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the girls need to improve their grades
Hello once again faithful readers

It is I, Charity Jones, your humble narrator and relater of sexual escapades. When we last left you we were still following my journey throughout the 11th grade so many years ago. This will continue that journey, with my cohorts Faith O’Reilly and Hope Jenkins.

After my incredible breakthrough with my boyfriend, Chet ; local teen heart-throb, captain of the football team and my secret cuckold, it was time to get back to what truly mattered to me most; getting laid. And for the first few weeks it was thrilling.

Friday nights, the other members of my trinity and I would wait at home in the double wide trailer Momma and I lived in, to see what she brought him from her job as a peeler at the interracial sex club The Zebra Club, at the edge of town. Sometimes it was her boss and beau Marcus, sometimes his assistants Marcus and Denny. Sometimes all three at once, sometimes strangers, sometimes they would bring friends.

Saturday was spent hanging with my girls, and the night was date night for Chet and I. I would recount my fun of the previous night while grinding on his crotch until he came in his pants, and if he was really good I would sneak him into my bedroom closet and then call up Denny , or Marcus or William ( from the last chapter) to come fuck me before I went to sleep. When they were done, Chet would obediently eat my pussy clean of any spunk and then I would make him go home

Sunday was Church, where we sat in the front row due to our sexual friendship with Mrs Parsons the preachers wife. Occasionally we’d cover for her while she got deep dicked by Marcus in her car or the bathroom, who also came to church with Momma and I. And every few weeks she would randomly show up at our door wanting a place to fuck out of her husbands eyesight. We were always ready to help, and she usually brought enough to share. Sunday nights were my scrambling to do some homework and cuddling on the couch with Momma, which usually led to naughtiness with her, then cuddling up to her in bed for a good nights sleep.

Monday through Thursday was school and hanging with my girls and Chet. Not to mention the “ tutor” sessions with Beeder the donkey dicked geek. Then there was cheerleader practises. Every month the football team managed to find time to gangbang Faith, Hope and I in the locker room. Not to mention homework, dating Chet and occasional rides home from Marcus or Denny or Bill that would involve me getting fucked in the ass in a parking lot or secluded side street.
In short; it was insanity.

My grades we beginning to slip so I knew I had to cut down somehow. Plus I was getting tired a lot from the lack of full nights sleep and it was beginning to show in my performance in the cheerleading squad.It was getting to the point I had to carry around a notebook to try to schedule in periods where I wasn’t getting laid.

So our “ tutor” sessions with Beeder were count down to once a month. Faith and I would stay at Hope’s place every other Friday and work on homework together; her parents were the most boring people on the planet so her home was safe sex-free refuge .Saturday nights were still date night of course, that didn’t change. And I stopped accepting rides from any of the boys.

But come the end of January and our second term grades were about to come in, I knew it was almost too late. Beeder was already doing our math and science homework. Home Economics course were a breeze, all three of us whizzed through history and Art classes. It was our English classes which were tanking, our lack of finishing essays was killing our grades. And I desperately wanted into a good college or university after high school.

It was a unusually frosty late January morning during our second term and the three of us were sitting on the bleachers by the track. Faith and I were sharing a joint, as has become ever since and Hope was sipping on a thermos of hot chocolate liberally laced with sambuca which she shared with us. We had arranged classes together this semester and had all managed to get the majority of them together, we even had the same free study block.

“ We’re fucked, “, said my best friend and redheaded tomboy Faith.

“ I wouldn’t go so far as to reference it as that”, I said handing her the joint, my upper class vocabulary still coming out to play every now and then.

“ True. It’s because we’re fucked that we’re fucked”, Hope the busty goth said handing me the thermos.

“ We’ve cut down on cock, and I don’t mind at all I was getting tired of walking around bowlegged”, Faith quipped

“ It’s still not enough, “ , I sighed taking a sip of the liquorice flavoured alcoholic caffeine.

The three of us put our blonde, brunette and red heads together in a huddle and passed the joint closer and the warmth of the spiked hot chocolate. We tried passing ideas around about cutting down our ses sessions more, but no one’s heart was really into that; the one thing that really binded us even more than our biblically linked names was our love of sex. Volunteer extra credits was an option, but we couldn’t figure out what kind of crafts would even remotely connect with Moby Dick which was our current subject. And tutoring sessions would just mean more time with Beeder and thusly less homework being done.

The something dawned on me, Hope was doing really well in English class, the least she could do was give us some pointers.

“ Hey Hope, what’s your trick to passing Mr Halston’s class? ‘, I asked

“ Yeah teacher’s pet, spill it”, Faith chimed in.

“ I’m fucking him”, Hope said matter of factly and took a drag on the joint.

I just shook my head and Faith laughed. We should have seen this coming. Hope was an oral addict who freely confessed to us she had sucked off three quarters of the boys from grade 10 to 12. It shouldn’t have surprised us that she set her eyes on the teachers.

“ Jesus Titty Christ freak girl, is there anyone in school you havent deep throated?”, Faith laughed

“ Principal Ford, his cock is too thick for me to throat”, she smiled wickedly.
We all laughed at this, and a the beginnings of a plan came my mind.
Mr Halston was our English teacher and probably the cutest male teacher in school. He was part of that new wave of teachers that arrived on the scene on the eighties with slightly unorthodox teaching techniques. He was pretty popular with the student body in school and our grades weren’t failing, just nowhere near where I thought they should be.

He was a tall thin drink of water, with short dark brown hair and green eyes. He dressed casually and never dumbed things down. Apparently he was former California surfer and it could show in his build and his tan, and a smile that was truly dreamy.

He had sectioned our classes off into work groups of three each and we all had our desks drawn together for it. Normally we planted our selves in the middle of the class, mainly because we had quickly became the popular girls at school, but the day we put our plan into effect we did something vastly different.

It was the Wednesday just a week after our morning chat where I filled in the girls about our plan, Faith loved it and Hope was always down for a new adventure anytime. Mr Halston’s English class was right after the sudy break and would be the the last class of the day.

We got changed into our pre-selected attire and headed to class about 10 minutes earlier

We arranged our desks into the far corner of the room, then arranged the other desks so that our trio of desk were lined up together. In addition we made sure there was a straight unobstructed line of sight between his desk and ours. We also moved a study shelf so that partly blocked off lines of site from the people beside us, so that they could only see our heads. And everyone else would have to turn around to see us directly.
We keept on our jackets and took our seats until the class came in. We were all smiles and nice, and even Chet gave me a peck on the cheek because he was also in this class. He had no idea what was going on, as normally our group sits near his so I can pass notes; but I also had made deliberately sure he couldn’t see what we were going to be up to

It was to be a test today, so Mr Halston came in, took our attendance and then shut the blinds on the window. He then went and sat behind the desk and poured himself into his notes. When the pencils started scribbling on papers throughout the class, the three of us girls took of our jackets and got to work.

The outfits we had put on during study break were our finest schoolgirl slutware. White blouses loosely tined at our midriff, as usual mine were nearly bursting from the confined of the tight cotton being already a 32DD at 16 years of age. Faiths freckled perky 32B boobs were fine, and Hope’s creamy white 34D’s filled out hers nicely. Our skirts were extremely short barely covering our crotches when we sat down. We wore matching knee-high white socks and running shoes. Naturally no underwear was involved.
About 10 minutes into the huge ass test the three of us stopped, winked at each other and went to work. I sat in the middle and Faith sat on my right and Hope on my left. Hope casually worked her ahnd unde my desk and lifted my skirt up and started rubbing fingers up and down my labial lips, just enough to send me tingling and my juices flowing. Faith let out a soft cough which turned heads casually our direction, but with the low shelf none of the class could see us from the head down.

Mr Halston could see us alright though, he looked up and looked in our direction, then did a double take. The three of us stared directly at him to watch his reaction. His eyes were fixated directly at my crotch for a second and when we looked up to my face with a flush, it looked like he was going to say something, but I just gave him a sly wink. Hope leaned forward on leaned her head on her free hand on the desk and also gave him a wink.

He shut his mouth and just continued to stare, then look away then stare back. He gulped Hope meanwhile was beginning ti dip her fingers into my juicy pussy. Faith reached a hand across and pulled lightly on the knot tying my blouse together. My breasts burst free and stuck out proudly. I made a false “O” look on my face as my tis sprung out, Faith then leaned over and flicked her tongue across one of my nipples getting it hard and erect.

You could see Mr Halston visibly changing colour as he watched our antics which were done in complete silence. He was definitely transfixed.

Faith then leaned more in and started suckling very softly and gently on my nipple , whilst Hope was finfering my pussy. It was very exciting and I was quite turned on already. Mr Halston was actually beginning to sweat watching our show.

Hope stuck another finger into me and then I felt Faith’s fingers work their way down and start rubbing my clit to a a swollen state. This was actually going to make me cum if they didn’t back down. But they didn’t

So I bit my finger hard and shook and trembled, kicking out my legs a bit as I came swiftly and silently right there in the middle of English class. Mr Halston’s mouth just dropped open an inch in disbelief.

My wicked friends Hope and faith stopped their ministrations and I reached over and gave them both nipple pinches as punishment for getting me off instead of just teasing the teacher. Then we moved our plan into the next phase.

We fished out our identical purple 10 inch dildos and displayed them proudly to the very red Mr Halston. We planted them base down on the desks before them and began to give them the dirtiest blowjobs we could give and stay quiet. Anyone looking for the sides would have just seen the backs of three girls heads in the middle of an English test, hardly anything report there.

We licked them up and down, swirling our tongues around the shafts, we even tried to see how much we could throat without gagging. Hope, the show off went nearly nose down to the desk. Faith and I were just a few inches short. Then Faith and Hope bent over my desk and the three of us ran all our tongues all over the big fake dick.

All the time we kept our eyes locked to Mr Halston so that he could see this show was solely for him. Then Hope pointed at him , and then pointed at the dildo the three of us were triple teaming. He looked shocked and quietly pointed to himself with a surprised look on his face. We winked back and stopped sucking on the dildo and nodded back to him.

We stopped our blowjob on the fake penis with each of us giving it a final kiss and then we grabbed our own and moved them under the desk. We rubbed ours up and down our respective pussies before pushing them in. We gave a great show of us fucking our pussies with these big fake cocks for the next 25 minutes or so, reaching over every now and then to rub each other’s clits. We didn’t go gangbusters enough to set each other off, just to keep constantly aroused and to give him the show of his life.

About 10 minutes before the end of class, we stopped our shows and buttoned up or clothes and straightened up a bit. We then each took out a magic marker and wrote down the same big note on a pice pf paper and showed it to him it said “ KEEP US AFTER CLASS”. We waited untill he nodded assent.

The bell rung and he stammered something about bringing tests up to the class. Chet came by and gave me a peck on the lips and complimented my blouse and left.

“ Charity, Hop, and Faith..could you ..umm.. stay after class for a few minutes?”, he squeaked out.

When the last of the class was out, we got up out of our desks and moved towards Mr Halston who was still planted behind it.

“ Faith, lock the doors, Hope, get the lights”, I commanded marching straight to Mr Halstons desk. The girls sprung into action and di as I commanded. I grabbed Mr Halston by the tie and pulled him straight up out of his desk and leaned across the desk to him. I kissed him weltly on his lips and stuck my tongue down his throat.The girls were back from their tasks and I pulled away.

“ Time to fuck us good Mr Teacher”, I smiled wickedly and pulled him further by the tie onto the desk. Faith and Hope rolled him over onto his back and quickly took off his balet and and undid his pants. I crawled up on the table and straddled Mr Halston’s face and lowered by bare teen twat to his lips.To his credit he wasted no time attacking my clit with his tongue, like a man who hadn’t had a decent meal in a month.

From my perspective I could see that my redhead and brunette grilfriends already his naked cock sprung out in the open. By the sheer number of cocks I had stuffed in my holes the last 7 months or so, I could tell he was a good seven incher. Faith and Hope quickly went to town on his dick, slobbering all over it like a pornographic candy cane

He groaned under me and paused, “ I didn’t tell you to stop licking Mr Halston”, I commanded him and he went back to work
Damn he was a good pussy eater and I rubbed my pussy all over his face. He paid attention to all of my pussy, running his tongue up and down my labial lips, trying to lap up my freely flowing juices. He even tried reaching up to play with my boobs, but I slapped them making him wait. It was around this point I began to get the idea that I would always slightly cuckold men who didn’t have huge dicks

After making me cum all over his face a couple times, I could tell by his heavy breathing that he was getting close as well. Hope and Faith were realy going crazy on his dick. Hope was doing her patented deep throat power sucking, going up and down his dick with her face right down to the balls over and over and over again. Faith was rolling his balls around with her tongue.

“ Not so fast Mr Halston, and slow down girls, I want to ride this dick of his”

The girls backed off leaving him hanging. I turned around and slowly moved down his body. First I let him suck on my big nipples

“ You’ve been fantasizing about my big tits all year, havent you?” I asked as I smothered him with my double d’s.

He murmured assent and then I gripped his spit slick cock in my hand and rubbed it up against my clit.Fuck that was good. Then I rubbed it up and down my slit, letting him throb against my juices. He even tried thrusting into me a couple times but I had the matter well in hands.

I slowly lowered myself onto him, letting him ease his dick into my ever slowly inch by inch untill he was resting balls deep in me.

“ Feels good, doesn’t it Mr Teacher”, Faith teased him.

Hope took up position behind us and started licking on Mr Halston’s balls.Faith leaned over and started sucking face with Mr Ralston while I grinded my hips into his

I began to pick up the pace riding his cock. I slowly moved up and down on his length inside me, going a little quicker each time. More and more I let slip out my churning depths as my pace quickened too. Faith reached between us and started rubbing my clit while I bounced up and down on his dick

Soon I was fucking him earnestly, his balls slaping wetly against my ass cheeks with each downward thrust. I grabbed his hands and squeezed his hands into my big tits. Faith climbed on top of his face and turned to me. We locked lips as I bounced up and down on his shaft. I trembled through a couple small cums as the cock and clitty fingering set me off.
We fucked like this for about 5 minutes, when I could tell he was getting close. Sweating a bit I slowed down and slowly got off him. He groaned under Faiths twat. She was flushed now too, her chest growing red like it does when she’s cummed. The man knew how to eat pussy, I had to give him that

He wanted to cum so badly, but we weren’t going to let that happen. The three of us got in a semi circle and blew onto his cock cool air to help him cool off. And whenever he tried pushing us to his dick he’s push us away. When he stopped heaving and panting, Faith eased herself onto his dick and Hope took her place riding his face. I then went and played with his hairy balls, teasing them and rolling around on my tongue.

We switched like for the next hour, brining him to the bring and then letting him dangle there desperately wanting to get off. Then we’d switch girls and do it all over again. We had all cum multiple times by this point and were plastered in as much sweat as the poor wrecked English teacher.

It was my 4th time riding Mr Halston’s meat and I decided now was the time. When he started getting close, I raised my self right off him with the excpetion of him leaving his dickhead in me.

I pushed his hands away from my dick and Faith away from his face and Hope off his ballls.

I looked down at him and grabbed one of my tits and leaned down and sucked on one oy hard nipples all the whilst looking him in the eye.

“ Give me an “A” and you can cum in my pussy”

“ Wha-what, huh, what?” was his staggered fuck drunk slurs

“ Give me and and my friends an ‘A’ and you can cum in my. Hot. Sixteenyear old. Cunt!”

“ Yes, fuck yes!” he cried out

Then I rode him hard like a woman possessed I bounced on him hard and brutal every time balls deep. Hope spanked my ass while I fucked him . In a few minutes we both came hard, him deep inmy twat and I scremead out loud that the whole school could have heard me if everyone hadn’t left already..

I leaned forward on him and kissed him deeply as cock slowly went soft deep inside my squeezing quivering pussy. I grudgingly pulled off him and his dick slid out. Hope then cleaned his pussy and cum covered dick clean like the oral whore she is.

We straightened up and I told him to make sure our deal was in place, we’d fuck him anytime he wanted to keep us after class. All he had to do was ensure we got straight A’s for the rest of the year in his class. He was more then fine with that as he lay naked in a very satisfied heap.
It was around 530 when we left the class and old Tyrone the black school janitor was out in the halls mopping. I had no doubt he heard everything, but he just smiled and gave us a dirty wink. We laughed and blew kisses back and headed home.

Mr Halston was true to his word and in return for intense fuck sessions a couple times a month and some half assed attempts at homework we got straight A’s for the rest of the year. The idea was such a good one we also successfully applied it to our Math and Science teachers as well. In return for barely touching homework we had a handful of extra fuck sessions every month which gave us more hometime and fun time.
It wouldn’t be forever before this scheme went on unnoticed, but the results were a lot less bad then you would think

But I’m thinking that’s a story for another time

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Love your stories keep them coming.


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badbabysitter, part 4 was a great addition to the Faith, Hope, and Charity story. I figured that a chapter like this was coming sooner or later even through you had gave readers hints. I like that you were consistent with this part as the previous ones. The action was great and well as the details that went with it. I can't wait until you post a part 5! Well done!

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