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My name is Jackie, and in the My Son’s Best Friend Part 1 story I told you about my first experience with Zack, my son Ricky’s best friend. Zack was a virgin then and technically remained so, as we only engaged into oral sex.

After that day, I picked them up at school a couple times, he stayed to eat with Ricky once, but that was all. Occasionally, we shared a furtive look, but I always dressed very conservatively not to tease him or to denounce ourselves to Ricky.

Two weeks later, however, Ricky would have his extra after hour classes, and I could pick up Zack alone again. I couldn’t wait to finish properly what we had started. Instead of dressing casually the way I was the last time, I tried to excel: I took a long shower, dressed my hair, perfumed – including a spray in my breasts and pubis – and wore sexy white lace lingerie. Then, as the weather was nice, I chose a jeans mini skirt and a white semi-transparent blouse with a nice revealing cleavage. To finish up, high heels sandals. Simple, but ready to kill, I drove to school.

When Zack entered the car, we pretended to act naturally, but when we were out of the other boys’ and moms’ sight, he looked at me from top to bottom like if he was going to eat me alive, and I saw the familiar volume in his pants again. I smiled, caressed delicately his leg, and said; “Calm down, Sweetie, it won’t take long now” and I headed home.

As soon as we entered the house, he tried to jump on me, hug, grab, kiss me. We kissed, but I wanted him to control himself and to create an atmosphere, so I brought him to the kitchen. I gave him juice and a sandwich I had already prepared – I wanted him with the highest level of energy – and I did not let him touch me when I fixed the table, so he just stared at me with his eyes on fire. When I was doing the dishes he grabbed me from behind, his hard cock pressing against my ass through his pants. I shook my ass and pressed it against him to tease him even more, moved out, and told him to turn on the music and wait for me at the couch.

In a couple minutes I walked in, dimmed the lights, and came close to him. Before he could arise, I stood in front of him, dancing slowly with the rhythm of the music, and took off my bra without unbuttoning my blouse. My boobs almost jumped out of the cleavage when I put my bra around his neck and bent over to kiss him. He grabbed my ass with both hands, but I stepped back again, took off my panties and brought them close to his face, so he could smell the perfumes, D&G and my own. He had obviously a giant tent then, stood up, grabbed my ass from under the skirt and kissed me, his erection pressed against my lower belly while I held my panties behind his back and inserted my hand into his pants to reach his mast.

There we were, making out inebriatedly, when I heard a noise at the door and
my son yelled “I’m back, Mom, class was cancelled and I got a ride…” Then he saw us and froze. We split, but he had seen us kissing, my bra around his friend’s neck, his erection, my panties still in my hand, and Zack’s hands fondling my bare ass.

“Nooooo!!!” he screamed, ran upstairs to his bedroom and slammed the door. Desperately, I ran after him. We don’t lock doors in the house but we respect privacy, so I stood there, paralyzed. I knocked and knocked asking him to open, asking if I could come in, that we needed to talk. First, he didn’t answer, then he simply said no, and I heard him sobbing. I asked him please, insisted, and finally I gave up and said I was coming in anyway, that we really had to talk. He didn’t reply, so I knocked again, said I was coming in, and opened the door.

He was lying in bed, face down. I sat close to him and said: “Ricky, darling, I am so sorry. I don’t know what to say to you, I am so sorry!” “Mom – he replied – shame on you, and you are doing this with my best friend. You don’t have to say anything.” “Son, it must be wrong, it’s wrong, you are right, but something happened: I tempted him, he turned me on, and we couldn’t avoid it. I am really sorry.” “You are my mom and can’t be a whore, you can’t act like a slut and then say you are sorry.” “Ricky, I am your mom but I am also a woman. Don’t you guys chase girls, see porn? It’s normal, more than normal. I am human too, I am alone, and I also have my needs and desires like anybody else. I thought they were over, but suddenly they arose and were out of control. But you are right and I am sorry.”

He stopped sobbing, turned around slowly and sat in bed, looking at me. “You are right, Mom, I am sorry too. I didn’t mean to offend you. Of course you are a woman, and very much alive. And all my friends say you are pretty.” When he said that, he looked at me from top to bottom, and I shivered: only then I realized by blouse was almost transparent, and anyway my breasts were practically visible with my generous cleavage and semi-opened blouse. To make things worse, I had sat on my bended leg to talk to him, so my raised mini skirt was showing my bare pussy.

I sat upright, hiding my crotch, but there was nothing really I could do with my blouse, even because it would be ridiculous to hide my boobs with my arm at that time. He shut his eyes, sobbed a bit more, and kept apologizing for having said all those awful things to me. I melted: I sat close to him and hugged him. He avoided looking me in the eyes and, lowering his head, practically touched it in my almost exposed breasts. I did not resist and pushed his head, resting it in my boob to give him some comfort. He became calm, turned his body to accommodate himself and – surprise – I saw the volume in his pants: my son was horny, and I was making him feel that way!

I can’t deny that his contact against my breast and the view of his erection had also turned me on. I pulled his head closer to me and, as he was still sobbing, so vulnerable, I instinctively took the maternal solution: I opened the buttons of my blouse and touched my nipple in his mouth.

He slightly opened his lips and, feeling its softness and heat, kissed the nipple, once, twice, and finally put it in his mouth. First, delicately, then sucking it like a hungry baby. I immediately felt the heat and wetness in my vagina, as I used to feel when I breastfed or when a man sucked my boobs. We stayed there for a while, he sucking my tit while I whispered “Yes, dear, be calm, be nice.”

I felt his body shiver, and he tried to accommodate something. I realized his erection under his tight jeans must be hurting him. Still holding his face, with the other hand I carefully opened his belt, button and zipper. “Take it easy, Ricky, don’t hurt yourself.” He put his hand inside his pants and adjusted his erection upwards, outside the pants, his hard cock yet inside the slips and the cockhead almost visible in a damp spot of pre-cum. I realized that when I moved myself carelessly to open his pants I had opened my legs again and my vagina was indecently exposed to him.

We were in that hot yet uncomfortable situation when we saw Zack standing by the door. “Sorry, guys, I am going” he said. We had totally forgotten about him. My son released my boob and said: “No, come here. If my mother has to do it, let it be with my best friend.”

I was kindly surprised, but I said: “No, I am not leaving you this way” and I told him what had happened between Zack and me the other day, how I knew that both were virgins, and that of course I knew they must be horny to be with a woman. If they wanted to, I would do with both of them what I had done with Zack: both of them, or no one. Having said that, I stood up – my big boobs still out –went to my bedroom and waited.

In 2 minutes they came in, smiling, their eyes sparkling, only in their underwear. I had seen Zack’s, but I couldn’t wait to see my son’s cock. When he approached the bed, I sat down and slowly lowered his slips. A very hard, drooling, thick cock jumped out like a released coil. It was more normal in size, smaller than Zack’s, but thicker, much thicker. It reminded me of my ex-husband’s, who was not shy in that department, but it seemed to be even larger.

I felt another wave of heat down there when I saw it. I held it, smiled at Ricky and took its big cockhead into my mouth. I realized he should be close to coming, and it was not the right time yet. Zack was already naked, his hard long cock pointing at the ceiling while he saw his friend’s knob in my mouth.

I lay back, took my skirt and blouse off, and exposed myself naked to them. You must remember I am a curvy, sexy woman, and my elegant waist accentuates my wide hips and big boobs. “Ricky, darling, suck Mommy” I asked. In a flash he positioned himself between my legs and started licking my trimmed pussy. Zack came on top and started working on my boobs, licking, sucking and squeezing them.

This was my first time with two men and I just laid there and enjoyed, feeling my pussy and boobs being pleasured at the same time while I looked at their young and fit bodies. Ricky was inexperienced, as Zack had been, but soon learned how to give me a lot of pleasure. He was a fast learner, and I tried to guide him with my moaning and an occasional thigh movement or a touch on his head.

In the meantime, Zack knelt beside me, and it was clear what he wanted: I took his cock in my mouth and started blowing him, while he kept fondling my boobs. He was truly aroused by my melons. We stayed there for a while and I felt I was almost coming, and Zack was probably almost there too. No way – I thought – I need a cock in my pussy today, it had been a long time.

I stopped blowing Zack and turned on all fours facing Ricky, who had already knelt in bed. My ass was aimed to Zack and it was clear what I wanted. I told him: “Come, Zack dear, today there is no danger, I am not in my fertile period. Let me take your cherry.” He positioned himself, held my hips, and I felt his cock searching my pussy. He did not have any practice, of course, but I gave him a hand and soon his cockhead was inside me. I started to blow Ricky, but Zack was too horny and pushed all his long cock inside me. I yelled in pain, and told him to take it easy. “Slow down, baby, it’s been a while since something that big goes inside there. Go slowly.” He apologized, almost took it all out, and started again, more carefully, and I concentrated again in Ricky’s cock.

Zack kept pumping carefully, and soon his balls ware slapping against my ass, all his long mast inside me. It was good! It was so big that in doggy style, the position I like most, I felt a sting when it occasionally touched my womb, but it was great anyway.

I totally relaxed my pussy and tried to relax my throat to swallow as much as I could of Ricky’s cock, marveled to feel such a hard thick cock in my mouth – I love a thick cock in my mouth – and ecstatic to know whose cock it was! I held the base and started fucking him with my mouth with the same rhythm of Zack’s in my pussy.

I looked up and saw Ricky staring at me, looking at his cock in my mouth, and I felt him accelerating his movement almost simultaneously with Zack. I imagined Zack looking at my round ass, holding firmly my hips, pushing it against his cock, while watching me blowing his friend.

The entire scene was too hot, and we all started coming almost at the same time. I felt Ricky’s first gush in my mouth and he flooded it with warm, thick milk, yelling loud. Zack looked like a fucking machine, and pumped furiously his cock deep into my pussy and I felt his sperm greasing my vagina while I shook and moaned in my strong orgasm, totally out of control.

We lay in bed, me in the middle. I kissed them both in the mouth still with my son’s sweet sperm taste in my mouth, and then I relaxed. I had had a lot of tension before and then all the endorphin from the orgasm, so I dozed off.

When I woke up Zack was gone, probably his parents had already arrived. Ricky was looking at me, holding his head, his elbow on bed, and opened a big smile when he saw I was awake. I felt a chill to realize that we were both naked and to remember what had just happened. He hugged and kissed me softly in the lips, and at the same time I felt his engorging cock poking my belly. I felt my body warming up and kissed him back, holding him close to me and feeling his increasing warm hardness against me.

“Sweetie – I said – I think it’s your time now, what do you think?” He didn’t have to answer, as his cock jumped and he pressed his chest firmly against my boobs, then smiled, lowered his head and took a nipple in his mouth. I laid back and he kept sucking one tit and the other, fondling, caressing them, the other hand down between my thighs searching for my pussy. I bent my knees and opened my legs to grant him better access, closed my eyes, and enjoyed it. His mouth was warm on my melons, and my pussy was already wet and open.

I told him to lie down beside me. I kissed him deeply, tasting my own salty juices, and went down on him. He was pointing to the ceiling, drooling, hard as a steel rod. I took his big round knob in my mouth. I sucked it hard, feeling if grow even more in my mouth, while I caressed his sack and balls. I sensed he was already very aroused, and I didn’t want him to blast his load again in my mouth, I wanted him deep inside me.

I sat on top of him, looked smiling at his face, held his cock with one hand and positioned it at the entrance of my needy vagina. “Now it’s your time, Sweetie” and started sitting on him. As I said, he was thicker than Zack, but we both were so wet and I was so horny that the head was soon inside. I kept moving down slowly, and soon I sat on his pelvis, his cock stretching my vagina walls. He was all inside me.

I enjoyed that moment for a second, put my feet on bed and started moving my body up and down: the long gym and Pilates sessions were paying off! I took care that his cock was almost close to slipping out of my pussy, than I dropped down and shoved if hard deep inside my vagina again, smashing loudly my ass against his pelvis. My melons bounced, and he grabbed them. With all that shock treatment, it did not take too long. He moaned louder, louder, until he stiffed his body, held my body down into his penis and started shaking, coming, filling mommy with his cum. “Give it to me, Ricky, give it to Mom” I yelled, and it was a long, pleasant orgasm. I continued with my movements and, as he kept his hardness, I also came soon, feeling his warm, thick sperm pouring out of my vagina.

We hugged again, and his eyes were sparkling, a big smile on his face. “Mommy, it was wonderful, you are beautiful, hot, and I never imagined it would be like that, even more with you, today. It’s like a dream, like magic!”. “I enjoyed it too, darling, I needed that and you did me good, and I liked giving you all that pleasure!” And we stayed there, hugged, enjoying the moment and the warmth and smell of our bodies.

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