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Double Dose of Bad Seed 6:

Xmas Break: Meeting the Family

I had it all work out Major Broussard was going to cover for me so I could spend the 3 weeks with
Rachel, Cheryl and the girls, the evening before break a cadet comes to my room.
“You got a visitor up at the Admin Office” he tells me.

I walked over wondering who the hell had come to see me. I was shock when I walked in it was
Uncle Frank.
“Did you change your mind” I ask looking around to see if he brought Jenny, Lynn or even Aunt

“No JJ I’ve come to take you home to spend Christmas with the family” he says.

“Whoever died this time I’m pretty sure I had nothing to do with it” I say sarcastically.

He looks at me funny “we got a long trip son why don’t you go pack your bag and I’ll do the
paperwork” he says.

I called the girls and gave them the bad news then thru a bag together and headed back over to the
Admin Building. The drive home was just idle chat mostly, Uncle Frank asking about my plans for
when I turn 18 and graduated in a few months.

I’m not stupid I learned a lot from Doc Addison about reading people and between the lines when
they talk. From what I gathered He and his family, His sisters and their families all live in my house.
Apparently they want to continue living there but when I graduate everything falls into my control
the house they live in and the allowance they receive from my trust.

Doc Addison had taught me a lot about self-control. Well mostly how to keep my mouth shut and
stay out of trouble. The more I thought about it the angrier I became, they had shipped me off to the
Academy 5 years ago and Uncle Frank had visited once. They live in my house and get an allowance
from my trust fund. I’ll show them my gratitude I think to myself and all Doc Addison’s months of
work slip from my mind.

Once home I head to Dad’s office and the safe is still closed, I open it and the stacks of money are
there but not one CD. Uncle Frank was standing at the door as I pulled the stacks of money from the
safe and piled them on the desk. From the look on his face I doubt he even knew the safe was there,
he definitely didn’t know the money was.

They never mentioned the CD’s in my dad’s trial, if the cops had them they surely would have been
mentioned I assumed so dad must have destroyed them before he killed mom. I remember the box I
mailed and load everything back in the safe and head over to the mailbox place. It has moved so I
head to the new store and talk to the clerk. He checks and my accounts still good but since I never
came in after they moved my stuff was stored in a warehouse downtown.
“It won’t be open until Monday, bro” he says.

I headed downtown to my lawyers office we had discussed me getting a new car some weeks back
and I special ordered one from one of my dad’s old friends.
“Ok pick out what you want and call me, I’ll send a check over” he says
“Thanks bro” I reply.

I pick up a copy of my trusts current portfolio, I’m worth a little over 200 million. I stop at the local
Speed Shop and pick up my new truck, an Ford F450 4x4 King Ranch Loaded with Mud tires a 3
inch lift and diesel engine chipped out pushing about 1100hp with all the bells and whistle. The
stereo was installed by a local custom shop and cost 7k alone.

It’ll lay 6 black marks half way down the block, I find out on the test drive and of course Officer
Rick pulls me over at the end of that block. I was surprised, I was nice and he didn’t write me a ticket
or give me one of his usual speeches. Apparently he thought I had changed during my years away at
the Academy. I head back to the dealer and make the call, I never did ask how much it was I just
drove away and headed home.

I hadn’t realized earlier during my brief time in the house just how fucked up it really was until I
started looking around.

Uncle Frank (mom’s brother) and his wife Betty with their 2 girls (Jenny 12 and Lynn 7) and son
(Jason 9) lived in the west wing of the house.

Uncle Tom and Aunt Judy (mom’s sister) and their 2 girls (Elizabeth 9 and Hailey 7) lived in the
east wing as well as me.

Uncle Paul and Aunt Lisa (mom’s sister) lived in the pool house, they have no kids but Aunt Lisa is
8 ½ months pregnant.

Uncle Bob and Aunt Marie and their 4 girls (Jill 15, Katelyn 13, Naomi and Samantha (twins) 10)
lived in the basement area.

I also notice it’s Friday and everyone is home apparently now body has a job either. The kids are all
home schooled from what I gather as well. I can see why their scared I’ll boot their asses to the curb.
I headed up to my room to unpack and relax having seen enough of my family. I was lying on my
bed when I heard a knock at the door.

“Who is it” I yell
“It’s me Jenny your cousin” I hear a soft voice say.
“It’s open Jenny” I call out.

She opens the door and comes to the bed her head down she never makes eye contact with me.
“Mom says dinner will be ready soon if you wish to join us Joseph”

I’ve been around her type before and have learned to recognize the traits so Little Jenny is looking
real sweet right now. She’s 5’ tall about 80lb blonde hair. No tits yet but there starting to grow I’m
sure there’s enough for a mouth full and her head down in that submissive stance a definite turn on.

Fuck it I don’t care about these people anyhow so I wanted to test my theory.
“Turn around Jenny” I instruct her
“Yes sir” she says and turns her back to me.

Yes sir that made my dick twitch, for 12 she has a nice ass and her little hips are starting to spread. I
reach out and grab her soft butt and rub it a little and her hips. Her body trembles softly at my touch
but she doesn’t move or say a word.
“You have a nice butt Jenny” I say as I squeeze
“Thank you sir” she whispers with a nervous crack in her voice.
“Turn and face me” I tell her
“Yes sir” she says as she spins around.

I sit on the edge of the bed with my legs spread open and pull Jenny to stand between them. Her face
is flush and she has goose pimples on her arms. I reached out and squeezed her breast thru her shirt
she has some little mounds in there and some hard little nipples. I slide my hand under her shirt and
up her smooth belly to her soft little mounds and began squeezing them softly and gently squeezing
her hard little nipples.

Her breathing changes and becomes faster and deeper. I decided to push my luck and see just how
far Jenny would go. I removed my hands and place them on her thighs and slide them up her smooth
legs to her butt. I rub and squeeze it for several minutes before slipping my hands inside her waist
band of her panties. I slide my hands back down taking her panties with them to her knees. Her
panties drop to her ankles as I place my hands on her inner thighs.

“Spread your legs Jenny” I instruct her
“Yes sir” she says taking a deep breathe.

I slide my hands slowly up her trembling thighs, her breathe gets faster as I grow closer to her pussy.
I rub her soft peach fuzz cover mound and she moans softly. I slide my finger between her delicate
folds and their slick from her wetness. I slide my finger inside her hot wet little cunt.

She jumps “Is there a problem Jenny” I ask
“No sir, I’m very sorry, I won’t move again” she says taking a deep breathe.

Her little pussy is definitely tight and she’s tight definitely a virgin I can feel her hymen about 2 inch
inside her. I slide my finger out and suck her juice off it, savoring her sweet juice.

“You have a very sweet little pussy Jenny” I say smiling
“Thank you Sir” she says her breathing now deep and heavy

I was fixing to slide my finger back inside her when I hear Uncle Frank clear his throat
“Go help your mother Jenny” he says leaning against my door frame.

Jenny pulls her panties up and runs past her father, her face a bright red. Uncle Frank doesn’t say a
word just turns and walks away. I’m not sure how long he was in the door but I did notice his
bulging pants before he left.

What the fucks up with this family I think, did I miss something there has got to be some freaky shit
going on that girl is a readymade fuck doll, but still a virgin. Uncle Frank watched me molest his girl
but did nothing.

Little Jenny comes running back and steps in the door, head down
“Mom says dinner will be served in 15 minutes” she says quickly.
“Thank you Jenny” I say before she runs of again.

I’m going to get to the bottom of this little freak fest. I get dressed and head down for dinner.
“What’s for dinner” I ask
“Pot roast” Aunt Judy says

I headed into the dining room the main table is for the adults apparently and they have several small
tables along the wall for the kids. All the kids are standing by their seats head down holding their
plates. I survey the room everyone is there but Uncle Frank, mom’s brother and the oldest.

Mom was the oldest by many years but her father died and it was many years before her mother
remarried. So now Frank is the oldest, I see the spot they have set for me at the main table but down
by the women.

Fuck that I think and walk over and sit at the head of the table. I hear several of the little girls gasp
and whisper when I do from the kids. My Aunts and Uncles stare at me in disbelief that I am so
arrogant. I didn’t give it a second thought and ignored their stares and gasp as I reach over and start
loading my plate with food.

Uncle Frank walks in and looks at me dead in the eyes it was dead silent as everyone held their
breathe for those few seconds. He says nothing and stares as he sits where I was supposed to.

“Excuse me Joseph, but we wait until everyone is served then we say grace before we eat” Aunt
Judy says.

“Ok go ahead do whatever you want, it won’t bother me none” I say and continue eating.
“We got anything to drink, you know wine, whiskey, beer” I ask.

Uncle Frank speaks up “No son, this is a Christian home. We don’t drink smoke, drink”

I cough up a mouth full of food on the table hearing this.
“You’re fucking joking right” I blurt out

“Or use profanity” Uncle Frank adds.

“You sure you fucking people were kin to my mom” I ask in disbelief

“Yes she was our sister and well loved her dearly, she just had a wandering soul, but she is resting in
heaven now.” Uncle Frank says as he makes the sign of the cross.

I spit another mouthful of food up, some landing on Aunt Betty

“Who you talking about not my mom surely, she drank like fish, popped pills by the hand full,
smoked liked a chimney, and fucked anything with a heartbeat male or female. Hell her pussy and
ass had more miles on it then that old truck of yours outside. (the truck had 350,00 I noticed on the
drive home) The night she died she had my best friend in her pussy and ass at least 3 times each that
I saw and when they hauled her dead ass out of the basement she had cum oozing from every hole”
I blurted out.

Every one stared at me stunned by my outburst.
“If her soul is resting is heaven god has some pretty low admission standards maybe I have a chance
to get in after all” I add.

Everyone is just staring at me their mouths half open in disbelief. Fuck it I think and go back to
eating and drinking my water. After a few minutes they go back to serving the food and everyone
sits with their plate and holds hands and bows their head.

They hold out their hands for me to join in but that isn’t happening, I go back to eating as Uncle
Franks says the prayer. It’s a long prayer and I wasn’t paying attention to it, in my defense I honestly
thought it was over.

“Aunt Judy, could you pass me that bowl green shit over there, it’s pretty fucking good what is it” I

That’s when I looked up and noticed this must be their moment of silent meditation because they all
look to be praying, I’m sure more than one was praying I would leave soon. Doc Addison’s flashed
in my head, I figure what I did was rude though so

“Sorry Aunt Judy I didn’t realize you were talking to god when I interrupted, I’ll get that green shit
myself. Oh ask him to say hi to mom for me” I say reaching across the table for the bowl.

The prayer ended with chorus of amens and then deathly silence as everyone started eating. I was
done eating about the time the prayer was over so I sat back and observed. I’m pretty sure I know
why little Jenny was so easily controlled now. Kids are taught to obey adults and girls to serve men,
this religion thing may work to my advantage I think.

It doesn’t explain Uncle Frank’s action in my room but I know why they never visited mom. I start
looking at all the young pussy in the room, all virgins I’m sure, Christmas break won’t be nearly
long enough to deflower them all I think smiling as I lean back in my chair. All the women and girls
are very fit slim and attractive, not a bad apple in the bunch.

After dinner is bath time then family bible study or some crap like that. I wasn’t going to be part of
that so I head up to my room to take a shit. I heard a knock on the bed room door
“It’s open” I yell from the bath room.

I see the door open and Elizabeth and Hailey come in but their out of site. I could her Elizabeth
whispering but it was too low to understand.
“Get in here you two now, and speak up when you talk” I say aggravated

They both run in and stand before me head down
“Yes sir” they say in unison.
“Sir, we usually use your shower for our bath time since you’re normally not here. May we please
use it sir”

I look up at the ceiling and say “Thank you” silently

“Yes you may, but the door stays open, and you wash each other” I say
“But sir” Elizabeth says turning red
“What did you say Elizabeth” I say cutting her off
“Nothing sir I’m sorry” she quickly replies
“Ok get naked then and get in the shower” I tell them.

I continue taking my shit and watching as the girls quickly undress and jump in the shower.
“Door open I said” I remind Hailey.

Hailey blushes and slides the door back open. They got some nice little butts not much meat on them
yet though and no tits just little red nipples poking out their chest and bald little pussies, but what
else would you expect from 7 and 9 year olds.

I watch as they bath each other my cock now hard as rock and sticking up. The girls don’t notice my
hard cock sticking straight up.
“Hey you need to clean that little pussy better then that I may want to lick it later” I instruct

Both girls look at me with big round eyes and red faces, that’s when I choose to stand up. Their little
mouths drop open as my cock is now in full view, I was considering joining them in the shower
when I heard another knock at the door.
“Come in” I yell as I move toward the shower
“Have you seen Hailey and Elizabeth” Aunt Judy yells thru the open door
“Yes their in the shower” I reply.

She walks into the bath room, I’m standing naked with my hard cock sticking straight out and the
two girls only 2 feet away in the shower naked door open starring at my cock. It was definitely a
Kodak moment for the family album.

Aunt Judy froze at the door in shock.
“Did you come to join us or watch” I ask.

Her shock wore off quickly as I stepped toward the shower. She rushed in and pulled the girls out
wrapping them in a towel and hurrying them out the room. The girls and even Aunt Judy starring at
my cock the whole time, oh well shower running already plus I need to take care of this hard on so I
jump in.

After I’m done I head back into my room an lay naked on the bed, I hear a little static noise. It’s the
old intercom system from back in the 80’s that was in the house. It was never removed from the bed
rooms which gives me an idea. I go down to the old control box in the office and rewire it so I can
listen into the bed rooms from my room.

I head over to the kitchen and get a soda and snack, bible studies just over with now and their all
headed to bed, I look at my watch 8pm. Little Jenny is putting away the books when I slip into the

“Jenny” I say walking up behind her.
“Yes sir” she answers
“Come to my room after your sister goes to sleep” I tell her and walk away.

I headed back to my room and turn on my new toy 10 channels to choose from. My wiring job isn’t
expert so I don’t know what channel is who so I’ll have to listen and label them. The first is 2 girls
saying prayers. No help the only voice I might recognize is Jenny. I label it as girls room for now.
Next one I listen for a few minutes but nothing empty, next one is Jason the boy I’m sure.

Then Jenny and Lynn, I listen closely Jenny is saying her prayers. She prays for her family yada
yada yada then “And please lord help me to be strong and stay pure tonight” she says.

I wonder if she really plans to come see me tonight and does she really think she’s leaving my bed a
virgin if she does.

2 more channels of silence and I think Elizabeth and Hailey but not sure though. The next channel is
the gold mine. Has to be the pool house I can hear the pool pump running. It sounds like all the
adults are there, I walk over to my window and I can see most them thru the window. Their
discussing me of course and what to do about me.

I listen for a while and gather basically they lost the family farm some years back. Mom and dad had
apparently been supporting them for years. Odd for my parents I think but these people being kin to
my mom was odd. I heard one suggest getting Brother Joseph (my dad) to speak with me, but they
dismiss that idea quickly.

They have pretty much figured out I don’t give a fuck so when I turn 18 their sure I’m going to kick
them to the curb. They discuss what to do and possible solutions for about 15 minutes finally coming
back to the same conclusion I don’t give a fuck and can’t be negotiated with.

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