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Father and Brother give Megan a 20th birthday she will never forget.
It was my daughters 20th birthday. My daughter, Megan had to work a couple of hours at Hooters that night. My son and I decided to go in to see her and depending if she got early enough, we were going to take her out for a late dinner.

It was the first time I and her brother Lex had ever gone to see Megan at work. As we sat there, I looked around, of course, checking out all the other women who worked with my daughter. I started to think to myself that my daughter looked the best. As I watched my daughter, at some point my thoughts began to become lustful, incestuous thoughts. I noticed how great of a body my daughter has. She is 5'5", dark brown eyes, long brown hair, and a very nice tan. When she would come over to sit with us and talk, she would lean over. I did look at my daughters tits and as I did, I felt my cock become very erect. I tried not to look, not to have such dark, lustful thoughts about my daughter but my incestuous thoughts kept coming back. I could see that my daughter did not have any tan lines; I began to think of my daughter tanning naked. She has 36B tits; I know that from the bras I have bought her over the years. I would watch my daughter walk around, her very nice ass looked incredible in the tight Hooter shorts. My thoughts became even more incestuous when I would look up from glancing at my daughters tits and I would watch her mouth. As Megan talked to us, I noticed she had a very nice mouth, nice lips. I began to think about how good a cock would look in her mouth, my cock. That only made my cock harder.

I was hoping that neither my son nor my daughter caught me staring at Megan's tits. That is when I noticed that my son Lex was also staring at his sisters’ tits. When Megan walked away again I decided to test things with my son. I wanted to see if he was having incestuous, lustful thoughts about his sister Megan. "Maybe its me but I think your sister is the best looking woman in here." "I was thinking the same thing dad. Megan sure does look hot. I never realized how great of a body she has." My son then suddenly turned red, embarrassed by what he said and probably worried that I would get mad at him. "Oh I agree Megan does look hot. I bet all the men who come in here hit on her, probably hoping to take her home and sleep with her." "I'm sure they do dad. I know if she wasn't my sister...I would be trying the same." "I can't argue with you son. Megan sure looks sexy." at that point we both new, on a guy level, that we were each having lustful thoughts about Megan, incestuously lustful thoughts about her. After a while and more lustful eyeing of my daughter I turned to my son, testing a bit more his incestuous thoughts. "I doubt we will have time to take your sister out for a late birthday dinner." "You're right dad, it is getting too late." "It looks like we just end up going back to her dorm room to give her, her birthday presents." My son smiled and nodded yes to me, in a way that only a guy would understand, it was a lustful smile.

When Megan came back over, she apologized for not having been able to get off work when she thought she would be able to. I told her not to worry about it, these things happen. "Well Megan, I guess we will just end following you back to your dorm room and giving you your presents; if that is ok with you." "That would be great dad!" "Oh but wait, we won't be bothering your roommate will we?" My daughter just smiled her cute, beautiful smile and said, "Oh don't worry about her dad. My roommate won't be there, she will be over at her boyfriends' apartment all night." My son Lex asked his sister, "So you are there alone?" Megan turned to her brother and said yes, she was all alone. My daughter went off again I clearly saw my saw reach down and adjust his cock. I knew then that he had a raging hard on like I did and we were both thinking the same thing, we were going to fuck Megan! "That sounds good Lex, just you, me and your sister." My son looked at me and said, "Dad are you saying what I think you are saying?" "What, that I think we should give Megan two surprises after seeing her in that outfit." My son smiled at me and said, "Yeah, I got a nice hard surprise for Megan." "So do I Lex. Let’s hope your sister will want our surprises."

We followed Megan back to her dorm room. My son and I talked a bit more openly about but indirectly about what we had in mind. "That outfit Megan wears really makes her tits look good. I bet her stupid boyfriend likes to fuck them. I know I would!" I responded to my son by adding, "Megan sure has some tits for her body frame. But did you see her mouth, her lips and her pierced tongue? I bet she gives him great head. I wonder if Megan swallows." My son just nodded his head and then said, "She's got to swallow. I just know she does." We didn't say much else; if we did both of us would have jacked off in the car on the way over to her dorm. I had no idea how powerful, incestuous, lustful thoughts were, especially with a beautiful daughter. When we got to her dorm, my son and I carried her birthday presents, covering up our raging erections as we followed Megan. We both let Megan go up the stairs first so we could watch her tight, fine ass wiggle through the sweat pants she put on over her shorts.

When we got in her room we set the presents down, both of us quickly sat down to hide our incestuous hard-on's. "You look hot wearing those sweats over your hooters outfit. Why don't you take them off and be more comfortable Megan?" I said to my daughter. "Yeah you're right dad; I am hot wearing all of this. You two don't mind do you?" Both my son and I responded at the same time with an excited no. I nearly blew my load into my pants as I watched my own daughter just take off her sweat pants and shirt. We had a couple of beers as we watched Megan unwrap her presents. My son finally could no longer take it; the sight of his sister in her hot outfit drove him to the breaking point. "Damn Megan, I have to say you look fucking hot in that outfit!" Megan looked at me and then him with a shocked look on her face. "Ah...thanks Lex...I dad...thank you for the presents." "The presents aren't done yet. I think your brother has one more for you."

I watched as my son Lex, unzipped his pants and pulled his hard, long cock out. I stood up behind my daughter, getting ready to pull my long cock out of my pants as well. My daughter jumped up and began to back away from her horny, incestuous-lust filled brother. "Oh my god Lex! What the fuck are you doing! Put your cock away...what the fuck, I'm your sister!" I stood behind my daughter watching her slowly back up into me. I watched as my son ignored Megan, slowly stroking his cock as he moved closer to his sister. Megan turned around to face me, looking at me to stop her brother. She turned around, our eyes met and I could tell Megan saw the same incestuous lust in my eyes as she had seen in her brothers. I put my hands on her shoulders as Lex came up from behind her. My son wrapped his arms around my daughters’ waist, pressing his hard prick against Megan's ass. I touched my daughters’ cheek, as she looked at me with shock but with some excitement. "You are so beautiful Megan. Your brother is right; you do look very hot and sexy in that outfit." I took one of my hands and grabbed my daughters; I took her hand and placed it on the bulge in my pants. To my surprise she left her hand on my cock!

I ran my hands slowly down the sides of my daughters’ face, down her neck and running my finger tips on her bare skin exposed on the plunging neck line of her hooters top. My son spoke up in very lustful tone, "Do it dad! Do it!" I ran my finger tips down onto my daughters’ tits! I traced the outline of her tits with my finger tips. She let out a slight moan and bit her lower lip. "This is incest daddy." "I know Megan but you are such an attractive woman…a very beautiful, sexy daughter. Do you want us to stop Megan?” I continued to massage my daughters’ tits as I noticed my son was grabbing Megan’s ass. My daughter closed her eyes for a moment, losing herself in the incestuous, lustful feelings. “I don’t know dad…Lex…don’t stop right now.” At that point I decided or rather my incestuous thoughts decided for me to pull down my daughters’ shirt and ravage her tits! I grabbed hold of her shirt at the low neck line and pulled down. My son helped push it down her arms at the same time. Now my daughter was standing in front of me, pressed between her horny father and brother, in her orange shorts and bra. I glanced at my son and he knew what I wanted. Lex undid his sisters’ bra as I grabbed it and pulled it off of my daughter. My cock nearly tore through my pants at the sight of my daughters tits! They may be 36B but they looked great! They were tan, nice dark nipples and areola. I instantly grabbed Megan’s’ tits and began to fondle them. I pulled on my daughters nipples as she looked into my eyes. I could see her trying to fight off the incestuous lust she was feeling.

“Suck them dad!” My son lustfully hissed at me. “Fucking suck on Megan’s tits!” I couldn’t believe my own son was encouraging me to suck on my daughters tits but he was right. My daughters’ tits needed to be sucked and who better than her own father. I bent my head down, grabbing my daughters’ tits and I took her erect, hard nipples into my mouth. The moment my tongue lustfully danced across her nipples, I heard Megan let a lustful moan. I sucked on each of her perfect tits as hard as I could. I listened as my daughter moaned even more, ‘oh god…dad…oh please…don’t stop sucking my tits.’ I rubbed my face between her glorious mounds, licking and kissing my way all around my daughters’ tits. Sweat began to break out all over my daughters’ nice hard body. Megan placed her hands on my head, lightly holding my head on her tits. Suddenly she let out a loud scream of pleasure. I pulled my head away and saw my saw had slid a hand down the front of her shorts and was playing with his sisters’ pussy. My daughter began squirm and moan wildly between the two of us. I looked at my son as kept fondling my daughters tits, “How is your sisters’ pussy Lex?” “Oh my god dad! Megan’s pussy is so fucking wet and tight!” “I wonder how she tastes.” With that, my son removed his hand and licked his sticky fingers, “Fuck! She tastes great dad! I can’t believe how good my sisters’ pussy tastes!”

I reluctantly took my hands off of my daughters’ tits and placed them on her shoulders. Then I turned her around and offered her tits to my son. “Why don’t you suck on your sisters tits for a bit?” My son hands shot right up to Megan’s’ tits. He grabbed them and then moved his head, his mouth right to his sisters’ mouth watering tits. I watched my son pleasuring my daughters’ tits, I listened to my daughter moan and it made me hornier than I had ever been in all my life. I reached for my pants, undid them and let them fall to the floor. My underwear had a huge spot on the front from all of the pre cum that was coming out of my cock. I stood behind my daughter, watching her getting her tits sucked by her brother and began to jack off! My son saw me and as he flicked his tongue across Megan’s nipples he said, “You got dad jacking off! See how fucking hot you are Megan!” That was all I could take, I wanted more of my daughters’ body and I was going to have it.

I slid my hands into my daughters’ shorts; I grabbed a bunch of her tight shorts and pantyhose and pulled them down to her ankles! I could not believe how great of an ass my daughter had! Her ass cheeks were tan, round, firm. My son yelled out, “Dad, Megan shaves her pussy!” My daughter tossed her hair to one side and looked over her shoulder at me; her eyes were glazed over with incestuous lust. “Do you like what you see dad?” I just smiled at my daughter as wild, incredibly lustful thoughts raced through my mind. I pushed my daughter over, bending her at her sexy waist, instantly I grabbed my pre cum drooling cock and pressed my prick head in-between her ass cheeks as I pushed my way into her tight asshole. My daughter let out a scream but her brother quickly pushed his prick into her open mouth. I watched as my son began to fuck his sisters’ mouth as I began to fuck her tight ass. My daughter squirmed and moaned like a wild animal. My son’s cock popped out of her mouth, she quickly turned her head and looked back me. “Please stop daddy! Not in the ass, please! I’ll do anything else…I swallow cum, just not in my ass.” I stopped pushing my cock into my daughters’ ass and pulled my throbbing cock out of it. I looked at my son, “What do you think son?” “Fuck dad, I would rather have my sister swallow my cum any day! There is nothing like watching a woman, especially your fucking hot sister swallow loads of cum!” “Ok Megan, you heard your brother. I guess you will be swallowing cum…a lot of cum!” Both I and my son smiled lustfully and wickedly at each other. “Now turn around Megan and suck your brother off while I have some fun with your pussy.”

I got down on my knees and began to lick my daughters’ wet, sweet pussy from behind. She let out a moan of pleasure as her brother turned her head around with one hand and presented his prick with the other. I watched as my daughter stuck her tongue out and my son slid his cock into her waiting mouth. My daughter squirmed under the attack my tongue gave to her pussy. She moaned as best as she could as her mouth went up and down on her brothers’ shaft; her lips sealed tightly around his hard prick. After a few minutes of licking my daughters’ pussy I decided I wanted a bit more. I quickly stood up and pressed my cock head against her tight pussy lips. Then I slid my prick into my daughters’ pussy. I let out a loud ‘oh fuck’! I was pleasantly surprised at how tight, wet and hot my daughters’ pussy was. I went wild and began to fuck the hell out of her pussy. I lustfully told my son his sisters pussy was incredible, the pussy that I had ever fucked! Both my son and I fucked Megan hard and fast. I know my daughter had never been fucked that wildly, that lustfully by any guy before. The only incestuous thoughts I had were fucking my daughter and cumming in her again and again and again. By this time, my son and I were so turned on with our wild, incestuous thoughts about my daughter it was not long before we both ready to blow our cum loads. At first, I really thought about cumming in my daughters’ pussy but then I thought there would be plenty of time for that. I really wanted to see my daughter on her knees taking her fathers’ and brothers’ cum load in her mouth.

As I pounded her sweet pussy I asked my son if he was ready to cum. “Oh god yes dad. I can’t hold it much longer! Fuck this is the best blow job ever!” I quickly pulled my cock out of my daughters tight fuck hole. As soon as I did, Lex yelled out, “Get down on your fucking knees Megan!” He grabbed his cock and with just one stroke on his prick he erupted with a huge spurt of cum. I was impressed with how much cum came out of my sons’ prick. My daughter was not ready for such a quick eruption of cum, as his first blast of white cum splattered on my daughters’ cheek and chin. I watched as my own daughter opened her mouth for my son, her brother; giving him a nice target for the remainder of cum load. I moved around to get in front of my daughter, all the time jacking myself off and watching my son blow his cum load into his sisters’ mouth and all over her beautiful face. When he was done he made Megan suck the remaining cum out of his prick before letting me have my turn at my daughter. “Open up Megan and stick out your tongue for daddy.” My daughter looked so fucking hot and slutty as she stuck her tongue out. She had my sons cum still all over face and chin. I placed my prick head on her tongue, just in front of her tongue piercing. “Do it dad! Do it! Cum in Megan’s mouth!” Just as my son got finished saying that to me, I sent my first stream of cum spurting into my daughters’ mouth. As it hit her tongue piercing I watched it splatter all over the rest of her tongue, her mouth and down her throat. “Oh yeah Megan…take my cum! Swallow it! Swallow it all. Swallow all of your daddy’s cum!” I had never felt as much lustful pleasure as I did watching my cock spit cum out into my daughters own waiting mouth! It was the best ejaculation I ever had and I knew I was going to have more with my daughter. I took my cock off of my daughters tongue, allowing her to close her mouth and swallow the cum load my son and I blew in there. As Megan swallowed the cum in her mouth, her brother moved up close to his sisters' face with his cock in his hand. He began to rub his prick head around on his cum load he blew on to his sisters’ face. I began to do the same with the cum he left on her chin. Then we offered our cum covered prick heads to Megan. We watched with intense incestuous pleasure as Megan licked and sucked our prick heads clean. It was really incredible watching her lick and suck her brothers’ cock and then mine!

My son and I watched Megan finish off the last of the cum load her brother left on her face. Then without a word I gently pushed my daughter down on the floor, laying her on her back. I told my son to pull her shorts and panty hose off; which he very happily did. “Let’s suck on your sister’s tits for a bit.” I laid down on one side of Megan, Lex laid down on the other side of his sister. We both grabbed her nearest tit; at first we just fondled them, pulling on erect nipples. We listened to Megan moan, biting her lower lip. Then, almost simultaneously we moved our mouths right to her nipples, taking them into our wet mouths. I watched as my daughter writhed around as I and her brother licked and sucked on nipples. We lustfully fondled and licked her tits. My son looked over at me and said, “Let’s finger Megan’s little pussy. I wanna hear my sister get off!” Both my son and I took our free hands and moved them down to my daughters’ wet pussy. I began to rub her clit as her brother stuck a couple of fingers into her pussy and began to finger fuck his own sister. I watched as my son wildly fingered his sisters’ pussy, making her moan louder and louder. Of course the louder my daughter moaned, the hotter our incestuous lust grew, so the more we sucked on her tits and played with her pussy. My son slid his fingers out of Megan’s pussy and stuck them in his mouth. At that moment I slid my fingers into my daughters’ pussy and gave her fingering that only a lustful father could give his sexy daughter. “Damn Megan, you taste so good.” Lex said to his sister. Megan seemed a bit lost in her pleasurable lust and she did not respond. Then my son shoved his fingers back into his sisters’ pussy along with mine. My daughter let a loud scream of pleasure and began to wildly writhe around on the floor. This only encouraged her brother and I to finger fuck the hell out of her, while lustfully sucking on her tits. Soon my daughter bucked her hips then arched her ass off of the floor as she came all over her fingers. That was incredibly horny watching my own daughter have an orgasm, especially knowing it was her brother and I who gave it to her. By now both of our cocks were ready for action again. I was sure my son wanted to cum again as badly as I did.

“Why don’t you fuck your sisters tits, while eat her out.” I said to my son. Megan looked at us and said, “Fuck my tits?” Her brother responded by saying, “What’s the matter sis. Hasn’t any guy fucked your tits before?” “No…I have never had a guy want to that to me.” I looked at my daughter and said, “Megan, you will enjoy it. Your tits are so nice, they need to be fucked!” My son quickly got up, straddled his sisters body placing his hard prick between her tits. I watched has he grabbed my daughters’ tits and pushed them against his cock. Then my son began to fuck his sisters tits, I could tell by how quickly he was doing it, he wanted to cum all over Megan again. I couldn’t blame him; I knew I wanted to cum all over my daughter again too. I moved down between my daughters legs, pushed them apart and buried my face in her wet, sweet pussy. I tongue my in deep into my daughters’ wet pussy, savoring every drop of her sweetness. My daughters’ pussy tasted so good; I thought about how I could lick her every day. As my tongue darted in and out of her pussy, as it ran along her pussy lips and flicked across her clit, Megan moaned and writhed around again. My daughter clamped her thighs around me, keeping my head and tongue right where it could give her them most incestuous pleasure. I lost myself in eating out my daughter but I still was aware enough to listen to my son and all the lustful, dirty things he was saying to his sister as he fucked her tits. “Oh yes Megan…fuck your tits are awesome! Those other guys were stupid if they didn’t want to fuck your tits! Your tits feel so fucking good with my cock between them. I can’t wait to see what they look like with my cum all over them!” “Oh god don’t stop daddy! Oh yes lick my pussy…I get my pussy juice all over your face! Lex, do it! Fuck my tits! Fuck them Lex! Be a good brother, fuck my tits and cum all over them. I want to feel your hot cum all over them!”

My son and I went at Megan with wild lustful abandonment. Our incestuous lust was out of control as all we wanted to do was to make my daughter, his sister, moan with pleasure as well as blowing our loads all over her. Megan began to moan louder and louder, she groaned out she was going to cum. At that moment she raised her hips up, wrapped her legs tightly around my head pulling me closer to her pussy. I lapped at my daughters’ wet pussy like a thirsty wild man. My daughter let out a loud moan and I could feel her pussy release all of her sweet juices. I could not believe how great my daughters' pussy tasted, as well as it made me feel so dirty for licking her pussy. But as I kept licking her sweet, mouth watering pussy juice I could feel my cock growing hard again with incestuous lust.

My son grunted out loud, "Fuck I'm gonna cum all over your tits Megan!" I wanted to watch my son cum all over my daughters tits so after my daughter relaxed her legs from around my head I got up and moved around to where I could watch my son fucking his sisters tits. It was really hot watching my son fucking Megan's tits. My son was really fucking his sisters tits hard, his cock was bright red and I knew he was about to blow his load all over her. I grabbed my daughters’ tits so my son could fuck them even better. "Come on Lex, fuck her tits! That's it; fuck your sisters’ tits! Blow your load all over your sisters’ tits!" Megan was raising her head up to watch her brother fucking her tits and to watch me, her father, holding her tits for Lex to fuck. "Oh yes Lex, please do it. I love this! Please fuck my tits more. I want you to cum all over them." It made my cock even harder listening to my daughter encourage her brother to fuck her tits. It was becoming harder for my daughter to keep her head up; with the continuous pounding her brother was giving her tits.

"Megan, hold your tits for you brother." I said to my daughter. I moved around to my daughters head and knelt down behind it. I lifted Megan's head and placed it on my lap so she could watch her brother fuck her tits and then cum all over them. My cock slapped up against my daughters' cheek. Megan turned her head slightly and began to lick my prick head as she watched her brother getting closer and closer to blowing his load. My daughter tried to take my cock into her mouth but if she did she would not be able to watch her brother cumming. "Megan, just lick my cock. There will time later for you to suck my cock later. Just watch your brother. Look at how much pleasure he is having fucking your nice tits. Just watch your brother when cums all over you." My daughter wildly danced her tongue around my throbbing cock head, lapping up all of my pre cum. I could have shoved my cock down my daughters’ throat and happily blew my load down it but I had other plans for my cock. I knew deep in mind that I would let my daughter suck my cock until I got off but that would be later in the evening.

My son got this wicked gleeful look on his face; I knew he was going to cum. I listened to my son moan, his eyes glazed over; I leaned and whispered to my daughter; "Your brother is going to cum." Right on cue I watched my son's cock explode with a nice stream of white cum. His prick head spat cum all across of his sisters chest and throat. As he pulled his cock down between Megan’s' tits his prick erupted again with another spurt of cum. "Cum on her tits!" I yelled at my son. Lex quickly grabbed his cock and jacked off another couple of smaller spurts of cum onto my daughters tits. "Look at what you made your brother do Megan. Look at all that cum you made your brother ejaculate all over your tits. How does it feel?" My daughter gaze was fixed on her brother's cock spewing cum all over her tits. After he was done, my daughter answered me. "It feels so sticky and hot on my tits. I didn't know I guy could cum so much from fucking tits!" "Not just any tits Megan. A sisters pair of tits because it is so wrong, it's dirty and hot all at the same time. Now why don't do you thank your brother and suck his cock dry." My son moved up to my daughters' head and placed his cum covered prick head to her lips. "Come on Megan, clean my cock off!" My son demanded of his sister. We both watched as Megan hesitantly opened her mouth and let her brother slide his prick into her mouth. My son shoved his cock all the way into her mouth. "Now suck it! Suck it Megan!" My daughter bobbed her head up and down on her brothers prick, licking and sucking all of the cum off of it. "Yeah that's it Megan. Fuck your lips so good around my cock!" My son lustfully said to my daughter.

Lex pulled his prick out of her mouth, freshly cleaned of all of his cum. He looked at all his cum all over his sisters’ tits, chest and throat. He smiled wickedly and asked me if she was going to clean up his cum. "No Lex, not yet. I have something else in mind for you sister." Which I did, something I saw in my daughters room gave me dirty thought but I wanted to add my cum load to my sons first. I stood up and looked at my son, as my hard red prick oozed pre cum down on to my daughters face. "Why don't you eat out your sisters’ sweet pussy before we fill that fucking tight hole of hers with cum." My son smiled with an incredibly lustful, incestuously wicked smile and darted right for Megan's pussy. I straddled my daughters’ body, taking in her very hot, tan hard body. I got down on my knees; it was my turn to fuck my daughters’ tits. I placed my cock between my daughters nice sticky cum covered tits. "Press those tits against my cock so I can fuck them!" My daughter hesitated but began to moan as my son dug his tongue into her sweet pussy. "Daddy....are you serious...ooh are going to fuck me?" "Oh hell yes Megan! What did you think? That my quick little fuck of your pussy early was it? Oh fuck no Megan! A nice, tight, hot wet pussy like yours needs to be fucked! There is no way I am going to pass up fucking a pussy as good as yours. Now listen to your dad and press your tits together so I can fuck them!"

My daughter did what I said and pressed her 36B tits together so I could start to fuck them with incestuous vengeance. I let out a nice moan of pleasure as I began to pound my daughters’ nice tits. My son pulled his head up from his sisters’ pussy. "Like her tits? Don't they feel great around your cock?" I turned around and looked at my son laying between my daughters legs. "I can see why you came so much. I going to love fucking Megan's tits. How do you like your sisters’ pussy? Taste's fucking good doesn't it?" "Oh hell yes dad. I could eat Megan out all night." With that we both went back to our incestuous pleasures; my son enjoying the taste of his sisters' pussy and I enjoying the feeling and sight of fucking my daughters tits. As I fucked my daughters’ tits harder and faster I knew I was not going to last long. Like I really cared, all I wanted to do was blow my load as fast as possible so I could get hard again to fuck my daughter.

A couple of times I looked behind me to see what my son was doing to my daughters’ pussy. I could tell what ever he was doing, his sister was enjoying by the way she was wiggling around, moaning and keeping her eyes closed enjoying her incestuous pleasure. I saw my son fingering her tight pussy as he ran his tongue up and down her pussy lips and clit before driving his wagging tongue into his sisters’ wet pussy. I became even more excited looking down at my daughter, seeing cum all over her. She looked so fucking hot and slutty with my son's cum all over her. I couldn't wait for what I had in mind after I came all over her next. I pounded my cock between Megan's tits faster and faster. I guess it was apparent to my daughter that I was getting closer cumming. She opened her lust filled eyes and said to me, "Daddy will you jack off all over my tits. I liked watching Lex do that." I just grunted at my daughter then I said "Fuck yes!"

My son brought his sister to another great climax which made me unable to fuck her tits due to how much my daughter was arching her back and writhing around. Megan let out a loud scream of delight as she released her sweet fuck juice all over her brothers' tongue and fingers. My son kept lapping at her pussy, making her continue to moan and scream with incestuous pleasure. My when my daughter recovered from her orgasm I told her in lustful voice to open her eyes and watch. I grabbed my cock and began to stroke it wildly, looking from my daughters eyes to her tits and back to her eyes. It did not take too long for me to cum. I loved it; I loved cumming all over my daughter! I watched as my cum spurted out of prick and splattered all over her tits. I made sure I hit both of her nice tan tits, getting gobs of hot cum on her nipples. I blew cum between her tits as well. I wanted to keep cumming on my daughter but unfortunately that was not possible. When I was done I looked down at my daughter with a lustful, dirty incestuous sense of satisfaction at all the cum I blew all over my daughter.

"Just lay there Megan." I said to my daughter as I got up. I first moved to my daughter head, "Open your mouth and suck the rest of my cum out." My daughter opened her mouth and I shoved my cock into her wet mouth. "Oh yeah, that's it! That's how you suck your fathers cock. Suck it dry!" After a minute or two of watching my daughter suck my cock I stood up and went over to her desk. My son and daughter watched me, wondering what I was doing. I grabbed what I saw early and came back to my cum covered daughter. I knelt down next to Megan and told my son to kneel down on the other side. I took my hand and showed everyone what I had, a shot glass. "So Megan, you like to do shots. Well I have shot for you to do." I took the shot glass and ran it across my daughters’ chest, scooping up as much cum as I could. My son smiled wickedly knowing now what I had in mind. I held the shot glass up to my daughters’ lips. "Come on Megan, do a nice cum shot for us!" At first my daughter did not want to but then I reminded her of what she said earlier. "Megan, take the cum shot! Remember you said if we didn't fuck your ass you would swallow all the cum we wanted you to swallow. So get to swallowing or else your brother and I will bend you over and take turns fucking your nice, tight ass!" My daughter opened her mouth and I put the shot glass to her lips and emptied it into her mouth. My son and I watched as Megan swallowed the shot of cum. My son asked her if she had any booze hidden, she told him where it was and he got. My son put some in it and had her drink again. Then my son took the shot glass and scooped up his own shot of cum for his sister to drink. He handed it to her and told her to do it.

We watched as my daughter wrapped her lips around the shot glass and then tilted her head back, holding the glass in her mouth. We watched as our cum slid out of the glass and into my daughters mouth. She swallowed it and we gave her another small sip as a reward. Then we told Megan to lick her tits clean. My son and I watched as Megan sat up, grabbed her tits and licked our cum off of them. She licked and sucked on her own tits, enjoying the taste of our cum, her sweat and the alcohol. My son and I played around with Megan’s tits and pussy for the next 30 minutes or so. We wanted to make sure we were ready to really give Megan a good fuck. My daughter just assumed that we were just playing with her to watch her squirm, make her moan as well as to make her cum again and again.

“So Lex, are you ready to fuck your sister?” I asked my son. “Hell yes dad! I have wanted to fuck her for a long time!” My daughter looked up at us with a surprised look on her face. “Oh my…dad, Lex are you seriously going to fuck me?” My son and I did not answer her; we just grabbed Megan and carried her over to her bed where we laid her down on her back.

I got up on the bed; quickly moving myself between my daughters spread legs. I moved closer to her tight pussy, my erect cock in my hand. My son sat down next to his sister with his hard prick in his hand. I took my cock and slapped on my daughters’ clit a couple of times. Pre cum splattered out of my piss slit, landing all over my daughters clit and stomach. Megan looked at me; her erect nipples were standing up like little flagpoles. Then I took my cock and pressed my cock head against my daughters’ wet pussy lips. "'re really going to fuck me!" I glanced up at my daughter, "A pussy like yours needs to be fucked; fucked good, often and hard. Hell yes I am going to fuck you and then when I am done your brother is going to fuck you next."

At that point I looked down at my cock and pressed my prick head between her tight, wet pussy lips. I watched with such incredible incestuous, lustful delight as my cock disappeared into my daughters’ pussy. I let out a loud 'fuck' as my cock buried deep into my daughter. Her pussy felt so hot, tight, wet and velvety around my cock. I was really going to enjoy fucking my daughter. I began to thrust my cock in and out of my daughter at a very quick, hard pace. Everyone could hear my balls slapping against my daughter. I got lost with in a minute of fucking my daughter, in an incestuous, lustful haze. All I knew was how good my daughters’ pussy felt around my cock. I listened to my daughter moaning and I fucked her faster. I watched my daughter's tits bouncing around with each thrust of cock so I fucked her even harder. My son was slowly jacking himself watching me fuck his sister. I didn't blame him, Megan looked so hot, writhing around on the bed, and I would be jacking off too watching my daughter getting a good fuck.

"Fuck her dad! Fuck Megan! Give it to her good! Look at her writhing around, moaning like a hot little slut! I can't wait until I can fuck her next!" My daughter looked up at me, then at her tits. She began to massage them, pulling on her nipples then she bent her head down and began to lick and suck on her nipples as I fucked her harder and harder. "OH YES! OOOH YESSSS! FUCK ME! FUCK ME GOOD DADDY! FUCK ME HARDER....UUHHH MAKE ME CUM DADDY. OH...OH YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD INSIDE OF ME!" "LEX! Suck on your sisters tits!" I yelled at my son. My son quickly bent down and began to happily suck on his sisters tits. She moaned even louder than before. "That's it Lex! Shit, your sister loves it! She loves getting fucked and having her tits sucked at the same time! Her fucking pussy is so wet and tight now." Then my daughter began to play with her clit. She looked down at her clit and my cock pounding her nice tight pussy over and over again. She looked up at me with her own incestuous, lustful look on her face. "That's it daddy, keep fucking me. I wanna cum the same time you do! Fuck me! Fuck me daddy! Come on! Fuck me harder! Oh yeah...that's it! Oh yes! Keep fucking me like that! Lex suck my tits! Oh yes please suck my tits!" There was no way I would last that long fucking my daughter. Her pussy was so fucking good! I could feel my cock begin to swell as I felt my cum load beginning to build up. I sped up my pace, fucking my daughter faster, faster.

"Oh yes Megan! I'm gonna fucking cum! Oh shit I'm gonna fucking cum in your pussy!" "Come on daddy, fuck me! Fuck you daughter! Come on you incestuous pervert, fuck me! Do it daddy, cum! I know you want to cum for me! Oh yes daddy, I'm gonna cum too!" After a couple more thrusts my prick into my daughters' pussy was all that it took for me to finally cum. I could feel it building up in my loins and I was not going to hold back. I let out a loud, lustful, incestuous filled groan of pure animalistic pleasure as I shot my wad into my daughters’ pussy. At the same time, my daughter's pussy began quiver as she experienced her own mind blowing orgasm. My daughter let out a loud moan of lustful pleasure. Then she yelled out "Oh god, you are coming inside of me!" as she felt my first spurt of cum jet up inside of her. I pounded another spurt of cum into her tight, wet pussy before I very quickly pulled my cum spurting cock out. My cock spat out another surge of cum across her clit and lower stomach. "SIT UP MEGAN!" I yelled at my daughter. As my daughter sat up, I got up quickly stroking my pussy wet cock. My daughter knew exactly what I wanted to do, so as she sat up, she opened her mouth. I shot the remaining amount of my cum wad into my daughters inviting mouth. Then I let her suck my cock dry, enjoying the flavor of my cum mixed with her sweet pussy juice.

I turned to my son who was sitting next to Megan's bed; "It's your turn Lex. Give your sister a good fuck." My son leapt up out of the chair and jumped onto the bed. He grabbed his sister around her waist and quickly flipped her over. "Get on all fours Megan. I want to fuck you doggie style." My daughter got up on her hands and knees as her brother positioned himself behind her. I sat up on the bed, spreading my legs so my daughter was positioned between them. My son wasted no time in ramming his cock into his sisters' pussy and then began to fuck her good. My son let out a loud moan of pleasure as he pressed his cock into my daughters’ very nice pussy. "OH FUCK! Your pussy is fucking awesome Megan! Shit, I'm gonna love fucking you!" My son grabbed his sister at her waist and then began to fuck her like a wild, lust filled brother. I looked at my daughter, I saw the forbidden pleasure she was feeling as her brother fucked her. Her tits bounced around nicely with each thrust of my sons cock into her tight pussy. She moaned and groaned with wild, incestuous pleasure. Her brother grabbed her long brown hair, holding like it was the reigns on a horse. My daughter tilted her head back; her eyes were glazed over with lustful pleasure as her brother continued to fuck her hard and fast. My own cock was becoming engorged from the incestuous sight I was watching.

I began to slowly stroke my cock, watching my son and daughter fucking. I then slapped my cock against my stomach, making it even more erect. "Lex, let go of your sisters hair. I have a use for her head and pretty mouth." My son smiled lustfully at me and let go of his sisters’ hair. I wagged my hard prick around in front of my daughters face. "Do you like getting fucked by your brother?" "Oooh yes." "Tell you brother you like it, tell him how you want him to fuck you." "Fuck me Lex! Fuck me hard! Harder...faster...don't stop! Please keep fucking me!" " you want me...ooh you want me to suck your cock?" "Yes Megan. Suck my cock, suck it good. Show me how much you love your father's cock." I put my hand on the back of my daughters head but I didn't even have to push her head down to my cock. My daughter bent her head down, opening her mouth and swallowing my cock whole.

It was such a great sight from there on out. My daughter was being pushed forward by her brother's intense pounding on her pussy with his prick. Her head kept bobbing up and down on my prick at the same time. "Oh yeah Megan...suck it! Suck my fucking cock! Lex, do you like fucking your sister?" "Fuck yes dad. I could fuck her every day! I'm not gonna last long, her pussy is so fucking tight and wet." "Don't hold back son, just fucking cum in your sisters' pussy when you want to. Oooh shit Megan...fuck, you are so good at cock sucking!" I watched my daughter with such intense incestuous lust as my cock kept disappearing into her mouth. She worked her tongue all around my prick and prick head. The noise's that could be heard were my son grunting as he fucked his sister, his balls slapping against her. My daughter moaning with delight and the wet sucking noises coming from her mouth as she lustfully worked on my prick. Since I had cum so much already, I knew I could last a while before I could blow another load of cum; so I could really enjoy my daughter sucking on my cock. My son on the other hand, was young and extremely horny. I knew he would not last too long fucking his sister.

My son began to moan out loud, "oh yes Megan...I'm gonna cum...I'm gonna fuck'n cum!" "Do it Lex, fucking cum in her nice pussy. Fill your sisters’ pussy up with cum!" My son did just what I told him to do. He tilted his head back, as his pace quickened even more. He grunted loudly, yelled out, "Here it comes! I'm cumming sis!" I could tell he was pumping his huge cum load into my daughters’ pussy. My daughter mewed like a kitten as I held her head on my cock. My son pulled his prick out of his sisters’ pussy and shot one spurt of cum across her ass and back. "Dad, I want Megan to clean my cock off." I told my daughter to sit up and to suck her brothers’ cock clean. My daughter sat up and repositioned herself so her pussy was close to my cock. I decided I wanted more of my daughters’ pussy, so I lifted her up and impaled her on my prick. Her pussy was so tight, wet and sticky with two cum loads. I didn't care, I was overwhelmed with incestuous lust; all I wanted was to fuck her. My daughter began to ride up and down on my prick as her brother stood up and held his cock out for her.

My daughter grabbed his pussy wet, cum covered cock and slid it into her mouth. I laved there watching my daughter ride up and down on my cock while sucking my son off. Her tits looked so good as they bounced up and down I reached up and began to fondle them. My son just looked down at this sister sucking his cock, "That's it Megan! Suck it, clean my cock off! Oh yes, that's it sis, you are such a fucking great cock sucker. Fuck, I want to blow another load into your mouth!" My son put both hands on my daughters head and began to slowly fuck her mouth. My daughter moaned louder and louder as she fucked my nice hard prick. This went on for five minutes or so; my daughter riding my cock and sucking her brother off. I noticed that my son stayed hard, so I knew he had one more cum load in him. My daughter fucked my cock until she got off. That was the only time she let her brothers prick out of her mouth; to scream out in pleasure as her pussy tightened up around my prick, covering it with her gooey, sweet pussy juice.

I told my daughter to get up off of my prick. She pulled herself up off of my prick and I quickly stood up, telling her to stay on her knees. I presented her my prick and told her to suck us both off. My daughter moved her mouth from my cock to her brothers and then back to mine again. As she had one cock in her mouth, she would stroke the other cock. My son and I lasted for a good amount of time, both of us just moaning and intently watching Megan suck our cocks. My son and I both blew our loads at the same time. We grabbed our cocks and began to jack off in Megan’s face. My daughter opened her mouth wide, sticking her tongue out. My son and I exploded with sticky cum. My son shot a huge stream of cum into his sisters’ mouth, as my first wad I blew onto her tongue and chin. We grunted loudly as we both kept jacking off, sending numerous spurts of cum into my daughters, his sisters, waiting mouth. We came so much, cum was dripping out of her mouth, down her chin and the sides of her mouth, dripping onto her chest and tits! I used my prick head to push all the cum covering Megan's tongue into her mouth. My daughter clamped her lips around my prick, sucking hard while she began to swallow the cum. She opened her mouth and my son then pushed his cock into his sisters’ mouth. Megan continued to swallow cum as she sucked us both dry.

When my son and I were done with Megan; we got off the bed, put our clothes on and headed for the door; leaving my daughter naked on her bed, with cum dripping down her face and on her tits. My son and I turned around to look at Megan one more time, then we both said, "Happy birthday Megan." Megan smiled at us as we shut the door.

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