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I really hate the dark. Trouble is from November onward it is dark by the time I get off the tube for the short walk to my front door. The pavement seemed more like a dark alley than a busy suburban street and my heels click-clacked eerily loud on the wet stone floor but at least it had stopped raining and I didn't need my brolly. It was then I first heard the sound of footsteps behind me!

They weren't from another woman, too muffled for high heels unlike mine which seemed to signal 'girl alone' to all and sundry, I attempted a quick look behind me but could not see anyone, maybe I was imagining it after all. I had side-stepped a puddle but the feet behind me didn't and the splash was unmistakeable, someone was definitely behind me, my stomach churned slowly like a cement mixer. "Stay calm," I told myself, not far to my door, just a couple of hundred yards. I looked around for someone else but there was no-one, not a soul, just parked cars and everyone in their houses with welcoming lights blazing all around me.

I tried not to make so much noise but five-inch stilettos don't do quiet and it seemed deafening, I quickened my pace but a tight pencil skirt only allows a short step but I strode out as fast as I could. I was suddenly conscious of my breasts like bellows inside my tightly buttoned jacket, I had no coat because it was actually reasonably warm for autumn and I felt really overdressed. I like clothes, I have masses of them, mostly fairly expensive business suits like the one I was wearing, dark blue with a faint pinstripe running through the cloth.

I cursed the skirt wishing I had worn the matching trousers I had made with the suit, I could have got a much faster move on and I probably wouldn't have felt so vulnerable. The footsteps were really close behind now, too close for comfort but I daren't look around, just keep going not far now. Damn the skirt! I had worn it to show off during a presentation I had given to a group of mostly men from my department, I love my legs and I know a lot of the guys do judging by the direction of their eyes when I cross them. But now I really wish I had gone for the trousers.

Should I hitch it up a little so I can stride better? "Come on Emily, stop being so paranoid, whoever it was probably lived in the same direction as me, get a grip," I rebuked myself.

Five doors away, four, three, two, god my keys, why had I not got them out before now? The footsteps behind were almost on top of me. I turned sharp into my doorway, fingers trembling with the key in the lock, a couple of cars tearing along the street, near but so far away. The lock turned really slowly but the door gave and I was pushing my way in, safe at last!

The hallway was dark and I fumbled for the light clicking it on just as a force from behind propelled me into the passage, the door slamming shut behind me, the man from behind now a reality and towering over me.

"Oh god," I squealed. "Who are you, what do you want?"

For some reason I had closed my eyes when he shoved me from behind but now I opened them slowly, not really wanting to face up to what I already knew. It was a man, a tall man wearing black, all black and a ski mask. I was about to scream but a hand covered my mouth and anyway what would be the point, I lived alone and no one would hear anything. He was wearing gloves, probably leather driving gloves. He didn't hurt me just stifled what would have come from my lips.

He hadn't spoken a word. "What are you going to do to me?" I squeaked. Still he didn't say anything. He was strong, tall yet lean and obviously fit, I had no chance. Oh god, he's going to rape me! "Please don't rape me." I said in a pathetic voice.

I'm barely five foot without my heels and he was over six. He made a move and suddenly I was over his shoulder, his hand across my bottom, my hair sagging over the top of my head as he ascended the stairs effortlessly. I kicked my legs and thumped his back but it made no difference, his grip was total and in a minute he was in my bedroom and I was going backwards through the air thankfully getting a soft landing in the centre of my bed. He flicked on the light as I struggled to keep my knees together to prevent him seeing up my skirt and then propelled myself off the mattress to try and escape the inevitable but he grabbed me by the hair. I was dangling on the end of it in his grip, trying to get a foothold but my heels were going in all directions beneath me.

"Please don't rape me," I said again. His physique was overpowering and frightening in his all black clothing and I knew I had no chance to prevent him doing what he wanted to me.

"On your knees bitch!" he growled speaking for the first time through the mask, harsh and commanding. "Get down there and suck my cock."

"Please, please," I squealed, my hair seemingly about to come out by the roots, he gave me little choice but to kneel in front of him. "If I do it will you let me go?"

His grip loosened slightly. "Suck my cock bitch," he rasped. "Maybe I won't fuck you if you are good."

My head was whirling wildly, what to do for the best? If I refused he would hurt me for sure, he was too powerful to fight off and maybe he would go after I did it. My fingers played with the zip which didn't want to come down, I was trembling too much but eventually it gave and I delved inside.

God his cock was enormous! Easily the biggest I had ever seen and so hard. The throbbing shaft standing proud and in contrast to the black of his clothes, its huge angry looking purple-red bulb seeking me out. I had never seen a man's erection up close before, in fact I had only seen a couple of cocks in my life apart from videos on the internet!

My first encounter was just over five years ago on my sixteenth when a boyfriend seduced me on holiday and took my virginity, then about three years ago my then boss fucked me so I could keep my job. Instead of sacking me I agreed to him having me and bent over his desk whilst he did it. I never saw his cock just felt it, face down on his work station with him behind me grunting like a dog. I kept my job, got promoted then became his boss and sacked him almost immediately!

My only other encounter was with a guy I had met through a dating agency, he was sweet, too sweet in fact and hardly dared touch me! We had sex a few times before it fizzled out and since then, nothing. Guys seem to avoid me. They say blondes have more fun but I am one and its rubbish, maybe I come over as too bossy or aloof or even more interested in my own sex which I'm not, either way I haven't had sex for almost a year

So this was my first up-close meeting with a guy's fully hard cock and it was nothing like I had expected, his erection was steely hard giving me a stark reminder of his total domination over me. The man tightened his grip on my hair, pressing the back of my head and forcing me towards the baying animal, its shiny mushroom thing demanding to be sucked. Droplets of cum oozed from its tip and not knowing what else to do I put a hand around the base of its length, my fingers barely able to encircle its girth.

He pushed me hard onto the end of his cock, forcing it between my lips and into my mouth, the first time I had felt the hard warmth of a man there and it was strange. I was forced to take him almost to its full extent, the pressure of his hand on my head and hair left me no option so I did as he intended. His shaft slid back and forth over my tongue, a salty taste filling my senses, no one had ever mentioned what a cock tastes like but it had a definite twang, in fact not unpleasant and I found myself shrink wrapping my mouth around the hard girth, cheeks pinching in as I sucked him hard.

There was no sound from him, his hips had pushed forward and his hand kept up the momentum, dictating the speed of the blowjob then he suddenly pulled away.

"Show me your tits, bitch" he rasped. "Strip down to your waist!"

My fingers trembled almost to the point of being useless as I unbuttoned my jacket and shrugged it off my shoulders to tackle my blouse. It was hopeless. He reached down and in one movement ripped the blouse down my front, buttons flying off in all directions, a very expensive silk blouse in tatters. I discarded the shreds and began fumbling behind me with the clasp on my bra; my breasts spilling forward then out into the open as I ejected it from my front.

"Give me a tit-fuck," he demanded.

Another first for me. I placed his cock between my breasts and squeezed them together, massaging his length as fast as I could. My thinking had turned to making him get off, maybe then he would go and set me free! The shiny head popped up and down in front of me as I obeyed him to the letter, expecting him to shoot his stuff at any second but he didn't, instead he was urging me back to my feet.

"Take your skirt off."

"You said you wouldn't do that if I did what you said." I spluttered.

"I'm going to fuck you, bitch," he growled, "so get used to it, now strip."

I considered all possibilities and all probabilities then unclasped my skirt, lowering it down my legs before stepping out of it. He was going to rape me whatever I did, but it didn't mean he had to hurt me. I decided to obey him to the letter; he was too powerful for me to refuse anyway.

I felt tiny now, even in my stilettos I was no match for his height and now I was only wearing panties I really did feel helpless.

"Take them off."

I slid my panties over my hips and down over the shoes, ready to discard them along with my other clothes when he grabbed them from me and stuffed them into my mouth and pushed me back onto the bed. The last time I worried he may have seen up my skirt but this time I was naked and he was quickly between my legs before I could defend my secret. His tongue flicked from a slit in the heavy woollen mask, pulling off his glove he licked his finger before finding my entrance, seeking out my clit in one move. I gasped as he touched my delicate bit and played it gently but firmly bringing my sex sharply into play.

His giant cock waved in front of him as he guided it towards my pussy and I held my breath as he found me, pushing against my entrance before penetrating me. I would have squealed but for the panties but breathed hard against them as he entered me forcibly, taking me effectively and decisively, spreading my legs wider until he was hard against me, his harsh clothing rasping my delicate area as he began to fuck me.

I lay back helpless on my bed, arms pinned by my head as he had his way, his eyes a piercing hazel from the slits in the hood, small sounds of pleasure muffled by it as he pleasured his cock inside me. Who was he? Why me? What would he do after he had finished with me? These were the questions buzzing around my head as his cock searched out my inner depths.

His shaft felt like a rod of fire as he fucked me mercilessly, taking me wholly and completely, my feelings of fear and excitement mingling as he hovered over me, knowing there was nothing I could do to stop him. His cock seemed to swell even more inside me, filling my pussy entirely, sliding back and forth at an ever increasing pace then he was releasing me, withdrawing and pulling me up from the bed at the same time.

He dragged me off the bed and forced me to kneel, his cock once again at my lips forcing itself between them into my mouth, his hand on the nape of my neck dictating the action. I sucked him as before, expecting his load at any second then he pulled away tilting my head back to face up to him. That first streak of his cum was like boiling liquid as it streaked across my face, then another and yet another then he was back in my mouth and a glob of thick stuff blocked my throat. I gagged briefly then swallowed and more followed until I could sense his satisfaction, I had served my purpose and he was spent. The long shaft suddenly disappeared into his trousers as he zipped himself up.

I was still on my knees as he vanished from the room almost in silence, then he was gone and I was alone, exhausted and still terrified. It seemed ages before I could get to my feet and totter to the bathroom, sluicing his juices from my face before cloaking myself in my bathrobe.

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I'm thirty eight now and she's twenty.... and eighteen year age difference. I was lucky with the genetics... I look at least ten years younger and my stamina is terrific. Actually, I think fucking my daughter is what's keeping me young. She's so fantastically beautiful and athletic. After all the times we've done it and knowing that I can fuck her any time I want to, just a glance at the profile of her phenomenal ass brings my cock to throbbing attention. I know she has the same effect on other young guys and men but she seems to have lost interest and is sticking close to home, making regular use of her daddy's 2 & 3/16'' thick pussy plug.

At about eleven and a half she started growing boobs and pussy hair because of the male hormones in all the cum that I was pumping into her. I'd quickly gotten her on birth control before she had her first period. If I hadn't, I'd have knocked her up for absolute certain. We were fucking like rabbits and I was cumming in her at least twice a da

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BTW.... I'd already taught her how to give me superb blow jobs and she loved pleasing me. I think that's why she dropped down onto my cock. She wanted to be able to please me by fucking me, too. She sure as hell did.... especially three days later, when her pussy wasn't so sore, after that first hard fucking. I couldn't believe it when she started moving like she was starting to cum. I didn't expect it so that's what tripped my trigger and caused me to empty my balls before I was ready to. I didn't mention it but my daughter is a strong cummer and a squirter. The best thing that ever happened to me, besides the day my beautiful tight pussied daughter was born, was the day her flaky mother left us to go 'find herself' and got hit by a car, while jaywalking (on an expressway, for Christ's sake) two weeks later. That was three years before our daughter's legs first tightened along my head and shook violently before her hot little pussy quivered and sprayed cum into my mouth.

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Very damned good story. He fucked her good and she loved it but he made a mistake by leaving. He could have owned her.... fucked her again and pumped his cum into her fertile pussy and she'd have been happy to have it. She knew she finally had a MAN...That's why she went right to sucking him so fervently.

My daughter can't find any man who fucks her and makes love to her like I've done since I started licking her to orgasms when she was ten. At nearly eleven, I had her sit on my cock and gradually work some of it into her until it hurt too much. Then I just held her there and made her get used to it before I fucked her without going deep until I shot my cum up into her. I did it again and the second time I was cumming in her, she sat down really hard, broke her cherry and had more than half of my cock inside of her. The next time, I was fucking her deeper and by the time we finished, I had all seven and a half inches inside of her @10. She came, too, just as I was cumming in her


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that was dam good he used her like a bitch love it

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