Nightmare.........7:00 a.m. Friday, May 5.

Megan Reynolds got up for school as she did every morning, ahead of the alarm clock and her mother's urging. Megan was a good girl, the very picture of innocence at the tender age of 7. Her long, dark red hair fell almost to her slender waste, framing her pretty young face with its button nose and clear blue eyes. Her smile was the smile of a happy, innocent, well-adjusted little girl.
She slipped off her nightgown and went to her dresser to get her clothes. She didn't stop to look at her slim, four foot three inch frame in the mirror, with her tiny pink nipples and hairless, smooth pussy. Megan could not know that her pink nipples and hairless pussy would soon become the center of attention.
Megan selected a pair of clean white coton panties with little daisies on them from her drawer and slipped them on. She pulled on a pair of low white socks next, then slipped a short sleeve dark blue dress with flower patterns on it over her, affixing the small sewn in belt around the waist. The dress offered an excellent view of her shapely young legs, as it fell to only the middle of her slim thighs.
After putting a pair of patent leather black buckle shoes on her feet, she hurried into the bathroom to brush out her hair and add a couple of barettes to keep it back. She played with her earlobes, wishing she could wear earrings. Her mom said no, she was too young yet.
Back to her room so she could pick up her schoolbooks, then off to breakfast. She ate her cereal and washed it down with some milk, the kissed her mother and father good-bye.
I'm going over to Ashley's after school, mommy, she told her mother.
Take an umbrella. It's raining, her mother told her.
Megan grabbed an umbrella on the way out and skipped down the block to her best friend Ashley's house. Ashley was seven, like Mindy, with long blonde hair and was also very cute. Ashley's mom met her at the door.
Ashley's sick today, honey, her mother said. You can stop over after school to see her if you want.
Okay. Tell her I hope she feels better, Megan called, and skipped off.
It was only four blocks to school, a distance Megan traveled every morning, usually with Mindy. But today Megan would not get that far. Indeed, little Megan would never get to school.

7:35 a.m.

He looked calm, but hardly felt that way. His hands thrummed nervously on the steering wheel as he waited. He had chosen the street purposely because all the houses were either abandoned or occupied by low-income types who slept all day. He also knew that the young girls often came this way.
He'd watched them for weeks now. Sometimes they came in pairs or groups, sometimes alone. He wanted to get one alone, lure her in or get her close enough. Then...oh yes, then!
Suddenly, he spotted her. There were no other cars on the street--fortune was smiling at him. Forcing himself to stay calm, he shifted into drive.
She was young, pretty--he'd seen her before, a gorgeous little redhead. Shapely legs, a slim figure, the way he liked them. And young. Especially young.
Smiling, he pulled up alongside the curb.

5:00 p.m. Friday, May 5

Mrs. Reynolds glanced at the clock and then the dinner table, then to the phone. Megan knew to be home by dinner, or at least call. She was always such a good girl. Always on time, always polite.
Deciding maybe she'd gotten carried away playing and lost track of the time, she picked up the phone and dialed the Carter's house. After two rings Mrs. Carter picked up.
Bev? Hi, it's June. Is Megan there?
No June. I expected her to stop by tonight after school, but she never did. Ashley's been sick all day and--
Did you see her this morning?, June asked.
Yes, about her usual time. Why?
She's late for dinner. I'll try her other friends.
A frantic fifteen minutes later, June was dialing the police. She'd tried all of Ashley's friends and even the school, to no avail. She was beginning to fear the worst.
Living in a small town like Harper's Falls, June never felt she had to fear the usual things most people did. She'd told Megan maybe once not to talk to strangers, a few years back. The town was simply too friendly and she felt too safe to worry.
Now she was. After giving a description of Ashley to the officer on the line, she had to sit and wait for another officer to come over and take a statement. He arrived not five minutes later. He was young, with acne still on his face, and hardly looked a day past nineteen.
Alright, ma'am, I need a full description, he said in a very businesslike tone.
She's 7, four feet three inches and about sixty pounds, with waist length red hair and blue eyes. She had on a short sleeved dark blue dress with a floral pattern, white ankle socks and black buckle shoes. She was carrying a pink umbrella.
The officer jotted it all down. You looked around for her? You know how kids are, he said.
Yes!, June almost shouted. It isn't like Megan to not call if she's going to be late. I'm afraid...
Yep, looks like a kidnapping, the young officer said. Some pervert probably snatched her off the street, tied her up and he's raping her. We'll probably find her dead in a field someplace.
June blinked a couple of times. Had he actually just said that? Weren't police supposed to be sympathetic and understanding?
Excuse me, but this is my daughter we're talking about here!, June screamed.
Yes ma'am, the young officer sighed. And we'll look for her, I promise. He touched the brim of his hat and walked out. June remained where she was, gaping.

5:43 pm. Friday, May 5

Officer Brig climbed into his cruiser and radioed in the information, a sick smile crossing his face. He'd loved the look on the woman's face, enjoyed it. It was one reason he'd become a cop. Being a born sadist, he just loved to upset people.
Personally, he figured they'd never find the girl. If they did, she'd be dead anyway. The idea of it turned him on, a lot. Brig was not just a sadist, but a pedophile, too. In his opinion, little girls were just sex toys, meant to be used and thrown away. By thrown away, he meant killing them. Brig loved snuff films for that reason. He'd yet to kill a kid himself, but he'd raped his share of little girls. He was one mean bastard.
He was about to pull out when June rushed out with a photo. Here. It was taken last week, she said, handing it to him through his partly open window. Brig took it with a nod and examined it. What he saw turned him on. Megan was wearing a short sleeved white dress in it, and the skirt was short enough to see lots of thigh. If you looked closely, you could see up her skirt. That gave him a raging hardon. He needed to let it off. Yeah, tonight he'd do just that. He got off duty in a hour. Then he'd go hunt up a little girl, maybe just like Megan. He'd play bad cop and use her like a rag doll. Of course, he wouldn't do it here. The city was nearby. He'd go there. Nobody'd notice. Nobody ever did.

7:01 p.m. Friday, May 5

The house was filled with people. All of June's and Bill's friends had come over to help out anyway they could. An FBI agent and an officer from the state police were there, as well as an officer from the Harper's Falls police department. None of them talked like Officer Brigs. June was glad for that. At the same time, she didn't mention Brig's behavior.
The police had canvassed the neighborhood, and along with volunteers, had spent the last two hours searching, but there was no sign of Megan. One man--someone the police called hardly credible--had reported seeing Megan talking a man in a burgundy car. There had been a few sick prank calls, none of which checked out, from people wanting ransom for Megan.
All the while June was thinking about her own childhood. How one day she had been lured into a car by a nice man and his wife who had tied her up and used her preteen body for sex before finally letting her go. It bothered her she'd never considered it could happen here....


7:38 a.m. Friday, May 5

It wasn't raining hard, but Megan kept her umbrella up anyway as she skipped along the sidewalk on her way to school. She wished Ashley were there to talk to.
As she turned the corner, a big, burgundy car, like her daddy drove, pulled onto the street and up to the curb. The passenger door beside her opened.
Excuse me, called the driver, and Megan stopped politely. He looked like a nice man, pretty old though. His hair was gray and his face was wrinkled, but he was smiling and his gray eyes looked friendly.
I was wondering if you might like a ride to school. I'm going that way to see my niece, he said to her. You could show me the way.
Megan thought it over. It was starting to get windy, and the umbrella couldn't keep all the rain out. Yet she had heard you shouldn't get in cars with strangers.
Um, it's not far, just two blocks up, she said.
Why don't you get in and show me?, the man offered. I'll give you some candy.
I'd better not, Megan sighed.
Suddenly the man looked angry. He slid across the seat toward her. Get in, he snapped.
Megan stood there, frozen, as he started to slide closer to her.

7:30 p.m. Friday, May 5

Officer Brigs was off duty and out of uniform, but he still had his badge and cuffs. He also had his gun--a small, unregistered pistol he figured he might need tonight. He wanted cunt, and young cunt at that.
Driving the thirty miles from Harper's Ferry to the nearby city of Carlton, he'd fantasized about what was probably happening to little Megan Reynolds. He imagined some stranger tearing the girl's short blue dress off of her young body and slamming his cock hard into her tiny body. He almost came just thinking about it.
He hunted in Carlton about once a month, frequenting playgrounds and one of the two shopping malls, looking for young meat. He'd gotten mostly girls in their early teens so far, with a sprinkling of younger girls thrown in. Carlton was a big place but one of the poorer cities, so it wasn't unusual that a girl should be raped and couldn't remember who'd attacked her (he always made sure she couldn't, one way or another).
Tonight he was frequenting the playground near the elementary school. The rain had kept most of the kids away, but a few boys were playing basketball and a couple of young girls were on the merry-go-round. Those two he had his eyes on.
Both were young, about nine or ten. One wore jeans and a sweater, and had light brown hair; the other wore a checkered skirt and a white blouse with a red sweater, with short white socks and black leather shoes. She had long, straight, dark brown hair and a serious face.
Eventually the light-haired girl got up and left, opposite where he was. The boys left, too. As soon as they were gone, he got out and approached the girl.
Hi, he said, very pleasantly. What's your name?
Kelly, the girl answered.
How old are you, Kelly?
Ten, she answered.
Something wrong?
No. She didn't want to talk much. So he pulled out his badge. Her eyes grew wide. Am I in trouble?
Yes you are. You're out after curfew. Now come over here.
Kelly walked over. Am I in trouble for this, too?, she asked, handing him a note. There was something on it about her talking in class. He stuffed the note in his pocket and said yes.
Kelly, who stood only as high as his waist, looked at him nervously. If my mom finds out, she'll kill me, she whimpered.
Then maybe she won't, Brig said. This was what he needed. Now put your hands behind your back.
Kelly put her hands back and Brig snapped the cuffs on her small wrists. It felt incredibly satisfying. He led her to the car and helped her in. Now it was time to have some fun.

11:45 p.m. Friday, May 5

June lay awake in bed, worrying about Megan and remembering how she had been, as a little girl, abducted and raped.
She was eleven when it happened. That was 1975. June had grown up in a quiet suburb of Cleveland. She was the youngest and smallest of five children, being only a tiny 4' 3 as Megan was now and just shy of sixty pounds. Her hair then had been long, to about the middle of her back, and dark red like Megan's. Her eyes were hazel--Megan got her blue eyes from her father.
The day it happened, she could remember clealry, had been overcast and warm. She could even remember her clothes: a pink t-shirt with the words Palm Springs on front, a pair of white shorts with little bows on the peaked sides and white tennis sneakers. She'd been shopping with her mother and had gone off to look at dolls when a young woman had approached her.
Hi! My husband and I are kind of lost, and we were wondering if maybe you could help us out, she'd said. She was an attractive, tall woman with short blonde hair, dressed in bell-bottom jeans a halter top. June had said sure, she could help....
Our car is right over here, the woman said, leading June by the hand to a small silver car parked out at the edge of the lot. She could see a young man with wavy brown hair, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, sitting in the driver's seat. He gave her a friendly smile as she got in with the woman.
So, where you do want to go?, June asked.
Someplace we can fuck you, the man said, still smiling.
June didn't know what that meant. I don't understand.
The man put his hand on her bare thigh. You will. He looked at his wife. She's cute. Sexy. Good pick.
Thanks, the woman had laughed, and suddenly her hand was over June's mouth. June had struggled for a few seconds, then stopped when the man shoved his hand between her legs. It felt good and scared her at the same time.
By then they'd started driving. The man told June we're going to fuck your mouth, your cunt, your ass and the woman had felt her as the man did. About ten minutes later they'd pulled into a two-port garage where another car waited. The man told June we're going to tie you up now, be good and June started to cry. It didn't help. She was taken out of the car and told to stand still, the woman's hand still on her mouth, while the man picked up some rope...

7:42 a.m. Friday, May 5

Thinking she'd done something wrong, Megan quickly got into the car. Immediately the man was friendly. He tossed her books and umbrella in the back seat and shut the door. Thank you, he said.
For what?, Megan asked.
For making this so easy.
He turned away from the girl long enough to put more chloroform on the cloth tucked down next to his door, then turned back, shoving the cloth over her mouth and nose. The little girl began to struggle, and he had to grab her head and hold her tight while she thrashed. He loved every minute of it. Slowly her struggles ceased, and very soon her pretty blue eyes closed. He lowered her head into his lap and gazed over her longingly.
She was so small and pretty, so sexy. Her skirt had ridden up in her struggles, revealing more bare thigh and a hint of cotton panties. He looked down at her face, so peaceful in unconsciousness. He cheek was pressed against his throbbing cock. Soon, she'd get him off. Soon.
He shifted the car into drive again and took off. The chloroform would last an hour, tops, and he had to have her home and ready by then. He would bind and gag her, of course, since it was only right, but there were other steps to get her ready. He was going to do more than just rape this young child--he was going to steal her innocence, break her will, make her his, and then...
He didn't think much about that. Later, when he came to it. In the meantime he just drove, clearing the town limits six minutes later, according to schedule, heading out onto the rural back roads to his cabin. To the place he'd prepared for her, for her nightmare to begin.


11:51 p.m. Friday, May 5

As June lay awake remembering, more of her awful memories unfolded...
June stood very still as the man approached with the rope. The woman's hand fell away from June's mouth but she was too scared to scream. Suddenly she felt her wrists being pulled together, and the man went around behind her, and she could feel him tying them.
How old are you?, the woman asked.
Eleven, June answered.
Virgin, the man said. What's your name?
A strip of cloth was pulled between her teeth. She could feel them knotting it behind her head. She felt the man's, then the woman's hands move down her legs. More rope was tied around her ankles. Alright, take her, she heard the man said.
The woman lifted June easily and put her in the front seat of the silver car. The man got into the driver's seat of the other, which was dark blue. The woman got into the driver's seat of the silver one and pulled June's head down into her lap.
I think we'll have a lot of fun with you, the woman said, stroking June's cheek. She started the car and backed out. Bob just loves to have his cock sucked and I know you'll do it really good. Then you're going to eat my cunt and love it.
She didn't say much after that. After about ten minutes June was allowed to sit up. They were leaving the suburbs for the country. She recognized some of the route; it led to a small, private lake that her family sometimes went to in the summer. They'd been there just last week. It was quiet, and nobody bothered you there.
June cried the whole time. She didn't like the ropes that made her helpless or the gag in her mouth. She looked down at her bare thighs, pressed together, at the ropes around her slender ankles. She remembered the man and woman touching her legs, and felt lightly excited. Maybe that was all they would do. It wasn't so bad.
The woman reached over to stroke June's hair. You've got great hair. Such a pretty face. She stroked June's thigh. The little girl squirmed. She did kind of like that. The woman's hand moved up between her legs. June liked that a lot more, but she was still scared.
She wondered what they were going to do with her. She wondered what her mother would be thinking, probably searching the entire store for her now. She suddenly wondered if ever she'd see her mother again.
The woman turned the car onto the road that circled the lake. She drove for about a minute, then turned down another driveway. At the end was a locked gate, just like at her family's cabin. The woman got out and locked the gate, then got back in and drove them through.
They stopped in front of a cabin encircled by trees. June was still crying, and as the woman shut off the engine, she turned to the little girl and grabbed a handful of her hair, yanking it so hard June cried out.
Stop crying!, she snapped. You can cry later! We haven't even done it yet! June tried to stop crying, but it was too difficult, especially when the woman gave her hair another sharp tug.
Just then the man pulled in. The woman let go of June's hair and put on a smile. Oh goody. Bob's here. Now we can get started.
The man, Bob, opened the door and lifted little June out. Flinging her over his shoulder like a sack of grain, he carried her inside.
From her upside down position, blurred by tears, June could see the cabin was not much different from the one her parents owned. One floor, with a huge living/room kitchen with a big hearth, a sofa, and some chairs. The man dropped June into a sitting position on the sofa and stepped back. The woman produced a camera from over the mantel and began snapping photos of the girl.Enough, the man told her. It's time little June Bug here learns to fuck.
The woman nodded and bent down to untie June's ankles. June wondered what the man meant by learn to fuck. Her tears had quieted by now, curiosity giving way to her fear.
The woman helped her up and pulled her across the room. The man sat down on the sofa and June was turned to face him. He watched her as he undid the button of his jeans and unzipped his fly, pushing first the jeans and then his underwear down a little, letting his thing pop out.
June's eyes grew wide. She'd seen one of those before, when she'd accidentally seen her older brother getting out of the shower. Only this one was longer and thicker than her brothers and there was more hair around the base, peeking out of his undershorts. He motioned her over with a sick smile on his face.
The woman grabbed her neck and pushed her over to the man, forcing June to her knees between his spread legs. The man reached out and pried the gag out of June's mouth.
She stared at his thing for a second. It was so long and thick and veiny, and glistened with a light sheen of sweat. She could smell his man smell and saw a glistening drop of something at the top of it.
Suddenly the woman shoved June forward. The man guided the thing right into June's open mouth. The little girl choked as she was shoved onto it and it hit the back of her throat.
Let her up a little, the man said. The woman let up, and June stopped choking. The thing filled her whole mouth, stretching her lips to the limits. She wanted to bite down but was afraid.
Suck my cock, like a lollipop, the man told her. Do it!
June had a hard time imagining it as a lollipop and a harder time sucking it. It was too big. At least the woman helped, moving her head up and down. She hated it anyway, but couldn't cry. It was hard enough to breathe as it was.
No good, the man moaned. Let her suck my head, Linda. Let her suck my head!
The woman pulled June up until only the narrow top of her the man's thing--cock, she knew now--was in her young mouth. She sucked at it fiercely, and began to cry, now that she could breathe more easily.
Stop crying, Linda hissed, but June couldn't.
The man was moaning now. Oh yeah, baby, June Bug is great, he was saying. Ooooh, yeah. He put his hand on June's head. Yeah, that's it. Fuckin' yeah!
Can I lick you clean when she's done, baby?, Linda asked. Can I?
Shut up, cunt! I'm coming! June felt his cock swell in her mouth. He shoved her down, choking her, and something thick and warm came out and filled her throat. She choked and gagged, trying to swallow it. It just kept coming. She was almost ready to pass out when it finally stopped and the man pushed her away.
June rocked back on her knees, sobbing. Through a haze of tears she could see the woman snapping pictures. Then the man grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her back to his cock. Lick me off!, he demanded.
Sobbing and shaking, June licked the length of his shaft with his hand guiding the whole way. He made her lick and kiss the top again. He shoved her back to the woman, who got down on her knees and sealed her mouth over the little girls. June gagged as the woman's tongue shoved into her mouth, licking and darting everywhere. Then she was pushed back to the man, who did the same thing.
It's my turn!, the woman yelled. The man let go of June and she could see the woman was on the couch, pulling off her jeans and panties. A thick, tufted patch of blonde hair was between her legs. June saw it and thought of her own slit. Her's had no hair. Was this woman's different?
She soon found out. The man forced her down between the woman's spread legs and shoved June's face into the woman's wet muff. She gagged on the fishy smell that filled her nose. The taste wasn't much better and June felt sick.
Lick me, suck me!, the woman demanded. Eat my fucking cunt, you little whore!
June stuck out her tongue and licked. She couldn't see anything because her eyes were shut, but she could feel the soft insides of the woman's hair slit with her tongue, taste the bitterness of her juices. She tried to squirm away, but the man's hand was pushing her down too hard, and she had to lick.
It was hard to breathe. June got sicker and sicker and pretty soon she felt like she was going to pass out. Just as she was about to the woman let out a scream and a gush of smelly, bitter wetness filled June's mouth. She choked it down and pushed back as hard as she could.
I can't breathe!, she screamed, bursting into loud sobs. The gag was shoved back into her mouth, muffling her.
Give her here, the woman demanded. June was pushed into the woman's arms. While the woman held her tight with one arm, she jerked June's head up with her other hand. She looked pissed.
Don't you ever, ever, scream like that!, she snapped. You'll eat my cunt and like it! She slapped June on the cheek, not hard, but enough to sting. Got that?
June nodded. It was all so hard to understand for an eleven year old. So hard.
She didn't get to cry long before she was led into a nearby bedroom. The man threw her down on the bed and slapped her ass, hard. June let out a muffled shriek and began to sob even harder.
Now you cry your eyes out, he told her, because when I come back, I don't want you crying! You hear me?
June nodded. She felt so scared and sick and humiliated, she didn't think she could stop. On top of it all, she felt lonely. She wanted her mommy.
The man slapped her ass again and stepped out, slamming the door behind him. June lay there and sobbed, great wracking sobs that shook her whole body. Eventually, though, she started to calm down. She didn't want to have the man or the woman slap her again.
As her sobs quieted, she heard moans from the living room. Bob and Linda were doing something out there, and they seemed to like it. Linda was yelling, Yes, bury it! Yes!
June wished she could understand what was going on. Why were they doing this to her? She'd always been a good girl. She didn't deserve this. She found herself thinking of her mother and father and her brother Mike, and wondering what they were thinking now. She hoped she'd see them soon.
An hour or so passed before the door opened and Linda and Bob came in. Neither of them had any clothes on. June found her eyes drawn to Linda's chest, the way her nipples stuck out, like huge bumps. Her mother had bumps like that, but they were bigger.
Linda had her camera, and took more pictures. At the same time, Bob ran his hands over June's legs again. She felt the same excitement, fluttering in her tummy and between her legs. Bob put his hand up there, between her legs, and June felt the excitement grow. Suddenly he took it away and pulled her shorts down and off, leaving only her white cotton panties. Those he removed too. He licked one finger and ran it over the crack of her tiny slit, sending tiny shivers of excitement through her.
Linda pushed him out of the way and got up on the bed, spreading June's legs. June watched the woman lower her mouth to her tiny slit, felt her spread it open. June felt her woman's tongue slip inside, and the sensation was unlike anything she'd ever felt. She squirmed and moaned a little.
Sensitive bitch, Bob noted. He pulled June's t-shirt up and began to suck at her tiny pink nipples, which were by now quite erect and hard. June felt another shiver of delight run through her eleven year old body as Bob's lips sucked at one nipple and stroked the other. At the same time, Linda's tongue was making her sensitive middle grow hot and wet. She began to squirm more, enjoying this for the first time.
Bob began to kiss down her belly, licking at her navel and then kissing her soft, slender neck. Each kiss, each dart of Linda's tongue, made June grow hotter and wetter. She was moaning loudly now, feeling dizzy and excited at the same time.
Suddenly Bob twisted on nipple and the excitement crashed over her. She felt her middle contract, and hot wetness oozed out. She felt Linda lick her juices as they flowed, giggling the whole time.
She's ready, Linda announced, stepping back.
Bob got between June's spread legs, his hands on either side of her ribs with his thing pointed down, just above her slit. She suddenly realized he was going to put it in her, and panicked. It would never fit!
She felt the head of his cock press against her slit, pushing hard. At first, it felt good, but then as he slid it in, it started to hurt. The farther he pushed, the more it hurt. June tried to get away, but he was too far in now. She felt something inside her stretch, and the pain got worse.
When the pain was its worst and tears were streaming down her cheeks, June felt the thing inside her give way and Bob pushed, hard, into the rest of her. June's entire body spasmed with pain as Bob buried himself and pulled out, then buried it again. He was grinning and loving it. June cried, too exhausted to sob. Bob pounded harder, faster, making it burn and hurt worse than before. All of a sudden he stopped, reared up, and slammed down on her, and deep inside her young body she could feel him spilling his warm white goo. It was the last thing June felt before she passed out.
When she came to later, she found she was tied firmly to a tree, her mouth still gagged. She wore nothing but her tennis sneakers; her t-shirt and shorts were gone. It was starting to get dark, too.
She struggled to get free, the ropes cutting into her tender flesh as she fought them. Slowly, they began to give, and she was able to wriggle away. It took a long time, however, and by the time she was free, it was already dark. Sobbing with fear and shame, she made her way through the dark woods, trying to get her bearings.
She kept expecting Bob or Linda to jump out at any moment and drag her back to the cabin for more hurting. Luckily, it didn't happen that way. She spotted lights through the trees and ran toward them. It was another cabin. An old man sat on the porch, smoking a pipe, while an old woman sat next to him, knitting. June ran toward them, screaming...

12:18 a.m. Saturday, May 8

June, honey, wake up.
June rolled over, blinking in her sleep. She saw Bill leaning over her, his face ashen with worry. Honey?
A nightmare, June croaked. Her throat felt terribly dry. Just a nightmare...
Then she began to cry.


8:25 a.m. Friday, May 5

He arrived at the cabin exactly on schedule. He was pleased to see the rain had stopped. Looking down at the sweet young girl asleep across his lap, he smiled. So innocent, so unknowing.
He gathered her up and slid out of the car, cradling her as he made his way up onto the porch and through the front door. The chloroform would wear off soon, but he had other plans. He didn't want her to wake up just yet.
The main room of the cabin was a well-furnished affair, with an attached kitchen and a number of chairs, a plush sofa, and a hearth. Stairs led up the second floor bedrooms, but he didn't head there. Instead, he went to The Room.
He'd had it specially made. The door was thick oak, with an outside padlock. Inside was windowless, containing only a bed, a chair, and a small bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet. He flicked on the lights and gently lowered Megan, face down, onto the bed.
With trembling hands he flipped her skirt up and exposed her panty clad bottom. He admired the panties with their little daisy pattern for a moment, then tenderly stroking her soft ass. He could hardly wait. But first, he had work to do.
Fishing his keys from his pocket, he unlocked a small, bolted down chest of drawers and removed a small, black breifcase. Inside, packing in heavy molded foam, were three small bottles of red, yellow and blue liquids. There were also three seperate, fresh syringes for each. He pulled out the yellow bottle and a syringe, carefully drawing out some of the fluid, then tapping the needle to rid it of any air.
He'd roughly guessed the girl's weight at around sixty pounds, but wanted to be sure. Flipping up the blankets, he examined under the bed, where a digital display glowed. Sixty two pounds. He nodded. Building a scale into the bed had been a good idea.
Unlocking yet another drawer on the chest, he pulled out an alchohol swab and used it to swab down a small part of Megan's soft asscheek. He much preffered giving shots in the rear for two reasons: it left less noticeable bruises and the drug usually moved faster.
In only a few seconds he'd stuck the needle in and filled Megan with the solution, a powerful sedative that would keep her asleep for at least three hours. The solution was adjusted to her body weight, and he felt sure it would work. Like nearly every drug he used, it was not licensed and its testing on humans was limited.
He capped the syringe and tucked it into his pocket. Taking out the red bottle, he filled another syringe and stuck Megan with it. This one was a special solution, designed to strengthen the walls of the anus and vagina, making them more resistant to tearing during forced intercourse. It also, at the same time, increased the sensitivity of both areas by double.
This solution was more permanent, though it had to be given in small doses over a twenty four hour period to work. The third bottle, the blue one, was very special, and he planned to use it later. That one would modify her behavior. So far, he'd yet to try it on a human.
Which was at least half the reason Megan was here.
He rolled the girl over and snapped a picture of her with a small disk camera in his pocket, then pulled out a small notebook and noted the time and date. Almost tenderly he pulled her skirt down, kissed her soft young mouth, and checked her pulse. Just fine. Smiling, he gathered up his case and its vials and stepped out, locking the door behind him.
He felt much calmer now, but the excitement was there, just under the surface. It was more than sexual; it was the realization of a dream. Half brilliance, half madness.
He hurried out to the car and gathered up the girl's books and umbrella. Inside one book he found her name: Megan Reynolds. This he jotted down, then hurried inside, where he burned the books in the fireplace. He also stripped the covering off the umbrella and burned that too. Megan wouldn't be needing them.
The frame of the umbrella he carried down into the basement. The place was set up like a workshop/lab, filled with laboratory equipment and two tables, one with straps and a thin mattress on it. Various devices surrounded it all, devices meant to bring pain and pleasure. These he would use on Megan, when he was ready.
He tossed the umbrella frame into a pile of junk in one corner and headed back upstairs. From one of the closets he withdrew a number of camcorders and hurried about, setting one up in each room, positioning it for the time as he felt it was needed. Satisfied, he sat down to a light brunch.

10:00 a.m. Friday, May 5

Megan would wake up soon, and he wanted to be ready for that. He stepped into The Room where she slept and withdrew yet another syringe from his pocket, this one filled with an amber liquid. He rolled her over and stuck her with it, then drew her panties down and rolled her onto her back. With her bare, tight slit in front of his face, he went down on her, licking and sucking.
Even in her deep sleep, Megan responded, moaning and panting, her fresh cunt even more sensitized. Under proper methods, he'd learned, it was possible to bring a little girl to orgasm as easily as any woman. Thanks to the drug he'd just given her, she would have powerful, perhaps multiple, orgasms. One dose was sufficient to last three days.
He had a sister drug to that one, one which caused a mild, irritating pain to occur in the vagina during sex. It was a torture tool, and when combined with the other drug, could drive a girl crazy. Later, he would try using them together.
He let up on Megan before she could cum, slipping her panties back in place. He desperately wanted to rape this sweet child. Mere sex wasn't enough. He had to be in control, make her know that.
Shaking, he lifted her and carried her out to the main room, seating her in a straight backed, wooden chair in front of one of the cameras. He snapped a picture, then drew her slender wrists behind the chair and bound them together with a short length of soft cotton rope. He took another picture, then wound another piece around her and the chair and chest level, effectively holding her up. Another picture. Then he adjusted her skirt and bent to tie her ankles. Another picture, and then it was time to gag her.
In his...practice, he rarely used ball gags or otherwise, except as part of torture. He much preferred good old rope and a soft white handkerchief. He studied her face for a moment, trying to decide what would look prettiest. In her mouth or over it? Under her hair or over it? He finally settled for tying it over her mouth and over her hair. When he was done, it was nestled just beneath her nose and above the bottom of her chin, giving her an air of helpless innocence. Just the way he liked her.
Not long after, Megan came around. She moaned, blinked a few times, then raised her head. Suddenly her eyes grew wide, but she didn't struggle. She must have realized how useless it would be.
He knelt down in front of her. I already know you name, he told her. How old are you? Six? Megan shook her head. Seven? Megan nodded. He patted her thigh. Tears were forming in her eyes now, and she was clearly scared. He turned away before the excitement got the better of him, and switched the camera on.
Friday, May 5, 10:27 a.m., May 5. I have for my test subject Megan Reynolds, white female, age 7. I have administered S-1, which will thicken the walls of her vagina and anus, and S-2 sensitizing agent to increase her sensitivity to orgasm. It is my intention to prove the value and worth of my drugs by using each on this girl and testing her endurance to numerous forms of experiments. It is my belief that when this is done, no one shall laugh at Dr. Robert Brandt ever again.
He stepped behind Megan and undid the rope that held her to the chair. It was time to begin. Stepping around in front of her, he gave her a bright smile and grasped the top of her dress. His other hand undid the belt around her waist and let it fall away. Megan began to tremble.
First, I will rape you. And he tore her dress open all the way.
Megan began to scream.


10:32 a.m. Friday, May 5

It was too much to handle now. Fueled by memories and the sight of half-naked Megan struggling and screaming in the chair, Dr. Brandt knew he had to enter this child and use her for all she was worth.
He stripped away the last of her dress and tore her panties off, exposing her much prized virgin slit. Lifting her out of the chair, he threw her down on the couch and dropped his pants. Megan's eyes grew wide in terror as he maneuvered his long, thick cock over her tight puss and forced his way in.
Megan's muffled screams were music to his ears. He entered her quickly, felt the muscles of her cunt canal tighten around his cock. He felt her hymen resist the intrusion, causing her more pain as he pushed and forced and pushed some more, the newly toughened hymen resisting the intrusion of his cock. He wrapped his arms around her taut body and crushed her against him, pushing with all he had. Finally her hymen broke.
Megan screamed in abrupt agony and then her body went limp, wracked with sobs. Her eyes remained wide with terror as he slammed in and out of her, hard as he could. He wanted to hurt her, humiliate her, do to her as he had to all the other girls. Make her pay for all the terrible things in his life.
He began to slam in and out of her as hard as he could. Her seven year old pussy was tight around his cock, tight from being virginal and from fear. He twisted her nipples between his fingers, causing her more pain. Megan's body twisted and jerked under him, spasming with each thrust. He shot his load deep into her and collapsed, panting, as she sobbed under him.
When he felt ready, he attacked her again. Megan resisted less this time. He attacked her two more times after that, all within the space of an hour. Each time, she resisted less, and by the last, she was starting to have the first stirrings of an orgasm. Dr. Brandt was pleased.
He finally got up from her, examining both his cock and her small slit. Little girls usually bled a lot from their torn hymen's and the extensive ripping of their young vaginal walls. It was a sign his drug had worked.
He left young Megan on the couch, her head turned toward him, tears spilling out of her eyes. Her entire body was shaking and she was whimering quietly. He wanted to rape her again, but he was spent for the time. Besides, he had more work to do.

12:07 p.m. Friday, May 5

Megan couldn't move. It wasn't the ropes that held her, but her own body. She was sore all over. Her insides felt raw and bruised, and her middle burned terribly, and itched as well, almost pleasantly.
At least she could breathe now. With the man on top of her and his thing hurting her insides so bad, it had been so hard before. She was scared she would die. Now she was just scared.
She hoped it was over and he'd take her home. She wanted her mommy. She wanted to be hugged and told it was alright and she knew her mommy would punish this bad man for hurting her.
She looked at the man with his camera, talking to it. He was saying, Subject Megan responded most favorably to treatment. I have raped her five times with no visible signs of injury to her vaginal tissue. He walked over and looked at her. His thing, so straight and stiff before, was soft now. He touched her sore boobies, which were red and swollen. There is some swelling of the breast tissue resulting from severe twisting. I will now proceed to rape Subject Megan anally to test the rectal tissues.
He rolled Megan over on the couch. Her face was shoved down into a pillow and it was hard to breathe. He put a hand over her gagged mouth and turned her head. It brought back the terrors of earlier, when he'd put that smelly cloth over her mouth. She'd gotten so dizzy and then she fell asleep. Then she woke up tied up. That scared her the most. She knew he was going to hurt her then.
She felt him get on the couch. His hands were on her rear end, then she felt something soft touch her little butthole. Megan tensed. She knew it was his thing. It felt like before, when he'd put it in her middle. It had felt like a soft stick invading her.
It felt that way now. She tightened down more, but it just hurt. She tried to relax a little, and the pain lessened some. He wasn't pushing as hard now, and it started to feel sort of good, very ticklish, but in her middle. He stopped, pulled back, and pushed again. He started to go faster, and it started to hurt. Megan began screaming.

12:18 p.m. Friday, May 5

The little girl's ass was tighter than her pussy and Dr. Brandt felt sure he had to be hurting her, perhaps severely. What most idiots didn't know was that raping a child's anus could rupture the rectum--a very serious problem. You had to go slow. And if you weren't careful, they'd panic so much their bowels would release.
Fortunately, one side effect of the drug was that it constipated a victim. Her intestines lacked the ability now to push. Later, she'd have to go, but he'd already planned for that. Now he simply enjoyed himself.
Having come so much before, it took a long time now. By the time he did, Megan's screams had softened to whimpers. She was sliding into shock, he realized, something he'd overlooked. He decided to leave her be for the rest of the day, then. He'd untie her and put her to bed. Tomorrow he'd complete her rape, by having sex with her young mouth.
He climbed off of her and checked for blood. Nothing. Smiling, he turned to the camera. Subject Megan shows no sign of rectal injury. I have overlooked shock in my considerations and am now forced to allow her to rest so that I may continue. He switched off the camera and picked up Megan. In The Room, he undid her gag and bonds and tucked her under the covers. She asked for water and he gave her some. Then she drifted off to sleep.
He left the room and locked the door. Throughout the rest of the day he administered her shots, including the red solution, S-3. S-3 would cause Megan to continue to be afraid of him, regardless, but remain quite submissive. It was a common thing for young girls to give in and even have feelings of love for their attackers, their loss of hope was often so great. S-3 would prevent that.
He also gave her two additional injections. The first, simply called B-1, would rapidly heal any bruises or sore muscles her body had suffered; it would work within an hour after the injury was inflicted, and would also close and heal all cuts. It was highly experimental, but he'd tested it on humans already and knew it worked. The other injection was to keep shock, mental or physical, from settling in. It too, was experimental, and was designated M-0.
During the night he raped Megan while she slept, needing to get off again so he could sleep himself. In sleep, she responded with an orgasm, a weak one at best, but that was to be understood, he decided. A few more shots and she would start having multiple orgasms.
Before bed, he gave himself an injection of a solution designed to increase his stamina. It was a mixture of ginseng and other solutions, and would increase his ability to rape the girl as much as six to seven times in the space of an hour. And he would. He really would.


3:15 a.m. Saturday, May 6

Dr. Brandt stepped in front the camera again. Subject Megan has been asleep for several hours now, and it is my belief that the solutions I have given her have taken effect. I will record the results of my continued rape of this child, including today oral sex. He switched off the camera and entered the room.
The camera diary had at first seemed like a good idea, he thought, as he switched on the other camera mounted on the wall. But there wasn't much to report. He was too caught up now in his fantasies to care much about the science. It had simply been too long.
Megan was still asleep when he entered the room, lying nude beneath the covers. That was just fine. She'd slept long enough.
He slipped out of his robe and straddled the girl. The only light came from the living room, barely illuminating her. He drew the covers back and lowered himself to her slit, then shoved it in.
Megan woke with a scream and he slapped her. She began to sob, all resistance gone. Her cunt muscles tightened. She cried out in pain, then moaned with passion, and that seemed to surprise her. It also frightened her even more.
She lay with her hands out to either side of her head now, and he pinned those down, plunging into her even more deeply. He'd rape her for the next few hours, then begin the next step. He'd do everything to her in the meantime. And he'd love it.
Megan had her orgasm long before he came. She was forced to lay weak and shaking while he continued in her, finally shooting his load almost ten minutes later. She was a good fuck for only being seven.
He stopped long enough to go upstairs and return with a number of clothes for her to wear. His plan was to have her wear each outfit, then he'd rip them from her body and rape her again, further degrading and humiliating her.
Each outfit was sized for her. All included shoes and a pair of white cotton panties. There were also some other things, like dolls and stuffed animals. He would make her act out a few fantasies for him.
Megan put on the first outfit, which was a white dress like the one she'd worn, with white buckle shoes. He told her to smile and pose--not easy for her--and then he tore it off of her body and raped her on the bed. Finished, he made her dress again. This time it was a pair of sun yellow short sleeve shortalls and white tennis sneakers. He bound the girl's hands behind her back and pushed her to her knees. It was time for her to suck him.
Megan's first reaction when he shoved his cock in was to simply sit there and stare up at him. In his experience, this was not unusual; sometimes they began to suck, or they just sat there.
Megan was one of the smarter ones. She began to suck. She was crying quietly and sucking him and the whole sight of it turned him on. He put his hand on her head and worked his cock in and out of her mouth, keeping up a rhythm. He felt about ready to cum, he jammed it against the back of her throat and held it there. Megan gagged and tried to get up, but by then his hot load was choking her and she had no choice but to swallow or suffocate.
You'd better do better than that!, he warned her, and began again.
It took her sucking him off two more times before she got it right. He rewarded her by raping her pussy one more time.
He undressed her completely then and forced her upstairs to begin the next step in the process.

10:53 a.m. Saturday, May 6

The room was bare, save for a bed with only a matress and one sheet. From the head and footboards, anchored at each post, hung four lengths of rope.
He shoved the nude girl onto the bed and untied her hands. She put up a feeble resistance but he had little trouble binding her hands and feet so she was spread eagle on the bed. You're going to love this, he told her.
From beneath the bed he produced three vibrators. Two were large, the third long and pencil thin. He inserted the large ones in her small cunt and tiny asshole, and pushed the third into her peehole. She squirmed and squealed, her eyes growing wider and wider as her body was yet invaded again.
Then he switched them on.
The effect was almost instantaneous. Megan's already heightened sensitivity took over, and soon she was moaning, then screaming, then moaning. She writhed on the bed, bucking and jerking as wave after wave of hot orgasm swept her. One was so powerful she managed to eject all three dildoes at once! Pleased, but not happy, Dr. Brandt inserted them again and taped them down so they couldn't come out. Once more, Megan began to buck and jerk, filled with pain and hot lust as her already raw holes were ravaged yet again.
He watched her for a while. It was fun, seeing her struggle like that, knowing she was so young. And this was only the start. There was more yet to come.
Feeling a little bored, he decided to go down and watch some TV. Cartoons, maybe. He'd always liked cartoons. Just like he liked little girls.

11:23 a.m. Saturday, May 6

When Megan's moans and screams finally faded, he returned to the room and found her nearly unconcious on the bed, the vibrators going happily away inside of her. He shut them off and tossed them into a plastic bucket next to the bed. He then untied the girl and removed her gag. After a quick shot of synthetic adrenalin to wake her, Dr. Brandt climbed on the girl and raped her. She was too weak to resist and he delighted in that. The day, however, was not over for her yet.

11:35 a.m. Saturday, May 6

Dr. Brandt led a very weak and shaking Megan downstairs to the basement, lifting her easily onto the table with the padded matress on it. He affixed leather cuffs to her wrists and ankles, each attached to chains designed to hold her down. Megan stared at them and began to whimper and beg.
Much as he hated it, he jammed a ball gag into her mouth and fastened the straps. Balls gags were, to him, unnatural. It was true, they were more effective for silence, but less sexy. Nonetheless, for this particular test, they were necessary.
The girl lay very still, the chains linking the cuffs on her wrists and ankles dangling off the edge of the table. Dr. Brandt hummed happily as he inserted a metallic dildo with a cable leading from it into her cunt. The little girl squirmed as he slid it in.
He inserted another in her tiny asshole and still another in her peehole. He then taped small metallic disks to her tender nipples and plugged each wire into a machine next to the table.
The machine, dubbed The Shocker, produced small, static electricity charges that surged through each of the devices attached to Megan. The juice was low enough not to hurt her in any permanent way, but the pain was enough to be overwhelming. On a normal girl Megan's age, the pain would be enough to render her unconscious after perhaps the first jolt. But filled with Dr. Brandt's special juices, Megan would sustain for hours.
The Shocker had a second setting as well. This one caused the dildos to vibrate, similar to a joy buzzer. To the girl, it would feel like electricity, only less painful. Perhaps even pleasurable.
Dr. Brandt flipped the switch to ON and pressed the Shock button. Juice surged into Megan's small body. She screamed and tensed, her small body rigid. He let off and she flopped down, sobbing. He hit the button again and again, delighting in her screams. He'd used this device before, but never had a girl last this long. Not even ones older than Megan. He hit the Buzz button, setting the dildos off. Megan moaned and screamed. He shocked her again. This time she twisted about, trying to get those horrible, pain-causing things out of her.
This was getting to be too much. He set the machine to Automatic, which would randomly shock and buzz her. Then he hurried upstairs to lunch.

12:53 p.m. Saturday, May 6

Lunch was a pleasant. He'd had a bottle of beer and a roast beef sandwich. Megan's screams, drifting up out the basement, had stimulated his appetite. Part of him knew what he was doing was monstrous--raping and torturing a 7 year old girl would have turned off even some of the worst pedophiles. The rest of him didn't give a shit.
He was about ready to go down and release Megan from the machine so he could have sex with her when he heard a knock at the door. Panic immediately set in. There was no reason for anybody to be here. It was the exact reason he'd chosen the cabin to do this.
Thinking fast, he shut the basement door. If anyone asked, he had a horror movie on. He had a sudden fear he'd open the door and find the police standing there.
Dr. Brandt, we know you've got Megan Reynolds. You're busted. He could just hear it.
He opened the door anyway. It was with immense relief and a sense of sudden lustful exhiliration that he didn't see the police. Instead, it was a little girl.
She was small and pretty, reaching only to his waist, and very slender. Her hair was blonde, tufted on top and braided into a long pony tail that fell past her waist. Her eyes were violet blue and she had a small face and cute nose. She was easily as pretty as Megan.
His eyes fell to her legs. She wore skimpy cream yellow shorts and white tennis sneakers, so every inch of her tanned, smooth flesh was visible. The rest of her was clothed in a light blue blouse under a white long-sleeved pullover sweater. She had a gold bracelet on one wrist and diamond stud earrings in her ears.
Can I help you?, Dr. Brandt asked. He'd already decided to take this child, too, do with her as he did with Megan, only for himself, not for his experiments.
Um, could I use you phone?, she asked shyly. He also noted she had a trace of Southern accent in her voice. I'm here with my family but I got lost, and I need mommy to come get me.
Well of course, Dr. Brandt offered, motioning her in. What's your name?
Tina Scott, she told him. From the basement, Megan screamed again. Tina jumped at the sound. What's that?
The TV, Dr. Brandt told her smoothly. My phone is upstairs. What's your phone number?
555-6739, Tina told him. I can call. Her eyes were on the phone across the room.
It's a special phone, he told her. It really was. He'd rigged it so nobody could call out without punching in a code first. Wait right here.
He hurried into the kitchen and pulled out two coils of rope and a gag from one of the drawers. He was always prepared. Tucking them in his pocket, he went back to the phone and pretended to dial, little Tina watching him carefully.
Yes. Mrs. Scott? My name is Dr. Brandt. I have a cabin across the lake from you. Yes. Your daughter Tina is here. What's that? Yes, Mrs. Scott. I'll rape your daughter. Yes? Thank you. He set the phone down and turned to Tina. As he hoped, she hadn't understood. She was smiling.
Your mother will be right over. She wants me to rape you first.
Rape me?, Tina asked.
Yes, it's a lot of fun. How old are you Tina?
Five, Tina answered. What's rape?
His cock felt like it would explode after that. Let me show you, he offered, unzipping his pants. His cock sprang straight out at Tina.
Her face suddenly went pale. No!, she screamed, and tried to bolt. He caught her around the waist and shoved her back onto the couch. She screamed and he raised his hand to slap her. She cowered.
Don't molest me, she begged.
Has someone molested you before?, he asked.
Tina shook her head. Please...
He shoved her face down and yanked her hands behind her back. He bound them quickly and moved to tie her ankles. He couldn't resist fondling her legs first, however. Once her ankles were tied, he sat her up.I'm going to put this in your mouth!, he shouted, gripping his cock and shaking it in front of her face. You will not bite it! You will suck it!
Little girls did not suck cock well without practice, and even this excited, he only shoved the head in. Little Tina sucked. She was a good girl.
He came almost immediately. Grabbing the little girl's head, he held it there and demanded she swallow. She did. Satisfied, he yanked it out and gagged her as he had gagged Megan, then carried her into the room and threw her down on the bed. She was sobbing and squirming, and he couldn't resist fondling her.
When he'd had enough, he gave her the same round of shots Megan had first receieved, along with some of the behavior modification and bruise control solution. He didn't sedate her, however. He chose to let her simmer for a while in her own fear instead.
He locked the room behind him and headed downstairs, stopping the grab the beer bottle on the way.

1:15 p.m. Saturday, May 6

Megan lay quivering and sobbing on the table, her knees drawn up as far as the chains would allow. A fine sheen of sweat covered her young body. She'd managed to expel the dildo from her peehole, but the others remained in place.
Switching off the machine, Dr. Brandt removed the devices and gave her a quick checking. Her heart and pulse were racing, and her blood pressure was up, but none were high enough to be dangerous. Thus far, his experiments were working.
He raped her with the beer bottle for a time, bringing her to three seperate and very powerful orgasms. For the last, he let her take the lead, thrusting her hips onto the bottle. She would need sex now to relieve the awful itching in her cunt, thanks to the drug. At the same time, she would be terrified of it. That was fine with him.
He raped her himself after the beer bottle had done its work. She responded favorably, with a mix of terror and lust. Once her orgasm had passed, he gave her another shot, this one a temporary antidote to the sensitivity solution. He undid the cuffs and helped her off the table. After removing the much despied ball gag, he kissed her deeply on the mouth.
Megan, as usual, tried to squirm away, but he shoved her up against the table. Holding her up, he raped her again. Then he mad her blow him once more, then raped her again.
He finished by making her dress. He led her upstairs and put her in The Room with Tina. The other girl was still on the bed, crying. He tied Megan into the chair and went over to the other girl. He went over, took off the younger girl's gag, and raped her mouth again. When he was done, he gagged her and left the room.

6:07 p.m. Saturday, May 6

Tina proved to be an excellent cocksucker. Twice that afternoon he'd attacked her, each time forcing his cock further and further into her young mouth. She had picked the rhythm up better than Megan had, learning to suck and swallow without choking.
Now he was watching the news. The top story, for the second day in a row, was Megan's disappearance, but now the police were also looking for Tina Scott, aged 5. She'd come up from Florida with her parents for the weekend and had disappeared while going for a walk. According to the news, the police were searching the woods and the lake for any sign of her.
Dr. Brandt felt a moment of panic. They were bound to ask if she'd come here. He would lie, of course. And The Room was soundproof, so even if she screamed her head off, she'd never be heard. Of course, she was gagged. They both were. Unnecessary, but he much preferred it that way.
It wasn't too long after that when two police officers showed up at the door. Brandt, calm and cool, told them he had seen no sign of the girl, that he'd spent most of the day videotaping his will. He joked how he had spent hours trying to figure the camera out, setting both officers at ease. Once they left, he locked the door and sat down with a cold beer, hoping to still his nerves.
Before bed that night he untied the girls and allowed them to use the bathroom before sedating them. He resisted the urge to attack them, lest somebody suddenly show up.
He was pleased to see Megan put her arms around little Tina and hold her. Maternal instinct, he supposed, that all girls have. He ordered them both to remain quiet.
When he checked on them an hour later, they were both fast asleep. Megan had undid Tina's braid, letting her hair spill out, long and golden. He left the alone.
The following day he kept the girls sedated, raping Megan while she slept and fondling Tina. Outside the woods around the lake and the lake itself were crawling with searchers. The police came again, asking once more if he'd seen anything. He told them no.
All day, he was nervous. What if they wanted to search? Then he'd be in trouble. He could kill Tina and dump her body, but that wouldn't please him at all. No, he'd just have to wait it out.
Finally, he got a desparate idea. Plugging the phone into a special device that would block tracing and inserting an earpiece to deepen and inflect his voice, he put through a call to the police, claiming to have abducted both girls and that he would release them when he was ready, saying only that he had taken them out of the state. Then he hung up.
It must have worked, because by Sunday night the search was called off.

4:00 a.m. Monday, May 8

Frustration had gotten the better of him and now he was eager to start on young Tina. He woke both girls, ordering Megan to dress (Tina still had her clothes on) and braid Tina's hair as it had been--he liked it that way. Then he ordered Megan to remove her panties and play with herself while he stood Tina up and raped her mouth. Tina sucked him willingly while Megan masturbated.
Satisfied for the time, he tied up both girls and returned to the living room. He set up the camera and turned it on.
Monday, May 8, 4:22 a.m. This will probably be my last entry. Today I will deliver Megan Reynolds, my test subject, to a group of buyers who have agreed to pay me for her if she were to survive my testing. I have proof now that my drug works on preteen girls. In the future I shall have to prove its worth on older girls. In the meantime, I have taken a new subject for my personal testing. Dr. Richard Brandt. He switched off the camera and took it down. First, he would deal with Tina. Then, he would get rid of Megan.
He'd miss her. She'd been good, but he quickly grew tired of a girl after the first few times. He needed Tina now, so fresh and innocent. What would become of Megan he didn't know or care. This afternoon, she would become someone else's sex slave.
He unlocked the door to The Room and gathered up Tina. Chuckling coldly to himself, he lifted her in his arms and carried her downstairs, to the basement...

CHAPTER 7--The Final Chapter

Monday, 4:30 a.m.

Dr. Brandt laid little Tina out on the padded table with the shock dildos and told her to be still. Tina didn't move a muscle or even whimper.
He untied the youngster's ankles and took her shorts and panties off. He spread the girl's legs so they hung over the edges of the table, providing a clear view of her very tiny, very fresh and smooth slit.
He then removed his own clothes and got up on the table. Tina whimpered a little. You'll love this, he told her, putting his mouth over her bare slit. The little girl gasped with pleasure and started to tremble. She was far more sensitive than Megan had been, he noted. He licked her with his tongue and she really began to moan, her little ass slipping back and forth over the vinyl pad. Dr. Brandt held her hips so she couldn't move and continued to probe and suck her tender mound with his tongue. Her little thighs quivered to either side of his head and she was gasping violently. Suddenly she shuddered, letting out a low, soft moan. A gush of sweet vaginal juices met his eager tongue and he hungrily lapped them up.
By now his cock was rock hard and eager to fuck her young pussy. He hoped it hurt a lot when he entered her.
He pushed down on the little girl's thighs and moved his cock between her legs, pushing the head against the outer folds of her slit, then in. She moaned again and again, until the head was against her hymen. Pressing down as hard as he could, Dr. Brandt thrust his hips forward.
Had he not been holding her, she might have flown off the table. As it was, she screamed in terrible agony, because her hymen stretched but would not break. He pulled back and thrust again, hurting her more but getting nowhere. Apparently his solutions had worked too well on Tina!
The little girl's screams were loud now, and he slapped her hard across the face to shut her up. Her scream ended abruptly and she lay there, sobbing.
He had to think. He had to break her hymen somehow, but his cock wasn't enough. He was getting angry again as well, angry enough to take it out on her. Yes, he would. He would hurt her as much as he could without killing her.
No, he had to calm down or she'd be no fun. He looked around the lab for something to use. There were a number of clamps and things used for gynecological purposes and of course, scalpels. He could open her lips and cut her hymen open. But that would be too easy.
Instead, he found something else. It was a half a broomstick--one of the cruder tools he used in his rape. It was too blunt to use without risking internally damaging her. He could modify it, however, and he did, taking some tape and a nail from a nearby pile of junk. He taped the nail to the end of the stick and that would do. He applied the spreader clamp to Tina's cunt. He had to adjust it to fit her, and then he spread her cunt open. Tina moaned with pleasure. That wouldn't last.
Guiding the stick carefully, he slid it into her. She started a little when the nail hit her hymen. He gave it a gentle push, then a harder one. This time she screamed. He pulled the stick out and saw blood on the nail. Good. She was ready.
He took the clamp off and got up again. Tina was trembling violently. He pinned the five year old's thighs down and thrust in again. Her hymen stretched and then broke, joined with her most pained screams. He was in now.
He pumped furiously, his grunts of pleasure mixing with her screams. She was the tightest girl he'd ever been in. Her cunt muscles were like a vice, clamping down hard around his cock. Each thrust was so good, it almost hurt. So tight, he spent himself in less than two minutes.
He withdrew his cock, which made an audible pop! on the way out. Tina was sobbing hysterically, her thighs and abdomen quivering from the pain. He let her sob for a few minutes, then thrust into her again.
He raped her viciously, pounding her hard so that her entire body jerked and shook. Having already spent himself, he was able to go longer, long enough that she started to experience her first orgasm. He continued the rape until she came, her entire body shuddering and convulsing delightfully....
Little Tina stared up at Dr. Brandt with glazed eyes, as he paused to shut and lock the cabin door. The child was no longer bound or gagged, but so heavily drugged she was almost incapable of acting on her own.
He smiled at her. She was totally submissive now, his own little playtoy. He'd even changed her look a bit, letting her hair fall free. Gone were the clothes she'd come in, replaced by a light cotton short sleeve sun dress and white slippers.
The past two weeks had been sheer delight. He'd used every imaginable torture on the child to make her the way she was now. She'd become quite attached to him, and he to her. He would use her now, soliciting her as a living example of his handiwork.
Taking the child's hand, he led her to the car. It was a great day. A great day indeed.

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2014-06-06 11:31:17
Why couldn't you end by getting this sicko arrested?

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2014-03-01 02:44:00
That was really sick, please do not write a part 2 of this SHIT. How could anyone want to hurt a child that young. Let's keep our baby's out of this crazy sick stuff we are reading.

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2012-12-09 07:41:03
i dont see where some people come from its a dark fantasy but personly i enjoyed it very much!

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2012-11-10 02:00:07
While I usually like stories like this, this story is just too sick for this site

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2012-11-04 23:25:52
Yeah, but this was sicker than sick. I cannot believe what type of incredibly ruined mind could have possibly come up with such a monstrosity. There wasn't even correct punctuation so I can't say it was a great liberal read, either. It was about raping little girls. That's not okay. You rot in jail for doing such a disgusting thing, and the fact that someone could possibly take joy in this means they're a pedophile. I hope whoever does like the instance of raping children in general rots in hell for all eternity

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