James gets rattled.
Chapter 8

James turned around and looked at the hard day Ying was having written all over her.

“Ying, please go take a shower.” James instructed, noticing Link’s blast pattern on her face and chest.

Ying headed for the bathroom and James started his computer. Getting to work on another class, he wrapped himself in his work, trying to forget the crazy in his life for a while. Ying came out and played videos on her laptop. He made a mental note to get her a headset for it. It’s hard to concentrate when a girl is getting tied, spanked, and vibrated beside you.

A knock on the door brought both back from their escape. “Who is it?” James yelled through the door.

“It’s me, Mike.” they heard and James buzzed him in.

Mike said, “I heard you were a hero man. Good job!”

James finished his sentence on the computer, “Thanks, all in a day’s work.”

“Say man, do you have a spare towel?” Mike asked.

James turned from the computer to look at him. He had red lipstick all over him. Someone wrote ‘slut’ on his forehead, ‘pinch me’ on his nipples, and ‘fuck tool’ with an arrow pointing down on his stomach. “Who got a hold of you?” James wondered out loud.

“I have no idea. It was some older woman. She smelled like cigarette smoke.” Mike explained. “She was one kinky broad too.”

James thought he knew who it was, “Well, they don’t supply towels here. The explanation I got was that they supplied enough of everything else.” James informed him. “There’s some in my bathroom.”

“Thanks man.” Mike said and turned towards the open bathroom. He had ‘Spank Me’ written across his one reddened cheek and ‘Finger Me’ across the other with an arrow pointing, well, you know where.

James felt a little sorry for him, “Sorry it isn’t all rosy for you.” He apologized.

Mike came out of the bathroom; towel in hand, “Its ok, I just have to wait until my stuff gets here. I have my own towels.”

“I meant the job.” James explained, “You got it a little rough at times.”

“What are you talking about? This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” Mike reflected, “I have never fucked so much in my life!”

“Yeah, but I saw you scraping Miss Plenart’s feet.” James pointed out.

“Don’t knock it man. I’ve changed my opinion about old people too.” Mike sighed, “You haven’t had a blow job from someone with no teeth yet. It’s surprising how much more you can fit in. All I had to do was scape her feet for it.”

James was quickly reminded about Mike’s horny philosophy. It shouldn’t surprise him that Mike looked at things with his dick. “Ok man, I’m glad you’re happy about it.”

“I owe you big time Jif.” Mike said sincerely, taking a seat on the bed. “I didn’t mean to crash the party you had going on here though. Sorry about that.”

“Don’t sweat it man, there isn’t enough of me to go around anyway.” James replied as his eye ticked at the word ‘sweat’.

“So, tell me about your job. What is it you do?” Mike asked.

“I service clients, sort of like you’re servicing the staff.” James explained, “My clients are pretty much high maintenance though. They have to be handled with care.”

“You can keep that gig. I wouldn’t get along with stuck up prudes.” Mike sighed.

“What day do you have off?” James thought to ask, still not knowing his own.

Mike looked puzzled, “I don’t know. I forgot to ask.”

James laughed at that, “It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t feel like you’re working anyway.”

“If it’s anything like I’ve experienced so far, I can handle it.” Mike said with a grin.

“Well, there aren’t too many Marys and Miss Plenarts I don’t think.” James chuckled.

“They weren’t bad really. Mary even offered to let me fuck her ass.” Mike admitted.

James grimaced, “I don’t doubt it after what she did to Link.”

“Oh? What did she do?” Mike wanted to know, unaware of the recent events.

James just had to tell him this one, “After you fucked her, she came down here and had Link clean her out.” biting his fist as he said it.

Mike mulled that over and said, “So? She took a shower.”

“Really? When did she do that?” James was surprised.

“Right after we finished. She left my room to look for a towel.” Mike said.

James felt relieved but somehow disappointed, “That’s good news. I don’t know if I want to tell Link though. I might make him sweat over it a little.” and his eye ticked at the word ‘sweat’ again.

Ying was playing with the nipple clamps James used on her earlier. She decided to put them back on again. James was glad that they weren’t very big and wouldn’t be too heavy for her. At least they were adjustable. Lord knows what she would have picked out if it was her choice. There was a kink in that girl that James would never iron out.

Ying stood up and inserted her butt plug back in, right in front of James and Mike. Its one thing to just put it in but she had to wiggle it and make it go in with the speed of slow motion. James and Mike both stared in awe.

Mike sucked in his drool. “Ok, where do I go to pick me out one of those?” Mike asked, pointing at Ying.

James was surprised at his question and thought of a good prank to pull on him, “Oh, next level up. That’s the servant quarters.” he offered, grinning ear to ear.

“Sweet!” Mike got up to go.” I’ll be back and show you what I picked out.”

“You do that man, I’m anxious to see what you get.” James said as Mike opened the door. “You can’t leave the staff quarters without clothes on, by the way.”

“Oh shit! I forgot.” Mike said, “You got some sweats I can borrow?”

James felt like he adopted him somehow, “Yeah, here.” and got him a pair out of his drawer.

Mike slipped them on and headed out. James just shook his head at the lipstick graffiti of a friend heading out the door.

It wasn’t twenty minutes when James’ intercom rang. The I.D. read CS04. James picked it up.

“Yes?” he answered, and held a snicker back.

“What is your friend doing right about now?” Cathleen asked, obviously perturbed.

“Oh, he said something about picking out a slave somewhere and left here about twenty minutes ago.” James replied, still holding back a chuckle.

“Mhmm, and you didn’t, by chance, telling him where to find one did you?” she asked, pressing him for information.

James thought it was funny, well, to him anyway, “I… might have… given him that assumption.” grimacing in anticipation of her response.

“He currently has a Miss Jennifer Francis in tow and headed your way.” Cathleen informed him.

“Seriously? I thought the guards would have stopped him for sure.” James thought out loud.

“No, they just let him go on and called me. You know they can’t seem to think for themselves. He went right in, opened up all the doors until he found one he liked.” Cathleen seethed into the phone. “To add more beef to that sandwich, he has lipstick written all over him.”

“Look, I didn’t expect him to get that far. I can’t believe he would kidnap someone like that.” James’ voice turned serious. “In all honesty, I was pulling a prank on him. He asked where he could get a girl like Ying and my stupid ass told him to go there.”

“I would be pretty pissed about losing a good dish washer if her mother didn’t let her go.” Cathleen stated, sighing into the phone.

“Wait, her mother let her go? Does she know what Mike wanted?” James was awestruck and embarrassed at the same time.

“She had just turned eighteen yesterday. The Neanderthal told Sharon, her mother, he needed a slave and she told him to go ahead and take her since her daughter thought the grass was greener elsewhere.” Cathleen added, “They apparently were fighting before Mike got there.”

“That might be a bad idea with Mike to begin with, let alone causing you inconvenience. Mike wants a sex slave, not a servant.” James explained, turning redder with embarrassment.

“The child has been defiant and probably deserves some lesson in gratitude.” Cathleen pondered, “Let’s let this ride for the moment. It might do the girl some good.”

“I won’t let Mike touch her without consent, I can assure you.” James avowed, what happened to Mike’s common sense? “I think he is under the impression that everyone here just fucks everyone here. Give me some time to get him under control.”

“Ok, if the girl isn’t happy with him, I’ll have to send her packing.” Cathleen stated, “Her mother isn’t happy with her at all to begin with. If she wants to be happy, she will have to be happy somewhere else. Her father is a mean ole haggard but she’ll wind up with him if she isn’t careful.”

James mulled that over, “I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to cause all of this over a prank.” and added, “Is there no way we can just forget this ever happened and send her back?”

“Look, it’s just too much drama for me. I’ll let you handle it. When she gets there, you tell her what I said and what exactly Mike has in mind for her.” Cathleen instructed, “If she goes back right now, we’ll forget about it.”

“Thank you! I’ll do what I can to put some fear in her.” James relaxed, “Hopefully, I’ll have her back upstairs in no time.”

“James, if you hadn’t saved my life, I’d kill you over this.” Cathleen flatly stated.

“Come on! It was a joke!” James defended, wondering why she was being so hard on him.

“I was kidding. You know I love ya.” Cathleen regressed. “Call me and let me know how it turns out.”

“Will do,” James replied, hoping she was indeed kidding, “and I love you too.”

Just as James hung up the phone, Mike was knocking on his door.

James buzzed them in. Mike entered with a redhead on his arm. Heaven had blessed the girl with very large breasts and a slim figure. She wore a maid outfit that showed off her legs and bust. She wore high heels but James thought without them, she would probably come up to Mike’s shoulders.

“Here you are Jif. This is Jenny. Jenny, meet my best friend James.” Mike introduced the buxom lass.

James stood up and offered his hand, “Pleased to meet you.” he greeted as they shook hands.

“I know who you are! You were in the parking lot! You’re the guy they said killed the kidnapper.” she said excited, and pumped his hand faster.

“Yes, well…” James started.

“You were on the news! They said you saved an executive the other day too!” she rambled on.

James turned a little red from the praise, “I was just…”

“They interrupted my program with the news bulletin.” She kept going.

James stopped shaking her hand but she kept on pumping it, “Please! Have a seat.” James offered.

She looked at him with wide eyes as she sat down on the bed. “It is certainly nice to meet you!”

“Well thank you.” James said and then addressed his friend, “Mike, you want to borrow my shower?”

Mike looked at the writing all over him, “Yes please!” and headed into the bathroom.

James addressed the skinny girl with buxom bosoms, “I am a bit surprised to see you here.” James began, “I’m not sure if you fully understand Mike’s intentions.”

“Yes, he needed a servant and I agreed to help him out.” Jenny offered her assessment of the job he offered.

“No, he needs a sex slave.” James said bluntly. “He wants to dominate you and use you for sexual gratification.” watching the green eyes staring at him get bigger.

“Oh, I am sorry; I should have put that to you more delicately.” James recounted, “But it is what it is.”

“He wants to fuck me?!” she exclaimed, looking at the bathroom door.

“Well, yes. But on a continuous basis.” James answered, “In just about any fashion you could think of.” James added, “And, of course, anywhere.”

“Wait, so he will… fuck me when and where and whatever way he wants?” she asked in surprise.

“Um, yes… Like Ying here.” James introduced, “Ying, this is Jenny and Mike wants her to be his sex slave.”

“You like butt plugs too?” Ying asked, shaking the girl’s hand.

“I was wondering when we would get to talk about the naked girl in the room.” Jenny quipped “Ying huh? Um, butt plugs…” she pondered.

“Ah, this is my sex slave.” James pointed out, “Ying, Inspection.” and watched her snap to attention.

“Wow! That’s… interesting.” Jenny fumbled, staring at Ying’s submissive stance.

“Yes, she obeys me without question.” James boasted, “Ying actually enjoys being dominated.”

“So, she does whatever you tell her?” Jen asked, finding that unbelievable.

“Ying, play with your pussy.” James ordered, expecting the young girl to run out of the room.

“Yes master.” and started playing with her clit.

“That is amazing.” Jenny said in awe, watching her little hand play.

“Well, that is what Mike wants from you.” James concluded. “He expects unquestioned responses without thought, and pure obedience.” hoping that would finalize any doubts she would have.

“Does she always call you master?” Jenny asked, with eyes fixated on Ying’s pussy.

“She prefers to call me master. She calls me James in public.” James explained.

Jenny seemed fascinated, “I could probably do that.” She whispered.

“Well, you would have to do that.” James said, “So, if you aren’t willing to do all of that and anything Mike tells you, you need to get up and go back upstairs. Otherwise, Miss Spencer has instructed me to tell you that if you decide to leave later, you will be all on your own.”

“Well, I do want to try.” Jen offered, still watching the nipple-clamped Ying. “Mike is a hunk of a man.”

“There is no try.” James said, “You do it or you go. Cathleen said that if you didn’t go back to your room right now, you would be stuck here. If you aren’t happy here, she will have to throw you out.”

Jennifer Francis had her stubbornness, a trait Mike would have to break, “I’m not going back upstairs and I refuse to move in with my father. I guess I’ll learn to be a slave. Where do I get my clamps?”

Ok, this isn’t working; he needed her to fully understand. He might as well give her the works.

“Ok, let’s try it and see… stand up.” James ordered, but the girl just sat there staring at Ying.

“Up!” James yelled, making the girl jump and drawing attention in the bathroom.

Mike entered the room still toweling off. His modesty, what little he had, was gone. “What are we doing?” he asked, watching Jen stand at attention.

“Well, she seems to think she could handle being a sex slave. Let’s give her a test drive.” James explained, and Mike grinned at the words ‘test drive’ while Jenny looked a little puzzled.

“Strip!” James commanded and waited till the hesitating girl finally removed her blouse.

“There can be no delay. You must do what you’re told without thought.” James admonished, watching her lower her skirt, offering her shapely figure for them to see. “Punishment will be in the form of spanking.”

She stopped in her underwear and started on shoes and socks. “We want to see you naked.” James stated while Mike’s eye grew wide at his friend’s demands.

She unhooked her bra and shrugged the straps off. Placing it on the bed, she covered her nipples with an arm. “We need to see your tits.” James instructed and she let her arm drop. “Mike may decide to loan you out from time to time.” and she absorbed that into her head.

“Those panties have to go.” James ordered and watched her shimmy out of them. “You are to wear thongs from now on. If you don’t own a pair, you will go without until your master provides you with some.”

“Master?” Ying called, interrupting James’ tutoring.

“Yes?” James answered, turning his head to see her.

“Can I cum?” she asked, still playing with herself.

James guessed she was getting turned on by listening to him bark orders, “Yes but just a little cum.” James relented; giving her that restriction would probably make her crazy.

All eyes turned to her as she forced a little tremor out of herself. Girl juice trickled down her legs. Just watching them watching her was a thrill. She fought hard to only allow herself a small orgasm.

He thought this would be a good time to ask, “Ying, you ready to play?”

“Yes master!” she replied, a wide grin appearing on her face.

“Get me hard.” James ordered and like a cat on a mouse, Ying yanked his sweat pants down and engulfed his semi-erection.

“Jen, get Mike hard.” James demanded; she turned in his direction with her eyes the last to leave the scene.

Walking to Mike, she dropped to her knees and looked at what she had to work with. James saw her hesitate and motioned to Mike to motivate her.

Mike cleared his throat, “Ahem… Now!” he ordered, then looked up at James and smiled as she took him in.

James reminded her, “Don’t think, just do. I’m sure Mike knows how to spank you.” and turned his attention to Ying as she quivered hearing him mention a spanking.

James couldn’t tell how Jenny was doing but Ying was working him over good. “Ying, suck on my balls.” and looked at Mike to see his reaction.

“Jen, play with your pussy.” Mike ordered and watched her lower a hand.

James was at full mast and decided to help is friend out, “Ok Ying, go help Jen.” And she dropped him and scurried over to Mike, practically scooting Jen over in the process by herself.

Jen offered her opinion, “Get off, this one is mine.” leaning back watching Ying.

Mike offered his, “Learn to share.” and Ying pointed his cock in Jen’s direction.

“Let me know if she doesn’t work out Mike.” James said, “Cat said she’d get rid of her for you.”

Jenny consented and took Ying’s offering. After a few tentative stokes in her mouth, she offered it back to Ying.

James let that go for a little while but seeing Mike was set, he called off the servicing. “Ok, girls, Mike’s ready. You can stop for now.” Giving Jen his attention, still trying to scare her back upstairs, James asked her a question that should do the trick, “Have you ever taken it in the ass Jen?”

She stared at James like he slapped her, “Hell, I haven’t had one in my pussy yet!” she exclaimed.

Mike was surprised, thinking a girl as pretty as she was would have already been tapped, “You’re a virgin?”

“Well, I haven’t had a dick in it but I did break my hymen with a vibrator.” she admitted.

James thought it was a sad story. A real shame not to experience womanhood given by a male, “I’m sorry to hear it, you won’t have the pleasure of a male taking your virginity.”

James gave it some thought and decided that giving her what she probably wanted wouldn’t get her upstairs any faster, “How good are you at sucking pussy?” he asked, waiting to see her reaction.

“Oh, I’ve only done it once… but I made her cum.” Jen was reminiscent. It wasn’t something she would want to do all the time but she wasn’t opposed to it.

“Ying, take your plug out and lay on the bed.” James ordered. “Mike, do you mind if Jen sucks on Ying’s pussy?” and Mike thought it was fine with him.

Ying hopped on the bed but Jen just sat still contemplating. Mike reached down and grabbed her arm, pulling her up. He didn’t do it hard, letting her do the work of rising up. Turning her around, he gave a slap on the ass. “Don’t think, just do.” and sent her towards Ying. Glancing at James, Mike winked at him.

Jen rubbed her ass and walked to her execution, it seemed. Ying spread her legs as best she could for her and waited. Jen dropped to her knees and looked at the pussy to service. James motivated her, “Need another slap on your ass?” and she finally dove in.

Ying felt the rookie go at her. Hoping her medicine Vicky gave her held out; she focused on the attention she was getting at the moment. The girl wasn’t bad as she teased her lips then licked. Ying fell into a relaxed state as the newest American in her midst gave her pleasure.

Mike was amazed at his friend’s new demeanor. It just wasn’t the same guy he remembered. He didn’t know which one to be impressed with most; James’ attitude or the girl he picked out. But the change in James was for the better in Mike’s opinion. How many times did he offer to take him to frat parties? Yes, this James suited Mike better.

“Let’s play a game.” James suggested. “Ying, you are not allowed to cum.” and Ying responded, “Yes master.” “Jen, you must make Ying cum no matter what.” and waited.

Since all James got was a muffled sound he slapped her on her ass, “Yes master.” he said, and Jen rose up off the pussy and said, “Yes master.”

“Now, if you force Ying to cum, I’ll tie her up and Mike and I will administer ten spankings. If you fail to get her off, we will do the same to you.” James explained the rules adding, “You both have ten minutes starting now.” and James checked the clock on his phone.

Mike and James watched the scene for a few minutes and James decided to add some talk into the mix, “Ying likes her ass licked.” he said, and let that sink into both of them. “Play with her nipples Jen.” and she used both hands on Ying’s breasts. The clamps were still on Ying and Jen caressing the undersides had an effect on her. Ying started panting heavily.

“Hang in there Ying; you only have five more minutes.” James informed her. “Think about something unpleasant.”

Ying was torn. Did she want to get the spanking or did she want to see new girl get it? This struggle in her mind was holding her back from an orgasm. New girl fondled her breasts and tongued her hole, but master said, “Two minutes!” and the girl added a hand to her clit while still tonguing her hole.

This little sex pot in her mouth was going to cum and Jen was one to make sure of it. She wasn’t taking an ass whipping if she could help it any. With fingers on her clit and a tongue in her hole, she expected Ying to go over. But James said, One minute!” before she realized it and she had to do something. Ying was fighting back and something had to be done. Did she really like her ass tongued? This redhead was going to find out, and raised a leg to get to it.

Ying was fine, just fine. Well, until she felt the fingers on her clit and the tongue on her ass. It felt so good! The hot breath of the redhead on her open rear door and her tongue entering where her butt plug stayed was too much. She started her ascent.

Jen didn’t care if she had to shove her tongue all the way up an ass; she wasn’t going to lose this fight. The Asian had removed a plug and left a deep hole. Jen was going to fill it. Upon her tongue entering the exit, Ying clamped her legs and started skyrocketing.

“Time!” James announced, and watched as Ying hit her orgasm. He was anxious to see it, knowing Ying was going to give Jen a mouthful of cream.

Jen felt a hose turn on, her eyes and nose were struck first. She lifted up from the back hole she was tonguing and received a gush in her mouth. She had to back off from the torrent.

“Don’t leave her hanging! Finish her off!” James yelled, grabbing her head and forcing it back on Ying’s fountain. If she was getting off, James was making sure she was satisfied. This new filly wasn’t going to leave his girl humping air.

Mike was in shock. When Ying blasted and Jen took a mouth load, Mike’s cock jerked in excitement. But seeing James force her back on to Ying’s gushing cunt was even more of a turn-on for him. He had to stroke himself a little over that.

Jen had never known a girl could squirt like that. Not ever having the experience before made her scared a little. She thought for sure the girl had pissed on her but the taste told her different. When James made her finish the flooding pussy, she became aroused at the thought of being force fed and offered her tongue once more while the liquid rolled over her chin.

James felt Jen take control and released her head. Ying humped away on the face that gave her pleasure. Mike jerked off watching the lapping tongue of Jen’s.

Ying finally relaxed and trembled out what was left of her ecstasy. Panting on the bed, she relaxed. “Master, I win?” she asked.

Before he could answer her, Jen said, “No, I win.” gasping in much needed air.

James shrugged his shoulders. “What do you think Mike?” and without waiting for his answer, “I think they both lost. Ying was coming at the end of the time limit but she didn’t actually finish till after the time was up. It was fifty-fifty really. I say we tie them both up.”

Mike smiled at that, “I was just about to say that myself.” and went to his slave in training.

“Now wait, I won that fair and square.” Jen protested.

“James smirked at that, “Slave loses every time. Master always wins.” and got out the black silk ropes. “But if you want to head back upstairs, I won’t stop you.” walking towards her, “Remember, if you don’t go back now, you’re Mike’s slave forever.”

“I can’t go back there! I’m stuck here!” she argued.

“Well, it looks like you haven’t any choice then. How do you want tied up?” James smiled.

She said something about not getting the ropes tight but James didn’t bother to listen. He got her up on the bed and kneeling on all fours. With little effort, he tied her knees to her elbows. Her face was on the bed with her ass in the air.

“Mike, was it fifteen or twenty slaps?” James asked, but the redhead in restraints piped in her thoughts, “Ten, it was ten!” and Mike swatted her for running her mouth. “Maybe we should add five for every time she opens her mouth.” Mike suggested.

“That’s a good idea, now maybe Ying remembers.” James said, “Ying, how many slaps was it?”

Ying simply said, “As many as master wants to give.”

James was so proud of her. She has been studying this lifestyle for three days. “That is exactly the correct answer.” James stated. “Now, since you answered correctly, you get to put the butt plug in her.”

“No! I don’t want a butt plug!” Jenny cried.

“That’ll be five more.” Mike said.

Ying got into the dresser drawer and got her old one out. Placing lube on it, she turned around and faced the back side of the spoiled redheaded American.

“Ying, you can instruct her on how to accept the plug.” James stated, watching Ying approach the target.

“You supposed to have enema so you will be clean when master fucks you there.” Ying started, pulling an ass cheek away from the other. “After a few days, it will go in easy.” she continued, working the blunt point into her ass. “You relax, you tense up.” Ying instructed.

“Allow me to help you Ying.” James offered, and slapped her ass; “Relax.” was all he said and massaged where he hit. Ying replied “Thank you master.” as the bulb entered the virgin ass.

“Ok Ying, how would you like to be tied down?” James asked, getting more rope.

Ying looked at James and said, “Any way master wishes.”

“Now, did you hear that Jen? She is so considerate of me.” James boasted. Jen didn’t reply so Mike smacked her again, “He asked a question.” and rubbed the place he struck.

“I heard her.” Jen whispered, and then James smacked her. “Master, you forgot to say master.” and rubbed her ass a little more.

James was getting into the spanking a little. He wouldn’t strike hard at all but he knew that after so many, they would feel it. Rubbing it made any pain ease though and he was considerate enough to massage after every strike. He didn’t want the receiver to fear him which led to his tender slaps to begin with.

“I heard her master.” Jenny relented, feeling the sting and rub. Something about the way he did that made her kind of like it. It was a little erotic. Maybe it was because it was so close to her achy pussy.

“I might want to smack her with my cock.” James thought out loud. “Maybe even my balls.” motioning Ying up on the bed beside the redhead. “Mike, what would you like to use to give your slave punishment?”

Mike was listening to James’ options and said, “I’ll probably use my balls.” and stepped up beside his girl.

James tied Ying up the same as Jen. Stepping behind Ying, he said, “Did Jen make you cum hard Ying?”

“Yes master.” Ying admitted.

“Do you think I could do that as well?” James teased.

“Yes master.” Ying stated, wanting to feel something on her achy place.

Mike took lessons from James and said, “Would you like your spanking with a hand, cock, or balls Jen?”

Jen looked back at the man behind her, “Any way master wants to give It.” and waited for Mike’s decision.

James got Mike’s attention and told him to watch, “Ok, maybe I might give the punishment with a little of everything.” and slapped his cock on Ying’s ass a couple of times. Mike followed suit.

James slapped one cheek with his hand and the other with the opposite hand, and then rubbed where he struck. Mike followed suit.

James entered Ying slowly and bucked into her six times, making sure his balls struck her clit. Mike followed suit.

“Ok, Ying has had her punishment.” James announced, pulling out. Mike did the same.

“What?” Jen said, feeling Mike’s absence. Mike slapped her ass and rubbed.

“Did you enjoy your punishment Ying?” James asked and received a “Yes master.” for a reply.

Mike asked Jen and received a “Yes master.” too.

James got Mike’s attention again, saying “Ying, would you mind if I punished you more?”

Before she could answer, Jen butted in, “I’ll take more.” and Mike swatted her again then rubbed while she gasped.

“Master does what he wishes.” Ying responded; wiggling a little, knowing master liked to see her struggle. James rubbed his hand over her ass then into her depths.

“Was yours tight Mike?” James asked, looking at Jen’s hotspot.

“I think it was pretty tight. It’s kind of hard to describe.” Mike pondered out loud.

“Would you like to test drive mine and I’ll test drive yours?” James asked.

Mike pretended to think about it, “Sure, but it’s going to be hard to beat Jen. She is pretty tight.” and swapped places with James.

“How many slaps would you like Jen?” James asked, rubbing himself on her crack.

She sighed and said, “As many as master will give.” and tried to squeeze his cock with her ass cheeks out of reflex.

“Would you like me slap it here?” James asked, rubbing his cock on her clit.

‘Ain’t this some shit?’ Jenny thought. Here she was with two studs and can’t even get a dick in her for more than thirty seconds! The slapping, teasing, tormenting dick was doing everything but fucking her. He was driving her absolutely crazy with his cock rubbing her clit. “Master can slap it where he wants.” She gritted, expecting the worst but hoping for the best.

Mike tried out his new found talent and rubbed his cock all over the sex package of Ying. James had enlightened him and he found out that watching women get off on his play was a turn-on. He was probably just as horny as the girls were just from the erotic teasing. James really knew how to make it last too. He fed a little of his cock in Ying.

Her master has corrupted the beast. Instead of the fucky, fucky demon that slammed into Joy, he resorted to slow and teasing torture, compliments of master. Circling her sensitive clit, the man inserted his head. With great determination, she held back her cry for more.

James used his patented signature move and raked his fingers down Jen’s back at the same time he eased his shaft all the way in her. He didn’t know the kink in him, he was oblivious to his own, but the arching of a woman’s back while watching it from behind was one of the most erotic visions he had ever seen. As he entered her, the butt plug raked his shaft through her membranes. Oh, this girl has had it. He pumped her hard enough to slap her clit with his balls.

Jen freaked out. The son of a bitch actually scratched her back. Though she had never had the pleasure of a man, she was pretty sure they were supposed to just fuck her and go to sleep. This motherfucker here though, shoved his dick up to her throat and grinded! She felt the inch difference between Mike and James but the technique; my God he played her like a fiddle. She knew in that instance, as the goose bumps rose on her body, this was a man that knew her too well. If this bastard started fucking her, she would probably die of orgasm. And then he did.

Mike witnessed the exquisite agony on his new girl’s face. The scratch down her back turned red but faded. The arch faded with it. But those few seconds in that erotic pose with the look of pure lust on that redhead’s face was something he was adding to his masturbation sessions. Realizing he had his own back in front of him, he did the same. Ying’s arched back from this angle was even sweeter as he saw the dimple where her ass cheeks connected form a V. That was all kinds of sexy. He took it slow as he entered the new cunt of Ying’s.

‘Master’s move!’ she thought, as the nails went down her back while the cock went in her new space. She turned her head the other way so she could see the new girl’s expressions. Yielding to a lustful smile, she saw the reactions of her counterpart. When their eyes met, Ying winked at her to tell her it was about to get a whole lot better. Then the newest master dropped his play and Ying felt the beast in him come out. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the thrusts, turning away from the girl to revel in her own passion.

James was determined to give this girl a ride to heaven. He tried to scare her straight but put a kink in her instead. “Have I convinced you to go back upstairs?” James asked, still pumping away in her. “No master.” she gasped as he pounded her puss and slammed his balls on her clit. “Then you are surely fucked.” James replied and slapped her ass and reached under them to grab her nub of a clit.

The sexy slave by her side actually winked at her. Just what the hell did that mean? Did she know something that she did not? But then the muscle bound man asked her a question she knew she had to answer. Saying yes to leaving this lusty bunch wasn’t even an option. She had to find out what the Asian knew even as her pussy was pounded. Then she had a hint of things far better than she had expected. The man reached under and pinched her aching clit. He wasn’t as deep as he was before but he had the length to keep it in her and still tweak her hotspot.

Mike was a little outclassed as his best friend outperformed him. He decided to go on his own and apply his own simple methods. Slapping Ying on the ass, he picked up speed. Bending his knees and arching his back, he drove himself from below her. This girl was small than his and he could pick her up like that if he wanted. But he used his thrusts to lift her up on each and every pounding.

Ying felt the animal change his stance and drive himself into her. It was a little painful to be honest but the brutality was also a turn-on. Slapping her ass and gripping it drove her over the edge. She held her breath to prevent the scream that so desperately wanted to leave her. Without remorse, she released her flood and it splattered on them both.

James looked over at his best friend’s efforts and noticed him concentrating to hard. Slapping him on his arm and shaking his head, he mouthed ‘Don’t cum’. Hopefully, it was enough to stop the climax Mike was trying to have. James tugged the clit and rubbed the middle then let it go. He let his balls take over there as his cock propelled the girl into orgasm.

Her first man-made orgasm rocked through her, shattering all of her past records. She gripped the covers in both hands and stifled her scream in the mattress. The urge to yell “Don’t stop” was maddening but she knew he wouldn’t leave her. The sex-crazed man had gone too far as his fingers pulled out her butt plug. Just when she thought her orgasm ended another took its place. How thoughtful he was as he blocked off the air entering her ass with a thumb while she rocketed higher and higher.

Like it was planned, a synchronous collapse, as both girls fell off to the side, facing each other. Panting in sweat and post-orgasmic bliss while elbows and knees connected, they rested to bring back their energy. Ying was the first to open her eyes and saw the crumbled mess of Jen. She knew for a fact that she looked the same after a massive orgasm like that one.

‘No… strength’ she knew as It had left her, making her melt like a withered flower. She opened her eyes to a smiling Ying and felt what she meant by that secret wink. She smiled back and almost giggled at the mutual mess they were left in. Looking over to the culprit that caused it, she was shocked to see his manhood still stands. “You didn’t cum?” she asked and received a slap.

“You’ve got more work to do, I’m sorry to say.” James smiled, “You haven’t been fucked until the masters are satisfied.” massaging the slap.

Glancing over at her new master, he too was still rock solid. How a man can fuck like that and not get off put her beliefs into the fables and tales category. “Damn” she said under her breath and remembered his words very clear. If not right now then it wouldn’t be long, she would indeed be surely fucked.

“Mike, I’m undecided which one of these two is the tightest. I thought it was the butt plug that made your girl so tight, so I pulled it out. It didn’t seem to matter at all.” James gave his opinion.

“I’m not sure either Jif, yours is as tight as mine. I vote we call it a draw.” Mike mused.

“Did you have a preference to where you want to cum?” James asked, “They’re tied up and we have access to any hole we want.”

“I’m undecided on that myself; maybe her virgin ass? But then it wouldn’t be virgin anymore.” Mike thought out loud, “I should probably save that for later.”

“I popped my slave’s cherry earlier; she might be a little sore.” James said, “Perhaps I’ll cum in her mouth.” smiling at his tired little Ying, “Saving her virgin ass for another time.”

“You got another pair of those nipple clamps, Ying’s looks pretty sexy.” Mike asked, admiring his friends fuck toy.

“I’m not sure that I do, but Jen’s tits would look pretty good tied up.” James suggested.

Mike remembered Ying’s tits from earlier and those looked pretty good, “That is an excellent idea.” and picked up another rope. He set to work binding her bosom.

Jenny was speechless. It was a good thing really; it would spare her ass from another slap.

James got in a drawer and pulled out a couple of vibrators. Turning around, he tossed one on the bed beside Jen. He walked to Ying and rolled her over on her back. That position was all kinds of sexy to James. Her elbows on her knees and the ropes that bound them gave James a thrilling view. Her arms pressed the sides of her tits and made them squeeze together, giving her a deep cleavage. Her hair was spread out on the bed, giving her an angelic look. Her ass was forced up and making her pussy stand out and he could see both of her holes plainly. James glanced over at Jen in the same position and knew that Mike was gazing at the same thing on his girl.

“Wow, my slave is fully accessible.” Mike said and glanced at James’ prize. “Tying those ropes around like that was one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen.”

“Yep, it sure looks mighty tasty.” James replied as he turned on the vibrator in his hand. “Don’t move.” He instructed as he laid the vibrator in Ying’s slit. Turning back to the drawer, he pulled out some lube, knowing Ying’s orgasm would make her sticky yet dry.

Mike’s grin was spread across his face as he realized James’ point. Watching the vibrator rest between Ying’s slit, he saw a bead of girl cum ooze out. He was struck in awe gain at his friend’s ingenuity. He picked up his vibrator and did the same to Jen. Running his finger over her pussy lips, he asked “How does that feel?”

Jen had played with vibrators before, one even took her cherry. But too much was happening at the same time for her; two men were looking at her private parts, a vibrator wedged in her slit, and the head of it was on her clit. The master had to ask the most obvious question in the world, “It feels good master.” she replied, embarrassed to admit it. With her knees in the air and her elbows bound to them, she rocked a little, maintaining balance, while fighting the vibes on her clit.

Mike liked her struggling but smacked her anyway, “Don’t move.” and watched the vibrator slide down to her ass. Grabbing it, he placed it on her anus and raked it up to her clit. Nestling in the slit, he leaned back at watched his effect.

James lubed the vibrator and smeared some on Ying’s pussy. Holding the vibrating tool like a jumbo pencil, he drew circles around her clit. Dipping it in to get the medicated lube deep, he pulled it back out and repeated is artwork around her clit.

Ying felt her master’s creative play and the device enter her new hole. The lubrication was awesome since she was getting raw from all the fucking today. Her body defied her as it sporadically humped from the attention.

Jenny was treated like an experiment; her master was trying it everywhere. When it trailed around her clit, she too was forced to hump. The cruelty was further enhanced as he traced it around her ass ring. She played a betting game with herself as to where he would wind up with it. She placed her bet it would go in her ass and clinched her cheeks at the thought of it. But then he raised it to her taut nipple and circled her there for a while. The rope that bound her breasts made them sensitive and she gasped as it scraped over a very achy bud. He pushed the butt plug back in her ass and lowered the vibrator to it.

The phone rang as James was just going to go for a nipple himself, “Hold that for me.” and wedged the vibrator back in Ying’s slit, making sure it hit her clit. The I.D. read CS04 and he had to pick it up.

“Hello?” James answered, looking back at his unfinished drawing.

Cathleen’s voice came back at him, “So, how’s it going down there?”

James shrugged his shoulders and told her, “We’re still… working out the kinks.”

Cathleen huffed with impatience, “You’re running out of time, James.” she warned, “Let me speak with her.”

James was in a quagmire, she was tied up on the bed and the phone wouldn’t reach her, “She’s tied up at the moment.” which sounded rhetorical but what else could he say?

Cathleen mulled that over for, oh, about a second, “James, right now.”

James was in a bit of a pickle but honesty is always the best policy, “Cathleen, she is quite literally tied up. If you would hold on, I can untie her and get her to the phone.” and waited her consent.

“Really?” Cathleen said in disbelief, “I want to see that.” she paused, “Turn your monitor on.”

James didn’t see what good that would do but turned it on anyway. “It’s on.”

James received and email for an online meeting, understanding exactly what Cathleen wanted, he accepted and logged in. His monitor was filled with Cathleen in her room.

“We’re on, hang up the phone.” Cathleen instructed and did the same on her end.

“Jennifer, can you hear me?” Cathleen asked, and James turned up the volume.

Jen couldn’t see the monitor but she recognized the voice. A spike of fear went through her, knowing how strict she could be, “Yes ma’am.” she answered and waited in that fear.

“James, turn the monitor.” she ordered and he turned it on her bound tight dish washer.

“You weren’t kidding!” Cathleen exclaimed, listening to the hums and watching Mike’s foreplay.

“No, I wouldn’t lie to you.” James replied, hoping she wouldn’t go into a fit like she did last time.

“Jennifer, are they holding you there against your will?” Cathleen wanted to know.

If the damn vibrator didn’t feel so good on her plug or the royal fucking she got wasn’t freaking awesome, she could be a bitch right now, but she didn’t want Mike to stop his caresses on her clit with his thumb, “No ma’am.” she answered.

James took some offense and was going to protest but Cathleen didn’t give him a chance. “So, are you planning on staying down there?” she asked.

A few seconds went by as Mike hit a good spot. After she finished moaning, she replied, “Yes, ma’am.”

“James, is that a butt plug?” Cathleen asked while squinting at the screen.

“I’m afraid it is.” James merely replied.

“What is it with you and butt plugs?” Cathleen wondered out loud.

“I’m not sure, but they keep popping… in around me.” James wondered aloud himself.

“What’s Ying doing?” Cathleen looked puzzled as the Asian released an orgasm on the motionless vibrator in her slit.

“Oh, I forgot.” James said, going over to remove the toy off her sensitive spot. “She was waiting for me to punish her.” James said unthinkingly.

“What the hell did she do?” Cathleen asked with great interest.

James wondered that himself, “Um, nothing I can think of at the moment.” he replied, patting her on her pussy, “I’m sure I could think of something though.” looking down at the deliciousness on his bed.

“Then why are you punishing her?” Cathleen asked bewildered.

James was yet again in another embarrassing conversation with the billionaire, “Just because I wanted to.” He said, “But I wasn’t hurting her.” he explained.

“What kind of punishment is it if you aren’t… punishing her?” Cathleen was curiously asking.

James was hard pressed to explain that one but he was going to try, “I’m making her have multiple orgasms.” he sighed, “It’s just some harmless fun.” as Jen squeaked out an orgasm, “Mike’s doing it too.” trying to justify it somehow. “He’s been doing the same thing I have. You know, to get her to go back upstairs.” he offered the feeble excuse to her.

“Well, you can punish me all day long like that.” Cathleen replied, giving him a lusty smile. “I know I’d really enjoy it.”

“Why sure, any time you want.” James said, smiling back, “All you need do is ask.”

A frown crossed her face as she seethed the question, “Are you an idiot?!” Cathleen had turned serious. “You can’t convince her to go back upstairs if you’re giving her orgasms you fool!” slapping her hand on her desk.

“Yeah but, see…” James started to defend himself. He did try to scare her back upstairs and failed. But she wasn’t hearing any excuses.

“Untie Ying! Now!” she demanded, pointing a finger at her monitor.

James huffed at her demand but untied her anyway. He helped her off the bed since she was a little wobbly from being in the same position so long; he turned and faced the monitor as Jen went through another orgasm.

“Ying, do you see a big book there?” Cathleen asked.

“Yes, big book.” Ying said, picking up his old college book off the desk.

Cathleen smiled, “That will do nicely.” she said. “James?”

“Yes ma’am.” James said, wondering what she had in mind.

“Bend over and grab you ankles.” Cathleen stated, and waited, and waited, “Now!” and James knew what was about to happen. Giving a sigh, he did as he was told.

“Ying, be a dear and swat his ass please.” Cathleen instructed, watching the screen to make sure her orders were carried out.

Ying hesitated for a few seconds, wondering if she was kidding around, but Cathleen urged her on, “Go ahead dear; if he does anything to you, I’ll deal with him for you. Make sure you make his ass red.”

Ying wielded it like a ball bat. Raring back, she gave it her all. Upon the contact of James’ bottom, the smack echoed the room. A terrible thing happened to the unsuspecting James as the resonation rocked his balance.

The short little girl just wasn’t tall enough to swing the book any higher, and he received punishment where it was unintended. James wasn’t prepared for the consequences of his punishment and his balls were tucked between his legs. Bending over gave perfect access to the sack he held most dear.

James sucked in air and froze in time, “Mommy!” he squeaked in a high pitched voice and toppled over on the bed, grabbing his wounded pride.

Before she could transfer her thoughts to her mouth, Cathleen had witnessed the event. She knew for sure it was his balls on screen but she couldn’t stop Ying in mid swing. She caught sight of them from following the book to its ultimate destination. Talk about overkill all you want, but Ying dealt more punishment than Cathleen could ever have come up with on her own.

James groaned as he massaged on his crushed testicles, and time brought on convulsions. He racked with pain causing Mike to say, “What the fuck?” and moved his girl toy out of his way. He had been too occupied to understand the events taking place. He only looked over when he heard the smack and saw the fall of his best friend James.

Ying’s face went from a fun filled look to one of serious concern. She had no idea what just happened but it looked like she mortally wounded her master. “Master ok?” she said as she dropped the heavy class book. “Master ok?” she asked again, climbing on the bed to hold him. Seeing him grip his privates and tremble in her arms, Ying was now in panic mode. “Please master!” she screamed and started to cry, her sympathy was so great.

Cathleen was aghast with the turn of events; her hands were over her mouth. She saw the results of her unintentional punishment and fought the urge to say, “I think I’m done here.” and then turn the monitor off and running for someplace in hiding. But a coward she was not and lived with her own consequences, waiting in agony for James to recover so she could personally apologize.

James feared for Ying, knowing she cared, and didn’t want her to blame herself. “I’m ok, just give me a minute.” came out between his clenched tight teeth. A few more deep breathes and his balls eased up although he still sweated a little. A minute or so later, he sat up on the bed and breathed deeply a few more times.

Ying looked at her master as he recovered, still not knowing what happened. Looking intently at the screen on the desk, she saw the surprised look on Cathleen’s paled face. Thinking that she had something to do with this, Ying screamed, “You made me hurt my master!” and traded her concerned look for one of anger.

She hadn’t given Ying a thought but realized then the emotional trauma on the girl. Cathleen was even more ashamed as she was the basic reason for James’ agony. “I’m sorry!” she started, “It wasn’t my intent. James should have protected his… assets!”

“What did you do to him?” Ying demanded and crossed her arms for the explanation.

Cathleen did her best to walk Ying through exactly what had happened, “When James bent over, his balls were between his legs and you hit them with the book.” she added, “Had you struck him across his ass instead of the top of his legs, you would have missed them completely.”

“You no blame me for doing what you say. He better be able to fuck me.” Ying huffed. “You make me break my master. You make sure you fix him.”

James had recovered enough it seemed to settle this before it got nasty, “Don’t blame yourselves, it isn’t anyone’s fault. I know it was just an accident.”

Mike and Jen sat on the sidelines, watching this scene play out. Since it seemed to them it was an accident, they decided to not get involved. But Mike did feel his friend’s pain and grimaced at the thought of it. His redheaded nymph beside him nudged and motioned to her bonds. Mike decided the fun had gone and untied her, letting her work out her stiffness.

Cathleen was relieved that James understood, she didn’t mean that much harm. She decided to get back to the issue she was most concerned about. “So, James, what am I to do since everyone in staffing wants a slave? Your friend shows up and heads upstairs and picks one out on his first day.”

“Isn’t that how it works?” Mike asked. “Just have them go up and get one, it seems pretty simple to me.”

“Oh, James hasn’t enlightened you I see as you’re still in your ignorant bliss.” Cathleen mused then turned to anger, “No! That isn’t how it works you simpleton! James pulled a prank you.”

“I know some others that would love to be… personal servants down here.” Jenny offered her thoughts.

“My father would turn over in his grave if he knew what was going on down there!” Cathleen fumed, “Answer me James, what am I to do?”

James had time to think about it since Jen had given him more time, “Just tell the staff Jen is Mike’s girlfriend and allow them to have a significant other here. You wouldn’t lose any more servants, the staff can support their own keeping you from spending money and they could love whoever they want.”

Cathleen sat back in her chair and pondered his suggestion. It really made sense to her and no spouses was her father’s rule. ‘Fuck it’ she decided, they can go to hell in a hand basket as long as they do their jobs.

“I’ll concede that and warn you, there better not be any drama over this.” Cathleen threatened, “I’ll put out a bulletin on it now but even one more request for a sex slave and I’m having you neutered.”

“You damn near did already.” James mumbled. “Thank you very much and I’ll keep my balls in mind from now on.” he spoke out loud. “Could you put in that bulletin that slaves are not available for request?”

“I guess I’ll have to. It’s getting so out of hand.” Cathleen agreed, “Jennifer, can I get your attention away from the cock you’re playing with for a moment?” she asked, disgruntled.

“Yes ma’am.” She replied, straightening up and sitting right, focusing on the monitor. Mike stepped closer to hear what this was going to be about.

“You caused a shit storm by leaving with Mike.” She started, “Any more problems out of you and you’ll be back with your father faster than you can pack. Is that clear?”

“Yes, ma’am, I understand. I’ll be a good slave.” Jen vowed, crossing her heart.

Cathleen rolled her eyes at that, “Slave… I don’t know who to blame for that.” She sighed, “It was probably me for giving Ying away.” giving the situation more thought, “And it was my fault for thinking James had it in him to be cruel enough to a woman and making her get back upstairs where she belonged.”

James had to intervene, “Now wait, you aren’t to blame for anything you thought was right. Ying is the best thing to happen to me. It may be my fault for not getting Jen back upstairs but it was definitely my fault for letting Mike go up there to begin with.” He caught his breathe, “So, shit happens. We make mistakes. We deal with it. Ying is absolutely happy with being a slave, so what? Mike lucked out and found someone he likes, big deal. I know you’re catching heat. I can understand that, but try to understand… you are making people happy.”

Cathleen struggled with the James’ words. She had to have time to think about it. “Ok, flight leaves at 3pm tomorrow. You two muscle bound meats better be on it. If you bring Ying, Jennifer, or both, you are responsible. These are big clients and they better leave my party just giddy about Spenco, no matter what happens.”

Mike was clueless and asked, “I like parties. What are we celebrating?”

James butted in, “I’ll fill him in on it. Don’t you worry; Jill and I will both have your back.”

Turning her gaze from the Neanderthal of a man James called a friend, “Mike isn’t allowed to talk to anyone there. He is strictly eye candy. Got it?”

“Yes ma’am, Mike will be on his best behavior. Won’t you Mike?” James asked.

Mike took a bow, “I am here to serve.” taking one from James’ playbook.

“Jill!” Cathleen called, and then focused on the screen again, “I’ve warned you. It’s all I can do. Now, somebody tell Ying you can’t put a butt plug and a vibrator in the same damn hole. Good bye.” turning away from the screen as it went off, “Get Jack in here, these swinging dicks made me horny again!” was heard through the speakers before the connection broke.


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