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Intro: I'm new to this site and this is the first story I've ever written and there might be more if all goes well so I hope you enjoy it.

My first time was with my ex when I was 16. We had been going out for a year now and I was sitting with her in her wensday night youth group. I'm not religious at all so I was very bored. About halfway through the service I look at her and say "hey babe wanna go outside and skip?" She looks at me and smiles "sure baby." So we sneek out the back and go behind a few bushes.

We talk for awhile about normal things like school and friends. We hold hands and kiss every once in a while, but when we leaned in to kiss instead of breaking the kiss I made it last longer. I put my hand on the small of her back and kiss her passionately. She smiles through the kiss cause I've tried this a few times. Then I run my tongue across her top and bottom lips slowly. She takes a deep breath and parts her lips ever so slightly, I take advantage of this and slip my tongue through the slit in her lips. She suddenly pulls away.

"What's wrong?" I ask smiling

She replies "nothing I guess I'm just feeling a little horny." She looks up at me sheepishly. I smile and reassure her "it's ok. I've been waiting for those words for a while now." I lean forward again and kiss her softly, her lips already parted I slip my tongue through them again and explore the inside of her mouth. Her tongue meets mine and we set off from there, as out tongues wrestle I'm running my left hand up and down her back while my right hand cradles her cheek. Her hands are rubbing my chest. As we continue with our exploration her hands slip in the front of my shirt and she runs her fingers down my chest.

I smile at this and slide my shirt off. She looks at me and smiles, she leans in and kisses me like there's nothing else she wants more. I slowly work my hands up her front untill I reach her beautiful breasts, as I slowly start to rub them and massage them she lets out a smile cute pleasure sound "oh Austin." Our tongues still fighting for domanice I start to rub her already hard nipples. As I pinch them and play with them her moans get louder, this arouses me naturally so when she brings her hands down my stomach again she feels my hard on and smiles.

"Someone's ready to play." She gives me a look that I just know. I nod and she starts to rub my hard on through my jeans. She continues to kiss me passionately, while she does this her fingers undo my button and zipper. Her hands slip into my boxers and she grips my hard cock, she pulls away in suprise " wow baby your so thick!" She leans down stroking it. " I don't know if this will fit in my mouth!" She gingerly licks the tip while she strokes it softly.

I lean my head back ready for my glorious treatment I'm about to get. She leans forward and places her soft mouth around the tip and sucks hard. I moan which eggs her on, she sucks faster now, with more force. She starts to bob her head up and down, taking in a little bit more of my cock each time until she's deep throating and gagging on it. She doesn't seem to mind though, she stops the take a breath every few minutes but other wise she keeps at it. After a little bit of this she starts to play with my balls I moan loudly almost reaching the point of no return. "I'm gonna cum baby!!" She mumbles around my cock "cum in my mouth." She keeps sucking until my body rocks with my orgasm. I grab her head and slam it down on my cock choking her, my cum hits the back of her throat and she drinks every last drop. Even making sure to lick me clean, I lean back breathing heavy "wow Jess that was amazing."

She smiles and says "it isn't over yet big boy." She winks and pulls her panties off. I widen my eyes suprised as we are both virgins. She pushes me down and straddles me, she pops her breasts out the top of her dress and hangs them in my face I lean forward and grip them with my mouth. I suck hard on her nipples she moan and grinds her pussy up and down my hard cock. She gets tired of this and grips my cock in her hand she places the tip inside the lips of her pussy. I smile and her and she slow takes in each inch, gasping with pain and pleasure each time until I'm fully inside her. I moan as I feel her pussy pulsing around my cock, she starts to slowly move up until her pussy is barely covering my head then she thrusts down and let's out a loud cry of pleasure. I pull her down and engage her in a lip lock silencing her so we don't make noise.

She moves her hips up and down on me and moans in my mouth as we kiss. I start to thrust my hips upwards with hers right as she comes down on my causing my cock to go fully inside of her. She breaks our kiss and pulls away screaming "oh god! Jesus Austin I...I think I'm cumming!" Her pussy tightens around me and I feel her heat up and I moan as I feel her hot sticky juices flow around my dick and down on my boxers. I keep thrusting inside of her making her scream, not caring anymore about other people. Besides we were far enough away no one should hear us. As I do this she she screams in in pleasure I moan loudly.

"I'm gonna cum baby!" I'm trying to hold it back cause I'm not sure about cumming inside of her. But my fears are vanquished when she yells through her moans " Austin....please!" I smile and grab her hips slamming them against mine while I push my hips up. I cum hard emptying everything I have into her. She bucks her hips at the feeling of my cum flowing through her, she lays on my and pants "that was fucking fantastic." She smiles and kisses me. After a few minutes she gets off of me her legs shaking my soft dick falls out of her dripping pussy with a wet sound. She smiles and dresses and we walk around for a while until we both go home.

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Don't quit your day job.


2012-10-19 05:47:34
Look, I really have nothing against your story.
After all, you've taken your time to write and post it...
My only problem is that the deion of the events has nothing to do with something that has really happened!
Good luck!

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