All ages are appropriate as per guidelines. My first story. Just wrote what kept me hard. Would love feedback.
Brady had read dirty stories on the internet.  Ones about being forced
to stay with a family that had three beautiful sex obsessed young daughters.
The protagonist would try to fight them away,
until he could no longer resist the nymphets throwing
themselves at him.  He would proceed to fuck the girls, the mother,
and sometimes even the dad.  Brady had to admit these far fetched
stories had crossed his mind when he found out that he would no longer
be staying in a hotel for the month but with a family in their private

Brady had been sent by his company to pour over documents and
investigate a firm that his company was to merge with.  Neither
companies were particularly big, so he was the only one sent.  Now
there had been some colossal fuck up beyond the accommodations.  It
seemed the company wasn’t ready for his inspection.  Since Parker &
Stevens, his company, wanted the deal to go through, Brady was told to
wait until they were ready.

Mrs. Stephanie McCloud welcomed him into her home.  “Hi, you must be
Brady.  I’m Stephanie, I’m sorry my husband isn’t here to greet you,
but he’s at the office dealing with this mess.”

“It’s ok,” I replied.  “He’s needed there I’m sure.”

“Are you hungry? I’m just about to start dinner.”  Stephanie was
young.  It was hard to believe her husband could be so high up in this
company.  But Brady figured he must have been an older man and she was
his trophy wife.  And she made a great trophy wife.  Not only was she
very pretty, but a great full figure.  Most women couldn’t pull it
off.  The ‘full figure’ turned into a ‘I'm on a diet figure’ all too
quickly. But not her.  Her ass was a prime example. It was big but
shaped perfectly. It was an ass only a stranger could have.  It stuck
out and was so round it begged you to reach out and grab it.  If for
no other reason, so you could feel what a perfect ass felt like and
know what was wrong with the one you were  currently settling for.  He
was instantly attracted to her.

He couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed.  While it was great to
stay with a girl so young, she was married. What’s more, it meant that
she and her husband either, had no kids, or had none old enough to
ogle while he imprinted their young bodies into his mind.

He would prefer hot girls his age of course.  That is, if they
preferred him.  But they didn’t.  Young girls however, were too naive
or attention obsessed to avoid him.

Brady already knew that after a few weeks of trying to be mature and
respectful, he’d break down and jerk off in the host’s bathroom.  He
was supposed to be here a month -before the fuck up- and that was way
longer than he could abstain.  He would just have to get by mentally
fucking this smoking hot trophy wife.  Poor Brady he thought with a

“You’re probably not even thinking about food. Here I’ll show you your room.”

Stephanie led him out the living room and up the stairs.  It was a big
house, and Brady would have been impressive if he wasn’t so busy
admiring the ass desperately trying to break out of Stephanie's tight

She opened a door at the end of the hallway with a sign that read:

Brady noticed the sign and took the opportunity to flirt.  “Oh you do
have a boy, you’re so young.  I figured you were still waiting to have
kids-”  Brady knew he shouldn’t mess with this guy’s wife, but he
couldn't help but lay on a little charm.  Brady wasn’t exactly
thinking with his proper head.  Like his female host, his pants were
becoming a little tight as well.  Although she probably liked showing
off that ass, where as Brady’s pants fit just fine before he started
imagining what Stephanie’s ass would look like when she was bent over
on all fours.

“Oh please, I’m plenty old. Brian and I have been married longer than
you think.  And Hayden’s not a boy, she’s our youngest.”

Thank god Brady thought.  If she were cute and flirty, a girl that
young might get him hard. But now that he knew they had older kids he
was really in luck.  He was ashamed to admit it, but the truth that
he’d come to realize was that most any cute girl, reguardless of age,
would give him a ton of mental spanking material.

A boy on the other hand, would mean he’d have to play video games and
watch sports with him the whole time.

He just had to figure out if the other kids were girls or boys.  That
would mean he would be able to sit and talk with them, and flirt when
their mother wasn’t around.  Brady’s cock stiffened. He pressed for

“That young, are you sure?” Brady smiled and eyed Stephanie a little
more than he should have.

“Yes,” Stephanie blushed.  “I was seventeen when I married.”

Stephanie changed the subject.  “I hope you don’t mind sleeping in a
girl’s room.”

“Mind? Not at all I prefer it.”

Stephanie looked at Brady with a quizzical, almost frightened look.

Whoops.  Yeah definitely letting myself get too hard. Brady thought.
I figured I’d be jerking off to porn in a hotel room, this could be a

“As opposed to a hotel room, I mean.  I’m glad things changed, now I
get to be around more people.”  That was a lie, Brady hated being
around people, well adults anyway.  Maybe that's why he found himself
jerking off to younger girls most of the time.

“Oh -oh of course.” Stephanie seemed to internally chastise herself
for thinking the worst.

Brady looked around the room.  It was certainly a girls room.
There were stuffed animals on the bed.  A poster of Hannah Montana.
(Definitely jerking off material if he really got horny and night and
didn’t want to sneak away to a room with a lock.) But the walls were
painted baby blue.

Damn. Brady realized this must have been a boy’s room.  The oldest
must have been a boy.  He mentally shrugged.  Maybe the boy sneaks
into the Hayden girl’s room at night and fucks her.  And now they’ll
fuck all night since they’re sharing a room.  He could sneak in and
watch.  Maybe they wouldn’t notice him.  Maybe they would notice and
beg him to join in.  But would he really have threesome with a male?
Jerk him off maybe. And vice a verse a of course. But what about head?
Either way, giving or receiving, that was going a little far- Hold it-
what the hell was he thinking?

Way too many dirty stories on the internet lately.  Way too many.  He
needed a girlfriend.  His own age.


Brady followed Stephanie back downstairs.  He couldn’t get the same
view of her tempting ass going down as he got going up, but he tried

“So Hayden’s room is blue.  I take it your oldest is a boy? Someone I
can watch the game with?” Brady forced a laugh.

“Oh no. I always forget about that.  No, we painted that blue because
we thought we were going to have a boy. Turns out we had our second
girl.” Stephanie’s news disappointed Brady just a tad.

Motherfucker.  I was actually starting to look forward to getting
jerked off by some kid.  Actually it was worse.  I was looking forward
to some deluded fantasy of getting jerked off by some kid.  What the
fuck is wrong with me?  Brady shook his head clear and continued the

“Ah two girls? Poor Mr. McCould.” Brady joked.

Stephanie started to chop up some vegetables for dinner. “Even worse.
Three girls. Courtney is the oldest, Jenny is next, and Hayden is

Just like his favorite stories.  Well if nothing else he’d be jacking
off to three young girls and maybe when he got bored, a MILF.

“I wish I had a girl.” Brady openly thought.

“All boys for you?”

“Uh...” Brady’s face got red.  Damn it, he was making himself look
like a fucking creep again. “Uh no, I’m not married, I mean I don’t
have kids.  I just mean...”  His voice trailed off.  Stephanie didn’t
cover for him.  The room was silent.

Brady felt bad.  This poor woman was probably planning on staying up
all night guarding her three virgin daughters from some straight
version of Michael Jackson.

“Are you sure it’s no trouble letting me stay here?”  Brady said apologetically.

“Oh it’s fine.  Hayden wasn’t thrilled about giving up her room, but
I’ve finally convinced her to think of it as a sleep over with her
sister.  And truthfully, I’m sure the girls will be glad to actually
see a man around the house.”  She paused.  “You know, my husband works
a lot.”

Jackpot.  Three cute (if their mother is any indication) girls
who need a father figure.  They’ll wouldn’t leave me alone if I wanted
them too.  Maybe I’ll be able to ‘accidentally’ brush my hand past
their ass or little boobs while playing around.  That
would certainly be the highlight of my week Brady thought.  That would
be the subject of masturbation fantasies for weeks.

“Well I can’t wait to meet them.”  Brady said, in what turned out to
be his most honest statement of the day thus far.


Brady sat at the kitchen table talking with Stephanie about whatever
crossed her mind.  He really just sat and listened.  She seemed
stressed and was grateful to have a stranger to vent to.  When the
time came for dinner Stephanie yelled downstairs for the girls to come
up and wash their hands for dinner.

Ah, the basement,  Brady had wondered where she was hiding the little
things, but decided not to ask.  He had already made enough
questionable comments concerning the kids.

From his vantage point, he couldn’t see the action very clearly.  The
hot mom, finishing up dinner, obstructed his view of a little brown
haired girl darting up to beat her younger sister to the bathroom at
the top of the stairs.

After losing the race the youngest, a blonde haired cutie-pie, stomped
to the middle of the room where Brady could inspect her.  “Mom,” The
little girl whined. “Jenny pushed me on the stairs.”

“Did you wash your hands?”

“Yes.” The girl lied.  Her mother knew this of course, but was too busy to care.

“Hayden honey, this is Brady.  He’ll be staying with us for a little while.”

Hayden looked at Brady and blushed suddenly realizing a stranger was
in the room.  She darted her head away from Brady to hide her
embarrassment.  When that didn’t work she slowly moved toward her
mother for comfort.

“Hayden, get out from under my feet, I’m busy.”

Brady smiled with a perfect idea.  He slowly rose from his chair and
walked to Hayden.  He bent down to Hayden’s level.  “I hear you’re
giving up your room for me huh?”

Hayden smiled and looked at Brady.  He returned the smile.  Hayden looked down.

“Why don’t you show me what things you don’t want me touch and explain
any rules you have for staying in your room.”

Hayden paused.  After a moment of consideration, she thought it was a
sensible idea.  “Ok follow me.”

Brady and Stephanie exchanged a knowing look as he exited the kitchen
behind the little girl.

Because Brady was once again following a girl up a staircase he
couldn’t help but look at her ass.  Hayden barely had one.  But the
fact that she barely had one was cute. Therefore, in Brady’s mind,
Hayden had a cute little ass.  What was more attractive were her legs.
It was summertime and so her skin had turned golden brown.  She was
tall for her age, with long skinny legs and bare feet.  She had no tan
lines that Brady could see.  And since she wore a blue dress that fell
past her knees, Brady tried awfully hard to find tan lines higher and
higher on her legs as she climbed the steps in front of him.  He saw
nothing too exciting but all and all he found the hike up the stairs
much shorter than he would have liked, and much more interesting than
the one with her mother.

As Hayden led him to the bedroom.  He wondered why he was more
fascinated by the skinny little legs on a skinny little girl than by
the most perfect ass he’d seen in a long time.

Hayden opened the door and pointed to the sign.  “It say’s stay out,
but you can come in since you’re sleeping here.”

“But no one else huh?  Just you and me are allowed to come in here?”

Well yeah, but I won’t be in here much.  My mom said I can’t bother you.”

Brady laughed at the way she rolled her eyes when she relayed her
mother’s edict.  “It’s ok, I don’t mind.”

Hayden just looked at Brady.  “I mean you don’t bother me. I think
you’re cool.” Brady clarified.

Hayden gave a small smile, but Brady couldn’t tell if she felt
complimented or patronized.

“So any ground rules while I’m sleeping in your bed?” Brady said while
falling onto the bed with a big bounce.  He hoped Hayden think it fun
and copy him.  Sure enough, she did.

Hayden bounced her skinny little ass on the bed and ricocheted toward
Brady falling into his lap.  Here’s where the dirty story starts Brady
smiled to himself.

Brady took full advantage and quickly moved his arm out toward the
girl to ‘steady her.’  He didn’t have the balls to grab her completely
flat chest, although it would have been the perfect opportunity.
Instead he grabbed her noodle arm and pulled her from the brink of
falling off the bed.  He placed her next to him with no space between
them.  Their bodies touched from their knees all the way up to her
shoulders as they sat on the bed.  Hayden didn’t seem to notice -or
care if she did.

With his arm still around her, Brady figured he’d better say something
or be forced to move away.

“I just wanted to thank you for letting me sleep in your bed.  I just
wish I wasn’t putting you out.”

“It’s ok I get to sleep with my sister.”  She smiled.

Brady pushed thoughts of internet incest stories out of his dirty
mind.  He knew what she meant.  She was so innocent.

“Oh let me show you something.”  Hayden got up and rummaged through a
drawer.  Her back was to him and she bent over showing off her bony
little ass again.  She pulled out a scrap book and the pages promptly
fell everywhere as she backed up toward the bed.

Hayden bent even further down this time and her ass was hovering right
over Brady’s knee.  She collected the pages and as she finished up she
bent up slightly pushing her ass directly onto Brady.

Brady froze.  His entire body went hot. This adorable blonde had her
ass cheeks straddling the top of Brady’s thigh and knee.  Just as he
was about to reach down his pants and adjust his alert cock, Hayden
shifted her weight to move.

Brady threw his hands on each hip to once again ‘steady’ her.  Brady’s
hands were so big, and Hayden’s hips were so small, he was essentially
grabbing her ass with each hand.  “It’s ok, I’ve got you.  He held her
tightly.  She couldn’t move. A second passed.

Brady felt the first shock of sweat hit his forehead.  He felt guilty.
He shouldn’t be manhandling a little girl like this.  What if she got
scared?  If she even flinched to one side or the other, he’d have to
let her go. She didn’t.  Instead she said “OK” and slid up his leg.

Brady’s eyes grew wide.  This was better than he’d hoped.  She was
just a little girl sitting on an adult’s lap showing him her scrap
book.  She didn’t think anything of it.  Why should he?

The hem of her dress was just barely tucked underneath her ass.  Hard
as a rock, Brady decided, to take another chance and tug it out from
under her while she adjusted on his lap.  As was becoming par for the
course, she didn’t give a word or movement of protest.

Hayden began showing him picture after picture.  He didn’t hear a
single word, he didn’t see a single picture.  His mind was blown.  All
he could think about was the warm flesh he felt on his leg.  The feel
of Hayden’s tan legs that sandwiched his, and the feel of Hayden’s
cotton panties pressed against his thigh.

Hayden continued to talk away, her mind fully on the pictures.  Brady
reached in with his left hand and grabbed her side.  He snuck his head
in close to her and buried his face in her hair.  He inhaled and was
lost in scent of the little girl’s blonde tresses.

If there was one thing Brady knew about himself, it was that he didn’t
know when to quit.  He was so hard and horny at this moment he
couldn’t resist but take it a step further.  Her hot little thighs
felt so good against his, he dropped his hand down to his side and
snuck it under Hayden’s dress.

He found her thigh and touched it lightly.  Her leg reflexed away and
her thighs squeezed against Brady’s.  Brady felt elation and panic all
at once.  The reflex was bad.  Very bad.  It meant that Hayden didn’t
like the touch and could possible tell her mother.  But the resulting
squeeze of her thighs was stimulating enough to bring Brady close to
climax.  His briefs were already damp with pre cum.  This made it
worse and Brady began to worry about it showing all the way throw to
his pants.  Should have worn jeans Brady thought.

Hayden looked up at Brady.  He gave her a sheepish smile and waited
for her reaction.  She returned his smile with an embarrassed one of
her own.

Brady could steer this either way, he leaped at the chance.  He asked
her about someone in the picture and gave another tap on her bare leg
to put her at ease.  It seemed to work.  Hayden continued to prattle
on about the photos.

At this point Brady was resting his hand on the top of Hayden’s thigh
underneath her dress.  True to form, Brady couldn’t stop himself.  He
didn’t want to exploit the girl’s innocent and inexperience any more
than he already had.  He wasn’t a pedophile, he just had to move
things incrementally further.  Even with girls his own age he couldn’t
stop himself until the girl was adamant he stop.

Brady ran his finger down the inside of her leg toward her knee.
Hayden giggled.  He reassured her by giving her a quick squeeze with
his left and which was now completely around her waist. Brady asked
another question about the picture on display and inhaled another
breathful of her hair just in case it was the last opportunity he’d

Hayden continued, but her voice was different.  It was a little
higher.  More tense.  Brady didn’t care anymore.  He slowly ran his
finger up the inside of Hayden’s thigh.

Hayden focused more and more intently on the book as Brady moved
further up her leg. Brady’s finger left a small trail moisture behind
as it traveled.  His finger stopped.  Brady’s hand had bumped into the
book Hayden was holding in her lap above her dress.  The bump not only
stopped Brady’s hand, but Hayden’s voice.  They both paused.  Hayden
tensed.  She looked back at Brady out of the corner of her eye but
couldn’t bring herself to turn her head.  She waited to see what Brady
would do.

Brady assumed that she didn’t want him to continue, but she wasn’t
stopping him either.  He ran his left hand back across her belly, then
grabbed her hand lifting the book up making room.  Brady moved his
finger up her thigh a half an inch.  Hayden did not continue talking.
Breathing harder, she stared ahead.

Brady moved his finger up the inside her thigh once more, but was now
impeded by her other thigh.  A second roadblock should have stopped
Brady, but he couldn’t kid himself anymore.  He was heading for
Hayden’s vagina, and was going to realize his goal unless she
purposely stopped him.

Brady lifted his knee and moved it to the right in order to spread the
girl’s legs apart.  Hayden didn’t stop him.

Brady’s breathing increased as he squeezed Hayden and she dropped her
book to the floor.  Brady put three fingers on the inside of her thigh
now.  He ran them up until he reached the little pool of indented
muscle and skin a girl gets when her legs are spread.

Brady nearly exploded in his pants at this feeling.  He knew the
promise land was an inch or two away.  He reached his thumb up as if
sending a re-con party head of his other fingers.  He felt Hayden’s
soft cotton panties, then hooked his thumb underneath.  He wanted to
feel.  His thumb wouldn’t reach.  He needed to move his hand closer.
If he were going to move his thumb towards her cunt, he might as well
dive in with all five fingers.

Brady was ready to finally hit his target.  Just as he began to pinch
together his thumb underneath Hayden’s panties and his four fingers
over them, a sharp thunk hit the door.  It flew open.

The thunk was like a bullet to Brady’s brain.  He clenched the little
girl’s body in his hands, threw her to the floor, and sprang up to his

Standing in the doorway was Stephanie, Mrs. McCloud.  Just in time to
see Hayden in mid air, crashing to the floor.


Dinner had understandably started off awkward.  After throwing Hayden
to the ground, Brady knew the polite thing to do would be to help pick
her up off the floor.  But the fear of Stephanie seeing him touch her
daughter again, even in a innocent way, overwhelmed Brady.  So
instead, he stood there like a statue waiting to read Steph’s take on
the situation.

Stephanie jumped back and gave out a yelp. Brady apologized and said
that he jumped at the sound of her abruptly pushing the door open.  He
didn’t bother explaining why that sent Hayden to the floor.  Stephanie
must have concluded that she was on his lap.  She ordered the little
girl to a downstairs sink to wash up.

Stephanie looked down at Brady’s crotch.  Just as he’d feared.  Brady
and leaked so much pre cum that it actually soaked through his
underwear and was absorbed into his pants.  Brady refused to look down
and make the situation more awkward. Stephanie moved her eyes back to
his.  And in a moment of weakness, he looked down at the spot his cock
always went when it got hard.  Just below his belt, to the left of his
belly button there was a huge round wet spot.  He looked up at
Stephanie.  She motioned for Brady to follow her.

She stopped at the top of the stairs and spoke in a lowered voice.
She confessed to Brady that she didn’t exactly know what was going on
in the room before she came in, but to keep in mind that her husband
should be home soon and Brady shouldn’t do anything to upset him.

Brady assured her that he wouldn’t and explained that Hayden was just
showing him a photo album.  Stephanie said it was fine, but that he
shouldn’t be in a closed room with her girls.

So now he had blown things in the first few hours at the McCloud’s.
He wasn’t even attracted to Stephanie anymore.  Their little talk at
the top of the stairs scared the shit out of him.  Now to Brady she
wasn’t a hot mom, but an intimidating one.

Brady grew depressed.  He had a month left.  Maybe more if Mr. McCloud
and his company couldn't get their shit together fast.

The table had six chairs around it, but was only set for four people.
Brady assumed Mr. McCloud was still at the office.  The oldest
-Courtney- wasn’t there either.  Brady, though extremely curious about
her absence, didn’t ask.

Brady allowed himself to wonder about what she would look like.  It
made him feel better and forget about the fuck up in Hayden’s room.
Courtney would surely be the most developed among the girls, and
again, if she was anything like her mother, would be very shapely,
even at her young age.  He had seen twelve year olds before that had
bigger tits than any girl he had ever fucked.  Even though he nearly
shot hot cum all over the inside of his briefs with a flat chested
little girl on his lap, he was still hoping for a girl that would make
her ex girlfriends jealous.

Stephanie sat opposite from him, with Hayden next to her.  Brady tried
to read Hayden’s body language to determine how she felt about the
whole incident, but he was distracted by her older sister Jenny.

Jenny was ordered to sit at the head of the table on the other side of
her mother, but Jenny blatantly ignored her and sat down next to
Brady.  Just as he thought, starved for male attention.  He would have
celebrated to himself, but was still terrified that Stephanie would
tell her husband that he had ejaculated with Hayden on his lap in her
room with the door closed.

Stephanie didn’t say anything and neither did Hayden.  Jenny on the
other hand, was a little chatter box.  She just kept talking.  No one
responded or seemed interested, but she prattled on and on about
anything that crossed her mind.

Brady wanted to scoop her up and kiss her on the cheek.  Not out of
sexual attraction, but simply for breaking what would otherwise be
deafening silence.

Every time Stephanie looked down at her plate, Brady would look at
Hayden.  Hayden would dart her eyes down to her plate every time she
caught Brady looking at her.

Great.  I’m fucked.

Oblivious to everything middle child kept talking until the phone
rang.  She popped up from the table and answered.  It was her father.
Stephanie elected to take the phone call in the other room.

Panic hit Brady like a brick wall.  She was going to tell him.  Why
else would she not talk in the kitchen.  As soon as Stephanie left the
kitchen, Hayden got up from the table and walked out.

Brady had one last shot at saving himself.  He jumped up from the
table and followed her.  He caught up to her in a large room with
couches and a giant TV.  He reached out and touched her arm.  He knew
under the circumstances that probably wasn’t the best way to get her
attention, but he didn’t resist the impulse.

“Hey- you ok?”

Hayden stopped in her tracks but didn’t say anything.

“I’m sorry I threw you on the floor like that.  I didn’t mean to, but
the door opening scared me, it made me jump.”

Still nothing.

“Did you get hurt?”


“You’re pretty tough I guess.”

Hayden tried to suppress a smile, but wasn’t fully able.

Thank god above Brady thought.

“I liked seeing all your pictures, maybe you can show me the rest sometime.”

“I don’t know...” Hayden didn’t finish her thought.

“Well you should show all of us, me and your sisters.”  Brady tried to
reassure her he wouldn't touch her again without being obvious.

Hayden’s smile grew a little and she nodded.

Brady realized he was back in good graces and impulsively took
advantage.  He grabbed Hayden’s hand and kissed it.  Before he could
say a word to explain himself, Jenny blurted out from behind him.
“What are you guys talking about?”

Brady sighed.  He guessed she had heard half the conversation.  He
purposely hadn’t said anything incriminating, but now Jenny’s
curiously was peaked.  His problem might be growing.

“Nothing.  What are you talking about?” Brady joked back as he turned around.

“Oh I was just showing Brady my scrap book.” Hayden bragged.

“Oh who cares, I have one too.” Jenny countered.

This was the best look Brady had gotten of the middle child.  She was
taller than Hayden of course, but had brown hair as opposed to blonde.
It was a bit of a mess, she was more of a tomboy that Hayden.  Not
completely, but you could tell she was immature for her age.  Not
physically immature, she had an ass like her mother.  Well, an ass
that would likely look like her mother’s someday. But now it was small
and super tight.  Big for her age and size.  It was definitely her
best asset.  Her boobs were just little buds that only just started

It was fitting that Jenny liked to talk so much, because Brady could
watch her lips move for hours.  They were round full lips that she
pushed outward as she talked.  Hayden’s were thin and inconspicuous.
Brady hadn’t noticed Stephanie’s lips.  There was something about
these preteen girls that made Brady examine them, like he were
studying for a test.

Brady nearly told Jenny that he would like to see her pictures too,
but decided she didn’t need as much attention as Hayden to keep her
interested.  Instead, he kept quiet and stared at her still forming

He was interrupted by the sound of Stephanie returning to the kitchen.
Brady hurried back in.

Stephanie’s eyes were red as she steadied herself against the island
she had prepared their dinner on.  She dabbed her eye.

“What’s wrong?” Brady asked.  They were alone, the girls had stayed in
the living room and turned on the giant TV.


“Bad news at the firm?”  It was a stupid question.  Why would she care
about that?

“No- well yes, I guess.  Brian just called to say he’s staying the
night in town.”

“Oh-” Brady was taken back.  He figured it was common for businessmen
to stay in the city in New York, but San Francisco was a much easier
commute.  “I guess that happens a lot with his job huh?”

“His job?  Please, he’s probably fucking his whore.”  Stephanie sniffled.


“No I’m sorry, I’m just upset, I’m sure he’s working like he said.”

Brady didn’t believe her, but what could he say?  He began to
understand the McCloud family much better now.  A husband always
working.  Cheating on his wife with some young girl in the city.  A
wife and three girls who never saw him.  With nothing left to say,
Brady and Stephanie went into the living room and watched TV with the

After a while Stephanie ordered the girls to bed and promised she
would check in to tuck them in.  The last thing the two girls wanted
to do was go to bed.  They couldn’t bare the thought of missing a
moment of Brady’s company, but could only prolong the inevitable for
so long.  After being told 7 or 8 times, the girls reluctantly marched
off to bed.

Stephanie followed as she promised.  When she returned, she had
changed from her khakis.  Brady watched her enter the room in
disbelief.  She wore only a purple nightgown.

It was the first time Brady got a good look at her legs.  They begged
to be stared at.  But Brady didn’t.  He looked up in an attempt to
meet her eyes, but was halted.  Stephanie’s tits were huge.  How had
he not noticed before?

Brady couldn’t decide if she were coming on to him or simply sending
him the message that it was time for bed.  It felt like a pass, but
after being scolded on the stairway about staying away from the girls,
he wasn’t taking chances.  Brady stood up.

“Where are you going?”  Stephanie lifted up her hand, previously
concealed by her ample ass.  He had a bottle of wine and two glasses.

Brady wanted to excused himself.  He could stay up with Stephanie,
take advantage of her emotional state.  But instead he just felt sorry
for her.

“It’s getting late.”

“Have a drink with me.  Please.”

Her nightgown was in full view.  It didn’t fit quite right.  Brady
couldn’t tell if it was old, or bought that way.  It was thin silk
with small straps straining to keep the gown from tearing away and
exposing her tits.  On a smaller chested woman, the gown would have
covered more thigh, but Stephanie as it turned out, had perfect tits.
They must have been D’s.  They made her nightie ride high.

Brady sat back down.  Stephanie lowered herself next to him on the
couch and handed him both glasses.  Her tight dress was made even
tighter by the way she sat.  She sat with one leg bent underneath her,
the other dangled off the edge of the couch.  This exposed nearly
everything except her pussy.  It was as if she planned exactly how
much to show.  Brady was sure he could see it all if he angled his
head just right.

There was a large slit running up her thigh.  It would have been
awfully inviting to stare at the skin exposed by the slit, but Brady’s
eyes kept darting back towards the inside of her thighs, hoping for a

After a few drinks, Stephanie hadn’t made a move and neither did
Brady.  So, just as reluctantly as the girls previously, Brady
resigned and called it night.

Just as he was cursing himself for not kissing Stephanie, or grabbing
her tits, or even reaching under her night gown he felt a hand on his

“Brady.”  Stephanie had stopped him on the stairway.

It was the first time she had touched him.  Brady could still see her
red eyes in the dark house.  They were red from the alcohol now, not
from crying.  But reason behind the crying and the drinking was the
same.  Her cheating husband.  He deserved to have his wife be fucked
by some stranger in his own bed.  Now he was getting a second chance
to make that happen.

“I just wanted to let you know that my room is down here.”

“I thought all the rooms were upstairs.” Brady said.

“No, you’re at one end, Court is at the other, and the girls are in
the middle.  And the bathroom of course.  But I’m just saying, if you
need... anything.  I’m down here.  In bed.”

As soon as she said ‘anything’ she had touched Brady’s arm again.  He
looked down the steps and got an even better look at her tits.  Was
she drunk?  Who cares.  Look at those tits.

They were even better than her ass.  Bigger tits than he had
originally assessed.  She had definitely changed to show off without
the girls around.  Brady would bet she even waited until he was on the
stairs to talk to him so he could look down at her firm tits.  They
were still high and firm.  She was twenty-nine after why wouldn’t they
be?  She obviously hadn’t breast fed the girls either  Her nipples
poked throw the thin material.  They were small and pokey for such
large tits. Her two daughters weren’t the only one’s starving for male

Stephanie was throwing herself at him.  “So again, if you need
anything in the middle of the night, you know where I am.”

Last chance.  Make it happen.  Don’t wuss out.

“Well... if you need anything you know where I am.”  Brady closed his
eyes.  What a dumb response.  What would she possibly need from him
besides a long hard cock?

And with that Brady honestly began to wonder why he wasn’t going to
fuck her.  Her husband didn’t deserve her.  The truth weighted Brady
down like a sandbag.

He was scared.  He was intimidated by attractive women his age.  So
much so, that not only was he not going to fuck her, but he wasn’t
even going to think about fucking her.

Instead he was going to think about rubbing Hayden’s cunt. Hayden
wasn’t intimidating and therefore got him off better.  Better than a
blonde bombshell throwing herself at him.  What a dumb fucked up piece
of shit he was.

After Stephanie disappeared into the darkness, Brady found Hayden’s
vacant room at the end of the upstairs hallway and collapsed into bed.
He laid there promising himself he wouldn’t mess up a third chance
with Stephanie if he got the chance.  He pulled his clothes off and
slipped between Hayden’s sheets.  Just the thought of being buck naked
in the girls bed got him hard.  He meant to jack off, but as he
started to think about wrapping his arms around the girl, he drifted
off to sleep.


Brady awoke to the sound of someone entering his room.  For a moment
he forgot where he was.  He remembered he wasn’t in his room, but in
Hayden’s.  Not only was he in a strange house, but he was still nude.
He froze hoping the intruder would go away.  He didn’t want to be
caught like this.  That would be one too many strikes for one day.

He let his mind wander.  Did one of the girls get scared in the middle
of the night and decide to seek refuge in the new ‘man of the house’s

Brady heard more fumbling around at the edge of the room.  His heart
sank.  He knew his sick fantasy wasn’t coming true.  Maybe something
was wrong.  He began to think the worst.  Brady turned his head and
tried to focus his eyes in the pitch dark.

He could barely make out a shadow.  It was a woman.  Full figured.  Stephanie.

This was Brady’s third chance.  He wasn’t going to miss it.  He flung
the covers open to reveal his naked body.  This elicited no reaction
since there was no light.  Every instinct in Brady’s body told him to
wait for her to make the next move.  But she had made enough moves.
Brady reached out into the darkness.  He felt a boob.

Stephanie gasped.  “I didn’t know-”

Brady took charge.  He reached out again and grabbed her hand and
pulled her hand towards his cock.  Her hand grazed his member.  She
pulled back.


Oh shit.  I’m fucked now. She’s not here for sex.

All Brady could here was more fumbling.  Then the sound of her walking
out of the room.

Damn it.  She’s going to tell her husband.

A light clicked on in the hallway.  Brady saw his self naked and
quickly covered up.  The room was empty.  The light pouring in was
blinding him just as his eyes started to adjust to the darkness.

Stephanie’s footsteps pounded down the hallway.

I should just fucking run for it.  Grab my shit and go.  That wouldn’t
work.  McCloud’s company had all my information.  Maybe I should get
up, dress, and go apologize.

Stephanie's footsteps pounded back towards his room.  Brady froze.
What the fuck is she doing?

The light clicked off.  Brady was blind again.  Worse that before.  He
could heard the door squeak closed.  Brady laid back and waited.

Brady’s blanket lifted up and Stephanie climbed in to bed with him.
He could feel her bare leg rub against his.  He smelled the most
enchanting perfume.  He’d never smelled anything like it before.  It
smelled like bubble gum.  It smelled like something a jr. high girl
would wear.  Brady’s cock stiffened at the thought of Stephanie still
wearing a kids perfume.  Maybe she wasn’t so intimidating after all.

Brady could feel Stephanie turn to him in the dark.  He grabbed her
arm and reached in to kiss her.  She pushed away.  Stephanie shifted
her weight on to Brady pressed against him stomach to stomach.  She
let her hair fall on his chest and kissed his nipple.

Brady had felt stupid for getting a full body wax before coming to San
Fran, but now he was relieved to look and feel smooth and hairless for
Stephanie.  She moved down lower and lower.  Brady’s cock grew as he
focused on Steph’s warm tits slide down his tense stomach.  By the
time he rack had passed over his shaft and balls her tongue had left a
trail of saliva where his happy trail would have been.

“Oh daddy, you’re huge.”  Stephanie’s words ran together, but Brady
understood her exactly.  She knew exactly what she was doing.

Brady smiled.  He was only six inches.  His dick had a slight curve
and it wasn’t all that thick, but he still loved being lied too.

Brady lay on his back with his legs spread.  Stephanie burrowed
between his thighs and gently rubbed the top of his cock.  She lifted
his shaft up 90 degrees with one hand leaving the underside exposed.
With her other hand she cupped his balls.  She dipped her head down
and with a big lag of her tongue, she licked his package, from his
balls all the way up to the tip of his cock.

Brady’s face tensed.  His cock spasmed out clear sticky pre cum.
Stephanie couldn’t have seen this in the dark, but she must have
expected it.  Because in what seemed like a response to the fresh pre
cum running down Brady’s cockhead, she nipped at the tip of his cock.
Like a kitten lapping up milk, Stephanie darted her tongue and
engulfed the spongy tip with her lips.

Stephanie’s lips felt so much fuller and supple that he expected.
Sort of what he expected Jenny’s lips to feel like.

It tickled to have his head played with by such soft lips.  She added
to the simulation by lightly kneading her fingertips into the
underside of his balls.  Brady was close to exploding.  Though the
thought of shooting white hot cum onto her face turned him on even
more, Brady quickly intervened.


“Why?” Stephanie mumbled.  He could barely understand her.  She was
drunk.  She must have kept drinking.

Some men might have stopped things there.  It isn’t right to fuck a
woman when she’s drunk.  Especially when you don’t know her.
Especially when she’s married.  But it wouldn’t be the first time
Brady had fucked a drunk stranger.  Some people needed a few drinks to
loosen up.  Brady needed the other girl to have a few drinks before he
could loosen up.  If they weren’t thinking straight or even better, if
they weren’t going to remember the night, Brady couldn’t fuck things

“I want you.”  Brady reached down and grabbed Stephanie’s shoulders.
He slide her all the way up his chest making she her tits rubbed
against him all the way.  When they were face to face Brady paused
before moving in for a kiss.  She looked different in the dark.
Everyone does Brady thought.

But as Brady brushed his lips against her, Stephanie pushed away
again.  She reached down and squeezed his cock hard.  Brady received
the message.  This was fucking.  Not love making.  No kissing.

Brady reached down and grabbed Stephanie’s ass.  It was amazing.
Tighter than he expected.  Even smaller.  He reached his middle finger
down towards her asshole.  Brady wasn’t big into ass-play, but he was
so horny he’d do anything right now.  He rubbed her hole in a circular
motion and pressed down hard.

Brady needed to kiss her.  If not the lips than somewhere else.  He
pushed his head towards Stephanie’s again, and felt her hair against
his face.  He inhaled deeply as he did with Hayden.  He brushed his
cheek against hers.  Then kissed her neck.  He bit her skin gently.
The kissed her shoulder.

He moved his hand from her ass and maneuvered it between their bodies.
He placed his palm against her tummy and slid it down towards her
bald pussy.  His fingers curled around her body as her mound gave way
to her lips.  Her lips were flush with her flesh.  Her cunt was flat
as a board.

Brady’s cock pulsed again.  His shaft received a fresh helping of pre
cum as it oozed out the slit of his cock.  Brady pressed his fingers
into her lips again.  Flat as a board.  So fucking hot Brady thought.

Stephanie wriggled her hips up closer to Brady to help him reach her vagina.

Brady wiggled his fingers into the folds of skin surrounding her cunt.
She was wet.  He swirled his fingers around and found her clit.  He
gently squeezed it with his thumb and forefinger.  Then smooshed it in
a circular motion his index and middle.

Stephanie let out a moan and hugged Brady’s head.  Her tits pushed
against Brady’s face.  Which he gladly licked while searching for her
nipple with his mouth.

Brady moved a finger down towards Stephanie’s hole and pushed inside
her.  She started to move her hips away from his reach, but he pulled
her back by her arm and sucked on the nipple he’d been looking for.

Stephanie’s back arched rearing her ass in the air.  Brady’s arm
stretched with her to keep his finger inside her.  He searched for the
spongy spot on the wall of her vagina.   He could feel her pussy
release more juice when he found her g-spot and pressed against it.

Stephanie was ready.  Which was lucky for him because he couldn't wait
any longer.  With his finger still inside her, Brady used his hold on
her to pull her up to his cock.  He was about to burst.

“No.” Stephanie knew what was coming and exhaled a hushed protest.

Chickening out on the stairway was one thing.  But Brady couldn’t turn
back now.  She couldn’t slide into his bed naked, suck him off, and
not get fucked.  That wasn’t an option.  Not when he was this close.

“Yes.” Brady ordered.

Stephanie placed her hand on Brady’s chest to separate herself from
him.  Brady grabbed her wrist and threw it behind him sending
Stephanie crashing on top of him, helpless.

Brady moved his hand from Steph’s sex organ, to his.  He guided it
into Stephanie’s warm cunt.  With a gentle thrust Brady’s cock shot
partially inside her.

Stephanie gasped.  Already collapsed on top of him, she reached down
toward their clashing genitals but stopped halfway.  Brady continued
to ease his member further inside the girl.

Stephanie slid her hands up Brady's chest and kissed him on the lips.
“Fuck me.” She begged.

It was more than he could take.  Brady began pounding his hips into
her ass like a jackhammer.  His balls ached.  He couldn’t hold the cum
back much longer.  He silently pleaded with himself to last longer.
Brady thought for sure he was about to be embarrassed.  But a mere 45
seconds of fucking, Stephanie's cervix began to hammer up and down.  A
wave of euphoria washed over her.

Brady gave up his fight.  A huge load of cum shot from Brady’s balls
up his clenched shaft and into Steph’s cunt.

All Brady could think about was how fast she came.  And how lucky he
was because of it.  He had never had a simultaneous orgasm before.  It
may not have been because he was a great fuck or because he could go
so long, but Brady didn’t care.

He laid on his back with a naked, hot fucking girl, gasping for breath
on top of him, and smiled from ear to ear.


Brady slowly drifted back into consciousness and discovered that his
wild night wasn’t a dream.  He kept his eyes closed, but smiled.  He
laid on his back and felt a head rest against his shoulder.  He could
feel Stephanie's hair on his chest.  He soaked in the feeling.  He
knew it wouldn’t last much longer.  Stephanie would wake up and sneak
away thinking he was asleep.

Would she regret last night?  Stop thinking about that Brady reminded
himself.  He focused on the pair of D cup tits straddling the side of
his chest.  The cock and balls that had shrank during the night, were
now slowly growing again.  Soon they would find the beautiful tan leg
that Stephanie had thrust between his own.

Still too nervous to open his eyes, Brady inhaled deeply, then
cautiously exhaled.  He used his sense of feeling to paint a picture
in his mind.  The girl had draped herself perfectly over him.

Brady started to imagine what her bare ass looked like then stopped
himself.  Why not look?  Hell, why not feel?

Brady blinked a few times, but wasn’t ready to use his vision yet.  He
reached over and grabbed a thigh.  Stephanie felt soft, but firm.  Her
thigh was hot as he ran his hand up to her ass.  He grabbed the
biggest handful he could and squeezed.

He stirred, ready to open his eyes and greet his lover with a morning
kiss.  But before he could, his ears were assaulted.

The girl on top of him screamed bloody murder.  Brady’s eyes shot open.

The girl on top of him was tan, curvy, blonde, and motherfucking hot.
But she wasn’t Stephanie.

This ‘not Stephanie’ girl threw herself onto the floor that Hayden
crashed onto the day before.

“Who the FUCK are you?”  She was standing now.  She was completely
naked.  Head to toe.

Brady was terrified and mesmerized at the same time.  Pangs of terror
seized his frame.  But like a dumb motherfucker, all he could do was
stare at the girls naked body.

“And WHAT THE FUCK are you looking at?”  The girl lifted her hands
defensively and squeezed her arms together in a halfhearted attempt to
cover her tits. (Yep, they were D cups, he wasn’t imagining things)
She thrust one knee in front of the other.  This, apparently, was to
cover her exposed mound.

Brady analyzed.  1. Brady was pretty sure he had just met Courtney. 2.
Courtney was clearly unconcerned about Brady looking at her naked.  If
she was, she would have ran away, or covered up with a pillow.  3.
Courtney was almost as hot as her mother, and since she was only
twelve, this made her even hotter.  Therefore Courtney was way, way
fucking hotter than her mother.

After pooling the data, Brady decided his best course of action was
obviously to continue staring.  What the fuck could he possibly say

Courtney’s skin was darker than her mother’s fair complexion.  Her
hair, though blonde like Steph and Hayden’s, showed dark brown roots.
Though he had wondered whether Stephanie’s tits were real, Courtney’s
obviously were.  She was full figured, with a tiny bit of pudge around
her waist.  She must have eaten a ton during puberty, and not realized
she was now mostly done growing.  She would have shown dark pubic hair
if she hadn’t shaved it all off.  Who is she trying to look good for?
She’s a kid.

Brady felt himself grow jealous of an imaginary boy fucking a girl
that wasn’t his.  “You’re so young.  Why would you shave your pussy?”

“What the fuck do you care?” And after a quick pause added, “Fucking
pervert.”  With that, she turned and walked out of the room.  Her
steps were measured and deliberate, as if she was trying to convey a
sense of control over the chaotic situation.

Brady sat in disbelief over what had just occurred.  She was a
handful.  She hadn’t even slammed the door. She wants to me to believe
she’s not freaking out.

Brady heard footsteps.  They didn’t belong to Courtney.  They were
getting closer.

Shit.  She yelled like a banshee.  Every one heard.  Brady ran to the
door to close it to buy some time.

Too late.  Brady froze in the door way.  Still naked himself.  Staring
back at him was Jenny.

She looked out from her room.  Courtney’s loud mouth must have woken
her up.  The footsteps were hers.  At least it wasn’t Stephanie.

Jenny’s eyes grew wide and her mouth hung open.  She took a long look
at Brady’s dick.  She looked back up.

All Brady could do was smile and wink.  “Don’t tell.” he whispered.

Jenny smiled.  She seemed like the kind of girl would loved the idea
of a secret.  Lets hope her sisters are the same, Brady hoped.

Jenny darted back into her room slamming the door behind her.


To be continued...

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