Reader inspired story. A babysitter get seduced by the young girl he's watching. He knows its wrong, but his seducer wins in the end.
Nathan is a 19 year old college student, out on summer break. He stands 5' 10" tall, with brown hair and blue eyes, weighing 190 lbs. He has a friend that has an 11 year old daughter, Melissa. Unbeknownst to anyone Melissa is pretty promiscuous for only being 11. She stands 5'3", with a very slender build, weighing only 85 lbs. She has shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes, and a small budding A-cup chest.

Nathan's friend asked him if he would be willing to babysit Melissa for her, while she was at work. Nathan agreed to babysit Melissa, figuring he didn't have anything else to do this evening. She asked him to be there by 3:00 or 3:30 in the afternoon.

At 3:00 pm sharp, Nathan knocked on the door. Melissa's mom opened the door and welcomed him in, "thank you so much for doing this on such short notice Nathan." Nathan smiled, "oh it's no problem at all Ms. White, I don't have much else to do." Melissa peeked out of the front room and smiled seductively at Nathan. Nathan returned the smile, but brushed off the way she was smiling at him. "Ok well there's food and drink in the fridge, if Melissa gives you any problems, my work number is by the phone," Melissa's mom said. Nathan smiled at her, "I don't think I'll have any trouble with her."

Ms. White smiled and turned to Melissa, "you behave now Melissa." Nathan turned to Melissa, "I'm sure we'll be fine, won't we Melissa." Melissa quickly nodded and went back into the front room.

As Ms. White walked out and closed the door behind her, Nathan walked into the front room and sat down in the reclining chair. Melissa was watching TV, wearing a long T-shirt and jean shorts. Nathan looked at her and asked, "so what do you wanna do today?" Melissa glanced at him, shrugging her shoulders and smiling. "A lot of help that is," Nathan said, chuckling. Melissa giggled, "I don't know, what do you wanna do?" Nathan scoffed, "I asked you first."

Melissa giggled again as she got up from the couch, and suddenly plopped down on his lap. It caught Nathan by surprise, "woah what are you doing?" Melissa looked at him and smiled, "sitting down."

"I see that," Nathan chuckled, her boney ass digging into his thigh. "Your lap is more comfortable than the couch," Melissa giggled innocently. "That's nice to know," Nathan chuckled.

Melissa wrapped her arms around his neck and lightly hugged him, "I'm glad my mom asked you to watch me while she works." Nathan looked at her sincerely, "what makes you say that?" Melissa looked into his eyes answered, "because you're so handsome and nice to be around." Nathan lightly blushed, "well thank you Melissa."

Melissa giggled again as she got up off of him and left the front room. Nathan continued to watch TV, when a short time later Melissa returned to the front room. Nathan glanced at her and saw she still had her long T-shirt on, but her shorts weren't on anymore. He didn't pay it much attention as she sat back down on the couch.

Nathan turned his attention back to the TV, then heard a rattling on the hardwood floor. He looked over and saw the remote rolling on the floor. "Oops," Melissa said, giggling. Nathan watched her get up and walk over to pick it up. Melissa had her back to him as she slowly bent over at the waist to grab the remote. Nathan watched as her t-shirt moved up over her ass, exposing her crotch to him, showing she wasn't wearing any panties.

Nathan felt a lump in his throat as he looked at her bare pussy. Her pussy lips was closed tightly together, forming a nice slit. He felt his dick beginning to harden in his pants as she slowly swayed her hips, then stood back up.

Melissa turned around and looked at him, "are you ok Nathan?" The question caught him by surprise at first, and he quickly nodded, his hardening 6" dick forming a small bulge in his jeans. Melissa giggled as she seductively walked back and sat back down on the couch, "are you sure?" Nathan's eyes followed her as she walked, "I... I'm fine," he stuttered nervously.

Nathan didn't know what to say, he liked what saw, but knew it was wrong to do anything with her. "If you say so," Melissa laughed. Nathan looked back at the TV, trying to get the image of her young pussy out of his mind. His dick was raging hard and throbbing in his jeans.

Melissa looked at him and said, "hey let's play house." Nathan looked at her quizzically, "what?" Melissa laughed, "yeah, where I'm your wife and you're my husband." He shook his head, "that's a silly game." She looked at him with a pouting look. He noticed it and slowly said, "well if it makes you happy." Still recalling the image of her pussy.

Melissa clapped her hands and got up from the couch and walked out, into the entryway. She opened the front door and slammed it shut, "honey I'm home," she yelled, entering the front room. Nathan looked towards her and smiled, "hi sweetheart," playing along with her. She walked up to him and bent over, kissing him on the lips. This caught him by surprise, as he jumped back a little. She giggled, standing back up straight, "wow what a rough day at work."

Nathan smiled at her, "it was that bad huh?" Melissa smiled and nodded, "yeah I'm beat, let's go take a nap together." Nathan sat there for a bit, thinking about it, "ok sounds good to me." He figured he could control himself, even though his dick was still throbbing in his jeans, as he got up and followed her to her room.

Melissa led him into her room, and over to her bed in the middle of the room. She laid down on the bed and patted a spot next to her. Nathan hesitantly laid down next to her, turning away from her so she didn't notice his hardon. "But I'm cold honey, I want you to hold me," she said shyly. Nathan slowly rolled over, making sure to keep his hips back, so his bulge didn't make contact with her, and put his arm over her, nestling his chest against her back.

Melissa moaned in pleasure as she put her hand on the back of his, and split his fingers with hers. Nathan laid there, wanting to move his hand down and feel her tiny pussy, but fought the urge. "This is so nice honey, you're so warm," Melissa said, as she moved her hips back, her ass pushing against his bulge. Nathan began to sweat nervously, as she slowly ground her tiny ass against it. "Looks like somebody's happy to have me home," she giggled and moaned.

Nathan remained silent, not sure what to say. Melissa rolled onto her back and looked at him, "Nathan will you make love to me?" This caught him by surprise, as he looked at her in shock. She looked at him sincerely, "please, I want to know what it feels like to make love." Nathan laid there speechless, not sure how to handle this. Melissa used her hand to guide his hand down her stomach and between her opening legs. He held his breath as his hand brushed over her young pussy.

Melissa pushed his hand hard into her pussy, his middle finger splitting her slit open. Melissa sucked in her breath as her back arched slightly. Nathan looked at her in awe, as she used her hand to move his finger up and down her tiny slit. "Please," Melissa moaned, arching her back off the bed more.

Nathan could not believe this was happening. He had known this girl since she was little, but had never thought about doing this with her, and now this was happening. He moved up to his elbow as his hormones took over and he leaned in and started kissing her deeply. His tongue entering her mouth and twisting with hers, swirling around in her mouth. Melissa moaned into the kiss, as Nathan moved his forefinger to her entrance and slowly began to push it in. Melissa gasped when she felt his finger enter her pussy, as he continued to kiss her.

Nathan groaned as he felt the wetness of her pussy, as he broke the kiss, looking into her eyes. Melissa looked at him with lust, as she smiled. Nathan continued to push his finger into her, as he moved between her open legs, kneeling between them. He kept pushing his finger into her, until his other fingers pushed against her pussy lips. Nathan looked down at her slit, and saw her tiny lips wrapped his finger. He could feel her tight hole squeezing and relaxing around the intruder. "Are you ok Melissa?" He quietly asked.

Melissa could only get out, "mmm hmm," feeling herself getting more turned on. Nathan slowly began to withdraw his finger, groaning as he felt her tiny pussy try to cling to his finger, until just the tip of his finger was inside, then pushing it back into her. Melissa moaned louder, as her hips moved into his hand. Nathan used his free hand to push her shirt up and over her tiny tits, taking in the sight of her nipples standing erect, as he rhythmically moved his finger in and out of her pussy.

Melissa watched him as he leaned over her and started kissing her chest. He kissed all over her budding tits, then taking one of her nipples into his mouth and lightly nibbled at it. "Oh my god," Melissa cried out in pleasure. Nathan sucked on her nipple a little longer, then moved to the other one and did the same thing. Melissa ran her fingers through his hair as her body got hotter and hotter.

Nathan started moving his finger faster in and out of her, as he started kissing his way down her trembling body. As he kissed closer to her pussy, Melissa held her breath in anticipation. He kissed just above her slit, then looked up at her and smiled, as he pulled his finger out of her and moved down the bed. He started kissing at her inner right knee, slowly kissing his way up her inner thigh, causing her legs open even wider.

As he neared her pussy, he kissed just at the edge of her pussy lips, then moved to left leg and started kissing his way up her leg. He again kissed just at the edge of her pussy, then lightly sucked one of her pussy lips into his mouth and nibbled it, tugging on it. "Holy shit," Melissa cried out in ecstasy, grabbing his head and trying to pull him into her pussy. He was too strong for her, as he moved to her other pussy lip and tugged on it as well.

Nathan looked up at her again, and saw she had her eyes closed. He laughed to himself as he stuck his tongue out and lightly ran it between her pussy lips, tasting her nectar. As his tongue brushed against her clit, her body shuddered, and her legs jumped on the bed. Nathan used his fingers on both of his hands to open her pussy. As he looked at it, he marvelled at the reddish pink insides, her hole looking tiny, and her inflamed clit poking out from under her hood. He wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked on it hard.

That was all it took for Melissa to experience her first orgasm from a guy. Her body violently shook on the bed, as her orgasm raced through her body. "Ohhh yeessss," she yelled out, pulling at his hair, hard. Nathan felt her juices flow out of her pussy, coating his chin, as her orgasm continued to ravage her body. Her legs trembling hard under his arms, as her back arched high off of the bed. He kept sucking on her clit, as more juice ran out of her pussy, running down her ass crack and onto her bed.

Finally her body fell limply back to the bed, her body still lightly trembling from the aftershocks of her orgasm, she let go of his hair. "Oh my god, that was amazing," she said, a little out of breath. Nathan moved away from her pussy, smiling at her, "so you liked that?" She returned the smile, "oh my god, that was so much better than masturbating," still a little out of breath.

Nathan chuckled as moved back off of the bed and turned to walk out. Before he opened the door Melissa quickly sat up, "where are you going?" Nathan looked back at her, "going back to watch TV." Melissa looked at him, with almost a sad look, "but I thought you were going to make love to me?" Nathan took his hand off of the door handle and turned towards her, "Melissa, we can't do that, you're really young, and I can get in trouble if we do anything more." Melissa sat there, pouting, "but, but I thought you loved me."

Nathan walked back over to the bed and stood next to it, "I do Melissa, which is why we can't go any further." Melissa looked at him with tears in her eyes, "well can I at least return the favor to you?" Nathan looked at her, stunned, "what?" She lightly laughed, "can I make you cum, like you did for me?" He was still astonished at her bluntness, "oh I don't know Melissa." Melissa looked at his crotch, "please let me try, it looks like you're still hard." Nathan looked down at his own crotch, his dick begging for freedom now, "how do you know about that?" Melissa smiled, "I have my ways."

Nathan stood there, contemplating his options. He figured, 'what the hell, he wasn't going to be having sex with her, it would just be a handjob or blowjob.' Nathan unbuttoned his jeans, and pushed them down. His dick was straining against his boxers as he stood back up straight. "Wow," Melissa cooed as she moved to the edge of the bed in front of him.

Nathan looked down at her, a quizzical look on his face. Melissa grabbed his erection through his boxers, and smiled at him, "it looks and feels so big." Nathan gave her a half smile, as his dick throbbed in her grip. Melissa jumped a little as it throbbed in her hand, "time for me to see my first dick up close." She moved his boxers around, unbuttoning the slit, and pulling his dick through the opening.

As his dick emerged, Melissa excitedly cooed, "wow Nathan, such a pretty dick you have here." Nathan lightly blushed and chuckled at her innocence. She looked at it and studied it. Precum was oozing from the tip, as he made his dick throb in front of her. Melissa giggled as his dick lifted up high, then went back down, "I think it likes me."

Nathan laughed lightly as he watched her open her mouth wide and slowly engulf the head of his dick. Nathan threw his head back and groaned, "oh my fucking god." As she slowly moved her mouth down the shaft of his dick, her tongue running along the bottom. She was able to take about 2" of his dick into her mouth, then she closed her mouth around it and sucked on it, like it was a sucker.

This caused Nathan's body to tremor and shake. Melissa moved her tongue up and down the bottom side of his shaft, as she moved her hand up and down the rest of his exposed dick. He kept his hands to his sides, wanting to grab her head and make her take his dick deeper into her mouth, but not wanting to hurt her, he resisted the urge.

Melissa started moving her head back and forward on the 2" of his dick, moaning as more of his precum leaked into her mouth, sending electric shocks through Nathan's sensitive head. Nathan's body was trembling as his hips slowly moved with her mouth, "oh my god Melissa, that feels so good." With her other hand she reached between his legs and found his balls, through his boxers. She started fondling them, as they got tighter against his body. "Oh god, I'm gonna cum soon Melissa," Nathan groaned, as the head of his dick grew bigger in her mouth.

Melissa moaned into his dick hard, sending vibrations throughout his body, as she stopped moving her head, and just stroked his dick and fondled his tight ball sack.

"Uhhhh!" Nathan cried out as cum rushed up his dick and spilled into her mouth. It shot out so forcefully that it hit the back of her throat, causing her to jump and choke. She pulled her mouth off of his dick as his dick throbbed and shot more cum, hitting her in the forehead and covering her right eye. Melissa didn't stop stroking him though, as she tried to catch her breath. His dick throbbed again as a weaker shot flew out and landed on her lips and chin.

Nathan's body continued to shudder as two last, weaker shots came out and dripped onto the bedroom floor. Melissa wiped the cum from her eye and licked off her lips, swallowing it. She looked up at Nathan with a smile, "wow that was incredible, you came a lot." Nathan chuckled lightly, trying to catch his breath, his legs feeling weak, "that was thanks to you," he smiled at her.

Melissa looked at his wilted dick, it was resting on the outside of his boxers yet, a small amount of cum still leaking out and onto his boxers. She grabbed it and sucked on just the tip, cleaning the leaking cum up. This caused him to shudder hard and try to pull away from her. She let go of his dick and looked up at him, "what?" He smiled at her, "he's very sensitive after cumming."

Melissa raised her head in acknowledgement, "well I still want you to make love to me."

To be continued. Constructive criticism please.

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