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Girl Has Fun With Her Dog After Work
Echos of Adona's heels could be heard on pavement as her steps took her closer to the street of the condo.
It was a calm night, filled with many out about the city streets on walks, dates, the night life.
Sky was a color of navy blue a sign of midnight coming on to the city scape.
Adonas eyes wondered over the passer bye's of the crowd landing on a few handsome man in business attire
brief cases in hand and a beverage in other.
Many woman in a fitted suit like hers walked the streets also some with the handsome man her eyes landed on.
Neon lights of local businesses lit the sidewalks making everyone have a following shadow behind them.
Smells like steak, ribs, BBQ, alcohol and smoke was present in the rowdy sports bars.
Adona's passer byes without to her knowledge were also landing their eyes on her.
Noticing first her raven blue hair followed by her chocolate brown eyes which stood out from her pallid complexion.
The girl was as thin as a stick some would say with medium size assets in front and back not to much not to litle
just quite inaf for an enjoyable view.Thoughts of her day kept Adona's mind busy as she reached the heavy silver lined doorway of her condo.
After hearing a click she put her body in to opening the heavy door which creaked along letting anyone who comes thrue
know it was a victorian piece of art on hinges.
Inside was spacious with red vintage couches and seats filling the living room quarters.
Wooden glass table stood in front of the couch holding up a silver delicate tea set Adona didn't use just for decoration unlike
the relatives who gave it as a gift. A plasma TV hung on the wall along with the surround sound placed in every corner of the walls.
Curtains of maroon blood velvet hung in front of the windows drawn close for privacy.
The rest of the rooms had same basics of reds, silvers, and Victorians art to give the whole condo a dreamy romantic wonderland feel.
Donas hands landed on water melon cream soda as she opened her refrigerator then reaching for a bag of dark red cherries.
Going to her sink she washed them under flowing stream of water falling from her faucet.
Popping open the bottle she poured the cream soda in to a tall glass stooping before overfilling of her soda could occure.
Sitting down she nudged off one of her white platform heels letting it fall to the carpeted floor with a cushioned sound.
It was nice to be able to sit down for once to have everything in place without a bother.
Vacation?, Vacation I cannot believe I'm on vacation, looking down at her Akita rescue dog she made remarks to him causing a reaction of a
raised head and waging puffy white tale.
The poor puppy was so small in size a year ago a runt the pet shop owner said to her but their was no sign of those characteristics
anymore. Now Domino was a strong playful dog who loved to play catch or tug of war with his new owner eager to learn new tricks so
much so that a blue ribbon on the wall was a proof of his abilities. By the side of Adonna was where he would usually lay waiting foe his next
command or treat.
Adonas setting down her glass opened her suit unbuttoning a booton at a time until reaching the last botton and taking off the tight
garments. Rubbing her breasts Adona could feel her nipples stiffening from the cooler air of the room goose bumps began to rise on
her body. Going down with her other hand she reached for her vagina going up and down between the lips of her semi wet pussy.
A growl from Domino's throat was audible as soon as he could sniff his owners sex.
Adona slipped a finger into her canal arousing her g spot stroking the sponge like ridges.
Domino now standing on his fours came forward eager to lick Adona's pussy wagging his tail to display his eagerness.
Not wanting to use her hand anymore Adona moved it aside laying it on the couch spreading her legs for the dog knowing she wouldnt regret
her decision to spread them. Immediate stimulation was felt by her pussy as tiny buds went deep between her slit one lick after another till she
could feel he cum beginning to build up. Wanting to feel penetration Adona went down on the floor kneeling on her knees then hands shufleing
a few steps forward to entice Domino in to mounting her.
Domino seeing Adonas ass in air knew he had permission to fuck his bitch how how he very much enjoyed.
Not ever fixed or neutered Domino had the pleasure of mating with bitches whose owners hoped for championship pups.
Adona could not but help to notice the huge dog dick domino had between his legs making the female dogs yelp as he
was doing his business. Being a hardworking woman had its draw backs including no time for a man or women to pleas
her like she wanted being with Domino gave her a dirty idea after remembering his mating sessions.
This dirty thought became a reality as she tapped her behind few times letting her dog know she was ready for what he
had to offer. Domino ran up on to Adonas back getting a hold of her with his front legs while positioning his hind ones in place.
His penis erect he came forward reaching between the folds of his owners legs.
Adona braced for the first thrust trying to stay in position as the dog halfway pushed in his cock in to her backing up and
fully ramming it in. The tight fit made Adona whine as her titties jiggled back and forth her knees becoming a bit pink from the
friction of the rug and skin. She tried going forward to loosen up the dick inside her pussy to only be fucked harder and harder.
Her voice going hoarse from screaming now was a low moan sounds of dog cock could be heard well in the entire condo.
Her now knotted pussy was buzzing with pain and unimaginable pleasure as she let his hot semen shoot in to her filling her up with
dog cum that could not leak past the knot.
As Domino pulled out a squeal was heard from his girl and cum ran down her legs splashing on the floor as she crawled back on to
the couch.

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2013-03-02 22:30:05
great idea but needs work good subject mater but to much detail was left out ... keep trying and soon you will get the hang of it


2012-10-22 01:05:27
This story is way too short need more detail of the actual sex.

anonymous readerReport

2012-10-21 03:56:49
Sucked. Learn how to write

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2012-10-20 07:23:07
Too much focus on unimportant things, never really described the dog, the sex scene had absolutely no build up or detail, and there were a lot of spelling mistakes.

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2012-10-20 05:23:36
Mmmmm...Keep your day job.

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