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Thomas and Amy have grown up together and eventually they explore sex together. Some true parts in this story but I have added somethings to make it more interesting.
It all started at school when I heard some of the older boys laughing and talking about jacking off. I didn't have a clue as to what they were talking about but because they were whispering and caring on laughing about it I was curious as all get out. As soon as I got home I had my usual snack and went off to my room to play computer games. Instead of play a game I googled "what is jacking off". It didn't take me long to figure out what jacking off was. In fact my pecker was getting hard and a little uncomfortably tight in my jeans. I pulled out my cock and stared stroking, it didn't take long for me to cum. I knew this was something I'd be doing more of a lot.

Now a little about me, I was your average twelve year old guy with dark brown hair, nothing that set me apart from friends at school. I took part in the normal sports activity but was not a jock, nobody showered at school so I never had seen other guys cocks. Over all I think I was pretty normal. I had a sister who was three years older and a sister who was two and a half years younger than me. Mom and Dad both worked until five and socialized a lot with friends and neighbors. We were all well behaved and had not been in any trouble.

After getting home from school we always had a snack and then we did our own thing. Our parents just made sure that homework was done each night. My older sister Sue was into volleyball and when she was not home after school I was in charge to look after my little sister Jane. I played computer games and Jane watched cartoons on most days.

Amy who lived next door and was my age and my best friend since we were babies. Her Mom and my Mom were best friends from when they were young. Amy had two brothers, Bob who was sixteen and Mark who was seventeen. Bob had a steady girl friend and Mark was a popular guy because he was one of the best soccer players in our high school. Mark would take time to play with us younger kids which made him pretty popular with us. As far as dating he had a new girl friend all the time but nobody special. Amy and I hung out together playing games, helping each other do homework, watching TV, and hanging out with mutual friends. Jane was always teasing us about Amy being my girl friend, you know especially this "Thomas and Amy sitting in a tree, Thomas and Amy kissing in a tree" well you know what I mean. We never thought ourselves as girl and boy friend, we were just friends that's all.

After discovering how to masturbate I got curious about girls and found myself imagining what Amy or Sue would look like in the nude will I would slowly pump my cock until I couldn't go slow anymore and beat my cock frantically for the last minute, always blasting to great orgasm. I tried to catch Sue in the nude in the bathroom but she always locked the door. Sue must have known what I was up to because one time after I tried the door she came out and called me a pervert. Jane who was just coming out of her room heard what Sue said and asked me why Sue had called me a pervert. I told Jane the truth saying I had wanted to see her without any clothes on but she had always locked the door. I don't know if Jane believed me at the time but we both laughed about it. I was definitely horny all the time.

When school let out for the summer we spent a lot of time at the swimming pool as we had a family pass. Jane went with her friends. Sue usually took her to the pool while I waited for Amy to come over then we would walk to the pool to meet our friends. We usually took the path through our back yard and then walked along the train tracks to the pool. One day after about a week Amy said," I dare you to walk on the train rail without stepping off."

"Sure what does the winner get?" I asked.

'How about winner has to buy ice cream." she said.

"Okay." I said."But I was hope for more of a reward because you are going down."

"What do you want to play for?" Amy asked.

Before I could think of something else I just kind said what popped into my head."Every time someone steps off they have to remove a piece of clothing like strip poker until one of us is totally bare ass naked."

"No way." she told me. "No way. No way."

I knew I was beet red. "It was just a thought, lets play for ice cream." Well I let Amy win and I bought her an ice cream when we got to the pool. Once we were changed and in the water it seemed like I was always looking at her small boobs and it was really getting my cock hard all the time especially when we were horsing around and just the touch of her skin had me watching when I would get out of the water. Amy suggested we go home earlier than we usual which was fine by me. I needed to have some time alone and I didn't know if Amy was upset about what I had said. I was a little worried for sure.

After we were back at the train tracks Amy asked "Dare you to stay on the train rail for one piece of clothes for each time someone steps off, but we have to count and take them off at home in the order that we lost them? I have one more piece than you but that's the price of play this game with me"

Boy was I floored, a chance to see Amy naked was going to be so awesome. "You're on, are you sure because I will get to see you naked."

"No way, I beat you earlier and I can beat you three times in a row and you will be the one naked."

Amy was the first one to miss a step and I started whooping in victory which threw me off balance and I stepped off. We kept bugging each other until Amy again missed a step, this time I kept my focus and didn't celebrate. Amy was to much in a hurry to get back on the rail and stepped off again. "Damn! I only have my panties left." I look at her laughing and I stepped off just like that, and I was down to my underwear too. Amy was really concentrating now and I hoped I could out last her, I almost had the upper hand a minute ago. I shouldn't have started thinking so hard because I lost my balance and I was off again. "I won, I won." screamed Amy. "Well you get to see my boobs anyway."

We rushed up to my room when we got home and Amy slowly took off her t-shirt, then started bugging me to hurry up and get my shirt off.

"I thought you would be against taking off your clothes and now I can't take them off fast enough for you."

Now it was Amy's turn to take off her next two items, boy was I excited. Amy shoved her shorts down and stepped out of her shorts leaving her in a bra and white panties. "Which do you want my bra or panties? She asked.

"I want to see both your boobs and your pussy. As much as I want to see your boobs I want to see your pussy more." With that said Amy took off her bra and I was looking at my first set of real titties, they were only a small handful with a tiny nipple on each mound. I realized that my cock was rock hard and that Amy would be looking at it in a minute.

"Your turn, now off with everything." she teased. "I know you have a boner so don't be shy, let me see it."

I pushed off my shorts and underwear, my cock standing up for Amy to admire. I just kept looking at Amy's little boobs. "Can I feel them?" I asked her. Amy nodded and I slowly felt both her boobs with both hands, gently squeezing and then softly pinching her hard little nipples. While I played with Amy's titties she took hold of my cock and started to pump my cock slowly. I had been horny all day and after a few strokes I started to shoot my cum all over her tummy and the last of it running down her hand. "Sorry I just couldn't hold back and I was going to warn you but it just happened so fast, your hand feels so good on my cock."

"Your welcome and your cock feels so soft and hard at the same time." Amy hugged me and we started kissing each other, another first. Amy was mushing my cum against my tummy with hers and I was hard again. Amy pushed down her panties, pulled my hand down to her pussy and guided my fingers down her slit getting them wet from her juices and then guided my fingers to her clit and said. "Rub me right here." As I gently rubbed her clit Amy rested her head on my shoulder moaning telling me how good it felt, giving me instructions when to go lower and get my fingers wetter and then to go back to rubbing her clit. She was getting very excited hump into my hand when she grunted and said "Faster, Faster, I'm cummming." After a bit she grabbed my hand to stop me from rubbing her clit, she held my hand tight to her pussy. I was just happy to feel soft pubic hair and hold her tight with my other arm.

After awhile I think Amy realized my cock was still hard and pushing against her hip, she went to her knees in front of me and grab my cock and started stroking me again, with her other hand Amy started playing with my balls. Her hands were so warm I was at the brink of cumming again. Amy slowed down her hand and then would speed up again until I started pumping with my hips, then slow down again until there was no slowing down. I pumped into her hand hard. "I'm going to cum." Amy never stopped pumping me, as I started squirting she pointed my cock at her tits. There was cum running down her titties and down her hand."That was awesome Amy but we better get cleaned up before Sue and Jane get home." We got cleaned up in a hurry after that.

We got some cokes and started playing x-box when my sisters returned. Trying to act normal was a bit hard after that but we managed. The summer went fast with Amy playing with my cock and me playing with her pussy every chance we had. We started looking up porn on the Internet and watching it together. We decided to try oral next.

The next chance we had to be alone together we went to my room took off our clothes and I laid down on the bed with Amy straddling my head with her legs. We had already discussed how we would do this, in fact we had watched a sixty nine performance on the Internet. Amy put her pussy right on my mouth and I took a quick lick to get a taste of her expecting it to be pretty gross. The tangy flavor was very unexpected and I dove right in to get more. I licked her slit from the bottom to the top enjoying her taste. I could tell she was enjoying it too by the way she was moving.

"Hey we agreed to do this together."

Amy was playing with my cock, gently pumping me. I knew her mouth was getting close when her hair started to brush against my thigh. Slowly she started to kiss up and down my cock, and then licking my cock all over. I was in seventh heaven when she put the head of my cock in her mouth and start to slowly suck on it while play with my balls at the same time.

I had been licking her slit while she was getting started on my cock. Now I started to rub her clit with my tongue which made her hump my face faster. I kept loosing contact with her clit which probably was a good thing because my balls were ready to let go a huge load. I don't know who came first Amy was thrashing around and I was humping up at her mouth. We just lay there basking in the after glow of that fantastic feeling, give each other gentle kisses to each others organs. It didn't take long and we did a repeat of that in less than ten minutes.

When school started we made sure we played computer games up in my room a couple of times a week.

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