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A short story about my new pet.
I like pets, I was very happy with my two pets but recently I got another another pet. It was hard decision as I was concerned the effect a new pet would have on my other two let alone the expense and time needed to train and look after a new pet. However when she looked at me with those big brown eyes I melted and just had to take her home. I reasoned that if things did not work out after three months with my other pets then I could always reluctantly find a new home for this pet.

There was quite some tension in the house initially but after a couple of weeks a sort of calm descended and I began training my new pet in earnest. Coming home from work rather later than planned I decided to embark on a training session with my new pet anyway. I went into the room where all three pets slept and softly went up to my newest pet who was still sleeping. I gently stroked her back and tickled her around her ear. Pet's big brown eyes flickered open and as she rolled on her back and started to wake up. My cock began to thicken in my trousers as I admired her full lips, pert breasts and taught flat stomach. "It's time to play pet" I said. This pet was only just 19 years old, with dark shoulder length hair dyed blonde to make her look older and at just 5 foot she was a tiny slim girl her small tits were capped with dark pink aureoles. (For those who like a more visual image look up the actress who played the character 'Megan' in the film Pale Rider) So you see, my pet was a real honey and looked much younger than her 19 years. I was old enough to be her father and my other pets were jealous of her youth and beauty.

"Yes" she replied sleepily as she got out of bed and stood naked before me. "What is your safe word Pet?" I asked "Pineapple" She smiled as replied It is good practice to always ensure both people know what the safe word is before starting to play, Pet kept her eyes downward as she held her hair up exposing the curve of her neck. I traced along it with one finger making Pet shiver with excitement before taking her collar from the wall and fastening it around her neck. I grabbed her hair so I could kiss her passionately on the mouth, Pet returned the kiss with equal passion, my free hand caressed the soft skin of her body before rubbing her clit. (I knew my other pets would be watching and they would try extra hard to please me when it was their turn to play) I broke the kiss attached a lead to Pet's collar and commanded "Down Pet"

"Yes Master" she responded and she followed me out of the bedroom on her hands and knees as I took her to the play room. The playroom is my pride and joy I have spent a long time and a lot of money getting it right. Three of the walls are painted black, one wall is white but this is where all my different whips. paddles & floggers are displayed, I even have some knives and swords displayed for effect. I have a cabinet full of different tools and materials to create different effects on the skin. The lighting is adjustable so that the room can be forbidding and oppressive or bright and clinical (white sheets fixed to hooks quickly change the black walls). There are multiple hooks and bolts in the walls and ceiling to allow endless possibilities when tying up or restraining. Finally there is a bench in the room where most of the fun takes place.

Once in the room I ordered Pet to stand in front of me, dutifully she kept her eyes looking downward, I made Pet hold the lead in her mouth while I walked around her admiring her but also adjusting her pose, arching her back slightly more making sure her hands were properly crossed behind her back and resting just above her firm peachy bottom, The cold chain of the lead dangled down brushing against one of her dark pink aureole making the nipple hard and erect. Once I was satisfied I removed the lead and hung it on a hook fixed to the wall. "Thank you Master" Pet said, with her collar on Pet was careful to address me correctly. I wanted to try some new things with Pet today, walking behind her I decided to retrieve some nipple clamps from the cabinet first.. I asked Pet to offer her nipples to me, she pushed her small breasts upwards so I could stroke and flick both nipples until they were small dark circles with long hard nipples. I clipped on one clamp to the left nipple first, Pet let out a small gasp, then the clamped the right nipple with another small gasp. I knew they hurt as they pinched on the erect tips, Pet did not like me using nipple clamps on her but she must learn to obey and please her Master. I allowed myself a small smile as I clipped the ends of a silver chain to each clamp then I admired how the clamps pulled each nipple downward. I played with both clamps pulling on and stretching the nipples, all the time increasing Pets discomfort. The clamps can be dangerous if left on too long so with practiced skill I pulled sharply on the chain tugging each clamp off her nipples at the same time. Pet's eyes flew open and she took a sharp intake of breath, her face flushed as the blood painfully coursed back through her nipples. I knew this had hurt but I was pleased with Pet's restraint. Her nipples would be extra sensitive for the rest of play time. It was the first test I wanted her to pass and she had down well considering how new she was.

I then took hold of Pet's hair at the back of her head and kissed her again my finger rubbing between her legs and finding her wet before commanding her to "Kneel Pet". At 6 feet tall and 15st I tower above her, I opened my fly and took my cock and balls out.My cock hung just centimetres from her lips. Pet opened her lips as if to engulf it but then stopped herself remembering she must remain still waiting for me to give her permission to touch my cock. I am a kind Master but disobedience will be punished so I could not ignore that transgression however small. I stood still making her wait and to keep building the tension.

I started to stoke my cock while Pet kept her eyes down. I took my hardening cock and rubbed it across her cheeks, forehead and under her chin as it grew thicker and harder I started to leave little trails of precum on her face. Then I started to slap my cock on each side of her face, Pet did not make a sound keeping her lips closed and eyes downward. With my cock hard I stood before Pet and said "Pet you may lick Master's balls" She had to stretch up as she licked around my hairy balls my cock started to soften and end up resting on her forehead. "Now suck my cock" I said. She tenderly licked around the head first and I was pleased to see she that she did not uncross her arms while doing this, Pet was learning well. With some difficulty Pet managed to get the head of my dick in her mouth and continued to use her tongue to tease around the head. I let Pet continue suck me like this for a few minutes. I took hold of the hair on top of her head and started to fuck my cock in and out of her mouth. Pushing a bit deeper each time. Pet soon started to gag as I forced my cock deeper into her mouth. I had no intention of cumming yet so I let go of her hair and told her to stop sucking my cock. Pet quickly released my dick and it bobbed up and down leaving more sticky trails on her face before coming to rest on the side of her nose. Her eyes were watery and a small amount of drool had escaped her mouth and now ran down the side of her chin.

I stepped back and said "Give me your hands Pet" She offered her hands without hesitation and I helped her to stand. "Bend over Pet and take hold of your ankles" I commanded. Pet readily obeyed and I marvelled at her smooth round bum cheeks and juicy pussy. Her excitement was obvious and as I caressed each cheek, Pet softly moaned with pleasure. I traced my finger between her legs, slipping my finger inside feeling the wetness and how her pussy gripped my finger, I pumped my finger several times and as her pleasure grew, without warning I pulled my finger finger out and landed a series of slaps on each cheek. Pet gasped in shock and surprise. "You are not allowed to cum yet Pet" I told her. "Yesss Master" she meekly replied.

There was one more new thing I wanted to do to her. I got some lube and squeezed some on my finger. "Pet you may feel something cold on your ass" I said and then rubbed the lube against her tight knot of her anus. Pet gasped again as I smeared the cold lube around her tightly closed hole. "Master wants to use your ass Pet" I said "Yes, Master" came Pet's slightly worried reply.

I worked the lube around her sphincter before pressing my finger against it, I eased the pressure and worked in some more lube in before my increasing the pressure and my fingertip slowly slid inside. I pushed my finger in just to the top of my nail, in and out, very gently and slowly as I knew Pet had never been used anally before and was very tight. I love the feeling of my finger inside the smooth warm sphincter of a woman so I started to get hard again. Soon I was able to get almost half my finger inside, I squeezed some more lube onto my finger before pushing it all the way in. Pet gasped as I working my finger in and out of her asshole,

I continued to push my finger in and out, faster now and twisting it round as well, holding my hard cock in my other hand I began to slap it against her ass cheeks and pussy lips. . I eased my finger out and then rubbed the head of my cock between her pussy lips feeling the wetness between her legs I did this several times.rubbing it over her sphincter and watching it wink at me then back down to rub between her dripping pussy lips.

"Remember Pet you cannot come until I give you permission"

"Yes Master" she replied hoarsely. Knowing how wet she was I lined my dick up with her pussy and plunged my full length into her in one swift movement. I thought Pet was going to come straight away but she managed to hold off so I started to make long deep strokes in and out at the same time I pressed my finger against her ass again and this time it slipped in easily. My cock was glistened with her wetness on each outward stroke and my finger continued to work her asshole then I pulled my finger out and grabbing her hips I started to pound her hard and fast "Pleeaaseee Master let mee cumm" Walled Pet between breaths. I pounded her with hard deep strokes and Pet was struggling to remain in position, her legs shaking with the force of my fucking. If I hadn't been holding onto her hips I think she would have fallen over as I bottomed out on each inward stroke. I pulled my wet dick out and landed some more hard smacks on Pet's bum. " Not yet Pet" I growled. In truth I was sweating with the effort and getting too close to cumming myself. I needed to change tack to prolong our playtime, Pet groaned some more with her need to cum .

"You may stand Pet" I said "Thank you Master "Pet replied still breathing hard before taking her over to the play bench in the centre of the room . The play bench is securely fixed to the floor with eye bolts on each leg which you can use to attach ropes, chains or cuffs. You can adjust the height by moving the top and I quickly altered the bench to get the right height for me then I secured ankle and wrist cuffs to Pet. Because Pet is so small I helped her to lay over the bench as once on it her legs did not reach the floor. I secured the ankle cuffs to the bolts which helped spread Pet's legs wide for me, I then secured her wrists but gave her some more room so she could wiggle slightly. (I also fastened a strap around her waist and the bench giving Pet some extra security, I wanted Pet to feel secure and safe with me especially as she was still fairly new to this) Now that she was securely tied to the bench her pussy was at just the right height for me, it was red and wet and I could sense her growing anticipation at what was about to come.

I still needed to punish her first before continuing to use her for my pleasure and I wanted to make her fearful of what was to come so I choose a schoolteacher cane from the wall, it can give wicked welts as it bends round the bottom with each hard stroke. In a cold hard voice I said "It's time for the cane Pet" and swished it hard through the air in front of her a few times. I then moved the cane and rubbed the tip around the top Pet's neck and then traced a line down her spine to her beautiful smooth round bottom, Pet started to shiver with fear as I rubbed the cane over her buttocks and down the backs of her thighs. I went back to the cabinet and picked up a pinwheel this creates a pricking sensation on the skin, I ran that lightly across her buttocks and then slowly zig zaged up her back causing Pet to moan, I discarded the pinwheel and then slowly brushed my fingers back down her spine and caressed her smooth bum, Pet now groaned as her pleasure began to build. I ran a thick finger across her pussy lips feeling the hot sticky wetness there, I pushed my finger inside and pumped in and out a few times and twisting it round. I felt Pet's excitement growing and again I pulled my finger out. She still wasn't allowed to cum yet. "Now for the cane" I said

She tensed and a slight whimper escaped from Pet and I thought she might use her safe word but I hoped she wouldn't as I had a surprise for her "Relax Pet, it will hurt less" I said ramping up the tension some more. Unseen to her I didn't pick up the cane but a hard leather paddle. I cracked it down on her buttocks. Pet gasped out loud in shock and surprise as she slowly realised what was happening I gave her five hardish smacks on each cheek. I then gently caressed the reddening cheeks. I replaced the paddle and picked up a small flogger and started to land some swift blows on her ass using a circular motion. I like floggers as they create a lovely rosy hue on the submissive's skin along with a pleasant sting and a good after burn. I continued flogging my Pet, down the backs of her thighs ,up across her ass and higher still onto her back. Pet was wriggling as I flogged her and the burn started to kick in. I stopped suddenly and stood back to admire my handiwork. Pet's breathing was laboured, her skin was glowing and I sensed her excitement peaking again. I suspected Pet had thought she had got off lightly as I hadn't actually used the cane so taking careful aim and I decided to use the flogger on her exposed pussy. I landed half a dozen precision blows directly on her sticky, swollen pussy and clit causing Pet to cry out loud, "Masster pleeaaseee Master, let mee cumm" Wailed Pet. I knew that Pet's pussy which was already on fire would now burning hot like a furnace.

it was time for my pleasure now, I wanted to look at Pet's face as I did so I quickly un-hooked the cuffs and loosened the strap while Pet moaned in pleasure. I gently eased Pet over onto her back before re-attaching them. Her nipples were small and sticking out rock hard, her legs were spread wide showing her erect clit and red swollen pussy glistening wet . I walked round to Pet's head and grabbing her hair again commanded that she suck my cock. Pet eagerly opened her mouth and sucked on me hard as I fucked my cock in and out of her mouth.I tweaked Pet's hard nipples, they were still sensitive from their earlier punishment causing Pet to groan out loud as she sucked me. I used the flogger on her breasts as I wanted to give them a rosy glow, Pet gave a muffled cry as her sensitive nipples were punished some more then I landed several more blows on her exposed pussy and clit. Pet's thighs were shaking with each blow and I thought she was losing control so I stopped the flogging. I was now rock hard again, my balls were tingling with the need to unload so I commanded Pet to stop. Pet stopped instantly and let me ease my stiff cock out of her mouth, her tongue reaching out reluctant to let go of me completely.

Now wanted to fuck her and fill her with my seed. Walking round to her pussy I had never seen Pet looking so beautiful, spread before me, rosy breasts with dark hard nipples, her pussy red, gaping wet with desire. I couldn't resit one more little torture and using my stiff cock I slapped it hard against her engorged clit "Ahhhh Master pleeasee" Sobbed Pet.

"Not yet Pet" I replied as I caressed her tits and lined up my cock. Then I plunged straight in to her hot wet snatch "Massterrr" She wailed as I started to fuck her hard, the sweat beading on my forehead. "Massterr I'mm cummmingg" Pet cried as her body started to shake again.

I didn't care now "Look at me Pet" I cried as I saw her face twisted in ecstasy. I was too close myself, my balls started to rumble in protest so I gave one final deep thrust and released my heavy load inside Pet, I felt like I was cumming for ages and as I pulled out my still hard cock Pet's pussy continued to grip me not wanting me to leave her. As my cock popped out I shot more white cum over Pet's stomach. Pet was still cumming and shaking "Masster .... Master" she kept repeating I slid my cock back into her pussy causing her to scream again. I bent down to to kiss her and tenderly stroked her face. "Thank you Master" she whispered in my ear.

I slowly eased myself off Pet and and watched as my cum dripped out of her pussy before walking round and offering my softening cock to Pet for her to clean. She licked it tenderly before taking in her mouth, I groaned as it was still sensitive but there was nothing more to give. As she finished this I gently caressed her face and tits "How do you feel Pet?" Pet just smiled back in response still unable to speak yet. I unhooked the cuffs and helped Pet up, she clung to me "Ohh Master that was ....was incredible" We embraced for sometime locked in a shared moment of pure love and trust. I let Pet recover before taking her to the bathroom to clean up and return to bed.

Tomorrow we would speak about this playtime so I could understand what how she felt, what was the good and not so good parts. That way I learn to ensure my Pets always look forward to their playtime and they are contented and happy with their Master.

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