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a continuation
Part II The Defilement Continues
Carries continued defilement by a group of lesbians continues and we now join our poor heroine about to be subjected to even more lesbian perversions. Krizzy

Carrie lay trembling her tears rolling down her cheeks, her anus and pussy burned with pain from the rapes inflicted upon them earlier, she had tried all night to loosen the padded cuffs that held her pinned to the mattress,”Please God help me to get out of this disgusting mess alive…I promise that I’ll do whatever you want,just make this stop please..”,her silent prayers were interrupted by the door being unlocked and slowly opened. A glimmer of hope crossed her face as her muffled cries filled the room, for as the door swung inward the form of a woman filled the doorway,”A policewoman!!!”,Carrie struggled and screamed behind the ball gag as the woman approached her.Sim walked to the bound girl,it was exactly as she planned ,”She was to busy being played with to notice Kylie or herself in the room the night before last....this was going to be awesome.”,she kept a straight face as she loosened Jess’ toys gag,”Oh my God what happened to you?..”,the girls sobbing and crying increased as she related what had been done to her,”Please get me out of here please!!!! I want to go home..”, Sim made a show of trying to unlock the cuffs and shook her head in a false frustration,”These are locked pretty good…,give me a moment to straighten things up..”,she sat on the edge of the mattress and turned her gaze to the young woman once more,”So Carrie your saying that your co worker Jess Feldman abducted you,imprisoned you here,and that she and a group of lesbians have been training you to be a sexslave?..”,Carrie cried as she answered,”Please get me out of here!!!please!!!!.Sim smiled inwardly but kept her game afoot,”I realise how terrified you are miss but please answer the questions..”.The young woman sobbed as she tried to articulate what had happened,”J,J,Jess..,she raped m,m,me..and she,she told me I was for lesbian use only from now on…please unlock me and get me out of here please!!”,Sim turned her head away as the evil grin appeared across her face,”Calm dow hun,I’ll help you..,but I have to find out what happened first..”,Sim was satisfied as the girls sobs filled the room,”The game was definitely afoot.”.

Kylie waited patiently outside the room as her girlfriend baited the girl along,she smiled as she heard Sims words carry out into the hallway,”Now calm down hun,I want to help you but I have to find out what happened exactly,…I was called to this residence about a domestic disturbace complaint and when no one answered the door I gained entry because I thought I heard someone crying, you if I’m not mistaken..,like I said,I want to help you but you have to describe in detail what has transpired here..can you do that for me?..”,Kylie felt her pussy grow wet as the girl sobbed and started to scream,”THEY RAPED MY PUSSY AND ASS WITH THEIR STRAPONS!!!!!,THEY MADE ME LICK THEIR CUNTS!!,AND THEN THEY RAPED ME MORE!!!,,PLEASE JUST UNLOCK ME AND GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!!,PLEASE!!!”,Kylie grinned,that was her que,she entered the room holding the fake gun and laughed,”Well,well….,what do we have here?..”Carrie struggled on the bed screaming even louder as the young woman approached,gun aimed straight at the police woman,”Lose the gun belt sweet heart and put your cuffs on,left wrist first and face away from me so I can cuff your hands behind your back,”.Sim smiled inwardly as Kylie cuffed her arms behind her,”I’m a policewoman and what your doing will not go unpunished..let me and the girl go now and I’ll try to get you a deal from the D.A for helping us.”Kylie merely smiled and pushed Sim onto the bed next to Jess’ sexslave,”I don’t think so bitch,see I’m the one who called you,I figured Jess’ little fucktoy might like some company and when I saw you and found out you were on duty I couldn’t help but imagine how hot it would be to make you help me play with her like the little fucktoy that she is…”,Carries eyes widened in dread,and as she tried to scream once more, Kylie pushed the ball gag back into her mouth and tightened it,” Shut up….,we’re gonna make a little movie about lez lovin!!!!!””,Kylie felt her pussy grow hotter as the girl cried.

Carries tears fell as the woman helped the officer undress,she had been so close to freedom until the interuption of Jess’ friend,”Why is this happening to me God?, Why?”, she only felt dread as the woman finished disrobing the policewoman,”Pretty fucking hot for a cop slut..”,Carrie wasn’t sure but she thought she saw the officer smile at the womans words,”Now lay on the bed next to my friends fucktoy!…”,her tears continued to stream as the helpless officer did as instructed.As Sim lay next to Carrie she hoped that she would not notice how wet her pussy was getting or how hard her nipples were growing.Kylie smiled as her girlfriend lay next to Jess’ slave,” What she and Sim had planned was awesome,give some false hope,then take it away,it always made the fucktoy struggle harder,just like fucking them for the very first time…a fun ride indeed..”,she thought as she set up the tripod and camera.” O.K sluts this is the way it’s gonna work…”,she turned to Sim with a fake glare,”You my sweet piece of cop meat will be the top..”,Sim smiled inwardly as Kylie turned to Jess’ slave,”.And you Fucktoy shall be the bottom….a roll you should be used to by now,,,and if not, to fucking bad…..”.Carries tears fell as the woman pointed the gun at the officer and ordered her to stand,her tears fell harder as she watched her pull a harness and strap on up over the womans thighs and tighten them around her ample hips. Kylie laughed out loud as the fucktoy cried, she was glad that she had Sim face her as she put the strap-on on her,her face glowed and she was smiling all the while imagining the fun she would soon be having.Kylie gave Sim a stare that seem to say stay in roll as she reached back and slapped her ass,”Why the face sherrif slut,you not like having a rubber cock between your legs?”,Sim smiled one last time and put on her acting face,and as she turned around all Carrie saw was another female with tears in her eyes.

Sim was not sure how much longer she could hold back as Kylie released Jess’ slave and ordered her to get onto the mat, ”Get on your hands and knees fucktoy and face the camera”,the poor girls drool ran from behind the gag as she sobbed and slowly did as instructed, Sim found herself growing hornier as the naked backside presented itself to her, the heart shaped rear and the bubbled ass cheeks almost made her cum right then and there, the girls shaven pussy still looked sore and red ,but her anus was still surprisingly tight looking, Sim could only smile as Carrie cried and slowly did as Kylie commanded.Staying in character she leaned and whispered lightly as Kylie turned the camera on,”I’m sorry Carrie. If I don’t do what she says were probably both dead..”,Carrie tried to hold her tears back as she felt the rubber cock brush against her backside as the policewoman leaned to whisper the words to her, Kylie turned to the scene presented before her and chuckled,” Sim was playing her part perfectly, Jess’ sexslaves eyes filled with tears but Kylie saw the small glimmer of hope in them as her girlfriend whispered false words of hope,”..if I can get us out of here I will,but just play along with the sick bitch for now…”.Kylie walked to the pair on the mat and smiled as she spoke,”Now fucktoy what this first scene will entail requires me to remove your ball gag,…I want you to smile pretty for the camera..,then your going to eat some asshole..”,Carrie cried once again as Kylie turned to her girlfriend and put a fake sneer upon her face and turned her gaze to her,”..And you my little cop slut will kneel in front of fucktoy here,spread your ass cheeks,and let her tongue do all the work,do you understand copslut?”,. It took all Sims self control but she forced a crocodile tear to her eye and answered,”Yes…”,any and all hope Carrie had fell as the police woman knelt in front of her reached back and spread her ass cheeks.

Kylie felt herself growing wetter and hotter as she removed the fucktoys gag, ”Now I understand you two will not like doing this….,but remember who has the gun..”, with a grin she turned her gaze to Sim,”,,,if fucktoys tongue is not firmly pushed into your anus I will hurt you both..,so you had best make sure it is,do you understand copslut?”,Sim felt herself grow wetter as she continued playing her part and strengthened her voice,” If you let us go I won’t tell anyone about this….,and I’m sure I could get Carrie to stay quite about the inciddents that have transpired here..”,Kylie smiled and slapped Sim across the face hard,and as she did so she saw the lustful look in her girfriends eyes grow,” Neither of you sluts are going to do anything anyhow….Now lean your bum into fucktoy face!”.Carrie cried but tried to stay silent as the woman pushed her fanny hard against her face and whispered to her,” I’m not going to like this any better than you Carrie but stick your tongue out.,buy us some time.”, Carrie wailed, “Please stop this neither of us want to do this please have mercy!!!!”,Kylie made a show of pushing the gun to Sims head,”Put you fucking tongue out fucktoy..,and I want to hear a lot of slurping noises as you eat her ass…,now fucking get to it!!!!”,Kylie watched Sims face light with pleasure as the girls tongue slowly pushed forth,”Ewwww!!!,this is gross please don’t make us do this!!!”,Kylie was enjoying the show as she reached to fucktoys head and pushed it back to Sims ass,”Stop your fucking crying fucktoy and get your tongue deep in copsluts asshole!!!”.Sim felt Jess’ slaves tongue as it slowly pushed into her anus and drew a deep breath in,she loved having her ass tongued and the girls inexperience brought a whole new pleasure to it,she looked to Kylie and smiled, but answered in a weak tone,” Carrie’s not pushing her tongue as deep as you told her..”,Kylie took the fake gun and aimed it at fucktoys head,” Get that dirty little lezzy tongue of yours deeper or I’ll shoot you in your face!!!,Understand?”, Carrie wailed, but she did as instructed, but as she pushed her tongue deep into the ass she could only cry and pray for death.

Carrie was disgusted at the nasty things the woman was making them do, like tonguing the officers asshole,she felt the gun pushed to her head and winced as she pushed her tongue deeper. Her tears now streamed from her eyes,” I wish I was dead, I wish I was dead..”,the repetitive mantra ran through Carries mind for almost fifteen minutes as she willed herself not to throw up, then came a thought,” Why did the officer tell the twisted woman that her tongue was not deep enough!”, she recoiled slightly till she felt the womans hand dig deep into her hair,”NO FUCKTOY!!!””,she flailed about as the woman pushed her face back in between the twin globes of flesh,pushing her nose hard enough in to suffocate her,”Run your tounge in circles fucktoy!!!!”,Carrie once again did as instructed and heard the policewoman whimper.She withdrew her face enough to say a quick few words,” I’m sorry..”,Sim simply smiled for the camera as she answered ,”’s o.k. Carrie we really don’t have a choice,. I’m Sim by the wa..uunnhh!!”,Carrie watched as kylie moved to Sim’s front and roughly slap her,”NO!!,YOUR COPSLUT!!!!,now shut the fuck up and just enjoy your ass being eaten.”, Kylie stood and moved to the tripod,looking through the view finder she brought her fingers to her pussy and slowly stroked it. Sim faced the camera, her face was a mask of sheer exctasy and lust,she kept her left hand back holding Carries face tight between her buttocks,it had been a long time since she had a slave perform anilingus,and she felt her pussy grow hotter and wetter behind the strap on,she heard the girls cries as she started bouncing her ass on her face,she looked to Kylie and grinned as she mouthed the words,”I want her on her back.”,Kylie grinned and immediately understood,standing she approached the two with a devilish smile” You know fucktoy I know your loving this so far,but I think copslut needs to be able to ride your face a little harder!!”,and with those words Carrie found herself cuffed back down to the mattress helpless as ever.

Kylie cuffed Jess’ slaves wrists tightly and made sure there was no wiggle room at all,Sim sat in the corner pretending to cry as Kylie finished locking the young woman in place,she slowly turned to Sim and smiled,” Fucktoys face is ready for your asshole copslut,Now get over here and ride her tongue!!!”,Sim made a show of false defiance but Kylie merly waved the gun in her direction and laughed,”I really don’t care if you want to do this or not copslut!,but my friends sexslave needs to be trained to eat ass and you’re gonna help regardless..”.Sim let her false tears stream down her cheeks as she approached Carrie,”I’m sorry Carrie,I really am..”, Kylie slapped her across her face,” Get this straight copslut!,her name is fucktoy!!!,I don’t want to hear you call her Carrie again,if I do I’ll just shoot you in the head and make fucktoy eat my ass instead…,got it copslut?”, Sim hung her head in false defeat,”…yes,..I’m gonna sit on your face now,…..please just do what she wants us to o.k.?”. Carrie was sickened as Sim faced away spread her ass cheeks and slowly stradled her face,and as she slowly lowered her self upon it Carrie heard the evil woman laugh,“ Ha-Ha!!..sit tight on her face copslut…And you get your tongue out fucktoy!!“, Carrie struggled as the oxygen slowly started to disappear but obediently pushed her tongue forth.Kylies fingers rubbed her slit faster, she reached and lightly pinched her clit and immediately felt the warm surge of an oncoming orgasm. She grinned as she watched Sims performance,her girlfriend faced the camera bouncing upon Jes’ slaves face, a look of sheer lust and depravity showed upon it as she reached back and fisted the girls hair in one hand pulling her face deeper, causing the fucktoy to cry harder,while with the other hand she cupped her own tit and smiled for the camera while mouthing the words,” Fucking awesome.”.Carrie started to black out seeing small stars of light flash across her eyes and prayed that she would pass out, she continued to cry as the police woman released her hair and slowly lifted her ass from her face.

Kylie aimed the fake gun at her girfriend once more and continued the play act,” Now copslut I want you to sit in that chair and to stay still for a bit while I get fucktoy here ready to ride your cock,got it?!!!”, Sim nodded her head in acceptence and slowly moved to the chair and sat facing the camera.She felt the ripples of lust course through her body as Kylie forced Jess’ sex slave to stand,” Now I know that you’re loving this so far fucktoy,but I want your owner Jess to cum hard when she watches you riding copsluts cock…,now open your fucking mouth!!!..”, Carrie wanted to beg for the woman to stop but knew her pleas would fall upon deaf ears,she started to sob again as the ball gag was forced back into her mouth and her wrists were pulled tight together in shackles that hung above the chair,and as she was forced to straddle Sim she hoped that the cop would still find a way to save them both from further depravity.Sim was transfixed as Kylie bent the fucktoys legs up and tied them tightly, Kylie ran a belt from eack leg to the girls shoulder forcing her knees almost up to her breasts and tightly cinched them into place so that she was resting on the officers lap with no real control,she looked like a marionette hanging from the shackles with her legs bent ,and her sobs behind the ball gag turned both woman on, Sim knew she would definitely be enjoying the ride that Jess’ toy provided for her,”As far as the toy enjoying it she could give a shit less..”, with fake tears she leaned to the girls ear and whispered as she took her strap on and slowly started to push it into her pussy,”I’m sorry Carr….,“ A warning look from Kylie made her stop,“ I’m sorry….,fucktoy….,but you need to take my rubber cock now..”, and as Sim felt the fat head push past the girls pussy lips she gripped her head and pulled it into her shoulder tightly and smiled for Kylie and the camera as she forcefully brought her hips up sinking the strap on completely in the fucktoys pussy.

Carries tears streamed down her cheeks as Kylie walked up from behind her and patted her ass cheek,” Hey Sherriff slut!, reached a hand behind fucktoy here and squeeze her ass cheek..”, Sim was in complete exctasy as she kept Carries head held firm to her shoulder preventing the girl from seeing her smile as she reached back and gripped her ass cheek tightly in one hand fondling it and continued to thrust her hips upwards causing her to cry as the dildo pumped in and out of her pussy.Kylie directed the pair as she watched from behind the cameras view finder,” Pump fucktoys pussy harder!!!”, Sim gladly obliged as she whispered into Carries ear with a fake tenderness to her voice,”…ungh!!yeahh..,relax babe, just take it so she wont hurt us…”, Carrie tried to pull away but being frog tied with her legs held tight against her,and her wrists barely supporting her weight could do little more than flail helplessly about as the policewman whispered into her ear over and over,” I’m sorry fucktoy,I’m so sorry fucktoy..”, Carrie soon found herself being bounced harder upon the rubber cock by an additional pair of hands on her backside, she wondered how long her tears could fall before they just dried up?. Kylie reached from behind and gripped fucktoys hips bouncing her about two inches up, before pushing her back down hard,”So tell me Sherriff slut…is fucktoys pussy the best,or what?..”, Carrie only felt confusion as Sim released her head and licked her lips and brought her other hand around to hold her other ass cheek tightly letting her true intentions finally show,” Jess is so fucking lucky..”, Carries eyes widened in recognition at the betrayal,“ WHY!, why?..“, she screamed behind the gag as she felt Kylie wrap one hand around her throat squeeze tightly and draw her back to seat her properly upon her “Girlfriends” cock ,as she so filth fully put it.Carries eyes fell to Sims suddenly uncaring face, if anything, as their eyes met the woman actually pumped the dildo harder between her loins,”UUUMMMUUMMHHH!!!!!!”, Sim laughed then smiled and released a hand and tenderly ran it along her jaw line as Kylie held her trapped,” Come on fucktoy ride me harder, like the sexslave that you are!!!!!!!”, Carrie fought the bondage helplessly as the women bounced her harder against Sims thighs sending the dildo deeper. The look on the fucktoys face was priceless Kylie thought as she realized their ploy for what it was, and she now struggled futilely as Sim raped her,with evil intent she chuckled and pushed a finger to Jess’ slaves anus causing her to sob behind the gag even more,and just as she pushed her finger into her ass she leaned to Carries ear and whispered,” Yup!,seems this is definitely for lesbian use only!!!”, Carrie could only sob as the woman continued to violate her and laugh.

She lay in her cell, emotionless at the evil that had befallen her, Sim and Kylie left her as instructed by Jess ,her wrists were pulled up and behind her head to the back of the medical chair, various leather straps running across her torso and thighs guarantee no wiggle room ,her ankles were likewise trapped in the two stirrups at the end. As Sim and Kylie were leaving Kylie turned the flat screen to on and started the movie,she smiled as Sim put the earphones on her and tightened the head harness,” Hope you like the sound track slave”,she bit her bottom lip as Sim came to her,and as one they left Carrie to the movies of her own torture.Carrie thought she should cry as she watched Sim force her strap on into her anus, but there were none,she watched as onscreen her ass jiggled from the slaps of the womens hands and the repeated thrust of Sims hips,” Your name is Fucktoy,you belong to Mistress Jess,you are happy when she is happy, you are a slave,you are for lesbian use only,you will obey Mistress Jess..” Carries head twitched slightly as the timed vibrators took off,one in her pussy,and one in her ass,the voice she’d been listening to seemed to drown out at the double vibration,her pussy and ass were sore,and she felt one more tear as she started to hear the voice again,” Your name is Fucktoy,you belong Mistress Jess,you are happy when she is happy, you are a slave ,you are for lesbian use only,you will obey Mistress Jess,you will please Mistress Jess..”, once again she prayed for death.


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