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I discover what me are after
I appreciate all the comments and emails. It fuels me to continue writing. I hope you all continue to enjoy my writing.

After Bill caught me sleeping with mom naked, he seemed to spend much more time at the house, and paid much more attention towards me. I was used to walking around the house in short shorts and booty shorts. The first time I caught him paying attention to me, I was wearing a tank top and small shorts. I was cleaning around the house, wiping dirt off some of our furniture. I was listening to some music, and kind of dancing around to it. I got down on my knees and on all fours to clean under the furniture holding the TV, which I hadn't cleaned in a long time. It took about a minute, which passed by fast as danced a bit to the music. I was about done, when I looked up a bit, and saw the TV screen reflecting Bill sitting in the couch behind me, looking at my ass. He noticed I saw his reflection, so he grabbed the paper and pretended to be reading it. I acted like I didn't see him, and hurried up cleaning and left. I wondered how long he had been sitting there watching me. I noticed his attention on me a few times after that.

One day after school, I saw Juan in the spot where he used to wait for me. I have to admit, I was happy he was back. It's not like I loved him or anything like that, but it was the feeling I had being around him, like a whore, like a fucktoy. I didn't enjoy being raped by him and his dad, but it was still such a turn on thinking about it, feeling so used. I walked over to greet him.
"Hi Juan, haven't seen you in forever."
Juan,"hey b, what's up. Yeah, sorry. My dad told me to leave you alone for some time. Just in case you were mad I guess. Are you mad at me?"
I never really did feel mad at him, I almost felt like I deserved what I got for being so easy, but I obviously didn't tell him that.
Me,"I am a little mad, I was mad afterwards but now I'm over it."
Juan,"That's badass. Let's go have some fun."
Me,"I can't, I'm getting a ride from my boyfriend right after school."
Juan,"come on, I haven't fucked you in a while, come give me a quick blowjob."
Me,"His mom might be waiting already."
Juan,"come on, just real quick."
We ran to our little fuck spot in the abandoned area, and he grabbed me by the hair and put me on my knees.
Juan,"come on, real quick."
I undid his pants and pulled his dick out. He used pushed the back of my head towards his dick.
Juan,"open up bitch, hurry up."
I opened my mouth and he immediately pushed my head down, putting it all the way in. He began fucking my face fast, it was like he was masturbating with my mouth. I felt his dick get fully hard, growing in my mouth as he back and forth. I felt some gagging as he fucked me, but it wasn't too bad. I got a little teray eyed, and felt a tear roll down my cheek as he used me.
I tried pulling out to catch my breath, but he pressed harder on the back of my hand, and I got that distinct smell that men give when they are about to cum. I felt his body tense up, and push down hard, so I pushed my face forward, touching his balls with my lips as he fucked me. He began grunting, and I felt his dick pump inside of my mouth. I felt warm fluid going down my throat, but I couldn't taste it. I began moving my head, fucking myself a bit to please him. I knew he was done, so I began to pull it out, and got a bit of his cum on my tongue, I felt that salty taste he had. I looked up, and he seemed out of breath, and so was I.
Juan,"good job. Go catch your ride."
I got up and ran to my pickup spot, where Tyler and his dad were waiting. I was expecting to get a ride from Tyler's mom, not dad.
Tyler's dad (Larry),"there she is."
Tyler,"I was looking for you, but I couldn't find you."
Me,"sorry, I had to use the restroom."
Tyler,"were you crying, he reached towards my cheek where a tear had been."
I had forgotten to clean up on my rush.
Me,"oh, no, I just got something in my eye."
Larry just smiled,"I'm sure she is fine, now let's go kids."
We walked towards the car and Tyler's dad said,
"Hey, let your pretty girlfriend ride up front, so she can have a better view."
I rode in the passenger seat while Tyler's dad drove.
Larry,"what have you been up to sweetheart?"
Me,"oh nothing, just school and stuff."
Larry, "oh that's good, hope my boy is treating you good."
Me,"mmm yeah."
Larry,"hey, you must have fallen."
I didn't know what he meant, but he reached over to my knees, which had dirt on them. He began doing small wipes, like he was removing the dirt from my knees. Tyler must have assumed his dad was wiping the dirt off, as his dad moved his hand un and down my thighs with each swipe. It felt odd to say the least, but I didn't say anything.
Larry,"there you go."
We made it to the block before my house, and Larry asked,"how is your mom doing?"
Me,"umm good."
Larry,"I bet, I haven't seen her in a while, let her know I said hi."
We made it to the front of the house and I tried opening the door, which was locked.
Larry,"come on boy, you know you need to open the door for a lady."
Tyler,"oh yeah."
Larry unlocked the doors, as Tyler got out to open mine. Larry reached over and put his hand on my thigh saying, "this boy hasn't learned how to treat a lady yet, but he will."
My door opened and I got out as I saw Larry's stare slide down towards my ass. Tyler and I hugged and said goodbye, as Larry continued staring at me. I began walking away and their car didn't leave until I went into the house. I wondered if it was to make sure I made it in safe, or if his dad was still staring at me.

Mom was going to be working until nightime that day, so I had the house all to myself. I did my homework, than went to her room to try a few of her new clothes on. I was too small, and needed bigger tits to fill them up. I got an idea, I filled up two balloons with air, and pushed them into her bras so I could pretend I had tits. It looked pretty good underneath blouses. I wondered if I would ever look like mom. I also wondered about all the attention I was getting from men lately, I didn't look nearly as good as mom. As I looked in the mirror, I could see my hips had opened up a bit, and my butt seemed a little bigger. My butt actually did have a good size for my small body. It kind of scared me to thing I might grow a butt, and no tits. I had been wanting a big pair of tits like mom, I hated to think I wouldn't get them. I kept going trough some of mom's things when I found a box in the back of her closet. I wondered what it was, so I opened it. It had diffrent things on it, that I didn't know what they were for at the time. It had balls attached by a string, going from small to bigger ones. It had a glass looking triangular 'thing', like a cone. There was a cylindrical tube type of thing made of rubber. Then I saw a big black rubber thing. I didn't know what it was for about 5 seconds, then I noticed it was like a dick, with a head and balls and veins and everything. It was like a huge dick. I wondered what it was for, but it didn't take long to figure it could only have one purpose. I couldn't figure how she used half the things on the box. I had a falshback from when I was younger, I opened a box like that, but had no clue what those things were for, so I had put it back. I decided I would give the big black rubber dick a try, so I laid in her bed, and tried to put it inside my pussy. I was to dry to even get the tip in, so I tried sucking on it to lube it up. I opened my mouth, but could barely even get the head in, it was so thick. I licked it all around, then tried putting it in. I tried pushing it in, and it seemed almost like it was hugging to sides of my pussy, not going in. It slowly began creeping in, but I felt my pussy being stretched to wide, and it was too painful, so I was done with that. I looked through the box, and found another one, pink dick shaped thing, with and twist button underneath it. I twisted the button, and it began shaking. I laid in bed again, and pushed that one inside my pussy. It was much smaller than the previous one, but still had trouble getting it in, so I sucked it and gagged myself to lube it up. It was a bit painful, but I got it in. I twisted the knob hoping for the best, and felt the vibration inside my pussy, nothing great. I turned the knob some more, and it felt better. I turned it all the way, and it finally felt good. I began fucking myself, going in and out slowly, pulling up on it to feel the vibration in my clit. My mind began venturing off, into mom, tanya, and being raped. I felt myself getting wet, it became easier and easier pushing it all in, with little pain. Thoughts of mom's videos came to mind, of her being violated. Then I related the vibrating sensation to Tanya's toungue. I began fucking myself faster, thinking of being raped by Juan and his dad, the day I finally felt used and abused, like mom. My body began tensing, and I felt it explode, as the rubber dick continued vibrating on my clit. By the time I pulled it out, it was soaked in my juice. I took it to the bathroom to wash it, then put everything back in its place, knowing I had just found a small treasure chest.

I still had time to waste, so I decided to cool off in the pool. I put on the thong two piece Tanya bought me, and bathed and swam around a bit. It felt so good to have the bikini's fabric up my ass, and my buttcheeks so uncovered. It felt so sexual. I laid in one on the pool chairs to dry up, and began masturbating over my bikini, rubbing my clit. I was thinking of getting with mom again, and with Tanya, thoughts of a 3some came to my head, it would be so hot. I remembered Juan's dad and his big dick, and how painful it was, and how my pussy felt so full, and stretched. It hurt when it happened, but in my mind, it was exciting, and almost felt like feeling it again. I imagined mom getting fucked by big dicks like that, wondered how she took them, wondered how she came to enjoy them, if I ever would. My body tensed, and I felt myself cumming. My juices flowing out of my pussy, my pussy vibrating at my fingertips. It was great feeling the bikini's fabric up my ass, feeling my ass divided in two. I jumped in the pool to cool off a bit. I came out after a few minutes and walked towards the glass door, where I saw bill standing inside staring at me. I must have turned bright red. I wondered how long he had been standing there, why was he staring at me like that, maybe he saw me masturbating. I didn't want to talk to him at all, I was so embarrassed. I opened the door and walked right past him.
Bill,"hey brenda, just checking up on you, your mom was gonna be a little late, brought you some pizza if you are hungry."
He knew mom wasn't around, he had no business there, I didn't care about the food.
Me,"oh thanks, I'm not hungry right now, maybe later."
Bill,"alright, I'll leave it here."
I had to walk past him, as he stared at my ass in that thong bikini, all the way to my room. I almost felt like crying, feeling ashamed, like this mas had raped me with his eyes. How could mom get eaten up by men's eyes on a daily basis, and be so cool about it.

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