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A man takes advantage of his sick and delerious daughter
His wife had been visiting her sister for a while so he had started chatting with some some of his old buddies. Its late so he thinks hes safe as they all share pictures, competing on who has the best cache. He reaches into the boxers to relieve the tension that's been building for days. He doesn't notice when the door opens and Erica, his thirteen year old step-daughter, walks into the dark room. He practically jumps out of his skin as she speaks and he drops his hand but has no time to put away his hard-on.
"Dave, I don't feel well," she says as she walks over in a daze of sleep and fever, wearing a red t shirt that is not quite long enough to cover her pink panties.
"Whats wrong sweetie," he asks, heart pounding as she walks up to him. He is relieved that her height has her even with him even as he sits so that she has no reason to look down.
"I feel woozy and sore and a little dizzy." Her eyes are slitted as she looks at him, a little unsteady.
"It sounds like you have the flu, tomorrow I'll take you to the doctor, tonight you should just get some rest."
"Can we cuddle for a bit, it always makes me feel better when mom holds me?"
"Sure, but first let me-" he's interrupted as she climbs into his lap, settling in against his shoulder, his hard on pinned between his stomach and her fever hot body. She quickly fell asleep, her head resting in the crook of his arm, her legs bunched up against the arm of the chair. She definitely felt warm against his body. He would definitely have to take her to the doctor tomorrow.
His thoughts are interrupted by a ping from the computer and he quickly leans over Erica to mute the volume. In the chat they were all telling him it was his turn to submit. With one hand he responded that his step daughter was sick and he was taking care of her. The response was to send a picture of her. He knew he should just log out, and he almost did, but it had been days and her skin was against him and he was not thinking about consequences. He reached over and hit for the webcam to take a picture and up loaded it. It was a met with a wave of responses about her hot legs and her amazing tits. He looked down at her, really looking for the first time. He'd met her first when she was seven so he never really looked at her as anything but his wife's daughter. Her breasts strained against the t shirt that had hung on her when she was ten, probably a c-cup on her 5'3 frame. The shirt hid the narrow waist he knew from memory but her wide hips and toned legs were on full display, her cute pink panties fully visible. In the chat they were asking for more. He shouldn't but he did. He pulled her shirt up and she moved a little against him still asleep as he bared her stomach and took another picture. He felt guilty, but excited. They went nuts in the chat again. Asking how often he fucked her, how tight she was, how her tits felt. They all just assumed he did all this, not realizing that a man doesn't just have sex with his daughter. Well she was his wife's daughter. Not his daughter.
He realized he was staring at her stomach, flat and smooth. What would be the harm in touching it, it was just her stomach. He gently caressed her stomach. It was smooth, and hot. She laid motionless as he did. He continued to caress her gently, comforting her as she was sick, watching the screen as they comment on her hot body. He watched as the other members in the chat continued trading pictures and videos. Suddenly his fingers brushed up against something. He looked down at his fingers, crept under Erica's shirt, pressed against the bottom of her breasts. He paused, staring at his fingers, the tips hidden under the bottom of her shirt. He was suddenly torn. He was just innocently rubbing her stomach, trying to reassure her sleeping body. It was just an accident, hitting her breast. If he backed away now that's all it would be. But his fingers desperately wanted to press on. To feel more of that soft yet firm flesh. His fingers pressed against the bottom of the breast but did not move, exploring, not moving, just testing the firmness. His fingers slipped forward, climbing the curve of her breast. Without thought his hand encased her whole breast, the firmness filling his hand. As he caressed he could feel the nipple harden against his hand as her young body responded. His hand explored the breasts exquisite breast feeling their heat and soft flesh. He could feel her breath quicken as her chest rose and fell faster under his hand. His hand was now an entity all of its on, exploring every inch of his step daughters breasts. He heard a soft moan escape her throat and looked at her face. It was a picture of soft ecstasy. He felt her legs spread and flex and looked down at her soft thighs parting to reveal a wet spot on her cute pink panties.
He jumps and pulls his hand back at a flash on the screen the ping he received. They were telling him it was his turn. They were telling him to send another picture of Erica. They were telling him they wanted more than last time. He looked down at her, her shirt pushed up to her neck, young breasts out on full display, heaving with arousal in her feverish sleep. He grinned down at her, growing bold and confident, beginning to take true pleasure in this. He gently shifted her position so she was sitting up in his lap, positioned her legs so the spread out over his, her back to his chest, and slid his hand up her body to cup one heavy breast before leaning forward to take a snap shot.
The chat room erupted into another frenzy. All shouting commands and suggestions. One jumped out at him. Video tape it. Record it. And show them. He looked down her body. So perfect. And as guilty as he felt, he knew he would never see this perfect body again. Without a second thought he reaches forward and hits the record button on the web cam, then minimizes the chat windows. He knew they were all patching in to the cam. He new it was an open invite. He knew they chat room was probably going crazy yet again. He didn't care about any of that. He was looking down at the small form in his lap. He looked at the breast pressing out between his fingers. Watched her chest rapidly rise and fall. He reached down and pressed his fingers against the damp spot on her panties. He felt her squirm slightly in his lap. His hard on was nestled tightly in the crack of her ass against the soft cotton fabric. He slipped his fingers under the waistband of her panties and felt the soft curls underneath. Everything about her was soft and delicate. Innocent. Unspoiled. So ripe.
He pressed his fingers inside her moist lips and felt her squirm in response, a light moan escaping her lips. He watched as her panties were pressed down by his wrist. He pushed further, bringing her legs together to push the panties down to her knees. He felt heat, and moisture, on the tip of his cock as he moved his hands to her hips. Her wrists resting on the arms of the chair, hands occasionally squeezing at his attentions, half conscious thinking its all a dream. He plays with her body, enjoying as much as he can as she squirms against him, the force of her moans slowly rising. It becomes harder and harder to resist the urge to just press forward.
He is saved the trouble as her wiggling hips bring her opening right down onto his cock, the tip driving in only an inch. His hands squeezed down hard on her supple breasts, drawing forth a loud moan. He slides his hands down to her hips, picking her up to adjust the angle and in his lust, drives down hard. She screams out hard, no longer in just pleasure, as he feels a resistance that doesn't even slow him down. Her pussy and ass are slick in his lap as he lifts her to up and down his shaft. She squeezes the arms of the chair, clenching her eyes, not sure if shes dreaming or awake. He watches he breasts bounce each time he drives up hard into her. He groans at how tight and how hot and how slick she is, not remembering a feeling so good. He lifts her legs and grips tightly on her ass and fucks her faster and faster, losing himself. She falls from his grasp into his lap, fully impaled on his hard cock as he groans loudly, cumming harder than he has in a long time. As he comes down he feels her pussy milking his shrinking cock as the remnants of an orgasm slowly fade from her body, her body heaving and out of breath. Her eyes open but unfocused on the room around her. She is limp against him. As he catches his breath, he pulls his shirt off and uses it to clean her up as best he can before pulling her panties back up. He scoops her into his arms and carries her to her bed, tucking her in.
"Shhh, you fell asleep, you need your rest."
He goes back and shuts down the computer, feeling guilty and nervous now that it was over. He can't sleep for hours fearing she will remember. The next morning she wakes up and finds the blood and feels a pain in her stomach and wonders if her period came early.

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this sucked boring

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Nice story. My daughter used to sit on my lap when she was about the same age. Once she clicked on a file and bought up the lovely Sandra in yellow panties and bra and asked why she was dresed like that. One had to answer the truth and say that daddy liked girls dressed like that. Strangely enough my daughter then paraded around with panties and bra for some weeks afterwards.

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holy shit!!!!! my name is in this story!

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