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I didn't think it was going to be that kind of night
I walked up to my friends house expecting him but it was his wife
with a devilish smile she told me "He wont be home Tonight"
I didn't have to think twice, I walked to her with my own smile
Got real close and whispered in her ear
"if you do this there's no stopping it"

With no hesitation she kissed me quickly
with so much hunger and Desperation
I knew she wanted to fuck me
I grabbed her hand as I wanted into the house
looked back and saw her playing with her blouse
Pulling her to my chest
I hold her tight slowly gripping her ass

Stopping me, she grabbed my hand
and sat me down on the couch
Bending down she pulled my cock out
I love the expression she had
as she took me into her hands
told me I was bigger than her husband
as she licked the tip of my dick
so sloppy, she didnt know how to really do it
I got frustrated and grabbed her hands

Pulled them above her head
I shoved my cock into her mouth
thrusting it deep as she gagged
I didnt stop even when she started to cry
I thrusted deeper and deeper down her throat
pulled it out slowly as she started to choke
Didn't wait for her to regain herself
Pulled her up and took her to the bed

Pushed her down roughly as i pulled her skirt up
sliding her panties down to her knees
She moaned "please fuck me!"
Couldn't wait I slid my dick up and down her damp folds
slowly teasing her until she lost her mind
I made her look into my eyes
as I plunged my cock within her
thrusted her head back rocking with pleasure
twisted her nipples as I thrusted it made her scream!!!
her body started to guide me deeper and deeper
at that point I knew I had her

She didnt stop screaming my name
it felt so good, I nearly yelled myself
She wrapped her legs around me pushing me deep
fuck my friend, I knew I had to keep her
that's when I felt her tense up beneath me
She screamed with her release as I came
She tried to fall asleep but I shook her awake
whispered into her eye "Baby we are not done playing this game"

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2013-01-29 21:39:13
woot woot! keeping it real about life buecase a person's a person, no matter how small ~dr. suess:)[]Roo Reply:August 23rd, 2010 at 3:39 pmWasn't Dr. Seuss a Communist, though? I think I just made that up.[] Reply:October 27th, 2010 at 2:18 amNope not a commie, but an FDR liberal not much different in my opinion. Thanks for your courage it takes guts to write what you did![]Quimby Reply:September 7th, 2010 at 7:56 pmHate to burst your bubble but Dr Suess was actually very much pro-choice; once upon a time an anti-abortion group* used that tag-line in its ad and he did not approve.(I don't like the term pro-life. I've yet to meet a person who was in favor in abortion rights who was anti-life. Most of us feel that it is not an ideal, nor is it something that should happen as a matter of course; but that there are unfortunately times when abortion might well be the best option. I would add that personally I also feel that there are better ways to deal with unwanted pregnancy than

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2012-11-24 00:58:17
This is a good example of how popele use their words to bring blessings or condemnation to themselves. I am reminded of the story of Ms.California, and how her words may seem to have brought her ridicule in this world system, yet blessings and favor with God. She was given the question, by design, in her own mind, so that she would have to choose between her Christian beliefs and winning a worldy contest. She chose to stick with her beliefs. It may seem that she has lost a prize, but, in reality, she has won prize. We do not know what good will come of this, however, all of her own words have been about how blessed she was to have the chance to share her faith. She has only talked about the incidence with words of Life and I am sure she will be rewarded.

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2012-10-31 00:24:33
केटरीना केफ


2012-10-29 02:40:06
Chilling but sexy. Keep up the good work! - Phoebe

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