Again, thank you all for the encouragement. After this, there will only be three or four more chapters.
All that noon hour relaxing did was make me hungry and sore. I cut my eighth period class and headed down to the training room for a soak in the ice tub. My ribs were black and blue from the game against Bishop Newman. I stripped naked at my locker and put a towel around my waist and crossed through the showers to the training room. Doc Trelease, our trainer who was barely out of grad school and looked like he’d just completed grammar school, looked up from his rotisserie football league cheat sheet.

“Holy Christ, Pauly! Those Bishops did a number on you. Get in the tub and I will start it up.”

It was incredibly painful to get in the ice tub and settle down to the level of my armpits. When the trainer started the jet, the water started swirling around me, chilling me to the bone. He set the timer on the big black countdown clock with the sweep second hand. Five minutes. Five minutes of hell. I stared that second hand all the way around the clock five complete revolutions. When the light came on, I tried to leap out of the tub, but the cold had seeped too deep. I creaked and groaned until I was upright. I glanced down at my bruises and though they felt better, they were still black and blue. And my once might hammer was the size of a thimble perched on two grapes. Talk about shrinkage, I felt less that impressive.

“Get up on the table,” Doc ordered. “Face down.”

I climbed on the table and Jack started working me over with this wintergreen smelling balm that started to release the pain and add heat. He worked me over from shoulders to ankles, even moving the towel off my ass to work on my lower back and upper thighs.

“Flip.” I did as instructed.

My back and hamstrings felt much better. He worked my legs and upper thighs first. The medicine he was using was a cross between an analgesic and a chemical heating compound called Atomic Balm. I was beginning to think I could live long enough to make it to practice. Doc worked over my chest and then had pity on my when he applied treatment to my ribs and abdomen. I couldn’t help it, his hands felt so good I started to feel my cock swelling. I started reciting the multiplication tables in my head, but it didn’t help. I tried to name all fifty state capitals in alphabetical order but I lost it at Frankfurt. Now my erection was at half-mast and pushing up the towel covering my groin.

Doc moved down to my legs again and his hands crept higher as he deeply needed the muscles in my thigh. He was moving dangerously close to actually touching my cock, when I couldn’t help it. I had to fuck or flee so I fled.

“Thanks Doc! That really made me a lot of difference.” I threw my legs over the edge of the table and adjusted the towel to hide the extent of my erection. I saw him glance toward my groin and kind of lick his lips. That kind of freaked me out, but not in a danger way. I’d had my encounters with Rusty, and other than some day fantasies about the Baldwin brothers, I didn’t really think sexually about other guys. Certainly not any older guys. Now I was wondering if I had let him, would Jack have tried to suck my cock? I heard other athletes coming into the training room and what was left of my erection subsided. I left the training room, slapping one of my teammates on the ass as I left. They were there to get taped before practice.

“Get your girdle on, Paul. Then come back and I will get your ribs taped up.”

“Sure thing.”

I put on my girdle, pants, shoes and socks and then clack-clacked back to the training room. The trainer was finishing the last ankle when I got back.

“I’m going to try something on you to see if we can help protect your ribs,” he confided. “If Pine City finds out you are hurt, you can damn well bet you are going to take a lot of abuse. This is a back brace I got from the college. I’ve added some extra padding, it should protect you.” He was holding up what looked much like a corset. It had a string along the back that was used to tighten the fit. Doc Trelease put another layer of Atomic Balm on my sore ribs and then slipped it over my extended arms and head and guided it into place. The inside was lined with foam padding and the outside had thick plastic armor sown into pockets.

“I made this for Jerry Oldfield two years ago as part of my senior thesis. He played with it on against U of O and then again against Air Force in the Hula Bowl.” I would have worn anything previously worn by Jerry Oldfield, former Beaver star and current Kansas City Chief starting quarterback. It constricted my movements, but not too much. Once he had it tightened, he slapped my ribcage. I winced involuntarily. Then I realized it didn’t hurt.

“Hey, this thing really works.” Doc just grinned. He helped me get a t-shirt on over the rib protector and then helped me strap on my shoulder pads and practice jersey. I trotted out to practice and joined the calisthenics already underway. Coach Kennedy sidled up to me as I was doing overhead stretches.

“You good to go David?”

“Yes sir. Never better.”

“Good.” He whistled and practice started. Even though I had claimed to be ready, I wasn’t. After several handoffs and one pass attempt that caused me to grunt, Coach blew his whistle again.

“Rusty…..QB. Paul…..Showers.” I could feel sixty pairs of eyes on me as I was sent back to the locker room less than twenty minutes into practice. Doc Trelease accompanied me.

“Coach wants you back in the tub,” he informed me. “We are going to cycle you through several times. There’s a new science called hydrotherapy. It will help your bruises heal faster. I’ll help you out of your gear, come on.” Doc followed me to my locker and I put my perfectly clean and dry practice gear back on the hooks for the first time this season. Usually everything went into the giant canvas laundry carts for the equipment man to wash. It felt strange to hang it up clean.

With no one in the locker room, I just carried my towel over my shoulder and walked nude to the training room where that torturous ice bath waited. I gritted my teeth and dropped in, eager to get it over with. Five long minutes later I was out. This time, instead of climbing on the table, Jack sent me across to the hot showers. I stayed under the warming flow of water, with pinpricks of pain all over my body where the cold gave away to warmth. After five minutes, Doc waved at me and back into the ice bath I descended. After four cycles, I came back from the shower and the young looking trainer patted the padded training table. I climbed on, face down again, and didn’t bother to cover up my nude form. I felt safe exposed to Doc, even when his hands got inside my zone of comfort. I didn’t flinch.

“Over.” I flipped over, my thickening cock lay pointing toward my left hip, away from the trainer. He worked me over again, from the soles of me feet to the muscles in my neck. I closed my eyes and focused on the way he massaged my lower stomach, the movement rocked me back and forth and my cock began to creep upward. Just as it was about to brush his hand, he moved his hand away and focused on my thighs. His thumbs were brutal, parting the striations in my muscles, working from knee to hip. A couple times, working the insides of my legs, I thought he was going to touch my balls, but he only came close. Finally, to encourage him, I parted my legs, silently hoping he’d take the hint. I opened my eyes and watched as he only stared at my erection. My fantasy was running wild. I could imagine him gripping my shaft and giving me a manual release. When he was done, he grabbed my towel and tossed it over my erection, killing the moment.

“You’re done. Come see me tomorrow before practice. We’ll see if you can go then.”

I got dressed and walked out to the practice field to see how my team was faring without me. To my relief, Rusty was doing a good job piloting the offense. He had a stronger arm and though he wasn’t as fast as I was, he could run the wishbone just as well as I could.

“Try again tomorrow, David,” Coach said. “Doc Trelease will have you back to full speed by Wednesday. Do everything he says.”

“Gladly,” I thought to myself. “Yes, sir. I already feel a lot better,” I said aloud.

I didn’t take my usual hot bath that night. I didn’t really feel like getting wet again. Instead I sat on the couch with my sister, doing my homework while my parents read. Dad was into a Ken Kesey’s book, Sometimes a Great Notion. Mom was reading another trashy novel, Coffee Tea or Me. I glanced up from time to time, but she didn’t give me much to look at. Things between us had changed since the night we had sex. It wasn’t shame in her eyes, more like regret. It bothered me that it bothered her so much. I would have loved to have her again. Becka and I didn’t play any games with other either. I reached over from time to time to stroke her leg, but she didn’t try to sneak a stroke on my half-grown cock. I was beginning to think maybe we were transforming into a more normal traditional family. At 10 o’clock I announced I was going to bed. Mom told my sister it was late and she should probably go to bed too.

Climbing into bed that night, I found myself aroused by the thought of my sister coming to join me. I needed to feel her tight pussy rubbing on my cock. Only she never came. She climbed into bed and went right to sleep. I didn’t even get a kiss or an I Love You. I felt a little put out. The next morning I told my mom at breakfast that Becka was acting strange, and that I thought she was sick. Mom went in to check on her and said Becka was fine. She’d be perfectly normal in just a few days. Just give her some space until this passed. It was Becka’s first period.

Every day at lunch, I was in the cheerleader storeroom, having my way with Katie. I was in the training room on Tuesday. Wednesday I returned to practice. Hydrotherapy worked wonders. So did the hydrocodone that my father handed me and told me to take ththirty minutes before practice. It was hard to believe that in two days we’d be playing our last game of the year. For the state championship. All around school the students were ratcheting up the attention. I started hanging down in the library with Jack Baldwin and his bevy of coeds. At least in the library I could sit quietly and let the librarians shush the people that wanted to give me advice how to beat Pine City.

I was up before dawn on game day. I went through the motions of going to school, but I knew that I was only going to focus on one thing, the game. I didn’t spend any time in the storeroom with Katie. I was too preoccupied. The only bright spot was Becka had been her normal chipper self when I left for school. The football team was excused from classes at 1:30 to get prepared for the 7:00 kickoff. We all met in the big gym and then got on school buses for a short trip to King’s Buffet for a big meal of steaks and baked potatoes with spaghetti and meatballs. It was the first time all year we had a team pregame meal. Once we had eaten, we headed back to the school to load the gear and head down to OSU where the state championship was going to be held.

We filed off the buses outside of Gill Coliseum and walked down the ramp to the brand new Astroturf on the field. Come hell or high water, we’d be able to play on the new “rug”. This was a first generation of the new field surface and it was little more than grass-like carpeting stretched over cement. It was fast but man it was hard. While we were down on the field, trotting around in our game-day dress up clothes, the buses from Pine City showed up. Coach Kennedy walked up the ramp and spoke briefly with Charlie Cowdrey, the head coach from Pine City. The two of them walked down the ramp together, followed by our opponents. We stopped what we were doing and stared. What we didn’t know was that both coaches had played for the legendary Bear Bryant at University of Maryland, the single year he had coached there. They were both colleagues and friends.

We got a good look at the Pine City Lumberjacks in their street clothes. They looked a lot like us. They got a good look at the Centerville Warriors. We looked a lot like them. I felt their eyes and could see them whispering among themselves, while glancing over at me. At fourteen, I know I didn’t look like much. I was taller than a few months ago, and stronger. But I was still growing and filling out. I doubt I scared them much, even though I had been written about all over the state.

We went to our respective locker rooms. Doc Trelease worked me over and then balmed me up and helped me into the protector that was save my ribs and stomach from most of the damage. Then he gave me four aspirin and a glass of water, just to stay ahead of the pain. The whole team marched down the ramp from the coliseum to the stadium and the crowd just roared. It was an hour before kickoff and there wasn’t an empty seat in the house. We had the home side, and the entire place was wearing blue and white. Pine City had the visitor side, and their crowd was in red and black. I remember trotting up the ramp at the 15 minute mark for the last minute pep talk by Coach Kennedy.

“Men, this game isn’t about deciding a winner and a loser. Both teams are winners just for getting to this game. There are 140 schools that didn’t make it here tonight. If we get beat, we won’t be losers. But when we win, WE WILL BE CHAMPIONS!” We all shouted our approval. When we headed back out to the field we moved as a mob. I hung in the back, more scared than I have ever been in my life. All of these people, my teammates, my family, my friends, everyone that was important to me was here to watch this game. I tried to swallow, but I couldn’t work up enough spit to make it possible. Doc Trelease nudged my arm and passed me a water bottle. I took a long gulp and felt better.

“Pauly, it may not seem like it, but this is just another game. It’s the same game you’ve been playing all year. You are going to take some licks, but you are gonna get right back up and do what you do. You’ve worked real hard all year and you can always rely on that to get you through. “ He slapped me on the butt and I joined the rest of the team as they trotted down the ramp and then sprinted across the field to the adulation of our fans.

We won the toss and elected to receive. For the first time in several games, I was put on the field to do the deep receiving. Either Pine City didn’t notice, or they didn’t care. The ball arced through the misty fall night right into my waiting arms and the state championship game was on. The return was to the right and that’s the direction I ran. Bodies flew all around me as my blockers picked off the tacklers from Pine City. A lane opened on the sideline and I ran as fast as I could until I was running alone. 6-0. I handed the ball to the side official and headed to the huddle for the two point conversion attempt. Coach Kennedy didn’t kick extra points. Tater got the ball on the dummy dive and instead of blocking the linebacker, slipped off his hip and across the goal line. 8-0 and then game was on.

That score was our only bright spot in the first half. Pine City was well coached and well prepared. If I had caught them unawares on the first kickoff, they didn’t let that faze them. Midway through the second quarter the Lumberjacks went aerial and scored on a tight end cross. They had a good kicker and he made the game 8-7. The ensuing kickoff didn’t come within 100 feet of me. We moved the ball across midfield, but my arm wasn’t a threat so they loaded the box and we ended up grinding out two yard gains and had to punt yet again.

The ‘Jacks marched down the field using a combination of play action and toss sweeps. They scored again with less than a minute in the half and for the first time, we went into half time down 14-8. We were a little down when we marched into the locker room, expecting an earful of intensity from Coach Kennedy. Instead we got a story.

“Men, let me tell you what’s going to happen in the second half. We are going to go out there, and we are gonna try real hard, but those Lumberjacks are just too tough. They run faster than we do, I can’t help that. They hit harder than we do, and there’s nothing I can do about that. They sustain their blocks better than we do, so we aren’t going to be able to tackle them in the backfield for a loss. Their receivers are quicker, so they will catch more passes as the game goes on.” He dropped his head and stood there, defeated. No one spoke.

“Ah Coach, you know that’s a bunch of bullspit.” Everyone turned to see who dared to defy Coach Kennedy. It was Jack Baldwin, leaning on his crutches. “It’s bullspit, ain’t it boys? Those ‘Jacks ain’t tougher, are they?”

“No!” we answered in unison.

“They ain’t faster, are they?”


“They ain’t gonna be able to block us, are they?”


“They ain’t quicker, and they ain’t gonna catch another pass in the second half, are they?”


We were whipped up into a frenzy now.

“You sure you men want to play the second half, show these fellas how smash-mouth football gets played?” asked Coach Kennedy, as if amazed by the fire in our bellies.

“HELL YES!” We answered.

“Then this is what we are going to do. Back in my day, we played Iron Man football. We went both ways and we dared our opponents to come at us. Pauly, you are gonna play some cornerback. You think you remember how?”

“Yes sir.”

“You keep an eye out for the tight end. That big son of a gun is going to be looking to get a lick in on you and knock you out of the game. If he’s hunting you, he won’t be looking to hurt us in the middle. Here’s what the rest of you are going to do.” Coach Kennedy spent the rest of the intermission explaining our expanded roles in the second half. Five of us would be going both ways. No one complained and no one questioned Coach Kennedy.

We hustled down to the field for the second half, just a minute before we were to kick off. The crowd greeted us with enthusiasm. We ran a few sprints on the sidelines and then trotted out for the kickoff. The second half wasn’t anything like the first. All eleven Warriors on defense flew to the ball. Coach Kennedy was right, when Coach Cowdrey noticed me playing cornerback, right in front of his bench, he sent the tight end on flare routes with the wide receiver running across the middle, hoping to get a stick into me. Harold Handell laid out that tight end with a clean shot to the midsection. Now the hunter was the hunted and he was keeping his head on a swivel instead of trying to separate me from mine.

On our first offensive play of the second half, I threw my only pass of the game. Rusty caught it and made thirty yards of progress before being pushed out of bounds. As a duel threat, the defense had to respect us and stopped crowding the box. That gave us more room to run and we retook the lead halfway through the third quarter when I slipped through the secondary and into the open field for my second touchdown of the game. Pine City drove the length of the field on their next possession, getting inside the ten yard line. Those ranch boys sure were tough. Not an ounce of quit in them. But Harry Hannibal was just as tough. When the Pine City fullback shot through the hole between the center and right tackle, intent on scoring, Harry hit him full blast. The fullback left his feet and flew backwards through the air. When the fullback started crashing down, the ball kept going up.
“FUMBLE!” shouted our bench. It was bedlam on the field when that ball fell to earth. When the pile got cleared, on the bottom was Tater with the ball tucked in his arms like a baby and the biggest smile I’d ever seen. The referee pointed the other way, and we took over on our own fifteen.

That was the last time Pine City got over midfield in the state championship. They never quit, but we were not going to be denied. We scored two more times to salt the game away, content to win 32 to 14. At midfield after the game, our coaches shook hands and then hugged like old friends. There was no animosity. We shook hands with the Pine City Lumberjacks, removing our helmets and enjoying the roar of our crowd. State Champions!

This wasn’t the last time Pine City would meet us in the State Championship game. For each of my four years at Centerville High we would face Pine City in the final game of the season. If you want to know the outcomes of those games, you’d better go look them up yourself. Or wait until I get around to remembering those games for you.

In the locker room after the game, Coach Kennedy made an announcement. “Men, I’ve never been more proud of a group of young players as I am of you. When we lost three starters, you didn’t flinch. You buckled down, you got to work, and you made it pay off. There was a hero tonight who deserves a game ball. I know you all have looked to him for leadership and guidance all year. He’s the reason we are in this game and the reason we won. Come up here Harold and take this.” He held the winning ball aloft and Harold came forward, glancing at me the whole time. A lot of my teammates were.

“I don’t deserve this honor Coach. The real hero of the game was the FRESHman! Paul David! “ He held the ball out toward me and my teammates pushed and slapped me until I moved forward to accept it.

“Look,” I said, trying to get my teammates to settle down. “Look guys, Coach K is right. Harold is the real hero. I get a lot of attention because I am a freshman. I get a lot of attention because I am the quarterback. But the reason we won tonight because Harold Handell played the finest game of football any of us will ever get a chance to see in person. He has all year. He’s the captain. He’s the quarterback of the defense. It’s his defense that put us in position to score. It’s his defense that kept Pine City from scoring in the second half. It was his hit that got us the ball. THIS ball. This ball belongs to Harold Handell. I stuck it back in his hands and started clapping. The team joined me and Harold got a little choked up. He gave me a hug and raised my hand so we could share the appreciation together.

After we showered, Coach Kennedy called me into his temporary office in the bowels of Gill Coliseum.

“Have a seat Pauly,” he indicated the chair next to the desk. “What you did in there for Handell was something pretty special. But you are a pretty special young man. It makes what I have to tell you all the harder. I’ve coached my last game for Centerville High. If I coached another hundred years, I wouldn’t have a season like this and a team like this and a young man like you to thank for it. I’m taking a job with the Oregon State Beavers next season. “

I was floored. “I don’t know what to say…..”

“The principal has already named my successor. Meet your new head coach,” he swept his hand toward Coach Lenning. “Coach Lenning has a lot of new ideas that will certainly make a star out of you. He has been to the pros and he knows some things an old dog like me will never understand. I look forward to seeing you play for the next three years and then seeing you in the orange and black at OSU, right back on that same field you were on tonight.”

“Does the team know?”

“No, not yet. And I would appreciate you not telling them until after the official announcement tomorrow.”

“I understand Coach,” I said, but I didn’t. “I won’t tell anyone.”

“If you are wondering why I told you,” he went on, reading my mind. “It’s because we’ve named Coach Lenning’s replacement at receivers coach. You might already know him. It’s your dad. I only told you so that the two of you could celebrate together tonight.”

“My dad?” I was about to scream I was so happy. “Hot dang! He’s gonna be thrilled.”

“Don’t worry Pauly, he knows. He’s waiting outside. Now go on, get out there and celebrate with your teammates. Take a couple of days off from practice. Coach Johnson will be waiting for you on Wednesday.

“Coach Johnson? The basketball coach?” Now I was puzzled. I was no basketball player.

“Yeah, Coach Johnson. You didn’t think you were going to take the winter off and get fat did you? He’ll keep you in shape until track season. You’ll be on the Warrior track team as well. Maybe the baseball team too, we’ll see.”

“Yes sir.” I tried to sound enthusiastic, but I know it wasn’t sincere. Coach Kennedy pulled me in for a hug and a firm handshake.

“Now git. FRESHman.”

The party went on all night long. We made our regular post game trek to the A & W where it was nearly impossible for me to get a bite down my neck before I was interrupted by people congratulating me on the great game. When Katie and her family arrived, we waved them over to join us. I could see real pride in Mr. Schultz’s eyes when Katie moved over next to me and slipped her hand in mine. She kissed me on the cheek.

“I’m so proud of you. You were great out there. Really great! Everyone was screaming and cheering for you. Everyone was screaming and cheering for my boyfriend. It was great!” I smiled, happy she was so happy. Becka moved next to me on the other side and pulled my other arm around her shoulders. I leaned over and kissed her on the top of the head. I was the luckiest guy alive.

Krissy Schultz showed up and invited us to the party. “Uncle Sammy, can Katie come with me to the celebration at Veteran’s Park? The whole school will be there. It’s going to be a blast! Please, can she come? Please?” Her begging was so sincere, her uncle had no choice but to give in.

“What about Paul, Mr. David. Can he come too? It won’t be a real celebration unless he can come.”

“Yeah, I suppose he can. State Champions can have a little fun if they want to.”

Becka’s eyes pleaded with me not to go. But I was in need of something more than I wanted to take from my sister tonight. I wanted to take it from Katie.

“I guess it’s set then. Whenever you are ready.”

“I’m ready now. Come on you two. Good by everyone!” We left the restaurant in a parade of cars making their way out to the grove.

Out at the Grove, I sought out my friends, the Baldwins. Katie stuck by my side, both arms wrapped around my waist. Krissy started hunting for her next conquest, Harold Handell. While the rest of the school celebrated with kegs of beer, my friends and I hung out on the perimeter and just enjoyed the antics. I was sitting on the tailgate, finally feeling the soreness of the game, with Katie between my legs leaning back against me. I had my arms wrapped around her abdomen and was resting my head on the top of hers. I was content to stay like this forever.

Krissy showed up with a half-drunk Harold Handell.

“It’s okay if Harry joins us, isn’t it?” she asked, not expecting an answer.

“Please Krissy, call me Harold or Hal or even Handell. Don’t call me Harry.”

“Why ever not?”

“Harry Handell? Hairy Handle. Get it? It just sounds ridiculous, that’s all.”

“Oh Harold, don’t be silly.” She brushed her lips on his cheek and her well-shaped bosoms on his arm. “Let’s find someplace a little more….private. Somewhere we can talk.”

“How about the barn at the Bradley place?” suggested Katie. It was warm, secluded and unlikely to be intruded on. Perfect. “How about you two?” Katie asked the Baldwins. “Would you like to come along? I know Terri and Sherri Robinson would love it if you asked them to someplace private.”

The Baldwins perked up. “Sure!” they answered in unison. Katie disappeared for two minutes and returned with twins Terri and Sherri, each with curly brown hair, pert, upturned noses, tiny little waists and cute butts and the perfect little perky breasts that jutted out against their cheer sweaters.

We arrived at the Bradley barn in two vehicles. James Baldwin had a Coleman lantern that he lit when we were all in the barn and it cast a lonely glow that illuminated a small area in the center of the barn. We all made small talk and them paired up and started climbing the stacks of hay the pipe crew had put in this barn last summer. Katie and I climbed all the way to the top, where the upper loft door was open, letting in a chill. We sat with our legs dangling out and huddled together for warmth. One thing led to another and soon we were kissing and fondling each other through our clothes. It was too cold to get naked in front of the door, I moved a few bales and then busted another one, spreading the loose hay around to make us a nice love nest. We dropped into the nest and started tearing at each other’s clothing. All of my aches and pains went away.

“Let me show you how a State Champion should be treated,” instructed Katie as she pushed me onto my back. She unbuttoned my jeans and fished a cold hand into my shorts and pulled out my rigid cock. She slipped it into her mouth and started sucking and licking it. Her tongue was doing me wonders. I couldn’t take it. I needed to taste her. I sat up and made her move her ass toward my face, in the classic sixty-nine pose. I tried to give her as much pleasure with my mouth as she was giving me with hers. I think I was still getting the better part of the exchange. I slipped my arms between her legs and around her thighs and pulled her cunt closer to my mouth, driving my tongue deep into her crevice. She bucked and squirmed and I held her in place. As I tortured her, she drug her teeth against my shaft, causing me excruitiating pain.

“HEY! Watch it!” I protested.

“Stop making me cum so much,” she giggled. “I want to be able to make love to you after this.”

“Alright. If I promise to make love to you, will you not use your teeth?”

“Ok. Deal.” She sealed the deal with a deep wet suck of my prick. She kept up the pace and the depth until I blew a load into her mouth. She swallowed it all with ease. As usual, my cock retained its rigidity. She disengaged her hips from my mouth and positioned her groin over mine. We coupled together with practiced ease. As she rode my erection, we joined hands. She used my hands for leverage, allowing her to pull out even farther before dropping back onto my dick with a grunt. Just as we were about to reach orgasm together, I spread her hands out and made her lean forward so we could kiss. I was in no hurry for our lovemaking to end. I was content to have my cock in her forever. I ground my hips against hers, forcing my cock from side to side in her sex. She writhed with pleasure. I released her hands and gripped the firm globes of her ass. We did the slow dance until I could take no more and released my seed into her womb. My spasms were enough to finish her off and she joined me in orgasmic bliss.

We made love until we knew we’d better go home or risk being punished. By the time we descended to the ground, all the other couples were already there.

“You don’t do anything half-ass, do you Pauly?” asked Harold.

“No, I guess not.”

“You are making us look bad. We’ve been done for half an hour and you are still up there putting the wood to Katie. Don’t you know when enough is enough?

“Not where Katie is concerned, no. But we are ready to go now.”

We all piled out of the Bradley barn and headed home. Even though I would lay in the darkness and relive the entire season, I was able to relax and fall asleep with ease. All thanks to Katie Schultz.

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