"Hey, what happened to your hands?" I inquired
"Oh, that is the work of over thirty years of explosions, fire, acid and the recoil of rifles, pistols, cannons, and this hammer." He replied, matter-of-factly, a proud gleam in his eyes.
"Hey, do you matter if I test that hammer?" I asked. He replied by twiddling a knob, fitting the small rod of metal I found into a slot, and then cranking a handle round, before placing a protective cover over the mechanisms, then handing it to me, indicating a small lever that obviously activated the self powered swinging mechanism.
I held the hammer in two hands, completely unaccustomed to the weight. It felt like a lead weight in my hands, and I knew the least I would be able to do is hold, let alone swing the heavy thing. I decided to flip the lever, to see what would happen. The hammer thumped into life, throwing itself out of my hands, and I'm pretty sure that one of my fingers broke from the recoil of it. The hammer slammed into the hard, backed earth, and I thought it would simply be unable to swing, but it simply smashed a hole in the dirt, chips flying everywhere. I took cover from the shards of flying earth, watching Al pull a box with a button on it. He punched the button, which flipped the lever back off.
"Safety override, to make sure an enemy doesn't use it against me. This thing has kicked out of my hands more than once."

"Well, I'll leave it to you! The spar is about to start, so good luck, and please, don't wound Tusk too much."
I left, shouting to break up the free for all, gesturing to the arena, then beckoning to Alice to come to me.

"Alice, I have something I need to tell yo-" I was cut off as Alice shoved me backwards into my tent, forcing her face onto mine, thrusting her tongue into my mouth, sucking my tongue like water in a desert.
"I can't be arsed with talking now, I want anal again, it felt so good! My ass was sore for hours, but I still shiver at it! Please, pound me, please! Give me your cock! I'll do anything!"

"Really, anything? Well, I have an idea what to do." I replied, taking of belt, breeches and shirt, whilst Alice tore off her own clothes, jiggling up and down, rubbing her pussy in annoyance because I was taking deliberately long undressing, teasing her.
"OH, HURRY UP!!" She yelled, lunging at my trousers, ripping them down to my ankles. Wow, I thought, she REALLY wants to have sex.
I pulled out my cock, already getting hard at the sight of Alice bent over before me, her legs spread as far as humanely possible, her ass winking at me, her pussy dripping juice all over her legs, making them glisten. I rubbed the head of my cock against her lips, getting my head slick, before placing it at the entrance of her brown eye, leaning forward, applying pressure to force my way inside her tight, constricting hole. I finally slid in, half of my dick entering her ass in one thrust, grunting at the tightness of her ass, it felt like an anaconda constricting my meat. Alice screamed, although in pain or pleasure, I don't know, but I think that she didn't tell the difference between the two. I slammed harder and harder, deeper and deeper, feeling her ass pull at my cock like her life depended on it, and it wasn't long before she screamed in ecstasy, her cum gushing over my legs, the aroma making my cock throb inside her ass, which only made her scream louder, I felt like my dick was going to be cut off, her bud was so tight. I pistoned into her, swinging like a pendulum, punishing her like the slut she was... Wait a second! I've never thought of Alice like that, I always thought of her as a lover, a sister... Her recent behaviour must have been effecting my thinking. But, I put aside my thoughts, I had an ass to destroy!
"MMMMM, Alex, you feel soo good, I don't know how I lasted the day without you inside me..."
"I lasted by simply looking at you, my love for you helps me to live on... Although fucking you is deliciously fun." I felt myself approaching climax, and started going faster, ruining Alice's ass, and she collapsed under me, the pleasure too much for her too bare, just as I let loose, filling her perfect, round ass with cum, not a single drop escaping around my dick. I fell back with a thud onto the floor, slipping out of, letting out a torrent of cum which Alice greedily scooped up into her hands, licking them clean, trying to ingest every drop of precious liquid.
"Man, that was good, but next time anal is off the menu, I don't want to damage you." I breathed, sucking oxygen into my lungs.
"Nooooooo, I enjoy it so much, please don't stop doing it to me! I can still feel your dick filling me up, thrusting into me..." She stopped begging as she rubbed her pussy, a moan passing her lips.
I picked her up, dropping her onto the bed, moving my hand to her pussy, thrusting a finger into her sopping cunt, and fucked her, slipping another finger in, then another, before I was pumping into her with three fingers, biting the pillow to stop from screaming out. I
stopped, grabbing her arms so she couldn't masturbate, stopping her from cumming.
"What are you doing Aleeeeex, why did you stop?!"
"I felt like you needed to be punished, you naughty girl, acting like a slut like that." She moaned, trying to wiggle her way out of it, before simply giving up, and trying to sleep. I made sure I fell asleep on top of her, so she couldn't finger herself when I wasn't watching.
Now I think about it... What happened there, again, wasn't what normally happened when we had sex... I would have to watch out before something really bad happened. Then I realized. The dark side beckoned...

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2012-10-21 19:14:07
Please keep them coming!<3
Ive read all of them, and I cant wait to read more about that dirty little buttwhore!

Though, it would be nice if you added a bit more detail to the sex-scenes. ;)

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