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Well the story begins here

I am Jacob and my sister is Sarah me and her have always had a close relationship we play together and go almost everywhere together. She is 16 and i am 16. I wake up to my sister shaking me saying Jacob Jacob wake up mom is making breakfast right now. And since it was a Saturday i figured i could sleep in i told Sarah give me a minute she goes but mom says she wants you up now i get up rub my eyes then my sister says come on and she leaves the room. I get dressed and go to the kitchen table and sit next to my sister at the table mom says good morning Jacob sorry i wanted you up so early but me and your father are leaving for a business trip tomorrow and we wanted to spend some time with you and you're sister before we leave i said okay mom i forgot all about the trip. I start eating my eggs and bacon and i look to notice that my sister is staring at my dick i just ignored it and kept eating finally i finished went to the bathroom and took a shower after i got out i was about to get the towel and my sister walks in on me i screamed and she said oh sorry Jacob and quickly left the bathroom. I am trying to forget that she was staring at my dick when i was eating and walked in on me in the bathroom. I go up to my room and i sit down and ask my sister if she wants to play a video game with me she said sure well we are in the room playing a video game and she goes Jacob i'm gonna beat you at this video game and i say you wish. We stopped playing the video game and mom is cooking dinner i go into the kitchen sit down at the table and say mmmm smells good mom are you making you're meat loaf. Yes i am and thank you Jacob where is your sister? I don't know mom let me go look. I look and i find my sister in my room looking through my stuff and i say what are you doing? she goes oh sorry i was just looking and i say okay any way mom wants you in the kitchen dinner is almost done and she is making meatloaf. My sister goes oooh i love moms meatloaf i say me too. Me and Sarah walk down to the kitchen and sit down mom is putting the meatloaf on the plates me and Sarah both say Thank You Mom then we start eating and Sarah is looking at my Dick again. Me and Sarah go in the bathroom to wash up before bed and we brush our teeth mom says goodnight to me then goes into Sarah's room and says goodnight she shuts both lights off and mom goes to her room and goes to bed. I am still thinking about why Sarah was staring at my dick earlier i just don't understand any way all this thinking made me fall asleep. I wake up to Sarah shaking me saying Jacob Jacob wake up please before mom and dad go on their Business trip. I Wake up rub my eyes and say okay. Sarah leaves the room mom is making breakfast i go to the kitchen table and say Thanks mom i'm gonna miss you and dad when you guys are on you're business trip and how long is it. It is gonna be at least 4 weeks can you guys handle us being gone and take care of each other for 4 weeks. Yes mom Sarah says And I Say Yes mom we can. Okay guys just making sure me and you're father have to leave in 14 minutes. Okay mom we'll miss you me and Sarah both say. Mom and dad are walking out the door hugging us and saying bye we say bye back.Well me and my sister both go up to my room she says so what you wanna do i say what do you want to do. She says Jacob i know this is odd me saying this but can you show me how to have sex? I was shocked my mouth dropped open i'm like okay i guess how do you want me to show you
well Jacob i wanted to have sex with you for you to show me how. I always thought my sister was hot. So i told her okay i'll teach you. I Demonstrate her on how to do it and she gets naked and i get naked. She gets on top of me and i slowly put my dick into her and she says "oh this feels so good' and I say do you know how to hump, She says yeah, i told her okay the next step after the guy putting his dick into you is humping. She starts humping and next thing you know she's moaning and screaming and her breasts are going back and forth in front of my face and i grab a hold of one and and start licking her nipple and sucking it she starts moaning and next thing you know the sensation feels so good i start to cum and she goes i know what to do next Jacob and then she stops humping and takes my dick puts it in her mouth and starts sucking the cum off of my penis then she goes want to teach me some more and i say oh yeah. She gets on me and i put my dick inside of her and she's saying yea Jacob fuck me fuck me harder oohh yahhhhhhhhh and shes moaning screaming and finally she cums. We heard a Knock on the door we get dressed and go to answer it and it's just our next door Neighbor checking to see if we were okay cause she heard screaming we both nod and say 'yeah we were just playing a video game and my sister kept winning' our neighbor says oh okay well i'm here if you need me....

This is part one if you like it i will make a part two
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2013-01-16 07:39:30
As in she looks like the sister you aldeary have or she looks like she could be your sister?Cuz' I don't really remember exactly what your sister looks like but she does kinda look like she could be your sister :)

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2012-10-21 05:31:50
lame in content and format

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2012-10-21 05:19:54
Not even going to bother reading this until you break it into paragraphs.

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2012-10-21 04:59:15
Please take this down and edit it before re-posting. The paragraphs need spaces between them, you need to put some commas and quote marks in, and you might want to re-word some of what you have written. When you have done that, we might be able to judge whether it's any good or not.

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